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Lion Blade

Tacticslion's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. 5,837 posts (6,502 including aliases). 2 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 21 aliases.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


I was just gathering the last funds needed for the PDFs this week... and you beat me to it! Thank you! :D

EDIT: I even had left this tab open for a few days, but forgot to refresh it, so it looked like there wasn't anything here... then I post something mild, and BAM! Suddenly there's awesome! Thank you all so much! :D

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Aaaaaaaaaaaaactually, based on Mythic Realms, it seems pretty clear that those who succeed the test are, in fact, only minor gods, at best.

It seems they gain a mythic special ability and are considered to have completed a trial.

From my own understanding of how it works:

- Aroden ascended... but that's because he drew the attention of <insert deity here>. He became a greater god because he's freakin' Aroden who wandered the planet for thousands of years making things better.

- Norgorber ascended... but that's because he drew the attention of <insert deity here>. He seems to have become a Greater power by moving into Axis and taking over the underworld there.

- Cayden ascended... but that's because he drew the attention of <Desna? Probably, although maybe Calistria, too or instead... but more likely Desna. I'm guessing.>. (How he became a Greater is unknown, but it likely involved more than just being drunk - it likely mostly involved time and the fact that he gave booze to the dwarves and is so very popular*.)

- Iomedae ascended... but that's because she drew the attention of Aroden (and she was Aroden's herald before he died, at which point she became a greater goddess by inheriting his divinity).

Bear in mind, this is based off of Realms of Golarion, and what that says about the Test of the Starstone... which really isn't that much.

You basically complete it, choose a patron, and if they like you, you get "choose ability A and get unique ability B" when you take a given ability. It's cool, but a bit strange. The door seems pretty solidly shut unless a GM wants it to be open, based off of that.

* While divinity is not based on worship, there does seem to be some correlation to worship/respect and divine power, though it's likely not so tightly related as, say, Forgotten Realms.

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

As noted in the other thread, I'm unlikely to be able to post tomorrow, but so the game doesn't have to sit fallow, if she can carefully examine the traps after the rocks get thrown and suspects they're safe, she'll try to buzz past them as fast as possible.

If not, she shrugs and goes hacking at some wood, singing a 'sacred' (and very vague) song 'to the divine'.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


Luthorne wrote:
Well, I'm not James Jacobs, there is an infernal duke named Ruzel, whose areas of concern are blasphemy, humor, and undeath, which has certainly always intrigued me after I noticed that combination...I've pondered his clerics sneaking into temples and using stone shape or similar transmutation spells to alter the statuary and other similar religious icons to something less flattering if not outright obscene (possible involving devils), animating the dead and invading a town just to pull off a wacky choreographed dance number, stealing the corpse of someone important or respected to animate and force their body to do obscene or ridiculous things in public...always figured him to be a cheerful guy with a truly wicked sense of humor...not sure about the friendliness, though. I also presume he has at least one gnome bard lich follower...

Actually, in our Council of Thieves game, he became a pretty important character. It was... a blast.

Who would win in a fight: Rovagug, Groetus, or Azathoth?

EDIT: Who is your favorite Infernal Duke (not Archduke, but just... duke)?

Who is your favorite Infernal Archduke?

Who are your three favorite Demon Lords (as I know you like those better)?

Who are your three favorite Empyreal Lords?

If I lived nearby and invited you to lunch sometime, would you accept?
(I do not live nearby, though if you're ever in Ocala, PM me, and I'll totally invite you to lunch sometime, if you don't mind a toddler along for the experience.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Too many awesome people! I need to poach more lists!

(Especially Orthos' and Klaus' EDIT: and Cricket's!)

EDIT: Also: Cricket! I intended to write you up there on that earlier list. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrg! Too many awesome people! :D

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Wiggz wrote:
It’s one thing to face a dragon armed with a longsword and a suit of magic plate mail, but what if you had an atom gun and powered armor? How many zombies could you blow up with a rocket launcher? What happens if you’re standing next to a graviton reactor when it explodes?

Every time someone quotes this, I keep imagining a dragon wearing a suit of magic plate mail armed with a longsword facing an unarmed fighter... who then whips out an atom gun and is suddenly equipped with power armor. He then uses his rocket launcher on the armored dragon's zombies, but that causes the nearby graviton reactor to explode.

It's... pretty awesome, actually.

