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Battle Oracles can take the Surprising Charge revelation.

Would it be overpowered if Rogues gained the following:

Considered as having Int 13 for combat maneuver feats
Combat Expertise as a bonus feat at level 1

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Devilkiller wrote:
A halfling could probably ride around in a kangaroo's pouch. Whether that's funny or just stupid is up to you.

"Hey, kangaroo. Is that a halfling cavalier with a lance in your pouch, or are you just happy to see me?"

I've noticed a general lack of skill points for a lot of character classes. In my opinion this limits role playing participation, as well as not making sense when you think of your character's lifetime before they became an adventurer.

My proposal: Each new character starts with 10 skill points, to be spent however they desire. Maximum 5 ranks in any skill, and class skills cost 1/2.

This will give skill-capable characters without being overpowering in any one skill.

Would it be possible for you to inject your role playing into the sessions? Make your character's personality quirks overt, and encourage the other players to add their own. Ham it up.

Maybe then the GM will start adding flavour of his own.

An Elf Slayer specializing in archery could be fun. If there is a common terrain type and/or enemy type then this character could be a deadly scout for the party.

You can't handle the ooze.

Spellcasters need to have a strategy to deal with high SR opponents. Summon Monster plus a few other spells that don't allow SR can help. Another option they have is to buff the melee in their party with something like Haste.

Well-played rogues that I've seen can regularly get one Sneak Attack in a round, but not several.

Vanish is one way they can get into position for a stealthed full attack, I'm not sure what other options there are.

Full attack from a flanking position means either the opponent didn't move out of its flanked position, or the rogue had some well-timed help from someone else in their party.

Without sneak attack on a full attack, rogue damage is not that impressive compared to other martial classes.

Nicos wrote:
ryric wrote:
Nicos wrote:

no idea what trope would be the con to hit thing.

I would envision it as the fighting style of "let my opponent hit me until they get tired and make a mistake, then exploit that opening." Basically outlasting your foe until they are too exhausted to defend themselves.

Heck I've seen a 3PP that let someone use Str for Knowledge checks. If you can vaguely justify that, adding Con to hit isn't a challenge to rationalize.

That is a great idea. I have a hard time seeing it as a straight con to hit, but I would love to see a counter attack feat that is based on con.

Call it the Rocky Balboa feat.

Mattastrophic wrote:

Starting up a quick game of Six Degrees of Bash the Rogue seems to be a common response. Perhaps followed by finding the nearest dead horse and thwacking it over and over with your trusty sap.


A Rogue would still miss the horse.

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Imbicatus wrote:
Shardra doesn't have a beard.

Not one that is visible on that image.

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Jaçinto wrote:
Yeah but some groups prefer roleplay to rollplay.

As long as that goes both ways. I don't want an enemy to surprise me unless the GM can convincingly roleplay hiding in ambush. :-)

Having played a blaster wizard in an adventure path, I found that for some encounters I did very little beyond the first round of combat. I was there to tilt things in favour of my party, then can stand back and let the martials clean up.

Wizards have a lot of utility to contribute to the party. I love Phantom Chariot.

Kingmaker has more downtime than most adventure paths, so item creation feats are worthwhile.

I would be tempted to play an evocation blaster wizard and go nuts with metamagic feats. Get perfected spell and preferred spell.

Alice a) 27 * .95 = 25.65
b) 27 * .8 = 21.6
c) 27 * .55 = 14.85

Bob a) 2 * 17.5 * .85 = 29.75
b) 2 * 17.5 * .6 = 21
c) 2 * 17.5 * .35 = 12.25

Charlene a) 4 * 11.5 * .85 = 39.1
b) 4 * 11.5 * .6 = 27.6
c) 4 * 11.5 * .35 = 16.1

Umbranus wrote:

In a city where it is disallowed to give food or money to beggars the LG guy will not feed the starving child because he isn't allowed to. The NG guy will tend to ignore non-good laws if it keeps him from saving someone. And because of that he will feed the starving child.

A CG might try to make other people break the law as well.

The LG guy will hire the beggar to perform some trivial task, giving food as payment. The NG guy will just give the beggar some food.

