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Tels's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 7,195 posts (7,239 including aliases). No reviews. 6 lists. No wishlists. 10 aliases.

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Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Tels wrote:
How does one kill a Goblin forever? Force it to become a Wizard with Sacred Geometry.

You polymorph the goblin into a kobold; the gob will die naturally of embarrassment.


F#&+. I blame Cosmo that I gave Tels and Fiend-y that idea.

To be honest, at least as a kobold you'll be able to strike fear into the hearts of adventurers when you invite them to your home. Also, being a Kobold is less embarrassing than being a mite. Mite's just look like old people with butter knives trying to shank someone for being on their lawn.

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Unrelated questions to the above.

Whats the word on the Paizo Game Space? I was really excited when I heard it was in development, but I haven't heard anything about it in awhile. Was the idea shelved or is it still being worked on?

What are your favorite easter eggs you've found in games?

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James Jacobs wrote:
thegreenteagamer wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Jayson MF Kip wrote:

How often do you notice that someone on the boards is correct about some "mystery" on Golarion (IE: circumstances regarding Aroden) via random chance?

It happens now and then, but that's as much as because there's so many people out there guessing and/or reading well between the lines. No one's yet "guessed" the exact reason for Aroden's death though, I'm glad to say.
Do you realize how many possibilities you just ruled out?

Not NEARLY as many as remain.

And that assumes you believe me when I say no one's guessed correctly.

Did you lie when you said no one guessed it?

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James Jacobs wrote:
Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
What's the climate/weather of Sarkoris and the Worldwound? Would it be similar to Numeria's except maybe hotter due to the demonic rifts?
There is no weather in Sarkoris, 'cause Sarkoris is gone. Weather in the Worldwound is super mutable and can be whatever you need, due to the influence of the Abyss.

Including raining lolipops made out of frozen acid! Lick the lolipop and lose your tongue!

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The Fiend Fantastic wrote:

No no NO!!!


I blame Cosmo for the damn goblin making Rysky speechless for a moment...AGAIN! Rysky, kill the gobbo mutant and be done with it, i'd even lend you a scroll of fireball.

How does one kill a Goblin forever? Force it to become a Wizard with Sacred Geometry.

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Orthos wrote:
Tels wrote:
xobmaps wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Christopher Anthony wrote:

Gary:: i aim to please

Gary:: could you step one bit to the left...
My left or your left?
The other left.
This left, right?
There are only two directions to go, if the first one was wrong, go whatever is left.
I believe you mean to say, "If the first one wasn't right, go in whichever direction is left."

You're dithsplicable!

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xobmaps wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Christopher Anthony wrote:

Gary:: i aim to please

Gary:: could you step one bit to the left...
My left or your left?
The other left.
This left, right?
There are only two directions to go, if the first one was wrong, go whatever is left.

I believe you mean to say, "If the first one wasn't right, go in whichever direction is left."

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Insain Dragoon wrote:
John Lynch 106 wrote:
BigP4nda wrote:

So far I have only had one legitimate wtf moment reading this. and that would be the Greater Feint combat trick.

For those who don't have the book, it basically says as long as you have 1 stamina point you can feint as a swift, HOWEVER doing so makes the target flatfooted against ONLY your NEXT ATTACK, not any others you make that round.

Why would anybody ever use this?

Got a really high AC/dex enemy that no-one can hit? Swift action feint, declare Stunning fist, let the rogue and everyone else kill him on their turns.

In all my play I have never seen anything fail a stunning fist save.

Rynjin, who has played like 8 Monks through many levels has only seen 3 things fail.

There's been a Monk in nearly every game I've played for the last ~10 years and I can only recall 3 or 4 successes. Even on a Monk built around Dex and Wisdom.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Tels wrote:
AndIMustMask wrote:
extra attack that is nonlethal only, no? and cant be used with the apparently popular flying kick until 15th, correct?
Flying Kick is *only* useful at around 10th level or so when the bonus movement from Fast Movement actually becomes worth a damn. Even then, it's only useful if you need to move. If you're already in a creature's face, Elbow Smash takes precedence over Flying Kick.
What if they're wearing a monks robe?

