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Taeldrin Laesrash's page

33 posts (34 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


Could you cancel my subscription? I love the books, but $20 a month is a bit too much for me. Thanks.

My copy of Rise of the Runelords #5 (Order 869757), which is part of my subscription, seems to have never been shipped. I'm not sure if I've been charged for it either. Can this be addressed? Thanks.

Thanks. Sorry I missed that.

Whoops, posted as an alias.

I see. Thank you.

Hello. I made this order on May 18th, and had parts of it be shipped separately. While most of it's gotten to me just fine, two products have not. The first is a preorder of Order of the Stick: Start of Darkness. GiantITP says it got its first copies on the 23rd of June, so I thought you might have it by now. If not, okay.

Secondly, I back ordered a GameMastery Combat Pad. Looking at the UPS Tracking, it appears to have been delivered on May 22nd, which means that it's been lost or in transit for five weeks now. What's up with that?

Thank you for your help.

When covering the transition options for subscriptions, it says under back issues, "Subscribers can choose to receive select back issues of Dragon or Dungeon...". Is it really select, or can we choose even the issues in the 100s and 200s?

Wow. I can't believe this. I only jumped in at #328, but I still can't believe it's getting pulled. And to think, I had material on the waiting list. No wonder none of my later queries were accepted. I'm not optimistic about WotC's e-zine, either. Online PDFs are a pain to use, and I doubt they'll consistently update it. I hope I'm wrong. At least the refunding's decent.

Rajaat wrote:
Zherog wrote:
Sounds like you have some cool ideas for a query, Rajaat. :)

Thanx Zherog

Zherog wrote:
Maybe you ought to send an e-mail to the editors.

Then they would ask me to develop them myself :(

Honestly, I just wanted to plant some seeds in the people that read these forums (editors or freelancer alike) that someone maybe develops it... ;)

I came up with a similar idea. I sent in a query a while ago, although it was rejected.

There's the Ancestral Speaker variant cleric in Dragon #311, for the record.

Given the character, I'd say to give them the ability to, say, call upon their ancestor's strength for combat bonuses, usable maybe once per day per two cleric levels.

So...If this thread is still about the black hole at Dragon, I'd like to comment that I sent in a proposal eight weeks ago, and resent it (With more ideas) when I heard nothing five weeks later. Is this normal, and how much longer will I have to wait?

It's worth noting that Die, Vecna, Die was not taken well by the Planescape community. The events in the campaign didn't carry over into 3E, and none of the Planescape staff had anything to do with it. It's hard to consider some of that canon. Also, the descriptions of the Serpent have been inconsistent. While Monte Cook originally wrote it as Vecna's personification of magic, Bruce Cordell (Among others, but he's made the most) has written that it's an ancient being, which the designers tried to reinforce in DVD.

But issue #314 came before RoE. How does that work?

If what you're looking for is flavor more than power, the Alienist (Complete Arcane) is a good choice. The prestige class requires you to be a specialist in conjuration, but it does that well. Also, why just be a gnarled old man reading dusty tomes when you can be an insane gnarled old man reading dusty tomes?

I for one third the return of the Timelord. Great class, great times. I want a 3E Chronomancer...

That aside, I think Volume II should contain campaign setting material. Stuff like Ed Greenwood's old work, the Ecology of the Nine Hells, and all that jazz. The 3E Spelljammer article in Dungeon 92 could be a big hit as well.

Actually, an entire book dedicated to the dead settings (Think Campaign Classics x10) would be pretty good. Maybe not enough to revive a setting, but stuff like new rules for ship-to-ship combat in Spelljammer or cultures of the Hollow World to seriously enrich it.

To add my opinion...

In Planescape, it was stated that the Outer Planes represent emotions, feelings, and whatnot. They aren't actually infinite, but more subjective in size and distance. Your speed of travel depended on how true to the plane's ideals you were (Doing good on Elysium would get you to your destination in a day or two, while being a jerk would get you lost). One could say that the plane itself bends and warps based on belief (A core theme in the setting).

There is a feat mentioned in Dragon #314 which is not mentioned in the article, or the 3.5 Core rulebooks. So where is this feat?

How often are Dragon's back issues restocked? I'm looking for an issue (#280 to be exact), and it registers as 'Unavailable'. When can we expect more old Dragons?

Actually, that was #316. The 310s had some articles previewing 3.5 psionics, and there were a few feats, powers, and a race put in.

Reading through issue #344's A Dark and Sormy Knight, I'd like to know who Rautheene is. Greenwood mentions that there's 'two mafges of Oerth', but she's commented on about her research on Dalamar. So can someone help me? Thanks.

The Chameleon prestige class (Races of Destiny) requires a feat that reduces the cost of all cross-class skills (Able Learner). Since the Savant class has all skills as class skills, should they take Able Learner?

I too, am waiting eagerly for #340. One article that really has my intrest is the Master Astrologist. It's been a while since we saw a new prestige class. Also, I am a fanatic of the new Class Acts column. Here's hoping it comes soon! (For what i's worth, I live in northern California.)

I just got the Compendium, which is really great. But who did the artwork in the very front and back of the book? By this, I mean the stuff that wasn't in the Cover Gallery (Two in the front of the book, two after the Dragon ads).

Sun Elves are from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, and use the same stats as the Grey Elves from the Monster Manual.

I toally second the PDF. I'd be willing to pay extra.

So if the preorders are delayed, that also means that the bookstores won't have it, right? What happened to push it back that far?

This is really great. I preordred my copy of Origin of PCs a few hours ago. Hopefully, now Rich's humor can reeach out even furthur. Still, will Rich be making individual strips for Dragon? In a month, at least 13 OotS have been posted.

Neat. I'm especialy touched by the return of the Shaper of Form.

The old dragons will certainly be noglastic. After reading the Design Diary, I'm even more excited.

Not to be a drag, but is a preview in the future?

He's not dodging your question. This thread will have the previews of the Compendium scattered through it over time. We'll have one by the end of the week.

I say you should at least have the player present the character to you. If you take a look at the Half-Minotaur template itself, that will probably be enough to change your mind.

When will we get a preview? I'm itching to get my hands on even a single page of this stuff.

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