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Talonhawke's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 4,139 posts (4,222 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist. 6 aliases.


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Thanks only bit of clarification I still need is one point one. In addition to the core we did get the Ranger class deck pack based on your post I do still need to get the Char-addon pack correct?

Just picked up S&S this weekend and other than lamenting I waited this long to try PACG I have a few questions.

1. We also picked up the Ranger Class deck, Does this provide enough extra cards to increase the players past 4 or do I need to get the char-addon pack. (will be doing so anyways but may have a group of 6 by this weekend.)

2. One of my buddies loves caltrops but we weren't sure if he could re-add to his deck at the end of scenarios if all caltrops got banished and there were still enough items to rebuild his deck.

3. WE cant seem to understand moving the ship and encountering new ships if anyone could explain it easily.

Very nice this is a big start to fixing some sizing issues.

Wait catch me up here so T10 is some evil abomination because no risk on walls of skill modifier +10 or lower. But jacking my stats up till I can't fail at all is cool? But what about the risk and the excitement I mean how could someone be so good they don't ever risk falling.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
So, did Princess Trollestia invade this thread?

Think someone is trying to be the new TOZ.

Well like I said previously in the other thread. Sizing rules aren't really looked at well in PF so barring Dev clarification we may never know how whips work for non M/S creatures.

Ravingdork wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
And as for FAQ complaints, I strongly disagreed with new Crane Wing, non-stacking ability modifiers, and my personal most enraging, the denial of the Wildblooded sorcerer bloodlines for Eldritch Heritage. So I know the feeling. :)
Er, what? Could you link me to the source for that? I think I have some characters that would be effected by it.

Archetypes and Gaining Powers: If an archetype like wildblooded sorcerer grants new class features like bloodline powers, domain powers, or the like, if I don’t have that archetype, can I use feats like Eldritch Heritage or Believer’s Boon and choose the powers granted by the archetype.

No. These powers only exist for the archetypes that grant them. This is particularly important because in some cases, the archetype might trade out non-parallel features to gain those powers. For example, a fey sorcerer with the wildblooded archetype trades out both her bloodline arcana and her 1st-level power to gain a new 1st-level power, but a non-sorcerer using a feat to gain a 1st-level power never had the bloodline arcana to begin with.

Ultimate magic FAQ

well if you need to cast a spell that is called out by name in the prereqs then a SLA would work. If it wants a 3rd level spell then it doesn't.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

So, now, what does it really mean to "cast arcane/divine spells"?

To have access to a list of arcane/divine spells that you then use slots to prepare said spells in or a list of spells known that are arcane/divine and a set of spell slots per day with which to cast them

graystone wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Benjamin Roe wrote:
I have mixed feelings. Early entry into prestige classes was not a big deal at all for balance, but the previous ruling was so arbitrary and inconsistent. I think the new ruling is way more intuitive and elegant, but I'm sad to see eldritch knights, arcane tricksters, mystic theurges, and (to a lesser extent) arcane archers stop being playable.
They've always been playable. I've seen them succeed time and time again in actual games. They're just not optimal. People tend to think that if it's not optimal, it's useless, which isn't the least bit true.

LOL The Warrior npc class is playable, it just falls below what most people are willing to play. A better way is to say is that the FAQ made them more playable to a wider audience. For the first time, a lot of people actually thought about playing one that normally wouldn't. If nothing else, the old FAQ got people talking about them as something other than a super niche character.

After 3 1/2 years on these forums I would be positively afraid of RavingDork playing a Warrior. I promise he can and will find something to bring the fear into your heart.

Thanks that will clear it up if you played and earned a chronicle after getting at least one level in the PrC then you are good.

Shisumo wrote:
The Human Diversion wrote:
ElterAgo wrote:
Carp! I hate retiring a 4th level character. But I don't think he will be much fun to play as is. He was my 'grand fathered' aasimar too.
Does this mean my 11th level PFS Aasimar early-entry Arcane Trickster is now legal or not legal?
If you have played at least one session with the character in the prestige class, then it's legal.

Unless something changed I don't think builds get grandfathered in past rules changes I would head over to the PFS forums and address this concerns with the experts on their end.

Not much may ask on the PFS boards about how it works but I don't think you get much if the character is still playable.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
Quintain wrote:
Saldiven wrote:

Gaming at Quintain's table sounds irredeemably tedious if he expects people to make checks like this. If he expected my character to make 20 checks to climb something he could take-10 on, I'd never come back to another session. All the required dice rolling is a boring waste of time for the party as a whole.

I wonder how many other people posting in this thread would come back?

I guess challenges are too much for you. [...]

