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If a barbarian with 12 Str can take power attack based on being able to rage for x rounds per day, and thus qualify, then a monk who has it as a Ki power for X rounds a day can do the same thing. (I am currently looking for the link to that thread, as it was clarified that he could take the feat but only use it while raging)

However, like I said, the monk could only use the feats with PA as a prereq on rounds that he burned ki for PA as well.

It would fall under the same logical conclusion as the Barbarian with 12 Strength taking the Power Attack feat. Yes, he can have it. It only functions while raging.

So, for the Monk, if he spent the Ki to activate power attack for a round, he could use feats that have Power Attack as a pre-req for a round.

Look at all the descriptions in the last 4 editions of DnD (which is what pathfinder is from, DnD 3.5). ctions-mace-flail-and.html

Bull... at higher levels its a great discovery.

past level 10, 10-20 HP per damage spell is equivalent to False Life, and recharges everytime you blast again.

Our RotRL wizard took this, and at 12 he's got more HP than our Magus and Inquisitor normally, and approaching our fighter and paladin.

Also, since sneak attack dice are added to the attack that generated them, and considered the same type of damage, I would say it would stack.

Even on the most viable build for this, it's maybe 4-5 points as an arcane trickster.

The reason the Morningstar example doesn't make sense is because of multiple looks/weapons being called by that name.

There is one depiction of a Morningstar as a spiked ball on the end of a metal or wooden shaft. (a mace, but called a Morningstar when you put all the spikes on it).

There is another depiction of a Morningstar as a spiked metal ball on a 8in-16inch chain, attached to a 12inch metal or wooden haft.(which most call a flail in this system).

We have a case of lots of writers all listing the names of every medieval weapon they can think of and not knowing that some of them were the same weapon called different things by different societies/times.

Int 20 gets him 2 1st level spells and one 2nd.

Sorcerer gets 3 spell, plus 2 first for stat. CL for sorc is 5, (1, 2 for magical knack, 2 for spell spec). So, 5/day at CL 5, 3 missles.

Wizard 4, 5 1st level slots, 3 2nd level slots. If he used a wizard slot, it will be at CL 6, so still 3 missles.

Now, he can also make any wizard spell slot a Magic Missle as a full-round action.

The basics of the argument seem to be, you can only be distracted by a consequence you know about.
If you don't know about it, by definition it cannot distract you because it doesn't exist in your world.

So, the monster in ambush, cannot distract you from taking 10 because until you notice it (after a successful perception check, which you could take 10 on).

Once you notice it, we are in a surprise (or not, if everyone noticed it) round. At that point, no more taking 10.

But the roll to see if you spot the ambush has to be made before the distractions, since the only distraction you are using to justify NOT taking ten is the ambush itself.

Before the monster jumps out, yes you can take 10, even if it is 5ft from you. The monster jumping out is it's first action in the surprise round, after you have failed to see it. Now, most people let the monster jump out for free, then roll initiative, which is why this argument is going on.

NOTE: Weird Words has been errata'd per the FAQ. It was a long complaint session that had a valid point (attack roll + damage roll + save for half, ten times as a standard) that resulted in the new nerfing.

Now, it works like a sonic scorching ray. You get 1 ray at 6th, and another at 8th, 12th, etc. They are sonic damage, only add damage bonuses once per target, and cost 1 round of performance per word.

It's still awesome damage for performance rounds, but not nearly as good as it was, although with all of them being subject to DR separately before it is kind of a wash.

If you are a Mysterious Stranger, you don't need the Quick Clear Deed, just take the spell Jury-Rig and good to go (most combats don't last longer than the spell, at which point you can repair it normally. Bonus Points if you use an Unseen Servant to reload for you to save you the Rapid Reload feat for a few levels.

Check the list for the Monstrous Physique spells, all the Monstrous Humanoids that go large (at MP2) none have pounce at all, even though if they did you could get it. I was EXTREMELY disappointed with it when I got it in my RotRL game.

Undead Anatomy is a better list at that point until MP3 or MP4.

On a side note, I said cast while raging earlier when I really meant spellcombat while getting the bloodrager bloodline benefits. I know it's not a real rage, but it still costs a lot to keep up for combats, a swift and an arcane point every 2 turns.

Especially on a swift action starved class.

