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TGMaxMaxer's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,554 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 13 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Why could they not just say one physical and one magical?

Enlarge is a physical change, Lead blades is Magical.

Shield Spikes is a physical change, Bashing is magical.

INA is a physical change, Strong Jaw is magical.

That covers every corner case that has been brought up here.

Frigid Touch Spell.

My Magus loves it. Staggered for one round on hit, staggered for one minute on a crit.

I also have a Rime Frigid Touch stored in my Spell storing armor, so that if I get surprised with a full attack, they only hit me once. (for pounce type or invisible rogues sneak attack mostly)

For the record, this was 3.5, he was a mystic theurge/true necromancer.

I believe it was available to him in 3.5, or it was from his cleric levels.

If you like a druid lite, and need a ranged combat character in the party, look at the Hunter from ACG.

Full druid companion, with special buffs, 6th level druid/ranger list casting (bard progression), and free teamwork feats that the AC gets as well for free, some of which complement a ranged/melee set.

Feats: one gets you ranged attack bonuses if your pet is attacking that creature, and more if it is flanking (not with you). One gets you a free ranged AoO when it hits. Etc.

Or, the Inquisitor archetype from the ACG that gets the full hunter pet loadout, complete with feats and animal focus, to combine both of the suggestions in this thread.

Blinded condition is insane, denied dex, plus 50% miss chance, plus no AoO ability, plus other penalties, is great.

Taking away full attack options is also awesome, (except for single attack creatures).

My rogue(scout/skulking slayer)/Lore Warden fighter uses it to amazing effect, charging the enemy, thus denying dex, thus setting up everyone else to come in since they can't AoO anymore.

I also have Surprise Follow-thru(deny dex on cleave), so I usually blind the 2nd target instead of damage.

Spectral hand, don't get on the other ship to touch them.

Water walking as an offensive spell. In a campaign I was in, we encountered a dragon turtle. We had cannons, so his only advantage was being underwater with all that entails. The wizard jumped in, touched him with waterwalking, made the SR check, and poof! Now he is instantly on top of the water regardless of what he wants.

See also casting it using Spectral hand, and for use on any variety of aquatic creatures. As well, once they are out of the water they start suffocating unless they are amphibious, and since it lasts 50 minutes as soon as you can cast it it pretty much kills them.

You could also theme it similar to Midgard, the slain are taken to the afterlife where they fight in an epic war, taking them from their glory is not only unnatural, it is completely dishonorable. This makes it so culturally biased against the idea, that even evil people will be rare to break the taboo, meaning when you do use undead they can be completely custom to avoid players feeling like "great, more skeletons/zombies/ghouls".

(Note: This also has the side effect of not keeping the fallen pc's gear other than consumables, since they will need it in the afterlife, meaning less vulture-ish PC's.)

You really need a group of players who will embrace this concept, or it won't really work.

Also, take all the insta-death Spells and SLA's out of common monster stats, and make them more rare as well.

The idea is that since your death affects your status in the afterlife, death magic with no chance should be just as shameful to use since it cheapens the death.

Of course, truly evil villains will do it, and some special "advanced" monsters will have it, but it should be more of an epic battle of attrition than insta-win spells.

You do know you can make a steal combat maneuver with a whip at -4.

It's in the rules.

I have a Half Orc Lore Warden Fighter/Skulking Slayer Rogue that has ridiculous trip/Steal/Dirty trick CMB.

He uses a (PFSFG version) +2 Dueling Whip, and a Heavy Flail for damage. Both are in the same weapon training group for Gloves of Dueling to boost, and he has a slotted Dusty Rose Ioun Stone in a Wayfinder.

With a Burglar's Buckler (UE), and adding his sneak attack dice total to dirty trick and steal maneuvers, along with the feats and the lore warden bonus, he hits upper 28-34 on the regular for all 3 maneuvers.

In addition, blinding means sneak attack the rest of the time.

Actually, to expand on the ritual of the "possession". In the abyss, the lowest troops spawn from "Larvae" that grow into bigger demons.

Have the potential recruits required to swallow one whole, and those that are worthy will be infused with the demon energy, while those who are not will be killed as it burrows out of them.

This also lets you mix in some undead if you like, or mix and match fiendish and undead traits so that they are truly unique monsters and more likely to be special to your players.

If the Shaman has passed his teachings to his successors (or done something like lichdom), you could even add some of the 3.5 "Spell Stitched" or undead abilities out of Libre Mortis.

