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RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 8,460 posts (8,512 including aliases). 1 review. 6 lists. No wishlists. 11 aliases.

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Letariel wrote:
Cyrad wrote:


Paizo has done a great job giving the kineticist a lot of support since its release. Two books introduced tons of new content. In the realm of 3pp, Purple Duck Games's Kineticists of Porphyra is pretty well done.

Letariel wrote:
Ok, forget the archer comparison, and instead go with the sorcerer comparison. A sorcerer going for evocation (let's say fireball or battering blast as the most common) will always do more damage, assuming it's not a total marathon game (which is pretty rare). And the sorcerer will also being flying/invisible/untouchable and have utility spells, so the utility comparison will be similar. Am I wrong?
The sorcerer should still be doing more damage with single uses of spells because they don't have an at-will blast aside from cantrips. Nearly all of the kineticist's utility is either at-will or can be at-will.

Cyrad: In theory, I agree with you, but for realistically, I've never heard of a sorcerer that ran out of spells after lvl 2 (before which, as you stated, they just use their cantrips). Sure, there are some DMs that run marathon games where an kineticist would shine, but a typical game has characters resting when they are out of resources (spells, arcane points, judgements, hps, etc). In those typical circumstances, "single uses of spells" are pretty much infinite.

ASharkInAPanzerNamedShark: As for not wanting to compare to the sorcerer because there isn't as much content for the kineticist, isn't that the point of this thread? To make more content?

Okay, first of all, please stop exaggerating. You can't honestly say that you've never heard of a sorcerer, or any other caster, running out of spells past level 2; that's extremely dishonest, or you never speak to anyone about games.

The system cannot be balanced around the idealized 5-minute work day; this isn't reality. Lots of GMs don't let their parties rest unhindered. Lots of GMs cause disruptions in parties forcing them to keep going. Pathfinder, at it's base, is built upon the assumption of having multiple encounters in which parties expend resources during adventuring. Granted, not every day is going to have 5+ fights, but it should during any significant location of enemies, i.e. dungeons, castles, ships, etc.

If you honestly think that the Kineticist needs more damage, and be capable of matching evocation focused casters, or DPR Archers, then you should not be giving advice on the Kineticist. The kineticist does perfectly acceptable damage, and brings quite a bit to the table as long as you are aware that the kineticist is intentionally designed, from the ground up, on purpose not to be the heaviest hitter in the lineup! It is not intended to be dealing more damage than other classes focused on doing so, nor is it intended to bring more utility than other classes focused on doing so. It is intended to be a hybrid of the two.

Stop comparing kineticists to Archer Fighters, or Fireball Sorcerers, and start looking at them in comparison to Bards, or Inquisitors, or Magus. Sure, those classes can push beyond the kineticist in damage and utility, but they also blow through their resources doing it. The kineticist holds up just fine when you compare it to the classes it should be compared to.

It is not the king of AoE blasting. It is not the king of single target damage. It is not the king of utility. But it's pretty good at all three of them, and never has to worry about not having enough resources for the next fight. Other classes do, and they do it frequently. Full casters, partial casters, and martials, they all run out of resources, while a Kineticist can very often go whole adventures without needing to take more burn than what she uses to charge up her defense.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
I'm still unclear why Cosmo enjoys giving dogs diseases...

Because the borderline murderous apathy and absolute certainty of superiority cats possess is more akin to Cosmo than the affable and loving nature of dogs?

I Cosmo for people not understanding this.

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Couldn't they just make Jolistina cast 3 good aligned spells back-to-back-to-back and instead of a crazy, evil elf, she's now a crazy, good elf?

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wynterknight wrote:
Genuine wrote:
wynterknight wrote:
Genuine wrote:

Another question about kinetic maneuver: If I use it to disarm someone at range, does the weapon snap to the kineticist, or drop on the ground right there?

I'd say it falls on the ground like a normal disarm, but then you could use basic tk to pick it up as a separate action (assuming the target hasn't picked it up, first.)
Not quite as fun. :/ I like the jedi sort of image where stuff snaps into my hands. At least propelling an item 15' is just a move action with mage hand, so if I don't move I can still deny stuff to my target.
Oh, I agree it's not as cool, but unfortunately in a rules-heavy system like this, cool is often overriden by rules. If you're playing a home game, I'd talk to your DM and see what they'll allow; it's not like it's a particularly overpowered thing to do, and there's a sort of precedent with the pilfering hand spell, which allows for you to pull the item to yourself.

Disarming weapon wielding enemy is one of the best things you can do to them. Typically, anyway. You take the sword from a high level martial, and you gut much of their offensive power.

If this were allowed, a telekinetic could use a wand of true strike to, basically, auto succeed the disarm and then yank the powerful artifact or weapon away from an enemy.

It may be a simple thing, but it's also very powerful if used right as you simultaneously disarm them, and remove the weapon from their reach.

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My family and I are, right now, sitting on a plane bound for New Zealand. Hasn't left yet, not even taxi'd. Just sitting at the gate and... the bloody plane lost f**~ing power twice!!!

What the hell Cosmo?

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Deadbeat Doom wrote:
Tels wrote:
Haldelar Baxter wrote:

What's the best weapons for use with the conductive weapon ability for kineticists?

Preferably those that don't require additional feats to use

It's still a little iffy, but I believe you can only use the conductive ability with kinetic blast on ranged weapons, because kinetic blast is a ranged weapon.
Wouldn't you be able to apply Kinetic Blade to an energy blast to circumvent that?

Many, if not most, GMs would, but kinetic blade is technically a non-aiction that activates when you make an attack. It could be argued that, since you're not attacking with kinetic blade, you can't activate it to use as part of conductive.

There have been multiple debates about it in various threads, I've never followed it very closely enough to know the arguments each side uses. This is just a recollection of my skin readings of the debates.

Personally, I would never use conductive for this purpose as you don't benefit from Overflow with conductive. Kineticist itself has little to know support for using non-kinetic blast weapons, so you're basically wielding a weapon using only your BAB and ability scores. You don't have class features to boost the damage and accuracy of the attack for conductive to even come into play.

Also, keep in mind that conductive requires you to pay twice the cost. So if you can't reduce the burn cost to 0, if will cost you double burn to use conductive. Since there is a limit on how much burn kineticist can accept each round, you may not even be able to pay the cost to activate conductive.

So for me, conductive is just not worth it. It may be an interesting niche strategy for a super-single shot attack. Like some super vital strike/conductive attack. But that would just make it a gimmick.

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Skeld wrote:
Tels wrote:
I have three copies of the PDF of the posts that Klara saved. Others have copies as well. If anyone wants to find them, they are out there, and aren't hard to find. I can't share them here, because Paizo will delete the post, otherwise I would.

Isn't the problem, though, not the posts themselves, but the offline interaction between Ashiel and the mod, which led to the ban? Posts get modded all the time, but there were emotionally charged emails and a thread in Feedback that were the main contributors to the ban. That's the impression I got.


For the most part, yes. However, Ashiel is my friend and I'm not going to let him paint Ashiel as the perpetrator behind these most recent events, when he had very little to do with it. Nor am I going to let him paint Rysky as innocent and, essentially, a beacon of justice, in this matter either.