Wearing a monk's robe makes no difference because it doesn't increase your movement speed.

The primary reason one would take Flying Kick is determined by the amount of fast movement you get. At 5th level, it's arguably worth it to do so (20 ft. movement) compared to another Style Strike like Elbow Smash or even the Foot Stomp one (lets you stamp on their feet and prevent them from moving). At 10th level though? Now you've got some real distance and can start leaping all over the place.

I asked before, but never saw it answered, does spending Ki to increase your move speed affect Flying Kick at all? Spending 1 point of Ki to be able to Flying Kick targets up to 50 ft. away would make Flying Kick an absolute must have at 5th level as opposed to 10th.

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I recently had to sort through a chest that my family stored all of the video games and electronics we used as I was growing up. NES, SNES, N64, Play Station, PS2, Game Cube... you name it, we had stuff for it in there.

What I blame Cosmo for, is that most of it was irreparably damaged due to bad storage conditions and wear and tear over the years.

Fortunately, one SNES and it's dozen or so games was salvageable... including The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. Because even Cosmo knows not to mess with something that wonderful.

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Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Did you ever build blanket forts when you were a kid?

You had blankets as a kid?


And pillows!

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chbgraphicarts wrote:

So, 'cause the Unchained Monk is apparently a bit controversial right now, I thought maybe a homebrew might calm peoples' t~@# a little that's a bit more of a direct upgrade - adding on effects to the monk's basic architecture.

Personally, I'm reserving judgment pretty much entirely; I don't think it's right that the Unchained Monk doesn't work with previous Monk Archetypes, but whatever - the Ninja doesn't work with Rogue Archetypes, so I guess it's no worse than if the Monk got an Alternate Class with an entirely-different name than "Unchained Monk", after all.

The Ninja does work with Rogue Archetypes as the Ninja is simply an archetype for the Rogue as well. Ninja's can take the Scout archetype, for instance.

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Robert Jordan wrote:

See I didn't use the core Monk since using a Cleric provides a character that will arguably be expected to have a higher Wisdom than a Monk of similar level. And again at the level we're looking at getting to roll twice on Will saves actually applies. It's why I then dropped the comparison down to level 10 as that's a level a good many more players will actually play at. It's also when Dominate Person is available for spont casters.

But a Core Monk vs Unchained Monk at level 10. They'll both have the same Wisdom we'll put them at a 14 with the +2 headband so a 16 total.

Core 7 + 3 + 3 (resistance) + 2 Still Mind = 15

Unchained 3 + 3 + 3 (resistance) + 2 Still Mind = 11

you're down 4 points from the Core Monk with similar stats. As for getting turned against the party, again when dominated you get another save with a +2 bonus when told to do something you wouldn't, so it goes to a 13 for the Unchained monk only 2 points beneath the Core monk in that instance.

If a Good Will save progression represents mental fortitude and being the master of your own mind, and the Unchained Monk can reasonably keep up with non Wisdom dependent casters such as Wizards and Sorcerers, then the system still represents that idea.

No it does not, because the Monk's training makes him the master of his mind. The wisdom score of the Monk is not an aspect of his training, but an aspect of the person.

The UC Monk *class* is supposed to have great mental fortitude. But the UC Monk *class* does not do this. The UC Monk *class* is no more mentally impregnable than the Fighter, or Ranger or Rogue. They all have the same Will save (poor) so they are all as mentally susceptible as the other. The only difference is the actually person who takes up said training.

Someone who has the potential to be a Cleric will find himself just as mentally strong whether he's a Rogue or Fighter or Unchained Monk. But if he undergoes training that actually strengthens his mind (like becoming a Cleric with good Will saves) then he will find his mind stronger than if he had done something else.

The Individual is providing the strength to the Unchained Monk's Will save, not the Unchained Monk itself.

Hell, the Unchained Monk, all things being equal between the two (magic items, stats etc.) is only marginally more effective at resisting mental attacks than the bloody Commoner NPC Class and that's B!##~$*+!

