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RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 4,774 posts (4,894 including aliases). No reviews. 3 lists. 2 wishlists. 6 aliases.

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Don't know how long its been going on but at least one Spam thread was up on my recent post ticker when I logged in today. Its a created event for PFS so I couldn't flag the event but I flagged the post involved. At least its in English this time.

26 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

As a break off of this thread I am making a thread for dicussion and hopefully if enough clicks are gained a definitive answer to the question, can a creature with extra arms make weapon attacks with all of them without using iterative attacks.
The dicussion stems from the fact that no rule specificlly allows more than 2 attacks a around without iterative attacks.

We see several creatures in the bestiary who use x attacks where x is the number of arms in a full attack in the way described above without a special ruling to allow it. We also see some with extra arms who only use 2 in their written attack sequences.

We also see Vestigal Arms which grants arms but gives a specific rule disallowing extra attacks lending to the position that by default extra arms means extra attacks.

I don't know if the situation will even come up but my group is planning on starting a new game in a few weeks and I've decided to let them vote on a list of ideas I've been wanting to run for awhile and go from there. One of them was Carrion Crown set in a more modern era using the Modern Path.

The problem is that chances are we may not have a channeler in the group to handle the haunts easily. Anyone have any suggestions for the best way to deal with this....or will it even be an issue (haven't read back over everything just yet so I might be forgetting something about haunts.)

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Posting the relevant text below and then asking a question in the hopes of reduced table variation.

PDT wrote:

No FAQ Required:

The point of the Take 10 option is to allow the GM to control the pacing and tension of the game, avoiding having the game bog down with unnecessary and pointless checks, but still calling for checks when the chance of failure leads to tension or drama, as well as when a series of checks would have a nonsensical result if all outcomes were exactly the Take 10 result. To that end, it would be counterproductive to attempt to make a strict ruling on what counts as “immediate danger and distracted” because that’s going to vary based on the pacing and dramatic needs of the moment. The very soul of the Take 10 rule is in the GM’s discretion of when it applies, and tying the GM’s hands, forcing them to allow Take 10 in some cases and disallow it in others would run counter to the point of the rule’s inclusion in the game. The rule is currently flexible enough to allow this, and it should maintain that flexibility.

With this sorta of clarification could we possibly see a PFS specific ruling regarding whether or not the task being preformed is counted as distracting enough to prevent the character from taking 10 on a check.

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So I have been working on a Red hand of Doom Kirthfinder Conversion. So far I have restatted several of the enemies and plan on starting the party around level 6. If anyone has the time take a look at the stat blocks and let me know what you think and what I might need to change.

Red Hand of Kirth.

Updated with working doc.

Your Chance to ask the little green guy all your questions here!

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The now official thread to hopefully get Jiggy to recap all your favorite debates from old thread.

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Just picked up S&S this weekend and other than lamenting I waited this long to try PACG I have a few questions.

1. We also picked up the Ranger Class deck, Does this provide enough extra cards to increase the players past 4 or do I need to get the char-addon pack. (will be doing so anyways but may have a group of 6 by this weekend.)

2. One of my buddies loves caltrops but we weren't sure if he could re-add to his deck at the end of scenarios if all caltrops got banished and there were still enough items to rebuild his deck.

3. WE cant seem to understand moving the ship and encountering new ships if anyone could explain it easily.

Hi we are gonna be starting carrion crown this weekend and I'm honestly not big on experience points for just killing so i was going to run it according to story points i found a thread for suggestions on doing this with book one but haven't yet for the others could someone point me in the right direction for a good suggestion on leveling the players without needing to track xp.

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As I am 30 and out of the house it isn't a problem for me, however my youngest brother is wanting to get into pathfinder and my father is extremely conservative religiously. Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction of some articles I can show him or anything really along those lines so we can at least get a dialogue going?

P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Since the question was too unclear in the last thread I decided to fire up another since the question has come up again.

If a character gains access to a class feature of a class he has no levels in is he allowed to gain archetype modified versions of those abilities or must they be chosen from the base class?

Examples are taking the Amatuer Gunslinger feat to gain Up Close and Personal from the Pistolero archetype or taking eldritch heritage to gain a wildblooded bloodline such as Sylvan.

23 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Question unclear.

Since its coming back up and the old thread already had a "answered in FAQ" with no answer I could find I'm going to reposit this in an attempt to seek an answer.

