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A cackling witch may want to be mounted, so their mount can move while they cackle.

My condolences to your buddy, I hope he recovers.

I wonder if Cause Fear would be effective, causing the vermin to run away in all directions and lose cohesion as a swarm.

RDM42 wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
...How is a finesse fighter a "Frankenstein's monster"? This is a very basic and archetypal build. Outside of tabletops the good guy is usually the finesse fighter and the two-handed power attacker is his big stupid antagonist. Paizo has given us exactly two ways to play the finesse fighter: you can Dervish Dance (and have to explain why your character is using a scimitar in a new and interesting way every friggin time) or you can use the Agile enchantment. I'm praying for a generic dex-to-damage feat so I don't have to deal with this crap anymore but until then I have to appeal to the GM if I want to play my kind of character.
I would probably invent such a feat. And possibly port a version of deadly aim as a feat usable with melee weapons that are finessed.

Piranha Strike replaces Power Attack. I recall seeing a 3rd part feat (Improved Weapon Finesse?) that would allow Dex for damage bonus.

Zach W. wrote:

I would just go

Weapon Finesse (Dex bonus to hit)
Improved Feint (Feint as a move action, gets in the sneak damage)

Agile Weapon Enchant (+1 enchant that adds Dex bonus to damage INSTEAD of str)

That way he gets use his two highest stats in combat (Charisma and Dexterity)

This can be done by level 5 (assuming standard WBL)

Rogue with only a +1 Agile Rapier, level 5:

Dex: 20
Cha: 16

BAB: +3

Rogue Talents(Bleeding Sneak, Combat Feat(Weapon Focus(Rapier)))

+1 Agile Rapier +10 1D6+6 18-20/x2 +3D6 Sneak Attack hitting on flat footed and giving 3 bleed.

Get Cats Grace cast on him, he is doing 1D6+8+3D6 to Flat Footed.

Improved Feint requires Combat Expertise, which in turn requires Int 13+.

There are cantrip spells that can do minor damage or daze an opponent. Another option is to spend a standard action to do a knowledge role on an enemy.

Some level 1 wizards may use a crossbow. Elvish wizards can use a longbow.

Intent is important in determining effects on alignment. Using a knockout drug with a patient's consent so they can be operated on painlessly is different than drugging innocents so you can rob and murder them. Poison in a scorpion stinger is expected, poison on a hidden dagger is sneaky and underhanded.

I think the ruling on poison needs to be refined to include the context for when it is used.

One example of use of disease as evil: loosing plague infested rats into a city. The intent is cause harm to random people.

Good is no "harder" than any other alignment, it simply represents your character's values. If you think good is hard, maybe your character is more neutral than good.

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blackbloodtroll wrote:

This guy is a friend?

My group of friends just doesn't seem to have as much lying going on, as it seems here.

Even when we lie to each other, it's well known, and it is more of a "wink & nod" kind of lying, because we all know what is really going on.

The only circumstance in which there was my old friend, who we will call Jace, who is a pathological liar. I mean, he had an actual condition, and would lie, even if it made no sense to do so, and had no reason to think it would not be seen as a lie, and would deny it being a lie, even when confronted with undeniable evidence.
We had an unspoken understanding, as I was his only constant friend.

Are you Jace? :-)

Broken Zenith wrote:

I'll just put this here.

Broken Zenith wrote:
Ideally, responses in this thread will take up one of the three questions posed above, or explain why a class feature comparison is not a viable way of comparing classes. That will help frame the discussion and should make this a more specific and organized conversation.


Broken Zenith wrote:
Let's keep the comparison between melee fighters and rogues.

Since we are limiting the class comparison to just fighters, lets also limit the enemy type to just Iron Golems.

How valuable is Sneak Attack then? Who is more likely to get past the DR, a Rogue with a light weapon or a Fighter with a Greatsword?

The amount of preparation I do depends on the class of character I play. The wizard I'm currently playing always preps, starting with using all appropriate knowledge skills. My halfling fighter was typically only interested in prepping creature comforts.

A witch on a mount can have the mount use it's move action to move while the witch cackles. DC 5 Handle Animal check is all that is needed.

Use Magic Device skill plus a bundle of Cure Light Wounds wands

Umbral Reaver wrote:

Two players argue about which of their princesses is the prettiest.

Charisma is not attractiveness, but should it be the decider when there's an argument?

Don't bring Comeliness into this. Please god no.

Whichever one has the most gold. :-)

I've played a Halfling 2 weapon fighter who used a pair of agile kukris. Piranha Strike plus Risky Striker gave some nice damage bonuses to be multiplied on crits.

Note that this build starts with very low damage, but then it snowballs quickly once you can afford a pair of agile +1 kukri.

