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Lion Blade

Tacticslion's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. 6,878 posts (8,580 including aliases). 2 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 24 aliases.


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Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

It's looking like "not tonight" - sorry!

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

To be clear: my parents just gave me an iPhone for the explicit purpose of ensuing that I couldn't let a day go by without them receiving a text/pictures of their Grandkids. XD

And: I plan on updating when I sit down at a PC... likely tonight, but there are no guarantees. Sorry.

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

Yeah. iPhone's a bear to post in-character, though. The keys are so tiny. (An iPad is hard enough. I recently got a phone, but my iPad's battery life has been... poor, lately. Probably just used more often and not plugged up as much.)

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

House rule: As you like! It's there for your perusal, even though you aren't interested at this time. :)

As for the other ruling by JJ: okay. I, personally, don't like the rule as a GM, as it really hurts rogues and other sn am attack specialists, but, as you're the GM of this one, that's fine. :)

EDIT: for clarity

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Wheldrake wrote:

If there's no conjuration magic there, what happens to bags of holding and their like when they enter this zone? Blow up? Just won't open?

This said, it's an interesting twist on a dead magic zone.

Hm... he said "no conjuration", which those don't fall under, but it's because of a dimensional lock.

That means they are affected. As to what happens: they simply cease functioning (magically). They effectively don't work.

You could put a portable hole (which is now just a magic cloth) inside a bag of holding and experience no issues whatsoever... until you took them out of the region. In fact, that could be a pretty nasty anti-thief trap.

Put stuff in the hole and bag, enter area, place hole I bag, and rest secure that if anyone ever does take your stuff, they'll be lost forever in one of the most dangerous regions of existence. Bonus points: mildly sew them together.

When you need to retrieve the stuff, simply remove the stitching, remove the hole, and exit the region.

Whether or not people would do this depends on how long the lock has been in place. If it's been there long enough, it might even be common practice in areas near the border.

... of course, if it's common enough, breaking the lock might be an additional way of "ending the threat" ... by dropping the entire region into the astral plane instead of material.

Sure that'd cause other problems, but, you, they're not yours (for now). :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Waves of Ecstasy+Greater Restoration+Heal+Sympathy (overkill, really)+Keep Watch
Caster Level: enormous.
Size: colossal

Now you have a living spell that makes you feel great, heals you of all damage and negative effects, allows you to be awake instead of sleeping, and makes you really want to stay (as I said: overkill).

Place one (1) succubus inside. (Bare bear Druid optional.)

Rings of Sustenance will be provided. (They aren't necessary, but, you know, it's still nice.)

Enough room inside for everybody! Come on in!





Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)


Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

Putting this over here for easier/less contentious discussion.

RE: invisibility and sneak attack

Two things:
- I thought you became visible (even with a ring) after attack
- Sneak attack is one of the weaker choices in the game because of how hard it is to set up and get out

One of the reason's Sevia is as powerful as she is is her ability to become invisible, but she still does not deal a consistent damage output equal or greater than a dedicated warrior - with her feat selection she is not optimized to be a fighter or a paladin - she's focusing on dual wielding instead of two-handing for instance, and a high DEX build.
(Hexy, by comparison, has gone the two-handing route, but she's no where near as good at it, because of her puny strength, and she's done nothing with it, mechanically.)

Predominantly, she's a ninja (i.e. "better rogue") with a useful damage trick or two (invisibility or fleet charge) and using the other elements to support that (spells, base attack, and hit points). Later, she'll probably slowly switch into using her spells more.

The good thing about her build is that it's fairly DAD: so long as she pumps up charisma and dexterity, she's doing pretty well.

But she would be vastly out damaged by a solid and strength-focused mythic fighting two-hander. (It would also be a less interesting character, over-all, with fewer skills). Because despite her great tricks, she can't get off all of her specialties every round. Even if she could, the extra damage doesn't multiply on criticals. And she can't get as many static sources.

Her higher base attack helps with that a lot, but... meh.

In that spirit, I'm going to ask of a house rule. You may feel free to say "no" and make tweaks to it, as desired. You may present it to Sevia, or not.



The idea is, instead of 1d6/odd level, or even +2/odd level, it's level+1 damage, multiplies on a crit, and functions for any condition as well as anything that would allow sneak attack to function.

