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@Chess Pwn:

I would argue that it is the same case as the Evil Eye Hex. You can stack multiple uses targeting different penalties, so why would it be unavailable to inquisitors to stack multiple judgments for different benefits?

If you aren't planning to get past 8/9th level, then a spread of
Str 14 Dex 17 Con 12 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 7 is about as good for a divine casting archer as you can get.

That +2 damage/shot will matter, and buying the 18 to start vs the 17 at creation costs you 2 points in other stats, yet is effectively the same thing at level 4, and never gets to make a difference since you are not planning on getting it to 20 by level 8 anyways.

Also, Faerie Fire has no save, negates invis, blur, displacement, mirror image, etc. So, pick that as a 1st level spell later on.

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It seems to be more of a knee-jerk reaction to "ZOMG double stat dipping oh-noes" than anything else.

Having Inquisitions that no longer function correctly, feats that need to be re-written due to a FAQ changing the printed rules, as well as admitting that a CRB class ability gets away with double dipping because the text was written slightly differently grammatically, means that this FAQ is about as good an idea as the Hands of Effort clarification, the original FOB ruling, and the magus haste examples.

I appreciate that there are FAQs coming, and that Paizo takes the time to respond to fans.

However, if a FAQ means that at least 5 sources of printed material need to be entirely re-written to function based on the new ruling, then perhaps it should still be on the table and not posted.

Surprise Follow Thru/Imp is listed in the H-Orc section because a H-Orc rogue archetype gets to use it as a rogue talent.

It is not restricted to h-orc race at all.

PFS has houserules that anything in each race section can only be used by members of that race.

Note the difference between the Goblin Cleaver and Surprise Follow Thru feats in the pre-req line.

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And remember, temples of Calistria charge double, because with access to CLW, it's the first time every time.

Picarroon Swashbuckler (if your GM allows firearms), otherwise just a normal Swashbuckler. Use a whip with Slashing Grace (for the reach for ship combat) for all kinds of fun.

Use one of the alternate heritages who doesn't drop CHA.

Also, bloodrager tiefling with those stats is FANTASTIC, and gets some arcane abilities in the group.

There are a TON of awesome concepts for sea games, a Hexcrafter Magus is also a classic tiefling with arcane skills to complement the group.

You don't need Agile Maneuvers so long as you intend to Disarm with a weapon of your own.

Disarm, Trip, and Sunder automatically use Dex when performed with a finessable weapon and the Weapon Finesse feat.

People are also looking at the damage thru a pvp filter. For most monsters Cr 6+, you have to factor DR in, usually 5 or 10 at higher levels. Can't use clustered shots, can't make them special material, can't use bardsong buffs while using them. Can't use arcane strikewith them, ordeadly aim.

The standard DR for CR appropriate creatures once you have this, should pretty much balance out the +Cha to damage.

In PFS, typically i get d8+1or+2 with a 24Cha at level 9.

I could swear that on mine it is +3 levels of monk, which would get the +10 ft movement. I don't have my paperwork now, but I'll check it again.

But if you choose the Sibat for Slashing grace, a 1h slashing weapon, and then also choose that for Martial Versatility, then you can now use slashing grace to any polearm based on the rules while wielding polearm with the Phalanx Fighter ability.

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Acid damage is halved against objects (as is any energy damage) then you apply hardness. Magic adds 2 hardness per +1, and 10 hp.

So, 12 acid before hardness.

Adamantine, Living Steel, and Mithral would ignore the acid completely, no magic needed. Alchemical Silver with +2 would ignore the acid. Cold Iron with a +1 would ignore the acid. Darkwood with +4 would ignore the acid.

Was that 45 crushing damage and 25 acid damage in a single round? If it was total, you apply hardness separately for each "attack".

Especially since Magus are Swift action starved, so Arcane Strike is going to be hard to use unless the fight lasts 4+rounds.

Also, you are incorrect about the Human FCB. Human is +1/4 Arcane Pool point, not arcana.

Elf and Halfling get the FCB that gets extra Arcana, and they are 1/6. So at 6, 12, 18.

Half Elf can take the Elf FCB, and that puts you dropping Arcane Strike and picking up Slashing Grace at 3rd, but getting free Skill Focus or +2 Will saves instead.