Spell Like Abilities used to qualify for Arcane Strike, but they have changed the rules for that.

If you want to focus on self buffing, take the Dawnflower Dervish, gives you Dervish Dance for free and your performances grant double bonus but only to you. Means Scimitar and Pistol, no weapon finesse feat needed to get dex to damage with melee, and Pistolero will give it to you for guns later. If you take Mysterious Stranger, you can add Cha instead, but that is for more bard focused builds.

It lets you get the Sword and Pistol feel very easily, and is a blast to play (I have a Mysterious Stranger 1/Dawnflower Dervish 4 in PFS right now).

If you plan to take 6 levels of bard at least, add the Sound Striker archetype as well and get yourself a +1 Conductive Pistol, so that you can spend 2 rounds to channel a sonic version of scorching ray through the gun when you need to lay down serious hurt.

If you are planning to stay mostly Gunslinger, then just pick up the Jury Rig spell for misfires, since the Mysterious Stranger loses the quick clear deed.

At low levels (before rapid reload) use an unseen servant to reload for you.

I suggest you seriously consider this style since you have chosen a dex/cha race, so getting wis high enough for really using grit for the up close and deadly deed is gonna leave you short somewhere.

Yeah...Flying Blade swashbuckler gets level to damage at 3 within 60ft with thrown dagger or starknife.

Enough skills to still be good, grab some rogue or ninja with it and stack on more.

That whole can of worms is caused by some extrapolations from the devs not wanting to errata the defending weapon property.

They said for that weapon to give you an AC bonus you have to make an attack with it, while the text only said wielding, which has caused a bunch of other corner cases to make no sense.

For the record, it is legal to qualify for feats based on limited time with the requirements.

There is somewhere a faq that a barbarian with a 12 str can take the power attack feat, but only use it while raging.

This would be an identical case, they can take the feat with martial flexibility provided they are enlarged, if the enlarge was dispelled they would lose the feat access.

They work, they just don't work like most people expect a magus, since they can't cast while raging until later, and it costs a swift action and an arcane point every 2 rounds.

It's a completely different playstyle, and completely foreign to most of the shocking-grasp spam FTW magus proponents.

Check the CRB FAQ on this very sight about the options for attacking with multiple weapons without TWF. It spells it out clearly.

It is a grey area in the rules so far as the threaten with the sword and attack with the whip. Most people won't let you take AoO's with a weapon that doesn't threaten, but it isn't spelled out. However, remember that a whip attack provokes if they threaten you, so without those feats he gets hit back anytime he attacks with a whip against an adjacent target.

Except the scizore is in the close weapons group, which brawlers get bonuses with.

So, penalizing them for using a weapon they are given is kind of a dick move as well.

Playing a Bladebound Hexcrafter Magus in RotRL right now, never had any problems with damage.

I took Flamboyant Arcana and Arcane Deed: Precise Strike Deed at 6th (2 arcana with FCB for 6 levels) and just took it again for the deed that gives evasion, uncanny dodge, and imp uncanny dodge at level 12.

If you are going dex based, you don't want to enlarge ever. It will hurt your attack and damage. Use Longarm for reach, especially if you are playing an eldritch Scion magus and use the Arcane bloodline instead for free buffs you don't have to cast.

Also, if you have a Panache pool from Flamboyant arcana, get the Swordmaster's Flair (2500g) that gives you +5ft reach for 1 minute, and a Plume of Panache (1000g) each to power it.

Amatuer Swashbuckler feat is good for this build, as it gives you a separate pool of panache that refills on crits, which your pool from Flamboyant arcana does not.

1: Yes. He can, it's pretty much the same as buying a buckler, with the caveat that you can attack with it (d10) but take a -1 to hit.

2: You only trigger TWF penalties when you get more attacks than your BAB gives you, no matter how many actual weapons you hit with. Example, with +16 BAB, you could wear a dwarven boulder helmet, hold a mace in one hand, an axe in the other, and spiked armor, and attack with all 4 in the same round once each with no TWF penalties.

2b: No, you can make attacks of opportunity with anything, but keep in mind he has to have 2 feats to threaten with the whip, otherwise he can't make AoOs with it.

2c: Yes, although if he uses the whip as his 2nd attack the trip uses his 2nd iterative attack bonus not the full one.

