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Tarlane's page

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 3,203 posts (4,434 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 4 wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 27 aliases.


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Liberty's Edge

I just typed a better answer to this and the net ate it. I had been thinking about a message like this before I saw this is what the new post was.

This is an inredible group and easily one of the most memorable games I have played. Between the time and all the life changes in lives it doesnt seem we can capture that momentum again. Im happy to listen to everyones opinion, but Im feeling likethere is a sense of having wanted the game back from us all even when that made it a burden in some ways.

You guys are all great and I think that friendship will remain even if we decide to let it lie.

Liberty's Edge

Apple raises a brow at the drow, a slight smirk crossing her saddened face. "Come and tell me an army is going to come, overrun my village, probably kill most of us, and we'd better send those what can't fight and die running quick to get away. -But-, I'd better have a bodyguard to go wandering among the farm, make sure folks got home safe and no ones stirring up mischief?"

Shaking her head slightly she gives a little chuckle. "I'm not going to argue it. I could use a better read on you folks I suspect. If any of you folks aren't too tuckered, you're welcome."

Liberty's Edge

You have about a days travel to the next real town, then another days ride to Saragost if you push straight through, but there will be two more towns crossed that last day. So a lot of the travel time depends on how many distractions you all get into and what may slow you down.

This is a good point of discussion though, its pretty simple as far as big decisions go in this adventure, but there is an awful lot that is driven by your own decisions and is player driven. Getting accustomed to plotting your destiny can be helpful.

Liberty's Edge

I figure that goes pretty much in line with the idea of needing to sleep 8 hours a day. You can go 16 then need 8 hours rest, with those things being adjusted by stuff like rings of sustenance.

Liberty's Edge

If you don't sleep, I would say you are fatigued the next day(or until you do rest). A second day I would put exhausted, and then I'd add increasing fort checks beyond that to force stay awake

Liberty's Edge

The council is busy enough talking among themselves that they don't give much attention as the group begins to shuffle out. Apple on the other hand hops up to her feet and walks with you, the halfling definitely more subdued than she has been earlier, eyes flicking from one to the other as she studies you.

With a silent wave of her arm she leads you across the large market square to a quaint inn, with a sign over the door 'The Farmers Rest'. Through the doorway you can see a tiny tavern, pretty empty, likely just used for dinner, the larger structure is probably filled with rooms for farmers who were at the market too late to return home.

Shrugging her shoulders slightly, the halfling looks up to the group again. "Well, I can't say that I am happy to have met you, but if what you said was true I think this town owes you a debt. Cassie inside will set you up with a room and food if you need it nice and reasonable. I don't think I'll be sleeping much myself, might run a circuit through some of the farms that have had some trouble lately and make sure its all settled down so the people are ready to go if need be. I don't know if I'll see you in the morning, or if you'll peek back in to say something to the council before you set off, but I'll say it now since they probably won't. Thanks, travelers."

Assuming you don't have something you want to do or anything to say to apple, assuming to get fed and a room for the night is easy and 5gp. Then its just whether you continue on first thing in the morning, visiting the council again, or if there is something else in mind. It looks like you guys are pushing forward instead of investigating anything around, so we can keep advancing, but if something catches your interest let me know so we can flesh it out.

Liberty's Edge

The council sits and listens to the spirited retorts, passing gazes between each other. Even the much rougher spoken leader seems a bit taken aback by this. Rather than lean towards the room they form a bit of a huddle towards the center, speaking in whispers for long minutes. Finally, the old woman of the group turns and faces the group, her voice slow.

"You ask... Much of us. Our people are far flung, only here for market. We have little real defense. Miss Merrywind here leads our militia and I often think it is only by her hand that we stave off what bandit raids we do. Our people are not warriors. And yet you seek that we not only believe you, but give up our town as lost. Send the infirm to hide behind Saragosts walls, and if this army is true, leave our men to die to make their conquest more challenging. Perhaps save a few in villages we don't know."[b]

Pausing, she shakes her head a bit, sadly. [b]"We need to consider your words and what we will do should we believe them. We will aid others if we are able, but we have to think of the safety of our people. They have no hope of stopping an army such as you depict and throwing away their lives to hope the enemy's sword arm is tired by the time they reach real troops does not honor our village."

