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I'm currently playing a Ninja/Swashbuckler Kitsune with the Fast Shifter race trait and Realistic Likeness feat.

As a move action, turn into anyone you have seen as with a +10 bonus on Disguise.

20pt buy:
Str 10(12), Dex 18(16, 20 with +2 belt) Con 14 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 16(14)

At level 4 I have Ninja 1/Swashbuckler 4 (planning on Swashbuckler 5/Ninja 7 for PFS), at +10 doing d8+9 (18-20x2). Weapon Focus(katana), Slashing Grace, Combat Reflexes, Realistic Likeness feats.

I have a +21 to impersonate someone I have seen with disguise, so a base 31 just taking 10.
I have Sleeves of Many Garments, to make sure my clothes are exactly what I need, (200g), and a +19 acrobatics to tumble around an enemy to get the flank for my sneak attack(1.5x800g for 1200g added to the Belt of Dex to get the benefit of Belt of Tumbling as well). Mithril Chain shirt and Darkwood Buckler gets him to AC 21, start adding AC from there pretty easy for fairly cheap.
You can later get Elven Chain for 5150 g, +6 armor with +6 max dex if you need it that is always light armor.

He's charismatic, has plenty of skills to have some social and knowledges, and makes a decent face character as well as doing decent damage.

Lore Warden Fighter is a good 5 level dip, loses some sneak attack but gets you 4 feats, all int based skills as class skills, some CMB/CMD bonuses, and access to Gloves of Dueling and Weapon training for another +3/+3 attack and damage.

Also, as mentioned above, Slayer gets Ranger Combat Style feats as talent choices, with more BAB and better saves, losing some skill points and sneak attack dice.

I would personally put it in a wayfinder just to be safe. An extra 500g insurance policy (or 250g for PFS, if you don't play the scenarios that get you one for free).

The ARG is the only one that is restricted to being the race that the feat/spell is listed in the section of.

Other books are not restricted as such, and that was mostly because of Paragon Surge when the ARG came out.


If one of the major issues was burn out or replayability, such as players (several in my area) who have played/run pretty much anything but the newest scenario this month, then a better solution is this:

Any chronicles applied to a level 12+ character are available for replay.

This opens up scenarios to players after the character who also has that same chronicle is "Retired".

Should be easy to add a button to the character reporting to do this.

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The problem in this case is the part that says he only counts his levels as fighter levels for the bonus feats when gained from his warpriest bonus feat choices.

At Fighter 1/ Warpriest 3, yes, he could take Wpn Spec. At Warpriest 3/ Fighter 1, he can't, as his fighter bonus feat.

This runs into a situation that they have explicitly tried to avoid, where you have 2 characters with the same classes and levels and the same number of feats where one has something the other can't have.

The ACG is one of the worst edited books they have come out with, so there are lots of places where this happens.

There should probably be a line that says they stack with fighter levels, now that you can multiclass with the parent classes which you couldn't do in the original version.

They had to do the same thing for the Armor training for another class, so that if you have it from multiple classes they stack.

As it stands, however, it would not work for the OP.

And make sure you get a Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier for the Luck bonus to AC

Since there is a feat/ability that lets you take a 5ft step and continue to use whirlwind against targets that were not originally in reach, then normally you cannot do so.

When you declare that you are starting a whirlwind attack, you set the total targets.

You may make one attack against each target you threaten at that time.

If you want to argue that you threaten with both IUS/Armor Spikes/etc. at 5' and your reach weapon at 10', I would allow it, because they are within reach.

Also, technically, the TWF rules do not apply to this situation, as you are not TWF (which is it's own full round action, the Full-Attack Action, different from the full round action Whirlwind Attack).

I would even let you 5ft step if you can an attack the people who were adjacent to you to start with using your reach weapon, since per the rules, "You can take a 5ft step anytime during your turn, even between attacks."

That is the rules version, and since I primarily play PFS, I have to use that.

I think personally though, that they never thought up a corner case like this when writing/describing the Whirlwind attack feat, and it was only ever considered by the designers to be one attack with one weapon against all the enemies that you threatened with that one weapon.

