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Tels's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 6,336 posts (6,371 including aliases). No reviews. 5 lists. No wishlists. 9 aliases.

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I'm beginning to wonder if Mark isn't being all 'sneaky sneaky' and gave us an intentionally underpowered version of the Kineticist to see if we can't buff and break it in ways he didn't expect. Meanwhile, he's keeping the full powered one all to himself and running that one through his spreadsheets and stuff and tweaking it based off the playtest.

It would be a sneaky and yet, brilliant move.

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Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
mathpro18 wrote:
Wouldn't you be afraid of it eating Lem?
Freehold DM wrote:
I gotta admit, that's a cute little guy. I hope you could ride him.
Misroi wrote:
Seeing how they're about chicken to turkey sized, that's unlikely. Though savage pixie barbarians could totally ride them.
{fails reading comprehension roll} I didn't realize Lem was only about the size of a turkey or large chicken. Mmmm, roast Lem with mashed taters & gravy and cranberry sauce and stuffing... {drools}

It's not Lemsgiving yet! That's next month!

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Natsu is clearly a Pyrokineticist, if only there was a mechanic in the game that allowed for elemental kineticists to consume their element to reduce burn or something.

*hint hint*

For example, a pyrokineticist could consume a fire spell and reduce his burn damage by the caster level of the fire spell. Or he could consume a fire and reduce his burn damage based off the size of the currently burning fire. However, he can't consume fire generated by his own abilities. So if he were to try and set a forest on fire with his abilities, he wouldn't be able to consume the fire because it spawned from himself.

If he were to consume enemy spells, it would function much like a readied action to dispel.


*hint hint*

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Jason Bulmahn wrote:
James Jacobs: What skill check would you make to hide a body?

Just ask Anna.

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If Fire were to get an option for a physical damage blast, for example, through concussive blasts, could I name the character Sparky Sparky Boom Man?

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Tirisfal wrote:
Just from the first glance at the doc, my wife and I really want to roll up water and fire kineticists, respectfully. Composite blasts are our favorite part because we tend to roll characters that work in tandem with each other, so I'm really hoping that they get expanded in the final book :)

This makes me think that there should be a Teamwork Feat for Composite Blasts between two Kineticists. Kind of teaming together to combine their elements for a single more powerful blast.

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On the issue of the energy resistance/immunity, what about poaching the Unnatural Cold/Unearthly Cold ability from the Winter Witch prestige class? Making it an option for the elemental kineticists seems kind of thematic for them.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Then I do not find your problems to be due to the Vigor power but to the combination of other rules and party cohesion.

Indeed, and if a Party has that level of scouting down to be prepared for future encounters....

Have you have seen what a Wizard can do when he knows what's coming around the corner and has time to prepare for it?

So the Psion has a bunch of HP, the Wizard can just destroy the reality the Psion lives in which renders that HP completely irrelevant.

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Dylos wrote:
Jason Bulmahn wrote:
Soon.. the mysteries will be revealed soon.
I have another mystery, whatever happened to this? There was talk about there going to be a video but as far as I know it never happened, the people need to see you get gauntlet-ed.


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Barachiel Shina wrote:
What exactly is so wrong with a power point system anyway? You can't nova. There is a cap on that. I've seen arcane casters pull off way more broken effects than what Psionics could hope to accomplish. Plus you gotta expend psionic focus to use one meta psionic feat.

It requires people to learn a new casting system. Also, you're going to get a lot of anecdotal evidence of people misreading the rules that allows the psionic casters to nova all of their PP into a single power for like 10 bajillion d6 points of damage.

People insist that because you can manifest a power that deals 20d6 points of damage at 20d6 points of damage at 20th level more often than a Wizard can do the same, then that means Psionics is broken. They completely ignore all of the broken stuff Wizards do.

In fact, many such posters out right state that in a comparison of psionics to magic, you aren't allowed to bring up spells such as Planar Binding/Ally, Simulacrum etc. because, truthfully, they have no argument to counter them, so you can't use them.

