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Kobold Master Trapper

Talonhawke's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 5,023 posts (5,166 including aliases). No reviews. 3 lists. 2 wishlists. 11 aliases.


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It't won't be Christmas till I have it.

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Ravingdork wrote:
What's different between SKR's views and the FAQ in regards to Take 10?

Don't have a handy quote but I believe SKR had said that the check itself couldn't prevent take 10. So a jump over a lava pit was allowed even though lava was hot and dangerous. However if you were being shot at no luck. (I would have said no dice but you actually need them for this)

Also if it isn't required to have Venom Immunity to take the domain either because
A.) the domain gives nothing there since it lacks an ability to replace.
B.) the domain grants it even with nothing to replace.

Can the aforementioned Druid now take.

The Wyrm Ouroboros wrote:

In over thirty years of RPGing, I've had friends who had to have other people not only create their character, but keep them updated, and help them with almost every roll. I've had friends who could literally - used properly - not act (roleplay) their way out of a paper sack, or who couldn't go from 'my character does X' to 'I do X'. I've had friends who could come up with a character's entire history, personality, friendships, school experiences, work and color and home and clothing preferences in a ten-page document or thirty-panel powerpoint before they ever managed to start on the character's technical bits. I've had friends who couldn't NAME their character until they had every number set, item bought, THAC0 determined, and at least two gaming sessions went by for them to find out who the character was.

There is no One Right Way to roleplay.

But. (You knew it was coming.)

There ARE wrong ways to play.

The person who needed their hand held would take twenty minutes to figure out 'the best way' to open up a door, and had to have every option explained to them again and again. Yes, eventually he learned how to keep track of things himself, and not worry about every single possible consequence. But he had to be taught how NOT to be a bad roleplayer.

The person who had no real concept of roleplaying-as-acting could go through characters like paper, because that's all they were to him - which means he did frankly stupid sh!t that would, half the time, get other PCs killed - and couldn't understand why they got so upset because 'it's only a game'. He too learned that other people made emotional connections with their characters, and how to not do dumb/crazy stuff and be a team player instead of enjoying getting himself killed in new and psychotic ways. But he had to be taught how NOT to be a bad roleplayer.

The girl who wrote thirty pages before starting character generation would try to be the center of Every Single Scene, and then felt betrayed if...

Yes there are bad ways to play

The person who came to the table with a wonderful backstory and vision that required her character to cower from any combat, and choose only spells that would help her escape a fight. Yes playing a pacifist is fine but not if you are a detriment to your fellow adventurers. After a while she learned how great buffs or de-buffs could be eventually preventing some combat all together.

The guy who wanted to be the party face but thought he should be able to get by on words alone without ever picking up a dice. After a bit he left the group not really happy with us that we needed the dice to tell the story.

Or the guy who had to be the best he found every internet build and pushed to the max till he was the only one doing anything. We removed him from the group for a while when he came back he was calmer and understood everyone wanted to play.

There is no One Right, True Way to rollplay.

But there are wrong ways. And our responsibility as rollplayers, however we approach the game, is to teach those who make characters who get people killed, who only want to tell a story, or optimize to the point of no return to learn how to be better players.

Necro'ing since this has come up over on the PFS forums. And there are 2 questions about it.

1. How does is function for another "nature themed class" with no 'Venom Immunity class feature?

2. Can a druid still choose this domain if they lose venom immunity to an archetype?

Thomas Hutchins wrote:
Is a cleric or any other class besides a druid able to take that domain? If so, how does it work for them?

Yes any nature themed class that gets a domain can from what I understand. So that is a great question I'll probably see if there is a rules answer for it.

I did necro a thread on it which raised an interesting point. If not having a feature precludes you from taking a domain can Inquisitors take the Sun domain?

Yeah that does make sense, and yeah home game-wise I would allow it in a heartbeat.

Which has the same net effect of getting the domain and losing it to the archetype.

Can you site that. I know that 2 Archetypes can't affect the same feature. But an archetype and a class option don't have a rule stating that. I'm not sure if there is even another instance of this happening and I guess it could be argued that the lack of the class feature would be enough to say no to the archetype. But the new feature in this case is still venom immunity which could still be replaced by the archetype.

That's not a standard rule is it one for PFS? I understand it's an odd situation, but the rules would still allow it you just lose one of the abilities.

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I'll have to look over spells and such to see if there is any other decent options. Do keep in mind rogues can get shadow hand manuvers.

As for Magical array I run it that it's from a 9 level list unless it only appears on a smaller list.

I can't find the Archetype text to see what it does to Venom immunity. Also like Gamerskum said you can take a domain that changes a class feature that your archetype also modifies unless the only way to get the domain is through an archetype.