If your GM allows light weapons, you may want to use Kukri and get the Butterfly's Sting feat to pass off crits to other martial classes in your party.

Ascalaphus wrote:
Close the door and hold it closed until the BBEG's buffs/summons wear off? Plenty of BBEGs are just sitting in a room in a basement with no other exit, waiting for the PCs to come for them like they got nothing better to do.

Close the door, layer on some walls of stone, then come back a few months later.

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One thing missing from the guide is to design your character in the context of the campaign world.

If you build The Best Gunfighter In The World but firearms don't exist, then your roleplay experience may differ from what you were expecting.

Starbuck_II wrote:

No, slings being weaker is not realistic. Real slingers are just as good at range. Firing speed is better in real life too.

Check out Youtube videos of Lars Anderson shooting 3 arrows in under 1.5 seconds. I can't imagine slings matching that firing speed.

I played a Witch character with the Sleep hex plus having a high initiative. When several encounters became walk-overs, I stopped using the hex. Strangely enough I was the first person to complain about it, not the GM or other players.

The problem with using dice fudging to rein in the power of dazing metamagic is that the fudging would have to be systematic.

I see dice fudging as more intended for one time situations where changing the result would enhance the fun of the encounter. Even then, purists would disagree and let the dice fall as they may.

Sage Sorcerer. She can get help with spell selection, and you can give her some leeway to change spells if she isn't satisfied with them.

At level 1 an Elf sorcerer could use a longbow if they want something with more potential damage than a cantrip. If she tries both she may find cantrips hit more often since they are ranged touch attacks.

It seems this would open up some good role-playing possibilities. I would allow it, but have some short term repercussions (the god who lost a cleric to another god wouldn't be happy about it).

One possibility is that the new faith cleric has 30 percent spell failure, which decreases by 10 percent per some pre defined time interval.

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They may be weak, but at least they make better Rogues than the Rogue class.

If the first roll was a natural 20, forcing a reroll is avoiding a threatened critical.

If someone on your side rolls a natural 1, forcing a reroll can be beneficial.

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This thread reminds me of a National Enquirer title I once saw - "Space Aliens Taught My Dog to Knit".

Together with the Captain Picard reply - "Make it sew".

Wheldrake wrote:

I see the OP taking a lot of abuse... some of it for good reason.

Because, from its very conception, the bard class's primary function was as comic relief.

I believe Bards in first edition AD&D were based on Taliesin

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Never trust what a house says, they typically have more than one story.

Lyre of Building may be worth investing in, if you have a Bard.

Veteran Jungle Guide is another.

In My Humble Opinion wrote:
You play them like this. This story has defined paladin morality and behavior for me.

Was that paladin named Dirty Harold?

Hate Bards and Wizards for being know it alls.

Hate Paladins for being holier than thou.

Hate Fighters for always getting dominated and beating up their own party. Hate Fighter archers even worse.

Hate Rogues who steal from the party in the name of role-playing.

Hate Druids for being furry tree-huggers.

The list is endless.

Tinkergoth wrote:
Does it count if I play my bard as an all singing all dancing nutcase who slits throats at the same time? No joking though, he's all about the music.

A Clockwork Orange archetype?

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If your character was holding the door at the moment he was panicked, I could see slamming the door as a violent means of dropping what you are holding, which is consistent with being panicked.

Simon Legrande wrote:
Holy Roller (Cleric/Bard) Gets to use the new class skill Perform:Holy Spirit. Take the Faith Healer archetype for some extra healing goodness.

Dwarf would be a good race for this, given their poison resistance to snake bite.

Having played a cleric, I now prefer Oracles. With an Oracle I can go days without casting a particular remedy, but then cast it 4 times on the day it is needed.

Don't underestimate the value of Battlefield Clarity revelation. A +4 re-roll on common magical effects that would disable you is gold.

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Ask your team-mates to shoot at you instead of the giant. When they miss your AC 30 the giant takes the damage. :-)

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125. Did your mommy make you that armor?

I've often wondered why LG is considered to be restrictive but other alignments aren't. Shouldn't CG be just as restrictive, just in a different way?