@ LazarX The scizore is not like a defending weapon, wearing it gives you a shield bonus. Using it to attack loses the shield bonus and gives a -1 on attacks as well.

You take the feat that counts you 4 higher for wild shape, and you are all good.

Buy a wand of Enlarge Person(750g). Get a cracked Purple Ioun Stone (2000g)

Now, you can enlarge whenever you like (though the full round activation applies). Bonus, get 2 stones and put Shield in another one for use with 2 handed weapon.

Alternately, carry a potion of Enlarge person around with you, costs 50g but only takes a standard action instead. Get Sandals of Quick Reaction to do that in surprise rounds along with moving.

I would recommend the Arcanist actually. Slower spell progression (like the sorcerer) but with the flexibility of a wizard in spells known.

You also have the option to have both a bloodline and a arcane school in the same class without a dip, and can also be a white mage with healing spells.

at 3rd level, as a human, you can be throwing around DC 20 saves for any school, and if you want to blast you can do that while still having spells prepped for utility.

Witch is also wonderful, but suffer from the spell list and hex list when it comes to anything that is mind-affecting (many of them are immune).

Full buff or debuff caster can be done with a bard. I have one in PFS that wrecks a lot of modules, Dirge Bard with a level dip into Crossblooded Serpentine/Fey sorcerer.

All his enchantment compulsions have +2 DC, and work on corporeal undead, beasts, magical beasts, and Monstrous Humanoids as if they were humanoids who shared a language.

Notable moments, level 2 sleeping a room full of skeletons. Level 6 charm person on a Dire Lion (before combat started, and with a wand of speak with animals it was a 6 hour bodyguard). Level 8 Charm Person on a Bullette, had it follow us through the module and Landshark the BBEG. Hold Person on undead, harpies, whatever. Most of the Bard offensive spells are compulsions, so built full caster with focus/gr focus they are insane. Piercing Rod gets through SR, and since I chose to dump strength my unseen servant carries everything for me.

The buffs are as follows: Good Hope(precast, minutes per level), +2 to rolls. Inspire Courage, +2 to rolls (move action). Haste +1 attack and other benefits (standard). At level 9, I took Improved Dirge of Doom and now I Blistering Invective (-2 rolls enemies) and Dirge of Doom (upgrade to frightened so they run or cower) if that looks like a better setup.

Masterpieces are also Amazing (assuming Human or Scion of Humanity Aasimar to use the FCB to get them with spells known). Low level Triple Time, +10 ft movement to allies for hours per 1 round of performance, so med/heavy armor is full speed. There's one that makes people nauseated, there's one that forces a concentration check or you are staggered (cast that on a martial and they have to roll a base die and beat your DC with no caster level/stat to add).

Depends on if you are still going to be in desert type terrain through the campaign.

If you are, Desert Druid archetype or Desert Domain, or vermin (centipede/beetle) companions are fitting.

I would use the World Walker Archetype, and qualify for Horizon Walker with it without Ranger levels.

It would represent someone who was having to learn to cope in every environment, since his home was lost to him, seeking to adapt to anything.

Embrace the lore of the Half-Elf more than the lore of Rahadoum as time goes on, someone who doesn't really belong with man or elf.

Even if you don't take the Desert Domain, those spells are built for the fluff you want.

A couple of the similar options have language that says they have to know what you are (i.e. make a spellcraft/Know(arcana) check) to see you are casting arcane spells as opposed to divine.

I would give them spellcraft/know arcana as class skills (replacing Know(nature) and Survival), and giving the tracking bonus to those skills instead, and make it a ranger archetype ability.

Inquisitor already has that with the Iconoclast, Spellbreaker, and Witch Hunter archetypes, as well as with the Spellkiller Inquisition.

Make them more like adrenaline shots.

When used, they get the effects of attended bed rest complete with 2x(level+con) hp, and since he's a cleric(because magic) we'll even say they give half spell slots back (like PoP, only ones cast that day, so you don't have wizards changing everything with a shot), or other expendables (Ki, Channels, Arcane Pool, X per day abilities, etc). But downside is, a fort save after 24 hours or be exhausted (save makes fatigued) for 24 hours. That means even if they manage to hold over a couple, they can't be used to break encounters down the road.

