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You can have the statline STR 17 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 15 CHA 7 as a half-orc.

Which is actually what you should do, as PFS typically (unless you are in a large city or go to lots of conventions) effectively ends at level 11. First increase into Str at 4, and 2nd into wis at 8.

Once again, you get 2 boosts during play as a PFS character.

The one at 4th, and the one at 8th. The one at 12th is meaningless unless you play at conventions, where you can actually run a level 12+ character.

That is why I said boost int at 4th to a natural 18, and con at 8th to a 14 to get the extra HP for your last 3 levels.

Str 6 is going to get you killed the first time you have to make a swim or climb check in any module without being able to take 10, unless you take ranks in it that are truly annoying.

This from someone who has a bard with 7 str and 8 wis, who has had to dedicate spells each day from 1st level in PFS to making up for those decisions.

I would go Str 8 Dex 14 Con 13 Int 17 Wis 10 and Cha 14 for your concept. First increase to Int, 8th level to con. You should be fine by then provided you abuse False Life as a wizard does.

Like many PFS first characters, you have tried to get that starting 18 in a character without a racial bonus to that stat, which is what makes lots of dead PFS characters.

Also, unless you live in a place where running the 12+ special modules happens often, or plan on going to lots of conventions, don't worry about level 12, since you will never play the character at 12.

PFS games end after your 3rd 11th level game, unless you do Eyes of the Ten retirement or play 12+ modules that are usually only able to be run at conventions.

Other than that little bit of advice, Have Fun. (PFS railroading typically makes any "flavor choices" useless, unless you have a steady group of the same people to play with every time. I would say just have a 10 or 12 Cha and play it up with roleplay, unless you are planning exploits that require Cha mechanically.)

The cost of a +2 sword with a saving throw bonus is not 42k gold. the component is included in the price, which is why it drops so much for each wish used.

When you create an item of a spell, you have to pay the cost of the material component when making the item.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sickened game term is a -2 to everything ... drunk is AT LEAST a -2 to everything you try IRL, so yeah about right.

If you figure that the normal person processes 1 drink per hour, 2+ means you start taking penalties. Seems about right.

Yup. Once per day. If you have a nifty bloodline ability though, this fights for the same slot as the

UE Sorcerer's Robe wrote:

Sorcerer's Robe

Price 5,000 gp; Aura moderate evocation; CL 10th; Weight 1 lb.

This dapper robe enables a sorcerer to add the effects of her 1st-level bloodline power to spells she casts. As a swift action before casting a spell, the wearer expends one use of her 1st-level bloodline power and selects one target of the spell to be affected by that bloodline power. If the spell allows a saving throw, a successful save against the spell means the bloodline power deals half damage (if it normally deals hit point damage) or is negated (if it does not). The robe can be used up to three times per day.

Construction Requirements

Cost 2,500 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, Quicken Spell-Like Ability, creator must be a sorcerer

My Bard with the Fey Sorcerer dip likes this spell extremely well for the Laughing Touch ability coupled with spells that require you to spend your next action on the secondary save, like Hideous Laughter. Now they can't take the full round action on their turn, it runs full duration.

For Reference:

UE Mnemonic Vestment wrote:

Mnemonic Vestment

Price 5,000 gp; Aura strong transmutation; CL 17th; Weight 1 lb.

The surface of this delicate-looking blue silk robe is adorned with tiny embossed runes across its entire surface. If the wearer is a spontaneous caster, once per day she may use a spell slot to cast a spell from a written source (such as a scroll or spellbook) as if she knew that spell. The spell must be on her spell list, the same spell level or lower than the expended spell slot, and the same type of spell (arcane or divine) as the spell slot expended. The caster must also understand the written source (such as using Decipher Script or read magic) and be carrying it. Activating the robe is not an action, but casting the spell otherwise works as normal, including casting time, providing components or foci, and so on. Using a mnemonic vestment's properties does not consume the written source.

Construction Requirements

Cost 2,500 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, mnemonic enhancer, creator must be able to spontaneously cast spells

(Bold Mine).

It just treats a spell as if it was one of your spells known. You still cast the spell as normal, and use your own spell slot. It should use your caster level.