Make him a Half-Fiend. It fits with the story, and is a significant boost to a normal orc.

For the way he creates the new monstrosities, make them have a "Possession Rite" wherein they are bound to the demon's will, granting them the Fiendish template.

The island setup should be based on what level you want them to be after this.

Obviously not all of the orcs on the island would be turned, since you would only want to bother with the ritual on the meanest and strongest. So, have the coast area have normal (twisted) orcs, with fiendish animals as pets/mounts. Each small grouping led by one of the fiendish ones.

Take a look at the old 3.5 Acolyte of the Skin class for ideas of how you get the powers.

Also, scatter some lesser demons and Sinspawn mixed in with the orcs on the island.

A party of 4 with no healing (with the group listed) should have some fun with that kind of setup.

As an Int based caster with 4 skill ranks per level, not being able to drop the full 7 ranks in the skill the level he gets it (for alchemist level 7) is kinda poor planning.

That said, he should have at least +13 the level he gets it. (7 ranks, 3 class skill, 1/2 caster level =3, plus alchemist should have dex for bombs, so say +15. Skills don't auto fail even on a 1, so no chance of failing by more than 5 anyways, (though as noted above using the fly spell doesn't have the same penalties for flying as wings do).

In the blog on maneuvers, SKR did indeed clarify that some maneuvers other than trip disarm and sunder use the weapon. Those are the only ones in the -CRB- that always get weapon bonuses.

Drag and Reposition are made using the weapon bonuses if the weapon has the trip special quality.

Dirty trick uses the weapon situationally, as ruled by the GM, using a sap to the genitals to give the sickened condition was one of his examples wherein the weapon bonuses counted.

Big Fan of a Witch myself.

Gunslinger, or a ranged Inquisitor.

Or even a mix of both, if you want to really make a GM's eyes cross about level 10.

Yeah, a single level dip of Inspired Blade Swashbuckler (and using a rapier) with Fencing Grace would make you just fine as a fighter type.

First you need to decide if you are going to be a fighter with magic or a caster who can fight. Bard limited spells known means you have to pick, since you give up some of the combat boosting performances with that archetype.

Hideous Laughter is good at lower levels, Saving Finale for failed save rolls, Ear piercing scream for casters, grease, vanish, timely inspiration (better later when a couple points will give success), vanish.

2nd level: Glitterdust. Have this one no excuses. Blistering Invective (great debuff no SR), Blindness, Blur, Cacophonous Call(for will), Gallant Inspiration (+2d4 on skill/attack after roll), Ghostbane Dirge if you think there are incorporeal creatures in the game (could be scroll or page of spell knowledge), Sound Burst, Silence, Mirror Image, etc.

People think it works that way because that is the only way it works without other problems.

For instance, if you think it takes an attack roll, then my rogue is going to expect his sneak attack to apply to touch spells cast from his spell storing armor, as sneak attack applies to touch spells (assuming sneak conditions met).

I will also expect my characters with poison to get to double poison with spell storing weapons, once for the weapon hit and once for the spell storing attack (assuming sticky poison).

The grappling rules are a mess in and of themselves (being errata'd multiple times to make them even this good) and are no good place to base expectations on.

Grapple inconsistency:
For instance, my AoMF enhances my unarmed attacks, grappling takes penalties for not using both hands, so it is obviously a hand dependent maneuver, yet most people will not apply the only bare-hand weapon enchant to it.

The touch attack is already made, as the ability triggers on a successful "touch" (attack) by an enemy. No roll on the part of the armor or wearer is needed.

Unless you think a spell storing weapon also needs a second attack roll to hit with the spell after it triggers?

Half orc Skulking slayer gets to do it anytime they can sneak attack, with a bonus equal to sneak dice. Then once they are blind you get sneak damage too.

Take a lore warden fighter/skulking slayer and you get so serious bonuses.

Add in a Dusty Rose Ioun Stone slotted in a wayfinder (+2 CMB/CMD), a Burglars Buckler (+2 CMB dirty tricks), get some gloves of dueling after fighter level 5 (and get a weapon that can be used for dirty tricks so the bonus works), at earlier level get gauntlets of skilled maneuver for another +2.

So, Greater Dirty trick +4, +2 lore warden 3, +2 buckler, +2 item, + WT bonus with an applicable weapon, +sneak attack dice, + BAB, + Str, +2 flanking (for sneak to be applicable), or denied dex.

