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Cayden Cailean

Tavius Donatus's page

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Tavius bows his head as he accepts the new title of the "High Lord".

He approaches Osvaldt with Lord Numesti. "Numesti and I have been talking and he agrees we should rename both the fort and town. I wanted to tie in our kingdom but acknowledge the people as well. What do you think about Freemarch? I believe it gives due note to both."

You noticed that Tavius' bearing is more regal, although he seems to have been able to gain some control over the rod in order to make the clothes he wears not quite so dramatic or expensive.

I figured you could control the rod enough to not have it create clothes that were so over the top expensive unless you want it too.

"Thank you for the funds my Duke. As we grow the other cities I will let you know some thoughts I have for Freemarch and Castle Donatus. With a potential threat from Pitax ever present I would like to suggest we build some additional military operations there including basing a second army out of Freemarch."

Do you have an updated list of the Freemarch buildings?

Tavius stands with Lord Numesti as the forces of Greenmarch arrived in the city.

Things will be better now Terrion. We will not let Drelev suffer any longer. These troops will protect the city until we can re-build it and its defenses.
The men will also help the townsfolk when they can, you will see that this is not an occupying force.
We will have to think of a new name for the city though...Drelev's legacy of failure will have to be removed.

Tavius looks on with pride as the city developes. As the council discusses recent trends and plans...
Expanding some sounds like a fine idea, we just don't want to expand so quickly we can't control and patrol the new lands properly. Trade with Restov is expanding quickly, we might want to expand Leveton some to handle the growth!

Expanding Leveton to 2 districts probably makes sense after we see what is in Tatzlford.

The sooner we can get Major items the better IMO, allow us to fuel more growth than Econ roll increases.

I think that makes sense, no need to take a chance of causing unrest.

I have a similar feeling. The merchant disguise wouldn't have worked well with a longsword sticking from my hip. I will be more specific when I use the hat next time as to what I do with my gear.
As a basic:
Sword - Kerchief
Armor - Dress with jewelry so it rustles
Sheild - nice bracelet
Hat - Hairpin

Even without the hat I have a excellent disguise skill so I probably would know to hide these things.

Osvaldt Langham wrote:

Defense Update

1.What are we going to do about the interference we have been experiencing from the Aspis Consortium and other parties?

2.Adriaen deTys - Aspis Agent - the captive theif said something about her either being or posing as a merchant from Mivon, one of our neighbors.

3.Cult of Gyronna - there are still hag-worshipping baby snatchers to run down.

4.Cult of Zon Kuthon - I'm not sure if this is isolated to the recent trouble with Aspis, or if we have another evil cult in town.

5.Who at Fort Drelev has a problem with us? is that Aspis again, or is it Pitax themselves?

6.It seems to me we need to get some sort of mlitary unit built as soon as we can, and we need to step up our intelligence efforts and our law enforcement. We have had a robbery within the Town Hall, and an assassination in our jail. Niether of these is tolerable.


1. "We have crushed most of their agents in the area, it might take some time for them to pose another threat. I wouldn't mind teaching them a lesson though. They are actively working against us it seems. Maybe we should find out if we can figure out a way to strike back at them?

2.THey might just be working in Mivon. I do't see them being to happy about a strong kingdom forming to their north and possibly see us as a threat. As above though.

3.They are probably underground. If our Spymaster can't catch them, its best we locate the dancing lady and destroy her as another ally of theirs.

4.Not much to say until we find out if they are moe than just what we fouhgt or a more serious threat.

5.Maybe we should visit fort Drelev at some point. Of course they could be just another river kingdom hoping we will fail.

6.We should finish the army as soon as we can afford it. The men are almost traied, ust need to funds to bring them on as a force I can use! Maybe after we built the water trade route?

As far as the skeletons go, I believe Ettore may be able to get rid of them? Don't you have spells that can help clear desecreted lands? Not sure if that is the issue but it is worth trying. We can then go after this dancing lady and make sure the lands to either side of our newest city are safe.

Maybe we should name the city something that has to do with the lands:
Taviston :]
City of Greenmarch

One thing I would like to recommend. You assign each of us the lord of a city. We get to build the city as we would like...with your approval of course, but this would give us some investment into the kingdom. You are of course the Baron of the city of your choice, Leveton or this one...but yo probably want to make the choice fairly early.