It's one of those issues of public portrayals, isn't it? Any public action over this would never occur if Ashiel and Raital are painted as the ones at fault here, as Paizo and Ambrosias have. If no one corrects the portrayal, then, obviously, they are guilty right?

Ambrosias' recounting of events is incorrect, in my opinion anyway, and it negatively effects Ashiel's and Raital's standing in this matter.

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So, Ambrosia, you are telling me that you read the posts in question, and have determined that Rysky was not upset about them, despite, literally, telling Klara, "F~+# You!" over her post made? Further more, you think the other posters were trying to gaslight and dismiss Rysky and that he was engaging in good faith.

If this is actually true, then we have nothing more to talk about on this subject. I can only conclude that you were incredibly biased in your reading of those posts, as the posters that were "gaslighting" him went to great efforts to try and explain the misunderstanding to Rysky before the posts were removed.

Despite every explanation, and clarification, by Klara and others in the thread, Rysky repeatedly claimed that Klara was equating transexual people with psychopaths and schizophrenics, simply because Klara was using them as people representing a similar popularity density.

That's it. That's all Klara was doing in that post. She was saying that, based on population, for every 1 transsexual person, there are roughly 3 psychopaths, and 3 schizophrenics in the world. However, portrayals of these three demographics is vastly skewed. You will find vastly more transsexual people in media, than you will find psychopaths and schizophrenics (outside of law shows, anyway).

It is in my opinion, and many others, that Rsyky grossly exaggerated the situation and then continued to keep blowing the problem out of proportion for over a misunderstanding that he refused to contemplate.

I have three copies of the PDF of the posts that Klara saved. Others have copies as well. If anyone wants to find them, they are out there, and aren't hard to find. I can't share them here, because Paizo will delete the post, otherwise I would.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

If a mod finds a post "upsetting", then odds are other posters and silent readers do to. And since usually a mod isn't aware of specific posts until someone flags them, then the odds that more than on person was upset seems increasingly likely. And unlike posters who can just close a thread and ignore, Paizo's staff are stuck with being exposed to it. Why should Paizo staff have to tolerate insensitive and abusive posts in their work environment, especially when they have warned these same posters repeatedly to desist?

Why are some of the banned posters' defenders so adamant on defending them, urging for extra consideration and tolerance of repeated bad behavior, but are perfectly willing to throw someone else under the bus--in this case, Rysky--simply because he happened to be the only one to openly probe the poster's thoughts and attempt to engage in a discussion with the problematic conclusions in those posts? Is it because Rysky is a SJW, something he (and I) consider a badge of honor, but is considered an abusive/dismissive epithet on "friendly" places where free speech is more valuable than community and inclusion?

A post can be upsetting without being abusive or insensitive. I don't recall if you are one of the people who have actually read the removed posts, but if you aren't, then please don't speak more on the subject until you do.

But, to address your comments on Rysky... Rysky grossly misunderstood what was being said and became very upset over the post. Rysky continued to be upset, and defended his viewpoint causing him to be upset, even after being repeatedly told that he was misunderstanding the post. This was not a case of "Rysky being the only one brake enough to confront these horrible monsters posting on the forum".

Why are we defending the banned posters? Because they did nothing wrong. Outside of reposting a thread asking for clarification, after being told to make the thread in the first place, Raital did absolutely nothing wrong. Banned.

Ashiel hardly even participated in the discussion that lead to the posts being removed. Then Ashiel sought out answers to why it was removed, and expressed his opinion over the upsetting actions taken by Pazio. Banned.

They did nothing wrong, and they were banned. I'm sure Paizo will do their best to justify Ashiel's banning by continue to state he'd been a repeatedly problematic poster and Ashiel ignored several instances of correspondence correcting his posting habits (which Ashiel claims never happened, as he lacks any such correspondence in his email)... but they have no justification for Raital.

Their justification for banning Ashiel is flimsy at best, but Raital was banned with no word, no warning.

In addition, I will defend Ashiel and Raital, because they can't be here to defend themselves. I highly any significant portion of people monitoring this thread would bother to seek out Ashiel or Raital to find out what happened from their point. We certainly know Pazio won't reveal what happened.

If we weren't here posting, then the only what Paizo posts, painting Ashiel and Raital as being clearly wrong, would exist. I'm not saying everything Ashiel did was right, but I also feel he didn't do anything worth being banned over. Despite what Paizo says or claims. Unless Raital is being incredibly dishonest in her account, then I know she did nothing to be banned over.

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noretoc wrote:
Lady Ladile wrote:

The only real 'issue' I feel compelled to comment on is the tendency of some posters and mods to automatically assume the worst intentions behind certain posts - malice instead of ignorance. It's nothing unique to the Paizo forums but it bothers me when I see it, even more so from a mod because they represent Paizo as a company.

I understand that everyone has bad days and some have more garbage to deal with behind the scenes than others, I really do. But please, if you see a post that upsets you just step back for a moment and ask yourself what the odds are that the person who made it was deliberately being offensive/sarcastic vs. speaking out of ignorance. Barring obvious trolling language I'd bet it's most likely the latter instead of the former, especially when you consider that people from all over the world and of various cultures and walks of life read and post here. I say this because it sounds like just that sort of thing was the catalyst for this whole mess in the first place.

Why?? If the post upset a mod, why should they step back. There is a good chance it upsets other people too. Everyone has to realize this is a business, not just a social group, and everything found on their website is a reflection of them. If they leave up a post that can be taken the wrong way, then some one is going to take it the wrong way. That person may also think Paizo agrees with the post, since they didn't do anything to moderate it. That can lead to reputation damage. Why even put yourself in that situation if you are a company? Users of this forum should consider themselves very lucky that Paizo is not stronger in their moderation. As a company it would be safer for them, and they would be well within their right.

Because just because a post upsets a mod, does not mean that post is worthy of deletion. A mod can become upset over a post for any number of reasons, it could touch on subject matter that the mod struggles with (rape, addiction, domestic violence, infidelity), it could express opposing political views, it could express opposing social views, it could criticize something the mod greatly enjoys...

There are many reasons why a mod might find themself upset over a post, without that post breaking any rules. The problem is, that very well could have happened here on Paizo. I find it highly suspicious that the posts expressing Ashiel's critical opinion of Anevia's portrayal in WotR was removed, despite it not breaking any rules. The posts may have lead to posts later on down the line that broke the rules, but the initial criticism did not. There are countless examples of Post A leading to someone making Post B that would cause a series of deleted posts, but leave Post A behind.

Having born witness to many people expressing concern that their posts have been removed for being critical of Pazio's published work, especially published work involving LGBT characters, these actions make me extremely wary.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
I can't speak to GitP, but I've found Reddit and 4chan some of the very least friendly or welcoming places on the Internet, especially when expressing a non-majority view.

It's impossible to speak of reddit as whole in those terms, as it depends entirely on which subreddit you're posting in. Each subreddit is it's own community and each community behaves differently.

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I'd like to add a little clarity, I do know that posts can and will be removed even if they in no way, shape or form even come close to breaking the rules if they are in response to a post that does break the rules and is being removed. There are also times when posts get "caught in the sweep" so-to-speak, and get removed on accident.