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Morzadian wrote:
Ssalarn wrote:
nighttree wrote:
As someone who didn't actually like the "psionics" feel in 3.5....I'm looking foreword to seeing what this turns out like flavor wise, as well as mechanically ;)
As someone who loved 3.5-style psionics and also loves the idea of cool Victorian and/or (Stephen) Kingsian mind magic, I too, am looking forward to seeing what this turns out like flavor wise, as well as mechanically ;)

D&D 3.5 Psionics was beyond broken. It created a new definition for what could be considered broken.

The infamous Pun-Pun build (kobold egoist) was conceived from the D&D 3.5 Expanded Psionics Handbook. With infinity looping power giving a player deity like powers.

I find it hard to understand Paizo's rationale in treading backwards into WOTC's worst blunders.

Erik Mona has a love for pulp fiction, and I can see why he would want to use the 'occult' as theme and subject matter. But D&D 3.5 psionics, please no.

Pathfinder doesn't need a Pun Pun.

It's kind of mind boggling how Paizo has repeatedly stated, for years, even before psychic magic was being worked on that, Paizo's answer to psionics would in no-way-shape-or-form have power points or the augmentation system; that it would be exactly like arcane/divine magic with the vancian roots. It's been abundantly stated that psychic magic won't be psionics, over and over and over again.

Despite all this, there are still people thinking it's going to be power points with augmentation and exactly like psionics.

Seriously, stop judging something by what someone else did when it's been stated numerous times that it won't be like what someone else did.

Mythic is not Epic; Psychic Magic is not Psionics.

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magnuskn wrote:
Well, I am literally finishing the campaign by not giving a crap about balance anymore, so I am not judgemental at all. :p

If Magnus were the GM in a game with Paizo as his PCs...

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Rysky wrote:
Master Pugwampi wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Rysky wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

I blame Cosmo for my insomnia.

*begins sending positive feelings*

Stop that! Positive feelings have no place on this thread!

I blame Cosmo for Rysky's sudden and alarming good natureness!

Yes they do! Especially since I stole them from some Schmuck who didn't deserve them.

Does that explain why I sometimes get discount codes from Victoria's Secret in my email, letting me know that I can 'find just the right bra' and get 15% off from their online store?

If so, I blame Cosmo for giving me the 'happiness' of some lady out there.

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magnuskn wrote:
You are still quite a way before tier three, so your triumphalism may be a bit premature. ^^

The 14 year old in me wants to say, "That's what she said!"

I blame Cosmo.

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I blame Cosmo for my being unable to read Blood of Olympus, the last book in the Percy Jackson series. If I read it, then it's finally over and there won't be any more. But if I don't, then I can never know the ending!

Curse you Cosmo!!!

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Tarantula wrote:
Is there a post somewhere in this thread with updated links? All the links in the original seem to be dead.

The first post in the thread has an updated link at the bottom of the page via an Edit, but here is the link. Favorite it, because you will be coming back.

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium.

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I blame Cosmo for a tree reaching out into the road and dragging my Mom off the road and into the tree, then laughing about it as her truck was totaled.

Sara Marie be praised, she was uninjured, but still.

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James Jacobs wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Did you have any particular inspirations in mind when you wrote, "Ten Fun Facts About Goblins"?

I ask because, for the second AP in a row, I am letting my two boys run all the goblins in the campaign. And though they have never read those facts, they so epitomize them in their goblin-y behavior that it's scary to watch.

Did you have a couple of younglings playing goblins for you, or did you brilliantly write goblins on the fly as "enemies played by young boys" without knowing just how accurate you were being?

Nope. I pretty much made all those goblin facts up; no real inspiration other than a lifetime spent immersed in horror and fantasy stories.

Does this mean that young boys without parental guidance are the embodiment of all horror?

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Scribbling Rambler wrote:

Really, Cosmo???

Food poisoning at Thanksgiving???

I blame Cosmo for Canadian Thanksgiving.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Tels wrote:

I was playing Destiny on Xbox One and some friends were talking and I wasn't really paying attention, but I heard someone say, "You know, it kind of looks like a big cat."

My mind *clicked* and I immediately responded with, "What, like a puma?" and waited...

and waited...

And no one got it :(

I blame Cosmo.

