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Tasarak's page

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Goblin Squad Member

Congratz Goblinworks! This is indeed a very special day. Can't wait to see you tomorrow on twitch.

Goblin Squad Member

ooo look at those purty towers. =)

Goblin Squad Member

I thought the chances were slim,...any other conventions this year possibly? Pax West? I'm local, it would be nice to see you there.

Goblin Squad Member

Hi - Ryan,

Did you guys present at E3? Bonny dropped in to say she would be at this year's event & to look out for updates. Unless I completely missed, are we going to get any?


Goblin Squad Member

Thanks for responding Alex/Prox & Shane.

Its good to see complexity will exist so dedicated crafters can flourish within the trade markets. (not that their names will be identified)..last I read.

Goblin Squad Member

Hi Stephen-

1) Will resources have stats?

If yes,

1B) Will the location of minerals & stat quality change over time? (say spawn once every two weeks with different stats).

If no,

1C) If resources are of the same grade quality, will your skill/training determine the outcome of an item?

2) Will "recipe's" be the only determining factor to upgrade an items quality?

3) During the crafting phase, how are the "keywords" determined?


Goblin Squad Member

Snowbeard wrote:

This is a PvE question. What do folks think about "conning" monsters? Should we see their stats relative to us or not? Should their names give their rank and class away? And in a slightly different vein, should monsters with sympathetic alignments be able to engage in reason and perhaps even trade or be hired?

Personally I don't think I should be able to con a monster and tell if I can take it out or not. Experience should teach me and there should be some cues that I should be able to pick up on but I shouldn't be able to scope them out. Perhaps as I developed knowledge I might get better IF it was a skill I was focusing on and then I might be able to "con" some types that I have had extensive experiences with. I also dislike seeing monster names like gobbo shaman. If I see a gobbo with a skull topped stick I might infer its a shaman, but it might just be a gobbo monk with a staff or a fighter with a warclub. But why should the game tell me what that gobbo is? It'sa bit "immersion breaking".

I'd like to see a system that wasn't always hack and slash for mobs, especially if their alignment was compatible or close to mine. I'd like to have opportunities for bluff and diplomacy. Resolving conflict without bloodshed may even appeal to some religous types. Do we have to kill off the CN, NG, CG centaurs to claim a hex - maybe we could offer them relocation to a reservation, err, unclaimed hex? Perhaps even sell goods to them. Or contract with them for protection or to provide them with protection? Would a pally really KOS when they hadn't tried reason first? Maybe I could generate content by gaining their trust then apprenticing with their master druid to learn something special, a spell or ability perhaps, or work with their blacksmith to learn how to make spears, or study nets and tridents with their warriors? Befriending such might open avenues to new or special skills thereby differentiating myself from other PCs and making my story more unique.

I asked this question in the live session to Ryan.

Kick-a-thon Cycle2

Goblin Squad Member

Dakcenturi wrote:
I'm surprised no one has mentioned SWG they had a pretty great crafting system from what I remember. I'll have to see if I can dig up info on it.

From back in June. There are couple more threads that discuss it too...

SWG - Truly playerdriven

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:

@Tasarak, I meant how did he find the link. I know how to create links :)

@AvenaOats, thanks for making me take a second look at that. I right-clicked it last night, but didn't immediately see what I was looking for. I took a closer look today and it's inside the "Copy embed code".

<iframe src="" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

Just got home. See, I assumed you knew it was on the Kickstarter Home page. =)

Goblin Squad Member

@ Nihimon Like this? Just copy into text document, then format using url=]Link[/url] You got a [ before url.


Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:
@Void Ronin, that was certainly the plan, but I believe Ryan has hinted that they might not be able to get all 11 done for the start of Early Enrollment. I may be misreading that, and I don't think I could find a quote right now.

Lets say they do get all 11 Core classes in. What about the next set of base classes?(Alchemist, Magus etc) Will we have to start a new character from scratch or will we be able transition/adjust training from an existing archetype? Same with Races. If want to switch to say a Drow or Kobold (if they put in) will we need to start from scratch?

I ask due to the length of time required 2.5 yrs to cap. It's a long, long road if they don't allow to make these changes if they introduce a new class/race years later into the game.