Or play an elf, stats Str 10 Dex 18 Con 12 Int 17 Wis 12 Cha 7.

Take the +2 for spell penetration (useful later) and the +2 Concentration from the Arcane Focus racial (useful now). All depends on how much you want the +2 Con, vs the +2 Int.

Mysterious Avenger Swash doesn't get Swash Finesse until level 2, so that would be a 2 level dip minimum.

Human Captain.

Bard 1, Swashbuckler (Picaroon 1), Bard X.

Take Amatuer Swashbuckler at 1st level, to get the Parry/Riposte deed, then when you take your level of Swashbuckler DON'T trade it for the extra panache feat, as that is optional (the feat says you -may- do it).

Str 13 or 11, Dex 17(15), Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8 or 10, Cha 15. Increase Dex and Cha first, whichever you think is more needed early on.
The Str and Wis depend on whether you are OK with an 8 wis and want to get power attack, if no power attack then just grab Slashing Grace at 3rd level.

I would have suggested a Scion of Humanity Musetouched Aasimar, but you said core races only. (for the FCB boosting bardsong)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Interesting note, the Slayer gets the benefits of choosing a Ranger style and ignores pre-reqs, but the Slayer does not have the line about being limited to medium armor to do so.

So, provided you have the prof, for a slayer, you can use ranger styles in heavy armor.

Just in case you didn't want the ranger class per se, but the skill/combat options.

Remember that Half Elves can use the Elven FCB for 1/6 arcana, helps a lot.

I like the Mirror Strike spell for surprise rounds/rounds when you have to move at the start of the fight, then you get to spellcombat and debuff multiple enemies on the first round.

Since you do damage to both, you would apply frostbite to both, and get to intimidate both.

Stone Call is a good 2nd level AoE, especially if you have reach and combat reflexes: cast it just in front of you and no save damage and difficult terrain, so you (and friends)get AoO's on anyone coming up to your front line.

Single level of Crusader Cleric gets you the Darkness domain (Blind Fight) and weapon focus (of the list, the one you would choose).

Brawler (ACG) 2 would let you ignore the Int 13 req and get one combat feat, plus for 4 minutes per day you get another feat on the fly.

Actually, as much as people will pump str and ignore the casting since it's not until 4th level, stats of:

Str 17 Dex 13 Con 15 Int 9 Wis 9 Cha 13(11) (racial either dex or cha for that 11).

If you fluff a Nagaji as a dragonkin instead of a lizardfolk, that actually makes a better race, and just use FCB for skills.

Then Str 17(15) Dex 13 Con 17 Int 7(9) Wis 9 Cha 13(11). All odd stats, so you can pick whatever you like to increase as you level (Str, Con, Cha all good choices.

Especially since you get a feat for a Con based blinding touch attack (Spit Poison).
Natural Armor, a couple good skills, and low light vision.

Either way, take the Primalist Archetype. It lets you take Rage powers like a barbarian instead of your bloodline powers at 4/8/12/16.

Also seconding the idea of the Dragon Disciple Prestige class if your GM says it works (it should by the larger consensus on the boards) for 4 levels.

The Men Your Man Should Smell Like.

And here's their magic mouth/minor image Ad Campaign.

"Look at your hireling, then back at me. Now back at your hireling, now back at me. Sadly, he's not me. But he could fight like me, with my training, and this potion. I'm on a horse."

Rinse, repeat.

I usually set a composite bow bonus to the Str of the enemy that had it before it was looted.

For random rolls, you should roll 1d4+1 and use that, since most people wouldn't bother with a +1 version (cost vs gain), and most people (other than PC's) wouldn't be able to use more than a +5 version.

Anyone with a brain (and the levels required to really make use of anything higher than a +2-3) will pay the already mentioned 1000g flat cost enchant to add Adaptive though.

Keep in mind, the Kitsune FCB sounds good, but +1 DC from 4-7, +2 DC from 8-11, +3 from 12-15. If it is for PFS, with the dip it's actually not worth it, getting 2nd level spells at 5, 3rd at 7, etc. For a home game that will reach that high, decide if it is actually worth that trade.

With the spell level factoring into the DC, being a spell level behind means that until level 8 you're just breaking even.

If you decide it's not, play an Exploiter wizard archetype with a single level dip into crossblooded fey/serpentine (or serpentine/impossible if you expect many constructs).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Take a level of something else first. Take Amateur Swashbuckler feat, and use it for Parry/Riposte.