A dispelling bow would be useful against Fickle Winds or even Mirror Image. Eventually you can shoot from melee range without giving an AoO, so that might be a solution to natural wind.

Improved Precise Shot bypasses displacement, unless I'm missing something.

Consider getting durable arrows, plus special types (blunt, adamantium).

No one has mentioned Unseen Servant yet. A servant you can verbally abuse without them spitting in your soup.

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A paladin walks into a bar.

Turns out it wasn't licensed.

A former paladin leaves the bar.

In my opinion:

Fighter Archer - highest "always on" damage.

Zen Archer - high damage when ki is used. Good Reflex and Will saves. You really don't want an archer getting dominated.

Ranger - high to hit/damage vs Favored Enemy / Instant Enemy. Some spell casting. Far more skill points than Fighter or Monk.

Lastoth wrote:

Cross posted from ROTRL forums for maximum solicitation.

So our ROTRL group will be starting in the near future, and so far it seems we have a mobile fighter, an oracle (of battle), two newer and undecided players and then myself. I was originally looking to play an archer, but the party could use some arcane casting and I'd rather not shove a "You should try a wizard" statement on a new player. I'm pretty sure the AP runs to 17, so that's what I've been looking at.

I've played wizards before in previous editions. I'm pretty well researched, so I have it down to three choices:

1) A Paladin1/Wizard1/EK10/Wizard6 archer/mage. This brings lots of versatile ways to do damage and bring utility/control but the drawback is the -2CL from the paladin and EK levels.

2) cross blooded draconic/orc Sorcer 1/ Admixture Wizard 16. This thing brings a lot of daze based AOE damage for wide area control and mook cleanup allowing the party to focus on the BBEG. A slightly less noticeable -1CL is the drawback here.

3) Wizard 17. Just straight wizard with a lot of single and wide area control stuff.

I know a wizard is well regarded for any party in this AP. Will 1 and/or 2 be noticeably "behind" what the AP demands for spellcasting? What do you recommend here?

I just finished a ROTRL campaign, using your option #2. If your GM allows it, tattooed cross-blooded solves the -1 CL, though your spell progression will still be one level slower. The extra efficiency of the spells more than makes up for it.

I suggest metamagic and spell penetration feats.

A cackling witch may want to be mounted, so their mount can move while they cackle.

My condolences to your buddy, I hope he recovers.

I wonder if Cause Fear would be effective, causing the vermin to run away in all directions and lose cohesion as a swarm.

RDM42 wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
...How is a finesse fighter a "Frankenstein's monster"? This is a very basic and archetypal build. Outside of tabletops the good guy is usually the finesse fighter and the two-handed power attacker is his big stupid antagonist. Paizo has given us exactly two ways to play the finesse fighter: you can Dervish Dance (and have to explain why your character is using a scimitar in a new and interesting way every friggin time) or you can use the Agile enchantment. I'm praying for a generic dex-to-damage feat so I don't have to deal with this crap anymore but until then I have to appeal to the GM if I want to play my kind of character.
I would probably invent such a feat. And possibly port a version of deadly aim as a feat usable with melee weapons that are finessed.

Piranha Strike replaces Power Attack. I recall seeing a 3rd part feat (Improved Weapon Finesse?) that would allow Dex for damage bonus.

Zach W. wrote:

I would just go

Weapon Finesse (Dex bonus to hit)
Improved Feint (Feint as a move action, gets in the sneak damage)

Agile Weapon Enchant (+1 enchant that adds Dex bonus to damage INSTEAD of str)

That way he gets use his two highest stats in combat (Charisma and Dexterity)

This can be done by level 5 (assuming standard WBL)

Rogue with only a +1 Agile Rapier, level 5:

Dex: 20
Cha: 16

BAB: +3

Rogue Talents(Bleeding Sneak, Combat Feat(Weapon Focus(Rapier)))

+1 Agile Rapier +10 1D6+6 18-20/x2 +3D6 Sneak Attack hitting on flat footed and giving 3 bleed.

Get Cats Grace cast on him, he is doing 1D6+8+3D6 to Flat Footed.

Improved Feint requires Combat Expertise, which in turn requires Int 13+.

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