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:

Ryan has made it clear that we'll be able to have multiple characters on a single account, and that we'll be able to train them simultaneously as long as we've purchased the appropriate Skill Training.

I plan on keeping a single Subscription to keep my Main constantly training, and buying occasional Skill Training Packs to use for any alts.

I'd really love it if they'd allow me to have multiple characters from the same account online at the same time, but I'm not confident they will. That's the only remaining advantage to having multiple accounts right now.

Which is why I purchased another Pledge in case they don't allow multiple characters from the same account. Going with 3! =)

Goblin Squad Member

Magnificent! Another great weekend!

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:

LazyLeopards post got me thinking.

For strangers, there should either be no name-plate, or a simple name-plate that says "stranger" or something similar.

For people you've met, their name-plate should give the name they gave when they introduced themselves, or their nickname if you gave them one.

There should be an activity log that records everything that happens to you, so you can simply right-click their descriptor - either "stranger", their name, or their nickname - to interact with them, rather than having to type in some name or character ID.

Name-plates should only be visible at close-range, or if you have them targeted.

You should automatically drop target on someone if they get out of line-of-sight.

All good points & I agree with LOS the target should be dropped automatically with name plates only being visible at close range...

Goblin Squad Member

Keovar wrote:
Tasarak wrote:
Where do Rocks sleep?

Where do rivers keep their money?

So... are you implying the 'granite' instead of 'granted' thing was intentional?

Yes. I was having a little fun, but kept it subtle. He played it well. =)

Goblin Squad Member

Void Ronin wrote:
The main issue i see for this kind of system is bounties. How do i place a bounty on someone i "do not know" but has killed me or how do i collect a bounty if I do not know the name or could not see the name of my target?

We discussed this up top with unique ID Number assigned to every account name. So you would not need to know their name, rather their ID Nbr would be given, so you could place bounties or collect one.

Of course, if both parties agree or grouped, you can toggle the option to include your in-game name for all to see.

Goblin Squad Member

Drakhan Valane wrote:
Did he respond with a rock pun too? ^_^

Where do Rocks sleep?

Goblin Squad Member

Ryan Dancey wrote:

It was great to be on KickAThon! I have huge appreciation for those guys who are doing a volunteer service for everyone on Kickstarter. I'm sure they had more people who wanted to be on the show than they had slots for, so I was happy to get a 1/2 hour.

If people liked this format, would you like to see something like this done just for Pathfinder Online? They're just using a Google Hangout; we have all the tech needed to replicate their setup.

The more interactive the better. Video's are the way to go with live discussions on PFO development with Q&A sessions for the fans.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Marthian wrote:
Anyone have a link to the video of this? About 26:50 to start. Enjoy.

Goblin Squad Member

Kard Warstein wrote:
I wish they kept interviewing Ryan for another hour instead of gettin' those other guys on there.

Agreed. It was just starting to get interesting after having to explain the concept/history for the first 15min or so. Be nice if they get a full interview on MMORPG.

Goblin Squad Member

Drakhan Valane wrote:
Tasarak wrote:
I also would love to see no " Con " or " level " associated with my enemy/encounter, rather we all must figure out each encounter & not take anything for granite
I agree, that would be gneiss.

I just asked this question directly to Ryan today in the Kick-a-thon live chat session.

Good news. This is the current plan. I'm very excited. =) Hopefully they will have the session recorded to play back.

Goblin Squad Member

Mbando wrote:
I'm watching this through Youtube--will we be able to ask questions? I don't see an interface for chatting or submitting questions.

I'm watching on youtube also, just asked if we could ask questions through the comment section. Waiting to see if anyone responds.

Goblin Squad Member

I think I got this one. =)

Goblin Squad Member

Keovar wrote:

On the surface, I'm liking the ideas here for not having floating names on players, though I do wonder how things would be listed in a chat box.

UO-style overhead chat wouldn't work so well in a 3D environment. Depending on its colour, one might have to swing one's camera around a lot to find a background with good contrast, and then have to keep moving it if more than one person is talking to you. Putting a bubble behind the text would clutter the screen very quickly, and someone could keep shouting with the maximum number of characters in order to take up more screen space. Yeah, I think a chat box is a necessary UI element.

