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Tels's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 7,606 posts (7,652 including aliases). No reviews. 6 lists. No wishlists. 10 aliases.

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BMovieMonster wrote:
From what I've been reading in the other threads, it seems like none of the elements are all that powerful if an NPC class with a bow can out-damage a focused blaster class.

Outside of Eldritch/Arcane/Inquisitor Archers, most of these archer characters are also one-trick ponies that can't do anything else other than deal damage. The Kineticist can do more than just deal damage, however. Hydrokineticists, for example, can get some really good battlefield control going by using abilities like Slick or Kinetic Cover to impede movement.

Many of the elements have impressive mobility options, flight, earth glide, pseuod-teleportation etc, means the Kineticist can make a good scout. With a focus on Con, she's a scout that isn't likely to die in a single blow either, and she can reasonably handle herself with her mobility, blasts, and defensive options.

I mean, look at the Hydrokineticist being able to have Water Manipulator by level 7. This lets the Hydrokineticist, create a 70x70 foot square and allows her to raise, or lower, a body of water by as much as 14 feet. Stop and think about what a 14 foot drop in a body of water would actually look like. You could easily trap whole ships in there and pin them down.

There's a lot more than simply blasting that a Kineticist can do, which is, more often than not, more than most archers can say.

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Kineticist does good damage and does good crowd control.

Kineticist does not do optimal damage or optimal crowd control.

Get your terminology right.

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I have decided that I will no longer accept Paizo's errata except on a case by case basis. There is so much swing-and-a-miss stuff with the errata these days, that I can't trust Paizo to do it correctly anymore.

It feels like I have to go through books with highlighters and markers to cross stuff out that is stupid or doesn't make sense these days.

That is all.

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Ravingdork wrote:


Our very first kineticist has come to the gallery!!!

Rina Lhorn, 7th-level merfolk hydrokineticist - A young merfolk scout with incredible powers sent inland to seek out potential threats to her home.

I am currently planning to create another pyrokineticist and a psychic next, so keep your eyes peeled!

G+% d#$n... that is an amazing specimen! I would love to play her in a game. Also, that Water Manipulator... By my math it's 513 gallons of water you can shift around? That's a lot, if it's correct, and you can do it in an instant. You could do something like lift that out of a pool and douse it on a burning building or something to help put it out!

Been a long time since I did math... but I believe the volume of a portable hole is ~282 cubic feet, which roughly translates to approximately ~2,100 gallons of water. So a portable hole could carry enough water in it for 4 uses of Water Manipulator at 7th level. Granted, it's outside of your price range, but it might be something she could carry around at higher levels.

[spoiler=Maths]Control Water gives a volume size of 10xlevel by 10xlevel by 2xlevel or 70*70*14 = 68,600. Water Manipulator states you can shift 1/1000 of this, so 68,600*0.001 = 68.6 cubic feet of water. A cubic foot of water is 7.48052 gallons of water, so 68.6 = 513.1636

Volume of a cylinder is pi*radius^2*height and a portable hole has a 6 foot diameter (3 ft. radius) and is 10 ft. deep. So pi*3^2*10 = ~282.74 cubic feet. 282.74*7.48052 = 2,115.04208 gallons.[/spoiler

[Edit] Decided to favorite it a 3rd time! :D

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Ravingdork wrote:


Our very first kineticist has come to the gallery!!!

Rina Lhorn, 7th-level merfolk hydrokineticist - A young merfolk scout with incredible powers sent inland to seek out potential threats to her home.

I am currently planning to create another pyrokineticist and a psychic next, so keep your eyes peeled!

So I can favorite it twice!

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GM_Beernorg wrote:
I blame Cosmo for global warming, I live in Western New York, and 90 degrees is not normal, thus now wife has the AC running non-stop, eating all our money. Cosmoooo!!

Alaska had over 100 degree weather for a week this summer... There are fundamental laws of nature being broken here Cosmo.

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Gorbacz wrote:
I'd like to state on the record that the way Mark interacts with the community is absolutely awesome. It goes for other Paizo staff too, but insofar I've had the idea that the lore arm of Paizo was much more on the ball in this department.

A non snarky post? Next thing you know, Cosmo is going to act, truly, benevolent.

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So, based off the Kineticist Preview blog post, I had an idea for a 'Dragon Slayer' archetype, ala Natsu of Fairy Tail. Would you care to hear my thoughts about how one might work? It's still very rough, as I am unlikely to get to see the full class for awhile (it takes a long time to get newly released material into my local hobby store), so much of it is only theory and possibility.

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Heh... fun fact about rope trick, you can't hide the rope. It looks really odd to just walk into a room and there's a room just standing there, going up into the ceiling and then just stopping. Anyone with magical knowledge can then figure out what the spell is and should be able to rationalize what's going on.

This happened to one of my parties once, when they rested in a dungeon. A Wizard NPC that they let get away came back for revenge after they interrupted his experiments.

Summoned a bunch of babau (8 or so total), and then he readied an action along with his Ratling Familiar (who can activate scrolls without a check). The babau proceeded to attempt to dispel the Rope Trick, and when they succeeded, it dropped the party on the floor. Then the wizard cast cloud kill (his readied action) while his Ratling cast wall of stone (the Ratling's readied action). This trapped the party inside the cloud, with the babau (whom are immune to poison).

So yeah... just because you've got rope trick running, doesn't mean you're safe. Any spell with a duration other than 'instantaneous' can be dispelled, unless it specifically says otherwise.

