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Talonhawke's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 4,803 posts (4,924 including aliases). No reviews. 3 lists. 2 wishlists. 6 aliases.


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Nefreet wrote:
It wasn't missed two years ago, just apparently forgotten about.

By missed I meant those of us who don't play PFS at all or infrequently . This never would have come across my radar if not for the Occult Adventures section causing several threads to pop up in rules.

Then how far do we let it go? Do we allow lying by omission to break the vow? How about using disguise? Can I still use my Vow of Truth if the party rogue lies to get us in the ball and I don't correct the erroneous assumption that I am the 15th Earl of Cukooland? If your looking for a reason to cause failure much like a paladin it won't be hard if you want to do it.

Well back on topic there are plenty of things I am sure we can dig up without touching any media in the last 500 years that would show a non-magical or minimally magical entity doing things far beyond what a 20th level pure martial could accomplish. Which is why so many people get a bit off-put that anything more than human normal is Weaboo badwrongfun. It reminds me of one of the Adamantine threads where any mention of ignoring hardness was met with cries of "It's not a lightsaber".

Nicos wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
Nicos wrote:

I just would not call racist somebody for refusing to see a new anime based on their previous dislikement of other animes. And do note that we all do that kind of thinking in our lives.

I will refuse to see any Adam sandler movie based on my dislikement of his other movies, and I doubt that that would make me an antisemitic.

Might be apparently not wanting to go see the new Ghostbusters makes me misogynistic even though the reason I'm not seeing it is I have yet to watch a movie from those actors and director I found funny. Same reasoning different results simply based on the target and not the actual reasons.
I'm sorry, I don't know if you're agreeing with me, disagreeing with me or just adding something else. Not native speaker here.

I was agreeing with you but pointing out that its possible someone else might not.

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Nicos wrote:

I just would not call racist somebody for refusing to see a new anime based on their previous dislikement of other animes. And do note that we all do that kind of thinking in our lives.

I will refuse to see any Adam sandler movie based on my dislikement of his other movies, and I doubt that that would make me an antisemitic.

Might be apparently not wanting to go see the new Ghostbusters makes me misogynistic even though the reason I'm not seeing it is I have yet to watch a movie from those actors and director I found funny. Same reasoning different results simply based on the target and not the actual reasons.

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thejeff wrote:
Jiggy wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
If Akira Toryama was named Roberto Silva and was born and raised in Brazil when he created DBZ, would that mean DBZ is not "anime"?
That's actually part of my point.

But in which direction?

Since you were bashing people who think of Avatar as anime, I'd guess you'd say it wasn't. Anime being technically Japanese animation, you'd be correct.

OTOH, someone who doesn't like anime isn't likely to like a show heavily influenced by the style of anime even if it's made somewhere else and thus not actually anime. So it makes sense to not be interested in Avatar because you're not into anime.

Or on the other side people may hate it so much they will insist a show that has been brought over to the US after being Anime isn't anime. I saw this a lot in college with shows like Transformers or Voltron.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:

Disclaimer: I am a manga/anime fan, currently halfway through Macross Delta and Seven Deadly Sins. So yeah, if you hope for some quality harping on how weaboo wuxia bullcrap killed Gary Gygax, not here.

Anyway. I've noticed a conjecture. Several of the most outspoken "martial-caster disparity/Fighters need to be more awesome/Failzo failed us again by failing" people are big on action anime. Either they profess it openly here, or a cursory glance at the Internet reveals their passionate presence on anime forums or their YouTube channels full of Ninja Scroll clips or their 18+ Sailor Moon tumblrs. Also, Book of Nine Swords was the bestest d20 supplement ever.

This got me thinking. Perhaps, after watching this, this and of course this, their expectations regarding sword-swinging characters are at a level which Pathfinder, a game designed mostly by non-anime-watching folks who apparently envision high level Fighters more something like this, cannot quite satisfy. Which leads to frustrations elaborated in all the locked threads.

Maybe there is a game out there which caters better to running barefoot on clouds, swinging your sword so that mountains are torn assunder, EXCEPT YOUR SWORD DOESN'T EVEN TOUCH THESE MOUNTAINS, IT'S THE SONIC WAVE OF MANA WHICH THE SWING GENERATES THAT TEARS THE WORLD APART?

The Dragonball Z Roleplaying Forum is that way ------->

Actually I would point here if you need something Shonen based.

VRMH wrote:
It's not much of a vow, when you start looking for loopholes or permitted corner cases.

Very true but if you start examining every situation looking for ways it would cause someone to break it its a pretty bad trap option.

I had started the PFS one to make sure it got brought to light as sood as possible and people could get any needed rebuilds done quickly.

As I threw in on one of the other threads the ARG example for the orc gunslinger also would be incorrect since it assumes he took 20 levels for an ability he can't get till lvl 3.


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Ravingdork wrote:

For FAQing, not discussion. Please discuss here. The rules in the the Advanced Player's Guide for favored class bonuses contradict those found in Occult Adventures.