Full Disclosure: I've never played Rifts, and have no desire to do so.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Cpt_kirstov wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Alex Smith 908 wrote:

Garund and Tian Xia are not the problem, or rather it isn't a problem that they are really different than Avistan. The problem are how different yet limited nations right next to each other are. Cheliax as a nation (meaning people self identify as Cheliax not necessarily an independent country) has existed for more than 1600 years. Yet the only concrete societal change we know about them is adopting devil worship and declaring independence from Taldor. Changes that massive should come at least every hundred years. Hell languages usually don't even last that long let alone nations.
Uh...for the first thousand years of that Cheliax was part of Taldor's empire. A province of the Empire. It's only been it's own nation for 700 years or so. And underwent quite a few cultural shifts in that time. They aren't mostly gone into in detail...but that has to do with the game being focused on the modern day of Golarion, not in-depth historical details, not there not being such history.
4081 AR The Chelish king Aspex the Even-Tongued successfully engineers the independence of Cheliax from Taldor. Between that and today there at least 20 events that have happened that have influenced Chelish society. See the Wiki page for details. These events influence the following countries: Taldor, Isgar, Galt, Absalom, Garund, Nidal, Mothune, Varisia, and Andoran. so in 700 years they have influanced 9 countries to one extent or another, not counting wars that don't have locations mentioned on that page. They have an average of 3 social changes every 100 years, that's 3 times your 1 event every 100 years.


Can we at all possibly get a link to the Chelish cities on the Cheliax page? I... didn't see them. (That could be just because I have a poor Perception check.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Uh...for the first thousand years of that Cheliax was part of Taldor's empire. A province of the Empire. It's only been it's own nation for 700 years or so. And underwent quite a few cultural shifts in that time. They aren't mostly gone into in detail...but that has to do with the game being focused on the modern day of Golarion, not in-depth historical details, not there not being such history.

One thing that I recently learned about this is that Cheliax has moved it's capital at least three times.

Most recently, of course, to Egorian.
Prior to that, it was in Westcrown.
Prior to that it was Ostenso.

That's... a rather significant set of cultural shifts within the last 700 years.

In addition, there is the inclusion of,

Council of Thieves Spoilers!:
... the Council of Thieves as, effectively, a secret part of the government of the capital city of Cheliax (back when the capital city was Westcrown). This represented a tremendously large change in general social structure: the rulers of the thieves not only gained wealth, status, and legitimacy, they became some of the most powerful noble families in Cheliax.

Or the creation of the Hellknights (mind, the Hellknights, despite their name, are not diabolists, and were created before the death of Aroden) in response to monstrous cultist activity that the government was unable or unwilling to assist against.

Or the Even-Tongued Conquest itself, which was a combination of military force and diplomacy cleverly intended to take advantage of a weakened nation unable to fight a major war on two fronts - an act of opportunism that altered Chelish society for some time, but is no longer stylistically evidenced in the culture.

Seriously, though, if you haven't done so, read Westcrown: City of Twilight in Council of Thieves, part 1. There is so much rich and fascinating history in Cheliax revealed in the one city that it actually begins to fall into place in the larger scheme of things.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


Also Rings of Sustenance.
Also I made this thing. Never need cleric orisons again. (Well, not often, anyway.) :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Alleran wrote:
The Hundred Handed Ones =/= the Giants, mind you. Herakles never fought the former.

I'm aware that Hekatonkheires are not inherently all giants - in fact, I never thought of them as giants until I was directed to "giants" by the wikipedia page, despite thinking of them as, well, giant - but stating that he never fought them means that either you've not read a myth that I have (probably in my Larousse's World Mythology or my old Humanities I course's text book - wherever that is 'round here-, but I'm not sure - it's been a while) or my memory is worse than I thought (which is possible - it's been a while).

Either way, from my recollection (which is notably prone to fault :D), when the Hekatonkheires were causing problems later (not at first) it was mighty Herakles that put one of 'em down for the count. It may have been some other primordial giant thing that the gods couldn't handle on their own before mortals began kicking around that I'm conflating with the Heka-lotta-arms, but that's how I've recalled it for at least the last decade.

Alleran wrote:
Apollodorus and Pindar both mention that Herakles was "mythologically" necessary to beat the Giants (because they couldn't be killed except by a mortal and god working together, so Zeus needed a legend among legends to be his partner and deliver all the killing blows after the gods struck them). He joined in the Gigantomachy somewhere around the time he destroyed Cos, after his twelfth labour (Cerberus) was completed and he had expunged the blood-guilt. A little while after that, Zeus decided that it was time to get rid of all the heroes, so he plotted with Eris and others to bring about the Trojan War and kill them all off. If you believe the Cypria, anyway.

