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Third Eye

Taliesin Hoyle's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,835 posts (3,488 including aliases). 3 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 15 aliases.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

"My character is a beautiful blonde with big t#~@.
.She's a lesbian."

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

You have a Charter Tag.

You know there is a black hole in the submissions room.

You argued against Pathfinder as a name.

You heard about the cancellation of Dragon and Dungeon on the blog.

You know what a cagewright is.

You bought the Whispering Tyrant Compleat Adventures.

You defended, or attacked, Wil Save

You know what happened to this text:

Vh4t h4ppen?
SomeBody s3t uP us z3 bomb. I'll lik3ly k!ll y3 Yn th3 morn1n'.
V3 gEt sign4l, By CyrrollAlee's bl@nket!
Main skr3en turN on.
't|s Th3e! Naturlich!! Schiv3r m3 timBers! V4lk th' plank! Ve'll keel-h4ul y3! SMURF, by Tymor4's 3 ja! Fir3 th' cannons! SchivEr me tim8ers!!! SKheisse, @nd dinnA sp@re th' vhip! SMURF, by Amaunator's egg-sukkinkt gold! Naturlich!!!!!
How 4 rt tHou gentlemen?
@LL THy B@SE Art BELONG T' UZ, 8 y Is4ir Und MAdae's pikkl'd phluffy vhitE c4t! VAlk th' pl4nk! SMURF! Ve'll keel-hAul ye! Scheisse!! V4lk tH' plAnk! V3'll keel-hAul ye!!!
Thee 4 rt oN y3 vay unto |)estruktion! V3'll keel-h4ul y3! Fir3 th3 c4nnons! Naturlich!!
Vh4t tHou lumpiskh earth-vexink de4th-token sAyeth?
Thou sponGy smurfed bum-b4iley h4ve n4y ch4nce t' surviv3 m4ke tHy timE
H4 HA H@ H4, By Bl4kkbeard's rikhes, by Solonor Thel@ndira's nieke, @rrrr!!
T@ke ophf 3 very ziG Th3e know vhat th3e 4 rt doink, 4 nd 4 Bottle oph rum!
MovE ziG
F3r gre@t justik3

Scale Mail.

Maure Castle.

You remember when Paizo only won five Ennies.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
j b 200 wrote:
As a huge fan of NWN (and a somewhat lesser fan of NWN 2), I cannot be more excited about the idea of a Pathfinder CRPG. I will literally never see my wife and child again.

You do not mean literally. You mean figuratively.

Take it away, Oatmeal!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Please cancel my subscriptions.

All of them, except my subscription to The Pathfinder Adventure Path.

I lost my job, and four interviews so far have been fruitless.
I have been happy with everything I have received so far, but can simply not afford a fluctuating expense.

Thank you in advance.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

You young people of today...

When I was eight years old, I moved from Oxford, to a gold mining town (Carletonville) in apartheid South Africa. My brother was eight years older than me. He went to university and came back with the red box. At the time, I was a wreck. I had gone through a series of traumas, with the worst two being my difficulty adapting to living in a fascist, racist, fundamentalist state, and surviving sexual abuse by an older boy. I had almost nothing to live for, but that red box gave me a sudden escape. I had already read The Hobbit, and I knew some mythology, but the ability to re-invent myself through D&D hit me with a force that I can still recall. I read the basic and expert rules under the covers with a flashlight, and even a candle, which singed the page with the third level cleric spells on it. It became the best thing in my life, and I naturally wanted to share my discovery with my peers.
Within short order, I was being punched in the gut by children who didn't even know me, spat on from balconies. I had my nine year old head flushed in a used toilet. A teacher confiscated my dice, as evil.
Three older boys grabbed me from the corridoor, into an empty classroom, held me down, and tried to perform an exorcism on me, using latin they probably got from a horror movie. I was sent by the school to a psychiatrist, for atheism, after my notebook was stolen, and handed to the guidance counsellor. I was told by well-meaning adults that I was going to go to hell, and that I had invited Satan into my life. I had one friend. He was also from England, and had the Greyhawk setting, box set. I endured.