I don't get it either. I also blame Cosmo.

I could tell you of the great battle... years ago. How the Red team was crippled. I could tell you of the power of the Blue team, their ancient enemy... There are many tales. But I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain.

(multiple links in there explaining references)

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I was playing Destiny on Xbox One and some friends were talking and I wasn't really paying attention, but I heard someone say, "You know, it kind of looks like a big cat."

My mind *clicked* and I immediately responded with, "What, like a puma?" and waited...

and waited...

And no one got it :(

I blame Cosmo.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Tels wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Let the FAQoning...begin!

YAAAYY!!! Thanks for starting the FAQs up again :)

Very glad to see that slayer FAQ come out so early. I was hesitant to play it in PFS without that clarification at least.

Zadim has been waking me up every night with a kukri to my throat, and I think now I'll be able to rest easier. I am hoping we can give you guys something like a new FAQ every week for the rest of 2014. I think the prospect is likely, but not certain. I kind of liked the idea of FAQ Fridays, and these got design team approval last Friday, but turns out we need a lot more work to get a FAQ page for a totally new book than to add FAQs to an old one (that said, now we do have a FAQ page for ACG, so...) :)
You ever stop to think that maybe Zadim isn't trying to hurt you, he just secretly wants to be a barber and he's using his kukri to keep you clean shaven?

That might be more plausible if he hadn't killed me during the slayer preview blog...

Uh oh guys. I think I may recognize the writing style of Tels's last post—is anyone sure Tels is still OK? I think that Zadim might be posting from his account.

Pfft... No way, of course I'-he's not!


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VM mercenario wrote:
Nearly all videogame magic is point based. I woud say all but there may be some corner cases I don't remember.

Magic in video games is almost always point based, or infinite. The only ones that I can think of that aren't are specifically made in D&D's image, like Neverwinter Nights. But even then, that game is balanced around the possibility of resting after every fight, because the spells are weaker and the enemies tougher than in actual D&D.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Add to it that I think Paizo underestimates the power of the internet and the shared collective of knowledge that exists.

Gamers have changed in the last 10 years. In the last 10 years, we've seen the online presence of games explode, and the upsurge of competitive gaming thrive. In addition, you have competitive games with RPG elements like DOTA, WoW, or LoL that incorporate level up mechanics and accumulated skills/abilities. This means that players will seek advice to become better at the game, reading guides, watching videos, seeking builds to further their characters success.

People raised in this shared knowledge age are doing the exact same thing to TTRPGs like Pathfinder. New players that eventually get online seeking advice on how to be better at the game. What do they find? Complete character optimization guides.

They take these guides and extract the information within to suit their build needs. So every time a guide comes out for a class, that becomes more and more knowledge that is put into the hands of new players. This means that you have new players that are having their hands held through character creation by leaning on someone else.

It'd be like creating a level 1 character and the GM handing you items of 10th level PC wealth. Sure, you're not as good as a 10th level PC (just as a new player reading the guide isn't as good as those who have experience), but you're a damn sight better than a normal 1st level PC.

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I blame Cosmo for his mustache having an alias and making bad puns.

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The 8th Dwarf wrote:

So Mr Hodge is there any chance of you and maybe Misters, Pett, Logue, and Jacobs doing a Alternate Earth Edwardian/Diesel Punk setting...?

With mesmerists, clairvoyants, hermetic orders, strange cults, Airships, Dreadnoughts, Colonial Wars, Queen Victoria, The Great Game - Downton Abbey, meets the X files, the LXG, REH and Lovecraft?

This brings to mind Cthulhu with a top hat and monocle asking for 3 sugars in his tea...

I took san damage, didn't I?

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I blame Cosmo for the Cryptarch.

Those who know what I mean, know what I mean.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Indeed, once your non-lethal damage equals or exceeds your current HP, you fall unconscious.

So, for example, say an enemy has 100 HP, and you hit for 20 points of damage on average. Your opt to do non-lethal damage on your attacks until you hit him once. Your first hit does 20 points of damage, meaning he has 20 non-lethal damage, and 100 remaining HP. From that point on, it only takes 4 more hits to drop him, and he won't die from it. Because, once he hits 20 HP, he falls unconscious, but alive.

