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Teron Starwhisper's page

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Oh, I think so long as it's a slashing weapon it won't be a problem. I played a bladebound magus in another game and I was allowed to use a trident so...yeah.

Well, dang. Maybe I'll speak to my GM. I haven't put anything on paper yet, but maybe he'll let me take the same feat but for whips instead.

Thanks for the input!

So, I'm making a bladebound magus that uses a scorpion whip instead of a more traditional slashing weapon like a longsword or bastard sword. I'd like to be able to trip and disarm bad guys while still casting spells through my weapon, but I'm not sure if this would work.

Spellstrike says that I get a free melee attack when using a touch spell, and the combat maneuvers entry in the core rule book says I can use one as a melee attack, full-attack, or attack of opportunity.

As far as what I'm reading, it sounds like what I'm planning on doing is fine. I'll run it by my DM of course, and if it's okay as far as rules go, I think it'll be fine. Plus, he'll probably like the idea.

I'd just like to know what you guys think before I commit to anything. I just really like the idea of tripping a bad guy and setting him on fire at the same time.

Awesome! Most of the items I'm trying to create are really just for utility, so CL doesn't really come into play, but that's good to know.


I just want to be clear that the caster level for creating wondrous items is indeed your current caster level, and the not the minimum level needed to cast the spell you're using in the item's creation.

I'm trying to create an item and I'm looking at the tables in the core book. I'm following all the right formulas and such, but most of the items I want to create are getting pretty expensive and I haven't enough gold. I don't have any issue saving up for the gold since I'm more less making the items for fun, but it seems like the longer I save, the more the items will cost if I happen to level up in the process.

After all, if I can use a level one spell to create an item, but I don't have to use my level nine caster level, that'd be great. I can't imagine that will be the case, but I just wanted to be 100% clear.

cartmanbeck wrote:
I don't think they'd stack, as they're both racial bonuses to saving throws. You're probably better off going with Poison Resistance.

That's what I was thinking. What I was really going for a was a way to get them the bonus to disease rolls. In my mind, the redundant organ thing makes it easier to fight poisons since it has to go through more than one organ, whereas a disease is a bit tougher to deal with. And I don't think I'd like them stacking anyway. It seems like a little much.

I'll post it on my group's Facebook page to see what they think too.

Besides that, thanks for the insight, guys! ^_^

Hey there!

So, I'm toying around with turning the Krogan from Mass Effect into a playable race, mostly just for kicks, but if possible, something to be used in a Pathfinder game.

Anyway, Poison Resistance provides a racial bonus equal to HD against poison effects on saving throws and Healthy provides a +4 to Fortitude saves vs. poison as well. My question is this: would they stack with each other on a Fortitude save (ie: almost any situation where poisoning might occur) or would the Poison Resistance bonus override the Fort save bonus once it becomes greater?

Anyone who is familiar with ME might know that Krogan have duplicate vital organs, which is why I'd like to use both racial traits, but the only thing I'm worried about is them stacking and it being a bit overpowered. Unfortunately, the book doesn't say anything as far as that's concerned, unless of course I completely missed it.

Thanks in advance!

I've a question concerning using the bard's class feature Versatile Performance in place of Disguise.

I understand that when making a regular old Disguise check, the roll is made in secret since you don't really know how good your disguise is. But, what if you're using your bonus in Perform: Act instead?

Logically speaking, you should know how good of an actor you are so would it make sense to roll your own check and know its result?

I haven't brought this up with my DM since my bard hasn't even been introduced to the party yet, but it's something I've been thinking about since I started making him.

DrDeth wrote:

You have already made up your mind. But others may read your idea and think “Hmm, maybe?” I hope they read my caveat and understand it’s a very bad idea to do this without the players permission.

As I said- if PC is being dominated, etc, that’s different. Read my post. “No, your character wouldn’t do that, instead he does this” is a standard hallmark of being a Bad DM.

No, the players own their characters. Their characters are their intellectual property, both legally and morally. You own the environment.

So, I am helping. I am helping other DM’s that may not realize what a bad idea this could be

I feel like you're saying this is all a terrible idea based of your own personal experiences. It's unfortunate that a DM who didn't like you decided to make one of your old characters a villain, but that doesn't automatically mean every instance of the situation for anyone else would be a bad thing.

And as far as the whole intellectual property thing goes, I'm pretty sure that unless we all trademark and copyright our characters, they're anyone's to do with as they please.

Concerning the topic at hand, I think it's a great idea! Were you planning on having the current party fight all the dead characters at once in a massive battle royale? If so, maybe make it a series of encounters with the group only fighting one or two characters at a time. In a DnD 4th edition game I was involved in a few months back, we had a total party kill because we all thought we were a lot more awesome than we were. In the next game, all of our new characters went to the same ruins to investigate a group of people who died and never came back. It was really fun to see all of our old characters as different forms of undead that sort of mirrored the types of characters they were.

Hey there! I'm looking to see if anyone knows of any simple free monster generators somewhere on the Internet. I'm playing a necromancer, and as much as I'd love to flip back and forth through the pages of the Bestiary while I'm applying the skeleton and/or zombie template to things I'm animating, it takes a bit more time than I care to spend on it.

Does anyone know of a website I could visit where I could just slap on a template and be done with it? Because once I've got that done, I can just take a minute or two to change the stats based on whether or not it's a variant or apply any feat bonuses I might have. I'd be grateful, as would my group since they won't have to wait while I apply stat changes to a random monster we've just killed.

Thanks in advance!

This is incredibly helpful! Especially the Create Reliquary Arms and Armor feat. It'll take a couple of levels, but I'll definitely be taking full advantage of that.

As far as 3.5 content goes, we've been going with a case-by-case basis. Ie: We see things in 3.5 supplements and then ask if that would be okay. Most of the time, it's fine, but there are those instances were we're not sure how much retooling 3.5 stuff might need.

As far as the Agent of the Grave goes, I'm thinking that might be the only option I really have (other than 20 levels of cleric!), and it might be easy to work in. It is a homebrew world and my character does come from a place where necromancy is accepted, encouraged, and practiced openly. So...we'll see.

Anyway, thanks for the help guys!

I play a divine necromancer (cleric lvl 8, Undead Lord UM Archetype) right now, and I was wondering what kind of options there are for necromancers as far as things like prestige classes go. I've got the Player's Guide, Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat for resource material, and of course anything the Internet might have to offer. I've also a multitude of DnD 3.5 books (Libris Mortis included), if that helps.

Anyway, I've looked and looked and can't seem to find a whole lot concerning expanding my character's necromantic prowess. I have enough knowledge to pick the right spells, feats, and all that, but I feel like there could be more.

If anyone can offer any insight, I'd love to hear it and would appreciate it to no end! Oh, and I've looked into the Agent of the Grave PrC and my GM won't let me use it for some reason. My necromancer is also not evil. Just neutral. :p

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