As I'm not trying to sneak anything by you with it, feel free to review it, post a more comprehensive (if you like) set of revised rules (mine is currently light, I know; that's on purpose: I like to reward clever play with bonuses, so I can add this in when it seems pertinent), or just explain that you'll heavily adjucate it more. Or, of course, reject it! :D your choice!

No rush.

Also: blllllaaaaaagggghhhh looking things up and linking with an iPad is a paaaaaiiiiiinnnnnn. :p

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

That... is an unfortunate ruling. :/

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Ugh, I know. I hate those sites. It always feels, legitimate product or not, that they make it as daggum difficult to find what you're their to download as possible (usually buried somewhere hidden in normal but small text half way down) while there are usually no less than three different-size and vague to the point of being actively deceptive "DOWNLOAD NOW"-type things to click.

I figured more or less what you did, but... Those permissions, man. Vague and broad enough that, really, I could see someone literally replicating everything you looked at, saw, and wrote, and be perfectly "justified". Blech.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
deusvult wrote:
Gulian wrote:

Why not? You conjure positive energy from the positive energy plane.

Necromancy is the magic involving life and death.

That's pretty much a slam dunk case for healing being necromancy. "White" necromancy as opposed to EEEvil Black Necromancy, to be sure. But still necromancy.

It's bizarre that PF has cure spells as conjuration. One might even accuse Pazio's developers of having made a mistake.

Or 3.5 developers before them.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hostile: base DC 25+
Give Aid that could result in punishment: +15

Some requests automatically fail if the request goes against the creature’s values or its nature, subject to GM discretion.

Also, his character truly gets off on abusing a creature incapable of giving consent? Chaotic Evil ahoy!

That said, if he's good enough, and chooses the right racial features, he can get people to Friendly for 1d4 hours (longer or shorter, subject to GM discretion).

Congratulations, he's just turned into a corrupting force!

This guy or an affiliate with even higher Charisma shows up with invisibility, mind blank, and lots of curses (mostly wisdom and opposed saves, mostly while he's asleep, and thus "considered willing"), and charms the lad.

One negotiation (and a DC 20 Charisma check later, should the player be opposed), the character has signed a contract to instantly become a loyal devil upon death in exchange for three wishes and is shortly thereafter killed via rider contract.

The devil is happy, the PC is happy, the GM gains control of a new villain (the former PC), and the player rolls up a new character.

Alternatively, take one (1) succubus. Grant her an 18 in her charisma (increase of 7, total of 34), one tattoo of charisma +6 (total now 40), and a +5 inherent bonus (45), and maybe a few non-associated class levels to get an ability score increase (46 total), and the advanced template (50 total: +20 modifier). Make the tattoo do double duty as a tattoo of persuasion (as the circlet) granting her a +3 bonus).

Apply feats and class features accordingly.

CR is 9-12, probably.

She is quite furious at the PC for stealing her show, but aware of how dangerous he is.

Hence, she uses Diplomacy to make everyone hostile to him, planning and plotting his demise, turning them against him, and persuading them to attack and kill him on sight.

It's really easy: after all, she's just using the same rules he is. She's just not voluntarily making things harder on herself.

As combat is initiated immediately, there never really is a good time to use diplomacy.

Alternatively alternatively: tell him he's being disgusting and a jerk, and that kind of action is not welcome around your table. He may cease or leave.

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

Sounds awesome! XD
(It's what I'd do!)

GM Rednal wrote:
But if you'd like me to switch to story-based levels on your table, Tactics, I'd be happy to. ^^

If you like! It seemed it was something that would make things easier on you, and I'm all about making things easier on the GM, where it's not awful to play as. I run plot-based levels myself in most cases, so I'm all down with that if that's how you want it.

Alas, I'll miss my RP-XP, but that's no reason not to change up! :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I agreed! :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Well it was years ago. :D

EDIT: added a smiley that I forgot to add previously. :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

(By the way: I recognize this is a necro, but it seemed like a good thread to do it to. :)

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

There was a game we played with so... many... twists... or at least call-backs. It was pretty awesome.

