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Tels's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 5,518 posts (5,549 including aliases). No reviews. 5 lists. No wishlists. 7 aliases.

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I remember one of my friends playing a Psion who's favorite power created, in his own words, "Ecto Boogers" that he would snort out of his nose and throw at people. It was actually two powers, Ectoplasmic Sheen and Entangling Ectoplasm, but he flavored them both as one power (still counted as two mechanically). He would hawk and snort out a big green booger that he would then throw on people to make them slippery or stick them to the floor/walls/tree etc.

Kind of gross, but hilarious when he, essentially, covered a dragon in his boogers and kept it from flying. :)

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Ashiel wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:

[tease] You know what would be cool! Playing a WoW Warlock in Pathfinder! [/tease]


Here's a preview of some of the power-combos, as I just finished writing the create healthstone power.

** spoiler omitted **...

Sweet! :)

I'll quit bugging you about it for a while ;)

No worries. Keeps me motivated / reminded.









Am I helping?

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Blackvial wrote:
David Neilson wrote:
I was actually more curious that they used "The Bull" since it is obviously a male gendered animal for a female iconic. Unlike if they had called say "The Avalanche", "The Dragon" or "The Destroyer"
maybe because she fights like a bull in a china shop?

Very gracefully? Mythbusters

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I blame Cosmo for the following rant I posted on Facebook:

You know what's really annoying? All the stupid s%+! you find when you search for something.

Google "Meals to eat on an upset stomach" You know you find as good "meals" to eat? Bananas. 'Cause Bananas make a good full-course meal.

Oh, Ginger! Yeah, I love me some Ginger root for dinner!

Pro-biotics! Delicious! Whoo! Eating well tonight!

It's even worse because half this crap is listed on those stupid websites that make you click an arrow to 'view the next slide' only for it to re-load the entire website. Now, why does it re-load the entire website instead of just moving to the next slide? I'll tell you: So they can load up another damned advertisement group.

F~$&ing websites keep stuffing their advertisements down my throat while I'm too busy vomiting stuff back up my throat while trying to find something to settle my stomach, but still filling for everyone else to eat for dinner.

Seriously, when I search for 'meals for dinner' I don't want to find single ingredients that don't actually help me in anyway. Especially when one of the damned ingredients listed is probiotics!

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Cthulhudrew wrote:
Tels wrote:
Real-life Chainsaw-Sword.

That looks kind of puny. :(

But I give them props for the attempt, at least. It's a good step towards something like on the cover of Lords of Rust.

I look upon it as a prototype.

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Real-life Chainsaw-Sword.

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Coridan wrote:
I really don't get why the rogue is considered so awful personally. They tend to be brutal in our home games, though a way to be effective as a ranged rogue would be nice it would be easy to do with talents.

It's because he has little-to-no method of increasing his attack bonus like literally every other class in the game can do. It's also because the two saving throws that can 1-shot a character, the Rogue has bad saves in (Fort and Will). Also, as a 'light armor' class, he doesn't have the HP or AC to stand at the front lines with everyone else.

So he has a harder time hitting than every other combat class in the game.

He has a harder time saving against the most dangerous spells than all of the other main combat classes who either have a good Fortitude, or a good Will save. Reflex almost always means 'Save or take Damage' while Fortitude could mean 'save or die' or 'save or take s~~~ tons of damage that can kill you' or 'save or take ability damage'. Will saves tend to mean 'save or kill your party'.

On average he has less HP than other classes, or he has less AC, or less methods of mitigating attacks. Caster martials (like Bards, Alchemists or Magi) can use magic to increase their defenses (like displacement or mirror image), while classes like Monks, Fighters or Paladins can have really high armor classes. Then you've got Barbarians who have chest muscles that deflect bullets.

The Rogue's main method of boosting his damage, sneak attack, is also one of the easiest damage boosters to deny. A cheap alchemical item, the smokestike, shuts down sneak attack. Many creatures are immune to sneak attack, or can't be flanked.