Liberty's Edge

The four councilmembers listen to the story with hardly disguised disbelief as the story is run through. As it finishes, they look back and forth at one another and finally the man reprimanded by the sheriff leans forward. "I should hope that you have some evidence to back up this fantastical story. If not, this may be the most inspired banditry I've ever heard of. Clever, certainly. Come to town, not just drive the folks from their homes but actually have them leave willingly, and then you're free to loot at will."

Some of the other members look concerned, but as the man looks for support of his theory a couple nod and they begin to talk amongst each other in whispered tones.

Apple on the other hand at least appears to be paying quite a bit of attention to your story.

Liberty's Edge

The halfling looks between you all with a raised brow and a small smirk. "I'd call you all the oddities of the year, but that might be understating things a bit. Trying to start a big bug collection, all this talk of an army underfoot but worrying about some sheep rather than farm raids or robberies. Odd indeed." She gives another shake of her head but doesn't have further time to continue before the door opens and a small troop enters.

She didn't seem to be joking completely about the meetings being wars against time as the councilmembers enter, three men and a woman, it appears that their place on the council is likely secured simply by being the eldest of the village. As they make their way up to the chairs, Merry tosses the boy who had fetched them a coin and he scampers on.

Sitting, slightly elevated above the rest of you the four remain silent for a moment before one of them finally leans forward and peers. "Whats all the fuss, Apple? I had a nice mug of mulled cider I was quite pleased to be enjoying. I heard there was a ruckus up north. A trial can wait til morning though."

Shrugging her shoulders, the halfling gives a shake of her head "Not a trial, sir. Least not one I could make any sense out of. These folk claim to have brought news of some sort, invasion or the like. Was told it was urgent. Wouldn't do to let such troubling messages pass over a drink, hm?"

Merrywind's less than formal tone and light jab causes the council to grumble before one of the other members takes his turn to lean forward, inspecting the group. "Out with it then. What is this news you bring."

Liberty's Edge

Side note: I really am amused by the idea of Mogwai being seen as the racist in the group with his personality so opposite that.

Liberty's Edge

Sorry guys, I know we are still looking to find our pace again. I have been trying to give more than just one or two a chance to respond before I put up a post but I'm not sure if you all are waiting for me to push forward.

Merry gives the dwarf a look that doesn't hide the fact that she suspects he might be out of his beard, and gives a small shake of her head. "If you are looking for an in and out council session, good luck. I'm certainly be dammably impressed."

Pulling up outside of a large wooden building, complete with bell tower, she hops from her mount and motions you inside. Within there are several rows of benches, almost like pews, likely for spectators during town meetings. Spaced out in front of them on a slightly raised platform are four chairs and a podium.

Moving towards the front and sliding onto a bench to wait for the council members to arrive, Merry answers the dwarves questions. "Nothing too odd, no. One of the farm folk just outside of town proper has been turning up quite a few missing sheep lately, few a night. Not enough all at once that they likely wandered off in a pack, but steady enough it ain't like some wolf up and got them. We got troubles now and again with gobs, had a few ogres cause a stir last year, and the like. Plenty to leave a ruckus and dead sheep in their wake. Just got to get my eye on it so we can militia properly. A need for steady supply makes me a bit wary that trouble may not just be passing through and may need to get rousted rather than just showing we ain't such an easy target."

To the rest she shrugs slightly "My job is to deal with the weird in the area, you know? Nothing too out of place, least beyond your bug friend back there. Been some muggings on the road, but that comes and goes anyway. Few bandits been getting brave and hitting farm houses recently haven't got dealt with yet. Nothing quite like the pitter patter of feet beneath us."

It will take 15 minutes or so before the council arrives so feel free to say anything you might want to merry if you have any questions or responses. Otherwise, I'll get a pose up with the council's arrival tomorrow afternoon.

Liberty's Edge

Riding forward, you begin to see a number of buildings on the horizon. The village looks quite sizable, for not having any sort of walls or proper barricades around it, though as you approach it becomes clear that its built in a ring with a large open area in the center.

With dusk falling, the central area is clear, but it looks like it is set to be a pretty massive marketplace. The town itself has enough buildings to hold hundreds of people anyway, and with the surrounding farms it may crest a thousand, but for a marketplace of this size it likely has quite a bit of travel.

