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Tentacledone's page

131 posts (873 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 aliases.


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Sorry about the late post :)

Well, that was a s&%@ roll :P

Hope whomever is getting nommed on has a few rounds of time, lol.


you might have to copy the link, it was being fussy, but totally worth it.

Since we were still in the carriage, I figured Synxol had a flask with potent spirits to fortify himself in these troubling times :P

I really love the edit feature. I feel that should be said once more :)

My bad, I shall post momentarily.

heheheehe. Not to be a complete dick, but I love it when I crit with the scythe :)

Happy Turkey day all!

I think he meant the iksar dude. No, I don't think V and Kspress know who she is. They know that she is important, but that's about it.

Well, the walking up to the guards appearing to be completely s!@$ faced and reeking of strong liquor gets us in the jail. Since the reptiles really don't have any organized Rogues guild, most of their defense should be based more around the natural strength of the Iksar. Hence why the 'evils' be held together with a think chain. The lock vould probably be picked in Kwen's sleep, so no real worries there.

Plus, I really doubt that the keep drunks locked up for long. Better to remind them what waits if they don't get their act together and get back to work for the empire.

Plus, it's ballsy. We are going to just pretty much walk into one of the more heavily guarded places on Norrath. Rather than try to poison a ton of guards, try to fool any caster that might be able to see through Invis (or more likely, someones pet skeleton) or find some hidden way in, were taking the easy way in. Good times!

It was either 11 days or 14, something like that, I haven't combed through to double check yet. I do remember it had a pretty decent length of effect.

It was a while ago, many, many moons as a a matter of fact. I just remembered it being used so that Loki could have us travel with a great many races and whatnot.

Not that I mind if V is evil. He is very intelligent and not above manipulating others into thinking he is not as evil as they might think. Course his unholy steed might make that a little trickier, if he ever gets one, lol

I'm ready to go. Aside from fixing a few things like the links and whatnot

Oh, and I think Kspress and V were given a DM pass on the evil alignment, for story reasons. That, and in that game, he needed an excuse for us not to eat peoples faces for annoying us. Cause V and Kspress are pretty badass. And marked by Cazic-Thule.

I think he is referring to the iskar's and the cleric.

Well, I was thinking that V and Kspress made it back with the heart and handed it over to the Overlord. And then s*#~ went sideways for the two. Perhaps the one of the council members had an issue with what was going on. Or their Shissar handlers. It would be unlikely that the Overlord would have have thrown the two away. Mostly because they are useful tools for him to use.

I would guess that they were probably captured in, or just outside of Cabilis, most likely while they were feeling all proud of themselves. Regardless, they ended up imprisoned. Both ended up wrapped in chains and attached to a wall. Mostly because both the monk and shadowknight can kill with a touch.

Velkuriss would certainly feel betrayed by his own kind. While he wants to find whom ever captured him (and eat their face off), V realizes that they are going to be much more powerful. Especially, if it was someone on or near the council. The iksar is keenly aware that he isn't strong enough to pull this off on his own. Plus, he more than likely doesn't have a idea of whom is responsible for him being imprisoned. Velkuriss' thought that the council was more of a hindrance to the iksar people than anything. Perhaps it is time for the Emperor's bloodline to die, and a new one started. V doesn't think himself right for the role, but he doesn't have a problem with wiping out the council.

Not sure who to trust among his own kind, aside from Kspress, V would be thinking that they need to get away. Who ever had two imprisoned has a damn good idea what they were doing. V finds it very interesting that the two are still alive. The fact that they weren't just killed is a bit of mystery to the shadowknight. He would have expected that they would have been slain and then animated by the necromancers. Even if he was able to get free, staying anywhere near Cabilis would be a terrible idea. Getting off the continent is the best thing that he can think off. He needs time to build his strength, and find allies that will be useful in surviving off of Kunark.

Knowing of a few different softskin that he had met in their travels, V knows that not all softskins are cut from the same hide. But, V is very aware of the reputation (well deserved) of his people. He could sell his skills as a mercenary, a cover that should keep the shadowknight somewhat safe. Besides, if he finds out about Shissar still being alive, he'll want a piece of them as well.

IF he manages to get free and escape Kunark, traveling the world would give him a better idea about the soft skinned peoples.