How the hell can Paizo sit there and be proud of this class when it is only slightly more mentally resilient than some guy who works in a farmer's field all damned day considering the inspiration and flavor the class is designed around? They can't. It's a bloody embarrassment and they should be ashamed of themselves.

[Edit] Added "UC" where appropriate to distinguish between the Monk and the Unchained Monk.

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A guy managed to beat Blooborne using an Xbox 360 Rockband Guitar. I feel impotent as a gamer now, how about you?

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I blame Cosmo for my sister giving me a birthday card I can't top.

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The Tiara can't be inspired by Frozen, 'cause Elsa took hers off and threw it away and then Marshmallow picked it up.

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I know I said I wanted to avoid delving too deep into the UM until I have it, but I have to say this:

My problem with the Monk Will save? A Monk making his Will save never used to be a problem for a party so they never had to worry about him turning on the party and ganking the casters.

Now, the class that is flavored in almost every incarnation of having an indomitable will along with a superior physique, as being 'one with thy innerself' and balanced in mind, body and spirit, has become more susceptible to mental influences.

CRB Monk with a Wisdom of 10 has a better will save than his Unchained Monk until he has a Wisdom of 22 (+6) and that's only making up the difference between the two.

Lowering the Monks Will save is, frankly, completely unacceptable, no matter what else changed. Lowering their fortitude or reflex would have been tolerable, because there have been depictions of Monks being drunk, or poisoned or failing to avoid obstacles. But very, very rarely do you see Monks falling under the sway of mental influences.

The Unchained Monk became a better killer, and in turn, became more likely to be used to kill the party.

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Rhedyn wrote:
Tels wrote:
Especially when Pathfinder Society and it's "NO HOUSE RULES!" policy is such a predominant force in the gaming community, it only further reinforces the idea that house rules are bad and that if you use them, you are bad too.

>implying that PFS isn't just organized house-rules.

Most of what PFS does wouldn't fly at a lot of tables.

Doesn't matter. PFS is a huge part of Pathfinder, whether or not it's a bunch of house rules doesn't matter because it is published by Paizo and PFS' aim is to limit table variation, house rules and changes beyond what PFS already incorporates.

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Star Wars Trailer #2


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Malwing wrote:

To the talk about the Monk, I don't have the book yet but in a scenario where we have a book that is nothing but house rules to the point where some of them don't necessarily need to work along side each other I don't see the difficulty in just adding a good Will save. I won't likely because it sounds like there are enough save related powers that can be picked up but its easy to do. Or better yet, why not just make ki scale by level rather than 1/2 level. We have a new pool of points that apparently can be fighter only, fighter gets it for free, free for everyone or everyone can access it via feat, if that pool is so modular whats to stop the GM from just giving Monks Ki at first level and frontloading a lot more ki? We have an entire book that says 'change the game, or don't, whatever you want' but we're too scared to change something in said book that is as simple as moving a number?

Also if a book full of house rules are on the table, why not third party? Legendary Games Way of Ki solved a lot of core monk problems and even then I allowed Ki to for monks to go up by level than 1/2 level because I have three other classes that get ki early and I wanted Ki to be Monk's schtick.

Why not houserule or 3rd party? Because there have been many gamers in the past who have been horribly burned by houserules or 3rd party products. Then they tell stories of those kinds of games and why home-made content (like classes, spells, feats etc) are bad to new gamers. These new gamers are then brainwashed into thinking that 3rd party and homemade stuff is bad and they don't want to alter anything published outside of a few house rules here and there.

Especially when Pathfinder Society and it's "NO HOUSE RULES!" policy is such a predominant force in the gaming community, it only further reinforces the idea that house rules are bad and that if you use them, you are bad too.

Hell, one of the huge design decisions behind the whole 3rd edition rule set is to codify as much as is reasonably possible so that it removes table variation from games. This, unfortunately, also reinforced the idea that houserules/home made content is bad.