Interesting. I don't actually know if I've fully read both of them. I'll have to look into that. At some point. With all of my free time. Yes. That's what I have. Free time. :D

Alleran wrote:
I don't usually use Wikipedia. Most of the books I need are on the bookshelf next to me.

I understand that, however it's generally difficult to go, "Well, according to Larousse World Mythology Edited by Pierre Grimal (it's the book I have closest to me), on page..." as the vast majority of people either don't have that book, or are highly uninterested in looking it up. Hence, Wikipedia, while being oft unreliable as far as a primary source goes, makes a decent jumping-off point, so that I can go, "Hey, look, here's this thing, you can look at it, and you don't have to have obscure tomes that no one else I've ever met in person actually owns." which, on the internet, is quite a boon for conversation-progression, as you might imagine. :)

Alleran wrote:
(Also, I think this is starting to draw away from the main topic... fun, though.)

Wait... there's a main topic on these threads other than being pedantic know-it-all pompous windbags?! I... I might have been doing it wrong this whole time...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
The NPC wrote:
What I find amusing is that people often tend to forget that Heracles was just as much a womanizer as his father. Maybe a bit less rapey than dear old Dad but just as much of a hound.

Hence (though it's probably ambiguous what I meant):

me wrote:

All his wife wanted was for him to stop sleeping arou-

... wait a minute. That... sounds... familiar...

... and, also... he was... um... a "manizer"? what's the term for that?... too.

Also a drunk and kind of a jerk.

(And, if this one thing I saw one time on tv is to be believed, possibly went to/was worshiped in India or something.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Tacticslion wrote:
<snip> Gate foe to a Balor lord with the ability to poop demons; have your foe eaten by the Balor lord, who then poops a new demon.

See "Swallow Soul". Just in case you were wondering if this was a real thing.

Deathmaster on Infernal Dukes is a strong option as well.

EDIT: The cacodaemon thing doesn't seem as solid as previously thought. Ah, well.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Choon wrote:

You know, I've been reading "tacticslion" for months and my mind has been seperating that word as tactic-slion, which made no sence but I thought, It's the Internet. Whatever.

Then, about 30 seconds ago, my mind finally saw "tactics-lion". The world makes so much more sence now!

Okay, I have to respond: "Tacticslion" plus "the world makes so much more sense now" are two things I hardly ever expected to ever go together. :D

Nicos wrote:
Choon wrote:

You know, I've been reading "tacticslion" for months and my mind has been seperating that word as tactic-slion, which made no sence but I thought, It's the Internet. Whatever.

Then, about 30 seconds ago, my mind finally saw "tactics-lion". The world makes so much more sence now!
I have one similar, it took me an eternity to decipher the secret name of odraude.

As the Empyreal Lord of Passive Aggressive, I must warn you that summoning the Demon Lord of False Hope is... something that certain people might be strongly against. I mean, sure, you know, you can do that. If you want. You'll be a jerk, but you can ruin things for everyone. I mean, it's allowed, technically, but you might be subject of numerous smites.

Odraude is secretly a really cool guy, but, you know, no fraternizing between Celestials and Fiends. It's a rule. Besides, I've gotta live up to my Empyreal Lord of Passive Aggressive - I just gotta*.

* This statement is probably false.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Alleran wrote:
The single greatest hero and most legendary example of Zeus' infidelity was named Hera's Might. I can see how naming him after her (when she was the goddess of marriage) would just twist the knife in that little bit more. It might have been necessary (he needed Herakles to help the gods defeat the Giants, IIRC), but it was going to sting no matter what.

Two things though:

1) He wasn't all that legendary when she started heckling him. He became a much bigger deal because she drove him insane (after trying not to tick her off in his early life, hence the renaming to Herakles) and then made him pay for it.

2) Herakles, from my memories, was an accident. (To my memory) The dude's entire 'deal' was that he was the random byproduct of Zeus' infidelity... and it didn't really turn out all that great for him in life. Hence, she was really picking on the wrong target. I really don't know how they managed to get him back to fight the Hekatonkheires (whenever he did so - Wikipedia is unhelpful there, and I don't feel like searching the other site).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

... true. Guy had a Charisma through the roof, though. How else could he convince people to keep marrying him?! (Too bad the GM cheated with a total hate-on for dump stats by making an NPC with a grudge be completely unable to be swayed - even though he was named after her! Hera)

Also, he traveled through time. Either that or there was another guy that was just like him that existed before the world was stable. Otherwise, how was he present to help defeat the Hekitoneres*?