EDIT: this is only a few off the top of my head - I ran out of time to get 'me all!

Player playing a succubus who'd lost her memory, due to a narrowly escaped (and only hazily recalled) assassination attempt that had trapped her in a dimensionally-locked room under a collapsed roof; surviving literally only by accepting a Calling to serve a summoner from a power seemingly greater than the lock (the player thought it was weird, but went with it). The idea was to play through the basics of the backstory to get her from chaotic evil to lawful good (player's request).

Long set up and story:
Succubus shows up, and a hideous-looking man, all wickedly melted with a weird, glowing tattoo, and nearly blind uses powerful magic to keep her bound and to accept a bargain: a magic ring and dagger in exchange for rescuing a young child. The player immediately thought this was weird, but rolled with it, accepting both for the sake of being alive and free. The ring, as it turned out was useful for divinations, while the dagger was simply a powerful magical weapon (+2 cold iron). As it also turned put! the ring was a minor magical artifact (something the player never really caught on to, though accepting it for what it was)... that could change the alignment of willing creatures, even outsider, though it branded any creature who wore it with a strange glowing tattoo. Player proceeds to play the alignment change out slowly through the rest of the adventure.

In the course of the adventure, she discovers that the girl was taken through a one-way portal to a demiplane. There, she found some trapped mercenaries who'd taken her... but only because their (now-dead) boss had commanded them to, which he'd done just on the off chance that her half-Elven blood could unlock some secrets (it could not).

The mercy were now run by a demon (a yochol - they knew only that it looked like a creepy half-Orc that terrified all of them), and we're stuck in a demiplane filled with undead. Their mascot was a wicked aberration called a Runehound (from whence they derived their name): the succubus immediately squealed with delight, adopted it as her own, no declared it her "ugly puppy".

The succubus PC befriended the fellow demon via charm (both of which shared a bit of bemoaning the state of being conjured and bound) claimed the girl (the demon had kind of wanted to turn her into a drider, or something, but... meh, it would be expensive and time-consuming and she mostly just wanted control of this realm, and letting a succubus have a girl to gain help fighting a dead genius would be perfect). Thus, the little girl was placed into a makeshift backpack, hopped up on a bunch of buffs, and brought along.

The two demons did well against the dead, but, due to a combination of poor planning, bad (and good) luck, and a moment of forgetfulness on the PC's part, at the very end of the game (upon defeating the boss), the girl died from: wraith's CON loss, wight's energy drain, shadow's strength drain, ghoul fever, and poison... when the PC dispelled the super-large buffs that were the only things preventing the girl from succumbing to those effects.

This is when the father's "contingencies" came into play, and the broken man from before showed up in a blinding explosion of righteousness that destroyed the yochol and finished off the (already defeated, just not quite destroyed) bad guys, and only barely left the succubus alive (by a good save).

... which is when the story of who the man was, and how this whole thing had been set up in the first place was revealed.

The twist:
The succubus had been a nascent demon lord, who'd held a powerful lover-thrall (the father of the girl) as an agent on the material plane. As a powerful Mage, he'd created a large number of evil items directly associated with her realm, including candles of invocation... and he'd also created her "safe room": the place where her foes could not teleport into to get to her, and none but pre-approved entities could enter... thus he'd also put in "back doors" that left his own magic unaffected by the safeguards (for the purpose of getting her out, if she ever was in trouble, naturally).

Then, in a plot to gain political power with a long-term goal of corrupting a nation, he (disguised as an upstanding citizen) got married to a young and beautiful noble woman. Unfortunately for his plots, the ring his (previously despised) wife gave him - an "heirloom passed down through generations" - seemed entirely unmagical... but branded him in the midst of their ceremony and transformed the chaotic evil Mage into a lawful good one.

Struggling with his new outlook, he'd come to love his wife, and had put into plot far-ranging designs to destroy his former mistress while looking like he was helping her (or else his new family would be destroyed and his soul eaten)*.

Thus, he'd used her own dagger (now a +2 cold iron dagger, but previously a minor artifact...) as a weapon to destroy her, tricking one of her servitor succubi into subconscious programming to be an assassin.