Problem Solved.

Hex Channeler last line of the ability wrote:
Every time the hex channeler is able to learn a new hex (including major or grand hexes), she can instead increase her channel energy amount by 1d6.
Extra Hex feat, most recent ACG version wrote:
Benefit: You gain one additional hex. You must meet the prerequisites for this hex. If you are a shaman, it must be a hex granted by your spirit rather than one from a wandering spirit.

Based on this, yes, anytime you take the Extra Hex feat, you could instead increase your channel by 1d6. It says every time you can learn a new hex. The Extra Hex feat gives you a new Hex.

It does let you pick subcschools, but it makes the uses/day based on charisma.

If human, you can use slashing grace on the temple sword, then use martial versatility on slashing grace to get dex to damage with all monk weapon group weapons (which included unarmed strikes).

If you include Combat Expertise, Power Attack, Deadly Aim, and Piranha Strike for all characters (provided they have the appropriate Dex/Str/BAB to qualify normally, and subject to the normal usage restrictions) that's a good thing.

Making combat maneuvers only provoke an AoO if they miss means people will use them without the feats. Another good idea.

Making the Maneuver feats, and Vital Strike chain scale at the appropriate BAB reqs means they will actually see some use outside of one-trick niche builds, and keep mobile martials able to do actual damage.

I also allow my players to choose between Dex/Str at creation, and use whichever one for melee attack/maneuvers. Negating the need for Weapon Finesse, and Agile Maneuvers. They can take a feat to double that stat bonus for a single maneuver and increase the size limit for that maneuver by 1 category, (requiring a BAB of +6 and the Imp feat for the relevant maneuver) this removes the fury's fall debate, and means that people who really want to use a maneuver can use it longer than level 6-8 against normal CR monsters with the out of whack scaling of CMD. It also means the fighter FCB is more valuable, since focused people can double their stat.

Casters get the item creation feats for free, provided they have ranks in spellcraft equal to the listed CL pre-req for the feat. (although I usually have special mat reqs for anything over 15000g, worked into the game when I know what enchant they would like).

I also have a houserule spell for arcane casters that transfers an enchantment from one item to another (3rd level, provided it is a suitable item to hold the enchant) overwriting any previous enchants on the item, requires a spellcraft check DC=the check to make the item yourself, and 10% of the new items cost in materials. This means random treasure is still useful even if they won't use a flaming dagger, a flaming longsword is 800g and a spell away. Less time customizing drops, if they want something specific it has the materials caveat above.

Skulking slayer gets to Dirty trick anytime they can sneak attack, so that trick works both ways.

I went Lore warden 5/Skulking slayer x for my PFS toon, str based, use a heavy flail (same weapon group as whips for tripping on the side), combined with felling smash and greater trip for close combat.

The specific wording for it to work is "wield as a 1-handed weapon" as opposed to "may wield it 1-handed". Because wielding it one handed(like the lance is) means that the FAQsays it still does 1.5 str, and gets 3for1 power attack. Wielding as a 1-handed weapon means 2for 1 power attack, and 1x Str.

With the thunder and fang feat, and the right martial versatility, i can slashing grace an earthbreaker. I can also make it work for a longspear, all monk weapons, etc.

Half elf gets to take the elven FCB for arcana, so that's a better race choice, also avoids the Con penalty. (Not important for rolled stats, but more important for point buy).

Take a level of inspired blade swashbuckler, gets you int and cha panache pool so you don't have to use arcane points on parry.

Scorpion whip means you don't have to take whip mastery, but you need to clarify how your GM reads the scorpion whip rules, i suggest you try and get him to use the version from the Adventurers Armory, as it has the least confusion out of all the versions that have been printed.

For a whip magus, i also like the pool strike/arcing pool strike arcanas, you get the option to hit someone at reach, then do 5d6 damage to enemies within 15ft. as well, up to int modd targets.

Best weapon for a kensai however, is the urumi, to take advantage of the crit multipliers built in. D8 18-20x2, in the same weapon group as whip and scorpion whip though, so at 7th level you can take martial versatility and make slashing grace apply to all 3 of those weapons.

This has been asked before, and the author stopped by to say that he meant them to get the original ability in full, in addition to the changes listed in print.