* Yes, that's very probably misspelled. I suck at spelling. It's what I do: suck at spelling. Sorry.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
The NPC wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:

After getting poisoned by a shirt from his wife. How ignoble: he died by blowing his highest save...

(Of course his will saves sucked, given the number of times he went insane and killed people he loved. Or maybe it was just 'cause he was being manipulated by a goddess. Still: his life kind of sucked.)

And let us not forget where the poison came from. Messy.

I know! She didn't know it would kill him (though, to be fair, her Sense Motive tanked pretty hard). All his wife wanted was for him to stop sleeping arou-

... wait a minute. That... sounds... familiar...


EDIT: to clarify

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

After getting poisoned by a shirt from his wife. How ignoble: he died by blowing his highest save...

(Of course his will saves sucked, given the number of times he went insane and killed people he loved. Or maybe it was just 'cause he was being manipulated by a goddess. Still: his life kind of sucked.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Experiment 626 wrote:

... I am now shamed. Of course Set should be on my list! He and Mikaze were basically two of the people that inspired me most to hang out here when I first started (followed nearly immediately by Gobacz and TOZ).

The guy rocks. :)

Also: my PbP Players! Fun crew!


Thomas Long 175 wrote:

I think nearly everyone likes everyone to some extent, we're all just very opinionated on here.

Quoted For Truth, at least for me.

It's funny: there are some posters who really manage to push my buttons at times! but! for all the world! I still love reading their posts... even when I disagree!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Experiment 626 wrote:

Fixed. EDIT: Dang it! You fixed it! Now I just look like a moron! I'm totally leaving it, though. :P :D

Also: yeah, Douglas Muir 406 - I don't think I've interacted with him in a while?

Aelryinth- he's been mentioned before, but I think I spelled it correctly (possibly the first to do so)

Hah! Yes, that's the name. It drives my Dyslexia crazy. Often nifty ideas and points, though, even if I disagree with the guy, like, all the time. :D

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
ParagonDireRaccoon wrote:

Steve Geddes

James Jacobs
Liz Courts (she not only babysits us to keep flamewars from happening, she also reviews third-party submissions to sell on

Okay, now I'm just being dumb. Yes to all of these.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Arg! wraithstrike, of course! And Aranna, mdt, and Malachi Silverclaw!

And... uh... I totally didn't forget to put Lady Firedove. Nope. I, uh, I had good reason not to. Yes. But she is on the list!

Thomas Long 175 wrote:
TOZ, Mythic TOZ (but not that tri omega zero weirdo), [snip] and the dead horse, AM BARBARIAN, the forum troll, TV Tropes and his son, [snip]

You know, I didn't include Aliases. This list would be far, far longer with them, even though I like them, certainly. Lots of great things that can be done with that.

Conceal, Reveal^:
Ravingdork wrote:
WHAT!? How'd that happen? I didn't know Paizo even did that. What did he do that was so egregious as to warrant banning? :(

I know! I am just as surprised that it's a perma-ban as you are, though, in retrospect, as I noted, I think I'd heard of something similar to 3.5 Loyalist. That's why I was asking about shallowsoul and Professor Cerno okay, I really need to find my old posts and figure out that guy's name.

Thomas Long 175 wrote:
I'm bad with names! and faces! and y'know, people!

I know, right?! :D By which I mean, me too. ^-^

^ Sorry, it's an old title for a campaign I ran years ago, I had to for the pun, even if I'm the only one that gets it. But at least now someone can get the "don't let it show" spoiler tag name.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Third Mind! I haven't talked at him in a while.

Green Smashomancer wrote:

It'll be a pretty long list if I go through everyone who I think has really shed light on this mind-screwy system for me in the last few months, but I'd like to call attention to the efforts of (in no particular order): Tactic-slion (we made beutiful 'chucks together!), Iorthol who rarely posts anymore but I couldn't have gotten my first homebrew class nearly as well made without him, and Oceanshieldwolf, Excaliburproxy, and Ciaran Barnes for their guidance with all of the other silly crap I've made.

Thanks for all of your help, you guys rule!

Greeny! You should definitely be on that list! Fun times indeed!

(Oh, also I made a document, but... I haven't posted it.)

My players stay out:
... you may wish to follow the game I'm GMing... I have a feeling that within the next month you will see something very relevant to your interests...

