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Kobold Master Trapper

Talonhawke's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 4,955 posts (5,085 including aliases). No reviews. 3 lists. 2 wishlists. 7 aliases.


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Born and raised here but several of my old group from here moved up that way and live in or around Conway.

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
I swear the more of your post I read and knowing you are from the same smallish state really makes me wonder if we either have played together or at least have some of the same players.
I'm sure we haven't game together, as my group is pretty insular and while we welcome new players, we haven't had any join the group from around here (he makes the drive from Memphis to here in Conway when he can get away from work). But yeah, there does seem to be a bit of similarity between our groups.. .lol. Where in the Great State of Arkansas do you live, if I may ask?


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Steve Geddes wrote:
Trekkie90909 wrote:
I'm not sure anyone here is arguing that being offended by something should be used as a weapon.

Yeah I don't really know what that even entails. Do you mean people pretending to be offended in order to silence discussion or something?

It seems to me that, if they're not involved in the discussion (because you're tried and failed to explain what you mean so you are now just not replying to them) it's going to be pretty transparent isn't it?

You have the right of it. It's the fact that you can claim offense even on someone else behalf, and if the subject matter is right then a bandwagon can follow causing a cascade of offense until it is silenced even if no-one was actually offended to start with.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:

So, a grievance.

I have a friend and long time gaming partner who just moved to my town. Like me, he loves gaming, etc. But my grievance is this; we already have 2 games we're running and barely have time for those. He's been running a module that hasn't been much fun (and he's not that great a GM to begin with) but out of the spirit of the game we've been playing. But he won't play in our established games.

The first is a 10th level d20 Call of Cthulhu/Vampire: the Masquerade mashup set in WWII. We're having a helluva time with it, but he's not interested in it. Fair enough. The second is my campaign, a 13th level/mythic tiers 1-3 game intrigue based game that's been going for over 3 years. He says he can't play a high level character because he can't feel connected to it and MUST always start at low levels when he plays. Yet he expects us to play in his game, and when he finishes this module he wants me to co-GM an evil, city based intrigue oriented game starting at 2nd level. Well, we already have one of those except for the evil and low level, but he won't play in it. And not many people are showing any interest in his, so I do feel bad for him. But it just seems a bit unfair that he won't play in our games but expects us to play in his.

Grievance over. Carry on.

I swear the more of your post I read and knowing you are from the same smallish state really makes me wonder if we either have played together or at least have some of the same players.

Snowlilly wrote:
Kazaan wrote:
Snowlilly wrote:
Correct, but there is no restriction on two-handing a one-handed weapon. The alchemist discovery Vestigial Arm would allow a magus to two-hand a one-handed weapon while using spell combat.
It's the off-hand attack economy that restricts two-handing a one-handed weapon. Wielding a one-handed weapon with two hands also subsumes your off-hand attack economy which is already being used by the off-hand spell.
People with more than two hands have .... more than two hands available.

But man do they like have more than like 2 metaphysical hands?

He might have just meant my horrible idea.

Kryzbyn wrote:
The only requirement is that you have a hand free. A Kasatha should be able to wield a two-hander and a shield, while using spell combat.

Not to delve off into Metaphysical Hands debates. But we do have to wonder if Kasatha actually do get said ability as witnessed by the massive threads involving whether or not they can attack with all those arms.

Jiggy wrote:
Um... How about... no?

How about

"Take 10 is great for consistency but all this drama means we have to roll on some new policy."

Edit: Just in case no one knows I'm joking I am.

nosig wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:
Mental note - order Jiggy fan club tee shirt.

I know where we can get these printed... same place I do my Take 10 T-shirts. But what do we put on it?

"If you want to change for the better, you're going to have to throw out whatever methodology isn't working and try something else."
"If you keep on doing what you're doing, you're going to keep on getting what you've got."

- Jiggy, Sept. 19, 2016

one line, or both? and can we get the little green lizard guy with the pencil and scroll? nah, I'm guessing that is I.P., so protected by copy write or something like that.