Aside from the marketplace, the town looks almost remarkably unremarkable. Quiet and well tended, but there are a few taverns around just beginning their nightly runs that shake off any sort of 'too perfect' feeling. Several straggling wagons are just making their way from the central square, and you can see a few people hurrying home as a lamp lighter patrols around with a torch to give the main streets a glow. For the ominous name of lichgate, the city doesn't seem to deserve it.

Merry seems jovial enough on her trip, though she doesn't speak too much beyond to comment that hopefully we'll have a few less sheep missing now that the beast is gone. As you enter the town proper, she'll call over to a passing family for them to have their boy gather the council and there will be a coin in it for him, then looks over with a slight smirk, adding to the group.

"I hope you all are good listeners and don't mind sitting for a spell. Most of our votes get resolved through elder attrition. Sort of a trial by ordeal, but against the hands of time rather than a savage creature."

Liberty's Edge

No problem at all, we have noticed your absence Mogwai, but I don't think there was any grumpiness about it, we all understand that real-life peeks in. Especially with such a major event, family has to come first. Take good care of him, get settled in your job and we'll be here crushing your goblin spirits when your world is more normal again.

Liberty's Edge

Man, if I had my appendix taken out I wouldn't be able to give you guys info on any of the countries or anything.

Glad to have you back and that you recovering and starting to bounce back, that is by far the most important.

We had a bit of a quiet week, so you didn't miss too much on that front. We were letting Mogwai take the lead a bit since he was in savior mode and I know his player is getting swamped with the real world as well, so we are giving that a more gentle pace.

Get yourself rested and feeling alright and know you are welcome whenever you are able to dive in with us again.

Liberty's Edge

I was trying to give people a little more leeway to get in any comments they wanted to, but I have a feeling they might be waiting for the halflings response and I know Mogwais' player is pretty held up at the moment.

The small woman raises a brow at the discussion, moving over on her canine in a smooth motion to get a better view of the arrow. "My, you folks are full of madness, aren't you?"

The dog starts to paw towards the arrow, and she pulls him back as she thinks. "So now, you say that something drove this beast aground to cause trouble, you've seen this something before, and you can prove this? Clearing the farms seems a wild notion, but if something is stirring up trouble around here, the elders should know about it. Come. We should hurry."

Pulling at her reins to about-face towards the town she nods back towards the group. "Apple Merrywind at your service. Sheriff in these parts. Now, lets go warn the others and find out what you know and hurry before we go spooking too many more folk."

Also, for your question Aetherni, the member of Jim's team who died was Hal.

Liberty's Edge

I'm just going to run with the assumption that she was clearly fated to make an impression and look cool doing it. Even if she might be breaking Mogwais' heart.

Liberty's Edge

Whatever is slowing it doesn't seem to be stopping the angry creature, at least not yet. It snaps forward at the dwarf, but it seems to have tired itself in its burst of energy a moment before and Aetherni is easily able to avoid its lunge, even mid-conversation.

While the party is at least keeping the creature distracted and giving the farmers time to get farther away the halfling seems at least amused by their odd debate over their odd debate on what to do with it while it tries to tear them apart. Drombar's commentary interrupts that however.

"Abandon the farms? Bloody hell, its one ankheg and a sick one that has already been dinged up at that. Nobody is abandoning anything, you hear? Look..." She draws back her arm and lets the handaxe fly, striking the creature squarely between its plates just as it extends itself for another bite at the dwarf. The blow is apparently successful as it shudders and collapses.

"Problem solved. Now, I'd appreciate that you don't go stirring up folks more than necessary. We've got plenty of messes around here on our own without needing passer throughs telling folks that they have to leave their homes cause of some little..." She pauses at that and eyes over at the ankheg "Well moderately sized bug problem."

And of course she rolls a natural 20 and back it with a natural 20 while trying to prove a point with a weapon that isn't made for throwing.

Dice Rolls:
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22
1d4 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22
1d4 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

Liberty's Edge

I realize its the weekend but we had gotten totally quiet on the game thread and I just wanted to make sure that we weren't waiting for something, or I hadn't missed anything that needed posting.

Liberty's Edge

Sounds great, Brutus and welcome back!

Right now I've just been having you be a bit quiet after the business with the goblins. Things have gotten started, but nothing too heavy has occurred in the gameplay thread, just a bit of an encounter to get back into things.

You are more than welcome to pop in how you can, and I know there have been lots of changes, so if things are a bit slower for you, that is totally understandable. Can't wait to see you back among us.