My LW5/Skulking Slayer6 in PFS has a +34 or so to dirty tricks (usually with a PFSFG version +2 Dueling Scorpion Whip, gives additional +2xenhance bonus to maneuvers made with it) before magic buffs.

@ DarkPhoenixx

See also adding in intelligent item to the animated object or craft construct base rules.

He's basically wanting to make the suit from Full Metal Alchemist.

It would be either:

1: Animate object on a suit of full plate, with permanency, which means they have no active intelligence and have construct traits, as per the Animate Objects spell description.


2: The use of the Craft Construct feat, which has a different set of traits and abilities associated with it, still with no active intelligence.

To get into the actual intelligent creature area, it needs to be a custom construct with the intelligent item creation added abilities, which have no "set" rules. You can have it be as major or minor a change as you like. There is a detailed list of examples and costs for each feature in the magic items section.

Can't play a human with racial heritage dwarf to get the dwarf cleave feats in PFS. They have a special rule that you can only use things from the race sections if you actually are that race, and the racial heritage feat doesn't trump that.

Anything in the specific race ARG sections require you to actually play the race to use it. It's a BS ruling, but it stands to date.

Additional Resources, ARG section wrote:

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide

To create an aasimar, dhampir, fetchling, grippli, goblin, ifrit, oread, ratfolk, samsaran, suli, sylph, tiefling, undine, or vishkanya character, you must have a Chronicle sheet that opens the race as a legal option at character creation. Aasimars and tieflings that were created and had at least one xp applied before August 14, 2014, remain legal for play. The boon restriction to create a kitsune, nagaji, and wayang was removed at the start of Season 6 and all three are now available for open creation.

Note: Alternate racial traits, racial archetypes, racial evolutions, racial feats, and racial spells are only available for characters of the associated race. Racial equipment and magic items can be purchased and used by any race as long as the specific item permits it (for example, only halflings can purchase and use solidsmoke pipeweed).

The FAQ doesn't qualify itself to only work on certain Item Creation feats. It says it works on item creation feats. If you want to add words to restrict it to certain ones, then do so, but they aren't there in the actual text.

Well, since scribe scroll is listed as an Item creation feat, and the FAQ refers to item creation, even though it lists the flaming sword as an example, then you should be able to use SLAs for scrolls as well.

Technically, you could find a wand of a spell you didn't have (as a wizard), burn a charge to scribe it to a scroll, and then copy it into your spellbook.

Kind of expensive, but in the middle of a dungeon it might be easier than trying to just find a scroll, or if the wand is lower CL than you need later.

NikolaiJuno wrote:
I am of the assumption that Sohei Weapon Master only works to increase the bonus on Weapon Master weapon training if level 3 Weapon master is taken at a lower level than Sohei6 is.

That cannot be the case, as the Devs have said that you should be able to build the character in any order (other than pre-reqs for things like feats/prestige classes) and have it be the same result.

Sohei 6/Weapon Master 3 has to result in the exact same character as Weapon Master 3/Sohei 6. (provided pre-reqs are still able to be met).

As to the actual question in the OP, you only get to use the alternate class feature if you have the alternate feature. So, to flurry you need the Sohei 6 feature and any other combination of other Weapon Training you happen to find convenient.

To avoid Metagaming, I usually limit myself to a set list of questions based on my check.

Having a decent memory and having played incarnations of the game for years, the name alone does exactly what was described above.

So, I always ask in order:
1. What do I do to hurt it? i.e. Special Defenses (DR, elemental Resists, outright immunities based on creature type)
2. What is it going to do to hurt us? i.e. Special attacks (poison, rend, engulf, ability damage/drain, etc)
3. Does it have any magical powers? Spell like abilities or known for caster class (each category of SLA: at will, 3/day, 1/day, are extra questions, typical caster level is also a single question for class levels)
4. Typical saves (which are weak/strong)
From there, if I actually get higher than 4 questions I let other people ask stuff.

But by the same token, in a round when facing a troll and a demon(with DR) I would just be allowed to pass on "Use fire or acid on the troll, he'll heal anything else, and hit the demon with cold Iron or blessed weapons, it's resistant to most magic/energy".

Actually Avoron, the post you quoted is the rules basis for allowing some weapons to apply to maneuvers other than just the straight Disarm, Trip, and Sunder.

Paragraph 2 lists the "normal" maneuvers which apply weapon bonuses.