Let's combine both shirts "You can't just Take 10 on things and hope for a better outcome'

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knightnday wrote:

Your second paragraph highlights the problem. I can only speak for the USA here, as I've only attended school there, but both myself and many (many) years later my children were both given the same sorts of lessons on being nice, not acting up, not "speaking your mind" and so on.

People manage this every day -- we go to work, the store, the theater and so on without being overly offensive. Just as you wouldn't speak to a bank teller the same way you'd speak to your brothers, I still hold that people are aware of how they are speaking here, they just choose to ignore social niceties because, well, it's the internet and they don't have to look the person in the eye or be held accountable.

<Insert crazy old man back in my day ramblings>

We're asking the mods to strive to a higher standard. It isn't too much to ask the same of the posters, is it?

You would think that however years of retail work have shown me people do not have that filter you believe they posses. Most yes wouldn't come in and act anything short of cordial, but a far larger percentage than you might think will come in and before you even have spoken to them are already in a-hole mode from the start simply because their day has gone awry in some way.

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The Egg of Coot wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
Kirth a quick question on sneak attack. Under synergy it's says that one strike feat even if the normal activating conditions ae not met. So for killing stroke does this allow a rogue to force a CdG save on any sneak attack?

No, because the BAB-based scaling of the feat still applies. (Needing "base attack bonus +X" is a prerequisite, not an "activating condition.") To force a CdG on a sneak attack, you'd need to be at least 21st level (which the system doesn't really support), or else spend a number of rounds studying the opponent before attacking (which duplicates the assassin's death attack, BTW).

That said, a 16th level rogue can be forcing a CdG every other round...

I'll quote Kirth from when I asked a while back.

Unless playing heroquest as a kid counts then nope. I started when D&D 3E released and have the longest heritage in our active group.

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I suggested best pizza topping however the kobold candidate to my knowledge never responded and has switched to under-handed tactics. His supporters love it.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
Well another week passes holding strong for Scorpion Whip clarification next week.
We are getting close to a FAQ on scorpion whip. It is fairly likely to be next week if I don't manage to sneak a super-deluxe FAQ blog in there (which is unlikely to happen, but surprisingly possible).

Been over a year and I just thought about this did we ever get that FAQ?

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Wonder how long the CY vs. KC thread will last.

Don't forget Mario Cart and Smash Bros.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Klara Meison wrote:

> they will moderate their forums in a manner that best ensures they keep the greatest number of customers

Funny that, I have heard from 5 separate people that they would be leaving these forums after this debacle because they are dissapointed over how it has been handled. So that's 5 customers paizo has lost over this incident. How many have they gained, exactly? How does this strategy look like in the long term?

Then again, you don't know how many may have PMed the moderators that they were having a bad experience because they were flamed by an Ashiel, or a LazarX. Since Paizo isn't going to show that set of cards, we're operating from half guesses at best.

Did Lazar get a ban or are you just using him as an example? Knew I hadn't seen him around the rules forum in a while.

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TOZ wrote:
Not sure why I haven't been banned too.

We all know your on the take.

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captain yesterday wrote:

We just need a thread where Kobold Cleaver and I can fight about s@*+, like Peter Griffin and the giant chicken. :-)

Someone throw out a topic and we can fight over it, without any emotional investment at all. :-)

Your wish is my command

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At the Captains behest an arena has been made for these to greats to battle it out.

Round one. Best Pizza toppings. Battle BEGIN!!!!!!!

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Chemlak wrote:

2 cp.

In my experience Paizo ask that any discussion of moderation decisions be made by email. Not doing so is seen as ignoring a reasonable request, and can result in thread lock or deletion without explanation. My perusal of this issue indicates a lot of "started a thread to seek answers". Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how it reads to me.

I'll miss Ashiel. I found him arrogant, argumentative, and far too sure of himself to be someone I'd call a friend, and a little too fond of assuming his opinions were fact, but he knows this game very well, and always had useful insights, even if I didn't like large chunks of what he said, and I feel that the collective community we have here is diminished in his absence.

So, I'm not going to give an opinion on whether the ban is "justified" or not, it's not my place to give it.

See you around, Ash, take care.