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pezlerpolychromatic wrote:
Tels wrote:
Feros wrote:
Tels wrote:
pezlerpolychromatic wrote:

I don't promote things very often, but this was too good to pass up. My wallet is already hurting, but you all need to jump on this.

Behold Ma'al Drakar, the Dracopocalypse:

Party annihilation

That's a nice mini of Takhisis...
Kind of hard to call that a "mini". :D
Well.. it's mini compared to the 10 story tall version :D
It's a figature. Admit it, you can't say no to something like this. No, don't listen to your wallet right now, only your impulsiveness.

I can say, "Yes!" all I want, that doesn't change the fact my wallet is literally unable to make any purchases this time.

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Feros wrote:
Tels wrote:
pezlerpolychromatic wrote:

I don't promote things very often, but this was too good to pass up. My wallet is already hurting, but you all need to jump on this.

Behold Ma'al Drakar, the Dracopocalypse:

Party annihilation

That's a nice mini of Takhisis...
Kind of hard to call that a "mini". :D

Well.. it's mini compared to the 10 story tall version :D

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Artemis Moonstar wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
Artemis Moonstar wrote:
Have you had a chance to check out the Darakhul pc race from Kobold Press? I'm so totally jonesing on playing one right now, but I'm going to be running Carrion Crown for the miss, so... I'll have to be her catfolk-turned-darakhul arcanist/monk butler some other time. (I always run gestalt when there's less than 3 people playing)

I surely haven't. I honestly haven't been paying much attention to races outside of the ones in my campaign and/or that my players are currently interested in. :o

Also, where do you stand on the fence that PCs should have to WORK for survival and making it to later levels, rather than having it handed to them?

I view progressing into the higher tiers as a sort of learning experience. Dropping someone off into high levels easily is often more detrimental than not, as it almost ensures their demise when they encounter enemies that fight in ways they aren't prepared to handle (because they lack the experience from mastering their lower-level abilities).

For example, at high levels many staple buffs and wards have entered into the realm of trash-resources. As in, a 4th level spell like death ward is a pretty trivial thing for even a 15th level spellcaster who has spells twice that level. However, death ward will immunize you to things like energy drain, enervation spam, and lots of even worse things (any and all negative energy effects like waves of exhaustion).

I've seen players either make high-level PCs or be fast-tracked to high levels in a kind of Monte Haul sort of situation and in all cases I've seen it end with the PCs finding themselves unable to handle what awaits them. They don't fully realize the purpose and potential of their abilities or how to use them effectively and as a result can be torn apart by the dangers of high level play (where creatures can literally rip your soul out as a souvenir of your meeting).

Now not only do I feel like reaching a


I suspect that D&D (and by extension, Pathfinder) has been toned down in difficulty because of the constant complaints about 'lack of fun' aspects of the game. Especially when it comes to introducing new players to the game.

Remember, the 90's really kicked off a huge expansion of video games, especially in the RPG front, and the Millennium took it even further. The important bit about those 20 years is the incredible increase in video games as a common household item, instead of as a rather rare or 'uncommon' item. This mean that whole generations of people are being raised where video game consoles are the 'assumed norm' in the house.

With this change came a change in video game 'fun factor'. Remember when we were all kids and your character had only a few lives? You had to 'earn' more lives in the game, or carry gear to mitigate death? This is no longer a thing in video games.

No, death is just a 'continue from last save point' and save points are either ubiquitous or it can be done at, literally, any point (even during boss battles). The mentality of whole generations have changed from 'death means restarting' to 'death means continue from save'. Even the older generation have changed; as the teachers and mentors, they've continued playing games and have evolved along with the younger generations. Granted, they remember when games were 'harder' but they've also grown spoiled by the changes in gaming.

I firmly believe that in order for table top games to remain a viable option into the future, close attention must be payed to the changes in video games.

For example, no longer is 'learning the system through trials and tribulation' an aspect of games as a whole. For nearly any game, you can find guides and builds for better play experiences. Granted, this was an aspect of gaming as far back as I can recall having access to the internet ('97 or so), and even further back in the form of game guides or GameGeneie or GameShark, but it's changed in recent years. With the rise of the YouTube star, they've learned that Let's Plays and Walkthroughs and Guides are a quick and easy source of views for their channels, which directly translates into quick and easy sources of cash for their pockets if they are a partner.

This means that gamers have changed to just looking up a guide on YouTube anytime they don't know how to do something or when they want to improve their character. This means that in the table top sense, game guids, build guides and the like have drastically increased as time has gone on. Sure, it's always existed, but never to such an extent as it does now, including people maintaining websites for the express purpose of builds and guides to characters.

All-in-all, the point I'm trying to say, I guess, in this long rambled post, is that it's not necessarily the fault of the designers that the game has changed; it's because the mentality of gamers has changed with the evolution of the video game industry. Video games became easier in the 90's, and as a result, when the next edition launched, table top games became easier as well.

The tradition is only going to continue. As time goes on, when the video game industry changes, table top will have to change as well to keep new players coming to the game. It's why Wizards launched 4.0, and it's why Pathfinder has changed so much over the years to include more and more 'video game' elements.

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Rysky wrote:
Tels wrote:
Wednesday is Iconic Day, Thursday is Class day.
Wait, so I missed poker night yesterday?

Eh.. no one showed up; people kept saying they were getting ready for 'con' and all that. As if that's a valid excuse...

*pretends he's not seething with jealousy inside*

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On the subject of Yoon...

It's today, it's today, it's today!

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Tels wrote:
Kelly Youngblood wrote:
Muser wrote:
Poor Yoon. All them Bonekeeps, Hinojais and Sealed Gates.

I just had a good look at her level 7 sheet.