For me, the fun is in the journey, not the destination.

Assuming -- against my better judgement -- that you're writing in good faith.... No. Challenges aren't too much. But pointless and boring challenges are pointless and boring

It's not that they're too much, it's that they're too little. Too little drama, too little relevance, too little reason to care.

To second here on a 300' cliff assuming that only one person needs to climb that's 40 rolls if a whole 4 man party needs up there that's 160 rolls. If we assume low level (1-3) and a dc 15 cliff we have a characters with (assuming no one dumped str) rolls of 0-14 (14 being max ranks skill focus and 20 str.) the guy with Zero has to roll a 15 or better to go up and the guy on the top end doesn't even have to roll. So if we assume someone on each end of the spectrum then we can assume that no roll guy will drop a knotted rope or something to drop the dc some for everyone else lets say to a dc 10. our low end guy still cant move up 50% of the time and each time he doesn't move up there is a 50% chance of him falling possibly to his death if he is near the top.

Quintain wrote:

Nah. Rolling a bunch of dice with no tactics or decisions isn't fun.

You assume that there is nothing to find while climbing said cliff. It's just an obstacle that exists between you and your BBEG.

As a BBEG, the perfect place to hide my mcguffin is in a small cave half way up a 300' cliff.

You guys would never find it...because it is "too tedious" to get to if you actually had to roll dice.

Well first off what kind of cliff, what level are we, whats the time frame to get it? Important questions.

Been away for a bit but still running at home and honestly I've never seen the early access as an issue.

Quintain wrote:
aptinuviel wrote:
Quintain wrote:

That kinda depends :P

I read through this thread, and it was quite entertaining, but I'm a little confused by something.

You are aware that even if you Take 10, there is a chance of failure, correct? I realize people have said this a few times in the thread, but you seem to still think failure is impossible.

Yes, on a take 10 failure is possible, but not really failure with consequences.

Standing at the bottom of a 300' cliff, you'll need 20 checks to get to the top with a movement rate of 30.

Take 10: Can't get up 15'. No consequences, they look for a way around that is "safe".

But when fighting the BBEG against whom a 5% chance of failure is much more likely, you won't see players hesitate, they are all in from the rolling of initiative.

Because the BBEG probably can't be dealt with any other way. Can I walk around him to the Mcguffin? Can we just levitate over his head. No we have to fight him and unless that 300' cliff is 100% impassable without just climb checks we won't waste hours trying to climb it.

Also most BBEG do look for ways to safely and easily end them at low levels we color spray or sleep at high levels we greater bestow curse and finger of death. It's usually never an attack roll slug fest to the last hp.

No improved natural attack doesn't improve unarmed damage.

Finally an answer to this question thanks guys.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
I have never had a party where everyone could take 10 on a climb and succeed. The party always has to find a way to lug the weakling up.

Tie a rope around the bard and haul him up seems to happen more than expected.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

From SKR back in 2011. Hope it helps The purpose of Take 10 is to allow you to avoid the swinginess of the d20 roll in completing a task that should be easy for you. A practiced climber (5 ranks in Climb) should never, ever fall when climbing a practice rock-climbing wall at a gym (DC 15) as long as he doesn't rush and isn't distracted by combat, trying to juggle, and so on. Take 10 means he doesn't have to worry about the randomness of rolling 1, 2, 3, or 4.

The rule is there to prevent weirdness from the fact that you can roll 1 on tasks you shouldn't fail at under normal circumstances.

I'm not an athlete, but I can easily to a standing broad jump of 5-6 feet, over and over again without fail. It doesn't matter if I'm jumping over a piece of tape on the floor or a deep pit... I can make that jump. With a running start, it's even easier. If I were an adventurer, a 5-foot-diameter pit would be a trivial obstacle. Why waste game time making everyone roll to jump over the pit? Why not let them Take 10 and get on to something relevant to the adventure that's actually a threat, like a trap, monster, or shady NPC?

Let your players Take 10 unless they're in combat or they're distracted by something other than the task at hand. It's just there to make the game proceed faster so you don't have big damn heroes failing to accomplish inconsequential things.

Alright gonna have to grab this asap. Why must i be broke? The preview sold me on it and can't wait to try it out.

There is a D20 naruto out there based off of D20 modern. you might want to check it out.

Here is a the closest thing to it already pathfinderized kirth

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
Hey Kirth if a player wanted to recreate the Soulbow and already was planning on taking the soulknife bloodline what would you recommend?
I'll need to read up on the Soulbow before I can reply; just wanted to let you know I'd seen the post.


