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Talonhawke's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 4,117 posts (4,200 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist. 6 aliases.


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Alright gonna have to grab this asap. Why must i be broke? The preview sold me on it and can't wait to try it out.

There is a D20 naruto out there based off of D20 modern. you might want to check it out.

Here is a the closest thing to it already pathfinderized kirth

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
Hey Kirth if a player wanted to recreate the Soulbow and already was planning on taking the soulknife bloodline what would you recommend?
I'll need to read up on the Soulbow before I can reply; just wanted to let you know I'd seen the post.


Hey Kirth if a player wanted to recreate the Soulbow and already was planning on taking the soulknife bloodline what would you recommend?

Mechanically in kirthfinder the bonus granted by deadly aim and maybe the types of metamagic available to be used.

Thank you

Looking at the above Alchemy work i was wondering if the Metamagic feat should change the spell to an orb type for the purpose of deadly aim and such if its not already ie. a ray type spell. Kinda goes with the theory of throwing instead of aiming.

Hi we are gonna be starting carrion crown this weekend and I'm honestly not big on experience points for just killing so i was going to run it according to story points i found a thread for suggestions on doing this with book one but haven't yet for the others could someone point me in the right direction for a good suggestion on leveling the players without needing to track xp.

Another question i may have missed the answer to if a cleric cast spontaneously instead of prepared how do domain spells work? Since several domains like magic rely on your highest level prepared domain spell.

18. Combine with create water for insta-swimming pool.

How exactly does the wild Mage/sorcerers disintegrate damage work from the eldritch just want to know how it affects things like objects and such and if I'm missing it the rules just tell me where.

The Egg of Coot wrote:
Arrius wrote:
Monk scaling Sutras, as well as plethora of bonus feats has been negatively received from my group (except perhaps the Monk). Therefore, I have cut many of the sutras in half when scaling to Superior and Sublime. An ability purchased should not be as good as an inherit ability.

To make up for the scaling effect, sutras should be gained every 4 levels after the 2nd, not every two; in other words, at 3rd, 7th, etc. (odd levels when the scaling does not occur). I'd meant to change this and somehow missed it; consider it an official erratum. Likewise, as Timeless Body is an advanced sutra, it should not appear on the Monk table.

The text for the sutra ability should be amended as follows:
"At 1st level, you receive knowledge of a sutra, a form of ascetic mastery. You gain an additional sutra at 3rd level, and every 4 class levels thereafter. Sutras are described in Appendix A. Most have effects that scale with your class level, representing steps along your path to self-perfection; improvements occur at levels 5th (Improved Sutra), 9th (Greater Sutra), 13th (Superior Sutra), and 17th (Sublime Sutra), as listed for each sutra. Class synergy effects that apply to the level at which your sutras operate apply towards these improvements."

This and other errata for the final mailing are posted under this avatar.

I am assuming this would change how the Aesthetic Druid functions since right now it still gains sutras each even numbered level.

I upgraded Open Office and that fixed the issues i was having.

Anyone else having issues with any of the files. Using open office and the sorcerer file opens as one page with only the intro section.

Dangit Kirth I cant read the rules for all the awesome quotes everywhere.

Its a great read and as always thanks.

Kirth haven't gotten my final copy yet, however i can say from the last version I loved the quotes and they helped one of my new player in his long fighter/barbarian debate over what class to play.

Also would like a updated if you don't mind Kirth

Ouch man glad you doing alright. So are you saying in the new version concussive strike will be more useful in modern settings? would love the final draft.

Mill beat bbt to the punch and point out I can make 2 claws and 2 boot blade attacks in a round. The bite would add in regardless so how is 4 attacks > 4 attacks?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Problem is nothing stops a really good item from going to use by the caster as well. If it's really something they want to do they can hit those prereqs as well.

Damn we need a new printing of the CRB anyways I just realized Piazo didn't print the rules that limit jump height based off your character's height. Probably need to errata the jump spell to remove that restriction while we are at it.

Jeff Erwin wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
Ruggs wrote:
And some good news. All I can say is: about time.
Very nice Mr. Holder. Though it raises one question to me, what criteria would be used to determine spousal privilege for couples in states without same-sex marriage.
If they were married in a jurisdiction which allows it. Otherwise one could lose one's rights by moving to the next state. They can also go to a state (or country) that allows marriage for everyone, get married, and return to their home in a state that doesn't allow it, and the Feds will recognize the marriage. It's just like getting married on vacation - it's still valid.

I may have misunderstood then I thought I was seeing that same sex couples would be allowed to claim Spousal Privilege in court even if they weren't married due to their state not having yet enacted same sex marriage laws.

his may have come up but do monks unarmed strikes take the penalty since they count as both natural and manufactured.

Actually I'm saying certain GMs require rage to always be portrayed as foaming at the mouth veins pulsing from the forehead anger. That a character can't have their rage be a focused state of mind dedicated to downing ones foes as efficiently as possible.