There has been a push here lately to call out the moderators in a public venue as some people believe that sending an email is simply having the mods quality check themselves. Thus they believe that the email is simply a way to make everything look shiny by deleting post and then keeping any dissension private. So more and more posters are taking to creating post or threads calling out the practice and trying to shine a light, so to speak, on a perceived corruption.

Agreed KC Agreed.

CrusaderWolf wrote:

Why wouldn't the same logic apply to wearing the skin of that evil human? I think most people would readily assess that as evil regardless of how awful that particular person might have been. It seems to me that there's a weird disconnect regarding non-humanoids versus humanoids, even when they're sentient.

I agree with Tyinyk on this one, sentience is the salient point.

Only if everyone knows it was sentient. If I kill an awakened bear who is terrorizing the nearby village but know one knew he was sentient no one would think I am evil. Also what do we use as the measure of sentience?

Kryzbyn wrote:

Thing is, the situation (the discussion in the thread) had resolved itself, then some time later the removals happened. When that happens, it seems as though someone hit a "flag" and the posts were nuked from orbit without reading what actually had happened.

I agree that it's Paizo's forums, and they can do what they want. But to say that the moderation policy is consistent across the board is laughable.

Just based on a cursory reading of the email. It seems like that might be what happened someone read the discussion and was upset by it. They then flagged and possibly emailed Paizo about how it made them feel leading to its removal. Then when the post started showing back up in the website feedback thread via links, it set off the issues again.

Not really gear in this case but I just started a group on Way of the Wicked this last Saturday. They had a handout, knew they were in jail, knew they had to escape, and no one out of 6 people picks up disable device. No one asked about it from others even after I told them that they should talk about who was covering what skill rolls.

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My only issue with anime is that I now have a 2 month old and all the stuff I want to watch is only subbed making it hard to watch depending on his mood and how much I can actually watch the TV. He does however love the opening and closing to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood

The channels are visible you can always post on the website feedback forum if you keep it civil. But complaining about how the boards are moderated then having said post deleted and explained the proper way to handle it, does not justify posting the deleted comment in every thread you can find.

I missed that but BNW has the right of it. Same a Ensemble allowing aid as an immediate action it doesn't prevent you from aiding on perform just makes it faster.

I don't think the feat stops you from doing it out of combat just we now (sadly, again as a feat/item) have a method for combat memory jogging.

As far as I can tell you can aid on the Know check if the GM allows it. For monster ID or something under pressure probably not. For a check when there is time to pool our collective memories sure.

If you mean the one Jiggy made it's right here


Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
GM Eazy-Earl wrote:

But what if this character is past the point of a free rebuild? The player followed all the rules for character creation, only to discover once it's too late that an invalid choice has been made (or rather, a valid choice that can't actually be used in game without dire consequences).

It doesn't matter, since it's not an allowed PFS choice, the Judge simply tells the player to make the change to make the character compliant. Zip, Zap, Done. The rebuild rules are about elective changes, not required ones.

Except in this case it's completely legal just could cause you to lose grace with your god if you do it. So you are compliant and would have to retrain (if even possible) to get a new domain.

It defiantly would help to have at the very least a clarifying post on the subject matter.

A good place to start as well would be to look over the "Kirthfinder" houserules doc. Most combat feats scale in it and might help you looking over it.

Claxon wrote:

The spell counts as using up your off-hand....

It's a grey area. I'm not sure how it should be run.

In that case, I would go conservative and assume it doesn't work until more evidenced can be found to justify it.

Yep if your playing a home game ask your GM to rule on it. If it's PFS I would either avoid it or bring it up at the start of the session and get a ruling from the gm.

Yep don't be passive about it if you don't want me playing something or don't like something tell your players. It's a lot better than always targeting the character because you hate it. Now it PFS suck it up buttercup if its legal you run for it even if you think Gunslingers are crapping all over your fantasy world.

I generally like the way the "Kirthfinder" houserules document handles it by making most feats scaling. TWF gets boosted to ITWF and then GTWF at the higher levels. It helps out those who have a limited number of feats not spend them all just to keep one type of combat competitive and those with feats to spare actually have room to spend them on things for flavor or diversity.

OWOD was the same other than re-rolling each round you rolled 1d10 and added any bonuses usually dex/perception if I remember and some powers could also add in or give you extra actions in a round.