Liberty's Edge

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Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

And I thought they just started numbering in octal.

Liberty's Edge

The halfling raises a brow slightly at that, letting her eyes flick from the drow who seemed to be offering to heal the ankheg to the goblin who was chasing away the farmers. Still, her body language does relax slightly, even as the Ankheg lashes out again and nearly catches the distracted dwarf.

"I see that. So lets say I believe this isn't your pet and the bearded fella is just hard up for a dance. I don't know that it rightly matters, where the Ankheg is served. Simple folk might take their wounded and get away, maybe we trick it and get off ourselves. But its on the surface now and had a taste of someone. We ride off and its just going to wander til it runs into more folk, and then it will be hunting. Big guy looks right spent now, sure, but run off, give him a few hours to find himself and he'll be dangerous."

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

Liberty's Edge

Making a few die rolls on this one since with Aetherni's AC he is pretty hard to hit and we can probably drop out of combat rounds.

The dwarf proves to be a good distraction, ducking and parrying the powerful but ungainly jaws of the enormous insect while the others help(or chase) the farmers to safety. Once out of immediate range of the creature some of the others help the man with the badly wounded leg onto a cart to help distance him further.

The figure in the distance rapidly grows larger, relatively, until you can make out a halfling on a riding dog rushing forward at full speed. As she gets within about 50 feet she pulls up in a stop, her brow furrowing, trying to take it all in. "What the devil is this? You are on the lands of Lichgate and those people you are terrorizing and your beast has attacked are its people. Disperse your pet and surrender for questioning or there will be consequences."

The halfling is middle aged, by her races standards and looks comfortable in the saddle. She's wearing studded leather and carries a rapier and handaxe.


1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

Liberty's Edge

Sorry guys, had my day get hectic on me and am running on fumes. I'll have a decent post up tomorrow(though it will probably be early afternoon).

Liberty's Edge

That does sound pretty accurate(at least that we are holding waiting for Mogwai since everyone seems to be listening to him), but the assumptions are pretty solid too.

Saving the creature is going to be much harder and definitely harder to explain to the villagers than killing it, but if you are able to do it without more injury, that may bode better to your morale compass

Liberty's Edge

Vorik, you can. The farmer got as far away as he could(about 10 feet) so you could slip in between. With the pain of the arrows striking it, the Ankheg looks a bit more interested in you guys at the moment anyway as it tries to figure out why its hurting.

As the Goblin and Drow both get in close, doing plenty to distract the creature from the wounded man, the Ankheg rears up. It's mandibles part for a moment as if it were trying to spray its acid upon the drow, though clearly none remains. Then, with a lurch, it crashes back down, snapping forward to try and bite the paladin, though the bite seems almost staggered and is easily avoided.

Most of the farmers are sprinting away by now. The wounded one doesn't seem to have use of his leg and scrambles the best he can, managing to get another 10 feet from the creature in his panic.

Perception DC 15:
Coming up the road from the south you do catch a glimpse of something approaching(rather than fleeing like the others) rather rapidly. It is difficult to distinguish in the light, but appears to be small and mounted.

Alright, back to the players side. The thing is swinging wild, but obviously still has a lot of power behind its swings. I'm interested to see what you guys come up with if you are looking to do this without killing.

Dice Rolls:

1d2 ⇒ 2
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

Liberty's Edge

Mogwai, the source of the poison is hard to spot. That was the initial perception check in the encounter and unfortunately you didnt spot it there.

With your nature check, however, you would realize that while ankhegs arent simply vermin, they are barely more intelligent than such. Take away a source of pain and calm an animal and they may well retreat. Something like this relies so much on instinct it will probably keep attacking as long as there is a target. If everyone falls out of its awareness it will likely continue just trying to get away from what hurt it rather than pursuing, but that may prove hard to do with the wounded farmer slowing you down.

Liberty's Edge

I think the drow is the last one up so just rounding things out.

Brutus too guides his horse a little closer and between him and the fetchling a hail of arrows peppers down around the ankheg, though most bounce off one of the bard's manages to draw a bit of dark blood.

Dice Rolls:
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11
1d8 ⇒ 4
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12
1d8 ⇒ 8

Liberty's Edge

Ahh, you are correct. I was reading 'charges the beast' in the sense of charging on the beast(horse) rather than charging at the beast(ankehg).