So, working with the chat box, how would voices be differentiated before you know someone? There is language and behaviour that GW finds unacceptable, so how does one report a person spouting real-world hate speech and ganking newbies as a griefer?

For that matter, what if someone is griefing and never says a word? Also, GW has said that inappropriate names would be reportable, so how would that work, if names are hidden? Why even bother with a user naming their characters if they are only who they say they are from moment to moment? That might be realistic, but not very functional.

I think open naming may be inevitable, though perhaps there could be a way to hide or change it with certain skills, like Disguise or Survival (camouflage).

They can track it with a unique ID number, that is given for the player/account.(this is behind the scenes) So if there are instances of griefing or hate speech you can still right click, & report that player.

In addition to what I said, per Kakafika

kakafirka wrote:

The beauty of the 'character ID' idea' (yay Forencith!) is that there either wouldn't be floaty names (which some in those old threads detest, for good reason) or floaty names would be things like "Elf Stranger" or such until that person tells you their name.

At that point, it could either be set up such that the game automatically placed that given name over the person when the stranger /givesname.

Another idea, though, would be that after a player gives you their name and shares their 'character ID', you can assign that ID a nickname. You can use that nickname for direct communication (/tell). It would also be cool if the game would automatically apply the nickname you assigned that person as that person's floaty name. I'm not sure how easy it would be to program the game such that the client's database of names automatically overwrote generic ones.

So among your most trusted party/settlement community you may either decide to use your real name or nickname. Either way if it's offensive to GW or to others, people can/will still report if needed.

Again if they don't give you their Character ID, you still would be able to report the player with a Unique ID Number, that the client would provide to all account without the need of a name.

Goblin Squad Member

Marshall Jansen wrote:

One of the issues with PvP games with this pseudo-consensual aspect is this.

Let's say my group of merchants set up shop on top of some really lucrative resources. We're neutral good, mostly, we just want to make money, we have no desire to go to war with anyone.

I understand you have no desire to go to war, but the game rules already dictated that.

Another group (Lawful neutral, perhaps?) wants our resources. We don't give it to them. They declare war so they can fight us for it. We don't accept the war dec. Does the other group sigh and give up? Do they assault us outside of a WarDec and go chaotic?

War DEC are not accepted to my knowledge.

No, most likely what happens is they find a chaotic group who are willing to destroy the settlement for them, outside of a WarDec. They pay this group in whatever manner that prevents mechanical reputation/alignment loss, even if that means out-of-game, real world cash.

Perfectly viable strategy. Although people will not be able to advance their CE characters due to the alignment hit. People willing to purchase an additional account just for this purpose will be minimal, due to the cost associated with it. Out of game dealings cannot be enforced by any company for any game type which is why Skymetal is being introduced as a form of currency to alleviate this.

Now, if there is no possible way for a chaotic group to be strong enough to kill this NG settlement, then they have no viable threats to their enterprise. They refuse WarDecs and sit on their goods and happily craft and make money and fund their fun projects and that resource is forever locked away.

We don't know for fact a CE won't be able to remove this settlement. TBD. Don't forget there will be bandits that may gain information to whereabouts/location which can challenge their enterprise.

If a chaotic group CAN kill them, beat them up, and open the area up for themselves or another group to step in, then you've got griefing. We didn't sign up to have our sand castle kicked over, and yet, there it sits. Now we have to fight back in PvP, or move, or quit.

You're in Settlement, & your NG, call for back up if needed from guild mates or Settlement partners. It's not considered griefing when the settlement your already in, has threats. Just because you don't acknowledge this, is not viable.

Again, this is my disconnect. A settlement shouldn't be immune to being taken over by someone else. However, if it isn't immune to being taken over by someone else, then there is grief.

This is a community driven based game. You will need to call on reinforcements/allies to survive/flourish. Dying is part of this game, (to another player) once you come to terms with that, I think you feel much better.