Also, those other guys you mentioned are pretty rad, too! I actually don't know Iorthol, but I've seen the other three be helpful enough often enough.

Also Kazaan, and I'm not just saying that in order to get him to help me eliminate Dexterity. Not just because of that reason. ;D

(Hint, you guys who know rules well, go help me eliminate Dexterity.) :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Graeme: you can only edit up to one hour after the post is made.

Also, it's for the old 3.5 stuff and for the PF stuff, which might be why you typed in the wrong url.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Would it be gauche to link my own post earlier in this thread?

That might help, numbers-wise, for you. (Sorry if this reply is too late for your purposes.)

EDIT: I linked it anyway. I figure that there are usually about 50% more noncombatants at any given time, and another 50% that have the young simple template.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hah! An excellent thread to be subject to necromancy!

Personally, I want myself some Chronomancers!

And no one has brought up this yet!

(Also, I've totally run a few games with Time Travel, including a few back-and-forths and a few ways that the players actually have limited control of such events and effects... turned out... pretty awesome.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Kryzbyn wrote:
Oh, you and Kirth and Houston Derek. You guys all rock too :)

Arg! How were these not on my list? They are definitely added.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Some More Considerations For Future Posting:
Also, your pardon, TinyTitan, but I really felt I should address a few things.


I don't see how I'm not being reasonable

... was in response to

instead of having a reasonable discourse

... which what in response to

shouting in the dark

In other words, I suspect there was more than a bit of failed Sense Motive going on, for both of our parts. Jokes that sailed past the heads of those who felt the other was, in fact, being unreasonable in their held position in the face of other evidence.

I would like to say, however, that,

Nobody seems to want to understand it tho,

... may well comprehensibly generate ire and cause things like,

so I'm just lonesome. Just trying to be heard...

... (i.e. the more humorous asides) to be ignored in the frustration of the first part.

Especially with things like,

I'm just so puzzled how nobody seems to care that this FAQ has completely twisted the way people look at Prestige Classes.

... backing up the first sentence, which, again, tend to paint you as the only one with any form of sanity or focus.

This is the major area in which you seem to fail to be holding a reasonable discourse - it seems that you are insulting and belittling those who disagree with you, as you don't hold that their perceptions are anything but "twisted" in regards to Prestige Classes.

This is backed by,

I've brought my arguments to the table, and the counterarguments either contain slightly erroneous numbers or make assumptions such as "not counting cantrips/orisons and/or 1st level spells",

... which is really a hard thing to argue as something that weighs in your favor, considering, from your own original point, there were slightly erroneous numbers. I, myself, noted where there were possible differences in my conclusion from your own (including several elements that you later included in the counting; lacking only the cantrips) and noted that there were, in fact, probably accounting errors somewhere.

My point is simply that you may have good points, but in regard to how you present them, you may wish to switch tactics to get your own ideas across in a less vitriolic-seeming manner.

This will not only help you, but also help us all! It's a communication tool. It's... not something I always do well, unfortunately, but we can keep learning and improving together! :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Another idea:

Mage's Private Sanctum
Defeat Foe: on death, have your Cacodaemon eat them/instead of killing them soul bind
Permanent Mindblank on the gem
Incorporate gem into a BIG FRIGGIN'CONSTRUCT that also has Mindblank permanently on it
Go to a different Mage's Private Sanctum (by teleport)
Imprison the Construct

Make the Private Sanctum go away.


(Mine is more easily disrupted, but, you know, it's still fun.)

Alt: have a fiend eat the gem in question.

Alt 2: Turn foe into a puppy; Gate foe to a Balor lord with the ability to poop demons; have your foe eaten by the Balor lord, who then poops a new demon.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Oh! Hey!

Odraude, Tangent101, Matt Thompson, captain yesterday...

EDIT: prototype00! I don't oft interact with you, but I due recall you. Nice guy. Also: steal away! I love thievery (of this sort)! It's like Christmas!

Also, interact with Mikaze, if you get the chance. Excellent person. Passionate. Feel-good. All about the Good, actually. :D

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

Hahah! Eben, I definitely do remember, you, sir!

And thank you! XD

(Technically, I'm still tweaking and playing around with that. Feel free to add to it, if you've got anything...)

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

Awesome. Thanks! :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Cool. Thanks! :D

EDIT: I'm still interested in more ideas! :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm totally using my new prestige class, by the way, in a campaign I'm running. Heh.