So there is 15 years of reinforcement of the new system(s) itself implying that house rules are bad, and then 20 years of gaming experience before the new system(s) with bad house rules, bad 3rd party content, and bad home made content.

Remember, humans, by nature, speak out about bad experiences, and very rarely discuss good experiences.

I have no qualm in modifying my own games, but there are many people who aren't as comfortable. I've got older gamers I play with (well, sort of) who shy away from non-1st party content because of previous experiences. So modifying the games that I play in as a PC is unlikely, but modifying the games I run is no problem.

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Feros wrote:
I blame Cosmo for Tels giving us too much information! :P

I blame Cosmo for Feros not realizing this is a theme with me and I freely share information most don't want to know.

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My body didn't digest this food properly 'cause these jalapenos are hurting more coming out than going in and that's never happened before!

For this, I blame Cosmo.

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BigP4nda wrote:

How often do you use Pathfinder inside jokes and puns in your everyday life? Do you ever get weird looks when you do so? Or do you strictly keep it to gaming friends?

In case you are unclear of my meaning:

Mark Seifter wrote:
The DC ones may get a circumstance bonus, though, by my knowledge of that universe through the cartoons as a kid.
^ stuff like that.

Or like when a friend is looking for the phone and it's sitting in front of them and you exclaim, "Way to fail the DC 0 Perception check!"

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Eltacolibre wrote:
Rhedyn wrote:

One of the central issues of the CRB rogue was just how difficult it was to actually get a sneak attack. But that was only a severe issue because landing sneak attacks had mediocre payoff.

It sounds like this new rogue has actual strengths to it that may make it worth-while.

I am concerned that the debuffs do not benefit allies (aside from maybe a minus 2 to AC). It seems like you will still only be able to pull off one sneak attack per round, if you are lucky. If the debuffs do not apply to allies, and the damage stays mediocre, then you will still have problems being a worthwhile team member.

VMC may give neat tricks, but that does little for a pure rogue. Rogues are rather feat starved anyways if they are trying to sneak attack consistently.

Someone in another thread did mention something that I found very interesting, now rogue can sneak attack targets with any form of concealment, except total concealment. Of course, while not a major boost (Some home games did ignore that concealment rule) if you are used to play with people who follows the rules most of the time, it should help a bit.

I'd wait on this. Someone in this thread pointed out that the the recent Concealment FAQ implies the Unchained Rogue can sneak attack targets under partial concealment. However, in reading the Unchained Rogue, they don't have any ability that allows them to sneak attack a target under partial concealment. It's certainly intended to (based off the FAQ), but the wording for it isn't there.

It's a technicality to be sure, but without the wording from the FAQ, we wouldn't know about the intention at all. I don't know the wording myself, but the other posted said that, based off what's printed, you wouldn't draw the idea that the Unchained Rogue can sneak attack targets under partial concealment.

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Hmm... you might make 'Magic Skills' be a sub-skill of Spellcraft. In that, every rank in Spell Craft grants 5 ranks that you can apply to the magic skills which allign with the 8 schools of maigc (Universal School would function off spellcraft ranks directly) with an ability bonus determined by their casting stat.

For example, a Wizard of 5th level with 5 ranks in Spellcraft would have 25 magic skill ranks to use. He could then focus his ranks in any combination he chose, with a limit of his ranks in a magical skill not being able to surpass his ranks in Spellcraft.

So he could, for example be:
Abjuration: 3
Conjuration: 5
Divination: 1
Enchantment: 1
Evocation: 5
Illusion: 2
Necromancy: 3
Transmutation: 5

With a 20 Int, he'd have bonus ranging from +6 to +10 on his rolls when he attempts to cast spells. It would really let people diversify casters and you could see real differences in how each caster is different. So whens someone says, "Sorry, I'm not all that into Necromancy" he legitimately has difficulty casting Necromancy spells because he doesn't have the modifiers for it.

Traits and feats and stuff could be altered/created to add bonuses to the different schools. Like a trait for a +2 bonus to your Enchantment skill because your magical teacher was an Enchanter even if you yourself focus on Necromancy.

