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Tancread's page

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Sovereign Court

Ok, I never played 3e so a lot of the things I need to keep in mind as I create a PC are new to me so I am asking for some help about things to keep in mind as I build my fighter. I am not looking for a uber optimized build, I am asking about what the key building blocks are in Pathfinder Society Play. I plan on building a spear and shield fighter, heavy armor up front fighter. So here are my questions:

Stats: Strength is obvious, then what? Dex for AC or Con for HP? Do I need any of the rest with bonuses? Are there any feats way down the line I need off stats for?

Feats: There are a lot of them, which are really key for a fighter as I level?

Down the Road: What are the things I need to keep in mind as I level up? I think I can do a first level PC by working through the book, but I am worried that if I screw up too much early I will pay for later in the career.

I know this is pretty general stuff and I think I will pick up the rules quick enough, but I don't want my first PC to be throw away, I want to build someone I can keep. Sorry for asking on the boards, but I can't seem to find any good newb building advice. Thanks for any help.

Sovereign Court

Vic Wertz wrote:
P.H. Dungeon wrote:
I brought this game to school and one of my kids accidently broke the board when he folded it wrong. I want to replace my home copy. When will this game be available again? It's hard to find now (I realize its out of print now)
Hopefully by Gen Con in August.... hopefully.

That is fantastic news. Thanks for the update.

Sovereign Court

That is a much tougher build. I hope they haven't all used up their dailys by the time they meet up with her!

Sovereign Court

I can only comment on the heroic level gear but I didn't see any real powercreep. The new stuff is interesting, but nothing really over powering.

Sovereign Court

I suspect I will be calling her a hag, not the monster type, just a old school witch and using warlock like powers for her as well, with perhaps mild charm thrown in for interest. I like the idea of the party fighting her and one of their own that she has managed to put a glamor over. Good ideas here though for me to think about.

Sovereign Court

Thanks to both Scott and Tintagel, it is really useful work you are both doing. I will be running this in 4e as well, but I am resetting it my own homebrew campaign setting. As I work it through I will be using ideas from both of you and really appreciate the explanations you are both giving as to where you are coming up with your ideas. I have to say the story line in the Adventure Paths really are very good, I hope that at some point licensing shifts or Paizo just decides it is a good idea to include some level of 4e support in the modules directly. I am impressed with the Goodman stuff as well, but Paizo's storylines and flavor are very good indeed. Anyhow, thanks again, if I do anything that is useful outside of my campaign I will post it up for you all to loot as well.

Sovereign Court

Other than the Rise of the Runlords I don't see levels listed on any of the adventure paths components. Do all story lines start at Level 1 and go up from there? I may be missing something obvious here but I am interested in the paths and some level info would be handy.

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