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Talonhawke's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 4,270 posts (4,358 including aliases). No reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 6 aliases.


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Well another week passes holding strong for Scorpion Whip clarification next week.

Well lets cross our fingers and hope that no one beats us out next week fellas.

I know what you guys were talking about. My post which was quoted was directly referencing the concrete issue which is why I responded in the manner I did.

It also depends on how powerful and cheap he would want said pistol and if complete non magic was the goal.

A modified rod that could cast a fire ray of frost wouldn't be cheap or allow a full attack action but it would present a low end method of a limitless firing pistol.

For a probably at least 10k a scorching ray version could be done.

I was responding to the fact that apparently it would take 1 million years to develop a light weight strong material such as concrete but a wizard could in a few years make a spell to permanently reduce the weight of stone if he wanted.

My original post was about the best way with the rules to handle in my opinion use the spell research rules and tweak them. Then some one came along and decided that to research tech clearly takes longer than intelligent existence but spells meh even a short lived race could develop 2-3 in a lifetime.

CountofUndolpho wrote:

So you are OK with using two magic shield even though you only have one slot? One of them just doesn't give a shield bonus because it can change it's designation from Shield to Weapon at will.

By that logic the plate mail and spiked breastplate option above is also legit.

The fact that you can't give a Masterwork bonus to attack to a Shield supports the supposition that it's a weapon?

The fact there is are separate sections under the headings Armour and magic armour properties for shields means its just a weapon with fancy rules?

If it's a weapon why is there a shield proficiency skill? Why not just leave it under Martial Weapon Proficiency. Though that would cause problems for bucklers and Tower Shields. That's alright they can't be used as weapons so they are just shields... but shields are weapons?!

My head hurts.

Would you allow magic weapon to be cast on a shield? Weapon Focus or specalization? What about armor spikes?

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Kthulhu wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:

If your the DM simply apply the rules from spell research and extend as needed for your belief of how long you think it should take.

If your the player sit down and talk to your DM there are no hard coded rules for this short of you researching a spell like transmute rock to concrete.

Ok, let's assume that the current state of technology in the avarage fantasy world is approximately equal to ~1000 AD (this is likely being very generous, as if you take away magic, most of the high-magic fantasy worlds that Pathfinder models would probably regress much further back that this).

So basically, we're talking about 1000 years of research.

But wait. That was achieved by hundreds of thousands of people. We're discussing ONE person trying to skip ahead to building laser pistols (which, I might add, aren't even viable in our world in 2015).

So we need to multiply that base of 1000 years by maybe 100,000.

So we're looking at a good million years of research.

Good luck on that. I'm pretty sure your campaign will be over by then.

And the tyranids will probably have destroyed Golarion by then as well.

This is what i call RAMVORD (Rules as my views of Reality Dictate), also know as the therom that reality applies as strictly as possible to anyone not using magic.

We aren't talking earth. We are talking a world where if the worlds smartest minds want to communicate from across the world it is a spell away. If a guy has enough money or is a high enough level caster and wants to they can contact other planes for information. They could teleport in for meetings with other like minded individuals. There is no need for long days of travel and waiting for the post to arrive. I also would say that 1000 AD might be pushing it. We have fairly high end ships in existance, mad scientist who make Frankenstein horrors, air ships made and powered without magic. Drawing parallels to our world doesn't quite work.

Also I find it odd that a mage could come up with a brand new never before heard of spell effect in far less time than you seem to want to allow even the smallest possible advance in the worlds tech level.

This amulet grants an enhancement bonus of +1 to +5 on attack and damage rolls with unarmed attacks and natural weapons.

If your using a spell it not an attack with the unarmed attack.
Also your quoting from rules on when you provoke which has no bearing on when bonuses apply.

I would say it depends if the clothes could still hide the item without it falling out while you were stripped I might allow it, though the searcher would be getting a bonus to the check. Now if you hoping to still have it on your near naked person probably not.

As Claude said no. However if you cast and hold the charge you can deliver it with a claw on the next round and gain the bonus. Also I believe a Magus could do the same thing with spell strike.

If you have Rake such as a Tiger when pounce triggers your allowed to make the attacks listed under Rake. Normally you can only use them during grapples.

Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:

I just use Roll20.

If one of your players has a big-screen TV, you can hook it up to that.

And, they're about to roll out some more character sheet support with an iPad app.

Just a question how do you do your maps for roll20. Just starting with it and was wondering if there is any easy support for APs.

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test roll: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13

Preview 1 13 Stayed same after new preview

Edit: that one stayed good just had to see if it moved for me.

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Grats and good luck!

If your the DM simply apply the rules from spell research and extend as needed for your belief of how long you think it should take.

If your the player sit down and talk to your DM there are no hard coded rules for this short of you researching a spell like transmute rock to concrete.