The assassination attempt occurred, was a success, but the "contingency" the succubus' previous lover had prepared (before shed devoured him) went off, and she was saved from obliteration (though reduced in power and not teleported to safety), and the killer was cursed with dwindling magic and life force via epic spell.

Shortly thereafter, his daughter had been kidnapped. No longer able to save her himself, he went to his sealed storage rooms, finding his last candle of invocation...

The player shed some tears, accepted the full shift to lawful good, used a soul pact (3.5 variant thing) with the Mage to save the last remnants of his soul from being obliterated forever, and grant his wish to bring his daughter back to life, promising to take care of her (though the succubus kind of had to fudge a bit and used the dead yochol's essence and some undead spirit remnant to "fill in the gaps" as it were that we're missing due to how the girl died - basically the same thing, really, being soul-stuff and all...)

Similarly, a flame skull she had no real way of permanently destroying that also had no real way of harming her came to an agreement. The two of them used the various villains' body parts (culminating with the flame skull) to construct a flesh golem with the villain's brain... hypothetically hoping to being him back. Instead, due to chicanery, the succubus also secretly created a control amulet and inserted the soul gem of the girl's father into the golem, hoping to raise the father back (or at least what was left of him). Neither quite worked exactly right, but it was close enough for all parties to be satisfied, and the little girl had a massive, emotionless "daddy" that remembered everything from her childhood. So that was a thing.

* During his plotting, his wife died in childbirth while he was away supposedly working on a mission for the demon lord, but actually planting the seeds of her destruction. He never forgave himself or the nascent demon lord for that.

More story set-up:
The succubus then went on an adventure to find a way to reconnect the demiplane to the prime. Ended up in the middle of the fight against Tar-Baphon. A mortal Iomedae saved the "half-elf" who'd been knocked silly by the necromantic explosion she'd walked into from an elf gate... at which point she ran into Arazni and passed out from the overwhelming aura. A few examinations/questions/etc. later, the succubus (having started going by the slightly ironic name of Angel) was offered the chance to become an Angel (gain the angle subtype) and lose the chaos and evil subtypes in exchange for the charge/geas of keeping the daughter until she was grown and adult and mandate to leave all mortal politics in Cheliax alone (which was accepted).

She was then sent back to the demiplane with a few ideas of where (and when) to try to bring the mercs, the golem, and her "daughter" back to the world. She proceeded to indoctrinate all of the living creatures into the tenets of law, good, and the importance of family and community, as well as the reverence of Arazni and Aroden.

They eventually arrived in Cheliax, in the freshly-minted newest capitol city, Westcrown. There, they lived (the half-elf daughter accidentally gaining near immortality and taking a looooooooong time to grow up due to some ioun stone shenanigans) shocked and mourning Arazni's death, delighted at Iomedae's ascension, and worried about Aroden's death. She sat on the jury at Dundel Ruel's trial (and was instrumental in the persuasion that "he has a good point"), made her living as an exotic dancer occasionally of quite some repute (despite keeping her immortality and private life secret, but once having even the Drovenge family paint a lavish portrait after a particularly mythic performance), delighted in being a minor force for good during the nighttime streets, as well as having to struggle to keep her (technically under-age, technically waaaaayyyyy over-age) daughter from signing up do the Pathfinders right now as the dashing hero Donatalus Bisby smiled and winked at her, signing a shirt of the girl's. She laughed at the pomposity of it all with Ilnerik, the nearby chronicler. She decided that keeping her daughter living was more important than staying in Cheliax and went south to Absalom when the Chelish civil war hit. After her daughter finally grew up and moved out, the player decided the character would look for something to do, so she became a monk in service to Iomedae for a decade, becoming part of the Children of the Upper Reach movement and learning that style.

About anyone who's played Council of Thieves recognizes a lot of the names in that last paragraph. The Player did not. Cue Council of Thieves. Lots of mind-blowing revelations awaited.

It was especially amusing when they found Vassindio Drovenge's "art collection" ... including an ancient portrait of Angel (he'd had a pretty massive crush on that portrait of her when he was younger).

Council of Thieves spoiler!:
Also, a shocking reveal was when Chammady was the enemy the whole time! Initially appearing to be lawful good due to a misdirection spell, she'd become fast (and true) friends with the PC... who did a pretty great job at hiding her own identity as a Child of Westcrown to the end, before a dramatic reveal to the city.