In fairness, there was a lot of goofy stuff about my school life. My biology teacher handed out leaflets titled "Is the Kaffir an Ape, or Just a Sub-human?" We had more hours of religious teaching in a week, in my state school, than we had English lessons. We had regular canings and punishment by exercise. My history teacher took pains to explain to the class that carbon dating is a lie from the pit of Hell. Terror of the adversary was mixed in with a stew of white paranoia and the insularity due to sanctions. The panic against D&D was part of wider trends. We had school assemblies about back masking in music, and dire warnings against seeing the James Bond movie "A View to a Kill" because of its immoral and indecent content. (READ kiss between Roger Moore and Grace Jones). D&D was not well known. There were only two kids in the whole town who played it, and we were both Soutpiele

When I was sixteen, I got a break in my circumstances. I was accepted into the drama department of an art school, in the financial capital, Johannesburg. I became a boarder in the hostel, and finally was among people who liked and respected me. The only wrinkle was the Calvinist headmaster. A Mr. Darrell Campbell. He discovered my second edition PHB and DMG in my room. Despite being the edition to neuter the planes and call Devils and Demons Baatezu, and Tanari, he found the game sufficiently objectionable to threaten me with expulsion. Here is a piece of dialogue I still remember:

DC: You are a satanist, then Hoyle? Who else is in this sick cult with you?
TH: Sir, with respect, I am not a satanist. I don't believe in the devil. The devil is a part of Judeo-Christian...
DC: Don't expound your sick philosophies on me boy!
TH: Sir, I am defending myself against an unjust accusation. I am not a satanist.
DC: Then how do you explain THIS! (Produces Dungeon Master's Guide)

I was given my books back two years later. The front cover of the PHB was missing, and there were underlinings in red.

I thought I was in the clear when I left school. Years later, in 2000, my landlord burned my Vampire the Masquerade books, and had the locks changed. He was a police officer. Out of compassion, I didn't press charges, because of his profession, but I took him to small claims court. He lied in court. He said he had not burned my books, and that I was a drug dealer with a grudge. Ironically, I was the only person my age that I knew, in the whole town, who did not smoke dope. I get my kicks from roleplaying.

In the courtroom, I asked him if he was familiar with the commandment to not bear false witness against your neighbour. His reply: "You are not my neighbour"

I think that addresses the OP.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Hiram_McDaniels wrote:

Hell to the yes!

I'll still be picking up adventure paths from Paizo now and then, but system-wise I'm finally putting 3E/Pathfinder away for good and I won't be missing it.

That is all well and good, but what do your other heads say?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Numenera has no rewards whatsoever for combat. XP is solely for discovery, and is a currency to be used for roleplaying. Numenera
It is a masterpiece of design, in my opinion.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Rysky wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Ah, gotta love those prude-friendly product descriptions ;)
Yeah, it has pretty much nothing to do with a Red Light District. I call shenanigans!

It states quite clearly: you’ll be ready next time your players are ready to venture into a city's secret underbelly!

Ought that read underbellies?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

There is a black hole in the submission room at Paizo.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Kenzer never really did anything I was interested in, but Aces n Eights is awesome.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I just got my shipping notice. I live in Taiwan.

You're getting:
Mythos Monsters x1
Undead Giant x1
Undead Paint Set x1
Demons x1
There Be Dragons x1
Red Dragon x1
Fire Giants x1
Frost Giants x1
Starter Set 2 x1
Starter Paint Set x1
vampire x2

Your shipment was postmarked on 08-21-2013

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Put this anonymously under the door:

Dear sir.

I am in your target market. I have disposable income. I have geek cred. I also believe in the critical role that local game stores play as a connective tissue that can bring people together in a way that the internet cannot yet manage.

I am reluctant to shop in your store. I find that the store is not well-ventilated. It has a distinctive odour that I find off-putting. Being naturally quite shy, and averse to conflict, I have wrestled with how to broach this topic. Please forgive my inability to approach you directly.

I find it highly likely that I am not the only real or potential customer to be dissuaded from supporting your business by the unpleasantness of the environment in your store. You are competing globally. Most RPG purchases are though internet vendors now. You cannot afford to make shopping online a superior experience to shopping at [insert store name here.]

Please consider the example and advice available at

If you make your store pleasant to visit, I will visit. I will spend, and I will tell all my friends about you. I want you to succeed.

Yours sincerely


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I have not heard from Reaper yet. Still waiting for an order notification, but I don't mind waiting. I accept that they want to get all of the orders done as soon as they possibly can, and where I have a slight pang of need, they are burning with a desire to just. finish. shipping. and get back to their regular business.

If they run another bones kickstarter, I will put a couple of hundred down on that one too, even if it does take more than a year to get to me. They get molds. They thank us by using them. All is working as intended.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

You are an inspiration. I have never painted a mini before, and was apprehensive, but these look very good. If you can do it, so can I.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Armor as damage reduction

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Click here for extra slack

Click here repeatedly for a reduction of slack.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Paizo could consider putting a PDF conversion guide for APs and modules so that people who wish to may easily play pathfinder adventures with D&D rules. That will be time consuming, but the potential volume of sales increase would cover a freelance fee, if not a salary.