These are not the times myself and others are concerned about though. Leaving the rules entirely up to moderator judgement, means leaving it up to moderator mood swings.

Example: Say... Bonzu Pippinpaddle Oppsokopolis, the Third, comes into work today, after dealing with a messy break up with his cheating partner. Bonzu starts going through the forums, doing his moderator thing, and comes across some heated (but rule abiding) discussion about a poster asking if his Paladin should fall from grace for cheating on his wife. Bonzu, his mood on edge, decides to lock the thread and delete some posts. Not because the rules were broken, but because the subject matter grated against his mood that day.

Perhaps, as time goes on, Bonzu begins taking personal offense towards posts discussing infidelity and goes looking for justification to remove those posts, and possibly punish the poster.

I don't want to believe this is happening, but it is a perception that is developing on the boards as people have their posts removed that express viewpoints known to clash with members of Paizo's community. Unfortunately, I can't really provide any examples of these, because they've been removed, but it usually stems from a political or social viewpoint and can develop out of rules, advice, off-topic etc, threads.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

To the staff of Paizo, you have, on multiple occasions now, claimed that you have “corresponded” with Ashiel over the last 4 years about posting appropriately on this site. Exactly what do you mean by this? Because Ashiel has stated, on another forum, that he has only 1 such record of anything, and that was for a 24 hour ban, for something he admittedly did that was wrong. Outside of that single email, Paizo has never contacted Ashiel about any such posting policies.

The only thing that I can imagine you mean by this, then, is that Ashiel has been apart of many discussion in which his, and many others, posts were removed. If this is what you mean, then why have you not taken such action with others? Hell, why have you not taken such action with myself? I have received multiple 3-day bans for my conduct here on the forums, doing such things as sniping at Mods, being outright abusive, and the most heinous of them all, being Sarcastic. No, that was not sarcasm, I was actually banned for 3 days for being sarcastic.

I have also had many of my own posts removed, maybe not as many as Ashiel, but many of them. So why am I not banned? Why have others who have been just as disruptive, sarcastic and borderline abusive, not been banned? Do you even keep records of these things?

If so, please forward all such records on Ashiel, to Ashiel, as he has no such record of them. If you don't have any records, then what are you using to back up your claims other than half-remembered scenarios? I know that, in many cases that Ashiel's posts were removed, he wasn't even breaking any rules, other posters were.

Or is that the problem? Is the problem that Ashiel, unintentionally or not, riles up other posters to cause problems, even if he himself is not breaking any rules?

I would suggest you take a good, long, hard look at any moderation incidents involving Ashiel and see who was the one at fault. If Ashiel wasn't the one causing the problem, then why is he being punished now?

I'd also like to ask why posts discussing Anevia's portrayal in Wrath of the Righteous were removed from the thread. I'm assuming the posts that got flagged for removal were either Klara's statistics post, or Rysky's response to it, and any replies. The posts before that involved a very calm and polite discussion on the Anevia's portrayal and why Ashiel disagrees with it. As far as I'm aware, nothing in those posts broke any forum rules, so why were they removed?

I would also like to see you, being Paizo's moderation team, open up discussion with Raital Latral was also banned. I'm not as familiar with what happened with her, but Ashiel provided a discord copy of their discussion. Raital claims that she was in the process of posting in the Ask thread, supplying her own viewpoint on the discussion as a trans perseon herself, when all the posts got removed, and she made her post. She added a bit about how scary it was for mods to come in and remove any discussion, effectively silencing her voice. Her post was likewise removed.

Raital proceeded to contact Paizo, I believe she made a phone call, and was directed to post in the Website Feedback forum and ask what happened. So she made her post... and it was deleted. She made the post again, and it was deleted. Then she got banned.

No discussion, no warnings, no $200 for passing Go, just banned. I cannot conceive of Raital being a disruptive poster or doing, really anything, worthy of being banned and yet...

Ashiel has stated that he is a trans person, and so has Raital. Ashiel was part of a discussion on why he disagreed with Anevia's portrayal as a trans character. Other members furthered the discussion, and caused it to become heated. Ashiel had very little to do with the heated discussion, bar the initial criticism of the portrayal of Anevia. Raital only made 3 posts total, the one in the Ask thread, and the creation of 2 threads.

Appearance wise, you have two trans people being banned over their criticism of a trans character in your product and the following discussion. You claim it was because you have had repeated correspondence with Ashiel over his post content over the years, but you have provided no explanation for why Raital was banned.

Personally, I find your explanation suspect for Ashiel's, and furthermore, I find your ban for Raital highly displeasing.

Now, I've been a loyal customer of Paizo for years now, ever since a friend gave me the Core Rulebook as a birthday gift several years ago. I've purchased nearly every hardback book todate (I have not purchased Horror Adventures or Ultimate Intrigue), and I have bough many Adventure Paths, soft cover books and accessories, such as flip-maps, harrow decks, map cards etc. I may have been disenchanted with recent design decisions, but I've still been purchasing things I liked and wanted. Granted, I haven't been using your online store, as I prefer to buy local, but I've still been buying.

But these recent incidents have ruined me as a customer of your products. I don't like the way you've treated people I consider friends. I don't like the way you guys moderate your board, as there are no real rules, extremely vague guidelines, and moderation policies are as fickle as the moods of the moderation team. With the exception of a few threads, like Ravingdork's Character Gallery, or N. Jolly's threads on the Kineticist, I will also no longer be a member of these boards.

I don't believe this incident reflects well on Paizo as a company. It also doesn't reflect well on the deep rooted perceptions of a notable part of the community that there is some form of censorship behind the scenes done by the moderation team. I've seen many posters comment on the boards that their, or others', posts have been removed. They didn't break any guidelines, but they did clash with the personal beliefs of members of the Paizo staff, or actions taken by the staff.

It also doesn't help, that for all the claims of trying to be a fair moderation team, there have been examples of this not occurring. There is a growing perception that certain actions taken are unofficially approved of, depending on who they are taken against. Such as harassing or insulting people who disagree with Paizo; as long as the posts don't generate too much stink, or are too public, they are often overlooked, even when flagged, because they are made against “approved targets”.

Likewise, I know your moderation of incidents with Ashiel has been suspect in the past. I won't mention the users name, but many know that Ashiel was actively stalked, harassed, and abused by a poster on these boards; the poster even went so far as to use information he'd gained over the years to track down Ashiel's personal Facebook account and spread it around the boards. Thankfully, Ross Byers, if I recall, deleted those posts and reprimanded the poster. But this activity went on for years and nothing was done about it. It wasn't until this poster got a little snippy in a playtest thread with one of the design team that he was finally banned. If I recall correctly, the poster even admitted to monitoring Ashiel's profile page to see where, and what, Ashiel was posting so he could respond to it.

Pazio has not done right by Ashiel in the past, nor is Pazio doing right in the here and now. Even if you were to unban Ashiel, which I suspect you won't, I don't know if he were to come back. As it stands now, Paizo has repeatedly proven it's moderation policy is suspect and can easily be abused.