Tavius suggest giving the hag's shamble to our spymaster to help in her hunt of the other Women of Gyronna.
Tavius would like the Elixer of tumbling.
Eirwulf or the Baron should take the silversheen.
The horn, dust and Elxier should be sold when possible.
The chime we can add as a party item.
If everyon is okay with this plan I will add the items ad cash to the party treasury.
Not enough to really divy up now unless someone only need like 300gp to add another item they want?

Are we going to try and complete Pharast and maybe another couple of months before we get back together Wednesday?

Tavius has identify as a spell so you can expect him to have identified all of the items if possible.
He can't fail to identify anything less than an 14th level caster so we should know what most of them are unless they are harder than a DC 29. I would also get an assist from Ettore so I might be bumped up to a 16th level caster.

Osvaldt Langham wrote:

Items for discussion prior to executing Turn 11, Pharast, 4710

Cult of Gyronna
We still have a hag and some cultists occupying the Stag Lord's fort. At some point, we should hit pause on the kingdom building and evict them forcibly, then claim the hex and occupy it to deter further incursions. According to our spymaster, one of the women at the fort is Malgorzata Niska, a mid-wife used by many in the new farms to the east. Several of the others are known to be in the eastern farms and in the new farms south of the gold mine. They are of little consequence, except for the fact that they are spread all over the kingdom. this is a problem in Oz's opinion, as the Cult of Gyronna is known to steal babies and replace them with monsters. Generally bad for business. Any suggestions on good ways to handle them?

Criminal Activity
The spymaster has also reported that there may be some underground gambling going on. Osvaldt has no problem with gambling as long as it is an honest game operated legally. Our tax rate is very low, so there is no excuse for evading it by keeping the gambling business a secret. Rumor has it that Naretta, a female halfling fortune-teller, may be involved. Who wants to volunteer to have a little chat with her and remind her of the kingdom's positions on gambling (fine with it) and theft (punishable by death).

Military Update
With the Town Hall built, we can construct a barracks at half price. I would like to do so this month, and then officially construct our CR1 small mounted army. The General will have overall responsibility for their deployment, but I suggest that if there are no clear and present threats to the kingdom, they may be well used to augment the Warden's patrols.

We have 8,000 people living in Grenmarch, and no organization for the disposal of refuse. Since the Town Hall makes the Dump very cheap, I propose building one of those as well. We should also look into building aqueducts when we are able.

Shrike River Trade Route
We're on hold...

Regarding the Cult of Gyronna we should wipe them out. We must be careful though if there is a Hill Giant with them. If possible we should try to draw him out or catch him out hunting to kill it without the support of the Cultists.

We can then infiltrate the fort again and try to kill the cultists.
We should have Ettore craft a couple of additional scrolls of Bulls Strength for the assault as well as another potion of Fly in case we need to sneak in again.
I have the scroll of Dispel/Haste that could also be useful for this battle. Maybe another scroll as a backup wouldn't hurt.

I can talk with Naretta but Ettore might be better at dealing with her?

Agreed upon the army moves, it will be good to have a small force at our disposal. The training goes well with the militia and the force may be ready in the next couple of months to form into a cohesive unit.

The kingdom plan seem good to me.

Tavius does not have 5 ranks in profession soldier...I can start working on that next level...probably have them by level 8....

Osvaldt Langham wrote:

haven't heard any comments on the topic of planning, so hre's a proposal:

Claim E5. Build a road and a Mine.
Build a Town Coomons in Leveton (at A5)

That nets +2 economy; +1 Loyalty; and +2 Stability.

Our treasury would be at 12 before income. With decent rolls to sell the magic item and for incmoe, we should have enough to build something like a town hall next turn.

I think that is a good idea for this turn.

As far as the creatures go, this sounds like a group that is tougher than the original fort inhabitants we originally fought.
I would recommend we let them sit for a little while and keep a couple of the rangers watching them from hidden positions and just continue to develop the kingdom, possibly raising the militia in two turns...

Tavius is unsure we can even defeat a group of creatures such as these. I think we would have to lure them out somehow or at least wait for the hill giant to leave to hunt and ambush him before trying to tackle the rest. You would assume they would have to leave eventually as a hill giant probably eat a hundred pouns or so of food per day.

Between Tavius, Ettore, and the library, let's hope we can find out some information about the creatures and be more prepared.

From a GM perspective, I would like to keep focusing on Serpent's skull. We have at least 3 sessions still left as long as you defeat the Serpent's in a timely manner next week. We can pick up with KM then and hopefully have a couple of turns planned out after the encounter with the fort.