All you have to do is make the enemy hit the non-lethal threshold, and then it doesn't matter.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I blame Cosmo that a substance called NeverWet will aid in Cosmo-proofing substances against some of his nasty hijinks.

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Ashiel wrote:
Aratrok wrote:

It's not just tick a box. It's track up to 9 series of boxes, and knowing which of the spells you have are associated with each series, or if you're a prepared caster, which are associated with each individual box.

Basic arithmetic is not challenging nor is it time consuming. You can do any calculation that psionics will require you to do in a couple of seconds tops.

It's a nightmare. I've used character sheets like that and they only work for sorcerers and bards. The other 5 casting classes in the game (cleric, druid, paladin, ranger, and wizard) only make it convoluted and a pain in the ass.

You have to re-write all of your spells each day and set check boxes for each of them. Then each time you re-prepare spells, time to do it again. You either need to expend quite a bit of note-paper, or you have a character sheet that is 20 pages long. The more spell slots you have (from things like bonus spells, domains, school speccing, etc) the more bookkeeping it creates, and you have to write out each spell that you have prepared of each level in which slot on each day.

Even classes like the Vitalist and the old Erudite (which wasn't really a particularly problematic class if you weren't using an optional rule from the WotC web enhancements) that swap their powers around each day aren't much of a pain because at worst you write down which powers you have, not write which powers you have in which slot at what level with which metamagic feat, etc. It definitely works waaaaaaaay better on a traditional character sheet. >_>

Actually, I find the default character sheet rather irritating to me when playing prepared casters. I always end up creating a spreadsheet to track my spells / levels / special modifiers (like spell focus), and generally end up writing all my daily prepared spells on a separate piece of paper that gets changed around constantly.

Fortunately I actually kind of enjoy the micro-management, but trying to teach other people to do this has met with swingy degrees of...

As someone playing a Mythic Wizard that heavily uses metamagic to augment her spells, I use Ravingdork's character template for Microsoft Word/Open Office, slightly adapted to my needs, and then I use a spreadsheet to track my spellbook and potential metamagic spells. I use digital charactersheets because it makes tracking things easier without wasting paper. When I prepare my spells each day, I use the "sticky note" program to keep track of daily deviations. The spells prepared on her character sheet are the ones I've chosen for her to keep prepared 'unless otherwise noted'. So if the GM randomly rolls out an encounter, then those are the spells she's going to have prepared. But if she's in a specific environment, then she'll prepare a different selection.

Here is the latest version of Cairen's sheet and here is her spellbook (she can add two levels of metamagic to fireball for free). Yeah, it can be more than a bit of a hassle tracking spells in this way. Thank god for the feat Preferred Spell so she can spontaneously drop a fireball (her specialty) when she needs to; this makes it so much easier to make spell selections as she can prepare more utility spells and be secure int he knowledge that she'll always have a combat spell no matter what.

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DrDeth wrote:
Wyntr wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
AndIMustMask wrote:

ifyou're referring to slashing grace:** spoiler omitted **

needlessly restrictive/specific. only seems worth really considering for the sawtooth saber.

note that it doesnt work with light weapons, giving the impression that in paizo's mind it makes more sense to be able to dex-to-damage a dwarven waraxe than a dagger (and it shoots the 'iconic' rogue in the foot yet again because of it).

Why doesnt it work with Light weapons? Where does it say that?

The part where it says it only works with one-handed weapons (which are different from light weapons as Jiggy said):


Are we sure that this meant the CATEGORY "one handed" and not "wielding your chosen weapon one-handed"?

Anyway- Isnt a Scimitar a one handed slashing weapon?

Fun fact, the majority of weapons that are in the one handed category and also deal slashing damage are not compatible with Weapon Finesse. So if you took Slashing Grace with a Scimitar, you would get strength to attack rolls and dexterity to damage.

The only compatible weapons are the Aldori Dueling Sword and the Whip if I recall correctly.