All monetary and sales estimates for this post were retrieved anally.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Companion line. If at all possible, please yank the three companions out of the pending order. I am sending this as an email also, so please be aware that this request may be redundant, if another rep has recieved the email and already cancelled the order.

Thank you in advance.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
DeathQuaker wrote:
Pendin Fust wrote:


Any recommendations for what type of glue I should use? I can't touch Kaladrax without a leg or the tail falling apart.
Superglue (CA+). Bones are made of PVC and will work with superglue just fine.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Reckless wrote:
I received mine, just started looking through, but one of my giants has two fists instead of a fist and a head... sigh, gonna have to figure out these separated component items to make sure they have what they should. Gonna be at least Friday before I can give them a good look-through.

This sounds like a job for:

Customer Service
Phone: (940)484-6464 x700
Fax: (940) 484-0096

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Role Playing Game.
Please cancel my subscription to the Player Companion.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Jail House Rock wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Actually those are the same runes on the cover of every book... they're the word "MATRIX", converted into Japanese characters, then mirrored.

No they are not. They are Cantonese and spell out fire.

You don't spell fire. It is a basic pictograph like this:


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Mirage Wolf wrote:
Taichung, Taiwan.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Put them on a blue highway in Idaho.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

May I please take the map of Illfrost?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
TheLoneCleric wrote:
I'm more a Butterscotch man myself...

How dare you get butter in my scotch?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I am a secular materialist, non-objectivist LaVeyan satanist (Left hand path ethics. Scientific worldview.). I play Pathfinder. The two are not related.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Clay golem shield guardian. Worth every coin.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Toys say it best.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

You have successfully locked your Bones pledge stuff into our system.

Here's what you got:

-- Vampire x2 $200
-- Starter Paint Set x1 $18
-- Starter Set 2 x1 $18
-- Frost Giants x1 $10
-- Fire Giants x1 $10
-- Red Dragon x1 $10
-- There Be Dragons x1 $15
-- Demons x1 $15
-- Undead Paint Set x1 $18
-- Undead Giant x1 $10
-- Mythos Monsters x1 $10

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

A group of volunteers in different time zones spent years re-creating an epochal game in a modern engine. They re-recorded the voices with unpaid actors, created assets, debugged and tested for reliability, then released a full length AAA game for free, and you write:

Half-life with a graphics update and some parts cut and others expanded, but only in a superficial way. Also, the AI cheats and has omniscience so you die faster.

Aka it is really nothing special, and the greatness about it is just Half-life legacy.

Entitlement issues much?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I just order whatever is on special, and the girls in miniskirts bring it to my recliner quietly, in the dark. Usually I have the dim sum and a tea. Taiwan is awesome.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

This like, guy, but not really a guy, you know, more like a monster or something, was all like 'you shall live to tell of blah blah blah' and he like killed all these people, but he totally didn't kill me, so I could be like, a witness or something. I don't know. Hi mom.

Something about a reckoning, I guess? I should have wrote it down.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

About gender pronouns, here is a text you ought to read, which will show how insidious they actually are.

It's high time someone blew the whistle on all the silly prattle about revamping our language to suit the purposes of certain political fanatics. You know what I am talking about--those who accuse speakers of English of what they call racism. This awkward neologism, constructed by analogy with the well-established term sexism, does not sit well in the ears, if I may mix my metaphors. But let us grant that in our society there may be injustices here and there in the treatment of either race from time to time, and let us even grant these people their terms racism and racist. How valid, however, are the claims of the self-proclaimed "black libbers," or "negrists"--those who would radically change our language in order to "liberate" us poor dupes from its supposed racist bias?
Most of the clamor, as you certainly know by now, revolves around the age-old usage of the noun white and words built from it, such as chairwhite, mailwhite, repairwhite, clergywhite, middlewhite, Frenchwhite, forwhite, whitepower, whiteslaughter, oneupswhiteship, straw white, whitehandle, and so on. The negrists claim that using the word white, either on its own or as a component, to talk about all the members of the human species is somehow degrading to blacks and reinforces racism. Therefore the libbers propose that we substitute person everywhere where white now occurs. Sensitive speakers of our secretary tongue of course find this preposterous. There is great beauty to a phrase such as "All whites are created equal." Our forebosses who framed the Declaration of Independence well understood the poetry of our language. Think how ugly it would be to say "All persons are created equal," or "All whites and blacks are created equal." Besides, as any schoolwhitey can tell you, such phrases are redundant. In most contexts, it is self-evident when white is being used in an inclusive sense, in which case it subsumes members of the darker race just as much as fairskins.