Ruggs wrote:
And some good news. All I can say is: about time.

Very nice Mr. Holder. Though it raises one question to me, what criteria would be used to determine spousal privilege for couples in states without same-sex marriage.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

So we are back to all barbarians being raging angry people.

Gotta love Martials can't even survive hits without "magic" hp.

MrRetsej wrote:


I just want my Mighty Whip Dagger back.

And that's how I run it at home.

For what's it's worth I solved the gun touch attack issue by changing defenses. I use armor as DR rules and class defense bonus rules together.

Basically you having a rising defense bonus that scales with level. Armor grants DR instead of AC when you wear armor subtract ACP from class def bonus.

It's like two months of boring then BAM!!!!!!!! Awesome week then back to boring. And yet I'm still drawn in mostly to see if any of my other theories will be answered. ( my first being a long standing belief until a few months ago the Kenpachi Zaraki was in fact the the released state of Yachiro's Zanpakto.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Dammit I'm gonna miss bleach. Length hasn't be an issue for me but I also am a reading addict. My issue really is the weekly wait for my 4 small hits then back to waiting.

Marthkus wrote:

Extraordinary abilities work in an anti-magic field.

Not everything awesome or beyond the norm is magical in nature.

this is the issue right here god don't you know if you can't do it in real life clearly it has to be somehow magical?

For those in the not in my "Tolkien based fantasy" are magic items kept in check, and mages toned downed to appropriate levels.

I would say melee only personally but I envision any melee attack working. I see the kick simply being a kind of follow up like how in movies you see a sword come down cut a guy and the sword weilder kicking his blade loose and the guy stumbling back.

Rennet answerd in FAQ is sometimes used to clear a thread from the list.

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Jaime Sommers wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
As I am 30 and out of the house it isn't a problem for me, however my youngest brother is wanting to get into pathfinder and my father is extremely conservative religiously.
Excuse me but... how young is your youngest brother?

17 years old. In other news after talking with my father about my experiences with the game and a discussion about clerics and religion with our pastor who it turns out has a son that plays he is going to let my brother play provided that it doesn't interfere with his school work and he doesn't start acting weird as he put it.

Thank you all for the advice.


Or a sneaky rogue who prefers to poison his foes or slit their throats.

It's the demons and witchcraft thing. They got really heavy handed after a family member who was an avid gamer committed suicide years back. I was grounded in high school for reading Harry Potter.

AFAIU yes your still a rogue. Same goes for Archetypes though you might not qualify for many.

Kazaan wrote:
If an observer were to try to make a perception check to tell what race a Scion Aasimar was, he'd register as Human (disregarding non-Human Aasimar atm). It won't hide any wings, claws, or other distinctly non-Human features; what it's hiding is the fact that you're an Outsider. By contrast, looking at a non-Scion Aasimar, they look distinctly non-Human and they'd actually have to make a Disguise check to appear Human. Sure, it could be aided by magic, but the thing being disguised is the Outsider type, not specifically the wings, halo, tail, etc. So our observer will know you're not a "normal" Human, but in a world filled with various magic, he'll probably rationalize it in some manner and think you're using bloodline or rage powers or some kind of magic, whatever. If you want to hide the actual Wings on your back to make people think you don't have Wings, that will take a disguise check and physically removing the disguise will obviously reveal the wings unless magic is involved, in which case you'd need to magically remove the disguise.

This I can agree with 100%. And bbt if this is what your meaning then I'm sorry I missed your point.

Its trying to have your cake and eat it to in a sense. Im Kobold I look like a kobold in a sense i have a kobold tail i can use as a weapon. all because i took a trait that says im more human. Not to mention even a human assiamar with wings and metal skin honestly shouldnt be getting his trait benefit of always seeming human any more. He might still have the blood to take human feats and such but no longer should he be passing as human for free. Even the smaller traits such as a fox tail or scales should cause a problem. There is no reason you cant be a more exotic outsider type assiamar and still take the trait but at that point you shouldn't be also claiming that you have wild exotic features not inline with being a human.

Thanks for the advice everyone after its all said and done ill let you all know how things worked out.

maybe by post 2000 we can have a dev weigh in on this issue. Since now apparently we have a new can of worms opened up.

Actually your getting circumstance penalties. Your DM may not force them but common sense dictates that your not managing it. That the problem we see some people assume that if there isn't a specific listed penalty for something that there can't be one.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

You are a restrictive DM, with your own houserules, that curt creativity.

That's fine.

Luckily, none of my DMs require a stepford wives level of lack of uniqueness amongst the defined physical characteristics of PCs.

Bbt this is where we disagree, we have been told to apply common sense to the rules. How can you have scales or furry ears or a tail and yet still pass for human better than standard assaimar x with the bestiary features.

Try cr 6.

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