Maybe I'm missing something core here, but that seems like a big issue. In Eve, this is handled by making all the player structures be put out in low-sec or 0.0 space, and anyone can come try to kick your sand castle over, and if you aren't ok with that you stay in high sec. Maybe PFO will work the same way.

I should probably not over think this, but so much verbiage has been attributed to 'we won't abide griefers, but we want meaningful human interaction' that I'm...

I think it great you express your interest & possible issues with the game. That's what these forums are for. =) I think we have people on extreme ends of the spectrum and the ole phrase " the truth is somewhere in between " needs to be adhered to when the developers are describing proposed game mechanics. GW are very early in production, none of us truly know all of the details at this time. I suggest you not over think this, as we get more information on the game as it develops.

Goblin Squad Member

avari3 wrote:

well if it's two sided, that makes war PvP pretty difficult.

If it's one sided whats to keep ganker guilds from just declaring war on everybody?

That's why having allies within settlements/player Nation will matter. You will be able to call upon their support if at War with an opposing settlement/Nation.

If multiple Nations A & B attack a single Nation C, they could make the resources to maintain battle during WAR higher for Nation A & B. Then Nation C could be given a bonus to lower the amount resources needed to maintain arms/field equipment during WAR.

If another Nation D also decides to wage war on Nation C, their cost would drive All A, B & D of maintenance higher, while driving the cost of C lower. This will deter " piling on ".

The ability for a single Nation to attack multiple Nations should require an extreme amount of resources to maintain. This should make it very difficult to carry out multiple Nation attacks.

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:

@Tasarak, I totally agree with you, and I know I'm not alone. You probably remember some older threads where we got into discussions like this. I think a lot of us would really like there to be no nameplates and no /consider.

I don't really expect that, though. For one thing, Ryan has talked about Bandits' Hideouts giving them access to information about their potential victims.

This can still be achieved. They can provide Class details/location or guild association without saying " who " it actually is.

Goblin Squad Member

The Doc CC wrote:

If a tradesman can place his/her mark an item, can a rival crafter forge a false trademark as a form of fraud and/or asymmetric economic warfare? I can see an arms race of forgery/forgery detection possible, but am not sure it would be a good thing.

Sure they could name the item the same, but that don't mean the stats will be the same output. I don't see crafters wanting to make the worst gear, so people that create the highest quality can be recognized & the frauds will stick out like sore thumbs. That's the beauty of it, resource gathering & giving stats to it & rotating the quality of resources will produce a market place for crafters to flourish.

Again, only if the crafter chooses to name his gear, should be at his/her discretion to either be recognized by his peers or kept hidden to conceal his/her identity.

Goblin Squad Member

Kakafika wrote:

@Tetrix & Tasarak
The beauty of the 'character ID' idea' (yay Forencith!) is that there either wouldn't be floaty names (which some in those old threads detest, for good reason) or floaty names would be things like "Elf Stranger" or such until that person tells you their name.

At that point, it could either be set up such that the game automatically placed that given name over the person when the stranger /givesname. Another idea, though, would be that after a player gives you their name and shares their 'character ID', you can assign that ID a nickname. You can use that nickname for direct communication (/tell). It would also be cool if the game would automatically apply the nickname you assigned that person as that person's floaty name. I'm not sure how easy it would be to program the game such that the client's database of names automatically overwrote generic ones.

As far as class goes, I'm not sure that's something easily conveyed (Fighter1/Wizard8/Ranger8?), more importantly, I don't I think I necessarily want strangers to know what class(es) I am with certainty. I'd rather they get an idea based on my equipped weapons & armor. Then I can deceive them if I want ;D

I also would love to see no " Con " or " level " associated with my enemy/encounter, rather we all must figure out each encounter & not take anything for granite while exploring/gathering/pvp etc. I don't think we need (Fighter1/Wizard2) etc either. I just used classes as a substitute to names, but now that I think of it, no class description would be even better. This keeps everyone on their toes at all times.

Goblin Squad Member

Tetrix wrote:

One thing I would like to know however is how to I sneak in to an evil org to blow it up if everyone knows I am Elfdar the Enforcer, Champion of all things good, normally?