But read the 3rd paragraph, it specifically mentions bonuses for a Sap being applicable for Dirty Trick to cause sickened, provided you can reasonably justify the weapon you are using being involved with the maneuver applied. In the actual discussion that spawned this blog post, Whip bonuses applying to Dirty Trick for Entangle, Sickened, Dazzled, and Blinded were also shown to be situationally applicable.

The 4th paragraph says any weapon with the "trip" quality will apply bonuses to Drag and Reposition attempts.

Applying situational modifiers at the GM's discretion isn't a houserule, it is the rule. Just like having a bonus on bluff to impersonate a guard gets a bonus (or removes the "unbelieveable lie" penalty) when you actually have a guards uniform on. You just can't count on everyone having the same "reasonable" so go over any ideas with your GM beforehand.

Arcanist are already a spell level behind, taking another hit is kinda bad for a full caster.

Better to do the Exploiter Wizard, and get full wizard casting with the ability to take exploits.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Read Magic and Detect Magic should be cantrips everyone who can cast knows, either all the time, or at low levels when slots are limited on the off day at least.

Perception can be used to identify potions (many people miss this) DC 15+CL just like spellcraft, so you should have someone who can make that taking 10.

Wands usually come with a command word, any caster with the spell on their list should know what those do, anyone who can use the wand but doesn't have it on list will be making UMD anyways, so activating blindly will tell them what it does at the cost of a charge. Fair price to make a non-rounded party pay.

Basic +1 armor/weapons are DC 18. With a MW tool (call it a Crafter's Manual) any 3rd level character with max ranks makes that DC taking 10.

Most other basic items have a CL of 5, making them DC 20, if the party has decided to not cover their base with a dedicated caster (which I do not consider a summoner) then possibly they will need a couple of the other party members to spend a point or two in Spellcraft to be able to Aid Another to hit the requirements.

Reading through this... and playing a Bladebound magus in RotRL right now, I advise against the natural attack routine. Just because it has a ton of moving parts, and a lot of them will make you beat your head against the wall from levels 3-8.

Mine is a Bladebound Hexcrafter, and is doing PHENOMENALLY well with the frostbite/rime spell combo (another player is an inquisitor and handles the enforcer route... usually with blistering invective instead for groups).

I have also gotten the Hex Strike thing to work (but only at 11th level+).

I'm half elf for the elven FCB of extra arcanas and human feats. I used my h-elf racial for proficiency in the Urumi, d8 18-20x2 crit weapon that is in the Monk Weapon group. I took IUS. I took evil eye, and later will take retribution hex. I took Hex Strike. At 10th level, a magus uses 1/2 level as fighter levels for feats. ARG Martial Versatility feat applied to Hex Strike means that now you can use Hex Strike with any weapon in the Monk Weapon group. Swift action evil eye debuff on top of everything else every round.

I agree with the above that per the actual rules, it wouldn't work. Or that even a non-lethal CDG would trigger the fort save or die mechanic if you allow it to work.

However, the option of fort save or immediately go unconscious (at non-lethal equal to current hit points) is a reasonable compromise, but I would require them to be able to use the weapon in question to do non-lethal at no penalty (so either non-lethal weapons, or a monks IUS, etc. Not normal weapons with the typical -4 for non-lethal).

How about just changing it to a Rend ability so that you can keep it in line with several other feat trees that function with it?

6 attacks.
At BAB 7/+2, -2 for TWF, with natural attacks made at the end of the routine with a -5, makes:

+5 IUS/+5 IUS/+0 IUS/+0 IUS/+0 Claw/+0 Claw, (not counting Str for hit yet.)

Damage is d3+Str/d3+half Str/d3+Str/d3+half Str/d6+half Str/d6+half Str

All of them with sneak if you are flanking, etc.

For season 6 scenarios it is worth it to get the Adamantine weapon for 3k (which includes the masterwork cost) before adding the +1 to it. Because constructs with hardness.

In PFS, you can add enchants as you get the money and fame, so no worries there about slowly adding extra things to you weapon.

At 3rd level you should have about 3000g.

You should get 1200g per game at level 3-4 tier scenarios, and 1800g per game at 4-5 tier.

So, assuming you have spent money on armor already, since you are broke, you should get enough to buy an Adamantine ECB by 4th level, and have enough to put +1 on it after your first game of 4th level.

Lead Blades increases the physical weapon used damage by one size category.

Sacred Weapon gives you a damage dice chart that is independent of the actual weapon used.