V is set, just needs a look over, but should be good. Just a touch of filling a bit of his backstory, traits, etc. The fluff stuff, lol

Document should be up to snuff as well

the Document is pretty much ready to roll.

V will be ready in the morning :)

here is the link for Velkuriss. I still need to get equipment, and touch up his backstory, etc. Other then that stuff he should be pretty much all set.

I think I am okay with the site files, Mike. Loki might want them to hold onto them.


I managed to get access to the old website for the lizards!!!

Working on getting all caught up today. Sorry about the delay, pesky RL annoyances :P

Thanks for taking the one for the team JB :)

alright, I switched jobs over the last week, which was surprisingly draining, hence my complete lack posting or response. I'll be working on the doc and a new character over the weekend.

looks like I'll scrap V, since we are going to need a healer. what are my options for full healer that don't suck on t#*@ of a god?

Xenh wrote:
Tentacledone wrote:

I think he'll check when he gets out of work today. In between he sometimes gets a couple of hours off.

Sorry I have been silent for a few days. Ended up travel upstate to a buddy's wedding and whatnot. Good times :) Although, I think I might need rinse my liver out.

With alcohol!

Is there any other way to rinse ones liver out, other then more booze? I think not!!

I think he'll check when he gets out of work today. In between he sometimes gets a couple of hours off.

Sorry I have been silent for a few days. Ended up travel upstate to a buddy's wedding and whatnot. Good times :) Although, I think I might need rinse my liver out.

okay, so I should have the document up to snuff in the next couple of days, and Velkuriss should be could to go tomorrow :)

Sorry, had sorta slacker weekend, and looking for a new job. I have been a bit scattered brained, sorry about missing a yesterday :)

Oh, and did you mean a teleporter Loki? We could set Fenris up in/near Justis :) Keeping a druid around and happy for teleporting strikes me as a good idea. As far as lugging stuff around, I think Sajeek and V are big enough to carry their stuff :P

I could see them having a glimmer of hope in the thought of at least attempting to help their people that way.

If J goes the Wizard route that would be nifty :) Of course, whatever he picks is awesome. I'm glad we are all on board for the x2 characters. Should make Loki's life a bit easier. Less adding and dropping of players.

Looking forward to the continuation of the Evils game.

Oh, and sorry I missed yesterday. I had a total slacker day :)

So Mike, I was thinking, if you are planning on playing a certain iskar monk, that being jailed was our reward. They had collected the emperor's beating heart. Instead of being part of the glorious return of the Emperor's bloodline, they were thrown in jail to rot. They weren't killed on the off chance that they might come in useful as cannon fodder or something.

As far a Velkuriss is concerned, that would pretty much be the final straw for the shadowknight. He already knew that the Council was tearing the Iskar apart with their petty scheming. After their "reward," he wants to see the Council torn apart. I'm sure his resounding defeat at the hands of whomever captured them clued him into the fact he isn't able to help his people.

As far as I remember, the 2 were not particularly hateful towards non iskar. Both were interested in trying to help their race in their own ways. And they did travel successfully with non evil softskins :)

I think that a key for V joining Pravus Mortis would be the Shissar. While on Norrath, they are the bogeymen from lone ago. However, as Sajeek knows, they are alive and well on Luclin. And of course, there is that whole "They are Returning" thing with the Shissar :) Other then that, V's only real plan if he got of jail would to be join the Outcasts. Not a whole lot of options on Kurnak otherwise :P

I'm down for bringing a second character. it would allow me to bring back Velkuriss and not sacrifice the fun I am having with Sajeek :)

Yar, playing the iskar shadowknight was a blast. Despite everything going against the iskar, they still survive and thrive. And if they ever have/get a Emperor, they will reclaim Kurnak once more. The council is only barely holding them together. Of course, their more interested in their own ambitions, as opposed to rallying the iskar. The war that is taking place is a perfect opportunity for the rulers to near open attack, and then blame the elves.

Getting all the softskins out of Kurnak, namely the elves, would probably do a lot to return them to there current war against... everything else on Kurnak, lol.

Nalun, you plan on sticking around, correct? Don't want you thinking we are stopping the game or anything like that. Just a short break :)

I say take the break. Being all burned out doesn't really help one craft a story.