I'll throw in my rulings on it though understand my groups usually run with the Kirthfinder houserules document.. I allow it but I don't let you get both hands free of TWF penalties. However I do all you to take a full defensive and add both shields to your AC for the round as a stance feat around 11 BAB

Tels wrote:
Cheapy wrote:

Remember, the entire point for the written word is to communicate the intent. This is a case where there's very compelling evidence that the written word is communicating the intent poorly. But there's still a decent chance the intent is the same as the written word.

And this is trying to figure out which is the case.

Like Flurry of Blows!

Lord knows how well that turned out.


That honestly seems anti-thematic for this system. Having an ability go from a 1 in 6 chance of activating at 2nd level to a 1 in 60 at top end doesn't seem like it was how the rest of this system, which seems to focus on abilities getting better overtime, functions.

Let's just the pick us this Friday and then joy and happiness as we will have answers.

deusvult wrote:

I have more problems with NPC atheists in the game world than real life atheists at the gaming table.

Well you can still have some disbelief when you have powerful (especially if you use Mythic/Epic rules) casters who can alter reality at a whim gods would have to show off truly phenomenal ability to prove they are a god.

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Logan1138 wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
Well From a standpoint of a conservative christian I can't even see the issue. I would see more of issue arising from a Christian belief than from an Atheistic one.


When I was growing up in a devout Christian family, I had a lot of internal conflict about "gods" in D&D. I'm pretty sure I never played a cleric back then as it would have seemed sacrilegious . Now that I am no longer a "believer" (I don't know that I am a full-fledged Atheist), I have zero problem with the ideas of pantheons of "god-like" beings.


I never really suffered from that conflict I grew up in a DnD is bad home without anyone ever really telling me why. When i finally did start playing I realized that you only had as much bad/evil as you put into it. If I couldn't play a game with non-real deities without it becoming and issue then how could i watch a movie or read a book that featured prominent Deific figures from other real world religions.

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Well From a standpoint of a conservative christian I can't even see the issue. I would see more of issue arising from a Christian belief than from an Atheistic one.

Juda de Kerioth wrote:
Lune wrote:

*does his summon Paizo Devs dance*

Please Paizo, Devs. We are looking for an answer on the Scorpion Whip. These are things that have desperately needed to be answered for years an have never been made clear. I know it is just one weapon but there are a lot of people waiting to use this pending a ruling but unwilling to use it without one due to the dreaded "table variation".

I think most of these could be answered if we simply asked:
Could you give a description of everything that a Scorpion Whip can do without referencing the Whip.

...then, tell us what it can also do if you have the Whip Proficiency without referencing the Whip.

But if you have to have it in sections then consider these questions, please:
1) Does it function with Whip feats, such as Whip Mastery, or Weapon Focus(Whip)?

2) Can you deal nonlethal, without penalty?

3) Does it threaten?

4) Does it provoke when used?

5) Is it finessable?

6) Can it be enchanted, as a whip?

I'll add a couple more:

7) Does it have reach? How much? Does it threaten within all of it's reach?

8) What special materials can it be made out of?

9) Which feats that apply to Whips can apply to Scorpion Whips? (Whip Mastery line of feats, Weapon Focus, etc.)

I presume that it does all that you ask for.

I mean, it is a whip, so, all of those things that can be aplied to it, it can be done with this version, as i see this, the scorpion whip is a masterwork piece of whip. so... don´t worry, at the end, your gm must decide if it is or not the same.

Rules As Writen is a cheapest way to see the game at all
Rules As Intended are a little bit more flexible to achieve your character conception.
Rules As Fun is the best way to see the game: if something isn´t fun or cause a lot of confusion, then, my dear, you must drop it and find another path, to achieve what you desire/need for your kind of game.

Well what you may not realize is that in PFS I might have different GM each time i play and having a weapon that each one that might have a different way the weapon works and which of my feats might work with it and how.

Joe M. wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
Shameless bump since the Dev team is active today.

Oh, <the Design Team is certainly aware>:

Mark Seifter wrote:

Despite not being in the RPG line and thus not FAQable, freebooter has taken control from the scorpion whip! But mithral, light and stealthy, manages to grab the FAQ, leaving Light and Darkness to wait at least until we stop doing Unchained blogs before it slinks back out of the darkness


Will scorpion whip take the FAQ next week, or will it be taking 10 on Knowledge checks, or something else? Find out next week on FAQ Friday!

Sweet there is hope.

Well we got an answer on the mithril question. And one other i think.

From the shadow bloodline what does the eldritch Blast mean when it says full damage? Does it mean when a player rolls max for damage or just when a save is failed? If its the second does it always apply to the non-shaped version.

