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Red Slaad

Taco Slaad's page

44 posts. Alias of Patrick Curtin.



You have stolen my schtick senor!

I challenge you to a duel!

Celestial Healer wrote:
Good morning.

Buenos días, ángel celeste!


Viva la raza Slaad!

Viva La Vida Chaos!

Mi escroto hormigueo en el pensamiento de desayuno, mientras que la implantación de los huevos, señor Jack.

Implants egg in HJ

Potato Slaad wrote:
Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

I think so Brain, but Snowballs for Windows?

Cerebros de baile en mi lengua que suena muy chirrido. Mis ojos disparar el arco iris, ya que digieren el axiones.

¿Hay cada vez mayor de maíz en los bolsillos o simplemente feliz de verme?

Fruit Slaad wrote:

He's not actually saying anything important. Please ignore him.

But everything I say is muy importante Senor Enslaada de Frutas! I sing the chaos electric! I sow confusion amongst the lawful! Have you forgotten who we are? Thcha!

Tu madre es modron!

¡Éxito! He confundido el pequeño abberation! Ahora mi hígado se giran entre las antiguas estrellas!

No temas, mi pequeña abominación. Para mi vejiga feliz canta alegría a todos los

Me siento tan sola. Voy a terminar un gran montón de los viejos huesos

Tossed Slaad wrote:
Taco Slaad wrote:
Mi colon pica para ayudar a un pezón de participar! Mi pistola se carga sólo pensar en ello!
Do I even want to translate that?

Ess too chaotic Senor. Best you leave it be

Mi colon quemaduras para algunos aperitivos pate pezón! Mi pistola se carga sólo pensar en ello!

Mis tripas quema de picante pepitas de caniche lechecillas


Mi kalidescope es de giro en las oscilaciones de morado

This thread is so seely.

Soahc Eht Latrommi wrote:
all this talk of chaos and no one truly knows what it is.

Implants egg in Soahc

El caos no es el caos

¡Qué montón de caniches loco!

Mi hipopótamo ha dejado un mal eccema erupción

El rápido zorro marrón saltó sobre el perezoso perro

I already got through Cinco De Mayo, so I'm on easy street! Ole!

MMMMM ... 1990's Salma Hayek!

Aie! Un perro mechanico! Que dolor!

Frat Jack wrote:
Taco Slaad wrote:

Yo me gusta nacho potato casserole!


That woule be : A mi me gusta Nacho Potato Casserole!

Pops head into clubhouse

Lo siento Senor Frat Jack ...


That would be .. :P

AIIIIIIE! Un mofeta apestoso !

Runs away

Yo me gusta nacho potato casserole!


miedo, respuesta, tengo, ropa, terminado!

Puffy the Dinner Roll wrote:
Oh, you're all so juvenile. Everyone knows a good Slaad is incomplete unless it comes with a dinner roll.

I am incomplete without several sopapillas! Yo me gusta sopapillas!

It is party time mi amigos! Who wants to play pin the egg on the prisoner?

holds up poodle

You theenk rain is bad, try near freezing temperatures in June! Most chaotic! Es muy frio!

Egg Slaad wrote:

Who wants to break?

I will amigo!

smashes table

Is that it? Thass a short game ...

Paloma gazpacho anejo carramba hermanos vaquiero!

Aie! Poodles are most non-chaotic!

Tu Es Muertas, perro blanco!

chases poodles around Limbo Slaad Bar

Si! I do not like these poodles. They are not cute like chihuahuas.


Fruit Slaad wrote:

I thought you had to go? Come back for some more slaad?

No, mi amigo, I said I just got back. Cerveza? I have Dos Equuis!

Leaf Ericson wrote:

Wow, a salad thread! That's pretty neat!

<looks around>

You're, um, not salads.

<Backs away slowly>


Yo me gusta salad!

Whips out fork and ranch dressing

Ai de dios! I leave to go get cervezas and just look at the chaos!

It's so ... beautiful!

Yo me gusta chaos!

Cobb Slaad wrote:
Potato Slaad wrote:
Cobb Slaad wrote:
Potato Slaad wrote:
Cobb Slaad wrote:
If it's left on ice, it'll keep.
Maybe we should get T-shirts made up with that logo.
Let's ask Hugo to design one.
We'll have to pay him with food. I don't have any money.
We'll give him the Taco Slaad. I think he'll like that.

Hay! That's not nice! Maybe he like Cobb Slaad instead.

Ah picnics! My favorite thing of all!

Buenos nachos! Is this where the slaads are gathering?

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