Eliminate our name icon over our avatar & instead list the Class type when adventuring/exploring in the world. That way you will be anonymous to the attacker. (but maybe show your settlement name) Then people can travel the world without being detected simply by individual name, but by settlement group name. Maybe some holes, but just a quick thought...

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:
I actually think it would be a fairly simple thing for them to include not only the name of the final Crafter who made the item, but also the name of the Settlement where the item was made. I think that's a very good idea, with a really low cost.

This was a very good concept used in SWG. Crafters were able to name their item created. In addition, their name was associated with the object creator so people could see who produced the work & see them out for future business. Serial numbers tied to the item created, were also unique. I don't see why this could not be implemented here.

Goblin Squad Member

Flying should be implemented if it's meaningful & requires a high level of training/time. This should be an important choice in your build if you choose to do so. I would prefer it not to be the common/expected form of travel for every character type. Maybe as a reward for capstones?

Aion introduced flying combat, & while it was fun at times, it was extremely frustrating for PVP purposes if on the receiving end. In combat, it was easy for me to swoop down from the skies above and prey on the victims below. There was no way for them to react in time to defend themselves. I understand alignment (choices I make) will take care of that here as this would move me to CE.

In PFO, there will not be any PVP instances (correct me if wrong)& one server. If people are given capabilities to fly from the get go, this will damage the player experience. It takes away from the resource search/discovery/crafting & exploration control of territory. Only the most dedicated trained individuals (if implemented) should be allowed/allocated skill training time to fly/summon capabilities. This to me is a huge advantage & should require the training time necessary to unlock/pursue.

I'm not against flying, only if implemented meaningfully & not a common ability we see for all.

Goblin Squad Member

Chiassa wrote:

For anyone over on the PvP thread still unsure about backing PFO, call this a testimonial. I' can't stand PvP (check my post history here), but I'm convinced GoblinWorks truly wants to make PvP not a terrible experience for people like us. They may not succeed, but I think it's worth backing the attempt, because it sounds like a rich and exciting world to play in.

I appreciate you taking the time to really read and understand Goblinworks vision for PVP. I don't post here much but I read the boards daily. As someone who's lives/breath's PVP in MMO's, I understand people such as yourself don't. You're right, they may not succeed but I believe this team can pull it off. It won't be 100% perfect, but I think we as a community can contribute to make that happen. =)

Goblin Squad Member

Ethelif wrote:
I say Gamebryo. I'm just going out on a limb on this because I don't think anyone has said it yet.

I was going to mention this but you beat me to it. It's a good engine & fits the Pathfinder Universe very well. We shall see.

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:
In general, the closer the game gets to letting me play with my UI turned off - by showing me visual cues for everything in the game world - the happier I'll be.

We are on the same page. I really want a sleek/minimalist UI. Allow customization for people's play style but make sure the baseline UI rules are the standard for everyone.

What I mean by this, I don't want to have to download macro/add-ons that do a better job then the default UI.

Goblin Squad Member

I concur. I also want to see visual cue's for any stuns/mezs/roots/snares/mind control/slow/speed/poisons/diseases/magic/curses ... I don't want to be looking at a combat log. Everything should be clear on screen.

Goblin Squad Member

Very nice screenshots. I love the art direction & how the graphics translate into 3D. Very much prefer the realistic version. Excellent Job. Can't wait to see it in motion now. =)

Goblin Squad Member

/roll dice

Goblin Squad Member

Pathfinder Online: First Take

Pathfinder Online: Prologue Co-op.

Pathfinder Online: The Silver Strand Highway.

Goblin Squad Member

Pathfinder Online: EVOX

Evolutionary Virtual Online Experience.

Goblin Squad Member

Pathfinder Online: A journey soon begins...

Goblin Squad Member

Rafkin wrote:

You need customer service people activley in game stopping them.

This is the only real way to rid of gold spammers/bots/farmers etc. They need to dedicate separate staff to monitor " in-game " 24/7/365. It's an additional cost companies don't want to spend & would rather have software do their work for them. Once again, something hard or expensive to do is not attractive.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ryan Dancey wrote:

So a lot of responses to my question were of two varieties:

1: Ways to make it cool for one person or a small group to interact with PvE content.