Any ideas for a slightly better name? 'Cause I like my name, but it's a bit unwieldy...

First of all, I don't see how I'm not being reasonable. Also, when I'm talking about 'shouting in the dark' I'm obviously being metaphorical.

Metaphorical it may be, but I'd hoped my the silliness in my response tempered any sharpness to it. I was being overly literal (obviously) in response to your metaphorical utilization of terms for the purpose of balancing any undo or frustrating harshness with humor. It didn't work, alas, but that's how those things go.

I would suggest that you're not alone in your desire to see the ruling gone, but I would suggest that your posit that Mystic Theurges have unbalancing power is what is being argued against, and relatively thoroughly.

The primary reason I didn't and don't count cantrips at 8th level is: they're not really your "spells" anymore; but rather they're the thing you use when you're out of spells.

A melee fighter uses his backup weapon bow when fighting at range. A rogue uses his one-shot dimension door when he needs to get out of there, fast.

Cantrips (and orisons) are useful, but they're not powerful.

Going by the cleric list: +2 circumstance bonus to a skill? Get a masterwork tool. Stabilize? 1 rank in Heal+class skill. Bleed? Kick it. Guidance and Resistance? Probably obsolete by any magic item you have, and most often a waste of a round. Virtue? Doesn't help anymore. Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic, Light, Mending, and Spark are all on both lists. That leaves: Purify Food and Drink and Create Water: useful, but not game-altering... and creating an unlimited-use of either or both of those is dirt cheap and almost goofily easy, whether or not you've got them as part of your class. Heck, you can make a cleric's entire 14-orison list as Command Word trinket magic items at will for 6,300 gold, and none of them are things you really need in any sort of immediate sense. By 8th level, you can afford that.

Were it me and I wanted to be excessively lavish? Behold the Amulet of Barely-There-Magic (i.e. 'everything you'd need from cleric orisons in a day') which takes 7,590 gp; eight days; and one feat to create).

Amulet of Barely-There-Magic wrote:

Amulet of Barely-There-Magic

Aura faint various; CL 1st
Slot neck; Price 15,180 gp; Weight -


This amulet (probably something like a holy symbol of a bunch'a' gods all smushed 'round the edges or somethin', I dun'no) can be used to entirely replace your cleric's orison special ability by 8th level, and probably a bit better (since you don't have to be seen casting enhanced diplomacy).

Constant: detect magic, detect poison, enhanced diplomacy, read magic

Command Word: create water (2/day), mending (1/day), purify food and drink (3/day), stabilize (3/day)


Craft Wondrous Item, all the orisons used above, Cost 7,590 gp

(For the Cost: I used the increase in cost based off of duration for constant effects, presuming enhanced diplomacy is 'measured in rounds' at a duration of 1 minute, and then multiplying the whole thing by 1.5 in the end, 'cause, frankly, I don't care which is the most expensive v. least expensive to start from and go through, and the price works out to be very similar, as I'm upping both the most expensive and second most expensive.)

QUASI-EDIT: Okay, so, I feel guilty for rounding.
- The most expensive one is 2k. This is enhanced diplomacy. 2k* (1/2 [cantrips count as half a spell level]) * 1 [CL] = 1k Price; half of this is the Cost = 500. Multiply x4 for the duration = 2k.
- The second most expensive one is 1k. This is detect magic. 2k* (1/2 [cantrips count as half a spell level]) * 1 [CL] = 1k Price; half of this is the Cost = 500. Multiply x2 for the duration = 1k.
Applying thise means that it's going to be [7,590/1.5] = 5,060; -2k = 3,060; -1k = 2,060; x1.5 = 3,090; +[1k*1.75 = 1,750] = 4,840; +2k = 6,840. So, about 7k gold, or even less expensive than my first calculation.

This doesn't work if your GM doesn't allow you to craft magical items, but that's not entirely the point of this exercise. Look at the value of what that does. About 8k and a feat. At 8th level, with a starting wealth of 33k, that's a bit more than a quarter of your wealth... but it rapidly diminishes from there. What's more, I voluntarily chose a lavish and expensive manner to handle the replication of orisons. A bunch of Command Word items would be less expensive Well, not that much less expensive, given my new calculations, and allow me all at-will all the time.

EDIT: Also, as noted by others, consumables (which cost diddly+squat) can do most of these things far better. :)

This is the problem: your argument seems to be that they're over-powered... and none of us find them over powered.