Eldritch Blast (Sp): Your eldritch blast deals
nonlethal damage, and those who take full damage
are dazzled for 1 round. Improved blast: Blinding Spell;
greater blast: Fell Weaken.

Back again hope you all aren't tired of me yet. When are you allowed to play spells? We may have missed it in the rule book and i'm not with my rule book. Can i for instance play cure on someone else's turn to heal them before they explore.

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Aberzombie wrote:

Too early? But....I'm already about to be on my third cup of coffee.

But, yes...context for youngsters....If I recall correctly, there was a spammer who used to hit the Off Topic section with stuff like babajblackmagiclove type posts. It was....entertaining

The good ole days when you could at least read what was advertised.

Shameless bump since the Dev team is active today.

Unlike saving throws there is nothing say you can choose to simply fail an attack roll.

Quick question how will this be played with is it all solo or will it be with others, and if others will it be all one screen or via net?

OOOOO Shiney

I would think if they were equal you would have the choice of which one was active instead of one over-riding the other.

alexd1976 wrote:

My previous statement still remains valid.

FAQs over HERE on Paizo, of course, carry some weight.

Why bother referring to D20PFSRD if it just pointed back here anyway?

Sorry I didn't catch that. I'll try to read a bit more closely in the future, it's early here...

Typically because they have class pages and those have relevant FAQs on them with Paizo its by books so for a class sure i check the book it came with. But if its an odd archetype or feat or spell an FAQ would be easier to find over their if i don't know which book to look at.

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LazarX wrote:
Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
So do you think catnip has any affects on things like griffons, sphinxes or catfolk?

Depends on how silly a campaign the GM wants to run.

You're essentially a hairless ape. Have you had urges to fling your poo lately?

No but I have had the urge to climb up into a tree and chill.

Also your dealing with fantasy creatures in a fantasy world silliness isn't as much of an issue as you would think. There is way to much focus on things as just combat minis versus how such creatures like these and others are when they aren't engaged in dealing with murderhobos.

Based off of the number of spells and items that work around detecting/ hiding, protecting against and what not I would say that a character knows what their alignment is.

Yes with feral you could punch if you hit grow claws then use your claws on remainder of the flurry.

Well my 2cp I would allow them at my tables however I'm gonna click the button cuz i do see both sides of the coin.

No in the case of you growing claws you wouldn't get a free attack the effect of that power is to grow claws. At best that bloodline might let you grow your claws as a swift after an attack. The feat is for use with targeted powers such as

Electricity Ray (Sp): Starting at 1st level, you can unleash an elemental ray as a standard action, targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. This ray deals 1d6 points of electricity damage + 1 for every two sorcerer levels you possess. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

Yep Betasprite has it. The good news is that since you wait till you hit to decide to use it you won't waste your swift if you miss an attack.

Thanks again.

Yes if you have the feat and allow provocation and they miss you can then sneak attack that foe.

However outside of a DM ruling you would still need CQT or PBM along with the other prerequisites to qualify.

Finished Sunken treasure last night and a few more questions have since arisen, mostly because it was our first extremely close game. (we ended on with one blessing left.)
1. Is the blessing deck always 30 cards even if playing with more than 4 players?

2. Are the players allowed to check to see how many blessings are left. We choose not to last night but were wondering.

Can cards that reduce combat damage be used to negate the Brine Dragon's before combat acid damage or not.

That gets into a whole slew of issues with what vestigal arms can do.

Can I use a sword and shield while on hand holds something? Can't do it without them so no.

Can they help reload a crossbow if my other hand is occupied? Well can't reload on handed so no.

Following that logic there isn't much they can do.

Yeah that's where it gets weird though can i boulder helmet/barbazu beard then bite/gore? Can one use 2 boot-blades then claw? I feel the no we got relates back to use of claws and vestigial arms. Because if one can use kicks or boot blades and 2 claws then using 2 short swords and claws via vestigial arms isn't technically any more attacks than i could have without them.

Yes yes please

Yeah............there are several weapons that i can only hope get a long look in the future. Starting with this one.

Warning the following information is a Talonhawke ruling only applicable to games run by Talonhawke. Any information found within pertains only to how I would rule at my table your experience with other GMs may vary.

I would allow it but of course with the understanding that it only functions if your proficient. So if your using a long sword you made your good if you disarm a bandit of his no dice.

That being said i can see how a GM would rule the other way as the prerequisites assume you have prof. with all long swords.

Andrew would you apply that same logic if an opponent used a re-roll ability with that wording and scored a crit threat on a player and a party member tried to force a re-reoll

Yep it's more confusing that a 3.x Kusuri-Gama

Heck going in the other direction the rules support that it is no easier for a colossal creature to save against fireball if only one of its squares is affected than if a fine creature is in the dead center.

The rules support that a halfling's short sword can if vorpal remove that same creatures' head.

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