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Thril Kreen Barbarian

Tars Tarkas's page

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Too straight-foward

**( )( )( )

This adventure is the first of the Pathfinder and GameMastery adventures that has not met my fancy.

The adventure was too linear and mundane and deserved to be either much higher level or have a less epic storyline.

The free PDF is great, but in this case, it is of little value to me as I will not be spending time running this adventure.

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Great vision of "regular" monsters


This is a fantastic book that is a must for anyone who wants to have monsters with the feel of Golarion, Paizo's new world for their Pathfinder milieu.

100% recommended! Buy it now!

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Excellent Introduction


This is another great introduction to a Pathfinder Adventure Path!

I'll be picking up a 5 pack to pass out to my group.

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I'll never think of Dwarves the same way again!


Without a doubt, the best and most excellent part of this adventure comes early-on with a pair of Dwarf Brothers named Vekker, a Cabin, and the dreaded Wendigo! This part of the adventure paid for the whole price of the book for me.

The conclusion to Rise of the Runelords was very good. The lower city will cause many GMs to either gloss over it or spend hours (if not days!) of additional work making it playable. What is there is good, but not enough detail is provided.

The confrontation leading up to and with Karzoug was good, and Karzoug is indeed "one tough cookie."

The Bestiary contains fascinating creatures (especially the Denizen of Leng and the Wendigo.

Pathfinder's Journal and rules on high-altitude adventuring are also included.

The free PDF with the subscription puts this Pathfinder over the 5 Stars again!

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Strong adventure, Superb Product


The adventure is well done and follows the pattern of a dungeon crawl.

The rest of the book is loaded with an interesting set of monsters, fiction, an exploration of Thassilonian magic, and information on Lamashtu (a deity named the Mother of Monsters).

4 Stars for the adventure but overall the product is a solid 5 stars!

The free PDF that comes with a subscription is an over-the-top bonus!

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