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Thak Val Zsing's page

217 posts. Alias of Arkwright.

Full Name

Thak Val Zsing




Monk (Zen Archer, Qinggong Monk) 9/Inquisitor (Infiltrator) 1






Common, Dwarven

About Thak Val Zsing

Siege on Amberfall

Backstory: Thak Val Zsing was born with a burning hunger which food could only mildly soothe but never satisfy. As he grew up, his useless attempts to still his aching stomach made him fat and corpulent. In an attempt to distract his mind he threw himself into the task of studying and practicing the craft of a ranger, accompanying dwarvern caravans into the wilderness, tracking and shooting wild animals with his bow. One day, his survival skills failed him and he and another scout named Hemdai found themselves lost amid a raging blizzard. Cold and starving, they drew improvised lots to determine who would eat the other and so survive. Thak won, and with Hemdai's blessing clubbed him over the head with a rock over and over and over until his body ceased writhing, and then hesitantly descended upon the flesh.

To Thak's amazement, as he consumed more and more of his friend's body, his ever-present hunger stilled, and disappeared. With a ravening fury fuelled by hope, he stripped the corpse bare down to the bones, cracking them to get at the juicy marrow. As he took the last mouthful, he heard within his mind a whispering female voice, who said that he was one of her chosen flock, a born servant of the great Urgathoa. And as his body filled with heat and strength to fight the blizzard, Thak swore his allegiance to the woman's whispers.

Over the course of the next week, Thak methodically stalked, shot and ate every member of his caravan, hunting them over the bloody snow, impaling them with his arrows again and again before descending to feast. Finished, he turned and left the site of the bloodbath, and listening to the voice in his mind he sought out more disciples of Urgathoa and became one of them.

Since then he has risen to become a trusted agent of Urgathoa, spying on and hunting down her enemies with diligence and fervour. Thak worships his goddess both through his work and through the religious zeal he devotes to the craft of archery, and in his ritual feasting on the flesh of his enemies. Within Thak, however, is sometimes heard a small voice reminding him that Urgathoa cursed him with a hunger from his birth and sates it to control him; that he is but her pet. But it often washed away by his hunger and satiation.

A hidden sect in a world nearly destroyed by Order of Amberfall, the worshippers of Urgathoa see nothing but opportunity, and have sent Thak into the Remnant Crusade to capitalize on that advantage. The leadership have not yet made any decisions about what to do in the wake of the Order's fall, but they have given Thak several instructions.
-Hide his identity as an agent of Urgathoa
-Fight and help destroy the Order
-Keep an eye out for artifacts of power and opportunities for him to advance the cause of Urgathoa.

Thak has joined the Remnant Crusade under the guise of a wandering monk, driven to take up arms against the evil order.
Personality: Thak is eternally cheerful, boisterous and much liking of food and drink. The life of the party and the mead hall. Always pleasant and polite.
Character Sheet
Appearance Thak is a short and corpulent dwarf with two chins and thick limbs, bolstered by his beer-keg belly. His face is entirely shaven, no hair or eyebrows whatsoever. He usually garbs himself in the plain grey robe and sandals of a monk with his prize oaken curved longbow strapped to his back, along with his backpack. Thak's face is nearly permanently locked in an expression of merry joy, his laughter is loud, booming and frequent and his manners always polite.

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