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Tentacledone's page

157 posts (1,009 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 aliases.


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Happy 4th!

Now, onto gaming matters.

So, Grendel's thoughts are on helping the paladin, hitting her with Endure Elements / Energy Resistance and snagging a couple of holy items and bam! we have another ally in our quest to close the portal!

Of course, he doesn't know that it is the paladin, and just thinks it's some Cal knows, or soomebody with information.


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Everybody have a great 4th of July!

Even if your not in the States, have an awesome weekend :P

I love it when I forget to hit save after leveling up and vamping out and close the Myth-Weaver sheet.

Oh, and Ry'klead has Rope Trick to cover our Extra-dimensional nappy times.

Volcanic Storm, a spell I've always wanted to use, over several character and haven't had the opportunity :)

its fun!

Hey Philo, here is the link to Ry'klead

Should have the alias page finished tonight.

I just have to finish buying equipment and backstory and I'll be all set. Well, after I transfer my sheet from Myth-Weavers to a Paizo alias :)

Gotcha, so use the original Half-Blood from the book, minus the Growing of New Symbionts and add +2 to any single attribute. Just to double check, the 4 gestalt levels are still in play, correct? Also, is the favored class fixed on Rogue, or is it open, similar to humans?

And, Hello! to everybody else :)

I'm planning on playing a Daelkyr Half-Blood, of the fighter/probably-sorcerer nature.

Philo, I noticed that the RP points for the Daeklyr Half-Blood are 15 according to the Eberron Pathfinder conversion site. Did you want me to drop the 4 gestalt levels to balance the 4 RP points over?

Hey Philo, I'm still interested in joining. I just have to familiarize myself with Eberron once more. It's been more than a few years since I played it :)

I should have an outline and backstory for you later tonight.

Yeah, number 2 would be right. Its not like there going to suddenly forget that Dandelion isn't able to hear.

Personally, I'm wondering if Cure Blindness/Deafness is going to solve this little issue for us :)

On that note, I should check to see if druids get that spell, or if it's just clerics :P

As far as the riddle goes, I could only think of "in the dark" for an answer, how about you guys?

Lol, those pesky Daelkyr just get into all sorts of people's bloodlines.

I have a few other options rather than going on "Highlander" on the Daelkyr Half-Blood. Unless your cool with multiple half-blooded Daelkyr, Philo :) (There not all nuts. Okay, I might be wrong about that :P )

oooo.... Daelkyr half-bloods and symbiotic life forms... hehehehehehe....

I'm very interested :)

Considering he had no idea that we were using the underwater passage, no, he hasn't provided anybody with Waterbreathing. I thought the hidden passage was the way into Stormhold, not Muaem.

"It's a headache, not a tumor!"

"You got a tumor!"

lol, nothing like a roomful of 5 years to wipe out any tough cop.

And moved Nagrish's info to an actual visible spot on Grendel's sheet.

I put Nagrish's info under private notes on Grendel's character sheet. Still have to finish it up a little.

You only have to concentrate to bring down the bolts from Call Lightning, plus the bolts are doing 3d10 due to weather conditions, (standard action concentration check), and he tried to move back on the defensive.

Dare I ask what the d100's are for?

i just need to pick what spells Grendel has in his melon, other than that he should be all leveled up and spiffy. Ready for the next chewing by undead creature!

There's an initiative penalty for being deaf? I guess if you couldn't see it coming that makes sense, but seems like it would be a dependent on the situation.

Oh, no worries, I forgot about the no rolling when I was feat hunting. Just need to switch out a feat :)

ebil, ebola chains, totally.


Pretty much leveled up, just need to figure out spells.

Oh, concerning Hero Points, do we get one a level, max of 3, correct?

And final question, are we using the mana pool system?

Sorry I didn't post this weekend. I think I was sick, because all I did was sleep, not exactly how I wanted to spend my days off. Tried to post Sunday, but the site was down when I checked on my phone, and then it wouldn't let me log on from my desktop. So I'm guessing I was trying to check when they were updating. I have awesome timing like that :P

Sorry about the late post, my phone wasn't connecting to the website.

Been killing those heal checks :P

Dandelions wrote:

Bad Cthulhu!

I can't help myself :)

Sorry about guys, I was trying to get that post out last night so that EJB would have a chance to respond before he passed out. Obviously, that didn't quite go according to my plan. My bad :P

Sorry about the late post :)

Well, that was a s$@$ roll :P

Hope whomever is getting nommed on has a few rounds of time, lol.


you might have to copy the link, it was being fussy, but totally worth it.

Since we were still in the carriage, I figured Synxol had a flask with potent spirits to fortify himself in these troubling times :P

I really love the edit feature. I feel that should be said once more :)

My bad, I shall post momentarily.

heheheehe. Not to be a complete dick, but I love it when I crit with the scythe :)

Happy Turkey day all!

I think he meant the iksar dude. No, I don't think V and Kspress know who she is. They know that she is important, but that's about it.

