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Talynonyx's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. 820 posts (823 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 4 aliases.


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Mage's Disjunction only has a 5% chance per magic item to destroy it, unless you target only a single magic item.

Remove the +10 base AC. Roll a d20 when you are attacked, compare it to the enemy attack roll. Boom, active defense.

Note that you can't use Inspire Competence on yourself.

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I really want to see the way the arcanist works, because if it works the way I think it does, I might adapt that to give ranger and paladin spell-casting a little more longevity without much of a power increase. It annoys me how many useful spells they have and almost no capacity to use those spells.

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Gancanagh wrote:
I would have loved the Nosferatu to be a more powerful creature, now it's just the same CR as the normal Vampire.

It's a template, you just make the base creature more powerful. Honestly, templates adding more than 2 CR without racial HD get difficult to work with, because they get awesome abilities, but no HD to back it up, so they tend to die more quickly, have lower save DCs, and less powerful abilities. A nosferatu NPC of equivalent CR to a party can be up to 3 caster levels short for example.

Because it seems that the reactionary types are always quickest to the microphone?

Do I get shunned for hating nearly everything J.J. Abrams has ever done?

HeeroPrime wrote:

On Page 143 the Mythic Bane Weapon Special ability says it works just like a bane weapon except it has a higher bonus and extra damage. It never quantifies what these bonuses are. I have been looking through the book to see if this was spelled out else where, but no luck. Any help here would be much appreciated.

Updated: As I read this description over and over I can find that they state it works "exactly like", and it "stacks with". So I can infer that it is another +2 Bonus to Enhancement and + 2d6 extra damage.

If you have an evil outsider bane/mythic bane weapon and are fighting a mythic devil, you get both bane qualities.

Alleran wrote:
Zhangar wrote:
The Varisian Tattoo Magic stuff requires that you actually touch the tattoo the activate it. Transparent fabric over the tattoos would interfere with the functionality. As would pants.
Technically, that makes nakedness + disguise self the most expedient option for getting the maximum benefit from tattoo magic.

You need to be able to see the tattoo as well.

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GM Hands of Fate wrote:
Elorebaen wrote:
Loveit! Maiden reference ftw! really nail down the reference, Iron Maiden did not coin this quote. It is from the book of Revelations. Written some 1900 years ago.

Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil
sends the beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short
Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast
for it is a human number, it´s number is Six hundred and sixty six
"Revelations ch. XIII b.18"

Still, Iron Maiden is good at taking mythology and making amazing songs out of it.

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I would like to see the percentage (d100) mechanic done away with. For example "20% concealment) could be changed to "+4 circumstance bonus to armor class", and so on.

This would make things harder. Concealment is much easier to handle as an extra die roll, since it can change from round to round, and even combatant to combatant.

Mythic Two-Weapon Fighting lets you spend mythic power to negate the penalties for a number of rounds equal to your tier.

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Arssanguinus wrote:
A monk/cleric mash up has some interesting possibilities for me. Or ... A barbarian monk. The "raging monk". Heh.

"Torq grew up an orphan in a monastery. Monks told Torq to find inner peace. Torq did find his inner peace, and it made Torq MAD!"

Composite longbows can be used from horseback.

This music seems appropriate.
Titan Dune

Hell yes!

They are making the usual things they craft. That doesn't change. But the generate capital check represents sales as well. Just because you've made 100 horseshoes doesn't mean you've sold 100 horseshoes.

I am pretty sure the Bracers of the Avenging Knight replaced the Silver Smite Bracelet. Note that the Silver Smite Bracelet is not in Ultimate Equipment, and the Bracers of the Avenging Knight do the same thing, only include some clerics and anti-paladins.

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Fromper wrote:
The real question I hope they answer in this book: If elves and orcs are both genetically compatible to breed with humans, then how come you never see elf/orc half breeds without a human involved?

Orcs have taste.

Hey, if SKR gets more favorites on his post about Asmodean paladins, can we have them?

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Alignment restrictions are a good part of this game, so they should be kept. It helps the flavor immensely. If you want to be an NG 'monk' then play something like an oracle that uses unarmed strikes or monk weapons.