Combine it all together and the Rogue has the short end of the stick when it comes to combat. Then you have several other classes who steal from the Rogues role as 'skill monkey' by letting them disable magical traps (also available through a trait!), or completely obviating the need for him through judicious application of magic.

The Rogue's got a tough life because every aspect of his class can be done by someone else, and often times better than he can.

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Apocryphile wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:


How can a Tyrannosaur hug? They've only got teeny weeny little arms….


I'm guessing not much of this book will be made PFS legal…?

They hug with their jaw.

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ENHenry wrote:
As for Kess... Now THAT'S my kind of woman! Kind of reminds me of my wife's approach. :)

Did your Wife clobber you over your head, and drag you to the bedroom while declaring herself 'married and ceremony be damned'? Because that's the kind of thing I picture Kess doing.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Cybe-Cleric of Shelyn - Digital Love

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Tacticslion wrote:

Now, one thing that's been ignored, is the NPC wealth.

His hypothetical CR by class level (which is what we're using to determine XP) is 18. That nets him 41,000 gold to play with. I bet we could actually make him somewhat pretty vicious with that...

... Ashiel?

NPC's use NPC Wealth, not monster wealth, so he'd have 123,000 gp if using basic stats, or 159,000 gp if using heroic stats. There's a lot you can do to give a commoner a boost with that amount of wealth.

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Kthulhu wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:

I'm all for those changes.

If Wizards are buffed as well. :)


At 20th level, wizards get a bonus hit point.

I think Wizards should get the Run feat at 20th level myself. I mean, a whole bonus feat! That's gotta be a buff right?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I wonder if Sound Striker will be an archetype that gets 'unchained'?

I've been listening to this video for years, and now all of a sudden it hit me: Celtic Sound Strike. Just wade into battle with a set of pipes and a kilt.

Most people don't enjoy my appreciation of the bagpipes, so I guess pipe music would qualify as 'Weird Words' for them huh? :P

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WPharolin wrote:
Ah good ol Jim the farmer. He knows two things. How to farm and how to pluck a banjo. Oh look, theres that celestial courier delivering yet another message from the Queen of Eternal Twilight trying to convince Jim to come perform in the Court of the Thousand Golden Moons. Silly celestial outsider. Doesn't he know that Jim is just an ordinary farmer, no different from me or you? He aint got time to play his banjo for divine queens of fortune, love, beauty, and dreams come true. He has to tend his crops like all the other common folk.

Always time for banjos.

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Dark Psion wrote:

What are the two sticks for?

They are not thick enough to be escrima fighting sticks, don't look like they are bamboo and two aren't enough for a tent or shelter.

She gives them to her enemies for splints after she's done breaking their legs.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Orthos and his split personalities :P

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DM Barcas wrote:
The Boulder feels conflicted about fighting a young blind girl.

Sounds to me like you're scared, Boulder.

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Vod Canockers wrote:
Wish I could post pics

That reminds me... we finally know why the Mona Lisa is so 'intriguing'. She's a 20th level commoner!

4 people marked this as a favorite.

The Commoner married the 15th level wizard's daughter and survived! +17,100 XP

*DING* You are now level six.

Sweet! the now 6th level commoner said as he put all of his skill points into Profession: Sexpert and Craft: Lovemaking.

[Edit] The commoner is just like an adventurer! Only, he wields a sword of an entirely different kind! >:)

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I blame Cosmo for someone clogging my toilet and instead of using the plunger to clear it, opted to just throw towels on the ground around the bowl so the floor wouldn't get too wet.

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Cheapy wrote:
I meant a personal computer. And so I could gift you the game :p

I do, but I also have very little time for any sort of gaming any more, even table-top. 10 months ago I took over guardianship of my sisters' two kids (age 2 and 4) while she deals with financial, home, and drug related issues. So overnight, I went from 'single uncle' to 'Uncle Mom', and as such, I don't get to play much of anything anymore.