Poor Yoon.

There is a reference here I am missing....
I'm also confused. Are they saying people will take her as a swarm-killer?

Ah! That makes more sense. I remember posts on the thread about how most PFS bosses and characters can be defeated by a single spider swarm. Yoon is one of the few characters who annihilates swarms even at level 1 (move action gather energy + fan the flames). So that would mean Yoon will probably have lots and lots of encounters with spiders, centipedes, bats etc, because of her swarm killing potential.

A young girl constantly dragged into creepy caves, haunted mansions, decrepit buildings and the like for the sole purpose of killing hundreds if not thousands of spiders swarming all over the place? She's very likely going to have some issues as an adult.

I can see it now...

"Can you tell me what happened here, ma'am?" the guard asked the young woman before him.

"Of course officer... You see, there was a spider, and I panicked," she said with a rueful grin. "Oh don't worry, I'm pretty certain it's gone now!"

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John Kretzer wrote:

Well they are gone....but

I Blame Cosmo because I know one day they will be back!!!

Just think, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Granted, it's from Cosmo, but you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Rysky wrote:
Lizzie "beads" Tamar wrote:

I wish i could favorite a certain post twice, but i can't.

For this i blame Cosmo, the oppressor of the awesome.

I'm going to give you the Evil Eye now Cosmo.

I Blame Cosmo Lizzie doesn't realize she can quote the post and favourite it again that way.

And now, I've favorited her post 3 times!

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I blame Cosmo for being unable to come to terms with Ladybaby and Babymetal. I've been trying to wrap my head around them since I heard about them (last week for Ladybaby and a few months ago for Babymetal), but I just can't seem to process this.

Cosmo, why you make my head asplode?

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As someone who has abandoned the Destiny franchise for the horrible things Bungievision has done with it, I delight in the tears and rage it's fans are feeling today since the "mysterious trader" arrived without a gun for them to purchase for the first time ever.

I blame Cosmo for the evil side of myself. I also blame Cosmo for Bungievision.

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chad gilbreath wrote:
Thrawn007 wrote:

Another simple consideration...

Has it been thought about to swap social and vigilante levels? Have vigilante stuff on odd levels (meaning that a vigilante gets into their fighting form a level earlier) and then have the socials on even levels (meaning a two level dip to get social advantages.)

Level one vigilantes would be the guys who go bust people up early, but haven't bothered to build a convincing cover story yet. After a little success (reaching level 2) they decide they better do something before trouble starts coming to them.

(I'm still in favor of simply adding 1 vigilante talent at level 1 as a bonus. I think that would still do well in play balance for the class. Just not compatible with the other change. No double vigilante talents at level 1.)

I agree with this seeing how it they are basing it off of barman like so many ppl say, he not always Bruce Wayne and barman occasionally. Its actually the other way around he barman first and Bruce Wayne is his social comterpart he choice to make as is (minus his name of course)

Give them the choice to make. They can gain social at odd, and vigilante at even, or they can gain vigilante at even, and social at odd. Once chosen, the choice is permanent.

Now you can play your Batman and your Peter Parker.

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Terminalmancer wrote:

Renown seems to be a mechanism that performs two roles:

1. Tracking the areas in which your exploits have earned you notoriety, respect, fear, etc. And,
2. Granting the Vigilante bonuses in those areas in which she's earned that notoriety/respect/etc.

The challenges I've got with renown are almost entirely in part 1, and I think that opinion seems to be shared across most of the population of forum-goers and playtesters who have expressed concern with it.

As an adventurer, one of the most fun things you can do is return to that myconid colony you saved from the drow ten levels ago and be welcomed there; return to the logging camp you saved from the green dragon and get the heroes welcome and a free breakfast; return to your home port a pirate legend and scare your old rivals with tales of your prowess. That sort of thing.

We can't really do that with renown as written. The problem isn't the extra bonuses the class gets, which do seem like they would be better-off as a general note in the broader skill section of Ultimate Intrigue. The problem--as I see it--is the explicitness, the rules-ness even (as you sort of pointed out), of gaining and losing renown in a community. If the Adamantine Abolitioner saves a village of halfling slaves and repatriates them to a Varisian port city, he loses his renown with that population as soon as he returns home to Absalom. Which is kind of silly.

That said, I don't have a problem with them defining the concept of renown, because that gives everyone a term we can use consistently to refer to this sort of thing. I don't mind this class having particular bonuses to it, either. And I don't think the framework is a bad one. I just think there are a lot of details that need to be worked out. A lot of details that I hope get changed between now and the ultimate release.

I probably would hate the class less if Renown were some sort of optional system introduced in Ultimate Intrigue to track reputation gains and losses in various locations.

For example, a "Robin Hood" style Vigilante would gain massive bonuses with the poor and less fortunate, but the wealthy would become very displeased with him and "Robin Hood" would find himself very unwelcome in their areas, even if they aren't directly enemies.

It would also be able to help with the countless stories of 'wandering heros' that range all over locations, aiding people but no one knows who their name is. Like Zorro, for example. Zorro wasn't limited to just a single city, or village, or district; Zorro ranged all over California. His area of influence was huge, and people knew who he was and what he stood for no matter where he went.

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Trekkie90909 wrote:
Tels wrote:

Player: So the people of Gotham are just going to forget that I'm the G~!*#!ned Batman? That's stupid.
People think he's died all the time when he leaves or almost dies. He is then remembered only by a few people and has to kick serious @$$ to remind people who's boss when he returns/recuperates.

Has batman ever left for a week and suddenly every person in the city forgets about him and is no longer willing to aid him? Because that's what Renown does.