32. Mine carries all my stuff for my STR <10 casters.

33. It fetches different wands/rods/potions for me so I don't provoke in combat. (yes, one AOE and it's gone, but I have like 7xday with my bard who almost never uses 1st level spells now)

34. I have used one to pour poison into food/drink while sneakily observing an enemy camp.

35. Carry a catnip/scent items when confronted with animals/pets.

My witch/Monk does d3+13 with her acid splash or ray of frost, (cantrip from another list as SLA trait) and Kirin Style / Kirin Strike.

Takes a couple rounds, but normally firing cantrips is the 3rd round in anyways after a hex and buffing.

PFS thinks the Primal Companion Hunter is so amazing it's banned.

I would go Abberant Bloodline Bloodrager, to get reach at 4th. Once you can enlarge, you and your flanking buddy pet and hunter are a set of death machines. Wield a Falchion 2 handed and get the Crit-AoO set of teamwork feats. Now, you pass out extra AoOs to them when you crit. Keen weapon by level 5 ish should get you a full supply of AoOs.

I played one of a pair of hunters with wolves. We both went the Archery route, and took the archery teamwork feats. Now, we get +3 to hit anything our pets threaten, +4 if they flank, and if they get an AoO (here come trip and greater trip for the pets) we get a free shot. Wounded Paw Gambit does for archery what Broken wing Gambit does for melee. Combat reflexes, 18+ dex each, and we still run out of AoOs in combat because we proc so many.

Between that and rapid fire, we pretty much owned everything up to level 7.

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Dancing lights in humanoid form looks like a small fire elemental to people without knowledge skills. That does a lot.

Prestidigitation kept a scent bomb from working (cleaned the character who was hit) which kept the enemy from tracking as easy.

Sift has been instrumental in not setting off a ton of traps, or waking up some creatures in a refuse filled room.

Arcane Mark has been used several times on no-magic NPC's as has Brand to show them they are cursed until they help us.

When in any crypt or tomb, or anywhere Undead are suspected, our sorc hits every body with Disrupt Undead, if it doesn't get up and move we can safely approach.

Stabilize is a life saver literally, most people forget its range, for when the healer can't move close enough.

My Bard used Lullaby extensively at low levels, the penalty for sleep saves and the perception penalty are awesome. Just cast it 5-6 times, they should roll low at least once.

The major benefit is that Great Cleave is a Standard action, not a full round like whirlwind attack. So you can do this after moving.

Lol... now, just to throw a wrench in...

if he happens to be a dwarf with Goblin Cleaver and Orc Hewer, they no longer have to be adjacent, only in reach and his size....

A much more fun version of whirlwind attack since it is at your highest BAB (which usually always hits) and doesn't take dodge mobility and spring attack to get.

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Half-Races are not supposed to get nearly all the benefits of the parent, normally you can choose between a couple of weaker versions but not get them all at the same time. Here is a balanced (normal Aasimar/Tiefling race point spread) version that gets most of it, with options for the other things you included at the beginning.


Native Outsider (3RP)
Base Speed 30ft
Abilities: +2 Str +2 Cha -2 Int
Standard Language
Celestial Resistances (5 Acid Cold Electricity)(3RP)
Natural Attack: Claws x2 (2RP)
Pyromaniac: Can cast Dancing Lights, Flare, and Prestidigitation each 1/day. If they have a Charisma of 11 or higher, they can cast Produce Flame 1/day. (3RP)
Stalker: Perception and Stealth class skills. (1RP)

Total: 12 Race pts.

Getting 3 primary natural attacks requires feats for any balanced race, or you can get one as a secondary for a trait. Having all 3 in a base playable race makes them extremely more powerful at levels up to 7, and on par until level 14 or so.

Alternate traits:

Stalker can be traded for Pride Leader: Intimidate/Sense Motive as class skills.
Celestial Resist can be traded for the SR Vs evil outsiders you had originally, but not both.

Trade the SLA for the bite would be the other option for more physical.
Trade the Natural attacks for extra uses per day of the SLAs (1 extra on all the cantrips, or 1 more produce flame, but not both for more magicky).

Option for feats from the catfolk race like sprinter, sharp claw, etc. Option for Tiefling feat Nat Armor (call it Thick Hide or such).
Option for expanded racial spellcasting feats like Kitsune get, pick spells the Leonal get starting at lowest and going up. Have to take lower before you can get the higher.