Drop a couple 1st level wands with 5-12 charges in the mix, and you should cover everyone who has expendable resources.

Then, you can have a really epic running battle without someone being useless halfway through.

The point of the 17th level ability is to remove the penalties for cover, or to take advantage of flanking bonuses.

You can absolutely do it earlier, per the Returning Shield ability, but you take cover penalties and the range penalties from your starting point to the first bounce and then to the new target.

The 17th level ability lets you gain flanking bonuses, and remove cover penalties, for something you could already do, as well as allowing ranged attacks vs creatures with total concealment so long as you have the 50% miss chance.

In your example, you could target the wall (AC 5 or whatever) with the first attack, and the enemy with the second, so long as you still take the cover penalty (should be -4 for the wall) and the range penalty for the whole distance from you to wall and wall to enemy on the second bounce (which if I'm counting correctly on that should be 50ft.)

So, attack wall at AC 5 with a 30ft range penalty (-2, 20ft range with far shot and 2nd increment) and then attack enemy AC with -4 for cover from the wall and -4 range penalty for 3rd increment 50ft range.

Mark, I understand that it wouldn't let a single rogue stack multiple versions, the text specifically disallows that.

The situation of multiple rogues doing the different penalties, (one type per rogue) is where I see the conflicting ruling.

If you really want, there's an Ioun Stone for 1000 or 1500 that gives you prof in a weapon, so you could easily do that at 10th level if you need the crit range that much.

Mark, since you chimed in on this:

Why wouldn't this ability be classified the same as the Evil Eye Hex for a witch?

PRD Evil Eye (Su) wrote:
: The witch can cause doubt to creep into the mind of a foe within 30 feet that she can see. The target takes a –2 penalty on one of the following (witch's choice): AC, ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks. This hex lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the witch's Intelligence modifier. A Will save reduces this to just 1 round. This is a mind-affecting effect. At 8th level the penalty increases to –4

You can apply that same Hex, from the same witch, (which no one can argue isn't the same source), once for saves, once for AC, once for attacks, and they all apply a -2 at the same time to the same target?

APG FAQ wrote:

Witch, Evil Eye Hex: Can I use this hex more than once on a target?

Yes. As long as you apply a different penalty with each use of the hex (AC, ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks), you can have multiple penalties on the same target. Applying the same hex penalty to a target just resets the duration to the most recent use of the hex.

Example: On round 1, you hex the target's AC. On round 2, you hex the target's attack rolls, so the target now has two evil eye hexes on it. On round 3, you hex the target's saving throws, so it now has three evil eye hexes on it. On round 4, you hex its AC again, resetting the duration of the AC-hex (which does not add an additional –2 penalty to its AC). The same thing would happen if two witches were using evil eye on the same target--as long as each evil eye hex applied a penalty to a different thing, they'd all apply.

This doesn't violate the general rule for stacking penalties--each evil eye effect is basically a different source, even though they stem from the evil eye hex (the evil eye hex is much like 5 separate weak hexes under a common umbrella). In the same way that multiple castings of bestow curse on the same target should stack as long as they do different things (penalize Strength, penalize Dex, penalize attack rolls, take no action, and so on), multiple uses of the evil eye hex stack as long as they're targeting different game statistics.


The text of the ability calls out that the same rogue can't stack penalties to multiple things, but a different rogue should be ruled a fresh case based on prior rulings.

To rule differently in this case seems like a knee-jerk reaction to the fresh rogue changes, since the other ruling has been in play since July of 2011, and the spell Bestow Curse targeting different penalties since release.

The rogue finally got some love (one class ability that stacked 3 talents together) and people are going nuts.

If you like your party, giving them Pack Flanking with Tactician is great to nova 1/day.

OR with the Ring of Tactical Precision for your favorite rogue/magus/3/4 BAB class party member.

Oil of Daylight (not exactly a potion... but close enough)

Especially in PFS where they cost only 2PP at low levels that's great.

Touch of the Sea can be a lifesaver (provided you can get it out and drink it)


I'll 2nd the low level cure, delay poison, lesser restoration, etc.

Hell, for that matter, antitoxin/antiplague are awesome when you know you're going into some place nasty.