There is nothing denigrating to black people in being subsumed under the rubric white--no more than under the rubric person. After all, white is a mixture of all the colors of the rainbow, including black. Used inclusively, the word white has no connotations whatsoever of race. Yet many people are hung up on this point. A prime example is Abraham Moses, one of the more vocal spokeswhites for making such a shift. For years, Niss Moses, autheroon of the well-known negrist tracts "A Handbook of Nonracist Writing" and "Words and Blacks," has had nothing better to do than go around the country making speeches advocating the downfall of "racist language" that ble objects to. But when you analyze bler objections, you find they all fall apart at the seams. Niss Moses says that words like chairwhite suggest to people--most especially impressionable young whiteys and blackeys--that all chairwhites belong to the white race. How absurd! It is quite obvious, for instance, that the chairwhite of the League of Black Voters is going to be a black, not a white. Nobody need think twice about it. As a matter of fact, the suffix white is usually not pronounced with a long `i' as in the noun white, but like `wit,' as in the terms saleswhite, freshwhite, penwhiteship, first basewhite, and so on. It's just a simple and useful component in building race-neutral words.

But Niss Moses would have you sit up and start hollering "Racism!" In fact, Niss Moses sees evidence of racism under every stone. Ble has written a famous article, in which ble vehemently objects to the immortal and poetic words of the first white on the moon, Captain Nellie Strongarm. If you will recall, whis words were: "One small step for a white, a giant step for whitekind." This noble sentiment is anything but racist; it is simply a celebration of a glorious moment in the history of White.

Another of Niss Moses's shrill objections is to the age-old differentiation of whites from blacks by the third-person pronouns whe and ble. Ble promotes an absurd notion: that what we really need in English is a single pronoun covering both races. Numerous suggestions have been made, such as pe, tey, and others. These are all repugnant to the nature of the English language, as the average white in the street will testify, even if whe has no linguistic training whatsoever. Then there are the advocates of usages such as "whe or ble," "whis or bler," and so forth. This makes for monstrosities such has the sentence "When the next president takes office, whe or ble will have to choose whis or bler cabinet with great care, for whe or ble would not want to offend any minorities." Constrast this with the spare elegance of the normal way of putting it, and there is no question which way we ought to speak. There are, of course, some yapping black libbers who advocate writing bl/whe everywhere, which, aside from looking terrible, has no reasonable pronunciation. Shall be say blooey all the time when we simply mean whe? Who wants to sound like a white with a chronic sneeze?

. . . I would merely point out to the overzealous that there are some extravagant notions about language that should be recognized for what they are: cheap attempts to let dogmatic, narrow minds enforce their views on the speakers lucky enough to have inherited the richest, most beautiful and flexible language on earth, a language whose traditions run back through the centuries to such deathless poets as Milton, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats, Walt Whitwhite, and so many others. Our language owes an incalculable debt to these whites for their clarity of vision and expression, and if the shallow minds of bandwagon-jumping negrists succeed in destroying this precious heritage for all whites of good will, that will be, without any doubt, a truly female day in the history of Northern White. -Douglas Hofstadter in Metamagical Themas.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
DeathQuaker wrote:

Kydeem, if someone tells you she is a woman, then call her "she." If someone tells you he is a man, then call him "he." This is not confusing. It is also very firmly established in the TLGBQ community that you call someone the gender they say they are, end of story. Asphere wasn't telling you that randomly, but citing established practice.

But he isn't really a sphere, is he? I mean, you can see his profile pic. It's a cube. A gelatinous cube. He can SAY he is a sphere, but who is he fooling?

I completely agree with Asphere. This post is to make a point, and does not reflect my views, which are that people should be free to do, say and be anything that they want, as long as it does not cause serious pain or harm to others.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber .

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Neil Spicer wrote:

In no particular order...

Against the Abyss

War of the Wound

My clear favourites.

My suggestion:

Into the Abyss.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I did not know palladium was used in catalytic converters, but knew her as Pallas Athena, and worked it out.
I almost got thrown by the wording of a few of these, but got everything except

38. What type of cell division in eukaryotic cells is divided into prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase?

I agree with the above posters that this test has flaws, but then, it is hopefully your own creation. Thank you for putting it together for us.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

The settlement: Why the place you live in IS like it is, and why it is where it is.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Just go nuts.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Attempt to pass off humour from the Onion as one's own.
Vitriol against Robins.
[mangled forum commands)Godwin./uniform resource locator)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Chinese people need jobs too.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Gorbacz wrote:
I predict the "X says they're overwrought with powergaming, Y says they're made of fail laced with fail and failure, nobody else cares much" level.

Gorbacz, you're wrong on oh so many levels.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Bullies see appeasement as weakness, and will be driven to greater shows of power and greater acts of degradation.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

An athame. Chicks dig athames.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

So named because after a few hours of slush pile, everything looks like it is poorly-rendered and gray?

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