Outflank, Lookout if you have an ally that you normally walk next to with a high perception, Paired Opportunists, Gang Up if you have a melee heavy group,

TBH, I would have thought the same thing about archetypes that only add features, based on the Quingong monk FAQ.

It says that even though the quingong monk can change things that other archetypes could also change, as long as you don't try to change it twice it's cool.

This is what I would expect from classes that add extra bonus feats to a list, but also keep the original feats intact. Same for skill list. At the very least the skills should fall under the Feature: Subfeature category, since altering only one doesn't do anything to the rest.

I also feel that Wildblooded should have been worded like Cleric Subdomains, since they don't alter the whole thing just a power or two depending, but I know that was also nixed for some reason.

Once again, as a profit seeking company, more compatible options means more purchased splatbooks, especially since your main marketing venue PFS requires the purchase of all options in play, not to mention the possible cost of print changes in later editions depending heavily on very tight wordcounts.


I know my line is different than the current FAQ. But it supports the actual text in the book, and doesn't require there to be errata to the current printed text down the line, and still restricts stacking conflicts that affect the SAME skill instead of ANY skill at all.

It follows the same sub-ability logic as the other "class features" with a list of abilities under them, and causes less rebuild headaches than the current FAQ which is "Class Skills are not a class feature in any other way, but are treated as one in this single instance even though that is not in the current printed rules."

Even Mark said he thought they worked, and had characters that used it, although he saw the possibility that others would read the same rule and interpret it differently. Hence, why not rule the way that requires no errata, rather than the way that does require errata?

That line is there because as a conjuration spell it could be construed as permanent (many conjuration spells are), and you would have had someone trying to make a fortune with apprentices chained up in the basement sweat-shopping acid flasks.

A Klar with WF and Slashing Grace gets dex to hit and damage.

ACG wrote:
Swashbuckler Finesse (Ex): At 1st level, a swashbuckler gains the benefits of the Weapon Finesse feat with light or one-handed piercing melee weapons, and she can use her Charisma score in place of Intelligence as a prerequisite for combat feats. This ability counts as having the Weapon Finesse feat for purposes of meeting feat prerequisites.
ACG wrote:

Slashing Grace (Combat)

You can stab your enemies with your sword or another slashing weapon.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus with chosen weapon.

Benefit: Choose one kind of one-handed slashing weapon (such as the longsword). When wielding your chosen weapon one-handed, you can treat it as a one-handed piercing melee weapon for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon (such as a swashbuckler's or a duelist's precise strike) and you can add your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to that weapon's damage. The weapon must be one appropriate for your size.

So, Klar normally not finessable. Once you have Slashing Grace, it counts as a 1 handed piercing weapon for feats and class features, and Swashbucklers finesse means you can use Weapon Finesse with 1 handed piercing weapons. Thus, it backbuilds Weapon Finesse to work with whatever weapon you take Slashing Grace for.

You can do this at level 1, with WF(Klar) and Slashing Grace(Klar). But yes, I was incorrect you still need the dip to swashbuckler or Daring Champion Cavalier (not necessarily a bad thing for the parry deed).

But the FAQ could have said:

"Class Skills are not a class feature, and so long as two different archetypes do not alter the entire list or change the same specific class skill(s) they can be combined."

And had absolutely no need to errata, explain, or reprint anything as the current printed text would have been valid and clear.

As it stands, they had to state that class skills are considered a class feature for the purposes of archetype stacking only and for nothing else, and need to update the text in future printings.

One requires no changes, the other does, and without a mechanical reason to make those changes, it seems unnecessary.

Note: I have absolutely no characters that this affects, it just seemed like a knee jerk "NO!" reaction than one based on any prior rules in print.

Why not instead get a Klar. It is already a 1 handed slashing weapon in UE.

Don't need the dip, only need WF Klar and Slashing Grace, Klar.

PFS play not being able to use the "since we changed the rules you can just ask the GM to run it the way it was written" clause keeps some of these FAQrattas from being a good idea. Some people don't have homegame options, and from the perspective of a company whose internal organized play setup is based on buying the books, having less compatible options seems to be counterproductive to selling more books.

I know I have personally bought one of the $6-10 splatbooks for something as small as a single feat or archetype or spell for PFS play, and the more legal combinations you can achieve the more most people will buy.