Klar is listed as a 1 handed martial slashing weapon in UE.

It qualifies just fine for slashing grace.

Originally it was likely that the Plume of Panache was tied to a specific deed, but they wanted to make it more like a Pearl of Power for Panache users and removed that without closely re-reading the left over text.

That is my opinion at least, but with some of the other last minute changes and poor editing it is very likely.

Yeah, from the text it gives a +1 to any given or received aid attempts.

So... B, total of +4.

+2 from the aid another action, +1 from the rogues ring giving, +1 from the fighters ring receiving.

EDIT: I missed that you had them both wearing 2 rings each. That means the total is +6.

Perfectly alright by me since they don't have any other rings, and always have to be side by side to use it, which means the rogue isn't attacking while flanking for extra damage.

There's a trait that gives you a cantrip, use it for detect magic.

That's the easiest way.

For future reference, a human arcanist is beast at blasting.

Spell Focus/Spell Mastery at level 1. School understanding (Admixture wizard) for flex in elemental types.

At 3, Varisian Tattoo (Evocation) and Potent Magic.

At 4, switch Spell mastery to Scorching Ray and get 2 rays instead of 1.

1 arcane point for another magic missle giving you 4.

at 5 intensified metamagic.

at 6, switch to Burst of Radiance (with wayang trait) for 9d4 + blinded on evil creatures (most PFS games).

Oddly enough, the Magus Archetype that goes spontaneous on Cha would be an interesting DD.

Either that or a Bloodrager is my next char (Nagaji).

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I have never understood it either.

If you kill Gnolls, or Hobgoblins, and collect the bounty, you can be a Paladin.

If you kill elves, or halflings, and collect the bounty, then you are evil.

It's a blatantly biased situation. The NAAGP (National Association of Greenskinned Peoples) should register a complaint and get themselves a mind-flayer lawyer to address this issue.

The reading says that you can leave the foes space, but not it's reach.

You can exit the space that the enemy occupies to any adjacent square, but from there your movement is subject to normal rules for threatened areas.

The GM is right.

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I have an 11th level Str based hexcrafter/Blackblade magus in a RotRL game. He has the step up feats (pesky spellcasters at low levels), and at 11 he just took Dimensional Agility.

Base damage is d8 (15-20x2)+11(precise strike)+5(Str)+5(+2Keen pool adj)+d6+11(nonlethal, Frostbite)+Entangle/Fatigued(-3AC, -3 attack, -1 damage) on 3 attacks a round. So, 3x d8+d6+32, 15-20 crit. Not a massive damage, but for party effectiveness it helps everyone else a lot. I have Enforcer as well for another -2 to all D20 rolls as a free action.

I can also use Evil Eye (-4 to whatever) once per round as a swift action after hitting. Luckily this doesn't discharge my spell either.
(Martial Versatility applied to Hex Strike Feat, Urumi and Unarmed strike are in same weapon group). I will be taking it again for Retribution Hex later. (my group decided that slumber hex was too powerful, so we have an agreement to not use it on either side of the screen).

I also liberally use the items in the ACG (namely the 2500g Swordmaster's Flairs, all good effects especially the reach one).

Magus are all about flexability, even if all you ever see is the ZOMG D6 shocking grasp spam builds.

Inquisitors get the Repeating Xbow prof. Use on of those for a while, if you aren't planning on getting a Str bonus anyways.

You can certainly play a competent and useful archer with no str, you just have to focus differently.

Divine Favor and Magic Weapon , and later Bane, mean you never really lack at damage.

Go with odd numbered stats (2) since PFS ends at 12 with the exception of conventions, you will see 2 increases normally.

If not going Str bonus bow, STR 10 Dex 17 Con 13 Int 8 Wis 18(+2) Cha 7
This lets you get a attack boost at 4, and a HP boost at 8. Personally I would do Dex 19(+2) Wis 16, since spellcasting can be boosted later since most spells you cast are buffs not saving throw spells.
Inquisitors get plenty of skills, and you can always drop the favored class bonus in it at low levels, since from 4+ you'll want it for bonus spells known.