Eventually, she even became moderately involved with deities, to the point that Erastil eventually sent three emissaries (three archons) for her to select from... one of whom was the soul of the Runehound she'd transformed, redeemed, and loosed into the world so long ago. Pretty epic shock! And delight!
(She did not choose between them, using the assistance of Spirit of Adoration to sway them to a very alternate marriage style.)

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Earlier in this thread, I think it was Mark who worked with a player of his who wanted Amnesia as a backstory and played a paladin. Turns out, he'd been a psion/Mage who'd set up an evil ritual to kill what the PCs thought was the BBEG (who was, in fact, evil), to tear a hole to the Abyss, then gave himself amnesia and a burning desire to cleanse the world of evil...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I've since removed them and thoroughly scrubbed that computer clean of cookies, any suspicious applications, and all extensions I don't trust a lot (with permission of the owner). Still, it was a disturbing experience.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Oh, man, off topic bullet!:
I really hope I'm the authoritative more than anything else. Amazingly, the only time my three-year-old acts out is when I'm right next to him. Otherwise, from all 'counts, he's like a hyperactive wunderkind. It's strange: I'm always worried that I might be too strict at home or something (as we do have very concrete rules that he follows), but then it's all, "Why don't you teach him how to do <X>, more? Be the boss! You're ten times his age and size!" and I'm all like, "I thought I was?" But then (from almost every report I hear) he almost never misbehaves (three-year-old fueled hyperactivity and three-year-old fueled attention deficit and not picking up after himself aside), so... I dunno? Maybe we are the monsters I'm the problem? Or maybe, it's just because he feels safe around me? Answers are not easy to come by, that's for sure! Parenting is hard work!

(Also, I'm trying so hard not to be a helicopter parent, but... but... he knows things withoooooouuuuut meeeeeeeee~! Wwaaaaaaahhhhhhh~! He's so awesooooooommmmeee~!)*

* I may or may not be awake while posting this. Also, the amount of sleep I currently have may or may not be close to an hour. Weeeeeeeeee~!

Spoiler'd because or my quantum state of potential sleep deprivation aside, I recognized it for the off topic it is!

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)
GM Rednal wrote:

Unless you go a different route, of course - I'm trying to match levels to plot points, after all. I'm also considering switching to a simple 'let you know when to level' setup, but that wouldn't be fair to one-sidedly impose on players after starting with normal XP gain.

But yeah, in general, look for levels around the conclusion of events.

I'd be totally okay with this in our game! :)

Sevia, The Raven Queen wrote:
I wouldn't say Gunslingers are appropriate period. They're a completely broken class imo.

Actually playing with one is quite a different experience.

Sevia, The Raven Queen wrote:
I'm probably more dangerous just because I have greater system mastery and I'm willing to look endlessly over source materials to combo items/class abilities together. I once had a 4e character that specialized in basically destroying end level bosses by chaining item/class abilities to create a 5 attack nova that could easily do over 300 damage in one round at around level 15.

Eh, I deliberately made suboptimal choices with Hexy, as I thought the GM wanted that: I went in knowing she was extremely MAD (CHA-based, int-based, and WIS-based "casting" with dumped WIS (and traps instead of spells, but still reliant on WIS), with two DEX-based classes and a tanked DEX but moderate STR) with the idea of focusing more on RP than combat: I went for competence and rough survivability instead of power. I have learned that she is quite a bit too vulnerable at present, entirely unable to use her crafting abilities, and not quite "competent" enough, however, and am not entirely sure what to fix. I'm okay with it, but it can be hard to RP an invincible ancient creature from before time who gets punked by a few Stirges. Now I know how the Tarrasque feels! XD

As you noted, the loss of a party (and hence, of free action economy) makes a tremendous difference! O.o

Sevia, The Raven Queen wrote:

Yes, but I could be playing a three-class mythic gestalt with levels in Gunslinger and just roflstomp everything I see.

Or Synthesis Summoner.

Or Witch with sleep Hex.