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Artemis Moonstar wrote:

I Blame Cosmo for my not realizing that esports was a thing.... When it was exactly the thing I was hoping would happen when I was a kid. 2 million USD prize pot in SMITE?!


Been gaming since I was 2 years old.... And now THIS happens.


Fun fact! Smite is none of the above!

I blame Cosmo for Artemis not being a contender even if he hadn't stopped playing the above games.

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:
The Doomkitten wrote:
Mark, how annoyed are you with all of the rules questions on your thread?
My guess is that he wouldn't be too, too annoyed: rules questions is the purpose of this thread, isn't it?

No, the purpose is to ask Markk *all* of your questions. Like asking what to eat for breakfast, his opinions on shows, whether or not to sell all of your worldly possessions and live the life of a hermit, etc.

Mark, have you ever been contacted for help by both players and the GM in the same campaign? Most of my friends and family turn to me for Pathfinder help. The GM is starting a new campaign and wants me help in designing it. At the same time, the players are asking my help in designing their characters.

I feel a little like the Lord of War here, selling to both sides.

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Albatoonoe wrote:
So, Pathfinder has spread into card games, audio dramas, novels, comics, and soon to be video games. Are there any other areas you want to bring Pathfinder into?

Is this up to a vote? If so, I vote for interpretive dance.

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Yrtalien wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:

My apologies, I'm being a bit coy and choosing not to add facts that haven't been confirmed already to build anticipation, though not intentionally to vex you. Mr. Augunas's grammar skills have proven superior, and he has correctly deduced the answer you seek.

Ahhh, I love a man who can use the word: Vex.

Thanks Alexander and Mark

You must not play/participate in the Desiny community because they use the word Vex all the time (one of the many enemies are called the Vex).

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Alexander Augunas wrote:

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that one of the unchained monk's ki powers allows him to fly.

Honestly, the entire class is seriously the "Every Dragonball Z character ever" class now.

Do I get to yell really loud, charge up my Ki and then unleash a blast of energy capable of blowing up mountains?

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I blame Cosmo for my cousin not understanding you can't play a Mounted Combat Archer ROgue with Dimensional Savant. There's just not enough feats.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Have you all forgotten about Cosmo? It's undeniable that he has taken over command of shipment so that he can feast on the anxiety of those awaiting shipment and will hold off as long as he can before he lets it ship.

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John Kretzer wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:

(though that is not the weirdest story in that nature that I have)

I Blame Cosmo that people have not asked me about this story yet....

I was going to, but then I got distracted on Wikipedia and somehow found myself reading Celine Dion's page. Disturbing fact: Celine Dion met her future husband when she was 12 and he was 38 and they got engaged when she was 19, implying that they were dating before then. I may not be a father, but I am an uncle, and I'd be very inclined to have a chat with the guy while holding a shotgun and suspending him above a dumpster filled with rusted spikes and lit gasoline.

I blame Cosmo for the dirt that appears under my fingernails 10 minutes after taking a shower.

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Rysky wrote:
Did you charge them for using your driveway? And would it have a been a per minute rate or a flat fee?

I blame Cosmo for Rysky being such a hardball business execubus.

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The only thing really stopping me from using 3pp stuff is simply money. I've encountered and had to deal with multiple 3pp stuff in Pathfinder that isn't very well balanced, but I've also dealt with just as much stuff that is fairly well balanced with a few outliers (such as the 1001 Spells, for example).

I've got a limited budget, so when I look at 3pp, I view it as something like, 'Do I really need this or can I get by without it?' More often than not, I don't truly need it and I can make things work even if it isn't perfectly accurate. Plus there's always that fear of 'Is what I'm buying actually worth it?' I know a lot of people seem to view Endzeitgeist as a kind of 'Word of God' when it comes to reviewing a product, but I inherently mistrust anyone with that kind of following in a community.

I'd probably be more inclined to buy 3pp if I could get my hands on the products and thumb through them for awhile. Doing that would let me actually decide if I like it and let me make some rough estimations on whether or not it's good or balanced. Unfortunately, many 3pp are digital (printing is expensive!), so this is very unlikely to ever happen.