Renown takes the whole rolepaying option away from the Vigilante when it comes to accumulating favor. A Rogue, or Bard, or any other class can spend time talking with people, doing favors and increasing their 'public image' anywhere they go. Vigilante can't do this without using their Renown.

The whole Vigilante class gives mechanics to something that used to just be role-played out. If someone wanted to play Batman previously, they would just play Batman. There wasn't really any rules for having the Bruce Wayne alter ego, you just did it. It didn't need mechanics behind it.

Once you give mechanics to something like this, you take away options from the game that used to exist. Now, for all other purposes, a character cannot have two identities or personalities without playing a Vigilante because the rules say so.

Previous examples of roleplay/mechanics were kept very vague and intentionally up to the GM, which is how it's supposed to be. Even when there was a big thread about Charm Person and the ability to order someone around, and they FAQ'd it, they still left the answer deliberately vague.

Giving rules to roleplay mechanics is a bad idea. Guidelines, sure, those are good as it helps focus the roleplay. But actual rules? No. It almost always flops on it's face. Even ones that work still have crazy stuff associated with it, like the current social skills system. The only thing that can actually keep the current social skill rules in check, is the GM saying, "No."

Personally, I don't care whether or not the Vigilante becomes the most well designed and balanced class to ever exist. As long as it continues to give rules mechanics to roleplaying, I will never allow it to be played at a table; including when I run PFS (though I rarely do that).

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Tacticslioness wrote:

and he's been enjoying some extended Birthday celebrations. :)

Bow-chicka, meow-meow!

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Renown is what happens when designers give mechanical rules to role-playing elements. When role-play is defined by mechanics, you lose access to player immersion.

It's like saying no one knows who Superman is outside of Metropolis, despite the fact that everyone knows who Superman is.

Player: I want to spread my renown in this town, so we'll need to take a little bit of a rest.

GM: Okay, but if you do so, you'll lose renown in your home city.

Player: What? Why?

GM: Because that's what the rules say.

Player: So the people of Gotham are just going to forget that I'm the G@!~++ned Batman? That's stupid.

Never give mechanics to role-playing elements. It just doesn't work and you end up with weird, dumb stuff like the Vigilante class.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Milo v3 wrote:

As you seem to have a colossal knowledge on computers, and you rewrote the magic item creation rules I was wondering if you could help with an issue I have with making computers with 1st level spells. I was able to make a basic computer that is interact-able with holographic interface, but the physical nature of the magic item has made data storage very very very very small... which is bad when you want people to make decent programs.

** spoiler omitted **

So, I was wondering if you have any ideas on how I could fix the storage issue of putting the inputs onto the physical medium of paper? So far the best I've got is putting a secret page effect into the tome so that you can put pages within pages to an infinite degree, though I'm not 100% if that's very efficient or if it'd even count as working, since I'm not sure if you can have multiple overlapping secret...

This is a really amusing idea. It reminds me of something absolutely weird and cool that a fellow researcher of mine, Robert, did at MIT. Basically he found a way, in Pokemon, to pick up more items than the max item limit, which then started storing the assembly code for each item in another part of the game's memory. He then painstakingly bought items that would together have item codes that spelled out the assembly code for a compiler, which allowed him to screw around with the game he basically, while playing the game itself, hacked it to do whatever he wanted. Here's a link.

I think the most powerful computer in Golarion would use divination spells as part of the processor. For example, as many mathematicians and computer scientists know, one of the big questions is whether P equals NP (we think not). P is the class of questions that we can solve in polynomial (less than exponential) time, and NP is the class of questions that, if somebody gave us the answer key to start with, we can make sure that they were right in polynomial time. One...

My turn now!!!

You need to change how you approach magic item creation. When creating unique effects for magic items like this, don't think about what a specific spell effect does think about the intended purpose of the spell.

For example, the intended purpose of the silent image spell is to create an image others can see. This can be used to hide a door, to create a fake door, hide a trap, conceal a purpose, add special effects or distractions etc. Basically, any thing that can be seen, can be created.

You use it wonderfully here to create a display for your computer screen. A+ choice.

Now, another example, is what is the purpose of the spell Fox's Cunning? To make you smarter. What does that do? Well, it gives you a +2 bonus on all intelligence checks, including knowledge checks!

This is the very important part. Fox's Cunning doesn't just boost your intellect, it lets you answer questions you wouldn't otherwise be capable of. If you have a +10 to a knowledge check, but the DC is 32, then you can never answer the question (at least, not by yourself) until you advance. But by gaining access to Fox's Cunning, you effectively increase the amount of knowledge you know or can recall by 20%!

So, what you could do, use the spell Fox's Cunning as the basis for increased memory banks, similar to how putting on a Headband of Keen Intellect grants you skill points.

The other thing you can do, is reshape the focus of your desire, and think about what you are trying to build in terms of real-world technology. What you are after, is a cheap computer capable of being created by 1st level casters (which actually can't be done because you need to be 5th level to take Craft Wondrous Item, but that's neither here nor there). You're not trying to build a PC, you're not event trying to build a laptop; you're trying to build a notebook.

Pricing wise, notebooks are cheaper than laptops, and laptops are cheaper than PCs (normally). What you want, is a notebook, something cheap and portable, but still capable of performing many of the same jobs as a laptop or PC.

However, notebooks often need external gadgets to get full functionality. They don't normally come with CD-ROM drives, or Blu-Ray drives, for example, and they often have small hard drives. You can fix this by buying external drives to plug in via USB ports.