I will certainly still be around and ready for the game to start up once your ready. A few of mental rest will do ya good anyway. We are a demanding bunch to run a game for :)

Sajeek is all set, I should have the Google Doc ship shape tonight or very early tomorrow morning :) Just need to add a few updates to npcs that have moved to Justis and info about Qeynos and the Dwarven Dock outpost.

Actually, I forgot to rebuy my first level spells, lol. Fixed that and attending to the weight issue :)

The map you found looks groovy. Better then what I was looking at, lol

Take care Fredrik!

Alrighty, Sajeek should be done and ready.

Shissar Ulak (+1att/dam; Dex +2)
S.U. (1d6+1, delay 4) (7,320)
Dustkin Bag (1050)
Dragoon's Dirk (3,427)
Fungus Feet (no need to eat or drink, sleep 4 hrs)(6,500)
Gloves of the Rock Climber (+10 Climb checks, never fatigued
from climbing. str + 2, dex + 2, con +1) (17,500)

total: 35,797

Spells: sp lvl x sp lvl x 25; 100gp x sp lvl

Cure Disease (125 total)

Keshurval's Rejuvenation 2nd lvl (300 total)
Scale Skin 2nd lvl (300)
Cure Poison 2nd lvl (300)
Blast of Frost 2nd lvl (300)

Spirit of Keshurval 3rd lvl (525)
Serpent Sight 3rd lvl (525)
Light Healing 3rd lvl (525)
Lifeforce 3rd lvl (525)
Spirit of Blizzard 3rd lvl (525)
Summon Drink 3rd lvl (525)

Spirit of Herikol 4th lvl (800)
Spirit of Wolf 4th lvl (800)
Spirit Sight 4th lvl (800)
Turtle Skin 4th lvl (800)
Herikol's Soothing 4th lvl (800)

total: 44272

Silk rope (20)
Greatclub (5)
Gemstones: 3 black pearls (630gp), 1 Topaz (53gp)

Total spent :44,980

Sorry about the late post EJB. My genius self forgot to send my post as I was running out the door for work :P

woke up late today, will do a much better post when I get out of work today, he is a little filler post. Oh, and I will work on the document tomorrow as well :)

My bad, that attack roll is 2 lower due to the stat damage that Sajeek took from the Ghost

Shhhh! It's a secret!

There are uses for Decaf? I thought it was to mock those who cannot drink regular coffre...

BTW, "neeker" is from a Shadowrun novel and is slang for a necrophilic. Sajeek really doesn't like the necromancer :)

I believe the novel was "Shadowboxer"

Yes, I try not to mix of different games lingo. Sometimes it happens anyway :)

Nope, it just has the +1 to hit, no damage bump.

Okay, Sajeek is ready for the fine toothed comb of leveling.

And welcome Torchbearer :)

sorry Mike, I was on a roll. You can has the Jinx puppet this round :)

I know, Bast is the one with the nonlethal damage. Wrong kitty :P

But thanks :)

Wow! 3 per day at specif times?! I thought we were hardcore, damn. Sorry that the weekends won't work out for you Lumiere :)

I think that there should be plenty of games that move a slightly slower pace, it just might take a bit of hunting to find them :) Mike already mention 2 great sites to hunt down more groups, I can add that myth-weavers would be pretty high up there on people looking for players :)

Good luck chummer :)

I'm not actually suggesting waiting the day in RL, lol. More of a story resting so that we are up to snuff and properly leveled up and whatnot :)

Xenh wrote:

REMINDER: Please take a moment and save your Myth-Weavers' character's sheet. Just load up the sheet, go to your print and instead of printing it, just change it to .PDF and hit print. It will save a copy of the sheet on your computer box.

Lumiere Dawnbringer wrote:
Xenh wrote:
What are the -2 to all of Ilina's attacks for
the -2 is because i did a slam as part of a full attack.

Ah, I had wondered if you were parrying or power attacking. Thanks for the speedy answer.

Open Letter to Sajeek: Thank you for not picking THIS as your avatar. It's scary.


Perhaps I should change it, he did get put back together by Cazic-Thule.(;,,;)

And making a save of your character is a really, really good idea. I've had an connection issue that has caused me to have to rebuild Sajeek several times. Which sucks ass.

To Mike: I think it was 2 rounds.

Hehe, we die alot, lol.

and Sajeek is ready for the look over

Hmmm, today I learned that Dogs (bol locks) is censored when you spell it correctly. That made me laugh, almost uncontrollably.

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