Again actual play has proven two of these less optimal than they seem on paper. :)

(I've not played with a summoner, yet, though a master summoner seems like it'd be more problematic than a synthesist, really, to my reading... unless of course folk are misapplying the synthesist rules, which is easy to do.)

Gunslinger, and sleep witch are excellent in certain situations and with certain styles. At first and second level, however, I absolutely guarantee you'd be dead a few times over by now. Also, with a gunslinger, broke... and not in the OP sense! :D
EDIT: bullets are expensive! Of course with our crafting modifications, it actually might not be such a big deal... :)

Also: finally caught up. Took a little bit.

While I empathize with player-based frustration, simply reading the archives was actually quite entertaining and good. Hopefully there's solace in that!

Similarly, however, watching the thugs miss Sevia like she wasn't there is... pretty awesome! :D

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Both are awesome, and make me happy. :)

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

Labs are an absolute delight, and some of the most gentle and intelligent dogs I've known have been mutts. Hope they're awesome!

Hope things go smoothly for you, Dunmir!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So, logged in from a semi-public computer here at the Ronald MacDonald House, when a Wikia-style pop-up add started assaulting me... while I was on Paizo and Google Chrome and nothing else. Further, I'd noticed that various words were highlighted and turned into hyperlinks, like I was on one of the more annoying websites infested with hyperlinks every few words - fortunately this one wasn't nearly as bad.

Still, it was disturbing enough that I checked the extensions...

... and found two that are really... creepy.

One thing called "ArcadeYup" (or something similar) and, even worse, another thing called "CouponXplorer" were in the Extensions.

Both had permission to read and alter data on whatever website I was in.

The latter also had permission to alter my history, and manage everything. It's... terrifying.

I turned them both off, and the website now runs more quickly and lacks the hyperlinks, and doesn't send pop-ups. The House Manager had no idea what they were, and, when I showed them to her, and noted what they did, asked if I could get rid of them (which was easy enough).

They are likely both benign... at least in the sense that tumors can be be... but I wanted to post here to know if I should take any further steps.

This may be the wrong part of the website, but I wanted to be sure to let the tech team know that if weird things start happening to my account, you'll know why.

EDIT: This was sometime within the last hour or so.

Male Agathion (Leonal) Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!)

:/ maaaaaa ! lol miss you, fellow short-stack!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

You're all wrong.

Since Devil's Advocate didn't respond, I will.


blahpers wrote:

Devil's advocate:

What is roleplaying?

"GM don't hurt me... don't hurt me... no more..."

*drops mic and walks away*

(Oh, uh, and yeah: while individual groups' playing styles are different and valid, by rules, a dice roll is all that is needed. This is to specifically cater to those who have a personality and/or mental capability different than their character, allowing for a more diverse selection of players and a more inclusive hobby.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Hama wrote:

Holy COW.

The song that goes in the background of the trailer is THIS ONE

I am officially amazed!

I believe the one playing us a distorted Streisand version? I could be wrong.

(Also, the video you linked seems to have been taken down, alas.)

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

It was. I was wrong because she gets a racial bonus to saves - different type, thus they stack despite being the same source.

EDIT: But woe betide ghost nymph anti paladins with a ring of protection!
(Only one of those things is the result of this FAQ.)

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
captain yesterday wrote:
Go drug using? Lol its called smoking pot lol:)

Not if it wasn't pot.

The three at my small group who were attempting recovery never did anything resembling pot.

Point being, I've seen drug use of all stripes and, in my real-life experience, it has never ended well.

(To be honest, I'm groing increasingly skeptical of our society's apparent reliance upon cafeene as well, despite loving tea and soda myself. I'm not a fan of being reliant upon on any substance - it grants it power over you, and that's... not really cool.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

College, man. It was the place I made the more... "experimental"?... friends and from whence I acquired most stories. Prior to that, it was extended family and respecting my parents enough to believe them. Worked out really well, for me!

EDIT: for clarity

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Very true on the middle ground. I've rarely seen it function that way, personally, however.

To me, it's a matter of seeing the results of being straight laced (my parents) and seeing the results of not (my extended family and later, in college, my friends) and knowing which of the two I'd prefer to be more like. It wasn't really much of a choice.

Also, I am strongly religious, and generally conservative, which probably helps a lot in my formation.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Heh. I am curious.