This is all I have to say for now. I don't know if you will respond to any or all of this post, and I don't know if it will help make Paizo a better place in the future... but I felt in needed to be said. I don't believe anyone at Paizo intended this to happen, nor do I believe there is actually any intentional censorship going on. Regardless, I wish Paizo well in it's future endeavors, and more than that, I wish Paizo's forums becomes a better place. I've greatly enjoyed my time here, and I will miss it sorely. I will continue to monitor this, and a select few other threads, but as of now, I'm gone.


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Azten wrote:
Squiggit wrote:
avr wrote:
For max damage you likely want to use kinetic blade/whip, especially if there's someone who might haste you.
per all the FAQs on non-manufactured weapons, kinetic blade likely can't benefit from haste.

This FAQ is the real problem.

Ranged Weapon Attack FAQ wrote:

Weapon Attacks and Special Abilities: Many places in the rules use the term “ranged weapon attacks” and similar terms, but how does this apply to spells, spell-like abilities, supernatural abilities, and extraordinary abilities (heretoafter called special abilities) that require ranged attacks but might not necessarily seem like weapons?

In general, special abilities that require attack rolls benefit and suffer from all modifiers affecting attack rolls even if those modifiers mention weapon attack rolls (such as the penalty for firing into melee, the bonus on attack rolls from Point-Blank Shot and inspire courage, and the like), unless the spell specifically calls out that it doesn’t apply them (for instance spiritual weapon calls out that it isn’t affected by feats and combat actions, but it would still have to deal with cover, and firing into melee if ranged).

When it comes to modifiers that affect weapon damage rolls, or simply “damage rolls” (such as the bonus on damage rolls from Point-Blank Shot, inspire courage, and smite evil), special abilities that deal damage on a successful attack roll, apply them on hit point damage only, and only once per casting or use, rather than once per attack. For instance, if a spell or special ability launched a dozen different ranged attacks simultaneously, only one (of the user’s choice) would receive bonus damage. This doesn’t apply on area effects with the rare potential for extraneous attack rolls, like fireball. However, there is a category of abilities that deserve a special note: Abilities like Arcane Strike that specifically enhance a character’s weapon or weapons themselves never apply to special abilities (with the exception of special abilities like the warlock’s mystic bolts that specifically call out that Arcane Strike applies).

In the same vein as abilities like Arcane Strike that affect a character’s weapons, abilities that say “with a weapon,” “with a melee weapon,” and “with a ranged weapon” almost never work with special abilities because such wording is almost always used as shorthand for “manufactured weapon,” “manufactured melee weapon,” and “manufactured ranged weapon.” The exception is abilities that deal damage when a creature touches or hits you in melee (for instance, the occultis’s energy ward focus power), which should also deal damage when a creature makes a melee touch attack against you but rarely call them out directly.

Certain special abilities (for instance rays, kinetic blasts, and mystic bolts) can specifically be selected with feats like Weapon Focus and Improved Critical. They still aren’t considered a type of weapon for other rules; they are not part of any weapon group and don’t qualify for the effects of fighter weapon training, warpriest sacred weapon, magus arcane pool, paladin divine bond, or any other such ability.

Abilities that modify the action usage of ranged weapon attacks or require their own special action almost never work with special abilities, since special abilities require their own actions. For instance, Pinpoint Targeting wouldn’t work with scorching ray or the soundstriker’s weird words because each of them requires its own action to activate and thus can’t be part of the feat’s specific standard action. Rare exceptions include mystic bolts and kinetic blade, which can specifically be used as part of other actions.

This FAQ plays all merry hell with the Kineticist. Here's why:

  • Nearly every instance of "melee weapon" or "ranged weapon" is shorthand for "manufactured weapon".
  • Special abilities that have attack rolls and deal damage only deal bonus damage once per casting or use, and not once per attack roll.
  • Kinetic Blast is specifically capable of selecting weapon feats, but is also specifically not considered a weapon for the other rules.

Haste wrote:

The transmuted creatures move and act more quickly than normal. This extra speed has several effects.

When making a full attack action, a hasted creature may make one extra attack with one natural or manufactured weapon. The attack is made using the creature's full base attack bonus, plus any modifiers appropriate to the situation. (This effect is not cumulative with similar effects, such as that provided by a speed weapon, nor does it actually grant an extra action, so you can't use it to cast a second spell or otherwise take an extra action in the round.)

A hasted creature gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls and a +1 dodge bonus to AC and Reflex saves. Any condition that makes you lose your Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any) also makes you lose dodge bonuses.

All of the hasted creature's modes of movement (including land movement, burrow, climb, fly, and swim) increase by 30 feet, to a maximum of twice the subject's normal speed using that form of movement. This increase counts as an enhancement bonus, and it affects the creature's jumping distance as normal for increased speed. Multiple haste effects don't stack. Haste dispels and counters slow.

Using haste as an example, it specifies that it grants an extra attack with a natural or manufactured weapon. This means that, since kinetic blade/whip is neither a natural weapon, nor a manufactured weapon, that it does not benefit from haste per RAW.

Likewise, things like Bardic Performance calls out adding bonus damage on weapon damage rolls, and per the FAQ, we now know that this is likely shorthand for "manufactured weapon damage rolls". However, assuming that it does, in fact, apply to kinetic blasts, the "once per casting or use" rule comes into play. So if you make a full attack with a kinetic blade, you only gain the bonus damage on one single attack, and not the entire attack sequence. Note: the FAQ specifically calls out inspire courage as an ability that only applies once per casting.

So, yeah, this FAQ plays all merry hell with the assumed rules. Especially since the verbiage chosen screws over anything that isn't a manufactured weapon. If you recall, the FAQ says, "spells, spell-like abilities, supernatural abilities, and extraordinary abilities (heretoafter called special abilities)." Why is this important? Because many monster abilities are considered Su or Ex abilities.

Manticore wrote:
Spikes (Ex): With a snap of its tail, a manticore can loose a volley of four spikes as a standard action (make an attack roll for each spike). This attack has a range of 180 feet with no range increment. All targets must be within 30 feet of each other. The creature can launch only 24 spikes in any 24-hour period.

Let's say that you've used Leadership, because you're a badass Bard to acquire a manticore as a cohort mount. It takes Point Blank Shot as it levels up, and you regularly buff it good hope and inspire courage. Let's be generous and say those abilities don't refer to manufactured weapon only and work for the manticore. Per the "once per casting or use" rule (because the FAQ uses "Special abilities" as shorthand for spells, spell-like, supernatural and extraordinary abilities), that means the manticore only receives the bonus on damage from Point Blank Shot, good hope and inspire courage on a single hit with his Spikes (Ex) ability.

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I uploaded Genbu, the Earthen King a human geokinetic that rules over a mountain, and Kearnen, the Phantom Thief to your shared folder. I was going to upload a couple of NPC builds, but giving them a once over shows that recent FAQ/ratta makes them obsolete for those who still follow Paizo's rules.

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Steve Geddes wrote:

This should be in website feedback, if anywhere (although without context - ie the last four years of private emails, it's hard for any of us to know whether it's a reasonable decision or not).

I can't imagine how a thread like this is going to help anything, though. It would be much more productive sending an email to

The problem with this, is the people that oversee your posts at website feedback, and, as such, the people you would raise an issue with over the moderation team, are, in fact, the moderation team themselves.