Whale_Cancer wrote:
SuperUberGeek wrote:
Oh, and the only work of fiction that I can think of off the top of my head that uses slings is The Wheel of Time. And there, it is mainly used for killing rabbits, not trollocs.
David and Goliath, Greek history, some Greek myths.

Clan of the Cave Bear was another.

You could try Fighter 1 / Cleric 5, to get all martial weapons, heavy armor proficiency and an extra feat.

I've played a Travel / Luck cleric before and it was fun. We had homebrewed deities so I'm not sure which standard deity has this domain combo.

The Rogue isn't going to do well without flankers, so could be switched to a Summoner. Have the Eidolon be the front liner.

Most bleeding attacks don't stack. Bleeding Critical is an exception.

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Use Hero points so your wife has an emergency resource for getting her character out of a jam.

You could allow gargoyle as fluff but model the character on one of the allowable player character races in terms of abilities.

Human Zen Archer Monk, putting Wis up to 20 would be powerful.

With 2 wizards and a sorcerer in your group, coordinated blasting becomes powerful. 2 or 3 fireballs in the first round of combat can drop more foes than having 2 hasted martials.

Lesser selective metamagic rods are cheap, for when you need to blast with your allies in the area.

If there were more martials and fewer spellcasters in your group, Haste would be ideal. But that isn't the case.

My view of playing a paladin: Detect Evil is not something I would use willy-nilly on anyone I met. There would have to be a reason. I would use it on my companions when first joining, since as a paladin I wouldn't want to associate with evil. I would use it on any employer, since as a paladin I wouldn't want to work for evil people.

If while clearing out a fortress of an evil person and I encountered prisoners, I would assume they are unlawfully imprisoned and want to free them. If I used Detect Evil, it would determine which prisoners I could trust if they wanted to arm themselves once freed.

Detecting as evil is not evidence of a crime, so as a paladin I would not use that as a basis for rendering judgement. However, if there is evidence of evil acts my paladin would not hesitate to render justice at the end of a sword. I see a paladin as having the authority to administer justice (including execution) if there is clear evidence of a crime.

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A longsword crits on a 19 or 20 for x2 damage, so 10 percent of the time you get 1xdamage extra. A battleaxe crits on a 20 for x3 damage, so 5 percent of the time you get 2xdamage extra.

Theoretically these are the same, but scoring crits more often is better for a couple reasons - crit effects, and less wasted damage on low HP targets.

Though it requires exotic weapon proficiency, a falcata (crit 19-20,x3) is strictly better than a longsword.

Anyone basing their chracter progression on critical feats will want a weapon that crits on 18-20, then take Improved Critical or use a keen weapon.

When paired with someone with Butterfly's Sting, you may look for a weapon with a high crit multiplier rather than large crit range.

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northbrb wrote:

I think that the Titan Mauler's Massive Weapon abillity is nice and all but you wont be gaining anything from it unless you are weilding a gargantuan dagger, something anyone can do now but with a penalty to attack. Who would choose to build a character using this weapon and what do they really gain by doing so?

Titan Mauler / Knife Master. "Now THATS a knife".

Silent Image of one of your characters sneaking, to draw their fire. Have that precede your real sneaking character.

What domains or subdomains are considered powerful will vary based on personal perception and the specifics of the campaign setting.
I'm guessing Restoration / Defence combination was considered too powerful because it increased chances for survival in a tough world.

The one cleric I've played went with Travel and Luck domains. I consider those domains powerful for the options they give. However, the campaign I played in didn't have frequent player character deaths.

I understand your frustration at incrementally finding out the rules. Though I don't agree with the tone of ciretose's posts, the message of talking with your GM on your character concept before the game is a good one.

If you have the healer role but are starting at 8th level, have you considered the option of playing a paladin with the hospitaler archetype? If this interests you, run it by the GM and come to agreement on the specifics of following the paladin's code of conduct. Paladins have good survival value. Hospitaler paladins with some feats (Extra Lay on Hands, Extra Channeling) have a lot of healing power while remaining effective in combat.

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Stefan Hill wrote:

As GM I never let the social roll happen unless the player can describe what they are trying to achieve and how. Not the details, just the intent and the general idea of how they mean to go about it. For example the player might wish to make a soldier angry. That is the intent. They then would say how, insult his fighting skill? Imply his wife was also into a bit of extra martial sword play?

Reliable remark to make a soldier angry: "Did your MOMMY make that armor for you?"

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Weapon Focus and Power Attack. Weapon Focus because level 1 characters have trouble hitting, even with 18 Str. Power Attack for fighting anything that you can't one shot without Power Attack. Though there are other good options, you won't regret having these 2 feats as you level up.