So what you need to do, is design the cheapest one like a notebook, but with external drives for it. Combine this with the above Fox's Cunning aspect to increase data space, and you've got something going for you.

But... how do you transport all this? Do you really need to haul around a book for every topic in order to increase the database of your magical computer? How does one transport a library?

Well, you do, and you don't. Now, what you need to do, is develop networking.

Now, how does a network function? In a nutshell, you link two sources together and transmit information back and forth. So what you need, is a spell effect that can link two things together and transmit information back and forth.

Does something like this exist? Why yes, yes it does.

The spell message has a duration of 10 minutes per caster level (so it's relatively long lasting) and can be used to link multiple people together so they can speak to each other over a distance.

The energies that power message, could be used to link multiple 'hard drives' with your computer to create a network of information. Transporting it is still an issue, however.

Which is where the spell shrink item come into play. Now, you create a box that hold multiple books by shrinking them down to microsize, similar to the shrink item spell. Now, you may notice that shrink item specifically prevents you from shrinking magical items; however, you must note that the glove of storing functions off the spell shrink item and allows you to shrink magical items. You are using the intended energies of the spell (the intention being the capability to shrink items down) to power a similar effect.

So, to recap, you can use fox's cunning to increase the data stored in an object; you can build external hard drives for more information; you can link them all together via a network using the spell message as it's base; and finally, you can transport it all using box to store it all the hard drives with shrink item as it's base.

Congratulations, you've invented a magical computer and the internet all in one day!

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Zealot Smite: Will this count as 'Smite Good' for the purpose of feats, items or class abilities that require Smite Good? I'm thinking, specifically, of the silver smite bracelet for the Zealot.

Zealot Specialization: I dunno this feels like it needs something... more? It doesn't really have anything to fall back on during a fight. Unlike other 6th level classes, it doesn't really have the class features to fall back when it runs out of spells, or to augment the effectiveness of it's spells. The Warlock, at least, can opt to have Mystic Bolt, or even Alchemist Bombs, so it can do something instead of casting a spell, but the Zealot doesn't really have that.

The problem with many of the 'Divine' classes, is you need the whole class for it to really work. Most divine classes have a lot of synergy that builds together, no one aspect of the class (except the Cleric) is what makes it truly powerful. Neither Judgement, nor bane, nor spellcasting makes the Inquisitor a good class individually, but put the three together and you've got some real good synergy going. Each part of the class acts as a force multiplier for each other, all adding up to something amazing. Same with the Paladin, or Druid, or Warpriest etc.

Zealot just doesn't have that. Arguably the worst casting of the 6th level casters, and with little in the way of real class abilities to back up his casting, he's just missing something. I'm not sure what he's missing, but he doesn't seem to really have his own 'niche'. He's just too much 'hodgepodge' of other divine classes.

Certainly the other three classes are much the same way, but each of them builds off each other, or has something to fall back on. All of the Avenger abilities build each other adding together to make a pretty decent martial. All of the Stalker abilities add together to make him the best ambush assassin in the game. While the spell casting for the Warlock is a total resource sink, he's still got things like Bombs, or Mystic Bolt that he can do when he's not casting to continue supporting the team; he's got a fall back.

The Zealot is just... lacking.

The biggest problem with the Zealot, I think, is that the Inquisitor just has that whole niche firmly locked down, so anything you do is going to compare him to the Inquisitor.

That said, a 'divine vigilante' springs to mind some sort of 'holy avenger' esque character. Or, like a Paladin/Rogue hybrid. Instead of Smite, he should have a 'Mark of Vengeance' or something, that allows him to mark a target, and gain various bonuses, similar to judgmenets, but not as powerful. Make his Mark of Vengeance a fall back, or amplifier, but let it be an 'all day' ability. Let him use Mark of Vengeance at will, but only on one target (gaining more targets as he levels). Like a divinely empowered combination of Studied Target and Challenge.

For example, he could have access to talents that grant him abilities against those Marked for Vengeance, but not against anyone else (unlike Judgement which lasts for an entire combat). Mark of Vengeance itself should add to his attack and damage (like a scaled down smite), but the talents come with additional bonuses. Like allowing him to deal half his damage as positive/negative energy, or adding special weapon abilities, or bypassing damage reduction, or adding debuffs.

I don't know, anything for certain, the Zealot just really feels like it needs something more to stand out as it's own specialization instead of knock-off!Inquisitor or knock-off!Paladin.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Alexander Augunas wrote:

I think that the Divine Power ability could be simplified a lot if instead of outsider races, the vigilante was imbued with a domain, and different talents required different domains (or subdomains based upon their domain). That would leave them a lot more flexible and making adding new talents less of a nightmare. (As written, if you wanted to add a Div divine power, you'd need an entire set of all-new zealot talents to go with it.)

For example, say a powerful demon lord wants to sponsor a vigilante. He chooses one of his domains and that domain becomes the source of the vigilante's power. The vigilante adds that domain's domain spells (up to 6th level) to his list of domain spells known and gains that domain's domain powers. In the long run, that would likely save a LOT of wordage for the zealot class and would make the addition of new domain powers easier.

In addition, you could add the choice of allowing a vigilante to choose an animal or terrain domain instead of a cleric domain (as a druid), and if the vigilante chooses Animal, Plant, or an animal or terrain domain, they can use the hunter spell list (druid + ranger) instead of the inquisitor spell list to determine their spells known. That way you could have a guardian animal spirit or a spirit of nature or something as the source of your divine power. (CAPTAIN PLANET VIGILANTES!!!!) End it by saying that any animal domain counts as the Animal Domain for talent prerequisites and any terrain domain counts as the Plant Domain for terrain prerequisites.

