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More hassle than it may be worth

**( )( )( )

I got the plastic, pre-painted bendy dungeon walls and so far there has not been 1 smooth fitting with these magnetic adapters. Each base has had to be manhandled and deformed to fit. Clipping off one lip of the adapter seems to be far more efficient way of fitting these things, and when you have a minimum of 55 walls t're looking at a serious commitment. I've had to use a good amount of superglue affixing the magnets to the base and then securing the base to the walls. I am going to recieve the metal cave walls soon, which may be more compatible with these bases, but so far it seems they just made the bases a hair too small to fit snugly. Brilliant concept, but in my experience, missing the mark

Our Price: $4.00


Keep on slinging lil guy


The skin tone of the mini i recieved was closer to black than i expected from the product preview, but it helps distinguish it among a throng of tightly packed reptilians. Wish there were more left, i'd get more for sure

Our Price: $6.00


NOT a Large miniature! Medium

****( )

The paintjob on this mini was a bit too opaque for my shadow/spirit creature needs.The application of a small, sharp knife blade scraped accross all the raised surfaces was able to reveal a cool looking, clear plastic shadow mastif. Leaving just enough detail left to make it smokey translucent, this is a great mini with just a few minutes of blade work

Our Price: $13.00


Why did it have to be snakes?

****( )

This Huge fella is exactly what you expect of an unholy Anathema, dynamic, imposing and probably a bit insane. Sure, the green paint with a haphazard black wash isn't going to win any awards, but if you can put 10 minutes into some touchup work(teeth,eyes)the piece really stands out. When you buy the Anathema, you hopefulyl have a good idea of how many times he/she/it is gonna manifest - i plan on using it once in-game and for the price, im satisfied

Add PFRPG $10.99

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great for large groups

****( )

I am using this deck on a D&D 4E game and though some of the effects have to be reworded, my players are enjoying these. These cards certainly have shortened long combat encounters with great fun for all.

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