Unfortunately, so far as I know, that never made it to FAQ or errata.

Search around here, I didn't comment so I don't have a link to it.

Tricks should not be used by the GM at a detriment to the animal. If the animal knows the flank trick, it will (like most real life animals who pack attack) prefer that position, but not to the point that it takes free hits getting there.

What should happen is it is a passive trick, where the animal has been trained to circle the opponent if it has an opening, and try to flank if space allows.

Eldritch scion magus with a level of swashbuckler/daring champ cavalier/kata mastermonk for slashing grace and then taking the magus arcana forswash deeds(precise strike).

Gives the dex based fighter, charisma casting, elemental damagespells, minor heals with infernal healing.

Best choice overall, half elf race for elven FCB extra arcana without the con penalty.

Str 11 Dex 17 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha15 increase dex and cha with 4/8. Use h-elf alt racial for +2 will saves to dump wis and get some more maxed stat, or not. Use racial prof for urumi to have 18-20 d8 weapon, slashing grace at 3rd level.

Balance can be struck by leaving them unlimited, but only one per attack, and possibly requiring each trick be tied to a single type of natural attack when chosen, to get Upending Strike on both claws and bite requires 2 tricks.

Making them a Full round action means that they will be ignored and pets that have abilities (such as wolf-trip, bear-grab, etc) will be taken instead of wasting a full round on a single attack with a rider that after level 6 is fairly useless (creatures size up faster than ACs, and or flying, AC BAB vs CMD scaling, etc.)

Also, the idea of limiting them in uses/day of 1/2 HD + wis mod means many AC can't use them (neg wis mods) until the time when they start to be useless, again meaning that only certain AC are actually combat viable.

For a class that is built around taking a pet and synergizing combat abilities, both of those choices seem weak.

AC BAB scaling is 3/4, and no one acuses a 3/4 BAB class (outside of a few very niche builds) and the imp trip feat of being too powerful, why is it so different with an AC?

This is a way for animals (who will never get the 13 int with a few notable exceptions) to actually get the combat maneuvers: trip and a limited version of dirty trick. Making it any harder for them to use them than it would be for a character is a knee-jerk reaction from people who either haven't bothered or don't understand the number crunch involved in getting them to work.

We do a variant of the 4d6 method.

All players (including the GM) all at the table together roll up a set of 4d6 drop the lowest.

Each of those statlines is then available for anyone to use.

Oddly, not everyone uses the same one in my experience. Someone will roll multiple 15/16s, and a couple 10/11s, and MAD classes use that statline. Someone else will roll the 18 and 8, and SAD casters use that statline.

We have also gone with 6+2d6 or 6+3d4, in order to keep pre-racial stats between 8-18, but still have the fun of rolling stats instead of the same cookie cutter point buy that most classes end up with.

The caveat is that the GM uses the same statline pool for any named recurring NPC's, although mooks/subchiefs use the normal arrays.

I mentioned this in another thread on the same topic.

So as to avoid a complete knee-jerk over nerf (crane wing anyone?)

Maybe they should limit them like the rogue sneak attack talents, but allow them to be unlimited use.

Anything that applies a rider on an attack, you can only use one trick per attack, so knowing both tripping strike and entangling strike lets you choose different riders for each situation, but avoids the bite plus 5 conditions brokenness that most people are worried about.

For those who still think it overpowered, try requiring each trick to be taken for each type of natural attack, (i.e. tripping strike-claw, tripping strike-bite being 2 separate tricks).

That lets you customize companions for situation where they do minimal damage (DR) without making them useless or broken.

For any pet class, the Animal Archive (7.99 pdf I think) is a must. You also need to get access to the Advanced Players Guide, since the ability to use Skirmisher (ranger archetype) tricks as pet tricks is a very powerful pet option.

For PFS, see if you can get 2 odd stats since you will only get 2 stat increases through his career.

Start with Str 17 Con 13 instead, you won't need the HP as early as you will the higher hit/damage, provided you have a decent combat companion.

If you plan on nets, you need the net feats, at least the first 2. If you plan on whips, you need the whip feats, at least the first 2.

Netting an enemy then sending in pet to pounce on the now entangled enemy is amazing synergy, then having the pet use the free trip on an attack from the skirmisher list to give you bonuses.