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Does the level 20 Commoner speak common?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm totally adopting Bob into my games now.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Badass Normal.

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The NPC wrote:
So in the ACG band the Brawler is the member in the background braking stuff in accompaniment to the music?

The Brawler is The Bodyguard and has developed a relationship with Harkon as the lead singer.

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Alexander Augunas wrote:

Guess what, everyone? Cosmo gets one day off. For the next 24 hours, anything bad that happens to you all is MY fault.

I probably did it by accident anyway in my glee-fueled rampage over the kitsune becoming available without a boon to Pathfinder Society players. That's one small step for Pathfinder, one GIANT leap for Alex's happiness!

So don't blame Cosmo! Blame me ... even though my happiness is because of the PFS crew's decision to make kitsune a legal race ... which might have happened from Cosmo's influence.

Eh, sorry Cosmo. I tried. Anything I do in my Pinkie Pie-like spasms of glee is your fault, I guess.

Ahh... okay.

Tels wrote:
I blame Cosmo Alex for Steve Kardynal... and I blame him again... one last time.

I blame Alex for not knowing today is blame Alex day and not blame Cosmo day.

Is blame Alex like birthdays? Only coming once a year? Would that make Cosmo like the un-birthday? Happens every other day of the year?

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I blame Cosmo for Steve Kardynal... and I blame him again... one last time.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I feel that this specific FAQ was probably unnecessary. The FAQ for Paragon Surge already pretty heavily nerfed people from abusing the spell, because they could, at most, add 3 Sorcerer/Wizard spells to their spell list in a day. With the FAQ, once they make that choice, it becomes 'locked in' until the following day.

It's a pretty tame ability since the 3 spells can't be changed with each casting, but it remains cool and useful. This FAQ is just going to cause a lot of confusion a people find more and more corner cases as they try and figure out what is and is not legal combinations.

I get the feeling the game would probably be better if this FAQ never existed.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I really enjoy the Rough and Ready trait, it lets you use some weird things as weapons, like playing cards, instruments, 2x4s etc.

If you pick something like profession (carpenter) then anything from hammers, to ladders, to boards to nails can be used as a weapon.

My personal favorite, so far, is profession (magician/card dealer/gambler) along with Arcane Strike to throw magical playing cards at people as if they were shuriken.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Paladin's aren't 'faith-charged warriors' though, they are fueled by the powers of Law and Good, Righteousness and Justice.

They don't draw their power from any specific God, they get their power from their dedication to their code and ethics and upstanding moral integrity.

Paladins of every alignment just wouldn't work, at least not if you want it to resemble the current Paladin.

A Paladin of each alignment would require the introduction of 7 more base classes because each alignment would be very different and have different goals, different abilities and different features.

I mean, take the various Aura's that a Paladin would have, what would be the equivalent of for the 7 remaining alignments?

What would the Smites of a Neutral Paladin be? Would it function like the spontaneous cure/channel of Clerics where they have to choose between Smite Good and Smite Evil? If so, what's the point?

Just sounds to me like trying to argue for a Paladin of each alignment is a very niche desire that is highly unlikely to see the light of day. It would also take up a lot of text in a book, a kin to an alternate system (like Words of Power) except unlikely to be used as much.

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Alexander Augunas wrote:
Tels wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:

You've been a Paizonian for a couple weeks and already the FAQ machine starts churning.

Bless you, creepy unbound outsider from another dimension. Bless you.

Where Eidolons come from, are we the creepy ones?
Anyone who burns icicles for warmth is creepy in my book, supernatural or otherwise.

You're just jealous of my orange juice sprinkles.

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Alexander Augunas wrote:

You've been a Paizonian for a couple weeks and already the FAQ machine starts churning.

Bless you, creepy unbound outsider from another dimension. Bless you.

Where Eidolons come from, are we the creepy ones?

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Orthos wrote:
He copy-pasted it from JJ's thread.
...Why? I asked multiple people because I wanted multiple opinions.