Advanced Player's Guide, Page 9, paragraph 3 [PRD Link]

Advanced Player's Guide wrote:
For example, a dwarf with rogue as his favored class adds +1/2 to his trap sense ability regarding stone traps each time he selects the alternate rogue favored class benefit; though this means the net effect is +0 after selecting it once (because +1/2 rounds down to +0), after 20 levels this benefit gives the dwarf a +10 bonus to his trap sense (in addition to the base value from being a 20th-level rogue).

Occult Adventures, Page 84, paragraph 4, last two sentences. [PRD Link]

Occult Adventures wrote:
If an alternate favored class option modifies a class feature or ability, it can't be taken before the character has that class feature or ability. For example, if a class gains a class feature at 6th level, a character couldn't take a racial favored class option that applies to that class feature until 6th level, even if the benefit from that option wouldn't be high enough to add a bonus until a later level.

With this change over I assume their might be some changes to be made to characters out there. Just wondering what the exact depth of rebuild would be. I would assume that it would be to redo the favored class options and anything that you might no qualify for because of lack of bonus.

The paladin fell for helping the Zodiac killer come to power.

The paladin sacrificed his life to save a group of orphans form a fire.

I agree but consider a table where I sit down to play and don't have and haven't read occult adventures it could be confusing.

Well there is alot of debate here some additonal reading if you like

You can go here
or here
some more here
And here for even more of a list

James Risner wrote:
63 klar-ing-ons on the bridge.

Congrats James good job getting this one boosted up there.

Now about those 4-armed PC's? ;P

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I feel like it comes down to a few minor things
1. Are you being watched? If no one is watching the character then it doesn't how masterfully they mess up.

2. Does the person watching know enough to know your throwing the attempt? If so decide on a way to determine that the character was trying to fail.

3. Would you be expected to answer questions about why you failed? Not super likely but if so then some type of check most likely bluff will be needed.
4. What is the judging criteria? If the person deciding is only worried about the final project then it doesn't matter how you got there but if the whole performance is being judged then you need to make a decision about how to make that look bad as well.

Basically look at those things and decide the best way to go about it. If the only thing being used to determine if it was a pass or fail is the final result and there won't be a interview about it just let them fail. If they are being watched by someone who know what they should be doing or have to explain why they failed you might need checks.

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Chemlak wrote:

Don't forget the demands of, oh, writing books, which is what the design team actually gets paid to do.

So, they have to schedule a meeting, have that meeting, agree to Jason's satisfaction that they have a consensus on a rule, agree on how to word it, and post. If they don't agree, or can't find a solution that they feel is suitable, it doesn't happen. That's for FAQs.

Errata is even worse. Design team have to identify problem to errata, reword the rule, then it has to be developed, edited, and copy fit to the page (remember that Paizo rule that words on a page must always go to the bottom of the page, 'cause it's a doozy).

All while actually writing books.

There's no such thing as a quick FAQ/errata at Paizo, and I, personally, like it that way.

Not to mention explain it out once they rule it because someone will continue to argue its wrong.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
I keep mentally pronouncing the X as an "Sh." Pretty sure that's not what you were going for, though!

LOL no a Z sound was the preferred but thanks for a good chuckle.

Talonhawke wrote:
Awesome also when you do that or if anyone else has time I got a new computer and was looking to get the Word Docs re-emailed to me. I have the pdfs just not the newest word docs.

email address:

Awesome also when you do that or if anyone else has time I got a new computer and was looking to get the Word Docs re-emailed to me. I have the pdfs just not the newest word docs.

Well without delving into "Hands" I would allow it if there is someway to free up a hand during the round or with access to an extra hand or hand like appendage.

James Risner wrote:

@Talonhawke, that's a whole lot of narrow scope issues. I think a lot of more common things will likely get answered before 4 armed things.

I know we can always hope.... or hope they allow them in PFS that might speed it up some.

Faq'd and James think you can see if you can have luck with how Kasatha 4-armedness and using more that 2 weapons is supposed to work?

I assume the bonus goes up by 1 each time it normally went up by 2

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That could work I was thinking of using Min Numen in my games basically if the spell calls for less than that then your assumed to be able to cast it.

Thank you very much for these, one question springs to mind on reading through them with demons and devils, they have levels in outsider which I couldn't find directly like the other new ones is it something still in the works or would it be the plane-touched race from the base documents?



As you working on the bestiary anything you could share to help along with personal work? Mostly what I am wondering is

1. What saves (mostly wondering about Intuition) should different creature types get.

2. What free skills per HD should the different types get.

3. And any advice for working abilities that can't be copied by the existing spell system such as Swallow Whole?

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
GM_Beernorg wrote:

Mostly sure that Drow don't have a word for solidarity ;)

I think i found one....

Running now

Can't see it or is that intended?

You have to be using either unarmed strikes or a manufactured weapon to TWF. So yes if your using TWF then inherently you are using either manufactured weapons or unarmed strikes.