That is the normal procedure, but luckily for those of us who play PFS (or have a competent GM) having the one in AA as a legal source lets us disregard the oft questioned UE entry, as it has spawned multiple confused threads on this topic.

The AA errata version is all the same as a whip including being 1 handed, so would qualify for slashing grace.

That's probably where that came from.

It's possible that I am misremembering it.

EDIT: Actually, going back, I am misremembering it.

It is a ranged weapon for cover, it is a ranged weapon for provoking AoO (without the feat), but it is a melee weapon for everything else except threatening (again without a feat).

Remember, whips at reach used ranged attack mods, meaning -4 against prone targets.

A +1 Bashing Klar for a Medium character does 2d6. (same as a +1 bashing spiked heavy shield).

Warpriest says you use that 2d6 or the Medium Warpriest Sacred Weapon damage, whichever is greater, which means you have to be at least 15th level to get to match 2d6, or 20th to have 2d8.

Regardless of who uses it, a +1 Bashing Klar does 2d6. That 2d6 is the base weapon damage with the enchant.

You don't apply class abilities in between a weapon and the weapon enchant.

The musetouched aasimar is the angelic herald blooded type.

They get +2 Dex/Cha instead of +2 Wis/Cha, +2 to Diplo and Perform (excellent bard skills), and glitterdust instead of Daylight as an SLA.

For PFS I highly advise against a 20 starting stat, since it costs 4 stat buy points.

Use STR 8 DEX 17 CON 12 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 19. (as a musetouched Aasimar). Don't drop to 7 Str, because it means no armor without being at 20ft move even with mithril chain shirt.

Look at the versatile perform skills, you can get diplo/bluff/intim/sense motive for the price of 2 perform skills and make your knowledges that much better.

Always have enough ranks in swim/climb to take 10 and have a 10 including your armor check penalties.

Use Unseen Servant constantly, it can reload your gun/crossbow for you each round so you don't need Rapid Reload.

Take Lingering Performance, so you can conserve your rounds later on to use with Weird Words. 4th level stat boost to Cha, 8th level to Dex, at 12 you retire. Take the alt racial Aasimar Scion of Humanity, so you can use the human FCB for extra spells known later on. Take the Aasimar FCB twice so you make up for the gunslinger level for Inspire Courage bonuses(1/2 level for a single performance).

Jury Rig spell makes up for losing the Quick Clear deed. Masterpieces are also fun, Double Time makes all your allies in armor love you low level, although later it doesn't stack with haste, but it does last hours.

Just for reference, in PFS, as an arcanist he'll never actually be able to hit anything with the blackblade if he takes it.

It's a great flavor concept, but PFS is less flavor friendly especially with the APL +3-4 season 6 games, meaning a low BAB character with low HP will be majorly disadvantaged in melee.

Other than that, a martial type would complement the arcane caster, I'm a big fan of the Warpriest, the Brawler, and Hunter to give you both a meatshield.

If you are going to parse the rules that closely, then based on the style feat rules once you had turned a style on the first time each day, whatever style you ended combat in would persist until you switched it at a later time.

Quote wrote:
Although you cannot use a style feat before combat begins, the style you are in persists until you spend a swift action to switch to a different combat style.

It doesn't have the text that some other abilities do that say they last until combat ends.

So if someone is holding you to the restriction that breaking down a door doesn't count as combat, just get into a fight in the morning, and the style will, by RAW, persist the rest of the day unless you switch it during a later combat.

Hence the silliness of fine-toothed-comb style legalese readings.

No packmasters allowed for PFS. They use 1 pet/companion per game only for each character, because it slows the tables.

Ranged Hunters and Melee pets are fine. Take Enfilidating Fire and Coordinated shot, then Target of Opportunity.

Have your pets take any they qualify for on their own, since both pets will get them together.

The archetype is actually Soundstriker, for PFS it's pretty safe to throw it in on top of any builds it combines with, since doing damage with extra performance rounds is cool.

I assume this is for PFS, since you mentioned rebuild before the 2nd level scenario.

If you have already gotten credits for the character prior to August 14th of this year, you mentioned it was already an Aasimar, then you can still keep it one.

You need to decide if you want to be an effective debuff caster, since you have to jack your Cha to have any chance of getting spells to stick after level 6-7. I have two bard builds in PFS.