Having a character that you built thinking it was an ok thing based on the printed text, and finding out 10 levels in that the combination of synching abilities it was built around is no longer legal is a pain. I would have never read skills as being class features for the purpose of archetype stacking based on the printed books. And since it was stated that they are not, but are only to be counted as class features for the purpose of determining stacking with regards to archetypes, seems like a case to be revisited.

That was why I wanted to ask for this question to be resolved in the same manner as the other examples of adding or changing only a few options from a larger list, such as Quingong Monk, Bardic Performances, and Gunslinger deeds. I would have also thought that an archetype that added feats to the list of possible bonus feats was legal, so long as all the normal feats were still available.

It would have been a much better fix (and not invalidated many builds that were assumed to work together for some time now) to have ruled that changes to feats and class skills only counted as modifying the same class feature if they changed the same feat or skill, similar to the bardic performance subset argument.

It would have also remained consistent with the Quingong monk ruling that since it only adds options, it is compatible with any other one so long as you don't try and change the same power/ability twice.

As it stands, this ruling requires rebuilds of tons of in-play PFS characters since the rules have changed, because like you said upthread, the APG didn't make the distinction between class skills and class features which have been a separate listing.

Please Mark, give some consideration to modifying this FAQ to account for this reading, so that we don't have another crane wing or flurry reaction at a later date.

Power Attack, Felling Smash, Gr Trip, Spiked Destroyer, Shield Slam
Savage Dirty Trick rage power.

Savage Dirty Trick blind, Hit with a power attack shield slam, free bullrush, free trip, spiked destroyer free attack for damage, GR trip maneuver for disarm.

Now you get an easier option for tripped, in place of the spiked destroyer attack when you can't knock them into a wall with positioning.

Also, it lets you get 2 attacks from a standard action as well as a free bullrush trip and blind.

Takes, PA, Expertise, Imp/Gr Trip, Imp Shield Bash/Shield Slam, Spiked destroyer. Same number of feats, but better flexibility.

Don't need Imp Disarm if you plan on doing it after blinded, since they can't take an AoO if they are blind.

Hunter auto shares teamwork feats with the pet, without pre-reqs.

EDIT: just realized you had divine hunter in there, getting a domain and celestial template is not worth teamwork feats and auto granting them to pet. EVER.

If you really want the celestial template, take the Aasimar feat. There is a +2 Dex/Wis Aasimar with see invis as the SLA, perfect for a hunter. Totally worth it, and a great concept for a ranged hunter (the Aasimar are the avian type).

Hmmmm. When they said it wasn't simultaneous for things like sneak attack, the logical conclusion was that it wasn't simultaneous for things like provoking as well.

And to add to that, if you happen to be high enough to fire multiple rays, each ray provokes an AoO.

Multiple ranged attacks in a round count as multiple separate threats.

You could also take the Parry/Riposte deed with Amateur Swashbuckler.

Yes, you can already do it with magus arcane deed, but you can't regain arcane pool points.

So, if you take that deed again with the feat, you can now use it with normal panache, and refresh with crit/kills instead of burning through arcane pool for that deed.

As typical magus want high crit weapons anyways, it seems like a good idea to have a parry pool that can refresh instead of burning your limited (and much more valuable arcane pool points) on that.

I think they should be viewed in the same light as bardic performances.

You can have multiple archetypes that change them, so long as they don't affect the same one.

If one replaces bluff with handle animal, and another replaces bluff with intimidate, then you can do it.

If they both replace bluff with something else, no-go.

If they simply add another class skill to the list, like some monk archetypes do with bonus feats, but do not affect the main list, then they would be fine.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Use the Skinwalker from Blood of the Moon, and go from there.

I stand corrected then, I'm looking through mine now just to make sure.
Which section is it in that dodge bonuses stack?

Why did they trade another ability for the same thing?

They already gave up favored enemy for rage and rage powers, why take the feats too?

Actually, Luck bonuses are supposed to be one of the ones like dodge that do stack.

My PDF says this, and so does my hard copy.

Wild Talents (Ex): At 6th level, a wild stalker can either
take a rage power, or gains a +2 insight bonus into any one of
the following skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Perception, Stealth,
Survival, or Swim. The wild stalker can gain one of these
two benefits again every five levels after 6th (to a maximum
of 4 times at 20th level). This ability replaces the ranger’s
second, third, fourth, and fifth favored enemy abilities.

