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Tancread's page

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Sovereign Court

Ok, I never played 3e so a lot of the things I need to keep in mind as I create a PC are new to me so I am asking for some help about things to keep in mind as I build my fighter. I am not looking for a uber optimized build, I am asking about what the key building blocks are in Pathfinder Society Play. I plan on building a spear and shield fighter, heavy armor up front fighter. So here are my questions:

Stats: Strength is obvious, then what? Dex for AC or Con for HP? Do I need any of the rest with bonuses? Are there any feats way down the line I need off stats for?

Feats: There are a lot of them, which are really key for a fighter as I level?

Down the Road: What are the things I need to keep in mind as I level up? I think I can do a first level PC by working through the book, but I am worried that if I screw up too much early I will pay for later in the career.

I know this is pretty general stuff and I think I will pick up the rules quick enough, but I don't want my first PC to be throw away, I want to build someone I can keep. Sorry for asking on the boards, but I can't seem to find any good newb building advice. Thanks for any help.

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