In this manner, the vigilante still gets something unique and cool (Charisma-based spellcasting that is backed by a specific deity, plus getting to be the only 6th-level spellcaster that adds domain spells to her list of spells known), but its also something that's a lot easier to expand from a freelancer standpoint and also doesn't give an entirely new submechanic to one specialization.

It's like this guy is a well known member of the community that delves into the background mechanics of the game, designs his own freelance products, is an intelligent designer and also writes an awesome blog. Weird huh?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Cosmo... can I ask a favor? Can you unleash all of the spitefulness you possess on these people that just left me disgusted?

Also, I blame you for them making me disgusted in the first place.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Reaper is doing a 3rd Kickstarter tomorrow... Cosmo.. my wallet... why?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Up until this point, every person that I've ever interacted with has considered the EU canon. I mean, if nothing outside of the 6 movies were canon (and then Clone Wars and Rebels), why the hell would Lucasfilms keep signing off or producing games and novels and comics and cartoons building off of the EU canon?

In fact, the EU being considered canon is one of the huge complaints I've heard about the prequels, being bad; because it spits in the face of the EU and ignores several things. People were upset and furious about it, something that wouldn't make sense unless people considered the EU canon.

While I am sad that some parts of the universe are now, no longer, canon, I'm overall pleased the EU got wiped clean from canon. I've felt there was too much leeway given to many authors and writers when it came to various aspects of the Star Wars EU. Like Palapatin coming back in clone bodies, or the Force being turned into Magic with various different powers introduced.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As far as the EU and Star Wars canon is concerned, after Disney purchased Star Wars, they abolished everything from the official canon except the 6 movies, the one of the animated series and a few odd things.

So every book, every game, nearly every cartoon or comic that came before Disney purchased it is now considered non-canon. So Abrams won't have to worry too much about the previous canon (which is one of the major reasons Disney did it, especially since so much of the EU was all over the place in abilities, tone and theme).

I doubt that Abrahms will deviate from the movie canon. Also, these 'summaries' that you've been reading... where did they come from? Where's the validity of them? What proof do they have? Because as far as I know, Abrahms is withholding nothing in order to keep the story as secret as possible.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Cosmo, you know what you did yesterday!

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Charon's Little Helper wrote:

If someone tried this in one of my games - I'd just argue that the first rune went off and destroyed all of the rest of them before the Dispel Magic affected them.

It's well within RAW - Greater Dispel Magic doesn't say whether or not all dispels are done instantaneously or if there is a small delay as the magic works its way out from the focus point of the spell (usually moot). I'd simply choose to interpret it as a tiny delay.

*reads post*

*looks at rules*

Dispel Magic wrote:

Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)

Target or Area one spellcaster, creature, or object
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
Greater Dispel Magic wrote:

Target or Area one spellcaster, creature, or object; or a 20-ft.-radius burst


This spell functions like dispel magic, except that it can end more than one spell on a target and it can be used to target multiple creatures.

*shakes head at people not knowing how rules work*

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Ashiel wrote:
The last gurgles of a dying monster have had me a bit on edge the past couple of days. It causes the bigots to be more vocal which in turn make me want to be more violent. However, two wrongs do not make a right so peace will prevail and their bigotry will wither and rot and die off.

Two wrongs may not make a right, but three lefts do!

Yeah, I'll just show myself out. :P

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Artemis Moonstar wrote:
Tels wrote:
Artemis Moonstar wrote:
Tels wrote:
I blame Cosmo that Phineas and Ferb is quite possible the last cartoon series I will ever get into, partially due to the degradation of the cartoons produced today, but also due to my advancement of age. :'(

I Blame Cosmo that it seems Tels thinks age has to do with enjoying cartoons. You can be 80 and still enjoy new Disney movies.

I Blame Cosmo that Tels is right that cartoons have fallen a long way since my day. I miss my Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes.... Flintstones... Jetsons... Thundercats... He-Man.... Josie and the Pussy Cats/Scooby Doo/that one with the shark.... JEM even!

I Blame Cosmo that Adventure Time, Flapjack, and Regular Show were ever made, much less got popular... I refuse to watch Steven Universe because of this.

Edit: I Blame Cosmo I forgot Felix, Mickey Mouse, and Garfield in my list. Also, that I still haven't been able to watch Venture Bros. after a few episodes into Season 3 I think...

The age bit is I no longer have the time, nor the desire to wage through the crap that comes out looking for decent cartoons; hence the whole "degradation of cartoons" bit. The degradation is the biggest factor, but getting older and having more stuff to do means I don't have the time to actually "look" for the good cartoons.

Good point, I suppose. Then again I'll never have kids so all my projections for the future include free time. I'd suggest anime, they're usually at least "fairly good" level in whatever genre they're set in.

I Blame Cosmo that I forget that people still have kids in this crap world of horrible, horrible mind-rotting schlock the Tube-Zombies call "Entertainment".

... Also.. I Blame Cosmo for Teen Titans Go!; Be Cool Scooby-Doo!; Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc; The Looney Tunes Show (that crappy sitcom one); Uncle Grandpa... Umm... That's all I've got for now that I haven't blamed Cosmo for yet. I'll be back with more. These things should not exist, as they are sets of precious 20...

Oh, no, I still watch Anime (though I tend to be very picky and sporadic about it) and I don't, personally, have kids, though I do have a hand in the raising of my nephews and possible nieces (my sister is pregnant with her 4th child and, honestly, unable to support the 3 she's got, and unwilling to dedicate the time necessary to properly raise any of them). Still, they do take up quite a bit of my time, but then there's work, bills, having to "adult" all the time... Ugh. If only I could be 17 forever, a time when I worked part time, enough to fuel my habits, and had no real responsibilities other than school and homework (both easy as hell).

