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Thad Tanner's page

199 posts. Alias of loimprevisto.




Paladin 2



Strength 13
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Thad Tanner

XP: 2,350 (4 Dec)
HP 21/21
AC 17 +3(dex) +3(armor) +1(shield)
REF +6
WILL +6 (+2 vs enchantment)
BAB +2
CMB +3
CMD 15

Mounted Combat: Once per round when your mount is hit in combat, you may attempt a Ride check (as an immediate action) to negate the hit. The hit is negated if your Ride check result is greater than the opponent's attack roll.

Forlorn: +1 Fortitude save
Brigand: +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks when dealing with brigands, thieves, bandits, and their ilk.

Low-light vision
Elven Immunities: Immune to magic sleep effects, +2 vs enchantment
Elven Magic: +2 on caster level checks to overcome spell resistance, +2 on Spellcraft checks to identify magic items.
Keen Senses: +2 racial on Perception checks.

Languages: Elven, Common, Hallit, Sylvan

+6 Craft (Leatherworking)
+8 Diplomacy
+7 Handle Animal
+6 Knowledge (nobility)
+6 Knowledge (religion)
+2 Perception
+8 Ride*
+5 Sense Motive
*-2 armor check penalty

Aura of Good
Detect Evil
Smite Evil (1/day)
Divine Grace
Lay on Hands ((CHA+(1/2 lvl)/day, 1d6/2 lvls)

Composite longbow
Studded leather armor

Light warhorse, leather barding, saddle w/saddlebags
Mule with pack saddle, 100lbs feed, 10 gallons water, 10 days travel food, cask of good brandy

Hammock, oilcloth, Small silver mirror, iron pot & mess kit, canteen, belt knife, belt pouch, 9x sacks, 100' silk rope, ball of twine, sealing wax & signet ring, grooming supplies, Signal Whistle, Hatchet, wire snares, Magnifying Glass, tinderbox, 3 torches, 12 candles, hooded lantern and oil, change of clothes, winter blanket, grappling hook, fishhooks and line, shovel, crowbar, hammer, hatchet, whittling knives, saw, drill, bedroll, caltrops, compass, Backpack, The Parables of Erastil, 60 cold iron arrows (20 carried), 10 silver arrows, cold iron machete

For decades, I had no idea how poor I was. I had all the trappings of wealth; gold, women, good clothing and rich food- it took the humble words of a wise man to show me what true riches were. I was forlorn. Me and the others with no place to call our own rambled around the River Kingdoms robbing and kidnapping and ra- well, doing all sorts of things that I'm not proud of any more. Last year we grabbed this priest while he was travelin' between the hamlets to bless the fields for harvest. We figured we could ransom him and his guard back to the town for a good bit of coin and live like kings over the winter. I was set to guarding the old man while Aiken watched his armsman, and the first thing he asked me was whether he could heal the finger I'd broken while grabbing him! I'm sure you remember last year's early freeze, it ruined the harvest and there wasn't a lot of money to go around so we were stuck with him... and he was so bloody good natured, like someone out of a storybook.

We'd talk for hours and I'd get to thinking, and eventually what I was doin' just didn't feel right any more. One night we were all celebrating after taking a haul of furs from trappers coming through late in the season and I made up my mind. I told Aiken I'd watch the armsman while he had a few drinks, and the three of us up and left. I went back to town with them and there was talk of holding a trial, but the old priest said some words to the lawmen on my behalf and that all went away. I've been trying to make up for things since then, set a few things right that I messed up before... I figure that helpin' merchants and other honest folk with these charters from the Swordlords is a good place to start.

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