It only trades out the 2nd level feat, not the whole thing. So you have to take it later, or with a normal feat. This build I was understanding was for level 13, so he doesn't care that he didn't get claws til later.

Fate's Favored trait combined with Archaeologist Bard and Half orc Sacred Tattoos, while wearing a Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier and casting Divine Favor from a wand is a good start.

+2 (+1 more /5 levels) to Attack/Damage/skill/saves
+2 saves
+2 AC
+2 (+1/3 CL of wand) to Attack and Damage

Which all stacks.

Verminous Hunter 1/Brawler 2/Wild Stalker Ranger 10

Verminous Hunter gives fast healing 1 (with the Fast Healer Feat it gets an extra 1/2 con).

Brawler 2 gives IUS, an extra feat, and flurry.

Wild Stalker Ranger/Shapeshifter gives rage (at level -3), natural combat style for permanent claws, uncanny dodge, eldritch claws for magic and silver, and rage powers, +2/day for 11 rounds you get one of several animal bonuses, Endurance, and 2 style feats (wild stalker takes the other).

If you are a half orc, you can get scent for a feat.

You need WF claw, FCT.

13th level no items:
Str 19 Dex 16 Con 16 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 7 (25pt buy)
as comic book characters aren't really feasible on lower than that, and really not even that.

3 attacks with claws in flurry. Rending Claws (doesn't technically qualify you for Rending Fury chain, but should, talk to GM if possible)

If you hit with at least 1, you do another 2d6 damage and 1d6 bleed. you have rage as a 7th level barbarian, 3 rage powers.

Brawler Bonus 2: WF Claws
Ranger Bonus: Endurance (free) Style: Aspect of the Beast, Rending Claws
1st Keen Scent
3rd Diehard
5th FCT
7th Fast Healer
9th:Rending Fury
11th:Imp Rending Fury
13th: Greater Rending Fury

1st 3 levels are ranger, to get the endurance for diehard/fast healer, then 2 brawler to get the reqs for FCT, then back to ranger with the hunter level anywhere after 8.

Take a single level of Crossblooded Sorcerer. Take the Undead and Serpentine bloodlines.

Now, all your mind affecting spells work on corporeal undead, beasts, magical beasts, and monstrous humanoids just fine.

(Note: Does not apply to hexes, but seriously expands your ability)
So long as you have a Cha of 11, you also get another 3 spells per day that I would use for something that has no save and is utility. It also gets you Disrupt Undead, Acid Splash, and Ray of Frost cantrips available to you.

They get EXCEPTIONALLY annoying when paired with the Skulking Slayer rogue (h-orc arch). They can do a dirty trick or steal in place of a sneak attack. So, when flanking, or in a surprise round, it's awesome.

Mine uses a whip to do a ranged steal at -4, usually targeting clerics holy symbols or casters spell component pouch. I actually have one GM in PFS who says all enemies have at least 3 holy symbols and multiple spell component pouches now when I play him, regardless of what is written in the module. (Lore Warden 5/Skulking Slayer 5, Str based, +2 Dueling whip from PFSFG, not UE, giving it a +6 when making combat maneuvers with the whip).

No. Not the same thing. Think of it like frightened vs shaken. Flat-Footed is a more severe case of being denied dex.

Flat footed includes denying dex, but it also means you can't take AoOs. (With Combat Reflexes, you can take AoO's while flat footed though).

Denied Dex enables sneak attack, which is why people normally want that situation.

Ok. Heavy orc fighting. You are a 3/4 BAB class. TWF is dumb, even with the Warpriest buffs.

I didn't see a statline, might have missed it. I would expect you to have something like this: Str 16(+) Dex 14 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 15 Cha 8

1:Shieldwall, WF dwarven double Waraxe
3: PA, Cleave,
5: Goblin Cleaver
6: Wpn Spec,
7: Orc Hewer,
9: Gr Cleave, Imp Crit
11: Cleaving Finish

Now, being able to move and get 2 attacks (or more after level 9) against all enemies in reach (of your size or smaller, mostly orcs so good) with a +1 on you highest attack bonus (+2 more if goblins or orcs, should be lots) should be good. Note that after level 6 or so, your AC won't keep up with the attack bonuses of the enemies if the GM keeps you to +1 or +2 weapons/armor.