Oil of Bless weapon at low levels is a must if you are in a demon/devil heavy location.

kyrt-ryder wrote:

You've never had a 'friend' that leeched and leeched and leeched off of you, living at your house, eating your food and taking everything he could convince you to give while giving nothing in return?

It's just like that, only attached to your body.

Careful, that describes many a gamer.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

Probably call for a handle animal check.

Or give the dolphins a linguistics check.

Bonuses if you in any way resemble a beach ball.

All of a sudden I had this image of a school of dolphins playing keep away with a bloatmage under the effects of feather fall...

Halfling Hunter 10/Beast Rider Cavalier 2
Order of the Cockatrice

Str 14 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 12

Small Cat advanced to Medium size (could also go big cat, but lose free trips and Str vs Dex build for bodyguard) With Bodyguard archetype and Weapon Finesse, Combat Reflexes, Bodyguard, Imp Trip, Greater Trip

1: Cav 1; Combat Expertise, Pack Flanking (Tactician)
2: Hun 1; Animal Focus
3: Hun 2; Outflank (free) Imp Share Spells Teamwork feat(Bodyguard loses this, have to get it back)
4: Hun 3; Escape Route (no provoke AoO's from movement while mounted)
5: Cav 2; Dazzling Display (free), Lookout Teamwork (AC bodyguard always acts in surprise round, now you both probably get full round in surprise round)
6: Hun 4;
7: Hun 5; Power Attack
8: Hun 6; Tandem Trip (roll twice and take better for AC free trips)
9: Hun 7; Combat Reflexes
10: Hun 8; Animal Focus boost
11: Hun 9; Stealth Synergy (max this on AC), Harder They Fall Teamwork (if you use Aid another on attack, they can trip 2 sizes larger)
12: Hun 10;

Now, you and AC roll stealth together and use highest roll/mods, you never provoke AoO from movement while mounted, while mounted you get a +4 to hit for you and AC, you always act in surprise rounds and normally get a full round instead of just a standard, the AC gets to roll twice and take the better for the free trip, and if it trips you both get AoOs, you can give the whole party Pack Flanking 1/day, to share the love.
If they attack mount, you roll a ride check to negate. If they attack you, the mount bodyguards as an AoO. With all the bonuses to hit you have, you can fight defensively pretty much all the time.
Mount also gets to take skirmisher tricks, (Vengeance Strike, Chameleon Step, Upending Strike (if you go big cat with no trip), Tangling attack, etc.) All great choices.

You Want Paired Opportunists (+4 AoOs when the trip works) and Wall of Flesh, so that your mount gets another size increase for tripping.

You do need an Agile AoMF for the AC (but that is standard for dex builds) and a +1 Menacing weapon will add another +2 to hit while mounted for both you and AC.

Take Taunt Feat to use bluff instead of intimidate for demoralize, and no size penalty if you want to focus on that debuff with Dazzling Display.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I made a Lore Warden 3/Archivist Bard with a whip focus, played him kinda like Steve Irwin, crocodile hunter, "See that there... that's a Bearded Devil. The most dangerous Devil at our APL. Poke him with a blessed or silver stick. That'll really make him mad!"

Some liked it... others hated it, but a lot of fun.

I have a Dirge Bard, I play Type O or some other Emo stuff when he performs, with Blistering Invective followed by a move/swift Dirge of Doom (and Imp Dirge of Doom, everyone runs or cries in a corner).

I dropped a level of Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger onto a Dervish bard, he plays completely different going Dex based Sword and Pistol style (with an unseen servant to reload for him because why not save the feat). Would also have worked with Spellscar Drifter Cavalier, depending on if you want to go a 2nd level for challenge and an order, possibly Cockatrice for Dazzling Display for free as a standard.

However, some blog posts and such have hinted that this may be errata'd in the new printing, along about a thousand other things that were poorly edited in the ACG.

Single/two level Dip into Beastrider Cavalier, and then Hunter.

Halfling with a wolf to start, then going to a small cat when the cat turns medium for free trips on top of everything else.

