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TechLee's page

69 posts. Alias of Barry L Stoddard.


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Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Card game subscription.



My Whimsy Subdomain! Noooooo!


Please cancel my Pathfinder Comics subscription.


Awesome, thanks! :D

I have order #2799886 and #2893743 still showing as Pending. Any idea when these will ship? Thanks!


I've created my Ifrit Immolator Inquisitor, haven't gotten a chance to try him out yet though. :D


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Kyle Baird wrote:

Could have been more! ;-)

In all seriousness, it is only 2 flips maps, one map pack and one simplistic custom map despite having effectively 9 encounters.

I actually used the backside of the Deep Forest mat with the river on it for the last encounter, and it works pretty well.

We had our first session last night, it's a blast so far. :D

Ausk Many-Scars, Half-Orc Barbarian (Guardian)
Tural Dawnbringer, Aasimar Cleric of Sarenrae (Hierophant)
Adrianna Martyn, Tiefling Cavalier, Order of the Dragon (Champion)
Averi, Tiefling Wizard of the Conjuration: Teleportation subschool (Archmage)
Hutch, Tengu Knifemaster (Trickster)
?, Human Ranger/Inquisitor (Marshal)

Our Marshal was sick last night and couldn't make the first session unfortunately.

Progress tracker:
We reached Neathhome(spelling?) last night, and have made several allies along the way, in addition to one grumpy dwarf.

Curious on this also, any other thoughts? :D


Oh man. I ran this at our last Game Day and it was fun! I didn't think that the players would end how they would, but it was great!

They ended up taking Koriana and Thalia to Bryton who, from what I gathered from the info about Koriana's notes, was in on Tercio's deals. He agreed to send Eagle Knight support if they turned over the notes from Thalia's diary, which they gladly did.

My g/f and I both got the Fire Sneeze card at GenCon, can we add both to the same deck, or is there a limit somewhere in the rules I'm missing on deck construction?

Oh, so like most office workers at 4:00 on a Friday. ;)

If we're doing GenCon pickup, when should we see the PDFs hit our account? :)

When we played it, our ranger had actually just bought some of the big fake feet for counter-tracking purposes, so we made the connection that something like that had been done. :D


We'll have a 13 Ftr/Rog/Duelist and 13 Cleric of Sarenrae at GenCon.


I would include Day of the Demon under the Blakros arc instead of the Cheliax arc, after going through them. ;)

Azten wrote:
Shillelagh doesn't work on greatclubs.

Huh. This would be the first time I've seen someone say this. Where are you getting this from?

I've got a Fighter4/Rogue3/Duelist5 and I'm enjoying him immensely. :D

Something to look at, not sure of what feats she has.

Cad or Free-hand fighter would be nice, maybe Scout for the Sneak Attack on charge?

Oddball question. Could you take the Minor Magic rogue talent and get Mage Hand, then go Half-Elf Rogue/Witch (Bonded Witch from ARG)?


Heh. I saw that also, but I wasn't sure how any of the answers there would apply to PFS, so I figured I'd start something in here.


2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Well, got my response. :D

James Jacobs wrote:
TechLee wrote:

Dear James Jacobs,

Are there any gods that can let their clerics use the Whimsy subdomain from Blood of Angels, or is it only for non-deity divine casters?

Thanks! :D

Some of the Empyreal Lords probably grant that subdomain, as do some of the Eldest. As for core deities... not sure. Calistria, Cayden Caylean, Desna, and Shelyn all seem like they might.

But that doesn't mean that's legal for PFS. Any ideas on PFS legality? Mike?

Dear James Jacobs,

Are there any gods that can let their clerics use the Whimsy subdomain from Blood of Angels, or is it only for non-deity divine casters?

Thanks! :D


Yeah, it seems like a perfect match for a Varisian Aasimar cleric of Desna. :D


7 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

This feels like a silly question, but can PFS clerics take the Whimsy subdomain if their god has Chaos as a normal domain? I don't remember seeing any other new subdomains since the APG (I could be wrong), but the ones in the Aasimar book are the first ones I've seen that don't have a god associated with them.

I looked through a lot of posts and did searching on here and couldn't find an official answer, unfortunately. Lots of speculation and guessing, but no final ruling. :(


Hector Narcisso, Proprietor of Cayden's Cup, Level 12.

Seeing so few folks post in the thread, will it really have that big of a turnout?

This is only my 2nd PaizoCon, and we missed the MnE last year , that's why I was curious.

We've got 2 or 3 more in our room that could do a game today also. We have characters that span pretty much the whole spectrum. :D

Something low level would be better though, I folks have room later.

The creperie in the mall is awesome. :D

So's Uncle's Games and Comic Stop!

Hotel has wifi, but it's $14.95 per 24hrs. :(

Here finally also. Ugh, 14.95 for 24hrs of wifi.