If you want to double your effectiveness, take the Inquisitor Archetype that gets you a full druid pet, the hunter buffs and the shared teamwork feats. Sacred Huntmaster.

It loses judgements, but those (while awesome) are nothing compared to a full druid pouncing companion fighting alongside your archer. Or better yet, with a couple feat investment your mount. (being able to negate one hit per round with a ride check on your animal companion is AWESOME in play, and you can make a full ranged attack while your mount takes his full round as well.)

Ultimate Combat has the Whip Mastery chain of feats that do this.

Also, Scorpion Whips can skip the armor blocking damage thing.

Why could they not just say one physical and one magical?

Enlarge is a physical change, Lead blades is Magical.

Shield Spikes is a physical change, Bashing is magical.

INA is a physical change, Strong Jaw is magical.

That covers every corner case that has been brought up here.

Frigid Touch Spell.

My Magus loves it. Staggered for one round on hit, staggered for one minute on a crit.

I also have a Rime Frigid Touch stored in my Spell storing armor, so that if I get surprised with a full attack, they only hit me once. (for pounce type or invisible rogues sneak attack mostly)

For the record, this was 3.5, he was a mystic theurge/true necromancer.

I believe it was available to him in 3.5, or it was from his cleric levels.

If you like a druid lite, and need a ranged combat character in the party, look at the Hunter from ACG.

Full druid companion, with special buffs, 6th level druid/ranger list casting (bard progression), and free teamwork feats that the AC gets as well for free, some of which complement a ranged/melee set.

Feats: one gets you ranged attack bonuses if your pet is attacking that creature, and more if it is flanking (not with you). One gets you a free ranged AoO when it hits. Etc.

Or, the Inquisitor archetype from the ACG that gets the full hunter pet loadout, complete with feats and animal focus, to combine both of the suggestions in this thread.

Blinded condition is insane, denied dex, plus 50% miss chance, plus no AoO ability, plus other penalties, is great.

Taking away full attack options is also awesome, (except for single attack creatures).

My rogue(scout/skulking slayer)/Lore Warden fighter uses it to amazing effect, charging the enemy, thus denying dex, thus setting up everyone else to come in since they can't AoO anymore.

I also have Surprise Follow-thru(deny dex on cleave), so I usually blind the 2nd target instead of damage.

Spectral hand, don't get on the other ship to touch them.

Water walking as an offensive spell. In a campaign I was in, we encountered a dragon turtle. We had cannons, so his only advantage was being underwater with all that entails. The wizard jumped in, touched him with waterwalking, made the SR check, and poof! Now he is instantly on top of the water regardless of what he wants.

See also casting it using Spectral hand, and for use on any variety of aquatic creatures. As well, once they are out of the water they start suffocating unless they are amphibious, and since it lasts 50 minutes as soon as you can cast it it pretty much kills them.

You could also theme it similar to Midgard, the slain are taken to the afterlife where they fight in an epic war, taking them from their glory is not only unnatural, it is completely dishonorable. This makes it so culturally biased against the idea, that even evil people will be rare to break the taboo, meaning when you do use undead they can be completely custom to avoid players feeling like "great, more skeletons/zombies/ghouls".

(Note: This also has the side effect of not keeping the fallen pc's gear other than consumables, since they will need it in the afterlife, meaning less vulture-ish PC's.)

You really need a group of players who will embrace this concept, or it won't really work.

Also, take all the insta-death Spells and SLA's out of common monster stats, and make them more rare as well.

The idea is that since your death affects your status in the afterlife, death magic with no chance should be just as shameful to use since it cheapens the death.

Of course, truly evil villains will do it, and some special "advanced" monsters will have it, but it should be more of an epic battle of attrition than insta-win spells.

You do know you can make a steal combat maneuver with a whip at -4.

It's in the rules.

I have a Half Orc Lore Warden Fighter/Skulking Slayer Rogue that has ridiculous trip/Steal/Dirty trick CMB.

He uses a (PFSFG version) +2 Dueling Whip, and a Heavy Flail for damage. Both are in the same weapon training group for Gloves of Dueling to boost, and he has a slotted Dusty Rose Ioun Stone in a Wayfinder.