Grossly exaggerated example, it would be like asking the dirty cop to investigate complaints about the dirty cop himself.

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I have seen many examples of the... I dunno if censorship is the right word but... censorship of posts in the past. Usually over controversial issues, politics, religion, and especially, anything related to LGBT topics.

Now, I'm not saying Paizo is trying to avoid discussion on it, not that at all, but I have witnessed examples of posts removed because a moderator seemingly "took offense" to someone else's viewpoint and removed the post or posts.

This has been a growing trend I've seen, and something I've seen more and more people complain about. Especially since the moderator team has a seemingly unwritten list of rules that they can delete post or ban people over. For example, you can be given a 3-day ban for being "Sarcastic". I know this one, as I was banned for it.

The posts in question that triggered Ashiel's banning got a little heated, but, honestly, were the result of a misunderstanding. A post was made about the relative percentage of transgender's in the modern population compared to that of schizophrenic people and psychopaths. I believe it was that .3% of the people today are transgender, while 1% of the population are diagnosed with schizophrenia and 1% as psychopaths. The post went further on to discuss the level of inclusion; that there are far more members of the LGBT community as NPCs, major and minor, in adventures, than there are NPCs who are outright stated to be a psychopath, or schizophrenic.

Another poster took great offense to this, and took the misunderstood belief that the previous statistical comparison was equating LGBT, schizophrenia, and psycopaths to be the same thing.

This entire discussion was started after Ashiel criticized Anevia (the transgender NPC from Wrath of the Righteous, for those unaware) because, in his opinion, he believed Anevia was poorly characterized and comes off as a "token" character for inclusions sake. He argued why he thinks this, and stated others may think differently, but that was his opinion.

So that's a very, very brief summary of the discussion that went on. Some tempers got heated over the statistical comparison to the population and the lack of equivalent portrayals, but I can't honestly believe someone should have been banned over it.

It goes back to the "unwritten rules" of the forums that only the moderators seem to know, and which may very from day, to day, as their mood changes. Sometimes it's okay for someone to discuss LGBT, especially if the discussion agrees with the moderator over-seeing the discussion, other times, it's not okay, and the posts are removed. Again, especially if the moderator disagrees with the opinions within, even if the opinions are not harmful.

Honestly, I'm personally pretty fed up with the moderation here myself. On the surface, the moderation here is great, but there is a definite underlining of something wrong in the way it is done, and it grate's on my nerves. I've got a lot of people I consider friends here, but I'm personally ready to find some place else to talk. I don't know about others, but it would be really nice if the Moderators were held to higher standards and had actual rules they had to follow. Especially since so many posts have been deleted, or posters punished because the moderator has a personal opinion that makes them ignore any "rules" they may follow.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
Alright who's dead now?! Cause I can only take so much 2016!!!

No one died, Liz Courts (Paizo's resident Gninja) is leaving Paizo and moving on in another direction.

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On the topic of the Elixir...

Richard Magarey before elixir.
Richard Magarey after elixir.
And again...
This time, with music!

This is, essentially, what the elixir would do. Richard Magarey, better known for his crossdressing pro-wrestling persona of Lady Beard, is obviously recognizeable whether in "normal" clothing or in female clothing, just as he would be if he drank the elixir.

On the subject of multiple deities...

My issue with multiple deities is that such a thing can only happen with different cultures.

For example, in the Elder Scrolls universe, the different factions and races may worship gods under different names, but each one is still the same God. Lorkhan, for instance, is a God seen as a great hero of Men, but he is reviled by the elves for his part in the creation of Nirn. Why? Because Lorkhan tricked the Aedra into giving up part of their divine essence to create the planet Nirn. Some managed to stop the flow and retain most (but not all) of their divine spark and are worshiped as gods. Others were unable to do so, and began living on Nirn. These diminshed Aedra began procreating, and from them came the ancestors, the Ehlnofey, who would eventually separate and evolve into the Men and the Mer.

The races of Men hail Lorkhan as a champion of Men, for they would not exist without him. While the races of Mer, curse Lorkhan for stealing their divinity and rendering them mortal.

The different races and cultures of Elder Scrolls may use different names, and have different viewpoints, but they all worship the same gods. Akatosh, Auri-El, Alkosh are different names for the same being; the first being to form from the beginning of the universe.

In the Elder Scrolls, there are only, really, a handful of Gods. Different cultures may view them differently, and have different names, but they're all the same.

But in most campaign settings, you have multiple different gods of the same aspect, like we do in our world. For example, a "sun god" in the form of Helios (Roman), Sol (Norse), Ra (Egyptian), and Kinich Ahau (Mayan). Each god is different from the other as they came from different cultures.

However, unlike in the real world, fantasy campaign settings try and make a "universal" list of Gods. In Golarion, for example, they have the core 20 deities, and these deities pretty much make up the religion for nearly every culture.

This breaks my immersion, and is the root of my problem with it. Calistria, Lamashtu, Arshea, and Nocticula are all, on some level a "god of sex". It would stand to reason that, evil, good, neutral, whatever, different cultures would worship different gods as their "god of sex". But this isn't what happens. You go to a temple of the "god of sex" and it is a temple of Calistria pretty much every single time.

The closest this ever came to happening in our world, is when Rome conquered the Mediterranean and much of the surrounding lands. When they conquered a region or a people, they would make worship of the Roman gods mandatory, but they continued to allow the locals to keep worshiping their own gods.

Taldor, and Cheliax both conquered much of the Inner Sea, this is true, but at the same time, there are many places they never went. So why are the same 20 deities found every where you go, despite there being many different gods for any given aspect?

Even weirder, is how come there is no influence of previous empires? I mean, Thassilon conquered much of Avistan and had it's own religion of it's own making. It ruled for a very long time. Sure, the empire fell 10,000 years ago, but the religious practices of the Thassilonian empire should still be present in the "modern" day descendants of those who lived in the empire.

But there isn't one. There is only the core 20. Worship of any god not in the core 20 is some minor thing, part of some cult, or something. But that's not how it should be.

It makes sense for Elder Scrolls, because there's a finite number of gods to worship. The "sun god" of the Altmer would be the same "sun god" of the Redguard, even if they are depicted and worshiped differently. On Golarion, however, there are 15 different deities who grant the Sun domain, and therefore, 15 different deities who can be seen as a "sun god". Unlike in Elder Scrolls, each one is a distinctively different god, some are Good, some are Evil, some Chaotic, some Lawful.

So for me, it makes sense for there to be multiple gods of the same aspect, as long as there are different cultures to back up the worship of these different gods. But if you don't, then it makes more sense for there to be a limited number of gods, and, instead, different interpretations of the same gods by all the different religions.

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G#& d~+nit... I had this nice post with examples of the Elixir in a, somewhat, real life sense. Also went into the "multiple deities of the same type" subject. But it got deleted because, f##% you touch screen and my fat fingers!

I'll type it up again later, but, for now, I have yardwork to do in preparation for winter.

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Best place for a large oak to appear? Right inside the stomach of the purple worm that just swallowed me.