Actually with TWF its only .5 Str as quoted above.

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bugleyman wrote:
This entire thread is a catastrophic case of people talking past one another. Note to self: Alignment threads BAD.

Things that never seem to make good threads

1. Alignment
2. Paladin codes
3. Druid codes
4. Adamantine
5. "Hands"

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Sundakan wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Sundakan wrote:
Slight tangent, I've never been clear where this attitude of "Writers have no responsibility or obligations to anyone or anything" comes from. As if it's somehow different from every other profession, where doing a competent job is expected, and rightly so.

Self-employed people who personally make things for other people to buy have no obligations of any sort in regards to the nature of their product. They just aren't gonna make any money if people don't like what they make. So...they have a huge incentive to provide a quality product, but no obligation.

And writers generally fall somewhat into that category, though they're far from the only ones to do so.

Those employed to write a specific thing (like most freelancers in the RPG industry), not so much, but most novelists without an ongoing contract? No obligations at all, just a strong incentive.

I'm not sure I really see the distinction, at least from a practical perspective.

Being "incentivized" to provide a good work and being "obligated" to end up at the same result, really. You provide something good, that peopke want, or you're out of a job.

Here is a good distinction at work I share my position with the owner's son. If I want to keep my job I am obligated to show up be at my desk and answer the phone among other things. His son has incentive to do so, by that I mean his dad has flat out told my supervisor that he won't relocate or fire his son he can come and go as he pleases deal with it. But if he does manage to show up for at least 3 days a week he gets he truck payment made.

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captain yesterday wrote:

Ha! You're old people.

Isn't it Bingo night. Or is Matlock on.

You know, they have these things called DVDs, so you can watch Murder, She Wrote whenever you want. :-D

Hey there a problem with Matlock and Murder She Wrote? ;)

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Jiggy wrote:
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
...shrinking even faster than reasons to believe in a God.

Whatever your own beliefs may be, taking pot-shots at people for their religion as part of your speech about discrimination and equality is pretty hypocritical.

Sex, gender, orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, abortion stance, marital status, economic class, pizza topping preferences... How about we don't weaponize any of it, okay?

But anchovies!!!

lol thought you were on the 3rd ordered organizer and it was broken as well.

Unarmed Attacks: Striking for damage with punches, kicks, and head butts is much like attacking with a melee weapon, except for the following:

Sealed with Adamantine and the Golem can't get back out now.......... or can he? The world may never know.

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CBDunkerson wrote:
Aww, shucks. That thread had gone so far past ludicrous that I was starting to have fun with it. :]

It almost went to Plaid!

Been gone a few weeks any news on this front from anywhere?

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Adamantine Golem wrote:
With the soft hands of an angel.

OH CRAP IT FOLLOWED ME!!!!! Quick everyone just ignore it and it will go away and maybe this thread will survive the curse. Just don't make eye contact.

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Seems like we have once again proven that Adamantine is the Special Material version of an Alignment thread.

What if I plate the arm in Adamantine weapon blanch?

Depending on context yes and no. And A gauntlet is doubtful 100% adamantine either.

Aelryinth wrote:

That is absolutely correct. The arm is not made of adamantine. You would have to equip the gauntlet as a proper weapon to wield it properly. A limp arm wearing armor and a gauntlet is very different then a worn gauntlet.

If you can't differentiate between the two conditions 'logically', hey, house rule it. I don't care.

You might as well argue that hitting someone with a severed arm is an unarmed attack. Eesh.


So we need to "logically" differentiate between using an adamantine skillet as an improvised weapon vs using a body part clad in armor as one. But not between golem naming conventions and other creatures naming conventions?

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
thejeff wrote:

OTOH, people are more likely to be a++&@!*s online, especially anonymously. OTGH, it's also easier to pass as male on the internets and I know many women do that, in at least some circumstances.

Most, I suspect, feel even more at-ease trying out a new activity with someone (or better yet some group) they already know and trust, rather than the random grab bag of a convention or game store.
Personal experience and anecdotal evidence suggests that women make up a larger percentage of home games than of other face-to-face environments.

I also strongly doubt most people, male or female, get their start gaming online with strangers.

True story:

I'm a Guy In Real Life.

Playing a particular MMO, I've had some exceptionally bad experiences due to individuals assuming because I was playing a female character that I as a player was interested in their 'advances', in part because *I didn't make a big deal about it*, so *must be legit*.

We won't go into the details of some of the truly creepy things, thankfully there was an 'ignore' and a 'report' function available...

This doesn't diminish the 'gamer wall' that women have to fight through, but I have a bit more empathy for the situation than some do as a result.

The tables I've been at with women in my games has been positive, though I always worry that I come off too 'over the top' and scare them away playing in-character (no advances or unwanted behaviour because at the table, all are brothers and sisters and that is be a very HUGE turn-off for me.)

And that is why one never goes to Goldshire on Moonguard. Also why my wife tends to avoid large player gatherings on most online games unless she has other guildies present.

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