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Power Creep is not a bad thing in this game unless your GM gives carte blanche to all things published by Paizo. Remember, different people like different things. If you prefer lower powered games, run lower powered characters.

A good GM will limit player options to things he finds appropriate for his campaign. Just because something is an option, does not mean it is a necessity.

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My sister's car broke. Now I have to wake up early and drive her to school in the morning.

Cosmo is behind this. Or maybe John; figured he might try and pass the suffering on to others. Still means Cosmo is behind it because he keeps tormenting John so much in the first place.

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So I tracked down Sean's post in it's entirety and it does basically say you have two metaphysical hand slots to attack with. It's not stated in the rules, but it's the assumption that the rules are based off of.

Sean's Post

Sean's Post:
The core rules assume that you're a humanoid creature and you only have two "limbs" to attack with each round if you're using the "fighting with two weapons" option. It doesn't matter if you're making a headbutt and a punch, or a kick and a punch, or 2 kicks, or 2 punches, you're just making two attacks per round. At no time would you ever be able to justify a BAB +0 creature with no natural weapons making 2 punches AND 2 kicks per round: because the rules are assuming you are using your left hand and right hand, but hand-waves the idea that one of those "hands" could be some other body part such as an elbow, kick, or headbutt. The rules don't care, in the same way that they don't care if you say you're making a high swing or a low swing: it is irrelevant to the game mechanics, which say "make an attack roll to see if you hit." The game says, "pick a hand, even if it's not really a hand, make an attack, then pick another hand, even if it's not really a hand, and make a second attack."

When you throw in natural attacks, it gets more complicated because it starts defining SOME of your specific attack locations, and yet it continues to hand-wave the nature of the rest of your attacks. So you start thinking, "I now have two claws, and it makes sense that I can't make 2 claw attacks AND 2 punches in the same round because I'd be using each arm twice, but before I had these claws I was able to make punches OR kicks, so why is it that now that I have claws, I can't also make kicks in the same round? Did my legs suddenly stop working because I got claws?"

The answer is no, your legs didn't stop working, but you're still running up against the game's assumption that you're making up to two attacks per round using TWF. And you are making two attacks per round: 2 claw attacks. And you're doing it at a better attack bonus than you were with two (unarmed strike) punches:

punches: BAB +0, no TWF feat means main at –4, offhand at –8, for a total of main –4, offhand –8
claws: BAB +0, primary attack means no penalty, for a total of +0/+0

In fact, your claws are even better than if you had TWF, which would be at –2/–2.

You're at least +12 better overall with claws than with unarmed strikes, but that's not good enough for you, you have to stack in more.

And yes, the rules say that if you're using a manufactured weapon or unarmed strikes, you CAN use them in conjunction with natural attacks, "so long as a different limb is used for each attack."

The intent of that was to allow you wield a 1H weapon and make a secondary claw attack with your other hand, or to let you wield a 1H weapon and make a secondary bite attack with your mouth, or to let you wield a 2H weapon and make a secondary bite attack with your mouth.

The intent was to prevent you from making a full attack sequence with your natural attacks and a bunch of unarmed strikes by specifically defining your undefined unarmed strikes as conveniently different limbs than your natural attacks. Which is exactly what you're trying to do.

News flash: the game is already stacked so you're expected to win. You don't have to abuse the system to ensure it.

Rathyr wrote:
So can a tentacle replace as many attacks per round as you have?

Nothing anywhere in the rules says you can use a natural attack in place of multiple other attacks.

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wraithstrike wrote:
I am not seeing the confusion here and I am not being snarky. What is not being understood?

My take is that Sean's post seems to imply that when you make an unarmed strike, it uses your metaphysical hand slot. If you make two unarmed strikes, then it uses up both slots.

If you make a natural attack, it also uses up said metaphysical hand slot (unless it is a bite).