Let's not stretch ourselves too thin...remember we still need loyalty and it is pretty low if we need to make a check. Maybe a turn to consolidate?
Also Tavius is getting more sold on the idea of a permanent force. He has started training one and expects to have the 50 men and horses required ready by the end of the first year.

Should we think about a house and a weaver/tannery? Or a house and a town commons?
With that good roll of course we could get 1/3 of the way to a market place... :)

Osvaldt Langham wrote:
Harad Navar wrote:
Please decide how you want to man the patrols, and how you want the timing to go.

Osvaldt will offer to accompnay the men on the third route. that covers the most of the kingdom's territiry, and is generally over more open terrain. let's face it, the platemail wearing charger isn't built for the woods.

Tavius would accompany the Baron on the Patrol, not allowing him to wander around without protection. Ettore, if not making things, should be with Eirwulf.

Got it, your are right...I re-read that section and you only get the check if it mentions you can.

We should be okay, we might not get the 1 bonus BP but we should hit any unrest unless you roll a 1 or something...let's keep it moving!

I say let's go for it and expand and build the apiary. We need to get to 11 in size as well as continue to grow the economy.

Don't we have a chance to negate the negative effect with a successful check?

I was thinking of it more for the future options and the half price shops and Inns. Having a 4BP resource that can give us 1 Econ is pretty good and it actually makes sense to have more than one of them in a city.
We would need to have more Econ before building the black market to sell the items and have more than one district but maybe it is something to try and target for 6-8 turns after this next turn, at least the market place? Just a thought.

We should think about the next major developent being a marketplace. Half price for Black market (first major item once we get our economy up a little more), inn, and an important

Go with the library, seems like a good investment and maybe another house if we can afford it.

Rova is the best month since it is my birthday month! I guess I will just set Tavius' B-Day to be the same as mine so I can remember it.

The general has turned 1 year older, all hail the general! Wait...were is my armor, they have deserted me! Noooooooooooooooo

I vote does my horse!!!!!!

I would recommend we don't expand this turn, our loyalty needs some work, maybe next turn after we have the jail?

I would rather we build a house to try and get this district completed ASAP.

So it's Jail and Mine this turn?

It's just DC 10 + Caster level so DC 18. Just no caster's fortune or whatever the spell was. Also, you have to roll. 1 is always a failure. We have not crafted anything yet other than real minor stuff.

Suggest we claim and build a farm to get to 0 consumption this turn. We need to look at what get's us more bang for the buck. Need to keep pushing the economy higher as quickly as possible.

Jail and Mine seem like good choices for near future builds.

ettore wrote:

Ettore will craft the requested scrolls:

Resist Energy x2 150gp
Invisibility Purge 187.5
Remove Curse 187.5
Remove Disease 187.5
Align Weapon x2 150
Remove Paralysis 75
Restoration Lesser x2 150
Silence 75
=1087.5gp 11 days of crafting

also the Cloak of Resistance +1 requested by Osvaldt
and a Cloak of Resistance +2 for myself.
- that is another 6 days crafting,
and 2000gp from Osvaldt
(plus pay somebody to cast 'caster's fortune' since it is not cleric)

Why do you say a resistance item is not Cleric? You have the feat and the spell, magic items usually are not class or spell type specific, you just have to have the spell on your list which you do, Resistance, it's a zero level spell.

Now the +2 cloak is a different story, it is +5 DC due to the fact that you don't meet the level requirement so depending on your check, you might need it cast.

We have over 5000gp in the party treasury btw. Here is a few things I propose we order from Restov:
2 scrolls of haste 750gp
1 scroll of breath of life 1125gp
1 wand of cure light wounds 750gp

Have Ettore craft the following scrolls:
Resist Energy x2 150gp
Invisibility Purge 187.5
Remove Curse 187.5
Remove Disease 187.5
Align Weapon x2 150
Remove Paralysis 75
Restoration Lesser x2 150
Silence 75
11 days of crafting

Total spend=3712.5gp

I have 6, but I can buff him as well as assist to get his bonus up pretty good. Add in Ettore's guidance that should add 5 to his check.

We know if breathes frost, so it wouldn't hurt to have a resist energy on a couple of us if not actually craft a couple of scrolls. If 3 of us had it I would feel pretty good trying to take it on.