Just like any spell-like ability, 10 + spell level + Charisma modifier.

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I'm of the opinion that limited metagaming is ok if you are playing a character of significant intellect or wisdom. These characters would be able to connect clues more quickly, realize things even some of the smartest real people never would. I'm talking characters of Int or Wis 20 or more. Just enough metagaming to get suspicions on less evidence.

Nebelwerfer41 wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
...traditional western fantasy art that resonates with D&D gamers (read: Elmore, Easley, Otus and everybody else who did 0E-2E artwork) had "realistic" weapons, armor and proportions.
Yeah, totally realistic.

Which of those weapons do you have a problem with?

Dasrak wrote:
I've always been under the impression that enhancement bonuses do not count towards meeting prerequisites, even when permanent.

Yes they do.

Ask your GM if you can take Piranha Strike and use that for the requirements for Cornugon Smash.

I ask if they want a Critical Fumble card. They usually take it. Minor NPCs always take Critical Fumble cards. Beyond that, they just miss.

BPorter wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:

Officially, all hexes are the same and all settlements are the same and all lots in a settlement are the same. Population is not a relevant stat in the published rules and exists purely as a bit of flavor text.

If you are interested in a more robust system for integrating population with your kingdom-building rules... stay tuned. :)

(Raises hand.) Count me as interested. I love the kingdom/city-building mini-game but using the default population numbers, I can't replicate, say, Sandpoint, without greatly increasing the size of that town.

This is why I've houseruled population increase only from houses.

I wish people would stop using the nonsensical argument that bullets penetrate armor. They don't do that at all. But your adamantine won't stop the force of that bullet hitting your chest. Check out what happens when somebody is shot with a bulletproof vest on. If that isn't hitpoint damage, I don't know what is.

Use the Red Mantis Assassin prestige class. And definitely keep the evil-only alignment.

Well the difference between this and real-world religions is that the deities in the setting are actually real in setting. So if a group of clerics goes far off base, they might lose their powers. So things would be a lot more consistent in the worship of their god. Really high level clerics can even bring in direct servants of their god to pester them with questions.

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I think the proper response to all this grognardism is

"Get back on your lawn!"

Explosive runes.

Multiclass with synthesist summoner. You can make the eidolon's AC bonus an armor bonus, describe it how you want, and there you go.

Seriphim84 wrote:
Random Point, why does everyone assume the cost is based on the least expensive effect*1/2 and not the most or the first effect applied?

Because it says so in the rulebook.

For multiple different abilities, you multiply lower item cost by 1.5.

Wolfpack by Sabaton
Angels Calling by Sabaton

In the off hand. He uses that hand to cast the spell normally, so he just uses the wand or staff in that hand.

I don't know about that roar instead of a sharp crack. I've been pretty close to American Civil War reenactors firing off muskets. Now I realize those are a) loaded with only powder b) using smokeless powder and c) cartridge using muskets but those were extremely loud cracks. The cannon they demonstrated was much more of the roar you mention.

But I'd say regardless of the actual sound they make, don't penalize players for using what is already a somewhat weak weapon, with no inherent damage bonuses and the possibility of breaking.

I've found certain long duration spells to be good to scribe, such as see invisibility.

Ichigeki wrote:

To me the Barbarian is a supplement to the Fighter, not a replacement. They lack ranged capacity and are not defensively sound. Having hit points is meaningless without AC or another form of mitigation because they evaporate after a single full-attack. They rely on sheer offense to carry them through encounters, and it does, but it's really inefficient (IMO) because it turns them into resource sinks for the whole party.

Barbarians can pick up a bow just like anybody else. And barbarians have amazing defenses, and because they have great offense with relatively little effort, they can pick defensive options quite freely in my experience. I think you aren't giving barbarians their due.

They also have always-on bonuses that are never a bad thing for any role. Bonus to initiative based on your casting stat, adding casting stat to Knowledge checks to identify monsters, and bonuses on Intimidate and Sense Motive can never be bad, even if you don't focus on such things.