1: Cav 1: Combat Expertise, Pack Flanking (Tactician, so you can let everyone flank while adjacent in the future)
2: Hunter1: Animal Focus on your Mount, +2 Str.
3: Hunter2: Outflank +2 hit, Always flanking while mounted due to pack Flanking, Mounted Combat
4: Hunter3: Escape Route Now you and AC never provoke while mounted due to movement, as you are both always in each others threatened area
5: Hunter4: Tandem Trip or Topple Foe
6: Hunter5:
7: Hunter6: Lookout, the one you didn't take at level 5

Now, you and mount have +4 to hit, can move anywhere without provoking, can both act in the surprise round, and probably have a good chance at a full round instead of a standard, roll twice on mounts free trip attacks and take the higher, and get an additional +2 to trips.

When you can enlarge around level 8/9, wolf or cat goes up to large size so giants will be fine later. You can negate a single attack on your mount with a ride check, which should be great because dex. Get a 8k Menacing(UE) weapon for another +2 on all attacks while mounted.

If you can deal without Share Spells, give the Companion the Bodyguard archetype (have to make sure you are willing to give up personal spells on the AC) and Combat Reflexes and Bodyguard, so it can give you +4 AC as an AoO. At 3rd level, it always acts in surprise round, so lookout always procs for a full round action.

A cat has around a 20 dex, so plenty of AoOs, give it Imp/Greater trip, and now you and it also get to AoO anything it trips.

You don't do a ton of damage, it doesn't do a ton of damage, but it always hits, and gives you 4pts of AC all day. You get to negate hits on it, and both of you just synergize death.

You should TWF with Spiked gauntlets, and have +1 Menacing Armor Spikes. (+2 to flanking bonus on creatures you threaten).

A Cruel Weapon if you have anyone doing shaken effects, Furious Weapon for anyone with rage (+1 Furious weapon is +3 when raging, which you should really always be).

Yup. The scene in Reservoir dogs where he is dancing to the song and cutting off the guys ear is wicked as hell.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

One of my favorite campaigns over the years was sandbox, it spanned 6 groups of players over 12 real years.

The world, was set, and the total time in game was 250 years.

The world events, from typical kingdom warfare to unimaginable catastrophe were already set on a timeline before we started playing each party.

Typically, the GM for this game had 3 major plotlines, all running at once. The PC's could impact one heavily, one moderately, and the other not really at all. We chose the plotline that our characters were most intrigued by in game, and that set where, when, and what direction that particular story arc did.

Later, after that story arc had ended, we advanced 10-50 years, and saw the world change based on what we stopped, and which plot we decided was the lesser evil.

It was Epic, playing through a story where you heard legends (sometimes accurate, more often not) about your last couple batches of characters, and how they were heroes or villans depending on the choices you made.

Have lots of base encounters, different monster mixes, random encounter type stuff.
Scavenge things from PFS scenarios if you have them and don't have time to work up a random at that particular level.
Make the monsters believable in the surroundings.
Don't be afraid to mess with the players by adding +6 to everything a normal goblin band has, when they find a goblin encounter at mid level.
Throw weird things like fire/cold/etc subtypes on randomly (you are the GM, still balanced for their level).
Make sure they have to fight something between level 2-4 that they have to run from because it is too powerful, so that they can come back and kill it at level 8 for a sense of vengeance.

Slayer is Ranger Combat feats/favored terrain, and rogue sneak attack/talents, all with full d10 and full bab.

If you want to throw them, Flying Blade Swashbuckler is an awesome option.

3rd level unchained knifemaster rogue, and rest Flying Blade Swashbuckler. Dex and Cha, some Con and Wis. Int/Str not needed.

If you are only worried about darkness, just make sure and play PFS scenario The Wounded Wisp and spend the 2pp on the custom item you get in that scenario. It handles everything up to deeper darkness, and the scenario is replayable.

Wild Caller gives up a lot for what you get, countersong just by itself has saved more games for us than I can count, what with harpies, varguiolles, etc.

Giving up versatile performance, jack of all trades, bardic knowledge, dirge of doom, and inspire competence, and getting 1 ranger/druid spell every 3 levels, and animal focus that only applies to one person until level 10, is kinda weak.

I used a Dirge bard for my PFS bard, being able to affect undead with some basic enchantments was awesome. I also dipped a level of sorcerer with mine to get crossblooded fey/serpentine for beasts, magical beasts, and monstrous humanoids as humanoids for enchantments.

With Inspire courage, haste, and blistering invective (AoE fire and intimidate), you can be pretty awesome.

A Dex/cha race is a good choice for either slashing grace or dervish dance, so you are good there.