Agreed, we should talk to the miners and get a description of the creature. Mayeb we can figure out what it is and be better prepared to deal with it.

BTW I thought of a possible name for the new city if we form one at the stag lords fort...

Has veryone sent Raz their 5th level characters? If so we should be almost ready to go and take care of the beastie..

Tavius walks in and looks over the Tiefling. He rarely judges a man by his looks, but he is not sure about the new arrival. He follows the two to the yard behind the Office of the City Guard.

He watches his Lord spar with the brute, his hand on his blade, ready to take the man out if he tries anything funny. Eventually he suggests an appropriate course of action.
He should test his mettle with us my Lord! We are going to ride south to one of our mines that has been invaded by a 3 headed beast.
What do you say Eirwulf, up for a good hunt to prove yourself?

I will still take the 6BP. It's more than we can make from our economy at the moment.
We should go ahead and continue to fill up the city as quickly as we can. Once we get to two districts we can sell one item per district. We should add some houses as we go to fill it up quickly and grow the population of the city.

From what Raz said earlier, there will be approximately about a year before the main events of the 2nd module will start occurring, but there are plenty of smaller events that he may start throwing in as part of the turns that occur in the 2nd AP.

Bit of a hybrid approach. Of course even as the events of chapter 2 unfold we will still be doing monthly turns. It all depends upon how quickly the events come to pass and how we handle them I think.
That is the cool thing about this AP, nothing is really set in stone in the events.

Brewery sounds fine, Ettore's family are in the process of starting it anyways.
A3 probably makes sense for the farm.

My Baron, I would be honored to accepts the title of Lordship from you! Agree that we would support you with levies in the event of war, although I was looking to be granted title and land in the form of a city... :] But that can wait until we have enough resources to do something like that and I probably would want land we conquered from others...

That is what Caravan guards are for. Even with 50 men we could barely patrol the hexes immediately around us.

We have no plans for an army at the moment that Osvaldt and I have discussed. A kingdom the size of ours, the army would just put an undue burden on the kingdom.

A medievil lord would typically have about the defense force we currently have and only during times of trouble would he raise the militia. At this point it is really only a symbolic title...although if we did need to bring Kesten's men into the field for some reason, I would see me being the commander of those forces with Kesten as my second in command. I do train with them from time to time as well as talk with the citizens about how we would rally a militia when the time comes.
That is what I spend my time each month doing, preparing for the worst.

•What are your plans for the defense of the kingdom? The town guard as well as a provisional militia I mentioned above that can be raised when needed.

•Who is going to do the defense? How big an army? When are you going to get one? I am thinking we would probably start to look at creating a permanent army in about a year or so once we get to a large enough size to need one. We will eventually need a castle and city walls, but we are some time away from that. Kesten is my second in comand when we are away, otherwise I am in command. Size would probably be what you mentioned for an army.

•Where are you going to keep your troops? The only warriors available are the 20 or so city guards under Marshal Keston Garess. They are housed in the Office of the City Guard and are for keeping the peace in Leveton and the immediate surrounds (say 2 miles).
Once we raise an army, we would build a barracks.

Osvaldt, do you disagree?

I think we are all in agreement that items over 4000gp sold through the markets increase the kingdom's/our BP's right? That seems pretty clear in the rules.

The thing the rules are not clear on is what do you do with the items less than 4000gp? They don't increase your economy with BP so what do you do with them to clear them out for better items?

I was stating that we would buy the scroll of dispel/haste, it is pretty useful and the potion of hide from animals with our own money, not the kingdom's.
That should still leave us with an economy roll to sell one correct? So if it isn't worth 4000gp, then what does it do? I was just stating that let's say we sell 4 1000gp items it might make sense that we would end up with 1BP after selling those.
If you don't like that idea not a big deal, just something I was throwing out there. So I guess it just goes to the market and nothing happens...that seems odd as well but I can live with it.

Agree with the sold items rules interpretation. In order to free up some items, let's buy the scroll of dispel/haste, it is pretty useful and the potion of hide from animals, it could be useful as well.

We can sell the other medium item through the markets and just get the gold to count towards a BP (4000gp) and keep a running totoal of them until we get to 1BP (4000gp) for the kingdom?

The other thing we need to do is finish leveling our characters and our spend. I plan to have a strength item now so my attribute bonus will be higher next month since we have a month to order items and have them shipped to us.

Let's not do next month until we have that all sorted out? I will send out the treasure sheet this weekend. Raz you good with that? We are also 5th level right? Thx.

