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Tarek Kieselbach's page

18 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

In my plot a major priest of Adabar has to be murdered.

This should be a major plot hook. Adventure location is Osirion. Do you have an exciting idea about a plot scheme?

Who could be the murderer and why is the Adabar priest killed?

E.g. just the successor of the priest, the evil uncle, opposed religion would be boring. Maybe you have some cool ideas.


Where do I find informations about the Storval Plateau and the Cinderlands?

Is there a way from the lowlands to the Plateau apart from the Storval Stairs?

Thanks for help.

Where do I find informations about the Storval Plateau and the Cinderlands?

Is there a way from the lowlands to the Plateau apart from the Storval Stairs?

Thanks for help.

Is there a final decision about the starting hit points? Which of the options is in the alpha version?

In my opinion Barbarians power Surprise Accuracy is overpowered.

Is there an errata about the skill?

Consider a Barabarian with high consti score (20+) and 10 level. In principal you can make a +10 attack roll each round.

How many skill points does one get at 1. level?

The statement in the book is rather cryptic.

"At first level, your character gains a number of skill
points dependent upon your class plus your Intelligence

Taking a look at the classes, there is only a statement of gaining skill points for new levels.

I just want to thank the Pathfinder team for keeping D&D alive.

D&D4E is not a bad game, but its juvenile und WoC merciless dismissed all old school gamers. The D&D-Insider is another kick in the face.

I like the fluff quality of the books, the friendliness of the authors and the absence of arrogance (compared to the WoC-tyranny-of-fun and 4Ed-is- best-mindset).

Hopefully there will be some Pathfinder novels (the short stories dont make it for me).

And hopefully you will release more regional settings (like in the TSR Birthright setting).

Best wishes.

I am a big Pathfinder fan, but there are some thinks I dont like
in the Pathfinder setting.

- The doctors degree. There are some NPCs with a doctor degree but no explanation where it comes from or how it is gained.
Is it a Phd? a MD? Are there universities in Golarion?
IMO a doctor degree does not fit in a fantasy campaign world.

- gunpowder

- Golarion in campaign chronicles setting:
too fragmented, too many things and themes.
One Chinese area, one agypt area, one pirate area, one
ravenloft area, one africa area, eberron machines etc. its nice but
it fails to give the world an idendity.
The campaign book tries to have a finger in every pie, too much is too much.

- Worst of all: the names. They sound awful for europeans.
E.g. there are some names that sound slavish, latin, german, greek.
Combinations of surname and forename are awful.
"Noleski Surtova" the ruler of Brevoy is a combination of polish and czech. It is clearly a female name and sound silly for european ears.
Augustana of Andoran sound like a figure in an Asterix comic.
Why Baba Yaga? It is a famous myth in russia. Ilepodus from Thuvia
sounds like a joke in latin.
I would prefer are more Tolkien-like-style.

- the statue of liberty on page 200 seems a bit misplaced for europeans.

- Dont make the same mistake like WoC. The introduction is a bit like to overegg the pudding. WoC says permanently "4E is the best".
Dont fall into the same habbit.

Anyway thanks for the good work.

Does anybody know when exactly the Pathfinder Campaign Setting and Pathfinder Alpha RPG will be released? I can only find August or GenCon as dates.

Thanks for help.

Are there any novels planned for the Pathfinder world?

I think some supporting novels would be a great addition to the pathfinder world and could bring a lot of background flair (as seen with Eberron).

Does anyone has experience with limiting the number of Prestigeclasses a character can take?


- a character can only take 1 or 2 PrCs
- the character has to finish the levels in each PrC

Is it worth the effort and trouble with players?

Does anyone have experience with the ABjurant Champion? Is the PrC broken?

Thnaks for help.

3.5. Bard focused on supporting other pcs. thats nonsense.

How about exclusive spells for bards with exclusive spell compontents like "music". How about music checks or instrument checks for spells?

How about sonic damage spells?

What bugs me of the 3.5 ability scores is that they are linear distributed.

In addition you need 2 ability points to increase the bonus.

Why this linearity? The world is exponential and nonlinear!

Proposal: I) A nonlinear progression for ability scores. A peak in
the middle and a decrease of improvement after 18 - it should be hard to get better if your are on the top.
II) two different modifiers for different tasks (like 2.Ed)

score / modifier
12 +0
13 +1
14 +2
15 +3
16 +4
17 +5
18 +6
19 +6
20 +7
21 +7
22 +7

I love the idea of a Pathfinder RPG. However unfortunately there are only
three classes included.

Important classes like druid, bard, sorcerer are missing. IMHO playtest is so far not really possible because the Pathfinder classes are not compatible with 3.5.

What do you think? Please release the missing classes soon.

I have some questions to the Golarion setting. Since I have the Pathfinder magazine only fragmentary so far (1-5) there are some open problems.

- Where exactly was Thassilon? Was it in complete Golarion or only in Varasia?

- Where is the 'arabic' race (cover pathfinder 4) and are there some information about them?

- There seems to be a chinese/japanese race according to some NPC names (pathfinder 1). There are they from?

Thanks for help.

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