Per sacred weapon, you can use the dice listed on the Warpriest chart, if it is greater than the damage dice of the rapier modified by lead blades, (d8).

Lead Blades would not stack on the adjusted Warpriest scaling damage because it says you can use the damage for the weapon, or the damage on the chart, whichever is higher.

Spells that physically change your size along with gear would stack on top of either.

Rapier d6.
Lead blades rapier d8.
Warpriest level 1-4, d6.
Warpriest level 5-9, d8.

Pick whichever total you like above.

Not apply warpriest chart for new base damage to scale lead blades to 2d6.

Enlarge or Righteous Might, take whatever total you have and go one step up the size chart.

But sacred weapon lets you use the damage dice of the weapon or the sacred weapon damage, whichever is greater.

If you have a rapier (d6) with lead blades (d8), and you have sacred weapon (d8), you still just have a d8 either way.

You have to be 10th level before your sacred weapon does more than a rapier with lead blades (d10).

Enlarge or Righteous Might will increase the whole thing one step, but Lead Blades doesn't stack on top of sacred weapon. They are two separate totals that you get to choose between based on which is bigger.

Give them Whip Mastery at 1st. Ability to do actual damage with a whip is a fair trade (one archetype gets dervish Dance for crying out loud). Also treat class level as BAB for maneuvers with a whip, plus BAB from other classes.

Let them count as having WF Whip for prereqs, or give it to them. Not a massive boost so long as they don't get all the net stuff too.

Call the Wordstrike sub "Razored Tongue" or somesuch, and make it functional. Call it sonic damage and roll it all into a single power that levels. At 3rd, vs objects 1d4+level (bypassing hardness) and vs creatures 1d8 word +1 word per 2 levels after 3rd, add Cha mod once per creature, single Fort Half for each creature affected regardless of how many words target them, 30ft range.

At 2, give the Dazzling Display as a standard action that the cavalier gets, at 6 Imp Whip Mastery, treated as 1 size larger for purposes of what she can trip. At 10 Greater Whip Mastery, treated as 1 size larger for purposes of grappling with whip. At 14, can use trip and grapple with whip on creatures of any size and even those normally immune to the maneuvers.

Pleasure and Pain I like, keep that.

Fear Connoisseur should be a +4 against saves vs fear effects and +4 to checks to demoralize her at 2nd level. She can use perform Oratory in place of Intimidate to demoralize opponents.

At 5th level, She can also stack fear effects from successive effects she causes (but not effects caused by others) to a max of frightened. At 11th level, this can increase the effect to panicked. Shaken->Frightened->Panicked. For example, a Dominatrix of 5th level can intimidate someone she has affected with Blistering Invective, or her Dazzling Display, and cause them to go from shaken to frightened. She could also simply Intimidate to demoralize them a 2nd time before the first duration was up, and cause them to be frightened. Only the level of fear is increased, the durations are not cumulative. This replaces Well Versed, Loremaster and Jack of All Trades.

Include the medium armor option at 5th, but don't give heavy at 11th. Instead, give armor training at 9th, (full speed and +1 MaxDex/-1 ACP), increasing at 13, 17. Also, a Dodge bonus to AC of +1 at 13 &17 in medium armor and not encumbered. Keeps them mobile and still not crap in the AC race.

Surprise Follow Through doesn't require you to be a half-orc. It happens to be listed under the half-orc section because a h-orc Rogue archetype gets to take it as a talent without pre-reqs, but it is NOT a racial feat. It has no pre-req for race.

That said, get 3 levels in Lore-Warden fighter, grab 3 extra feats and a blanket +2 on maneuvers, and pick up Dirty Trick/Gr Dirty Trick/Quick Dirty Trick. Now, they are blind in addition to everything else, (one of the best conditions listed, and one almost nothing is immune to), and have to use a standard action to remove it, all the while you get full sneak attacks.

He could make the light category of lamellar armor from darkleaf, the +4 AC version for sure.

There are 3 different listings for lamellar armor in UE, and leather is definitely allowed, horn is a maybe, and steel is right out for darkleaf conversion.

Now, for Do-Maru, since it specifically says it is like a coat, and lacks the plating, I would allow it. It is +1 AC vs Hide Armor, -1 ACP, and 5lbs heavier (to start). In the end he gets to spend 1500g to get +1 AC and still have -1 ACP after the treatment, where Darkleaf Hide would have none.

Fair trade.