As an aside, if you are a Swashbuckler or a Daring Champion Cavalier, you have less issue as Slashing Grace allows you to treat the weapon as if it were a one-handed piercing weapon for class features, which then triggers the Swashbucklers Finesse class feature of the above two classes. That means Slashing Grace only *truly* works if you have at least one level in Swashbuckler or Daring Champion Cavalier, anyone else is paying for a feat that only partially works, and clunkily at that.

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Ashiel wrote:
Blazej wrote:
The augmentable power point system as laid out in the Expanded Psionics Handbook is not the one and true king of all spell casting systems. It is a very good casting system. With the exception of a few odds and ends, I really do enjoy it. But what I saw described for #2 seems to be a different casting system.

Well that's why I said most of what he said seemed like either fluff or campaign specific stuff. It's as acceptable to research new/different powers in psionics as it is in core magic (the chapter on powers explains that if your GM will allow you to research powers, existing or creating new ones, follow these rules). How you research those is more or less up to you, and it might include mentorship or something, as appropriate to the group.

Now if making some checks and learning a thing from someone else is a mechanical thing that he is wanting, then that could be an issue, but most all of the fluff was definitely there. Right down to all encompassing magic system with different traditions.

I must politely disagree that core casting makes it so using more powerful spells requires you to rest sooner. In fact, the amount of magical energy you have is pretty irrelevant as Vancian-style casting functions more like a revolver rather than a battery. You either have bullets in the chamber or you don't. You can shoot all your low-charge bulets and still have A-Bombs in the silo, or throw off all your A-Bombs and still have your .22 in reserve. This is why vancian casting is so awkward. It works nothing like the vast majority of people expect magic to work like (even a lot of D&D novels gloss over vancian-style casting).

I also pointed out that due to the nature of what was described, it could also be met by other magic systems, such as Star Wars d20's magic system -- which looks nothing like 3.5/PF psionics by the way -- which can represent pretty much everything mentioned, except, maybe the mentoring thing.

But the mentoring thing sounds either like RPing fluff, or something...

Forcing people to only learn magic from mentors also makes for awkward immersion. Like in Skyrim, you can only learn spells from reading spell books which destroys the book... so who gave the first casters spell books?

It also basically forces you into the trope of "ancient civilizations were more magically powerful and their magic has been lost"... which kind of sums up the majority of campaign settings out there, be it in games, books, or even anime. In this way, the ancient civilizations discovered magic and can just *learn* it (previous Elder Scrolls games), while the current generation has lost this ability and needs to be taught it and if all the casters were to die, so too would the magic (Skyrim).

5 people marked this as a favorite.

I wasn't disappointed with the announcement, because I already knew Paizo wasn't going to do power points and that psychic magic was going to be vancian. That's been abundantly clear from following the Ask James Jacobs thread. Normally, he's doesn't talk about potential future projects, but he's been pretty adamant that psychic magic, when it was done, would be vancian and wouldn't involve power points.

Regardless, I'm super excited about the kineticist. It sounds kind of like I'd be able to play an Avatar style bender with it, or even mimic several Force abilities. If only Paizo had released some sort of energy blade in the Technology Guide... Jedi Bender!

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Ashiel wrote:

On the subject of the wish thing, there's a Paizo-published adventure module that has that exact thing. There's an NPC, her dragon buddy, and her bound efreeti. The NPC's ability scores are mysteriously 3 points higher in every score than a normal NPC of her level, and her genie is mildly irritated by having to grant wishes to appease her spoiled dragon-friend.

If you encounter an efreeti "in the wild" or something, sure, I'm all for the efreeti having his laughs. However, when you bind a creature it is compelled to obey your demands if you succeeded at your opposed Charisma check or it agreed willingly, which means that if one of your demands is "grant me wishes and don't **** 'em up," then you're going to get wishes that aren't ****ed up.

It's quite telling that during the Pathfinder alpha/beta playtest that efreeti binding for wishes actually came up, and the devs said that they would look into it and possibly change the HD of the efreeti or something to prevent it; but instead we have bind-able efreeti and a very nerfed wish spell.

The new wish is in fact so nerfed by comparison to the old one, that it's almost like they expected you to find ways to cast it without actually casting it.

That module being Seven Swords of Sin for those that are curious.