I blame Cosmo for having to "adult" all the time.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I blame Cosmo that Phineas and Ferb is quite possible the last cartoon series I will ever get into, partially due to the degradation of the cartoons produced today, but also due to my advancement of age. :'(

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captain yesterday wrote:
I would not be the happy jolly person I am today without my kids, I can honestly say they make me a much better person than I otherwise would've been, it's not for everyone but it suits me perfectly :-)

Being a parent can make you happier because it makes you care a lot less about stupid crap and more about important things. But it can also make you stress about things non-parents would never think of. Non-parents never look at something, and think, "How much is this going to hurt, when I step on it at 3 in the morning when checking on my sick son/daughter?" Or, "How annoying will this ray gun be when my son/daughter inevitably holds the trigger button down for 7 hours straight until the battery dies?", and things like that.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Confession? I ******* hate the new Vigilante class. I think it brings nothing to the game and actually detracts from it by taking away from roleplaying opportunities. The only positive aspect of the class is the modular class design, but the mechanics provided are weak at best and awful at worst.

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Dave Justus wrote:
I don't see how there is any question. Create pit is a magical extra-dimensional effect from a flat horizontal surface. If you alter where the surface is, you will alter where the pit it.

Where is the precedent for this in the game? Because this isn't a logical conclusion. Altering the area of a spell after it was cast has never changed how a spell worked before in the past.

The *best* answer I've ever seen, and the one most likely to be chosen by the FAQ team (in my opinion), is to use the teleport 'shunting' rules. You get shunted to the nearest open space and take 1d6 points of damage for ever X amount of feet traveled.

29 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

When the spell ends with an enemy trapped inside it, what happens to the enemy?

I see this question pop up often enough that I think it's something that should be answered in the FAQ. Logically, this could be a 2-spell instant win combo, or it might be completely useless depending on how the GM rules it. But for the sake of PFS and others, it's something that should be addressed.

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Calex wrote:

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation. After nearly 2 weeks off with great weather, good times and a fun trip to the Bloedel Conservatory, its back to sweltering heat working with molten plastic.

I blame Cosmo for me not winning the lottery and having to go back and actually earn a living.

You realize, if you actually won the lottery, Cosmo would have all sorts of long forgotten fees, taxes, past due payments, relatives, and friends popping up wanting a cut of it. Also, he'd make sure to send you to the hospital and would tempt you with things you would think are cool, but don't really need, that cost a lot to make you spend it all within a year.

You should blame Cosmo for what he would do if something good did happen to you.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Have you heard about the Vigilante playtest for the Ultimate Intrigue book? I don't know about you, but I f****** hate the class. It's got about as much forced flavor in it as the Paladin, but doesn't have the awesome mechanics to make it worth it.

The Vigilante gets 2 identities, his social identity and his vigilante identity. While in one identity, if one were to scry on the other, it's impossible to find him unless one knows both identities belong to the same person. For example, if Batman were wearing his mask of Bruce Wayne, and someone were to scry on Batman, they would be unable to find him at all, unless they knew that Batman and Bruce Wayne were the same person.

The vigilante gains bonuses for being in his social identity that he can't access as his vigilante identity and gains bonuses as a vigilante that he can't access as his social identity.

I really hate this dual identity bit as that used to be an aspect of roleplaying but they've given it mechancis and rules and now it's rollplaying instead. ಠ_ಠ

At second level, they have to pick a specialzation that allows them to differentiate themselves from other Vigilante. At every even level, they get a Vigilante talent chosen from their specialization.

Avenger Vigilante gets to use class level as BAB, so even though it's a d8 class, it gets full BAB. Also it gets lots of feat potential. Basically, your Fighter Vigilante. Stalker Vigilante gets not!sneak attack called Hidden Strike (it's sneak attack by another name); lots of stealth related abilities, basically intends to be the 'stealthy' part of Batman. Being able to take out enemies without a sound, fade into shadows, disappear and reappear elsewhere etc.

Warlock Avenger is, essentially, the worst arcane caster in the game. They gain access to spells and the Wizard spell list, but need to take Warlock talents to gain access to higher level spells (2nd level spells at 4th, 3rd at 8th, 4th at 10th, 5th at 14th, 6th at 16th). They have the Arcanist spellcasting mechanic of prepare spells, then spotaneously cast from those prepared. But they have a base spells per day progression of 4/3/3/3/3/1 plus their bonus from their intelligence modifier. Meanwhile, they have no other class features that really helps them out that much. All of their class features are sunk into the Vigilante talents or they interact with the dual identities thing, and they sacrificed nearly all of their talents for spell casting. They do have the option of getting a 'Mystic Bolt' that deals 1d6+vigilante level in damage and they can use the bolt in place of any attack roll, so full attacks with a magical bolt at-will at least. But if they want their spells A.S.A.P. they can't get it until 6th level.

Zealot Avenger is basically the same as Warlock, except divine casting instead with the Inquisitor spell list. They have several abilities stolen from Inquisitor and Cleric, but they won't be able to take them if they want their spell casting.

Anyway, I like the "idea" behind the modular class (as it's much like what you are designing), but the execution is horrible. Also, I really, really, hate the forced flavor of the class. Being a vigilante hero was something you acted out as a character, not took a blasted class for. This whole class is basically 4 different prestige classes shoe-horned and stretched out over 20 levels. Half of the classes features are completely worthless unless they stay within 1 city or town for the majority of their adventuring career.