Edit: took out some incorrect info.

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Snowlilly wrote:
Kullen wrote:
Snowlilly wrote:
The two gaming styles are mutually exclusive at any given point in time.
In the same way that only the moon or the stars can be out at night, but never both!

See the example I posted above for Roleplay vs Rollplay.

** spoiler omitted **

Still not seeing the exclusivity here. I can in the middle of combat get into my characters head mocking and taunting my foes as they fall around me, choosing my targets as a cunning swordsman would calling out those that hang back with bows as cowards. All without a dice being rolled or needed beyond each swing of my blade.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I can usually manage if someone or even two people miss a game. We just say they wandered off into another area. The running joke is that they have jury duty.

*shudder* Arcane disciples of the god of law popping up and spiriting party members back to major cities for jury duty out of nowwhere. Time to add that to my homebrew.

Ah okay that sounds better.

In a nutshell yes so as an immediate action you could stop incoming arrows. However at least the logic was consistent had an assassin try to death from above the party only for the wizard to feather fall him and negate his bonus damage from the fall.

1. Featherfall acted as protection from arrows.
2. You could only full attack one target without TWF or cleave.
3. Natural armor applied to touch AC.
4. Paladins had to fight "honorably" no flanking, no sneak attack if you got it, had to hold initative until the enemy they wanted to attack had acted.

Wait....Wait....The Paizo forums sunk a judgeship? When the heck did this happen?

No the paladin has 1 ability that can't be used while nauseated. depending on mercies he might be able to remove the condition from someone else but not himself. No different than a cleric not being able to cast a spell to remove it from himself.

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This is the problem with feats is that they are not just things you can do anymore they are things that affect your heritage or background which really can't turned off.

CBDunkerson wrote:

Some GMs will allow it so long as the one swift / immediate action per round limit is still observed.

So, say you have the 'nauseated' condition and thus can only take a move action. It would be reasonable to allow you to swap that move action for a single swift or immediate action.

Two or more swift / immediate actions in a turn can only be done with a few specific items and abilities.

Which is directly against the FAQ ruling on nauseated.

Edited in quote.

To my knowledge no unless it is a action type you have learned to speed up.

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Based on the how some of these rules readings come across you would need to add length to a lot of things. A lot of small changes over a big book is still a lot of page count possibly increased.

Full attack 1 bite 2 claws
Move and attack 1 bite or 1 claw.

Edit: Keep in mind as a Brawler Feral Combat training still doesn't let you use your claws in a flurry.

Edit on the Edit: Also your bite would be a -5 during full attacks.

Sound points all around.

Can I claim Kirthfinder as 1 houserule?

If not then my go to of rolling HP differently.

1d4 stays the same
1d6 = 1d4+2
1d8 = 1d4+4
1d10 = 1d4+6
1d12 = 1d4+8

Gonna be honest baiting someone into a flamewar to shut down discussion should never be an option. Especially if done from a seat of perceived power. That only goes to foster a rough relationship where its believed that those in power can justly end discussion without and reprimand from on high.

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That moment when the fight has drug on and your below zero standing only with Diehard and are attacked by a creature with a 1d4-3 attack routine and hope it rolls max.

Goddity wrote:

I just stopped everything I was doing to solve it mentally. Shouldn't it be 18 though?

20 + (1x0) - (8/2^2)

Should give you:

20 + (0) - (8/4)

I think.

Yep also got 18 when I did it.

Ways I have handled guns over the years have included everything from full rewrites to just letting it be including using Guns everywhere. If you want to swap things up a bit with them you can always trying combining the rules for Innate dodge bonuses with Armor as AC. Which levels the playing field for all weapons. However if you do that I recommend using a higher level of gun tech to give something back to the gunslinger.

So just to ask since we are still with requiring movement to make the save:

1. Does this Jump require any sort of check(other than the reflex save)?
2. Does it affect how much movement I get next turn?
3. Is it affected by how much I moved last turn?
4. Does it provoke an AoO?
5. Am I allowed to cast feather fall if i fail?
6. Can I just start flying If i fail/have no safe space to jump to?
7: IF the floor is greased before Create pit is cast do I need to make an Acrobatics check to successfully make my reflex save as well?
8: just how far away can I jump to reach a nearest safe space?
9: Since I am jumping can I apply bonuses to Acrobatics to my Reflex save? Especially those that call out jumping specifically?

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I'll stick to my ruling of yes you can 5ft step and yes you have to pass and acrobatics check to do so.

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Cavall wrote:
It's only 312 people wanting to know. I'm sure there's more pressing matters.

