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TerrorTigr's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 113 posts (126 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 11 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.

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Grand Lodge **

It is my great pleasure to present to you Markus Richert, Düsseldorf's second Venture-Lieutenant! He's an accomplished GM and has already gone out of his way to help me with organizing PFS hereabouts, so it's great to now have him in that capacity officially!

Grand Lodge **

Fellow Pathfinders,

it is my great pleasure to present to you Germany's first 5-Star-GM, Sebastian Schirrmeister!

Not quite a year and a half ago, Sebastian and I became VCs here and began establishing Pathfinder Society in Germany. I would never have believed that, such a short time later, I'd already be congratulating him to his 5th star! Approaching 200 tables of credit, Sebastian has been doing an outstanding job of promoting Pathfinder and the Pathfinder Society not only in his region, but all over Germany.

Last Saturday I, along with a group of players from my region, had the privilege of seeing this truly outstanding GM run a game! From his vivid portrayal of NPCs to the way he described both scenery and action, his presentation really made Golarion come alive for us. His remarkable preparation of the scenario, his wealth of background knowledge and his firm grasp of the Pathfinder rules all helped to provide an extremely fun, fair and memorable game for us!

He is also a shining example of a Venture-Officer, travelling far and wide, always ready to run a game or three and to help out at a convention or game day. I am truly honored to serve alongside him!

So please join me in congratulating him for this achievement!

Grand Lodge

Hi all!

My newest PFS character is a Musket Master inspired by this fine piece of artwork.

For style reasons, I don't want to use armor. Thus, access to wands of Mage Armor and a Shield spell or two would be nice.

My plan is to take one level of Wizard (Foresight) at level 2 for some utility, magicness and all that, then four more levels of Musket Master for Musket Training and then four levels of Alchemist (Grenadier).
The INT 12 with a +2 headband is easily enough for both caster classes. The high DEX synergises nicely with Alchemist class features, giving me the option to deal splash damage with alchemical weapons and bombs in situations where that's needed. I can also use Alchemical Weapon and Explosive Missile to deal ridiculous amounts of damage with single shots every now and then. It also fits nicely with the Arcane/Alchemical Scientist kinda theme I had in mind for this guy. I'll also get four levels' worth of favored class bonusses in Grit so that I'll have 3 Grit without needing a WIS headband. 3 Grit means that even with the DEX mutagen active, I won't drop below 2 Grit. 1 to always maintain, 1 to spend and refill.

Here's the build I'm planning:

STR 10 INT 12
DEX 18 WIS 14
CON 13 CHA 10

Level 1: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Level 3: Deadly Aim
Level 5: Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus (Musket)
Level 7: Combat Reflexes
Level 9: Snap Shot
Level 11: Improved Snap Shot

At Level 10, when I get my 4th Alchemist level, I'll take the Explosive Missile Discovery.

Wizard spells
0 - Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mending
1 - Feather Fall, Shield, Identify
I'll get Crafter's Fortune as my fourth level-1-spell in the Spellbook for Day Job checks.

Alchemist extracts
1 - Expeditious Retreat x2, Shield x2
2 - Blur x2

I'll be using scrolls of comprehend language, disguise, and all that stuff, and a Wand of Mage Armor, all via the Wizard level.

Now my questions:

1) What do you think of the build in general? Any huge issues you see with it?

2) What discovery should I take at level 8, when I get my 2nd Alchemist level? I was thinking about Spontaneous Healing or Explosive Bomb. The problem with the latter is that with 4 levels of Alchemist and INT 14, hardly anyone will ever fail the Ref save for my bombs' splash damage, right?

3) What Wizard spells and Alchemist extracts would you recommend for this character? Can you think of better choices than the ones I've listed?

4) I'll have a total of 6 bombs at level 10, which will do 2d6 damage. Is that enough to be worth all the hassle?

5) What classes should I take for the remaining two levels? More Gunslinger? Alchemist? Wizard? Fighter? Or would Rogue be worth a shot?

6) Do any of you see any reason to use True Strike? Seems like a wasted action to me, if I could instead just shoot at touch AC...

7) I went the Snap Shot way for this build, as the extra AoOs would potentially add a lot of damage. Do you think other feats/feat chains would be more useful? Vital Strike, Improved Critical, and such things, for example?

Grand Lodge

I want to build a PFS character based on a kind of "Magic Musket" concept. He's gonna be a gunslinger, but he's also gonna be a Pathfinder! He'll be Int-based, have lots of knowledge skills and utility stuff. More than just a guy with a gun. A Pathfinder with a gun!

Sadly, Spellslinger isn't allowed in PFS, so how to do it? My thought is:
Level 1 Gunslinger (Musket Master), Level 2 Wizard, all other levels Gunslinger (Musket Master). Giving me some utility without costing me too much Gun-Power.

Race: Human
Feats: Point-Blank Shot, Deadly Aim
Traits:Lingshen's Finest, Killer

Ability scores: Two options, depending on the Wizard school. For Transmutation, the best stats seem to be STR 10, DEX 16(+2 racial), CON 13, INT 12, WIS 14, CHA 10
For other schools, I'd go STR 10, DEX 17(+2 racial), CON 12, INT 12, WIS 14, CHA 8

Now that's the first big question: What school would be best for this build? Divination seems solid as with Foresight both level-1-powers are and stay useful on the character. Divination, though, means that I'll kinda waste one spell. I don't really see any level 1 Divination spell I really want...
Any of the transmutation subschools gives an awesome +1 on one physical ability, which I can put on DEX to keep that on an even number, or on CON at the levels where I have an even DEX anyway. The drawback is that the other level 1 ability is utterly useless with INT 12 and a useful default standard action (shooting people).

The question is whether it won't hurt me too much. I'll get everything one level later.
Since I'll be level 4 when I get Fast Musket, the I also wonder whether I should take Rapid Shot at 3 or 5.

So, I basically know how to build a gunslinger. I just don't know how to add some Arcana to it without hurting my effectiveness tooo much. I'm okay with giving up a little bit of power for the whole flair thing and utility, but I also don't enjoy playing characters with lots of useless abilities, etc....

Grand Lodge **

I proudly present to you Sebastian Brock, Düsseldorf's first Venture-Lieutenant! A gentleman gamer and enthusiastic supporter of PFS here in the area, I'm very happy to have him on board!

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