Liberty's Edge

The goblin bounds from the horse, effectively if ungracefully and rushes towards the spot the ankheg burst forth. The earth there is churned up and loose soil in a broad circle but it appears that whatever tunnel it created collapsed in its wake.

The dwarf gallops forward, swiping at the beast and leaving a sharp gash in its side which causes it to rear back and let out a pained hiss.

Aetherni, go ahead and give me a ride check to keep control of your horse after. I realize this is asking for a lost cause.

Vorik, I wanted to establish the ride rules, but I am playing this combat pretty fast and loose since it is more an introduction back into the game than too big of a threat. With it having pursued the farmers last round, we can assume you dismounted but are still within a move of it.

Liberty's Edge

I made a dumb joke in the in play thread crossing my fingers about the goblin not being able to burrow, but it actually brought flashbacks to a RL skull and shackles game I did.

We had a goblin oracle in it and instead of picking up things that most people would feel as powerful, he had managed to secure himself several different forms of movement within the first couple levels. Whenever some sort of unusual challenge came up he was oddly prepared because of it.

"We need a lookout, race to the top of the mast!" Oh, I have a climb speed. Of course you do. "Man overboard!" Oh, I've got a swim speed.

The idea of a goblin with a burrow speed both terrifies me and makes perfect sense.

Liberty's Edge

Long as the goblin doesn't have a burrow speed. Please don't let the goblin have a burrow speed.

Liberty's Edge

Until/unless you guys come up with magical forms of conveyance, there probably will be a reasonable amount of time spent on horses which means its probably a good opportunity to cover some of the riding rules

The most important aspects to remember are going to be that if your mount isn't combat trained, it will be a DC 20 ride check to bring it into battle. Mounting/dismounting is a move action, but if you want to trim that down to a swift, that is another dc20 ride check. Controlling your mount without hands(if you have them full) is a dc5. You can try a fast dismount without penalty, if you fail the roll it just takes the move to dismount or you stay in the saddle

Other pertinent thing is to remember that ride is affected by armor check penalties, so even the easier checks can be rough when you are weighed down.

The group splits, Mogwai and Vorik approaching to within a short distance of the beast, Aetherni breaching half-way while Drombar and Brutus hang back, the monk drawing his bow and letting fly two arrows back to back. One of them strikes the Ankheg square in its throat, causing it to roar out.

Leth on the other hand seems much less sure. He doesn't have any ranged weapons and doesn't look quite as ready to charge headlong into battle against such a large opponent. Rather he rides up besides Aetherni and prepares to ride down any horses that may try to bolt away.

The Ankheg lurches forward, fully out of the earth, catching the leg of one of the fleeing farmers in its jaws with a crunch. The man drops to the ground, but rather than continuing with its meal, the injured beast turns to face the incoming threats.

I don't anticipate this being a long fight, so I am ok with staying out of initiative on this one. Your side is up next.

Dice Rolls:
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
1d8 ⇒ 5

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12
1d8 ⇒ 8

Liberty's Edge

They would be light riding horses. The town didn't have any that were combat trained.

I believe you rested after the duergar(feel free to refresh anyway). You haven't rested since the townfolk came to their decision and you found the hobgoblins. You didn't expend any resources in doing that.

Liberty's Edge

I am going to keep Brutus in the mix for a while at least, hopefully to give him time to catch on that we are playing again and if time favors it, rejoin us. He had quieted down a few times during moments of injustice and I figure with the death of the hobgoblins I can play him a little more subdued and less front and center.

Also, I realize it was sort of jumped to conclusion due to the name of the campaign, but remember at this time you guys essentially know of a duergar invasion. The note was in undercommon, you encountered a duergar preparing, and the carvings on the walls showed duergar warriors. The only thing that would indicate more than that is how the duergar you met was shocked you had Vorik with you and felt his house would punish him.

Brutus, having remained unusually quiet thus far on the ride seems lost in his thoughts and it takes him a moment to realize that he was left off the normal list. The fact gives him a small chuckle and he opens his mouth to retort in his normal snarky way, but whatever first word comes out is drowned out by a sharp crack of rock against rock from a field across the road.

Two farmers working the field look around startled, taking several steps back on what appear to be shakey legs. It takes a moment to realize that it isn't their legs that shake but the ground beneath them, and seconds later a cloud of dust spray up from the ground not far from them as an enormous insect bursts from the earth.