But, you can also choose to take the AoO at any point in the movement if they stay in your threatened space.

For example, you can let the guy go past you so that he is now flanked by the guy behind you before you trip him, now the other guy gets to hit him when he stands as well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My RotRL Magus loves the feat at level 11.

With Spellcombat, you don't use the swift cast, you just cast DD as your spellcombat spell and take a full attack with after you appear.

If you happen to have a couple of allies who delay right next to you, it is even more amazing since you all appear and then they come out of delay for full attacks as well.

Half Orc Slayer 6/ Horizon Walker 3
20 pt buy: Str 18 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 16 Cha 7

Sacred Tattoo and Shaman's Apprentice racials to get free endurance and +1 luck to all saves.

Trait's Fate's Favored and whatever.

BAB +9 Fort +11 Ref +10 Will +8

Feats: whatever, since at level 9 you will retrain all into Dimensional chain, Agility, Assault, Dervish, Savant. Recommend Outflank Teamwork feat for the giggles when it all comes together. TWF/ITWF from Combat Styles, 3rd slayer talent Terrain Mastery if you want a 3rd, if you are fine with just the 2 from Horizon Walker you could grab the no-AoO's one to make friends happy.

3 Favored terrains, with 2/4/6 (recommended, how often are you going to be on the astral anyways?) Astral Terrain Dominance, 6 Dim Doors/day.

4 attacks, +11/+11/+6/+6 (will actually be +11/+15/+12/+12 during Savant attack, see below) Assuming no gear other than plain shortswords and no magic gear:

so, start round. Swift Dim Door, first attack +11 for d6+4; bamf to flank and attack(offhand) +15, if hits immediate studied target for +2/+2 so damage is d6+4+2d6; bamf again for +12 attack doing d6+6+2d6; bamf again (offhand) d6+4+2d6.

Not bad for naked with no magic.

Actually, if possible, get that Int down to a 14 (still plenty, believe me) and try and get STR/CON even higher.

You also want to get Dex to a 16+ since if you plan on getting big later, Combat reflexes gives you a lot of play. I recommend Giant Squid as soon as you can get there,

our Druid in RotRL absolutely Wrecked an entire front of giants with that and airwalk during the defense of Sandpoint.

Because it is sub-par to make it actually effective. Switch hitters are focused on one thing, with only enough focus in the other to be barely competent.

To actually do anything with it, you have to enchant two weapons, take feats for two weapons, etc.

Nope, not the least cheesy. It is one of main two ways (the other being Spiked Armor) to constantly threaten and get AoO's while using a 2handed weapon.

Polearm users also use the same tactic to threaten at 5ft while holding a reach weapon.

Unless you have need for the skill points, I would switch Cha or Int with Str.

Str 18 Cha 16 Int 10, or Str 16 Cha 18 Int 10 would easily transition you to a more combative role.

You could also ask to switch to Warpriest instead of cleric, domain powers work very similar, but no domain spells, and it is more of a combat cleric and a LOT less of a Healbot. Also, your Cha is completely unnecessary for that class, everything runs of wisdom.

IF the vampire happened to be a wizard as well, this could be his personal Demiplane. That also lets you completely rework the normal laws of physics, magic, and nature, to suit whatever device you have going in the game. It would also allow you to keep them in the dark about his nature, since "his" sun wouldn't burn him at all.

I played in a home game a long time ago, where it was actually a Giant Demiplane created by a wizard who later ascended to actual Godhood. It was awesome, because the GM kept a tally of when we were convinced something crazy would work, and once we had enough belief from the villagers around us, we got divine boosts. Around level 17 we figured it out and those characters became demigods themselves, and the game kept going again with 2-3 generation gaps so that eventually we ended up playing divine casters of the original characters.

This part...

PRD ACG Bloodrager Bloodline entry wrote:
If the bloodrager takes levels in another class that grants a bloodline, the bloodlines must be the same type, even if that means that the bloodline of one of the classes must change. Subject to GM discretion, the bloodrager can change his former bloodline to make them conform.