Inter-company consistency. You asked a question with, essentially, a yes/no answer, not for an opinion.

In fact, asking multiple people the same question like that is exactly the kind of thing that lead to the blow up in the past with the 'Paizo get your house in order' thread. Multiple different Paizo employees were giving multiple different answers.

So, instead, you get one answer from all three sources so this stuff doesn't answer.

If, instead, you had received three different answers, then, inevitably, someone would have brought up, "Well so and so said this, so which is correct?" Maybe not on your issue, but someone else would have done the same thing and the tit-for-tat would have started.

It's one of the reasons why James Jacobs doesn't like to answer rules questions any more. Too many people tried to use his posts to 'win' arguments or prove the Designers like Jason, Stephen, Sean or Mark wrong.

If you wanted an opinion, you should have phrased your question to say that, instead, you asked a question that could easily be answer by a yes/no response.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Kudaku wrote:
You're lucky! If that had happened in Tels' igloo that juice would freeze immediately.

When we want sprinkles for our ice cakes, we put juice and stuff in spray bottle so it mists. Then, when we pull the trigger, it just rains down little juice shards and voila! Iced Juice Sprinkles!

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If the Summoner gets his eidolon stripped from him in Pathfinder Unleashed, would that kind of be like writing yourself out of existence?

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LazarX wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Removed some posts—chill, people. This product isn't even released yet, and people play the game differently, so don't get too hung up on how somebody else plays a class.
I rely on the heat from pointless arguments to heat my apartment office during the winter time!

Up here in Alaska, we burn icicles to keep our igloos warm. :P

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Skalds and Shadows: the theme of Skalds everywhere.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


2 people marked this as a favorite.
Peter Stewart wrote:
MagusJanus wrote:
So, I'm going to be blunt: Unless you had munchkins on your playtest team for the final version to make certain it's not significantly more powerful, you failed. Because I guarantee this class will be optimized in ways no game designer ever thought of inside of a week of the book being released. Because that's what optimizers and munchkins do. If there is even the slightest possibility of this class being broken, they will break it and ride the shattered remains all over the site....
Honestly, the day they start balancing the game around munchkin designs is the day I move on to greener pastures. I'm sure I could care less about how some munchkin breaks the game in theory, but I'm not sure how.

The munchkin over-optimized builds is not what the game should be balanced around.

But the game should be balanced assuming the people playing are intelligent and aren't going to select toughness, run, endurance and vital strike as feats. Assume that combat classes are going to select intelligent combat feats. Keep an eye on the 'Guides to X class' threats and see which selections are rated the best, and which ones are rated the worst. Look for more info to back those claims up and see if it's a widely popular belief that X feat is trash and Y feat is automatically the best.

Keep all of this in mind and keep revising the game. Some feats should be better than others and that's ok. But if one feat is so absolutely mind-boggling good you'd be stupid to consider not taking it, then that feat needs to come under review, unless it's something that just patches up a hole in mechanics or is necessary to make something work.

A feat like Mythic Power Attack, for example, is a 'mandatory' feat if a group is using Mythic and one of their characters uses Power Attack. Yet the feat is so g+~ d+~ned powerful I've seen many, many groups so far having to nerf it because it's so obviously better than all of the other feats. Increased damage, increased damage before crits, and the option to negate the penalties for 1 minute? Hell, it's like 3 feats rolled into one!

The point is, they don't need to balance the game around munchkins, but they should balance the game around intelligent, maybe even mildly optimized, choices.

As it stands, my current understanding, based off various posts, is that the game, especially APs, is balanced around the idea that the average gamer has either a single adventure path under his belt, or 6 months of play experience.

Think about that, they assume that the average player has only 6 months experience. Almost as if once people get more than 6 months, many of them just stop playing, or never get any better. But we know this is categorically untrue and the average player isn't that bad.