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Ashiel wrote:
(which is really hard to do as many of the damages are non-elemental and spells explicitly ignore DR)

Unless you follow the dumb FAQ by the design team that explicitly changes the rules.

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Rysky wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Rysky wrote:


*offers hugs*


Rysky never forgets the reach around.

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Klara Meison wrote:
It would probably involve a hefty penalty on to-hit rolls, since keeping a weapon on point while firing bursts is very hard. I like the AoE idea though. You could also implement suppressive fire, like what Ashiel had in her Gunslinger thread.

Good point. I intended to put something like that in there, like a cumulative -2 for every burst you make in a round, but I forgot.

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I blame Cosmo for the company my Cousin works for going bankrupt and laying him off. Now he's never going to be able to pay me back in time for the plane ticket I bought him after he got stranded up here in Alaska after his brother's wedding. I'm traveling to New Zealand for my own sisters wedding at the end of the month and there is no way he's going to be able to land a new job and pay off the debt he's inevitably going to accrue while looking for a new job, and then pay me back before I leave.

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Outlaw Star was always my space-wester-opera-thing of choice. Others preferred Cowboy Bebop, or Trigun, which I enjoyed both of, but Outlaw Star was definitely my favorite. The most memorable episode for me, was when Jim got that date with the girl on the space station, but she never showed up. She had a good reason, but that reason is something Jim will never know, nor likely, want to know.

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Yeah, it's always bugged me that no one has ever seemed to want to tackle the concept of fully automatic weapons in the traditional d20 combat style. This is the only method that I've ever heard of that even remotely resembles real automatic weapons. Of course, the farthest I've ever let that train of thought go in the past was, "automatic weapons have a rate of fire letting them attack multiple times for every normal attack."

I never put any further thought into it, because I've never really intended to use modern firearms in my games. But shows like RWBY have really started to appeal to me, so mixing guns, swords and sorcery has started to grow on me.

Unfortunately, it doesn't really help with the "guns vs. armor" thing. If one wanted to get more accurate, one would needs to give guns an armor penetration mechanic, making it so manufactured armor of less use against guns. I mean, modern armor can absorb a shot or two, as long as they don't hit the same spot, but that's more akin to damage reduction, than armor as we think of it. Modern combat relies more on taking cover, and not getting hit at all, instead of deflecting it.

Also, another thought, when using the burst fire or automatic rules, they might use an 'exploding critical' method. So on a critical hit, only one of the shots that hit is a critical, unless the confirmation role is also a critical threat, which turns another shot into a potential critical, and so on.

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I've never given it any serious thought, but I've often wondered if modern firearms, and future firearms too, shouldn't have some sort of rate of fire mechanic. Like, some abstraction with needing to control the recoil and heat of the weapon as justification or whatever.

Pardon the rambling here, but this is just off the top of my head, so some of it may not be very clear or not be very well thought out. Literally coming up with this as I type.

Basically, a weapon like an M-16 has, say, a rate of fire of 5. This means for every attack you make in a round, you can fire off 5 shots at the target you're aiming at. So if an M-16 dealt 1d6 points of damage, a single burst deals 5d6 damage on a hit. Apply bonuses from having an enhanced weapon/ammo (+3 rifle would deal 5d6+15), but other bonuses, such as from feats or class abilities, only apply once per burst.

Then, for weapons with a fully automatic capability, you could use it to fill an area with bullets by dumping the mag as a standard/major action (if in d20 Legends). Basically, you can fire every shot, up to a weapons maximum limit (weapons like a light machine gun have much larger ammo pools and don't get emptied in a single round), assigning each shot to a person. The people targeted make a reflex save vs a DC of 10 + BAB + dex for half damage and they take a -2 penalty for every 3 shots targeted at them after the first. So someone targeted with 7 shots would have a -4 penalty on their saving throw.

This lets you shoot more shots at wily targets with good saves, like Monks or Rogues, increasing your chance of hitting them at all.

You could also make rules for letting weapons spray down hallways, essentially, as a line AoE. Unlike other line AoEs, like Lightning Bolt or a dragons acid breath, damage is dealt to the first person only, unless he makes his save, at which point the next person in line takes damage. Or if he dies.

So, with the above half-assed mechanic, a riflemen could single-fire shots to get the most damage possible per shot, or he could burst fire to more quickly bring down enemies at the expense of ammo, or he could got full auto to fill an area with bullets if he needed.

Granted, it does make automatic weapons extremely powerful, but... well, they should be. Sure, a greatsword deals more damage per hit, but an automatic weapon can deal a lot more hits in a given time period.

I'm probably going to regret posting this in the morning and wonder what the hell I was thinking as I typed it but... who cares?

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Personally, I inherently distrust anyone who's word is taken with as much gospel as Endzeitgeist's is in our community. I've seen numerous people have buy, or not buy, products purely on the word of him alone, regardless of what any other reviewer has to say.

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D20 Legends - Classes: I won't be commenting on any typos, or hold over text, just comments, observations and questions as I'm reading along in the classes chapter.

Alchemist: So an Alchemist gains True Alchemy, Concoctions, Biomancy, Bombs, and Mutagens all just for becoming an Alchemist right? They also advance with your total level, so just putting a single talent into Alchemist can be fairly rewarding, even if they won't be nearly as potent as someone who specializes as an Alchemist.

This is interesting, as it really helps with characters who practice alchemy as a "hobby" not feel like they wasted a talent during leveling.

Barbarian: I notice that Barbarians get rage powers every few levels, are these in addition to the talents they get? So a Barbarian could have some 10 rage powers, along with talents spent in another class? If so, a Rage Chemist (barbarian/alchemist) looks pretty fun!

Bard: I really like the force multiplier this bard is, but I notice the bards power caps out, at this point, at 12th level. The reason is Inspire Greatness increases your effective level for level dependant effects. Pick up Inspire Courage/Greatness/Heroics and the Epiphanies to match, along with the ability to maintain at least two of them. At 12th level, Inspire Greatness gives you +4 effective level, raising your Inspire abilities to 16th level, which puts you at the level cap. So at 12th level, you buff yourself to 16th level, and grant +5 to levels, attack, damage, AC, defenses, immunity to fear, and 25 temporary hp.

Bards pull lots of aggro huh?

Champions: Champions get a lot for a single level huh? I could easily see myself spending two talents, one for the class, and the other for greater channeling, with many builds. Really alleviates the need for healing.

Is it intentional that all champions are both negative and positive energy channelers? Will negative and positive energy be more of a "neutral" force, like elemental energy is? A bard with 2 talents spent in champion would be a Hell of an ally. Buff the Hell out of you, then clears mobs with channel energy, also heals as needed.

Rogues: Just to clarify, you reduce damage on your cunning strike when using staggering/blinding/bleeding talents before you multiply for attacking a flat-footed foe or for flanking them, right?

By the way... damn, rogues are just little murder machines huh?


If a character multiclasses into two metaphysical classes, do they have two separate choices for casting methods and spell types? For example a spontaneous, psionic bard/prepared magical champion.

I thought you were merging "wizard" and "sorcerer" into a single class, but I notice both mage and sorcerer in the pdf?