Legacy of Fire:
Also this seems to be a major aspect of the backstory for the this AP. That is, a wizard binds an efreet to grant him wishes and, in return, the caster will make wishes that will benefit the efreet.

[Edit] Also, for those who care about the passage that refers to the genie granting wishes.

Seven Swords of Sin:
Upon arriving in this room, the PCs confront two identical red dragons basking in the pool’s heat. Only one of them is real. Revorax, a very young red dragon who Tirana has raised from ha tching, is intensely loyal (most of the time) to his adopted mother. In order to keep him safe and entertained, Tirana has entrusted him with Surnom, her captive efreet, who spends much of his time lurking below the surface of the lava pool. Surnom has a rather low opinion of Revorax but must grant the dragon’s wishes. The other dragon in the room is a permanent duplicate image of Revorax created by Surnom to confuse intruders and appeal to Revorax’s vanity.

8 people marked this as a favorite.

Another case of "I can't argue against it, so it's not allowed in this discussion!"

Seriously, any time someone makes brings up undeniable proof of magic being the more powerful system, you claim it's not valid because it's cheese, or an exploit, or an exception to the rule.

It seems like the only points which are valid, are your opinions. Any concrete facts, or opinions of others, are invalid because they aren't stated by you.

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Ashiel wrote:
Tels wrote:
The Genie wrote:
I would love to see official psionic or psychic magic in Pathfinder. I do so love that gut reaction of someone when you say you are bringing a psychic to the party and they immediately start complaining how broken psionics are. And there sits the Wizard not two seats from him who has the potential to summon a celestial quasi-god level being to destroy anything he desires 4 times a day should he choose.

6 times a day if he opts to fill all of his slots, because, you know, he can just add s$#@ to his prepared spells between encounters if he needs to.

Or that Druid who is all "lol, psions..." *incense of whoopass* *dazing maximized flame strike* *wildshape* "RaWr!"

It's kind of funny, 'cause with my psion Agatha, I had actually considered making her a druid from the start but didn't want to wait until 5th level to start shapeshifting so I opted for psion (egoist/shaper) instead for shapeshifting + summoning and it was the best decision ever.

Not for power though. She'd be much scarier as a druid I think. I spend such a huge amount of effort keeping her squishy butt unkillable that it leaves little room for "roflstomping". Druids don't have that problem, since even if you don't plan to actually make use of wildshape for offensive purposes, crafting some +5 wild full plate and +5 wild tower shield and prancing about in that junk all day long is just par for the course. No check penalties, no drawbacks, just obscene AC that stacks with your massive +6 (+11 after enhancement) natural armor bonus.

While you're pooping dazing lighting bolts, and throwing maximized firestorms around, all the while enjoying an extra +1 HP / level, a strong fortitude, an animal companion (or domain powers), and having some nice bonus features like immunity to poison. ^_^

Fun fact, I saved your posts about "why blaster druids are awesome" into a google doc that I called Ashiel's Guide to the Blaster Druid. Though, now that I look at it, you referred to it as Incense of Asswhupping, not whoopass :P

I sorry, Senpai, I failed your lessons! :'(


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Ashiel wrote:
Ssalarn wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
What would a "good DM" do? I can think of quite a few counters to scry & fry tactics, but most generally require that the big bad also be a big bad wizard (preferably a hermit too); unless I'm just word of godding it, and at that point I'm just admitting there's a problem.

I would imagine that even non-caster BBEGs are going to be paranoid enough when they hit a certain level to start lining the walls with lead and paying casters to ward the hell out of their lairs.

I also have a really entertaining Bravery feat I wrote for a Fighter BBEG that allows him to attack a square a caster has just teleported out of and leap through the weakened fabric of reality to chase down fleeing casters. Which is obviously not core or anything, but still fun and an example of the kind of stuff I wish we'd get for high level martials.

Firstly, that feat sounds baller. :P

The lead sheeting thing is actually one of the reasons I mentioned being a hermit. You basically have to stay bunkered down in your box-house that is going to give you brain-damaged babies 'cause of the lead paint, so that those scary casters out to get you don't come hurt you. Ever considered the amount of lead that you'd need to coat your average dungeon with? Yeesh.