@Chess Pwn:

I would argue that it is the same case as the Evil Eye Hex. You can stack multiple uses targeting different penalties, so why would it be unavailable to inquisitors to stack multiple judgments for different benefits?

If you aren't planning to get past 8/9th level, then a spread of
Str 14 Dex 17 Con 12 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 7 is about as good for a divine casting archer as you can get.

That +2 damage/shot will matter, and buying the 18 to start vs the 17 at creation costs you 2 points in other stats, yet is effectively the same thing at level 4, and never gets to make a difference since you are not planning on getting it to 20 by level 8 anyways.

Also, Faerie Fire has no save, negates invis, blur, displacement, mirror image, etc. So, pick that as a 1st level spell later on.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

It seems to be more of a knee-jerk reaction to "ZOMG double stat dipping oh-noes" than anything else.

Having Inquisitions that no longer function correctly, feats that need to be re-written due to a FAQ changing the printed rules, as well as admitting that a CRB class ability gets away with double dipping because the text was written slightly differently grammatically, means that this FAQ is about as good an idea as the Hands of Effort clarification, the original FOB ruling, and the magus haste examples.

I appreciate that there are FAQs coming, and that Paizo takes the time to respond to fans.

However, if a FAQ means that at least 5 sources of printed material need to be entirely re-written to function based on the new ruling, then perhaps it should still be on the table and not posted.

Surprise Follow Thru/Imp is listed in the H-Orc section because a H-Orc rogue archetype gets to use it as a rogue talent.

It is not restricted to h-orc race at all.

PFS has houserules that anything in each race section can only be used by members of that race.

Note the difference between the Goblin Cleaver and Surprise Follow Thru feats in the pre-req line.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

And remember, temples of Calistria charge double, because with access to CLW, it's the first time every time.

Picarroon Swashbuckler (if your GM allows firearms), otherwise just a normal Swashbuckler. Use a whip with Slashing Grace (for the reach for ship combat) for all kinds of fun.

Use one of the alternate heritages who doesn't drop CHA.

Also, bloodrager tiefling with those stats is FANTASTIC, and gets some arcane abilities in the group.

There are a TON of awesome concepts for sea games, a Hexcrafter Magus is also a classic tiefling with arcane skills to complement the group.

You don't need Agile Maneuvers so long as you intend to Disarm with a weapon of your own.

Disarm, Trip, and Sunder automatically use Dex when performed with a finessable weapon and the Weapon Finesse feat.

People are also looking at the damage thru a pvp filter. For most monsters Cr 6+, you have to factor DR in, usually 5 or 10 at higher levels. Can't use clustered shots, can't make them special material, can't use bardsong buffs while using them. Can't use arcane strikewith them, ordeadly aim.

The standard DR for CR appropriate creatures once you have this, should pretty much balance out the +Cha to damage.

In PFS, typically i get d8+1or+2 with a 24Cha at level 9.

I could swear that on mine it is +3 levels of monk, which would get the +10 ft movement. I don't have my paperwork now, but I'll check it again.

But if you choose the Sibat for Slashing grace, a 1h slashing weapon, and then also choose that for Martial Versatility, then you can now use slashing grace to any polearm based on the rules while wielding polearm with the Phalanx Fighter ability.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Acid damage is halved against objects (as is any energy damage) then you apply hardness. Magic adds 2 hardness per +1, and 10 hp.

So, 12 acid before hardness.

Adamantine, Living Steel, and Mithral would ignore the acid completely, no magic needed. Alchemical Silver with +2 would ignore the acid. Cold Iron with a +1 would ignore the acid. Darkwood with +4 would ignore the acid.

Was that 45 crushing damage and 25 acid damage in a single round? If it was total, you apply hardness separately for each "attack".

Especially since Magus are Swift action starved, so Arcane Strike is going to be hard to use unless the fight lasts 4+rounds.

Also, you are incorrect about the Human FCB. Human is +1/4 Arcane Pool point, not arcana.

Elf and Halfling get the FCB that gets extra Arcana, and they are 1/6. So at 6, 12, 18.

Half Elf can take the Elf FCB, and that puts you dropping Arcane Strike and picking up Slashing Grace at 3rd, but getting free Skill Focus or +2 Will saves instead.

Or play an elf, stats Str 10 Dex 18 Con 12 Int 17 Wis 12 Cha 7.

Take the +2 for spell penetration (useful later) and the +2 Concentration from the Arcane Focus racial (useful now). All depends on how much you want the +2 Con, vs the +2 Int.

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