Q: If a character gains the ability to select something from another classes list (sorcerer bloodline, gunslinger deed etc.) can the character choose abilities from an archetype of that class( wild blooded bloodlines, Pistolero, etc.) or must it be chosen from abilities from the base version of the class?

Please hit FAQ regardless of opinion.

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So if a human takes racial heritage and cat folk exemplar to gain claws I believe claw blades should be usable but just want to check before approving it.

Just realized I have a session under my profile for a character that isn't mine for an event I never attentened. What steps do i need to take to help get it fixed.

Edit: The character is showing to have my PFS number but at this time I havent been able to even start in society play.

Have a great bit of revolution or time traveling or both.

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In the very long thread on the subject (which has no resolution) it was asked if anyone has done this in PFS and how gms would rule on the subject.

Please let's limit this to whether or not you allow it and if you have a strong reason why or why not please explain.

Two quickies here.

1. Does the restriction on needing 2 free hands apply to Humanoid creatures as in type or body shape?

2. Is it possible to deal a critical when making a grapple check to deal damage?

I know that you need two free hands to start a grapple without penalty, and that you can't take actions requiring two hands while grappling. But if your hands are only being used in a grapple do you count as having a free hand?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

After seeing the phrase " that's the kinda thing you need a feat for" come up in several threads I have to wonder if somethings that aren't defined in the would be better off as rules not feats, some feats included.

See the difference while subtle at first is actually very big. A rule applies to everyone while a feat applies to just those that have it. Right now in the rules for instance there is nothing covering using a grappled target as a shield for more than the standard soft cover. It's one of those things you have to house rule. Now if the devs decide to put in something to change that they can either add rules for making a check to do it or make a feat. Making it a feat actually becomes prohibitive since you now lock out anyone who can't spare a feat.

An actual example I can think of is the feat that lets you shine light off of your weapon to blind someone. This is really the kind of thing dirty trick already covers but now you need something else besides dirty trick to blind a guy with shiny light.

A copper for your thoughts.


For those who were wondering about ranged touch attacks and AoO

When you cast a spell that allows you to make a ranged touch attack, such as scorching ray, and an enemy is within reach, do you provoke two attacks of opportunity?

Yes, you provoke two attacks of opportunity, one for casting the spell and one for making a ranged attack, since these are two separate events. As a note, since all of the rays are fired simultaneously (in the case of scorching ray), you would only provoke one attack of opportunity for making the ranged attack, even if you fired more than one ray.

For those who wanted to Viscious Stomp after Greater Trip AoO

The Greater Trip feat allows you to take an attack of opportunity against a foe that you trip. The Vicious Stomp feat allows you to take an attack of opportunity against a foe that falls prone adjacent to you. If you have both these feats and trip a foe, do you get to make two attacks of opportunity (assuming that you can)?

Yes, the two triggering acts are similar here but they are different. One occurs when you trip a foe. The other occurs when a foe falls prone. It requires a large number of feats to accomplish, but you can really pile on the attacks with this combination.

To those who wanted to know about Diplomacy and Cha checks involving Charm person

Charm person makes a humanoid "friendly" to you, as per the rules found in the Diplomacy skill, but it also allows you to issue orders to the target, making an opposed Charisma check to convince the target to do something that it would not normally do. How does that work?

The charm person spell (and charm monster by extension) makes the target your friend. It will treat you kindly (although maybe not your allies) and will generally help you as long as your interests align. This is mostly in the purview of the GM. If you ask the creature to do something that it would not normally do (in relation to your friendship), that is when the opposed Charisma check comes into play. For example, if you use charm person to befriend an orc, the orc might share his grog with you and talk with you about the upcoming raid on a nearby settlement. If you asked him to help you fight some skeletons, he might very well lend a hand. If you asked him to help you till a field, however, you might need to make that check to convince him to do it.

My wife seems to remember a version of the paladin that had different spells and such based off the color of your patron. Could anyone point me in the right direction on what I'm looking for.

My wife seems to remember a version of the paladin that had different spells and such based off the color of your patron. Could anyone point me in the right direction on what I'm looking for.

Alright haven't gone through all of it yet but just looking at the fighter I went feeling great more attack attack attack to actually feeling like your choices will matter. For those who havent read over it yet a quick synopis would be that fighters now have a pool of dice that can be used for things such as boosting damage negating damage dealing damage or even make attacks on turns you took a non attack action.