5ft steps into/out of grease and do you actually have to move to makes saves verse pit spells will one of these newcomers power to the top or will one of our old contenders such as Bardic masterpieces or 4-armed PC's and multiweapon fighting take the PDT next time on FAQ!!!!!

deusvult wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
So then does a creature with a fly speed that happens to be on the ground when the pit opens in the 10x10 room still fall into the pit?
Depends on whether the creature is paralyzed or otherwise immobile, of course.

But it can't jump to a safe space? Shouldn't if fall since it can't jump to safety?

So then does a creature with a fly speed that happens to be on the ground when the pit opens in the 10x10 room still fall into the pit?

nennafir wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
You can't take free actions when it's not your turn and its probably not your turn when you're making the save, so free action isn't the model you're looking for.

"To implant a trick, the mesmerist must take a standard action and either touch a willing creature or implant the trick in himself. A creature can be the subject of only one mesmerist trick at a time. The mesmerist can activate the trick as a free action when a triggering condition is met (as defined in the trick's description), even if it isn't his turn. The subject must be within medium range (100 feet + 10 feet per level) for the mesmerist to trigger the trick."

Hmmm.... I think you can take free actions when it is not your turn.

Only the ones specifically called out to be allowed so.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
deusvult wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
No, the save is still possible. The result of the save is what is impossible.
Which of course renders having made the save moot as you fall anyway since you didn't make it out of the aoe as the requisite conditon for making the save in the spell description.
See my previous posts about the save being pointless, but still being granted.

Kinda like how if you make your save vs Disintegrate but the damage still kills you, you're still a pile of ash.

wraithstrike wrote:
Personally I think create pit deserves it's own FAQ. If you want I can create one.

Clearly we are going to have too.

Nope not just you I got it a lot when I was trying to go to the Spambot pages back during the war to mass flag their postings.

Fighters do have to have finesse in order to take the AWT though

Pizza Break!: The party has done something so odd and so unexpected that the DM needs at least 30mins of time to reprep everything following the incident.

Based on a true story of a goblin who used a wish he had been granted to shift the alignment of a major evil NPC to good. Thus leaving the horde of orcs no real leadership and averting a major war.

nosig wrote:
Jared Thaler wrote:
nosig wrote:
Mitch Mutrux wrote:
nosig wrote:
Michael Eshleman wrote:
William Ronald wrote:
If it helps, the player has a Sovreign Court character and has had a string of bad luck in recruiting people.
Is his take 10 not good enough to meet the DC?
does the judge let him Take 10?

nosig said Take 10! Everyone drink!


(eye-roll) sigh.

I was just asking. I've been told that we cannot Take 10 on Faction Journal rolls. So I was asking if his judge was letting him Take 10 on the roll...

Why on earth would that be true? I mean, I suppose if you were trying to recruit someone in the middle of combat. (Especially if the person you are recruiting is the person you are fighting. "You fight very well, if we both survive this fight, you should come join me in Absolom. Together we can show the spoiled young cadets they train today what real fighting looks like!")
I don't know. I didn't ask. Most likely because there is "danger of failure" or something. Not worth the conflict, I'm going to want to play with these people again, and I have enough of a reputation as it is - the judge ruled "no", so it's time to move on.

Take 1 the rule that shall not be named.

Which also requires profession in addition to Craft showing that there is more than just knowing how to build the X going on.

J. Wilfong wrote:
Bruce Leeroy Jethro Gibbs wrote:
Profession Shipwright?
Technically shipwright isn't a profession in Pathfinder, instead it is Craft (ships).

While that might be appropriate for the guy doing small boats on his own as a profession it covers all the day laborers involved and the broader range of things they need to be able to do.

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Well new plan...... BEER!!!!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just prep endure elements in all your slots.

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I think she meant you could find a save file online that might be at least somewhat close to where you were at.

Charles Scholz wrote:

I just looked on Amazon. DQ XI is no longer appearing on their list, but DQ VIII for the 3DS is set to be released in December.

Yep with several updates it is on my Christmas list I gave my wife.

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Tacticslion wrote:
Rock n' Roll Troll wrote:
What about the blues.

What about The Blue Girl*?

* I think this is an anime. TOZ likes some of these.

That said, I would not mind hearing the legendary TriOmegaZero sing.

Make it happen on it, Scooby, and I suspect you're next live stream would go through the roof...

Don't know about The Blue Girl but I know of La Blue Girl and that's all I am saying about that.

Neriathale wrote:
You know you're in trouble when you realise you are older than all the other players put together, and a guy you don't know shouts "thanks for babysitting" before exiting the room at a run.

That just means it's time for We be Goblins

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