Over all, I'm super excited for the design as i first see it. It looks like someone could have tons of fun with a huge variety of characters. It's also immediately obvious that you won't need to create tons of new classes either, just more talents and class choices.

The only major character type I don't see represented is "knight". Essentially, nonmagical warrior in heavy armor. I know you hate fighters, but I mean, mounted knights, traveling swordsman etc, exist in all types of fantasy.

How would you go about creating a heavy armored warrior that doesn't have to rely on falling into a rage, magic, or backstabbing people in D20 Legends? Sometimes people just want to play a "Fighter" but that option doesn't seem to be available. At least, not yet.

I gotta say, it's hard to try and ask the above question and avoid the stigma of the 3e/Pathfinder fighter. I mean, there are some things I like about the fighter, namely being able to wield a wide variety of weapons and do well with them without having to spend daily resources, but... I hate everything else.

Anyway, I've only read the "Classes - Alpha" part at this point; I'll get working on the other bits when I can. I'm really getting hyped for this. I think Legends is shaping up to have lots of potential.

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There is a bit in Wrath of the Righteous where Iomedae, basically, tortures the PCs if they don't align to her beliefs. It's a grossly summed up version if the events, but there is a bit of accuracy to it. She asks questions, and if she doesn'tlikne your answer, she blasts you with divine power, dealing damage. You can die during this interrogation.

But it's all okay, because she revives you and heals your wounds, right?

Yeah... No. There is a serious disconnect with how a Lawful Good goddess would act.

I line Jason, but... again, there is a disconnect. Unchained Monk was weaker than its current version when got done with revisions. It's worth noting, the Unchained Monk traded a lot of its defensive strength for slightly more offensive power. An Unchained Monk is, basically, a side-grade to a Monk with archetypes. Then there is the whole weapon cord thing, when he spent an afternoon trying to catch his computer mouse in his hand, couldn't do it easily, and decided to nerf weapon cords because it must be impossible to do what it used to do. Which was retrieve a weapon as a free action.

Some of his decisions... We just don't like to think about the rational behind them. If it wasn't for Mark, I shudder to think what the Unchained Monk would have been like.

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11th level spells? When did it change to that? Last time you posted about spell levels, they were 1st - 10th, why the bump?

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How the Cultists try to bare witness to our Lord Ashiel in all his divine might.

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Newly Converted Ashiel Cultist wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
Swordsaged by Klara. :P
Too slow, my lord.

Another one joins the fold! Tis a glorious day!

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So, I've gotten into various discussions over the years on proficiency with weapons, and how feats intended to grant proficiency, don't. I will admit this post is made in response to the discussion over Cao Phan's "rock throwing build" current you ongoing in the "Throwing builds are practically impossible" thread. So I do have an agenda in doing this, and that is to get clarification over what constitutes proficiency with weapons in Pathfinder. But also to prove I'm right, as egotistical as that is.

Simple Weapon Profciency:
You are trained in the use of basic weapons.

Benefit: You make attack rolls with simple weapons without penalty.

Normal: When using a weapon with which you are not proficient, you take a –4 penalty on attack rolls.

Special: All characters except for druids, monks, and wizards are automatically proficient with all simple weapons. They need not select this feat.

Martial Weapon Proficiency:
Choose a type of martial weapon. You understand how to use that type of martial weapon in combat.

Benefit: You make attack rolls with the selected weapon normally (without the non-proficient penalty).

Normal: When using a weapon with which you are not proficient, you take a –4 penalty on attack rolls.

Special: Barbarians, fighters, paladins, and rangers are proficient with all martial weapons. They need not select this feat.

You can gain Martial Weapon Proficiency multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of weapon.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency:
hoose one type of exotic weapon, such as the spiked chain or whip. You understand how to use that type of exotic weapon in combat, and can utilize any special tricks or qualities that exotic weapon might allow.
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: You make attack rolls with the weapon normally.
Normal: A character who uses a weapon with which he is not proficient takes a –4 penalty on attack rolls.
Special: You can gain Exotic Weapon Proficiency multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of exotic weapon.

Catch-Off Guard:
Foes are surprised by your skilled use of unorthodox and improvised weapons.

Benefit: You do not suffer any penalties for using an improvised melee weapon. Unarmed opponents are flat-footed against any attacks you make with an improvised melee weapon.

Normal: You take a –4 penalty on attack rolls made with an improvised weapon.

Throw Anything:
You are used to throwing things you have on hand.

Benefit: You do not suffer any penalties for using an improvised ranged weapon. You receive a +1 circumstance bonus on attack rolls made with thrown splash weapons.

Normal: You take a –4 penalty on attack rolls made with an improvised weapon

Universal Monster Ability: Rock Throwing:
This creature is an accomplished rock thrower and has a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls with thrown rocks. A creature can hurl rocks up to two categories smaller than its size; for example, a Large hill giant can hurl Small rocks. A “rock” is any large, bulky, and relatively regularly shaped object made of any material with a hardness of at least 5. The creature can hurl the rock up to five range increments. The size of the range increment varies with the creature. Damage from a thrown rock is generally twice the creature’s base slam damage plus 1-1/2 times its Strength bonus.

Oracle Stone Mystery Revelation: Rock Throwing:
Rock Throwing (Ex): You are an accomplished rock thrower and have a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls with thrown rocks. You can hurl rocks up to two categories smaller than your own size. The range increment for a rock is 20 feet, and you can hurl it up to 5 range increments. Damage for a hurled rock is 2d4 for a Medium creature or 2d3 for a Small creature, plus 1-1/2 your Strength bonus.

Rough and Ready:
Your intense familiarity with the tools of your trade allows you to use them in combat as if they were actual weapons and makes them more effective for that purpose than they would normally be.

Benefit: When you use a tool of your trade (requiring at least 1 rank in the appropriate Craft or Profession skill) as a weapon, you do not take the improvised weapon penalty and instead receive a +1 trait bonus on your attack. This trait is commonly used with shovels, picks, blacksmith hammers, and other sturdy tools — lutes and brooms make terribly fragile weapons.

Weapon Focus:
Choose one type of weapon. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple (or ray, if you are a spellcaster) as your weapon for the purposes of this feat.
Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of weapon.

To keep post size down, I put the above examples of feats, traits and abilities in spoilers.

So, as you can see, many of the proficiency feats have nearly identical language: they all let you attack normally, but never actually state you become "proficient" with the weapon. The improvised feats state you don't take the improvised penalty, but don't state you become proficient; Rough and Ready has similar language. The Rock Throwing abilities don't have language about attacking normally or not taking penalties, but claim you are an accomplished rock thrower. It is also worth noting that many giants and creatures with rock throwing also possess the feat Weapon Focus (rock); a feat that explicitly requires proficiency with the weapon to take.

Now, the Rules As Written here is pretty clear: you aren't proficient with the selected weapon or weapons with any of the above examples. But I believe the intended function of the abilities is to grant proficiency.

So the question is, what makes someone proficient in a weapon?
Do they need an ability, such as a feat or class feature to explicitly call out proficiency to become proficient?
Or would one of the above abilities grant proficiency, despite not having such language saying so?
Is this FAQ worthy?
If abilities such as Rock Throwing don't grant proficiency, then how do monsters with said abilities take Weapon Focus (rock) as a feat?

