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Tarmin Elinissa's page

279 posts. Alias of Spazmodeus.

About Tarmin Elinissa

Tarmin Elinissa

Level : 5th (xp : 11987)
Race :Elven
Class : Ranger
Sex: Female
Alignment :Chaotic Good
Age : 143
Height : 5'3''
Weight : 112

HP : 48
AC : 4

STR : 16 +1 Damage , +35 encumbrance, 1-3 minor test, 10% major test
INT: 14
WIS: 12
DEX: 16 +1 surprise bonus, +1 missile to hit, -2 Ac adj
CON : 13 90% survive , 85% system shock
CHA : 13 5 max henchmen, +5 reaction bonus

Saving Throws

13 Aimed Magic
13 Breath Weapons
11 Death, paralysis, Poison
12 Petrification, Polymorph
14 Spells

Racial Abilities:

+ 1 DEX, -1 CON
90% resistance to sleep and charm spells

Any pulled bow +1 to hit
Longsword and shortsword +1 to hit
Languages : Common, Elven, gnoll, gnomish, goblin, halfling,
Hobgoblin, orcish

Infravision 60ft
Detect Secret Doors , 1in6 within 10ft, 2in6 when searching
Concealed Doors 3in6 when searching

Surprise 4in6 chance in nonmetal armour and alone or with elves/haflings, or 90ft in advance
otherwise 2in6

movement rate 120ft

Class Abilities:

Surprised on a 1in6, more likely to surprise 3in6
+5 melee damage per level against evil humanoids/giants
Tracking 90% rural, 65% urban/dungeon
Any armour shield
Any weapons
5 weapon proficiencies
-2 to hit non profiecient weapon.

weapon proficiencies:

Long Sword
Short Bow - specialization 5/2 attacks, +1 to hit, +2 damage


Studded Leather armour +1
Long Sword +1..................7 1-8/1-12
short Bow...................8 1-6/1-6 Rate of Fire : 2
24 Arrows...................4
36 +3 Arrows
dagger......................1 1-4/1-3

Boots, soft.................3
bracers, archery............1
fish hook
flint and steel
gloves, kidshkin...........0.5
needle and thread
quiver(24 arrows)...........2
rations(Trail) 5 days......5
rope, silk (50ft)...........1
Potion of Speed