There are always going to be disagreements. I want you to know, however, that despite the fact that I disagree with you, I don't dislike you or find you lacking in some way. I just disagree. :D

Peace to you, sir!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hm. Arshea and Calistria can both work for my character. Irori... not so much (as she's Chaotic, currently neutral, but probably working her way 'up'... probably. I'm sure making an semi-sealed infernal bargain to corrupt a priest of an unknown god and kill him thereafter doesn't put a ding on my alignment. Nope. Not. At. All. I mean, I might not kill the guy. OR corrupt him. Maybe. And maybe he's already corrupt! :)

Anyway, I'm already the oracle that I am, so changing classes isn't really likely. :)

EDIT: Also, any idea how to access the Obediences? I'm only lightly familiar with them at present.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Exactly, Claxon.

LazarX wrote:
When people say "god" many westerners are expecting a being with the same kind of omnipotence and omniscience accorded to the Abrahamic diety, when what you actually have are a group of super powered, yet extremely flawed and limited beings like those from Greek mythology.

Indeed. Ala:

Tacticslion wrote:
hence "god" becomes a term different than that which we are oft used to utilizing in Western society


Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

I... I want to follow this... as a lurker... but can't... 'cause... spoilers. *despair/sob*

High Pendin! :D

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

Oh, yes!

Until the Obedience of Calistria was mentioned, however, I wasn't too concerned with the idea of actual retraining rules, as I wasn't planning on using them. However, if I take a revelation that nets me CHA to AC, but can later get that a different way... I may "have" (or not :D) to use those rules at some point, after all. Presuming GM-okayness!

EDIT: Also, I answered my own question. I get a whole ten FIVE* feet of sight with a candle! YES! I have the unlimited sight of forever, you guys! :D

(A-heh. Oops.)

* EDIT AGAIN: Okay, upon re-reading, now I just don't know. It seems like maybe I do have 10 ft. of vision, because I can "see twice as far as a human in <snip> conditions of dim light. It retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions." which means, from my reading, that if something gives dim light to 5 ft., I can see 'dim light' (plus details) up to 10 ft.? That's... less useful than I thought (in some ways), as it still seems that I suffer from Dim Light pentalties:

In an area of dim light, a character can see somewhat. Creatures within this area have concealment (20% miss chance in combat) from those without darkvision or the ability to see in darkness. A creature within an area of dim light can make a Stealth check to conceal itself. Areas of dim light include outside at night with a moon in the sky, bright starlight, and the area between 20 and 40 feet from a torch.

How do you rule this?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hm... okay, now THAT is interesting and something I didn't know. More details?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
DominusMegadeus wrote:

Are gods willing to prevent murderhobos, but not able? Then they are not omnipotent. Are they able, but not willing? Then they are malevolent. Are they both able and willing? Then whence cometh murderhobos? Are they neither able nor willing? Then why call them gods?

These are the things that haunt our age.

1) Some are willing - some fully, some to a limited extent, and some support or encourage instead (and are malevolent)

2) Some are able, but only to a limited extent (at least partially due to other gods' interference)
3) They are "gods" because of their nature (regardless of their nature pre-ascension), hence "god" becomes a term different than that which we are oft used to utilizing in Western society. Also they are worshipped and generate actual divine spells in faithful worshippers (instead of just faking it). Also field hosts of celestials and/or fiends and/or "other". Also, they can squash you like a bug.

Wow. Polytheism+Game Rules makes deep-seated theosophical argumentation easy.

(Nice post, though.) :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Arg. "Mystery" as in, "to choose from a different mystery" not, "bloodline". Sorry.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

No particular order: Andoran, Absalom, Brevoy (all of it!), River Kingdoms (fascinating duality of civilization and chaos... and, of course, the Stolen Lands...), Cheliax (sort of - I really like the history), Mwangi (Sargava, but neither the Colonials or the Mzali - the Song-O, Bonuwat, the Zenj, that one ranch, and the half-breeds - basically anyone other than the racists - and, of course, the most awesome man in existence: Old Mage Jtambe), the pre-World Wound Sarkoris (sp?), Irressen (as of Reign of Winter), Hermea (LG Mengkare for life!), Razmiran ('cause he's totally going down), Katapesh (lol, govt.), Nex (because Nex who was riding Nex on a Nex in Nex with a Nex who carried his Nex to Nex from Nex*), Alkenstar (huzzah!), the Shackles (and the Eye of Abendigo), and Tien Xia**.

I'm probably forgetting something. I... really like the Inner Sea**.