In fact, with the help of these forums and the abundance of guides on the internet (plus with a more internet-savvy player base willing to Google How-to for games), we know that even new players can have a real leg up by reading the guides. So they come into the game with some already pre-built characters based off some guides, meaning they're playing with the help of vastly more experienced players.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Golems wrote:
Golems are magically created automatons of great power. They stand apart from other constructs in the nature of their animating force—golems are granted their magical life via an elemental spirit, typically that of an earth elemental. The process of creating a golem binds the spirit to the artificial body, merging it with this specially prepared vessel and subjecting it to the will of the golem's creator.

So, here we see that elementals, typically earth elementals, are being forced into slavery, bound to the will of the golem's creator.

Golems wrote:
Being mindless, golems do nothing without orders from their creators. They follow instructions explicitly and are incapable of complex strategy or tactics. A golem's creator can command it if the golem is within 60 feet and can see and hear its creator. If uncommanded, a golem usually follows its last instruction to the best of its ability, though if attacked it returns the attack. The creator can give the golem a simple command to govern its actions in his absence, or can order the golem to obey the commands of another, but the golem's creator can always resume control by commanding the golem to obey him alone.

So, here we learn that an elemental that used to have a mind, becomes a mindless machine subject to his creators will. He can't think, he can't plot, he can't dream.

Infusing energy into a body so that it rises and serves the creator = evil.

Enslaving and wiping away the thoughts and feelings of a sentient being for the express purpose of a mindless killing machine subject to the creators every will = not evil.

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Zark wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Joe M. wrote:

This news from the PaizoCon banquet seems relevant. :-)

Painlord wrote:
Spring 2015: Pathfinder Unchained: 256 pages of WTF? Uhm..."what if the rules team could do whatever they wanted". It's a new set of rules and different things they could do stuff they wanted to do. New Summoner. Fixed Rogue. Full BAB Monk.

See too:

Wolfgang Baur wrote:
In spring 2015.... Pathfinder Unchained. Rules team goes wild, backward compatibility be damned! New rogue, monk with full BAB, summoner....


You know, I can't help but think, that this book will make or break the future of Pathfinder for some people. If the rules team is no longer held back by backwards compatibility, then we will finally get to see how the rules team envisions some of those classes and things without some of the hang-ups of the previous game.

Frankly, when I look at classes like the Magus, or, especially, the Inquisitor, I get excited. The only two concerns I really have is the original Summoner and the Gunslinger (more of a concerns with guns...). So overall, I'm feeling positive about this upcoming book.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Fnipernackle, that line about Sorcerers is dealing, primarily, with the Bloodlines of Sorcerers who sometimes get Clerical spells (Celestial Bloodline gets several cleric spells if I recall).

It also may refer to the section on 'independent research' that allows players to invent their own spells, possibly inventing arcane version of divine spells.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I blame Cosmo for this MalSign.Generic.834 virus I picked up from somewhere.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Do you think... maybe... the punch will be a PaizoCon event?!!?!!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Drock11 wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:
I Blame Cosmo for beer bottles not having the Ghost Touch special ability.

Nah, that's amateur stuff. Cosmo would make the bottles be ghost touch, but not any liquid inside. That way he would cause more misery for any incorporeal creature that swiped it once they figured out they came so close yet so far from having a taste.

Anyway, I blame Cosmo for my internet being out for a while now. Not only did a storm knock it out, which is bad enough, but what truly takes this to Cosmo level horror came when a telecom company's usual level and quality of costumer service meats the extra slowness of a holiday weekend.

Cosmo prefers to heighten the misery even more. See, he makes ghost touch bottles, and puts liquid inside, the problem? The alcohol isn't ghost touch, so incorporeals can't drink it. It just goes through their body.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Matt Thomason wrote:
In before someone uses this to argue that by RAW, as you can't see the sun everywhere is now in perpetual darkness ;)

A source of light can be invisible and still illuminate the area.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Blackvial wrote:
So any ideas who and what the next Iconic is going be?
You'll have a strong hint come Tuesday.

Tuesday doesn't work for me, how about Wednesday instead?

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