If you decide being a hermit sitting in your tin-foil house isn't for you, then you need something like nondetection, but a magic item of nondetection that will actually matter to a serious caster is kind of a joke, in that it's so prohibitively expensive as to be unavailable to pretty much everyone. A CL 20th 24/7 item of non-detection costs a whopping 120,000 gp. That's do-able for very high-level PCs, but NPCs? They don't even have 120,000 gp until they're CR 19, let-alone enough to get it and buy gear with too. >_>

Though I suppose a 1/day nondetection item that had a 24th caster level might be somewhat feasible at 25,920 gp. Yeah that'd probably be for the best really, since it'd harder to detect you (DC...

In Pathfinder, my preference for caster strongholds is the Create Demiplane spells with awesome melee minions. See, you use Lesser Demiplane with permanency for your basic structure. Then you use castings of Create Demiplane and Greater Demiplane to add stuff, because when you use any of the Create Demiplane to alter a plane, the duration becomes instantaneous (which means permanent). So you first use Greater Demiplane to add in a permanent gate (so you can get out), then you give the demiplane the 'dead magic' trait (which functions like antimagic field. Drop in some beasties who don't need magic of any sort to kill PCs and then watch them cry as they enter the demiplane for the final showdown, only to find that all of their thousands of GP of magical items... stop working. Dem martials get eated right up and spitted out.

Bonus points if you hand a sign over the Gate that says "Exit" on it so the PCs know where to flee too with their tails between their legs.

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To be fair, the Psion can simply manifest 9th level powers 24 times where as the Wizard cannot. For example, an Egoist could manifest Greater Metamorphosis 24 times in a day if he so chose to do so. Where as the Wizard could cast it only 5 times (if specialized) in a day, or the Sorcerer 6 times.

Fun fact though, the Arcane caster gets 200 minutes per casting of Shapechange, while the Egoist gets up to only 17 minutes per manifestation of Greater Metamorphosis (if he manifests it at ML 20th, he can't manifest 24 9th level powers each day).

So, lets do some math! 17 minutes per manifestation times 24 manifestations each day equals 408 minutes of Greater Metamorphosis each day! Odd, a Wizard needs only 2 castings of Shapechange to achieve nearly the exact same duration. So that Egoist has blown all of his power points for the equivalent of 2 Wizard spells. The Wizard still has 3 more 9th level spells and all of hist 1st - 8th level spells left.

Man, them psionics is sure OP. Magics is teh sux0rz!

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My God... burning hands is actually a 3rd level spell! Wow, magic OP!

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The Genie wrote:
I would love to see official psionic or psychic magic in Pathfinder. I do so love that gut reaction of someone when you say you are bringing a psychic to the party and they immediately start complaining how broken psionics are. And there sits the Wizard not two seats from him who has the potential to summon a celestial quasi-god level being to destroy anything he desires 4 times a day should he choose.

6 times a day if he opts to fill all of his slots, because, you know, he can just add s%%# to his prepared spells between encounters if he needs to.

Or that Druid who is all "lol, psions..." *incense of whoopass* *dazing maximized flame strike* *wildshape* "RaWr!"

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Orthos wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
Funny thing is, I don't have a huge problem with simulacrum. Even played strait it's not that bad unless you're really going nuts with it. I even wrote up a revision for it that would help more GMs be comfortable, but simulacrum is a thing. Even used in it's least-interpretive manner (making some half-level clones of yourself and/or party members) it's still one of the most powerful spells (you can make wizards, seriously).

Pretty much this. I've never run a game or played in one where simulacrum was banned. Granted I've only been in two games that got high enough level to matter, but you (Nathanael) make it sound like if you don't ban the spell from the get-go you're "unreasonable".

Am I unreasonable then? Are the other GMs at my table? Is that going to be the next recourse, calling anyone unreasonable who doesn't subscribe to your notions of game balance?

More importantly, what other spells should we go ahead and assume all "reasonable" GMs ban from the starting line? Let's go ahead and make that list, so we know exactly where you're wanting to consider "balance" as starting from. Because clearly we have to remove all the stuff "reasonable" GMs would remove before we can "properly" compare the power level between arcane magic and psionics.