* Seriously, though, that guy named everything after himself. EVERYTHING.
** Yes it's cheating. No, I DON'T CAAAAA~RE! :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Scavion wrote:
I dig your walls of text Tacticslion. Reading em is always interesting. I always find something thought provoking.

Well that makes one of us! But... thanks. That makes me happy. It's basically what I want out of my posting. :D

TriOmegaZero wrote:
It IS hard to avoid me.

Yay! ... unless I'm supposed to meet you in Disney World, alas.

Conceal, don't dweell I mean dwell, TOZ:
Kryzbyn wrote:
Where is Ciretose?
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Banned. We shouldn't dwell on it.

I... am sorry to hear that. Is that... what happened with 3.5Loyalist (though I think he regenerated reincarnated came back as DM_Under_the_Bridge?) and shallowsoul as well? What of Professor Cirenos (I admit: it's been long enough that I don't know how to spell his name anymore, I'm afraid.) If so, that's kind of a shame.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

And bards!

6 people marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
more than one? wrote:

... wait, really? O.o

... thank you.

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
There are too many folks to name on the boards who I feel are great contributors to the many subjects discussed here.

Agreed! You're one of 'em! [/not bothering to rewrite your name later due to being on the iPad]

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I have noticed [snip] haven't been on as much lately, though, such as [snip] Deathquaker.

I'm sorry - it's possibly my fault. I've been running DQ ragged with our current PbP game progressing at the speed of a THOUSAND SUNS! ... or rather at the speed of eleven players. My apologies for depriving the board of her insights.

Alphabetical Order (unless it's not 'cause distracted*):

Abraham Spalding, AdamantiumDragon, AHighlyRegardedExpert, andreww, Ashiel, blackbloodtroll, Cheapy, Claxon, Deadmanwalking, Deathquaker, Diego Rossi, Dr Deth, Gauss, Gorbacz, Ice Titan, Indegare, Jaelithe, Jiggy, Kryzbyn, Kthulu (well, sometimes ;P), LazaraX, Lemmy, Lamontius, Loratherion, Mark Hoover, Mikaze, Orthos, Peter Stewart, RavingDork, Ross Byers, Rynjin, Scavion, Sean K. Reynolds, Streamofthesky, Soulgambit, TarkXT, TheNPC, tinkergoth, Tels, Treantmonk, TOZ (aka TriOmegaZero, et. al.), and many more.

I'll be honest: a lot of the people I wrote here, I only remembered to add because others in this thread already mentioned them. Copy/paste is my friend. Also, I suck at names. Like, a lot. I've got something akin to four or five people whose names I'm currently trying to remember to put down properly, and can't come up with them (proper first names are not, in the end, good indicators of who I'm talking about, for instance, and spelling some of your handles is... uh, well, without looking at them, Dyslexia+ADD will ensure no one knows who I'm talking about**, like Aelrith/Aelrinths/Aelrynsth/that guy who always signs his name/Aerys Gainsborrough). Plus there are those I'm not currently thinking of that I know I'm going to be kicking myself over shortly.

And I've got more people I'd add, but haven't seen 'round here for a long time.

Alas, poor KaeYoss, I lament the lack of derailing threads together.

No, I don't always agree with you guys: in fact, it's fairly regular that I disagree with most of you at some point. Some of you I almost never agree with. I wouldn't trade any of you for another poster, though: please hang around, despite my vehement, repeated, and strong disagreements. I love these forums and the community 'round here. Including you. (Probably.) You rock. (Unless your specific cultural or ethical outlook makes you dislike that turn of phrase, in which case, uh, "I think you are a nifty person that I probably like" instead.) :D

* You know, at some point people are going to think I actually talk like that. Also, Attention Deficit sucks. It didn't used to suck. Now that I'm old, it sucks.
** Pretty sure I misspelled something up there. Sorry, guys.

EDIT: added two EDIT: added one of 'em that showed up, here, and fixed the spelling of a name... who had already posted in this thread. Mercy: I do suck at remembering names after all. At least it's not Rogue or Rouge or whatever the heck is the class or color or whatever. Sorry Claxon. EDIT: more, MORE!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Wasum wrote:
feats to get CHA to AC?

To allow me to choose mysteries from a different bloodline. They are third party, but available on the d20pfsrd. See Strange Revelation (if I recall), if you're curious.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

There are feats that allow me to get around that. Thanks, and carry on!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


Also: Muwahahahahahah.

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