A jet of foul liquid sprays from between its mandibles across the cabbage, causing the vegetables to begin to sizzle and dissolve. It snaps wildly in the air, lunging slightly towards the farmers as they retreat, but looking unfocused in its attacks.

Knowledge Nature DC 10:
The creatures is an ankheg, a magical insect that normally lives underground.

Knowledge Nature DC 13:
It takes time for the ankheg to replenish its acid reserves, they aren't intelligent creatures but they are predatory and normally are much more purposeful in its use.

Knowledge Nature DC 15:
The creatures movements seem stuttery and it doesn't appear to be focusing well. Its an odd notion, but your best guess would be the creature has been poisoned.

Perception DC 23:
Its hard to see against the creatures black skin, but there appears to be a small bit of fletching sticking from between two of its plates.

Alright, right now you guys are about 70 feet away from the creature. I'm not going into initiative yet because currently it isn't paying attention to the party. Feel free to post 1 round of actions in any order. Remember, you are on horseback, so you will have to either dismount or ride. Also, there are people on the road with you and they currently are scattering, so I am going to count the first 10 feet of movement as difficult terrain.

I'll get us a map if we move into close combat that requires it.

Liberty's Edge

Just waiting for our friend the drow to return from his vampirism and then I'll jumpstart things a bit. Starting with an event can hopefully help get us all back in the swing of things plus it may give you an easier in for the town.

And we've definitely all missed the goblin. All of you guys had a great back and forth with each other.

Liberty's Edge

Man, we are kicking off our return session with a bunch of downers!

Liberty's Edge

Alright, now we've got two. I'm just letting everyone establish themselves before we move along at all.

Liberty's Edge

I had guessed that the fault fell at starting the game late in the day on a Friday before most people are quiet over the weekend. Hopefully the others will catch around back tomorrow.

Liberty's Edge

Yes, right now you are down some gold from buying it all, but up supplies.

You had put some thought into making sure the supplies were all things that would be mobile for the hobgoblins, so I am not treating them as slowing you all down at all.

Liberty's Edge

Not decisively, though Father Bronson said that the only god he knows who is referred to as 'Her' would be the Drow's primary Goddess. That is the only name outsiders know her by, she was once Brith's(The primary Elven God) hand. He saw it begin to grow evil and severed it, where it fell to earth it turned into a spider and crawled underground.

Liberty's Edge

Map Of Chillhame

We were at a fairly important moment in the scene when everything fell apart, but I think your direction had been decided and it would be very hard to jump back in right at that scene, so I'm going to advance just a little bit to kick things off. I'm going to add some flavor and let you all get your own feel in, then we are going to jump in media res.

I am also making the assumption that you are looking to warn the town leaders/town center rather than going from person to person outside of towns to save on the time of being an outsider trying to convince every single person, and also to essentially be able to trigger the town warning its own people so you can continue on. If this assumption is off, let me know.

Standing atop a hill south of the mine and outside the town of Bronce, the party has had a rough morning. Beyond discovering what looks like a mustering point for an army from beneath, and finding a note that indicates that there is somewhere less than 10 days before it will be ready to strike, the party has discovered that the tribe of hobgoblins they had allied with were killed, likely by the same person who had killed someone back in town.

Now, the party has been equipped with horses, has a note from Mayor Goodchild and Sheriff Davan as well as the note they found about the incoming force, and have been tasked with setting off for the island's capital city of Saragost, hopefully alerting as many villages along the way so they can warn others. It has been emphasized that speed is key. Anyone warned will need to fall back to Saragost, so if the capital doesn't have time to defend itself, little else is accomplished.

The last remaining hobgoblin of the tribe, the drunken Leth is accompanying you despondently. Aside from an initial show of displeasure at being on a horse, he has ridden silently, staring off the road in quiet thought, not even making further requests for drink after his bottle was taken away and he was rebuked. For someone who has obviously seen a share of battle, the loss of his people has clearly weighed heavily on him.

Several hours of riding south of Bronce, the heavy woods begin to open up to farmland. It looks as if this has been done artificially, the woods surrounding having been cut back to allow for food crops to grow.

Occasional farm houses or farmers working in the distance are spotted, but either the group is ignored, or more often, the people retreat out of sight from the strange group. Clearly, these people have had encounters with more monstrous races and are cautious around them.