Well, the walking up to the guards appearing to be completely s%#$ faced and reeking of strong liquor gets us in the jail. Since the reptiles really don't have any organized Rogues guild, most of their defense should be based more around the natural strength of the Iksar. Hence why the 'evils' be held together with a think chain. The lock vould probably be picked in Kwen's sleep, so no real worries there.

Plus, I really doubt that the keep drunks locked up for long. Better to remind them what waits if they don't get their act together and get back to work for the empire.

Plus, it's ballsy. We are going to just pretty much walk into one of the more heavily guarded places on Norrath. Rather than try to poison a ton of guards, try to fool any caster that might be able to see through Invis (or more likely, someones pet skeleton) or find some hidden way in, were taking the easy way in. Good times!

It was either 11 days or 14, something like that, I haven't combed through to double check yet. I do remember it had a pretty decent length of effect.

It was a while ago, many, many moons as a a matter of fact. I just remembered it being used so that Loki could have us travel with a great many races and whatnot.

Not that I mind if V is evil. He is very intelligent and not above manipulating others into thinking he is not as evil as they might think. Course his unholy steed might make that a little trickier, if he ever gets one, lol

I'm ready to go. Aside from fixing a few things like the links and whatnot

Oh, and I think Kspress and V were given a DM pass on the evil alignment, for story reasons. That, and in that game, he needed an excuse for us not to eat peoples faces for annoying us. Cause V and Kspress are pretty badass. And marked by Cazic-Thule.

I think he is referring to the iskar's and the cleric.

Well, I was thinking that V and Kspress made it back with the heart and handed it over to the Overlord. And then s%#! went sideways for the two. Perhaps the one of the council members had an issue with what was going on. Or their Shissar handlers. It would be unlikely that the Overlord would have have thrown the two away. Mostly because they are useful tools for him to use.

I would guess that they were probably captured in, or just outside of Cabilis, most likely while they were feeling all proud of themselves. Regardless, they ended up imprisoned. Both ended up wrapped in chains and attached to a wall. Mostly because both the monk and shadowknight can kill with a touch.

Velkuriss would certainly feel betrayed by his own kind. While he wants to find whom ever captured him (and eat their face off), V realizes that they are going to be much more powerful. Especially, if it was someone on or near the council. The iksar is keenly aware that he isn't strong enough to pull this off on his own. Plus, he more than likely doesn't have a idea of whom is responsible for him being imprisoned. Velkuriss' thought that the council was more of a hindrance to the iksar people than anything. Perhaps it is time for the Emperor's bloodline to die, and a new one started. V doesn't think himself right for the role, but he doesn't have a problem with wiping out the council.

Not sure who to trust among his own kind, aside from Kspress, V would be thinking that they need to get away. Who ever had two imprisoned has a damn good idea what they were doing. V finds it very interesting that the two are still alive. The fact that they weren't just killed is a bit of mystery to the shadowknight. He would have expected that they would have been slain and then animated by the necromancers. Even if he was able to get free, staying anywhere near Cabilis would be a terrible idea. Getting off the continent is the best thing that he can think off. He needs time to build his strength, and find allies that will be useful in surviving off of Kunark.

Knowing of a few different softskin that he had met in their travels, V knows that not all softskins are cut from the same hide. But, V is very aware of the reputation (well deserved) of his people. He could sell his skills as a mercenary, a cover that should keep the shadowknight somewhat safe. Besides, if he finds out about Shissar still being alive, he'll want a piece of them as well.

IF he manages to get free and escape Kunark, traveling the world would give him a better idea about the soft skinned peoples.

V is set, just needs a look over, but should be good. Just a touch of filling a bit of his backstory, traits, etc. The fluff stuff, lol

Document should be up to snuff as well

the Document is pretty much ready to roll.

V will be ready in the morning :)

here is the link for Velkuriss. I still need to get equipment, and touch up his backstory, etc. Other then that stuff he should be pretty much all set.

I think I am okay with the site files, Mike. Loki might want them to hold onto them.


I managed to get access to the old website for the lizards!!!

Working on getting all caught up today. Sorry about the delay, pesky RL annoyances :P

Thanks for taking the one for the team JB :)

alright, I switched jobs over the last week, which was surprisingly draining, hence my complete lack posting or response. I'll be working on the doc and a new character over the weekend.

looks like I'll scrap V, since we are going to need a healer. what are my options for full healer that don't suck on t+#& of a god?

Xenh wrote:
Tentacledone wrote:

I think he'll check when he gets out of work today. In between he sometimes gets a couple of hours off.

Sorry I have been silent for a few days. Ended up travel upstate to a buddy's wedding and whatnot. Good times :) Although, I think I might need rinse my liver out.

With alcohol!

Is there any other way to rinse ones liver out, other then more booze? I think not!!

I think he'll check when he gets out of work today. In between he sometimes gets a couple of hours off.

Sorry I have been silent for a few days. Ended up travel upstate to a buddy's wedding and whatnot. Good times :) Although, I think I might need rinse my liver out.

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