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Playing Xbox Live

"It's 6:45 in the morning here."
"Oh, where you at?"
"I'm in Alaska."
"Oooh... It's 10:46 here in America. What's it like in your country?"


I blame Cosmo.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Tels wrote:
Did you watch that HoloLens demonstration?
Yup, looks pretty cool!

Cool, now go tell the people working on the Paizo Game Space that an adaptation for the HoloLens needs to be a thing. If Paizo is the first to make a holographic virtual tabletop so people can play anywhere... I think it could forever change the gaming industry.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have not yet read the full document. Been ill and passed out after reading the Warlock title.

Some initial concerns is that the Avenger can take "Combat Talent" at every even level and have the same number of feats as a Fighter, while also having better social skills and abilities. Even worse, some of his talents actually grant multiple feats, so he can be nearly equal to the fighter in combat ability, and better in the social ability. Plus, he's much less likely to succumb to Will saves (though Fort are now a concern).

The other two concerns (well, 1 concern and 1 annoyance) are Perfect Fall and Twisting Fear. Perfect Fall kicks Monks' Slow Fall right in the gonads. As soon as you take the ability, you can fall any distance without taking damage if you are within arms reach of a wall or other surface. Not only is it instant "fall any distance" whereas the Monk has to slowly scale up until he can do the same, but the Monk is, per RAW, limited to only falling near walls (even Unchained Monk needs walls). Very annoying.

As a side note, certain versions of Stalkers will be capable of falling the maximum distance and taking 20d6 points of damage and surviving, with a decent chance of occurrence, at second level. A 16 con Stalker with Toughness and FCB could have 15 hp at first level, and about ~23 hp at second level. Average damage of 20d6 is ~70 which is halved by perfect fall to ~35 points of damage. This means the Stalker could fall from 200 feet with no way of slowing his fall, hit the ground and survive. He'd be unconscious (and bleeding out), but he'd survive. Only second level to boot. Just to make it worse, once he heals, he should be able to do it again (assuming average results).

Twisting Fear is odd, as a Stalker Vigilante can K.O. whole crowds of people in an instant. Dazzling Display allows for an intimidate check against everyone within 30 ft. and applies the shaken condition. Twisting Fear deals half hidden strike damage to those the Stalker gives the shaken condition. So a Stalker could make a Dazzling Display, and roll hidden strike damage, and apply half of it to all beings within 30 ft. of him. For low level creatures, he could conceivably knock out an entire crowd of NPCs with a single round and no resources consumed.

Picture the scene from Indiana Jones when that guy does that display with his sword, except all of the onlookers then scream in pain and collapse unconscious.

I plan on reading more of the Vigilante later, but I'm not very enthused with the class. I don't like the forced flavor, or that mechanics are being given to what used to be a roleplay aspect of the game.

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Artemis Moonstar wrote:

I Blame Cosmo for the fact that due to stupidity of the so-called family I am currently forced to suffer residing under the same roof with, all of my childhood memories, and all of my deceased mother's belongings, have been lost because the storage bill lapsed 3 months... So they could go gamble.

And I was planning on using the furniture & memorabilia in said storage unit to supplement my savings in furnishing my fiance and my apartment. We had some very nice tables, dressers, and other such in there. Much of my mother's beloved unicorns, bears, and dragon statuettes and figures would have fetched a wonderful price if such a crisis occurred that I would have been forced to sell those prized possessions of hers.

Couple this with the fact that they have sold everything that was legally mine in order to fuel their addictions (gambling, cigarettes), under the pretense of 'paying the bills'; have regularly gotten in the way of any way of advancing my life; and keep me around for nothing more than manual labor and 'watching the dog' while they spend 8+ hours gambling every, single, f&@%ing, paycheck.... I feel safe to say I really do not have a family anymore. Well, maybe my aunt on the other side of the country (who's flat broke with a kid, so no chance of moving there)....

Well, at least I DO know the value of my mother's rings they pawned off without my knowledge, only informing me after the deed was done. So, they owe me $400.

Soon as I get enough money for a car and an apartment, I wash my hands of this place. 6 years of this is f#+@ing ridiculous. I'm surprised, honestly, I haven't snapped under the strain and just ended things in a massive conflagration at this point.

Edit: I also blame cosmo that one of them (that crazy bastard I probably b++&$ed about before, the insane one that battered his wife and spent time in prison) is now growing medical pot in the backyard with a 'friend' of his (whom I highly suspect is reselling it)... And didn't think of it until AFTER I already finished my...

"Oops! Oh no, it seems I've "accidentally" spilled this 5 gallon jug of gasoline all over your pot plants and... whoops, it seems this road flare I had lit up as a test seems to have fallen on the gasoline and burned all of your pot. *sing songy* My bad!


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QuidEst wrote:
Milo v3 wrote:
Rocky MakLoud wrote:
Aether- requires use of an object to fling
This isn't really a restriction or weakness, since the telekinetist can use nearly anything with this. They could launch leaves that are blowing nearby, gravel, forks, barrels, etc. They could quickdraw cards, drop them as a free action, and launch them the second you let go. You could spit, then turn it into a bullet. You're never really without an object to launch.
While the Gunslinger is busy firing gold pieces, you're laughing and shooting copper pieces.

I'mma use silver pieces, so they can pay the ferryman on their way down the Styx.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think Cosmo has a beef with my grandmother, because this is the second time in two years she's been forced to evacuate due to wildfires. I blame Cosmo for holding a grudge.

For reference:
Previous blaming starts here and continues on.
Grandmother gets evacuated here.

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