2: Suggestions to make reselling the output of the encounter the point of interaction.

The first fails because it maximizes the interaction of the involved people with the content, not with each other or the wider social graph of other characters.

The second fails because if the economic advantage is meaningful farming the encounter will become routine and the flow of the components will become commodities.

Think about the idea that whatever the answer is it has to be repeatable hundreds, maybe thousands of times each day. It also has to be something that both individuals, small groups and large organizations might all compete for. And remember than in an MMO, nothing can really be mechanically unique or of extreme limited availability without creating artificial winners and losers, or restricting content to a tiny minority of the people who are financially supporting the game.

I'd like you all to try harder. The question is "how do we make the presence of unique opponents that produce exceptional loot maximize human interaction"?

Then consider no loot drops whatsoever. I'm assuming the unique spawns are totally random in location & time/duration. Instead, allow for the rare spawns to contribute to a Player Nation/Settlements construction. Possibly decreasing the production times, or lower the cost of materials.

This does two things: Even though the whereabouts & timing of unique mobs are completely unpredictable, the responses we get as a player will be logical. And second, this contribution would not go to one individual but to their Player Nation/Settlement.

So instead of the drops/materials becoming the focus & as you said fails due to the lack of interaction with each other, I think this solves the problem & emphasizes group participation while it can also be repeated by individuals, small groups & large organizations. Now the details of how much & amounts, those would obviously go through testing as the game goes into alpha/beta etc. That's my 2cpr.

Goblin Squad Member

Ryan Dancey wrote:
@Tasarak - no worries.

Understood. Thanks for the clarification Mr. Dancey

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ryan Dancey wrote:

I'm not really commenting on Pathfinder Online in specific, but I can tell you by far the overwhelming momentum in the MMO space is for games to allow players to spend money to be mechanically better than those who do not.

You don't have to like it, but you should get used to it. It will be the new normal.

If this is any way shape or form Pathfinder is going, you just lost me as a supporter. As a $100.00 Kickstarter contributor I will not support any game that is a P2W model. I have no issue with paying for fluff items or maybe a head start on training what have you but this is where I draw the line as a consumer and say no. I understand you said " not really commenting on Pathfinder Online in speciifc" but I have been around long enough to read between the lines.

Please clarify if this going to be a P2W game or not. I expect to pay $12-$15 a month for all the bells the whistles..not $15.00 a month + micro transactions. (If micro transactions are for fluff items, don't care)

I have high hopes for this game & I'm been following this very closely but to hear those words is not the direction I want this game to follow.

Goblin Squad Member

Part 2 coming?

Goblin Squad Member

Appreciate the upload Zook. =)

Goblin Squad Member

I 100% agree with the op.

SWG for me had the best economy a sandbox could ever dream of. I was on the Bria server with a guildhall/city (Silvercity) on Naboo. The best thing Ryan & Goblinworks can take is the player driven economy & personal shops/vendors. This type of interaction between the players is essential. This creates a portion of the content for our Sandbox. People working together or against one another. This allows people to make their " mark " in a dynamic, breathing world.

In terms of resources in the game, something along these lines..

Dynamic resource spawns on planets needed for complex crafting. Each having unique name and random quality of appropriate resource statistics. Resources are divided into complex tree of origins and properties. All player made items require specific resources listed in schematic. Statistics of gathered and used resources determine item's parameters

Resource collecting was a game in itself. I don't want a carbon copy, but the essence of what made it special to the community.

Goblin Squad Member

MicMan wrote:

That was what I liked in DAoC PvP, the choices there were real because casters could not cast while being beaten! This ment that you had to position yourself well and constantly assess the situation (do I cast another spell and, if yes, which or do I need to prekite). This also balanced out melees and casters very well. It also gave healers something to do because interrupting a caster was more valuable than trying to outheal his damage.

That is the beauty of their combat system. It's about hard interrupts for casters, positioning/styles for melee classes. In order to be successful, everyone needed to be aware of their adversaries race/class & abilities, in order to counter or position themselves to damage/heal/debuff/mezz/stun etc. The rolling combat was one that I preferred.

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