Flexibility in primary abilities is also a huge boon. The closest things to judgment and bane are a paladin's divine bond for a weapon and a magus' arcane pool weapon bonus, but those cannot be changed without expending another use. The inquisitor can lay a massive beatdown on the kobold mooks of a dragon, then when it is time to bring down the big boss, can swap bane to dragon as a swift action and keep right on going. If things begin to turn against the party, the inquisitor can change judgment over to something more defensive.

By the way, it's the use of swift actions for judgment and bane that I feel make the class. Using one does not prevent full attacks, but you can't 'bane, judge, cast divine favor' in one round. So it takes time to get up to full, but it doesn't interfere with doing other useful things.

I'd say that bringing something evil into the world adds a little evil to it. Even if your demon spends only a few moments in this plane, that's just a little more weight in the evil pan of the cosmic balance. And you're also showing approval of the methods an evil summon would use to fight your enemies. For good, especially lawful good, the ends usually do not justify the means.

Is crossblooded and the orc bloodline PFS legal? If so, don't worry about the favored class bonus and go elemental fire/orc bloodlines which will stack plenty of damage onto your fire spells.

Supreme wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

There are no "combat only" abilities.

Pathfinder is not WoW.

You can cast spells, Rage, or whatever, in and out of combat.

Your PC doesn't know the difference

Nobody keeps a Squirrel on hand to punch when they need to Rage.

Inquisitor's Judgments are a little different. They last until the end of combat. Meaning if he could do it outside of combat, that's pretty much permanent Fast-Healing 1.

Yes but that one is easily explained without a lot of problem. You pronounce judgment upon your foes, if there are no foes, you cannot pronounce judgment on them. Thus, it's only in combat.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Besides, there is no such thing as too many options.

There is a spell in the APG called Bestow Grace that does that.

I run it like this in my games. What you are doing can never be a distraction from what you are doing. If you are trying to sneak past a sleeping dragon, it's not a distraction because you are already focused on sneaking past it. If you are trying to sneak past it and palm a gold cup at the same time... that's a distraction.

For danger, I rule that if there is more than one d20 roll between your action and any consequences, it's not immediate. Climbing a ladder while being shot at, there's only the attack roll. Climbing a ladder while stealthing past some guards? They have to beat your stealth check, then roll initiative, then roll an attack roll... so no immediate danger.

J3Carlisle wrote:
Elves taking forever, I understand, they are not humans, and are not related to humans. They are and always have been fey, or closely related to the fey world, one that is older, and totally alien to us.

No they aren't. They're quite likely to be aliens from another planet in the same system as Golarion.

Dodging and parrying are already included in the AC rules. That's the base 10 bonus you get. Adding more rolls just increases the complexity of the rules without adding anything of great value in my opinion. If you really want to simulate it, have the defender roll a Defense roll, get rid of the base 10 bonus and use that die roll. If you really want a character who specializes in dodging and parrying, describe their actions that way, fight defensively and find as many dodge bonuses to AC as you can.

That's my advice.

Sadly it's for the new Star Trek.

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Wraithcannon wrote:
FallofCamelot wrote:
One thing to point out is that if you "follow the money" so to speak then the chief suspect is Asmodeus as he has gained the most from Aroden's death and has previously killed a god. Another (albeit unlikely) suspect is Tar Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant as he hates Aroden more than anyone.

Gained the most? What about Iomadae?

Wouldn't that be a twist if she cut a deal with Asmodeus to kill Aroden and assume his powers?

With none the wiser........

Pretty sure she wouldn't be an LG goddess of valor, justice, honor, and rulership in that case. So I'd say this didn't happen at all.

Tigit wrote:
The sacrifice Aroden made to contain the chaos god is part of an adventure. The PC's witness the dath and the war between the gods and Rova-Gug at the end. When the PC's return it is 20 years into the future and Cheliax has already turned to pacts with Devils. This adventure however occurs before the current date of the setting.

You're getting a lot wrong here. Aroden became a god long after Rovagug was imprisoned.

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