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"An incorporeal creature can enter or pass through solid objects, but must remain adjacent to the object’s exterior, and so cannot pass entirely through an object whose space is larger than its own."

It seems to me that spectres hiding in walls beyond detect range is not legal, as they must remain adjacent to the object (wall) exterior. It also seems they could not pass through a wall if the wall is too thick.

Maybe have a number of different personalities worked out, and have your character temporarily switch to one of those personalities every so often.Then revert back to your normal personality and act as if nothing happened.

Smoked goggles are useful when you know you are going up against a monster with a nasty gaze attack. The cost is cheap (10g) and the bonus is susbstantial (+8 on saves). There are penalties for wearing them, so you would only want to have them equipped when you know they are needed.

Consider dipping one level of Sorcerer, cross-blooded Orc / Draconic(Silver). + 2 per damage die on your cold spells in addition to your Evoker bonus adds up. 1d3+2 Ray of Frost cantrip gives you some sustained firepower at level 1.

Lumiere Dawnbringer wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:

Seconding a 12 PC problem. If your player is of the socially impaired type, you're potentially setting yourself up for her getting lost and confused in all of this, *especially* given that you're planning to run level 10 characters, which at this point usually have bucketloads of options.

If your player is of the "don't overwhelm me" type, I'd recommend to start with something small and low, and gradually work up from there.

just for simplicity, i am going to show her a claymore inspired greatsword/longbow fighter. not quite optimized, but effective enough at melee while having 2 options.

fire a bow, or swing a sword.

One possible build:

Str 16+2
Con 14
Dex 16
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 8

Traits Indomitable Faith (Will+1)
Deft Dodger (Reflex+1)
1 Power Attack
1 Point-blank shot
1 Rapid Shot
2 Weap Focus Greatsword
3 Weap Focus Longbow
4 Weap Spec Greatsword
5 Weap Spec Longbow
6 Quick Draw
7 Deadly Aim
8 Improved Crit Greatsword
9 Improved Crit Longbow
10 Critical Focus

You may as well have fun with it. Capture the druid and make him wear a tin foil hat.

Deputize the non-lawful Barbarian.

Thwart the lawful Monk with a No Trespassing sign outside the dungeon.

I wonder how often this situation comes up. I played a fighter in a Kingmaker AP, and am playing a fighter in a Legacy of Fire AP. I've never encountered a situation where I would want to attack without activating Power Attack and then want to do an AoO with Power Attack.

If you are outdoors, ride a mount. Then you don't lose mobility since you can Cackle while your mount moves.

535. A famous gunslinger is coming to town to fight you, and all you have is a knife.

How about Sorcerer (Draconic) then become a Dragon Disciple?

Strength looks a little low for a medium armor-wearer. Maybe lower Wis and Int a bit to allow for 12 Str.

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We have this magic ring that needs to be destroyed ...

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55. I'm their parole officer.

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strayshift wrote:

Re: Points systems, I don't use them because of min/maxing and dump stats - an actual party I have seen was a 7 Int Sorcerer leading a party where all the other members had 7 Charisma! In other words a super-charismatic idiot leading a bunch of obnoxious so and so's! That is a travesty of role-playing in my opinion.

Thats called Futurama, with Zap Branigan et al.

Strength is also useful for CMB / CMD. Dex based fighters need to worry about getting grappled, so they should put some of their limited skill points into Escape Artist.

During the surprise round you can take a standard or move action. Thus, you cannot do a pounce / full attack since that is a full round action.

Travel Domain - Dimensional Hop. The +10 movement you get from Travel Domain is pretty useful for dwarves.

ParagonDireRaccoon wrote:
For example, say a peasant is poaching deer from a noble's land to feed his family during a famine. The penalty for poaching is severe, but the noble is an important ally to the paladin's order. If the paladin looks the other way while the peasant poaches and the noble finds out, the paladin's order may not get support from the noble the next time orcs/hobgoblins/etc invade (for this example let's say the paladin order is in a neighboring barony and the noble could look the other way when the paladins need soldiers from the noble).

For this example the paladin could turn the poacher over for punishment, but ask for a large fine as an alternative over the usual hanging. The peasant wouldn't be able to afford paying the fine. But the paladin's order could pay the fine as an act of mercy.

I would prefer the minimum skill points for all classes to be 4+Int, to allow more character development.

I would like Fighter archetypes better if they didn't replace Armor Training and Weapon Training. These are unique to the Fighter class, and help separate them from other martial classes.

Detailed information on the setting should be provided by the GM, so the players can make characters consistent with the campaign world. The GM can work with the players to fit their character background into the world.

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