Encumberance : 72 lbs
Wealth : 98gp, 0 sp, 0 cp


Growing up on an estate within sight of the Welkwood forest, Tarmin’s family was one of middling import, providing a few gifted artisans over the years but primarily providing the nation of Celene with capable wilderness scouts and rangers. It was into this tradition that Tarmin was born. From an early age it was common to see her and a gaggle of cousins tramping through the forest trying to find their older and more skilled kin. One such was Tarmin’s uncle, Aadon. A veteran of the border skirmishes with the orcs of the Pomarj, Aadon returned to the Elinissa estate at every opportunity to help “train” his younger kin, his favorite being Tarmin. Sitting by a fire listening to Aadon’s tales of adventure and danger, Tarmin’s imagination was fired and fueled her desire to follow in her uncle’s footsteps.
When old enough and it proved that Tarmin had no skill with magic and only middling talent for artifice, but had some talent with the bow, she was seconded to the Border Ranger Thell, accompanying him throughout the kingdom of Celene’s border areas, learning the craft of forest and hill, bow and sword, tracking and the habits and tactics of the kingdom’s foes.
It was during her time with Thell that Tarmin heard that Aadon had gone missing and was presumed deceased, while assisting in the eradication of an evil temple that had arisen in the border areas to the north east of Celene. Heartbroken, Tarmin resolved to honor her dear uncle the only way she knew how, serve the kingdom of Celene and others the same way he had, with bravery and honor.
After a day of training in the forests bordering the Kron Hills, while preparing a deer she has successfully tracked and brought down, Thell watching her thoughtfully said to Tarmin
“I believe, Tarmin, that you have learnt all that I can teach you. Tonight we will sup on the fruits of your skill, on the morn we will travel to the outpost called Red Bluff where we will learn each of our dispositions for the future.”
Confused Tarmin responded “But Thell, you could teach me so much more!”
“Nay, it is time that you learnt what you can on your own, I have merely provided a foundation upon which you will build “
“What will happen, where will I, you go?”
“There is a garrison in Red Bluff, there we will meet with the local commander and see what needs of the kingdom we can alleviate.”
Hearing in his voice the end of the discussion, Tarmin focused on the task at hand, thoughts spinning about her head; could the send her to the south ? To deal with the savage orcs of the Pomarj; or west to guard against the humans of Keoland, or possibly a period of leave to return to her home for a time…
The excitement coursed through her so much that she would have forgotten to eat had not Thell remaindered her of the long day ahead travelling to Red Bluff.
Arriving in Red Bluff, the two rangers presented themselves to the garrison commander, Pralar.
Sifting through various orders on his desk, Pralar handed Thell an order to report to the southern Forests to bolster the complement there. Looking at Tarmin appraisingly, he said to Thell “
So, this one’s ready is she?”
“Oh yes” said Thell “A ready as I can make her. I’d bring her with me to the south if I’d have a choice”
Raising an eyebrow, Pralar said “High Praise indeed. No, I’ve other plans for Tarmin. Here, take this “
Thrusting an oilskin packet towards her, “My original choice broke his leg two days ago, but you’ll fill in nicely”
“You’re to travel over the Kron hills and deliver this to the Viscount in Verbobonc. All reasonable haste will be made by you to affect its successful delivery. That will be all“
Saying her farewell to Thell, Tarmin obtained some supplies from the garrison quartermaster, then seeking advice on the best route through the hills from some of the gnome garrison, set off north through the hills.
A mostly uneventful journey was interrupted only once, when Tarmin came upon a gang of bandits camping in a gully. Knowing that there was too many for her to handle on her own, Tarmin observed their numbers and made her was around their location without being detected. She would report their particulars the next gnomish outpost.
A few days later had Tarmin at the gates of Verbobonc, asking the guard directions to the seat of government. Directed to the Town Hall, Tarmin presented herself to the Bailiff and waited.
Presently a slightly portly human entered and introduced himself as Chessle, the Viscount’s Chamberlain “I will take the package to the Viscount” .
“Nay, I will deliver that package personally” Tarmin said.
Appraising the tallish elf before him, Chessle noted the well maintained equipment she wore but most importantly the pin holding her cloak, the feather and thistle emblem of the Celene Border Wardens.
“Hmm, I see you take your task seriously. You do not argue against my presence during the exchange?” Chessle asked with a smile.
With a smile of her own “Not as all“
Escorted into a small antechamber, Tarmin waited until Chessle entered followed by a tall handsome human who walked up to Tarmin without pretense and extended his hand in greeting “Hail and welcome, the Border Wardens of Celene are welcome always, always”.
Standing, Tarmin returned the Viscounts’ handshake and presented the package “Your package, Viscount”
Taking it, the Viscount broke the wax seal and withdrew the parchment within.
Striding to the window, he pulled the parchment wide and began to read.
A large grin spread across his face “Nothing it seems escapes the notice of the elves of Celene!”
Turning to Tarmin, “You see, Ranger, there have been dire stirrings to our south-west in and around Hommlet, a quaint farming town. Your border wardens obviously have heard the rumors themselves, if they haven’t actually run into any of the brigands themselves. This missive indicates that they are as always ready to assist, in fact suggesting that you act as their representative in this matter. Now, some 5 years ago, an evil temple was destroyed near there; with some participation from your kingdom I think”, looking to Chessel for confirmation, who nodded.
“Your arrival and this message are fortuitous, for at this very moment in the next room I have gathered a number of individuals who have agreed to look into this matter for me. What say you, will you join them? “

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