One a Dirge Bard/Soundstriker 8 with a level dip Crossblooded Serpentine/Fey Sorc 1(so undead, beasts, magical beasts, and monstrous humanoids are all subject to my mind effecting compulsions) Save DC's for 3rd level spells around 23, and his first 2 rounds of combat are +5/+4 to all allies, and -2 to all enemies.

Other one a Ranged Soundstriker 4/Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger 1 dip, who uses his bard buffing and then just shoots at touch AC with all kinds of bonuses 5th level +12 hit for d8+9, at level 7 I'll add 6d8+30 (fort half) every round for 2 performance rounds/shot (conductive pistol channeling weird words).

Combat and SoS effectiveness are tradeoffs. You can buff just fine and still have the stats to get decent combat ability, but you can't debuff and melee, although ranged is still doable.

For the combat ability, if you own Blood of Angels, use the Musetouched Aasimar (+2 Dex/Cha, glitterdust SLA) for ranged, use the Angel Blooded (+2 Str/Cha, Alter self SLA) for a melee.

Give us a priority listing for Buffing, Debuffing, Melee, and Archery effectiveness, and we can better give advice.

Bards are GREAT at being flexible, but they depend on their statline to be longterm effective more than most other classes. They have so many options, you have to basically pick 2 to be good at.

Universal Monster Rules wrote:

Fast Healing (Ex) A creature with the fast healing special quality regains hit points at an exceptional rate, usually 1 or more hit points per round, as given in the creature's entry. Except where noted here, fast healing is just like natural healing. Fast healing does not restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation, nor does it allow a creature to regrow lost body parts. Unless otherwise stated, it does not allow lost body parts to be reattached. Fast healing continues to function (even at negative hit points) until a creature dies, at which point the effects of fast healing end immediately.

Format: fast healing 5; Location: hp.

thorin001 wrote:


Benefit: When you regain hit points by resting or through magical healing, you recover additional hit points equal to half your Constitution modifier (minimum +1).

Bold Mine, and instead of (Ex) for a Vermin Hunter it is (Su) and so magical.

And even so, what other kind of natural healing is there other than resting?

20 Pt buy: Str 17 Dex 13 Con 17 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 7

Boost str at 4 and con at 8.

You need Dex 13 for the grappling feats.

I was just saying Mutagenic Mauler, so that you didn't have to dip Barbarian like most people advised for raging. If you keep martial Flex, then you don't actually need to take the bullrush/overrun feat chains, so long as you have the pre-reqs.

Also, look at getting the Anaconda's Coils belt, then you get a Constrict attack, and can use the flex to pick up the Final Embrace chain when you need it.

Keep a list of fun chains, like the bullrush+Merciless rush combo, the Overrun+Trample line, etc.

He's not charismatic, he just has the Intimidating Prowess feat to add Str to intimidate.

To build him properly, you need to base him at level 12+, and then see what you need to take over his career.

Fighter(brawler) 3/ Brawler (Mutagenic Mauler) 10 or Brutal Pugilist 2 instead of Fighter (then you need heavy armor prof, and lose 2 feats).

Starting 25 pt buy: Stat increases Str or Con.

If you are planning on Heavy Armor, go Adamantine. Also, somewhere there are rules for dwarven armor upgrades (non-magic).

Stats: Str 18 Dex 13 Con 17 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 8. (Racials Included)

Traits: Glory of Old, something else.

Custom Spiked Boulder Helmet (just like armor spikes, to make it piercing)

Feats: IUS (free),Hard Headed, Intimidating Prowess, Power Attack, Imp Grapple, Imp Bullrush, Imp Overrun, Gr Grapple, Rapid Grappler, Chokehold, Hammer the Gap, Charge Through, Steel Soul

Close Weapon Damage: +17/17/12/12/7 d8+8 CMB +18 +4 Grapple, +2 Bullrush/overrun.
Should get Gloves of Dueling, +2/+2. Magic Armor Spikes, Boots Striding/Springing, Anaconda's Coils, etc.

Intimidate +21,

If you are thinking about swash, kata master and MoMS archetypes stack. Then you can parry/riposte with all monk weapons and unarmed strikes. Not sure if it works for you,but could get you more panache to use without the extra panache feat.

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