With a Burglar's Buckler (UE), and adding his sneak attack dice total to dirty trick and steal maneuvers, along with the feats and the lore warden bonus, he hits upper 28-34 on the regular for all 3 maneuvers.

In addition, blinding means sneak attack the rest of the time.

Actually, to expand on the ritual of the "possession". In the abyss, the lowest troops spawn from "Larvae" that grow into bigger demons.

Have the potential recruits required to swallow one whole, and those that are worthy will be infused with the demon energy, while those who are not will be killed as it burrows out of them.

This also lets you mix in some undead if you like, or mix and match fiendish and undead traits so that they are truly unique monsters and more likely to be special to your players.

If the Shaman has passed his teachings to his successors (or done something like lichdom), you could even add some of the 3.5 "Spell Stitched" or undead abilities out of Libre Mortis.

Make him a Half-Fiend. It fits with the story, and is a significant boost to a normal orc.

For the way he creates the new monstrosities, make them have a "Possession Rite" wherein they are bound to the demon's will, granting them the Fiendish template.

The island setup should be based on what level you want them to be after this.

Obviously not all of the orcs on the island would be turned, since you would only want to bother with the ritual on the meanest and strongest. So, have the coast area have normal (twisted) orcs, with fiendish animals as pets/mounts. Each small grouping led by one of the fiendish ones.

Take a look at the old 3.5 Acolyte of the Skin class for ideas of how you get the powers.

Also, scatter some lesser demons and Sinspawn mixed in with the orcs on the island.

A party of 4 with no healing (with the group listed) should have some fun with that kind of setup.

As an Int based caster with 4 skill ranks per level, not being able to drop the full 7 ranks in the skill the level he gets it (for alchemist level 7) is kinda poor planning.

That said, he should have at least +13 the level he gets it. (7 ranks, 3 class skill, 1/2 caster level =3, plus alchemist should have dex for bombs, so say +15. Skills don't auto fail even on a 1, so no chance of failing by more than 5 anyways, (though as noted above using the fly spell doesn't have the same penalties for flying as wings do).

In the blog on maneuvers, SKR did indeed clarify that some maneuvers other than trip disarm and sunder use the weapon. Those are the only ones in the -CRB- that always get weapon bonuses.

Drag and Reposition are made using the weapon bonuses if the weapon has the trip special quality.

Dirty trick uses the weapon situationally, as ruled by the GM, using a sap to the genitals to give the sickened condition was one of his examples wherein the weapon bonuses counted.

Big Fan of a Witch myself.

Gunslinger, or a ranged Inquisitor.

Or even a mix of both, if you want to really make a GM's eyes cross about level 10.

Yeah, a single level dip of Inspired Blade Swashbuckler (and using a rapier) with Fencing Grace would make you just fine as a fighter type.

First you need to decide if you are going to be a fighter with magic or a caster who can fight. Bard limited spells known means you have to pick, since you give up some of the combat boosting performances with that archetype.

Hideous Laughter is good at lower levels, Saving Finale for failed save rolls, Ear piercing scream for casters, grease, vanish, timely inspiration (better later when a couple points will give success), vanish.

2nd level: Glitterdust. Have this one no excuses. Blistering Invective (great debuff no SR), Blindness, Blur, Cacophonous Call(for will), Gallant Inspiration (+2d4 on skill/attack after roll), Ghostbane Dirge if you think there are incorporeal creatures in the game (could be scroll or page of spell knowledge), Sound Burst, Silence, Mirror Image, etc.

People think it works that way because that is the only way it works without other problems.

For instance, if you think it takes an attack roll, then my rogue is going to expect his sneak attack to apply to touch spells cast from his spell storing armor, as sneak attack applies to touch spells (assuming sneak conditions met).

I will also expect my characters with poison to get to double poison with spell storing weapons, once for the weapon hit and once for the spell storing attack (assuming sticky poison).

The grappling rules are a mess in and of themselves (being errata'd multiple times to make them even this good) and are no good place to base expectations on.

Grapple inconsistency:
For instance, my AoMF enhances my unarmed attacks, grappling takes penalties for not using both hands, so it is obviously a hand dependent maneuver, yet most people will not apply the only bare-hand weapon enchant to it.