Is there not a PDF version of the SD player's guide? I've got a hard copy but I'm trying to get my stuff together for PaizoCon and I have something out of it on a PFS character.


GarageCon 2012

Aug 17-19, 2012!

We have at least 2 tables running in all 5 slots at GarageCon, if you know you'd like to play then let us know! :D We'll have the most tables running Saturday, with 4 that I know of. :D

Friday Noon
3-21 The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (1-5)
3-18 God's Market Gamble (1-5)

Fri 6pm
3-9 Quest for Perfection Pt 1: Edge of Heaven (1-5)
0-13 Prince of Augustana (1-5)

Sat Noon
3-2 Sewer Dragons of Absalom (3-7)
3-7 Echoes of the Overwatched (1-5)
1-40 Hall of Drunken Heroes (7-11)

Sat 6pm
Blood Under Absalom (all levels, cooperative table event)

Sun Noon
3-19 The Icebound Outpost (1-5)
3-6 Song of the Sea Witch (3-7)

I'm going to get a post up at the Gate's forums and at GameCoMo with a complete schedule as soon as I can.

I'm curious about this also. :D

Michael Brock wrote:
Dane Pitchford wrote:

Well dang...I wasn't even aware that there would be a part of the Convocation that would require sign-up. Nerds.

Well, here's hoping I can make it into the finale...

Only 154 of 170 people obtained tickets. So, we should have some room to fit those that didn't get tickets initially. But, those are first come first serve of course.

When were the signups for this open? At the same time as the other limited seating events? Is it possible to get myself and my Buddy on the list for tickets for this still? :D

Argh. I must have missed the timing on this, was there another time frame for the PFS event signup @ PaizoCon?

If it's possible, can I get myself and my Buddy added to the Friday night Grand Convocation?

Timothy Hanson wrote:
TechLee wrote:

I looked at Gillman also, but the penalties for going too long without immersion in water had me worried if we had to go inland for a few days. :(

Any fixes or ideas on that?

Even inland would be relatively close to the water in pretty much ever case. Going to port still means you have to be relatively close to the docks I would assume. I think you are either on an island or near the coast for the most part, so if I was your GM I would not give you any trouble over it. It is not like you will end up in the middle of Varisia at some point or anything. I would assume you are always close enough to the ocean that it should never become an issue.

Yeah, I'm more worried if there's an extended period we'll be away from the ship, a dungeon crawl that goes multi-day or something like that.

I looked at Gillman also, but the penalties for going too long without immersion in water had me worried if we had to go inland for a few days. :(

Any fixes or ideas on that?

We're getting ready to start our S&S campaign after Carrion Crown ends, and we took a break from one of our weeks when everyone couldn't make it and ended up with the following party:

Goblin Alchemist (maybe the fire bomber)
Tiefling Magus
Half-Elf Barbarian (Sea Reaver)
Undine Cleric of Gozreh
Grippli Ranger (Freebooter)

I'm playing the Grippli Ranger and I'm trying to figure out what combat style I want to use. I had thought about using the Archery style, but using thrown weapons instead (working on that with my GM). We are a bit short on front-line combat folks, so I'd thought about going two-weapon fighting and going Net/something, since Grippli get Net as a racial proficiency.

Any other suggestions/ideas?

Please cancel my Pathfinder Tales subscription.

I've enjoyed the books but life's getting busy and can't keep up with the novels. :)

Yay us. :D

Anyone else having trouble printing the guide? I'm getting an error about no pages being selected. :(

They had us on the room block, because they had us at the $85/night rate for the rest of the nights. It was weird, not sure why they'd skip that night. We'll check back later this week though, thanks Jeff!

I just made our reservation for the hotel and they said that the night of the 8th was going to be at the full rate, not the Con rate. Anyone else run into this?

Are they doing the lottery again this year?

Wha? Is it out? I can't find it on the AP page. :(

Any idea on what we need to do to get the con rate for the rooms? I went to the hotel's website and it's showing more expensive rates.


Anyone have more options like these? I'm trying to automate some things in a spreadsheet, but I'm not too good at excel. :(

My goal is to have a list of what modules have been played by who, and with a separate sheet pulling info from another to tell us who can play what at a quick glance.

Any ideas?


Mark Moreland wrote:

Hey Arnim,

Have you contacted Jason Roeder, the new venture captain in Missouri? He may have some ideas or solutions to get your attendance up. I know he's got an exclusive scenario that no one has played yet that he might be able to offer a time or two, though I know Columbia is a fair drive from CG.

It's a fun scenario. :D

This can't come out soon enough. :D

Tordek Rumnaheim wrote:

Yeah it's Friday! Sigh - no paizocon announcement :(

Wait Friday isn't over yet. maybe there is still a chance. Hope renews

Edit: On the other hand, maybe they rolled a 1 at the meeting and now we have to wait until next week.

I'd imagine most of the Paizo guys and gals may not even be awake yet, it's still early over there on the west coast. :P

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