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Vencarlo Orinsini

Tandem Arandell's page

44 posts. Alias of hgsolo.

Full Name

Tandem Arandell




Woodsman 2/Wilder 4





Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 8

About Tandem Arandell

STR 17 [15 +2race] (7pts)
DEX 14 (5pts)
CON 14 (5pts)
INT 12 (2pts)
WIS 18 [17 +1lvl] (13pts)
CHA 8 (-2pts)

HP 56/56
AC 21 (10base +4woodsman +4wilder -2multiclass +2dex +3shield)
Touch 18 (10base +4woodsman +4wilder -2multiclass +2dex)
FF 19 (10base +4woodsman +4wilder -2multiclass +3shield)
BAB +4 CMB +6 CMD 18
FORT +6 (4base +2con) REF +6 (4base +2dex) WILL +8 (4base +4wis)
Speed 30ft Initiative +6


Nature's Warrior: Blight - Add 1/2 DEX bonus to attack rolls against humanoid enemies within chosen terrain. This bonus is always added when attacking wild beasts.
Partial Improved Initiative: The woodsman is treated as having the improved initiative feat so long as he wears light or no armor.

Cross-talent Channeling: A wilder can cast weaves up to 2nd level in talents he does not possess.
Overchanneling: +5 to concentration checks to overchannel and +5 to FORT saves to avoid the effects of overchanneling.
Slow Aging: Takes [channeler level/2] years to physically age 1 year.


Shadowspawn Hunter (background): Against trollocs deal +1 damage and treated as having the improved critical feat with any weapon
Track (Woodsman Bonus)
Power Attack (1)
Improved Initiative (See Woodsman Class feature)
Eliminate Block (3)
Tie Off Weave (Wilder Bonus)
Extra Affinity (5): Fire


Acrobatics 2 +2 +3 = 7
Climb 2 +2 +3 = 7
Knowledge Blight 4 +1 +3 = 8
Knowledge History 2 +1 +3 = 6
Knowledge Nature 2 +1 +3 = 6
Perception 6 +4 +3 = 13
Sense Motive 4 +4 +3 = 11
Stealth 6 +2 +3 = 11
Survival 6 +4 +3 = 13
Weavesight 4 +1 +3 = 8

TALENTS: Elementalism

AFFINITIES: Earth and Fire

Level range in parentheses
The * denotes a weave within one of Tandem's Talents.
Mirror of the Mind's Eye (0-6)
False Trail (0-8)
Trace (0-4)
Sense Shadowspawn (0)
Grenade (0-4)
Polish (0-2)
Light (0-3)*
Fireball (2-6)*
False Wall (1-6)*
Create Fire (0-6)*

WEAVES/DAY: Male channelers receive a bonus weave of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th level
0 lvl - 4/4
1st lvl – 4/4
2nd lvl – 4/4
3rd lvl – 3/3

+2 Scimitar
+2 Light Shield
Composite +3 Longbow
20 Arrows
Bullseye lantern
3 pints lantern oil
Silk rope

Traeth was born the second son to a very minor noble family in Aramaelle. His father was a country nobleman, who spent almost as much time doing manual labor as his subjects. As a youth Traeth was sent to the military, and trained as a forward scout. For several years he was considered something of a coward, due to his fear of riding horses. Who ever heard of a Borderlander who was afraid of horses? But eventually he earned the respect of his peers and commanders due to his success as a scout and uncanny ability to find bands of trollocs. When he was about 18, Tandem was out with a group performing a routine patrol some ways out from their outpost. Somehow, they got ambushed by trollocs, and all of his fellow scouts were hacked apart by the monstrosities. But Traeth survived. When he got back to the outpost his commanders asked him what happened. He told them about the ambush and that he wasn't entirely sure how he managed to escape at all, but that was a lie. In a moment of pure unadulterated horror at the sight of his comrades being savaged Traeth suddenly felt a terrifying surge of energy, accompanied by a gut-wrenching sensation, and he knew what he was. The One Power saved Traeth that night, but he knew what the cost would inevitably be.

After his return the other soldiers started talking, some even accusing him of cowardice right to his face. Who could blame them? He wouldn't discuss any details of the ambush, and everyone assumed he had simply fled. Soon enough the rumors caused enough people to question him, that Tandem was discharged and told to go back to his family's manor. Instead, he spent years wandering the wilderness alone, and it was not until recently that he returned to civilization. He re-enlisted into the guard under the name Tandem, his appearance changed enough due to his use of the Power and his time in the wilderness that he could claim to be a distant cousin from Manetheren. Now Tandem continues his work as an exceptional scout, augmenting his abilities with Saidin during only the most desperate of missions, though he avoids utilizing his true Talents at all costs.

Tandem is not particularly tall, coming in around 5' 7”, though he weighs a solid 17 stone. He has got somewhat long white hair (ever since discovering his Talent), and dark eyes. Tandem looks to be fairly young – mid- to late-twenties at best – though he has got a look in his eyes that suggests hardened experience. He generally doesn't wear armor, save his power-wrought shield, as it hinders his movement too much while trying to track his opponents.

For the most part Tandem has become very serious. More than anything else he wants to prove himself a brave and capable soldier. That said, if he were to get to know someone well enough he would enjoy being able to laugh again, and a part of him wants to recapture some of his lost youth.

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