Within a couple more hours of travel, the farms begin to become more regular though there still aren't too many people working them. By late afternoon, you begin to see growing signs of chimney smoke that would indicate a settlement not too far off, and start to pass villagers with saddle-bagged livestock or walking carts back to their farms from what was likely some sort of market-day in town. When they pass they move as far away as their mode of transport and the small well trodd path will allow and do their best to not make any sort of eye contact.

I'm bringing us back to game about a half hour outside of town, judging from the distance of the smoke. You will be reaching the village just about dusk.

Liberty's Edge

Alright guys, I'm going to try and nudge this towards moving forward. Hopefully Brutus will catch up with us and be available, but for right now I'm going to DMPC him to keep him with the group.

Going through our history, I whipped up a sort of bullet point 'story so far'summary that I'm going to post below. Its very simple, but hopefully it will do a good job of reminding people of what has happened and serve as a bit of a reference.

I have something a bit better than this in the works, but I've been exhausted enough after work that I haven't been able to devote enough time to get it ready. Hopefully this weekend will allow for it.

Awoke on a small island enshrouded in mist, 12 stone megaliths surround it. These were identified to hold signs of constellations and match up with their place in the sky. You felt a draw here and at home.

None have any sort of memory, but were fully equipped and uninjured. Still have knowledge of the world, just not your own past.

As you began to explore the island a voice spoke to you from all the stones. It referred to you as its children and said that place was sacred to you. Claimed it was too far to give answers and you must seek them.
"If any should fall, bear him to the stones and the soul will be able to enter the flesh one again, but make haste for flesh that is spoiled can never be made whole"
"Seek the sword of Starkweather John, when that is found, you may begin to understand, to remember"

Mist formed into shadowy goblins and attacked from outside the circle

As the mist cleared, you identified your location as the north side of the island of chillhame

Starkweather John was identified as a legend from a massive war a millenia before, dying with his victory to keep an evil wizard from reaching a stone circle.

Moved to the town of Bronce. A small 'once was' mining town that has nearly died off in the last century since the mine dried up.

Vorik felt a strong pull towards something when in town

Got a feel for the town, met sheriff/deputy, shopkeeps and innskeepers, and priest

Learned about legend of starkweather john and ventured to his tomb
*Stranger, trouble not the bones 
*Resting here beneath these stones 
*Here lies one of mortal part 
*Who held a star within his heart
*And when They come that came before 
*The Stars shall fall to earth once more 
*To stand against Her might again 
*Who rises from Her sleep profane
*And when conspirators assail 
*The throne, then these may yet avail 
*To cast from his exalted place 
*The foe that bears a dead king’s face

Returned to inn and had a squabble with Jim Oakenbough

Learned of a tax collectors disappearance and the missing bloom kids

Found sword hidden in church, caused collapse, priest afraid it no longer protects the town

Sword fit Vorik(+1 Greatsword, cast light 1/day, no limit on brightness. -1 to AC when active)

Questioned by the sheriff, false evidence against you of kidnapping, Morton assigned to watch over you

Returned to tomb and signs of battle around it, morton revealed hobgoblin camp to north, followed trail south

Trail bent around south of town and up to the mine

Found signs hobgoblins kidnapped kids, caught goblin guard(Leth), made him help you

Saw a ghost and found tax collectors body

Encountered Talks-With-Fists hobgoblins, bargained to try and have them watch town, recovered children

Found a set of stairs behind a wall that run low into the mountain, saw a 'dwarf' at the bottom

One of jim's men was watching you and turned up dead

He was poisoned and killed by a crossbow bolt, skilled killer

Followed trail, found second tunnel

Captured duergar, spoke of 'house' and ennead to vorik

Found note in cavern:

*Master Overseer, ensure that the following are in place:
All special weapons crates from the smithy, laid out according
to division and commander

*Chisel assembly zone markings into floor to indicate mustering
points (remember, each enclosure to hold at least five hundred
of our warriors)

*General Ulsnurr’s personal throne (fetch from his chambers)

*Complete access tunnel to surface

*Prepare holding cells for important human prisoners

*Make ambassadorial suite ready for the Most Honored Allies

Attend to this with all haste. We have only ten days to prepare
until the Legions of the Chthonic Alliance are destined to
march on the upper world.

Debate is held, decision to evacuate. You are to go ahead and warn as many towns as possible

Found hobgoblins killed, same way as jims man.

