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Telcia Dremen's page

73 posts. Alias of Daynen.

Full Name

Telcia Dremen




16 rogue(knife master)










All core languages but druidic

Strength 18
Dexterity 24
Constitution 18
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 16
Charisma 12

About Telcia Dremen

HP: 137/137
Init: +7
Melee: +16/11/6
Ranged: +19/14/9
+5 dagger(melee and thrown, apply WF): +21/16/11 (1d4+9/19-20x2)
Mw dagger(melee and thrown, apply WF): +17/12/7 (1d4+4/19-20x2)
iron bands of binding(thrown): +19/14/9 (vs. touch AC)
tanglfoot bag(thrown): +19/14/9
thunderstone(thrown): +19/14/9
AC: 21


acrobatics +26
appraise +4
bluff +1
climb +23
craft(alchemy) +23
diplomacy +1
disable device +25
disguise +1
escape artist +7(26 for restraints)
fly +7
heal +3
intimidate +1
knowledge(dungeoneering) +23
linguistics +23
perception +22
perform +1
sense motive +22
sleight of hand +26
stealth +31
survival: +3
swim +23
use magic device +20

Class features, Feats, Traits and Racial Traits:

languages: common, elven, halfling, dwarven, orc, gnome, draconic, abyssal, infernal, celstial, auran, aquan, ignan, terran, sylvan, undercommon, giant, aklo, gnoll, goblin

proficient with simple weapons plus hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow, short sword, light armor.
Sneak attack: +8d8 damage
evasion(Ex): no damage on passed ref saves
hidden blade: +8 to sleight of hand to conceal light blades (replaces trapfinding.)
sneak stab: d8's for all sneak attacks with dagger-type weapons, d4 for all others.
blade sense: +5 dodge AC against light blades (replaces trap sense.)
uncanny dodge(Ex): never flat-footed, no AC loss against invisibles.
improved uncanny dodge(Ex): can't be flanked

2nd bleeding attack (sneak attacks deal 8 bleed damage per round until healed)
4th underhanded (1/day, max sneak attack dmg with concealed weapon during surprise round, +4 to sleight of hand to conceal weapons)
6th fast fingers (4/day, two dice before sleight of hand check)
6th(FC) fast stealth (full speed stealth, no penalty)
8th hard to fool (4/day, two dice before sense motive check)

10th hunter's surprise (1/day, all attacks are sneak attacks against adjacent foe for 1 turn.)
12th combat swipe (improved steal, no AOO for steal attempts)
12th(FC) slippery mind (extra save vs. successful enchantments)
14th improved evasion (half damage on failed reflex save)
16th deadly cocktail (apply two poisons to weapon)

1 weapon finesse
3 dodge
5 agile maneuvers
7 mobility
9 spring attack
11 wind stance
13 lightning stance
15 cartwheel dodge

improvisational equipment: reduce improvised tool penalty by 2.
stealthy escape: sleight of hand for escape artist checks from restraints only, +2 bluff to pretend to be bound.

dual talent: +2 to two ability scores [dex and int] (replaces bonus feat, skill, and +2 to one score)
favored class: rogue: 16/6 of new rogue talents=1 talent, 1 advanced talent
medium size
speed 30


BAB: 12/7/2
MELEE: 16/11/6
RANGED: 19/14/9
CMB: 12+4=16
CMD: 10+12+4+7=33

+5 dagger(melee and thrown, apply WF): +21/16/11 (1d4+9/19-20x2)
Mw dagger(melee and thrown, apply WF): +17/12/7 (1d4+4/19-20x2)
iron bands of binding(thrown): +19/14/9 (vs. touch AC)
tanglefoot bag(thrown): +19/14/9
thunderstone(thrown): +19/14/9

FORT: +9
REF: +17
WILL: +8


cloak of elvenkind
belt of physical perfection +4
mask (Gold, 20G)
spell resistance 13 bracers of armor +3
ring of sustenance
ring of foe focus
MW dagger(sheathed on belt)
amulet of proof against detection and location
explorer's outfit

vest of escape
slippers of spider climbing
goggles of night

-2 spring-loaded wrist sheath
+5 dagger
MW dagger

-scarf, pocketed
decoy ring
MW dagger

-belt pouch
iron bands of binding

-handy haversack
5 vicious caltrops
11 tanglefoot bags (crafted)
10 thunderstones (crafted)
wand of greater invisibility(48)
wand of cure moderate wounds
MW dagger
mask (iron, 5g)
mask (leather 2 SP)
amulet of natural armor +3

-bag of holding I
alchemy lab
9 giant wasp poison (crafted)
9 blue whinnis poison (crafted)
campfire bead
MW dagger

-glove of storing
everburning torch

-adventurer's sash 20G
MW dagger
3 potions of cure serious wounds 2250g

1,843G, 8s

Physical Description::
Telcia is a petite figure, with short, curly auburn hair and dark green eyes, but one can hardly tell, because in most situations, her appearance is shrouded by her leather face mask, her forest green cloak, and her gray wrapped scarf which depicts a full moon above a lake. Her gray sash hangs from her right shoulder and attaches near her left hip. The dagger and three pouches around her belt are tightly secured, and her cloth shirt and breeches are fitted to her to prevent swishing and loose jingling. The canny observer might catch a glimpse of the harnesses around her forearms which hold two more daggers, and perhaps even a glint of silver that hints at a worn amulet. Her eyes maintain a casual disinterest in her surroundings, but a keen eye will note they are constantly darting around, subtly evaluating her situation. Her muscles are likewise relaxed to the untrained eye, but are actually slightly tense, ready to spring in any direction.


Name: Telcia Dremen
Race: human
Job: unemployed, formerly thief
Age: 30
height: 5'3
weight: 118 lbs.
eyes: dark green
hair: short, curly auburn
complexion: olive tan
likes: wealth, relaxation, freedom
dislikes: pressure, imprisonment

Background info:
Being forced to grow up alone in a slum doesn't make life easy on a young girl. Things can go from bad to worse when one's petty thievery gets the eye of a thieves guild. faced with death or success, Telcia pushed her mind and body to their limits all her youth, always impressing her new masters. Unfortunately, praise and reward were never the order of the day; only greater demands. Alchemy, thievery, close-quarters combat, linguistics, anatomy, survival training, and even the use of magical oddities--she was pushed and pulled in every direction. Some expected greatness from her to elevate the guild, while others, jealous of her talents, expected her to break under the pressure sooner or later.

One day, she did just that.

For reasons unexplained, and events unrecorded, Telcia turned on her oppressors, slaughtering the guild seemingly overnight. The few who were not present were hunted shortly thereafter. With no survivors of the incident, and no witnesses, no one is sure what finally pushed the woman to free herself with such force, and Telcia herself speaks not of it, burying that chapter of her life. Now, with a finely honed set of skills, and no one to hold her back, she searches...For what? A home? a family? wealth? a purpose? Telcia alone knows the answer to that...

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