What are your thoughts.

Just something I've been working on for monks and unarmed TWFs.

Combination Strikes:
Combination Strikes (Combat)

Prereqs: Improved unarmed strike and Two-weapon Fighting, or Flurry of blows and monk Unarmed Strike class feature.

Benefit: When making a full attack using Two-weapon fighting or flurry of blows and only making unarmed attacks each successful attack sets up the later strikes granting a cumletive +1 competence bonus on attack rolls to each attack made after it. If any attack misses the bonus resets to +0.

Special: A monk may take Combination blows as a bonus feat.

Improved Combination Strikes:
Improved Combination Strikes {Combat)

Prereqs: Combination Strikes, and either Improved TWF or Flurry of Blows and Monk level 8. In addition you must meet any prereqs of the chosen benefit.

Benefit: Choose one of the following benefits when the bonus from your Combination Strikes feat is +3 or higher you may choose to expend the bonus to apply that benefit. The expended bonus still applies to the attack that gains the benefit.

Manuever Set up: When expending your bonus the attack gains one of the following combat manuevers(Trip, Disarm, or Sunder) as a rider if the attack hits make a combat manuver check at the same bonus. You must have the Improved feat for the manuever.

Stunning Strike: When expending your bonus you declare the next attack to be a Stunning fist attempt. If the attack hits the DC for your stunning fist increases by the amount of the expended bonus. You must have the Stunning Fist feat to take this benefit.

Perfect Opening: When expending your bonus it is doubled for the attack being made.

I'll post the other feats as I finish them.

Here's an idea for a game. One person will name a occurance on the forum and the first person to link to it gets to name the next seek and find.
A few rules
1. No using this to call out or attack others.
2. Look for things that are rare but not impossible to find.
3. Have fun.

I'll start with an easy one.

Find a post of someone using the statement "James Jacobs isn't the rules guys." Any variation on this is good.

I know that it wouldn't be a definate guide but if I were to plot out a characters levels from 1-12 would the WBL chart be a decent guideline of about how much gold I would have each level?

And about how much PP should I assume (I want to say 50-75%)

After seeing it over and over would it be possible to get a flagging tag for those that are either going completly off topic or in the case of the rules forums going out of there way to try and convince people that their own houserules are the correct way.

39 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Answered in the FAQ. 3 people marked this as a favorite.

After yet another thread about Eldritch heritage and Wildbloodlines I though we could start an FAQ thread on the real issue.

Can A character take a archetype version of a class feature such as a Bloodline, Deed, or other named subset when gaining access to said feature through a source without that archetype.

besides the aforementiouned example another would be having an Amatuer Gunslinger take a deed granted specifficly to a gunsliger archetype.

Alright so several of my local friends have presented intrest in getting into PFS while we were looking through some things one of them has a question I wasn't sure on.

If my buddy and his wife are both gaming do they both have to own a copy of a book/pdf in order to both use something from it if they are gaming at the same table?

Would this be different if they were at different tables?

Looking to put a group together around here for some weekday and occasional weekend gaming. Post if your interested and I'll pass along any relevant details to help you decide if we would be a good fit.

This has been bothering me more and more lately so i figured I would bring it up in hopes of a 1.5/2.0 fix.

Can we please change the name of Flat-foot AC to something that doesn't conflict with a condition that it is not equal to. A lack of Dex to AC doesn't make a character flat-footed and while there aren't a whole mess of conflicts there are a coulpe especially with newer players who think because they might be attack flat-foot AC that must mean the target is in fact Flat-Footed.

I know that if two archetypes change the same feature you can't take both but does adding options to a feature (such as bonus feats) count as changing it?


1. Advantage and Disadvantage. This could actually end up streamlining things similar to how combat advantage did in 4e.

2. Short rest healing. I like the built in limiter of your HD for taking a rest but at the same time allowing some patching up between fights. Coupled with the feat the human cleric gets at 3rd the party can save a few spells and hit fights at better numbers.

3. Actually having a section that spells out the need to improvise if something as to do something without a rule. Nothing irks me more as a player than asking if I can try something (ex swing from a rope down towards and enemy to attack them) just to have a GM rule that since there isn't a rule for it no.