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For me, I've seen a few friends go down that road and watched the results the morning after that I categorically never, ever want to go drinking or drug-using. Everyone looks hideous and in pain, makes decisions they regret forever, and don't seem to have as much fun as I do without whatever substance they were using. I've lost several aunts and uncles, and one set of grandparents to lung cancer: smoking sucks. I was vastly uninterested in catching diseases, or creating children in a context that I couldn't care for them (and I had a moral obligation to do so). (As a happily married monogamous man, now, those last two concerns no longer apply. :D)

To answer your question, it may be easier to ask forgiveness than permission, but it's a lot more painful to suffer the results that often enough come up before you have to ask. I've seen the results and watched people I love lose themselves to stuff they said they were in control of: they were not. I've known others who gained a permanent "reminder" of a few nights fun (despite any "protection" used) in the form of genital warts and herpes. I've watched the look of regret and heartbreak of those who've escaped children and disease only to break up.

All of those combined with a deep respect for my parents, family, and religious belief encouraged me to go, "Nope: I'm uninterested in bearing those kinds of regrets. Pass."

In exchange, my regrets are built out of frustration that I was lazy, didn't help that one guy that one time, or was a jerk. I lack most of the regrets or frustrations of my collegiate peers, and in general love most of what I did with my life. There really isn't any possibility of it someday coming back to haunt me (unlike with yet another college friend, who found out he was a father several years after the fact).

I'm proud of my decisions because those decisions kept me out of regrets. And I enjoyed my life without needing anything else to go with it.

"This stuff is awesome! If you don't try it, you can't know! It's like I'm flying!"

"Yes, but I'm the only one that will drive us home tonight, keep everyone else safe, and generally just make sure you don't wake up on the street or get arrested for doing something stupid while under the influence of a substance that has clearly altered your behavior for the worse. Also, I'll remember dancing with that cute girl later."

And I did. I was the only sober one in a group of twelve. Everyone else hated the next day, save for me, who'd had a good night, and a good following day.

I've prevented a potential date rape situation, made sure quite a few folk ended up not stranded, and have never woken up with a painful tattoo or disease or a newly minted father. I remember my parties, and thoroughly enjoyed myself (though not my various intoxicated* friends).

* Intoxicated and sober being used not just in terms of alcohol, but in general.

Regrets are kind of hard to think about in the heat of the moment. I knew enough people holding them that I wasn't interested in following suit.

Also: a guarantee of success is not something anyone can ever give you; but you can certainly improve your odds and general capability by giving yourself a more solid foundation. Do that latter thing. Unless your view is really skewed, you likely won't regret it.

EDIT: as for adventure: climbing mountains, scaring a herd of deer into running, going down the ledges of the Grand Canyon, exploring the streets of Hong Kong and Jerusalem, riding a river in the Philippines, driving across half the US by myself, and exploring the forests and cities of Lithuania all seemed pretty adventurous at the time, and awesome. Now I, more content to be laid back and a homebody - my wife gets worried when I climb trees or go walking on the streets at night, and I've got responsibilities with now two sons. But adventure is hat you make of it, and life without experimentation has never been boring except when I, myself, held the failure of not engaging my current circumstance with vigor. (Also, my more experimental friends always seemed to end up more bored more often than I, hence, "it's less boring" never really held water in their attempts to persuade... and, as stated previously, on this side of it, I'm the only one without regrets for that time period.)

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Don't be! Change yourself! It's certainly within your own capability to alter whether or not you are a "loser" - hence, you can and should. For your sake as well as that of those you care about and/or who care about you.

Being a teen is tough.

Being an adult (well, sort of, as much as that term applies to me :D) is tougher. Both can be rewarding and awesome. So enjoy, and get some sleep!

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" - I am unhealthy, unwealthy, and (most probably) unwise. I am also late to bed. Hm. Coincidence?!?! ... maybe, but at the present time, sleep is a good thing. Rest, and we shall talk perhaps tomorrow. :)

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Ah, thanks! Nifty. I do recall hearing that before. It's been quite a while, though. Good to remember! :)

However, it should be noted, your code switching mode is often seen as poor grammar on boards like these, unless you've established an agreeable personality to cover it or are going for the inherent humor or 'style' to be gained thereby (which is usually a less-serious identity).