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I never played anything earlier than 3e, but the group that taught me grew up on playing Dungeons and Dragons, almost from its earliest public format. Most of them are family members, so they've stayed in contact their whole life. They played as kids, through highschool, some in the military, some in prison, some in foreign aid groups traveling other countries tries. My point in saying this, is, as a group, they've been a lot of places and played with a lot of people.

They are the ones who informed me of rampant variance in the rules. They explained it to me as, "I could take my 17th level wizard Ice and jump off a 20 foot building and sprain my ankle in Frank's game, or I would die in Cindy's game. So many rules were never clarified aid left up to the GM to determin; imagine having to relearn how physics worked every time you got a new job, and even then, they would spontaneously change during one shift, and revert to normal during the next."

The above is nearly a direct quote of how they explained it to me. The group misses many things about older editions, but it's much of it is centered in nostalgia. They tried running older games recently, and as a group, decided they wanted nothing to do with the older editions. Too much nonsensical rules, or missing rules. As much as they may have loved playing during those days, they prefer the simplified rules of the d20 system, especially since many rules are far more consistent from table to table.

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That's because, when it comes down to it, flavor is meaningless without GM fiat. The greatest actor I the world can put on the best performance ever, but all the roleplaying doesn't mean squat if his mechanical character is Jesse Eissenberg vs. Dwayne Johnson. You can roleplay your character however you want, but if you don't have the mechanics to back it up, you're just grandstanding.

I mean, take a look at Ashiel's moralistic warrior (easily one of my favorite stories of yours, by the way) whose principals would get her killed one day. She f$$!ed one night stands, cussed and b&!**ed people out, but she also healed whores and beat enemies unconscious, instead of to death, in order to give them a second chance. Because that's what Paladin's do. But if she didn't have the mechanic ability to do that, then her character wouldn't really be what she claimed to be.

For me, mechanical choices influence the concept just as much as conceptual design influences the mechanics. If my character is a charismatic rogue, known for his speed and grace with daggers, I sure as hell am not going to be choosing to 2-hand a great sword with my 18 strength to build the character. But I might choose traits or feats to make myself better in combat or in diplomacy and let those feats adjust the narrative of the character. Like taking Fate's Favored and playing him as lucky in games of chance.

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I have never heard anyone claim that 1e, AD&D, or 2e were more rules rigid. One of the major complaints I know of from the time, is that it had so little rules governing so many things that there was a massive amount of table variation. One of the design goals of 3e was to lessen variation so players could take a character from one game and plop it down in the other without much issue.

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I would put it in the magic chapter itself. It's certainly a better idea than having to prepare a cantrip to heat up your tea, and another cantrip to create a light breeze on your face, another cantrip to be a lazy fucj and pick up dropped items for you and so on. It would really make things far better for immersion if magicians could actually be magical in their everyday life.

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So, the thing is, Paizo, as a company, has been approaching the design of the hardback rule books differently than they did in the earlier years. More and more, they've been intentionally designing things that are aimed towards mediocre balance, at the expense of immersion. This is very apparent in the design if the Vigilante, who has multiple rules that are nonsensical, except for balance reasons. Like the talent that lets you add intelligence to damage rolls, but only if you attack with dexterity modifying the roll, and deal damage by adding your strength. This also occurred in Occult Adventures, like with the Kineticist being unable to use Vital Strike, because the combo was just too powerful. Admittedly, it was bonkers broken, but there is no justification in the class itself, other than "because".

So the same people working in and designing Starfinder, are the ones working on Pathfinder. So I suspect that the rules are going to be over engineered to avoid powerful combos, like they have been doing lately in Pathfinder.

This is my fear. They are going to go out of their way to avoid designing things that can be powerful, for fear of making things broken. They've already received enough flak over caster/martial disparity and other thing, so I think they're going to swing the other way and ddesigning for everything being even. Basically, taking the 3.5 > 4E route that Wizards did.

I mean, I wasn't very pleased with their technology rules, and in fact, I threw up enough of a stink over something that they added some clarification to the books because of one of my annoyances. I'm still very annoyed that they felt the inclusion of some sort of "laser sword" doesn't fit their SWORD and sorcery game, because they didn't want to copy the lightsaber. Which is f$~#ing stupid. But I feel that their rules on technology were just dumb and flawed and they did it because they didn't want to make anything seem to powerful. But the way they went about to ng it breaks immersion in the game and that annoys me.

So yeah, I'm not very optimistic about the outcome of Starfinder, because I'm not optimistic about the trend I've been seeing in the design decisions made by Paizo.

If they do an amazing job, I'll be thrilled, but I'm adopting aa very skeptical outlook.

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@Vidmaster7, I'll get back to you when I'm done cooking/eating. In the mean time...

Tsundere Shark Compilation.

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There are some minor errors here and there, some things may need to be reworded, and some clarifications need to be added, but that small glimpse is really exciting! I am personally excited for the magic missile storms that can be unleashed. I mean, up to 23 missiles fired at once? And an Abjurer might be able to turn it into a cantrip? Badass!

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Have you seen Kung Fury?

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Paradozen wrote:
so hard they turn into a puppy

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Falcon Punch!"

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I like sci-fi just fine, I just dont know if Paizo can do it justice. They seem to be in a very 'mediocre' mindset right now, in that everything must be average and nothing can excel, as far as designing goes.

I cant help but wonder if this is Marks influence. Hes a smart guy, so I'm wondering if he has been catching alot of the 'strong' options before they see print and reigning them in. At least, for the hardback books anyway.

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I could swear a 4-armed humanoid was included as a "core" race. Maybe they've finally figured out how to handle such creatures. Hopefully, the "unwritten 2 hand rules" don't make an appearance.

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I had a thought, the Veela from the Harry Potter universe would make a good addition to role playing games. Women of unearthly beauty who can captivate men with their presence, and when enraged, transform into humanoid bird frlorm, growing beaks, wings, claws and the ability to throw blasts of fire.

So some sort of Aura of Captivation that forces men to make a will save or be Fascinated with the Veela. Transforming gives them a flight speed, and two claw attacks and probably an at will Scorching Ray.

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Huh... with your construct race, one could make a reasonable facsimile of Genji, a cyborg ninja, from the video game Overwatch. Notably, because he stores his shuriken within his cyborg body and reloads by drawing them out of his arm. So, integrated weapon (shuriken), and probably faster movement. Build him as a "ninja" (however you choose to go about doing that) and you've got a reasonable Genji.

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Actually, I was curious for opinions of the creature as is, not in context of the AP. I've heard this guy can be murder in the AP to any party without ranged. But I'm more curious as to opinions without specific scenarios or terrain.

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What are your thoughts on this creature?

As for Log Horizon, it's definitely a much more mature show and will focus a lot more on socioeconomic problems. It also features a much more diverse cast and d9esnt focus, almost solely, on the story of a s8ngle character.

On SAO, I enjoy the show for what it is, a power fantasy written for young adults. I will say I admire Kirito because he is utterly faithful to Asuna. He doesn't even blink at other girls, because his devotion to Asuna is absolute.

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