The value of the item has no impact on the BP we get for it as I understand it. We get 2BP for selling a minor item, 8 BP for a medium. How they justify this is that we don't get any additional benefit for really expesive medium items and no negatives for cheap medium items that come up. The average is 8BP.

Is this how you understand it Raz?

Oh, and I think we wanted to Road A5 as well right Osvaldt?

Post in the gameplay discussion slacker!

What about a library or a butcher so we get +1 econ and +1 loyalty? It is only 2 more BP.

As far as the next couple of turns, I vote for staying our current size and just building out the farms to lower our consumption and add a couple of buildings to help with out economy and maybe loyalty rolls? Any thought Langham?

It increases consumption which we have already paid for the month and past that part of the kingdom can house rule it this way, but I think the build rules would follow that we pay it the next turn although it seems a bit arbitrary.
The thing is we have not gained any benefit from it this month since it has not helped our economy rolls for income.
The stage that we are in the kingdom phase I think makes sense that we gain no real benefit from annoucing our parades and festivals from an economy basis but gives the people something to look forward to.

Not the best starting roll but it will do :]

No I am pretty sure you are correct. You set edicts one turn and pay the consumption the next. This means if you lower the cost of edicts it doesn't go into effect until the next turn either. We should get 2BP back I think.

I was thinking Lily for Royal A.

This is what a turn might look like. Raz it is going to be a little difficult to run turns unless you can release the spreadsheet to Mike to be able to know what the bonus' are to do the dice. We are about ready to do the turn.

Do we really need to make a stability roll since the kingdom just started? We don't really have a stability score until the end of this turn. Let us know. Thanks!

Month of GOZREN, 4708. GreenMarch Founding Month 1
Strategy: Expand Leveton & Expand the Kingdom!
Upkeep Phase:
*Step 1—Determine Kingdom Stability:
Start with 0 Unrest (+1BP)
Stability roll needed at +XX to beat Control DC 23
*Step 2—Pay Consumption:
Treasury begins with 50BP
Treasury ends with 51BP
*Step 3—Fill Magic Item Slots:
Leveton Needs:
0 Minor
0 Medium
*Step 4—Unrest:
0 Unrest to start, -1 for Royal Assassin, none assigned
0 Unrest remaining

*Step 1—Select Leadership:
Assign leaders:
Ruler: Osvaldt
Councilor: Ettore
General: Tavius
Grand Diplomat: Rebecca Langham
High Priest: Jhod
Magister: Helena Lang
Marshal: Kesten
Royal Assassin: open
Spymaster: Curta
Treasurer: Peter Langham
Warden: Eirwulf

*Step 2—Claim Hexes:
Claim Hex B4, *-1BP*
*Step 3—Establish and Improve Cities:
Build Witch’s Hut *-20BP* +1 Econ, +0 Loy, +1 Stab, -0 Unrest
Buy Office of the City Guard from Oleg, *-8BP*,
*Step 4—Build Roads:
Road B4, *-1BP*
*Step 5: Establish Farmlands:
Farm B4, *-2BP*
*Step 6: Edicts:
Taxation Light
Promotion Token
Festivals None

Starting Income: 18 BP
+1 BP for Kingdom Unrest starting at 0
*Step 1—Deposits: No deposits
*Step 2—Withdrawals:
No withdrawals
*Step 3—Sell Valuable Items:
0 Economy rolls needed at +12 to sell items
*Step 4—Generate Income:
Economy roll needed at +XX to generate income

Event that occurred this month:
Ending Income: XX BP for the month


Ruler: Osvaldt
Councilor: Ettore
General: Tavius
Grand Diplomat: Rebecca Langham
High Priest: Jhod
Magister: Asking Helena Lang...
Marshal: Kesten
Royal Assassin: open
Spymaster: Curta
Treasurer: Peter Langham
Warden: Eirwulf

Another option is I could be Magister and someone else could be general? Or I guess we need to confirm if Helena is interested in Magister.

B4 sounds good to claim. We should road one of our hexes like B4 Farm a hex, any plains hex, and then build the witches hut.
If we can agree on that then I think we are ready to go once we get Lang's response.


You can add direct links in here and in the Campaign tab.
Like this:
["url=] Hex Map for Greenmarch [/url"]

Just remove the quotation marks as below, part of the linkie was missing...

Hex Map for Greenmarch

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