Decided To take Leth with and head to warn towns

Liberty's Edge

I saw that when I was reading back through the playthrough and made sure to save it. Having a reference of how you all are seeing the different people and factions is certainly very useful.

As a side note, reading back through all our posts, has honestly been a lot of fun. There were so many little moments in the game that just clicked well or brought out genuine laughter. I really look forward to seeing this group continue and go forward.

Liberty's Edge

Yeah, he had responded to my 'I'm back' PM right away, but mentioned in it being pretty busy. I'm not sure if he is swamped enough to not be able to play, or if it just might be a bit of a diminished posting schedule. But we can definitely look to going forward and just being sure to keep a spot open for him.

I'm most of the way through re-reading everything and putting together a bit of a 'story so far' type post. Since I've been combing through everything, I have been trying to make a side note of locations and people, ect that you have experienced also just so they are available.

I figure I'll have a first post to re-establish everything either tomorrow or friday and that will give Brutus a little more time to possible catch us talking.

Liberty's Edge

Just to keep everyone in the loop of where stuff stands, I sent a PM over to the other two just to let them know that we were putting our heads together over here. I'm not sure if schedules and interest allow for it, but hopefully we will hear back from them soon.

Going to get ready and figure what I can with the assumption things are going forward.

Liberty's Edge

That is a heck of a response so rapidly! Lets see if the other two's ears perk up over this as well.

I was supposed to have an RL game tomorrow, but it looks like that might have fallen through on me, so let me see what I can do in terms of a 'story so far' post and maybe throwing together a decent refresher for everyone. Then, once all are on board, we can dive in.

Happy b-day Vorik.

Liberty's Edge

Oh, wow. I had gotten a few of those 'are we getting the band back together' type responses and figured it was way too long gone to provide that sort of necromancy. I'm amazed you all were posting in here and keeping in touch. Makes that cold dark heart skip a beat.

I did throw my hat in the ring for a couple other games as a player, and it looks like I'm going to end up joining in with that one with Mogwai, but my world is pretty solidly stable now and looks to be for the foreseeable future(and other than family, its a much longer forecast than it has been able to be in the past).

With everyone still pretty active on here, is there real interest in me trying to resurrect this thing? I'll need to re-read over the thread and refresh myself on the current state of the adventure, but you guys are pretty easily the best group I've ever run with and I'd be honored to see where this could go. I wish I had opened up that campaign tab right when I got back, I had figured it had gone dark long ago.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

We played an old 3x campaign that went into the early epic levels. One of the characters was a wizard named Calor who was known to burn hot and bright and had an impressive touch for bad luck, to the point of people saying 'He got Calored' years later whenever something terrible happens.

Examples are impressive:
Getting the party magic jarred by an ancient evil race trying to find new bodies so they could live on through time,

dropping a flying island on a city ship,

dropping a large object on a town,

killing off an entire family of dragons,

killing off a beacon of good because it happened to be possessed at the time,

causing a demi-plane that bordered the shadow plane to have a rift directly to the shadowplane so it was now uninhabitable

Not knowing how to better deal with a tarrasque so banishing it to said demi-plane to be eternally killed and reborn

Accidentally giving a boon to a demi-lich

And probably my favorite, an evil extraplanar troll caught a disease of universal entropy(epic levels are complicated) and they didn't know how to cure it. Taking pity on it, he tried to use a spell to dismiss it. Don't remember the exact spell, but there was an attack roll involved and he swung wild. We used the crit/fumble decks and he sent it to a random plane, rolled randomly and he sent it to celestia. Poor bastard didn't know what hit it.

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Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I spoke with James a bit in PM about creating a character to fill up your group, but it sounds like between Kage and Redbeard that is going to happen on its own. I don't want to nudge my way in when there are those who don't know the story yet still getting to experience it.

I'm going to eye from the sidelines for now(Maybe whip up a 'just in case' character) and will be around if we need a filler spot at any point.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

What James was talking about is one of the things I found the most neat in the Saga system. While it is a class based system, it tries to play almost like a classlesss one. Rather than capstones for maxing a class, they really encourage you to dip your toes into various classes and spread out, there is no real drawback to it.

Looking at some of the NPCs built in the back of the book, you'll see that a lot of them have like 3 base classes and then move into varied prestige as well.

Pulling talents and abilities from all across the board can really let you make a character who fits you.

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