Thus, in general, if you wish to be taken seriously, especially with the confrontational style you're cultivating, I'd recommend switching back. If, on the other hand, you do not wish that or want to forge ahead, you may, of course, feel free not to - it is, after all, a free country and generally free forum.

Your concern about whether or not I have boys to hang with is... funny to say the least, and shared back at you! That a self-professed teen is awake hoping to rile a "pops" at some point between midnight (West coast) or three (East coast) speaks poorly either of his social habits or sleep schedule (which tends to impact his performance at classes). My own schedule is a mess. Comes with the territory of worrying for a premature newborn currently in the hospital, and being a natural night owl. Fortuitously, I've no classes, though!

Regardless of any umbrage you've taken from this conversation - or any sense of superiority you've gained - I truly wish you the best, and hope you make wise decisions in the future, both in your social media expressions (such as a cultivated persona on forums such as these) and in general.

EDIT: for formatting. Looks nicer and is easier to read this way.

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So... you code-switch into poor grammar? Please explain.

EDIT: I am very curious what you mean, by the way. I'm generally interested in learning something new, so please do educate me! :)

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Reeven wrote:
I thought Razmir was a Sorcerer. He's not?

As noted by Alkeran, he's a wizard, even though he seems like a sorcerer! and has a sorcerous archetype after him.

Zhangar: ah, I thought you meant "no crafting" restrictive. I see.

UnArcaneElection: makes sense.

Alleran: Wild magic makes it very hard for a magic-based society like Geb to expand. He's not had problems with murderhobos because he generally keeps to himself, or does the Golarion equivalent of Switzerland hiring the Finns. That said, Arazni seems to almost unconsciously be bucking for a group of PCs to come destabilize the nation, the more power she gains. It just kinda feels like "AP Material" to me.

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"Code-switching" heh. I just thought you had poor grammar. So you're ESL or multi-lingual?

Also, I am not your "pops" - neither the cereal or the colloquialistoc expression of male patronage. If, on the other hand, your using the colloquialistoc expression of advanced age, thanks!

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You are correct! As previously noted, I am, in fact, dyslexic. There are a number of cases in which I substitute similar words as a result. Thanks.

I'm glad to see your grammar improving, though. That's nice, too. :)

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Big Justin wrote:
are you on the autistic spectrum?

Not to the best of my knowledge. Certainly pedantic, though. Also Attention Deficit and Dyslexic. Fun times! Are you?

To clarify, I've run into enough confusion on the internet about most everything and have seen all sorts of irritation, frustration, and other similar emotional issues crop up due to this failure of communication, intent, or cultural difference as a result.

Hence, I've taken it on as a personal thing to explain things to people in the hopes of furthering communication, hopefully with individuals I'm engaging with being wise enough to take the cues given and rein in their otherwise antisocial behavior, or recognize the cultural differentiation and accept that other view things different from themselves, thus becoming better folk, and more enjoyable to be around over-all.

Nice new avatar, by the way.

EDIT: to fix reign to rein, at Big Justin's suggestion.

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Big Justin wrote:
Orthos wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:
over 95% of U.S. teens explore alcohol, a nearly-as-high percentage explore sex
Woo~! *proud 5%er*
that's a pretty weird thing to be proud of

It's not "weird" in the sense that it's "incorrect, mentally" (which is the most common inference of "weird"), but it may well be "weird" in the sense of "uncommon" if, in fact, the percentages hold true.

Incidentally, Nobody'sHome, I'm in both 5% brackets. Something I'm immensely happy about.

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It wasn't a contradiction (unlike this statement, which is a contradiction), but rather a qualification of your assertion. Effectively noting nuance instead of absolutism - a nuance that, perhaps, felt unnecessary from your perspective, but felt important enough fir Orthos to remind others of nonetheless.

Let me put it this way:

1) being proud of every decision you've made is stupid (because people make mistakes)

2) being proud of not making bad decisions is great (because good decisions are good)

These are non-contradictory statements, and they both function as accurate addendum a to each other.

This is what the two of you have been saying, I think.

EDIT: for formatting

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