Scion wasn't bad since we would each keep a dice in front of us and set it to whatever number our last action was and count it down each tick. One interesting thing about Scion was that movement could be taken every tick and didn't cost you turns so every tick (don't remember how long they were) everyone could move their base speed basically.

The 2 that stand out most to me were OWOD and Scion.
In OWOD you declared you actions in order of lowest to highest but acted in order of highest to lowest meaning faster characters could respond to what slower characters were doing instead of having no clue.

Scion worked like DND except that every action had a time cost to it and after you acted you waited that many Init. ticks before your turn came back up so faster actions could be taken more often than slower ones.

Also thinking about it Anima's was fairly straightforward in that high roll goes first type thing but your weapon choice affected your roll and if you got attacked and took damage before your turn you lost your action that round. You could avoid the loss by powering through the hit but that cut your defense in half for the round.

Yeah some guy got his post deleted and made a post a bout it then it got deleted so he copy/pasted that same post into every thread on the rules forum page 1 yesterday.

I think your safe if the only cross over is the bonus feat pool since those aren't all affected, and you might not ever take one of the chosen feats.

Archetype Stacking and Altering: What exactly counts as altering a class feature for the purpose of stacking archetypes?

In general, if a class feature grants multiple subfeatures, it’s OK to take two archetypes that only change two separate subfeatures. This includes two bard archetypes that alter or replace different bardic performances (even though bardic performance is technically a single class feature) or two fighter archetypes that replace the weapon training gained at different levels (sometimes referred to as “weapon training I, II, III, or IV”) even though those all fall under the class feature weapon training. However, if something alters the way the parent class feature works, such as a mime archetype that makes all bardic performances completely silent, with only visual components instead of auditory, you can’t take that archetype with an archetype that alters or replaces any of the sub-features. This even applies for something as small as adding 1 extra round of bardic performance each day, adding an additional bonus feat to the list of bonus feats you can select, or adding an additional class skill to the class. As always, individual GMs should feel free to houserule to allow small overlaps on a case by case basis, but the underlying rule exists due to the unpredictability of combining these changes.

This is making a change to any monk feature that works off of Wis, so if your archetype is also modifying any of those including stunning fist AC bonus or such then its a no go.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

MMMMMM love Irish Breakfast Tea.

I will warn you may see some rulings against this since it is altering a host of class features thus you can't trade out any of those features.

Draconic Might: Any of the scaled fist’s class abilities that make calculations based on her Wisdom (including bonus feats with DCs or uses per day, such as Stunning Fist, but not Wisdom-based skills or Will saving throws) are instead based on her Charisma.

I think that's the relevant ability but without the book I can't be sure the wording is right. As long as this or any other change doesn't overlap you should be good.

I'm still just wondering why the other guy started all the cow threads? Is this the new spam bot attack, cleverly disguised cow related queries?

And that's how you deal with the other guy as well not by putting a ceiling on the game but by talking to and working with them.

Nohwear wrote:
Talonhawke wrote:
Pathfinders aren't a rec team though, they are pro's the Society isn't worried if bob the bard feels left out because the Crypt of Chikenstein was full of undead and no chance to show off his social abilities any more than they are worried that Franky the fighter was bored standing around the Duke Earlington's ball last night as long as both groups brought back the MacGuffin. This isn't the local YMCA's flag football league it's the majors and your livelihood including your actual life are on the line.
Pathfinder the roleplaying game is though. As has been pointed out, why would you keep coming back to a game if you never get to do anything?

Which is a player problem not a character one so that is how it needs to be addressed. And by that same token if I keep getting to do stuff but keep wasting consumables and gold on conditions that could be avoided if everyone had a min. level of competence whats the fun?

Pathfinders aren't a rec team though, they are pro's the Society isn't worried if bob the bard feels left out because the Crypt of Chikenstein was full of undead and no chance to show off his social abilities any more than they are worried that Franky the fighter was bored standing around the Duke Earlington's ball last night as long as both groups brought back the MacGuffin. This isn't the local YMCA's flag football league it's the majors and your livelihood including your actual life are on the line.

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