4. finesse weapons being a type of weapon. No need for a feat just apply dex to attack and damage.


1.Armor at current the armor rules make dex even better than it is now for boosting AC.

2. Humans, right now it doesn't seem like they get anything racially. Though since its kinda hard to work back stats and such who knows.

3. Fighters seem to be going back to the days of swing weapon, swing weapon, swing weapon, swing weapon.....

Note that 2 and 3 may be removed as we see more info.

So over the last year I have been looking into ways to change things up for my players. They have gotten tired of the get x gold to by z gear theory. So i have worked up a slight plan for it and would like some feedback.

I plan on taking the 3.5 vow of poverty and applying the bonuses that it gives to weapons AC and Stats plus maybe some of the other stuff (have to look over it.) and then making a few other changes to magic Items.

Weapon and armor would no longer need a +1 to have special properties since the +x bonues would not exist they would now be capped at +5 total. In addition instead of gold the items would require special items to gain properites. Such as for Flaming the scales of a CR5 Red dragon. These wouldn't be set in stone and more powerful items would make it easier and faster to make simpler improvments.

Rings Rods Staves and most wonderous items would follow the above to a degree needing not only spells but components related to the items functions.

Consumables would stay the same as they are simply spells in portable form. Though some wonderous items would be an exception.

Components would of course be required no raising the craft DC to ignore them.

So what do you think?

This came up in another thread and wanted to avoid further Derail.

Could someone help find something more than what was already stated about NPCS to help the poster understand that the DM can't just throw Diplomacy on the pcs to adjust their attitudes or make them do favors.

Pardon my tone here but I've kinda hit a wall on this one. See I spend a lot of time in the rules part of the forum and to be honest I see a glaring issue. It seems everytime a question is asked that isnt just a cut and dried response the side who's reading of the rules is most beneficial gets a constant steam of "stop gaming the system" or "quit trying to be the table superstar and have fun".

Now usually I go on about my day but today I felt like it was time to just ask the communtiy why we cant simply use the rules forums to figure out the rules and not call names to each other. I know I've done it before, though it was over glaring misreadings of the rules such as allowing half elf summoners to have over 100 evolution points.

No every one is out to min max a character and in fact a lot of the questions this comes up on would make an imperceptible differnce for the ability/class/feat in question.

While we pretty much assume normal tripping fails on flyers what about using Ki throw would that allow someone to get a flyer onto the Ground?

Both RAW and RAGM would be nice but specify which your talking about.

So I know I'll get some flak over this but as a long term fan i simply have to wonder. So who is your favorite Ranger and which series is your favorite. I'll Start.

Favorite Ranger: Tommy Oliver (Mighty morphin green/white,Zeo and Turbo Red and Dino Thunder Black)

Favorite Series: A Tie between Mystic Force and S.P.D.

Sohei are profecient with all simple and martial weapons.

Sword, Temple:

Heavy blades typically used by guardians of religious sites, temple swords have distinctive crescent-shaped blades, appearing as an amalgam of a sickle and sword. Many have holes drilled into the blade or places on the pommel where charms, bells, or other holy trinkets might be attached.

Monks are proficient with the temple sword.

So would a Sohei still be proficient with a temple sword?

6 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Since we now know flurry is (at least for the present) simply TWF the question is to be asked does using a heavier than light weapon on the off-hand (which Flurry still apparently has) cause you to take higher penalties than on the chart, or do monks actually get to squeeze by with the same penalties regardless of weapon?

So I've signed up and everything but I have trouble navigating WotC's site when looking up stuff sometimes. So my question is has anything been said on when the open part of the playtest might start?

So can the number of crew members working a siege engine be increased beyond the number in the chart to allow for faster reloading and aiming?

I know that you can apply metamagic feats to scrolls potions and wands what i was wondering is if any of the class granted powers can be applied to these type of items and if not where the relevant text is.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Was wondering if there is anywhere in south Arkansas Or northern Lousiana where I could look into getting started in PFS?

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

This came up on another thread and I figured some clarifcation is in order in case newer DMs need to know.

Do levels in Master Chymist and any increases from Extended Mutation stack with Alchemist levels for the purpose of mutagen duration?

My reasoning for yes is that both now force you into Mutatigenic form which specificly calls out having a duration of Alch+MChy levels for its duration.

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