If you have to make a list of spells that 'all reasonable GMs ban' from the get-go, but get to include all of the psionic powers... well, then he just lost the argument from the get-go.

We're going to talk about how psionics is OP compared to magic, but you can't bring up and of X spells because they are b@*+@&$ crazy OP and destroy the game. Also, I don't have a counter to them so...

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No one brings up the shenanigans that is Explosive Runes yet?

Sure, a Balor has SR, but only an SR of 28, so CL 20 Explosive Runes gets a roll of 1d20+20, it's not a guaranteed odds, sure, but it only needs a roll of 8. See, funny thing about Psionics, I don't recall if they have a lot of 'permanent' duration powers, and the ones that are? They aren't like Explosive Runes. The Wizard or Sorcerer could, theoretically, have nearly any number of Explosive Runes prepared on an object, and with only need an 8 or higher, most of those Runes are going to get through the SR.

Also, if you use a Wand of Dispel Magic, the CL check to dispel the runes is 1d20+5 vs a DC of 31, a.k.a. zero chance of succeeding in the dispel and 100% chance of causing all of the runes to explode because 3.5 Dispel includes an AoE option. I don't recall if you can cast at a lower level in 3.5, but if you can, then you could also use Spectral Hand and Erase to do the same job.

But... you know, those are all low level spells and are completely useless in a combat at high levels.

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jemstone wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Cowboy Bebop has the moon split in two...

That's really more of a "big chunk taken out of it."

If you want more of a Moon Split In Two thing, you have to go for Thundarr The Barbarian.

Which, come to think of it, the Technology Guide handily enables... ;)

Does not. There is no energy blade in the Tech Guide.

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Can I send a platter full of brownies with a single Liz Courts brownie hidden on the platter? Then you get to play the game, "Guess Which One Doesn't Suck!" Sounds fun eh?

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Mars Roma wrote:

As long as it goes the way of Mythic powers, I.E., Never sees PFS Play and is made a Novelty boon in some random scenario for a 1 to 3 time use only, Then cross off. I don't care.

People are going to assume its broken. which is why some people will be drawn to it, that and flavor. Paizo will likely handle it well but id rather they not risk exposure to the hate. from both lovers of the old Psionics and from people who misunderstood how powerful it really was.

Yeah... that's not going to happen. Also, 3.5 and Pathfinder Psionics were/are well balanced. The issue comes from people not following the rules. But that's an issue regardless of whether or not you're using Psionics.

One of the big issues was the manifester level cap on PP. It's akin to someone saying, "Oh, I'm 5th level but I can cast a 10th level Fireball".

Seriously, compare all of the similar powers/spells between the two systems and you'll find Spells are more powerful probably 9/10 times. In addition, when you compare what Psionics can do that Spells can't vs what Spells can do but Psionics can't... again, Spells are more powerful.

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I blame Cosmo for this Ocarina of Time 'Can-Can Remix' video.



What are you doing?





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Mythic JMD031 wrote:
That sounds like addict logic.

That's a good analogy. If you can keep the brownie high going, life is fine... but if you lose it, that Cosmo Crash is a particularly mean one.

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ulgulanoth wrote:
no it doesn't, you just don't see the Cosmo until it is too late

Think of it more as a suppressed Cosmo existence, but one with retroactive consequences. As long as you keep eating the brownies, you ward of Cosmo... but if you ever miss a day, then Cosmo gets to inflict chaos on your life again. Plus, he gets to include all of the chaos that would have affected you without the brownies.

So be sure to secure those supply lines, because the longer you go with the brownies, the worse the backlash is for you.

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Sara Marie wrote:
Feros wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:
robot chris: I would dive into tires on fire over a course of mud for a [Liz Courts] brownie.
Leaving one to wonder what exactly Liz puts in her brownies...
Butter. And chocolate.

Pro-tip, a Sara Marie brownie a day, keeps the Cosmo away.

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Giorgo wrote:
1- Has the reception to this book been well received and a financial success?

To my understanding, Paizo does not release financial information likes this.

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