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Shoanti Tribeswoman

Tesliin Sedai's page

146 posts. Alias of Xzaral.

Full Name

Tesliin Sedai




Initiate 5 / Aes Sedai 3








Green Ajah

Strength 13
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 14

About Tesliin Sedai

HP: 48
AC: 15
Fort: +7
Ref: +5
Will: +9
BAB +3
Initiative +3

Trained Skills:

Composure +12
Diplomacy +11
Heal +6
Intimidate +15
Knowledge (Age of Legends) +7
Knowledge (Arcana) +7
Knowledge (Blight) +11
Knowledge (Geography) +7
Knowledge (History) +7
Knowledge (Nobility) +7
Perception +4
Sense Motive +12
Weavesight +13


Extra Talent (Elementalism)
Extra Talent (Warding)
Extra Affinity (Air)
Extra Affinity (Water)
Extra Affinity (Fire)
Sense Residue
Tie Off Weave

Special Abilities:


The One Power:

Affinities: Spirit, Air, Water, Fire
Talents: Healing, Elementalism, Warding

Weaves per Day 4/5/5/3/1

Delve (0-3)
Heal (0-8)
Renew (0-4)
Heal the Mind (1-4)

Ward Against Shadowspawn (1-10)
Shield (3-7)
Circle of Silence (0-9)
Ward Against the One Power (3-12)

Arms of Air (0-12)
Light (0-3)
Harden Air (0-5)
Tool of Air (0-4)

Sense Shadowspawn (0)


Light Warhorse
Bit and Bridle
Riding Saddle
Explorer's Outfit
Traveler's Outfit
Courtier's Outfit
Assorted Jewelry (50 Mks)
Signet Ring
Healer's Kit
Trail Rations x20
Sealing Wax
Scroll Case
Ink pen x3
Ink, 3 vials
Paper, 20 sheets
Waterskin x2
500 Mks


Tesliin was born a Saldaean by birth, but in growing displayed little of her heritage. She had no skill with weapons, and her aptitude with horses was barely manageable (so average to most as an untrained rider). She had no skill at dancing and often would spend her time alone reading books, shirking her chores to do so. She was such an embarassment to her family when it was discovered that she had been tested for the one power, her family eagerly sent her to Tar Valon for training.

Her time in the tower proved to be much easier than she had anticipated. She proved to be adept at learning the power, and while not strong by any means, was skilled enough to avoiding drawing her teacher's ire. In fact it would have been idyllic if not for her fellow novice, Beonemei. For whatever reason, Beonemei had decided she did not like Tesliin, and had made it her goal to ensure her life was as miserable as possible. This continued up until Tesliin passed the test to become Accepted.

With her title of Accepted, this ended her torment by Beonemei for a period of time. During this period, she displayed a Talent for Healing. A good portion of her time was spent learning from Yellow sisters. During the time it took for Beonemei to achieve the rank of Accepted, Tesliin had managed to learn how to avoid Beonemei during her studies.

For the next few years, Tesliin studied and improved her skills, eventually attaining the Shawl. It was expected after passing the test that she would choose the Yellow Ajah considering her time spent studying with their members. When she announced her intention to join the Green Ajah, it came as a surprise to many. When inquired about this, she stated that it was what would have been expected of her by her family, to stand ready for Tarmon Gai'don.

It was shortly after her test she discovered that Beonemei had attained the shawl before her, and she herself had chosen the Green Ajah as well. For the next two years Beonemei resumed her torment, even more so now that she had risen above her in rank. Eventually Tesliin began performing tasks for her Ajah outside of the tower to escape Beonemei's torment. And this is where the story begins...

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