Indicates that they are intended to be seen as the same bloodline, which happens to manifest differently based on the class it comes from.

However, it would definitely be better to have them come out and say it. When the ACG classes couldn't multiclass with their parent classes, this would not have come up, but now it matters, and especially for the single prestige class that was written before there was any way to get a bloodline besides sorcerer.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The line in Flying Kick is so that you can actually make a FOB after moving, because otherwise you couldn't take a full-round action after moving more than 5ft.

Flying Kick wrote:
The monk leaps through the air to strike a foe with a kick. Before the attack, the monk can move a distance equal to his fast movement bonus. This movement is made as part of the monk’s flurry of blows attack and does not require an additional action. At the end of this movement, the monk must make an attack against an adjacent foe. This movement may be between attacks. This movement provokes an attack of opportunity as normal. The attack made after the movement must be a kick.

Which, if you actually quoted the whole sentence, would be clear. (Italics).

The line right before the one you are fixated on (Bolded) is why it would work.

Then the answer is still yes.

Stealth is a free action as part of movement. You get to move BEFORE making the attack with Flying Kick, unless you believe it gives you reach. HiPS lets you make the stealth check even if you are observed, provided shadows are around.

They provided clarity that stealth skill is broken based on the wording, and that the line (cannot be used while attacking) actually means "you only get the first attack after using stealth, not the full attack".

More language isn't needed. If you have already succeeded at a stealth check, you only "lose stealth" after you make an attack or end your turn without cover or concealment. With Hide in Plain Sight, you only lose cover or concealment when you move more than 10 ft from a shadow of any kind, which means virtually never. So, only the attack part matters.

Which means, if they didn't make the perception roll, then you get a full round before it breaks, or until you make the first attack.

Not when you declare that you intend to attack, but only after you actually make the first attack roll.

Which, for Flying Kick, means you have moved already.

But the Flying Kick is the first attack out of stealth.

The FIRST attack out of stealth gets the benefits of stealth.

If someone walked up to you while you were hiding in a bush, and you got a full attack, if they had failed their perception to find you when they walked up you get the first attack from stealth, and then your remaining attacks are made normally. Without Flying Kick or Hide in Plain Sight. I can step 5ft out of a hidden position, hit him with my first attack with full bonuses, and make any other attacks normally no stealth bonuses.

So, having those other abilities, would not make you able to do less than you could without them.

The Stealth Rules have been bad forever, and several times they have said they need to re-write them in total. I had hoped that they would do this in Unchained, because it is sorely needed.

They did not, but we do have the errata and the blog to show us the intent. Stealth means the first attack after you move out of cover gets the bonuses, regardless of the line in the skill about not using it while attacking.

If you don't have the errata, or haven't read the blog/faq on it, I understand that that might not be clear, as it was one of the two ways of reading it before those were posted. Before, stealth was worthless, now it's functional for the single attack at the start of combat, or if you can get behind cover/concealment during a fight for hit-and-run or sniping tactics.

The combination of the two abilities in the OP allows you to trump the basic stealth rules, which is what special abilities were designed to do, provide exceptions to the basic rules in certain situations.

It works.

Stealth rules have added the line that you can be stealthed, move out of cover or concealment, and get a single swing with all the stealth attack bonuses.

Flying Kick lets you move(up to fast movement), and make a full Flurry of Blows.

Hide in Plain Sight lets you make a stealth check even when observed, negating the cover or concealment reqs, provided you are within 10 ft of a shadow.

So, for this, the Unchained Monk can leap up, stealth using Hide in Plain Sight, move up to his Fast Movement bonus with Flying Kick, make a single attack kick (the first of his FoB attacks) with the bonus from stealth (flat-footed, +2 to hit, etc) and then continue his remaining FoB attacks without the bonus for being stealthed.

It's a full on, 7th(ish) level combo that gives you PF version of Mortal Combats Johnny Cage Shadow Kick.

Which is awesome.

Yeah... it would work. And it's awesome.

Haven't really looked at unchained, good find.

There were a lot of FAQ/Errata that never got done from 4 years ago.

However, I can't find the one where he said the same thing about the barbarian with 12 Str taking PA since he qualifies while raging.

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