So a Tengu Fighter can't use kick/kick/claw/claw/bite because the two claws and the two kicks use up the two metaphysical hand slots the fighter possesses. Kick/kick/bite, kick/claw/bite, or claw/claw/bite are all legal. At least that's what I'm gathering from this.

If this is how it's intended to be, it needs to be FAQ'd and clarified as I'd always assumed that you could make natural attacks in addition to unarmed strikes as long as you used different limbs (unless you are doing a Flurry). So the kick/kick/claw/claw/bite would be a legal combination.

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There needs to be a physical Blame Cosmo box at Paizo. Like a suggestion box, you slip pieces of paper in it when you want to blame Cosmo for something, and then, at the end of the day, Cosmo empties the box and sates his appetite on the physical manifestations of the sufferings of his co-workers.

I blame Cosmo if this isn't already a thing.

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Fourshadow wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
Barachiel Shina wrote:
Can anyone here explain why they would take Core Rogue over Unchained Rogue? Or any of the other 3 for that matter? (but Rogue more than anything)
If anybody attempts to answer that question without having actually read the finished classes, I would strongly suggest you discount their answer.

I can't resist a challenge. :)

I suspect I'll keep using the CRB rogue (though rogues arent really my thing, certainly the old monk though) because I dont like looking through multiple books. Power or even effectiveness isnt high up on my list of priorities when making a character.

Sean K Reynolds said "If you play an RPG to maximize your damage, you may as well play a video game."

No, this is basically declaring that one person's way of playing a game is 'wrong'.

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Every time I see someone posting articles about the drought in California or in Brazil... I always feel like I should go flush the toilet, start the dishwasher without any dishes and run the washing machine with no clothes in it.

I blame Cosmo for wanting to be a bad person.

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I blame Cosmo for 4chan.

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The Cleric isn't exactly in need of help either (though neither is the Barbarian) nor does it need an overhaul so it's statblock/charactersheet is easier to create.

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I blame Cosmo for the intense nostalgia contained in this Buzzfeed article.

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TOZ wrote:
rainzax wrote:
This is Paizo's messageboard = all of your ideas are belong to Paizo.
Why else did you think we moved the houserule documents to Google Docs?

If at any time you posted actual content to the forums, that content legally belongs to Paizo, regardless of you moving it from the forums to a private document later.

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Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
The Fiend Fantastic wrote:

Don't think too much about it, goblins are stupid and mix things up.

(First gobbo to object, will die most gruesomely. )

{... and scribes magic circle against evil around that}

I blame Cosmo for even the outsiders deciding to kick poor goblins around.

I blame Cosmo for Pillbug being a Soc instead of a Greaser.

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Buri Reborn wrote:
Keep up in what way?

Effectiveness. A well played Wizard often has more influence on the world around them than even the best played Sorcerer. This isn't purely from a combat only perspective. A wizard increases his spells known every time he gets a hold of a spell book or has access to other wizards. Every time he learns a new spell, that's another thing he can do to influence the world.

From a purely combat perspective, the Sorcerer and Wizard are often fairly equal if both are played correctly. A well player Sorcerer often has the right spell for the job because he knows how to pick his spells or adpat a spell to do the job 'well enough'. The same is true for a Wizard.

But it's where the combat ends, specifically, that the Wizard vastly outpaces the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer simply can't change his kit from day to day which lets the Wizard fulfill many roles when he needs to.

The Arcanist is in the same boat as the Wizard. Able to completely change his spell selection each day will make the Arcanist *always* a more powerful caster, in the long run, than a Sorcerer. A well played Sorcerer may be equal to a well played Wizard and Arcansit during combat, but combat isn't the only aspect of the game.

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I blame Cosmo for some Korean trying to hack my Google account.

Silly Koreans, Google isn't Sony. They don't use swiss cheese for defenses.

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Dah... fuh... gah... Grrr!

Dragon78 wrote:
I really interested in this book's versions of the monk, rouge, and summoner.

Rogue = sneak attacking skill class in d20 RPGs

Rouge = make up to make your face pinker i.e. blush

Dishonor on you!
Dishonor on your cow!
Dishonor on your family!

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