Hey Kirth if a player wanted to recreate the Soulbow and already was planning on taking the soulknife bloodline what would you recommend?

Mechanically in kirthfinder the bonus granted by deadly aim and maybe the types of metamagic available to be used.

Thank you

Looking at the above Alchemy work i was wondering if the Metamagic feat should change the spell to an orb type for the purpose of deadly aim and such if its not already ie. a ray type spell. Kinda goes with the theory of throwing instead of aiming.

Hi we are gonna be starting carrion crown this weekend and I'm honestly not big on experience points for just killing so i was going to run it according to story points i found a thread for suggestions on doing this with book one but haven't yet for the others could someone point me in the right direction for a good suggestion on leveling the players without needing to track xp.

Another question i may have missed the answer to if a cleric cast spontaneously instead of prepared how do domain spells work? Since several domains like magic rely on your highest level prepared domain spell.

18. Combine with create water for insta-swimming pool.

How exactly does the wild Mage/sorcerers disintegrate damage work from the eldritch just want to know how it affects things like objects and such and if I'm missing it the rules just tell me where.

The Egg of Coot wrote:
Arrius wrote:
Monk scaling Sutras, as well as plethora of bonus feats has been negatively received from my group (except perhaps the Monk). Therefore, I have cut many of the sutras in half when scaling to Superior and Sublime. An ability purchased should not be as good as an inherit ability.

To make up for the scaling effect, sutras should be gained every 4 levels after the 2nd, not every two; in other words, at 3rd, 7th, etc. (odd levels when the scaling does not occur). I'd meant to change this and somehow missed it; consider it an official erratum. Likewise, as Timeless Body is an advanced sutra, it should not appear on the Monk table.

The text for the sutra ability should be amended as follows:
"At 1st level, you receive knowledge of a sutra, a form of ascetic mastery. You gain an additional sutra at 3rd level, and every 4 class levels thereafter. Sutras are described in Appendix A. Most have effects that scale with your class level, representing steps along your path to self-perfection; improvements occur at levels 5th (Improved Sutra), 9th (Greater Sutra), 13th (Superior Sutra), and 17th (Sublime Sutra), as listed for each sutra. Class synergy effects that apply to the level at which your sutras operate apply towards these improvements."

This and other errata for the final mailing are posted under this avatar.

I am assuming this would change how the Aesthetic Druid functions since right now it still gains sutras each even numbered level.

I upgraded Open Office and that fixed the issues i was having.

Anyone else having issues with any of the files. Using open office and the sorcerer file opens as one page with only the intro section.

Dangit Kirth I cant read the rules for all the awesome quotes everywhere.

Its a great read and as always thanks.

Kirth haven't gotten my final copy yet, however i can say from the last version I loved the quotes and they helped one of my new player in his long fighter/barbarian debate over what class to play.

Also would like a updated if you don't mind Kirth

Ouch man glad you doing alright. So are you saying in the new version concussive strike will be more useful in modern settings? would love the final draft.

Mill beat bbt to the punch and point out I can make 2 claws and 2 boot blade attacks in a round. The bite would add in regardless so how is 4 attacks > 4 attacks?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Problem is nothing stops a really good item from going to use by the caster as well. If it's really something they want to do they can hit those prereqs as well.

Damn we need a new printing of the CRB anyways I just realized Piazo didn't print the rules that limit jump height based off your character's height. Probably need to errata the jump spell to remove that restriction while we are at it.

Jeff Erwin wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
Ruggs wrote:
And some good news. All I can say is: about time.
Very nice Mr. Holder. Though it raises one question to me, what criteria would be used to determine spousal privilege for couples in states without same-sex marriage.
If they were married in a jurisdiction which allows it. Otherwise one could lose one's rights by moving to the next state. They can also go to a state (or country) that allows marriage for everyone, get married, and return to their home in a state that doesn't allow it, and the Feds will recognize the marriage. It's just like getting married on vacation - it's still valid.

I may have misunderstood then I thought I was seeing that same sex couples would be allowed to claim Spousal Privilege in court even if they weren't married due to their state not having yet enacted same sex marriage laws.

his may have come up but do monks unarmed strikes take the penalty since they count as both natural and manufactured.

Actually I'm saying certain GMs require rage to always be portrayed as foaming at the mouth veins pulsing from the forehead anger. That a character can't have their rage be a focused state of mind dedicated to downing ones foes as efficiently as possible.

Ruggs wrote:
And some good news. All I can say is: about time.

Very nice Mr. Holder. Though it raises one question to me, what criteria would be used to determine spousal privilege for couples in states without same-sex marriage.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

So we are back to all barbarians being raging angry people.

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