Ranger is the best list to grab for 1st and 2nd level spells, since they get some higher ones pretty early. Melee, lead blades. Ranged, gravity bow. Resist energy at levels 1-4 is pretty much immunity, as damage is generally low. Stone call is 2nd level for ranger, and makes a lot of fights better, but affects allies too unless you grab Feather Step. Fickle winds at 3rd level is pretty much win against ranged enemies. Aqueous Orb at level 3 druid, is a fun game.

But, unless you are planning on getting Cha sky-high, saving throw spells for bards are fairly weak based on the slower spell progression and MAD stats.

This pretty much screams Inquisitor with a repeating crossbow, so you dont' have to worry about str at all, (other than carrying weight) or the rapid reload feat.

Use the Sacred Huntmaster archetype to get a full druid companion and the hunter animal focus and teamwork synergy, and go to town.

I have one in play, and at level 5 he just got bane, and with the 2 ranged attack teamwork feats (one gives bonus if my AC is attacking the target I shoot, other gives even more if he is flanking it as well) he's a beast.

Yeah, it should work just fine.

You take your action to point out to them that they should hurry up and move, so they do.

Take the Sacred Huntmaster Inquisitor archetype instead, it gives up judgement (which is cool) for a full hunter AC complete with animal focus and teamwork synergy (and inquisitor gets teamwork feats too).

Now you have skills, magic, full druid AC, teamwork feats, and BANE.

That plus inquisitors get conversion that gives Wis to bluff, so you need a little dex, some str, and wisdom.

It also saves the argument with wis as a saving throw stat.

Str 14, Dex 14 Con 13 Int 10 Wis 15 Cha 10. Increase wis at 4, con at 8, (you'll want the HP at that point). Buy a WIS Headband and a STR belt.

Use animal focus for Str until you get your belt, use Outflank and Pack Flanking to get the best bonus on attacks, buy some menacing armor spikes (8000g, or a 4000g Menacing AOMF for the wolf)to boost that another +2 to hit when flanking (which in this case is when mounted, or always, for a total +6 to hit, which also works applies to the mount).

If you want the debuff, Blistering Invective is a spell that does the same thing and catches them on fire (the reflex save being made after they are intimidated, so at a -2).

You decide to cast defensively whenever you cast a spell as a free action as part of casting, you roll concentration.

You should have a +12 from level, at least a 18 int by this level for a +4, and a free +2 from casting during spell combat. That gives you a +18 on concentration checks. even on a roll of 1, that succeeds for 1st and 2nd level spells. They don't auto fail on a 1.

I would buy some Spellguard Bracers (5k, +2 concentration, 3/day roll twice on a concentration and take the higher) to get you to a 21 even on a 1, which means 3rd levels spells are auto success.

If you do need to cast a 4th level spell in close combat, then you can use the bracers to roll twice, or take a -2 to hit (on top of the normal spell combat -2) to make sure you don't mess up.

once you hit 10th level a magus should never have to worry about concentration checks from casting defensively, unless you have very low Int.

You can absolutely attack with unarmed strikes at the same time as a 2 handed weapon.

The FAQ mentioned specifies Armor spikes and a Spiked gauntlet.

The Spiked gauntlet is easy, since it is on a hand, and your hand was on the 2 handed weapon. However, the armor spikes bit was not well received.

However, Unarmed strikes, Boot Blades, Barbezu Beards, and Dwarven Boulder Helmets do not use hands, and can be used to two-weapon fight at the same time as a 2-handed weapon. You take appropriate penalties (-2 on all attacks if you have the TWF feat, -6 with the 2handed weapon and -10 on the unarmed strike if you don't have the TWF feat)

Your unarmed strikes also get only half strength modifier to damage when TWF (barring certain feats and abilities).

That's like asking if Weapon Focus (Bastardsword) only works when you hold it one handed and not when used 2 handed (which makes it a martial weapon).

If you are using a weapon you have weapon focus in, regardless of how, you get the +1.

You only advance one class with your Dragon Disciple caster levels, not both.

So, you would be a level 1 sorc and level 6 blood conduit, or level 2 sorc and level 5 blood conduit.

DD 2 gives you one floating arcane caster level to assign to either class as you choose, but once you pick one DD will always advance that class from then on.

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