The touch attack is already made, as the ability triggers on a successful "touch" (attack) by an enemy. No roll on the part of the armor or wearer is needed.

Unless you think a spell storing weapon also needs a second attack roll to hit with the spell after it triggers?

Half orc Skulking slayer gets to do it anytime they can sneak attack, with a bonus equal to sneak dice. Then once they are blind you get sneak damage too.

Take a lore warden fighter/skulking slayer and you get so serious bonuses.

Add in a Dusty Rose Ioun Stone slotted in a wayfinder (+2 CMB/CMD), a Burglars Buckler (+2 CMB dirty tricks), get some gloves of dueling after fighter level 5 (and get a weapon that can be used for dirty tricks so the bonus works), at earlier level get gauntlets of skilled maneuver for another +2.

So, Greater Dirty trick +4, +2 lore warden 3, +2 buckler, +2 item, + WT bonus with an applicable weapon, +sneak attack dice, + BAB, + Str, +2 flanking (for sneak to be applicable), or denied dex.

My LW5/Skulking Slayer6 in PFS has a +34 or so to dirty tricks (usually with a PFSFG version +2 Dueling Scorpion Whip, gives additional +2xenhance bonus to maneuvers made with it) before magic buffs.

@ DarkPhoenixx

See also adding in intelligent item to the animated object or craft construct base rules.

He's basically wanting to make the suit from Full Metal Alchemist.

It would be either:

1: Animate object on a suit of full plate, with permanency, which means they have no active intelligence and have construct traits, as per the Animate Objects spell description.


2: The use of the Craft Construct feat, which has a different set of traits and abilities associated with it, still with no active intelligence.

To get into the actual intelligent creature area, it needs to be a custom construct with the intelligent item creation added abilities, which have no "set" rules. You can have it be as major or minor a change as you like. There is a detailed list of examples and costs for each feature in the magic items section.

Can't play a human with racial heritage dwarf to get the dwarf cleave feats in PFS. They have a special rule that you can only use things from the race sections if you actually are that race, and the racial heritage feat doesn't trump that.

Anything in the specific race ARG sections require you to actually play the race to use it. It's a BS ruling, but it stands to date.

Additional Resources, ARG section wrote:

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide

To create an aasimar, dhampir, fetchling, grippli, goblin, ifrit, oread, ratfolk, samsaran, suli, sylph, tiefling, undine, or vishkanya character, you must have a Chronicle sheet that opens the race as a legal option at character creation. Aasimars and tieflings that were created and had at least one xp applied before August 14, 2014, remain legal for play. The boon restriction to create a kitsune, nagaji, and wayang was removed at the start of Season 6 and all three are now available for open creation.

Note: Alternate racial traits, racial archetypes, racial evolutions, racial feats, and racial spells are only available for characters of the associated race. Racial equipment and magic items can be purchased and used by any race as long as the specific item permits it (for example, only halflings can purchase and use solidsmoke pipeweed).

The FAQ doesn't qualify itself to only work on certain Item Creation feats. It says it works on item creation feats. If you want to add words to restrict it to certain ones, then do so, but they aren't there in the actual text.

Well, since scribe scroll is listed as an Item creation feat, and the FAQ refers to item creation, even though it lists the flaming sword as an example, then you should be able to use SLAs for scrolls as well.

Technically, you could find a wand of a spell you didn't have (as a wizard), burn a charge to scribe it to a scroll, and then copy it into your spellbook.

Kind of expensive, but in the middle of a dungeon it might be easier than trying to just find a scroll, or if the wand is lower CL than you need later.

NikolaiJuno wrote:
I am of the assumption that Sohei Weapon Master only works to increase the bonus on Weapon Master weapon training if level 3 Weapon master is taken at a lower level than Sohei6 is.

That cannot be the case, as the Devs have said that you should be able to build the character in any order (other than pre-reqs for things like feats/prestige classes) and have it be the same result.

Sohei 6/Weapon Master 3 has to result in the exact same character as Weapon Master 3/Sohei 6. (provided pre-reqs are still able to be met).

As to the actual question in the OP, you only get to use the alternate class feature if you have the alternate feature. So, to flurry you need the Sohei 6 feature and any other combination of other Weapon Training you happen to find convenient.

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