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Reta Bigbad

Sylverthorne's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 35 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists.


Liberty's Edge


On Wednesday I got the notice that Order 3146974 had shipped out, and the tracking number. However, the tracking number isn't working - not from the link, not from UPS' website, not anywhere, and I haven't seen the package as of today.

One or the other wouldn't bother me, but both together have me a little antsy to know what is going on.


Liberty's Edge


In attempting to figure out what is going on with the PFO kickstarter rewards not finding my address (a problem my buddy alerted me to), I discovered that I apparently have no active address listed.
When I attempted to fix that, I found that there is no option to do so. I can remove what is there, but I can't make it 'active'.

Hoping you guys can help.
Thank you.

Liberty's Edge

I was aiming to start - at least sort out the kinks (because there's usually SOMETHING!) this coming Sunday, the 5th.

If that doesn't work for someone, I need to know now. ;p

Liberty's Edge

Heh! Excellent, people coordinating on characters. I like to see that.

I'll probably get a chance to look at any responses when I get back - today is 'gaming in person' day, and I'm taking advantage of the break.

At least this time, no one got eaten by giant ermine...

Liberty's Edge

I don't use Skype, so that wouldn't work anyway.

I take HL sheets; if you use Hero Labs, PDFs and plain text - the email address to send those to is a couple of posts up.

Liberty's Edge

Doesn't seem to be a good solution - either you go too far one way (current system, my original solution), or too far the other way.

I have had a suggestion that has some merit, but the math is going to need testing. Heh.

In the meantime! Interested parties! Gentlemen! Ladies! Send me your sheets!

.. not literally. If I get actual bedsheets in the mail, I might start wondering about you all. ;p

Liberty's Edge

Gunslingers have their own problems - you have to explain where such a character gained the necessary knowledge and what the heck he/she/it is doing in Sandpoint of all the places, but it's not amongst the classes I restrict.

At the moment, the Crafting system is under extensive retooling via house rule (I'm taking suggestions), and thus may get bent quite out of shape before all is said and done. If that doesn't bother you, have at ye.

There will be downtime, and I will let you guys make stuff as you have time, but the whole crafting thing will be very much experimental. I don't like the current system, and I've not had time to pull it apart and find the bits that need twisting to make it work. So everyone is warned. ;p

Liberty's Edge

I'm hunting players for my game, over here in: - if you're not picky about venue/software, you could have a look?

Liberty's Edge

I may have one, koffing.

What did you have in mind to play?

Liberty's Edge

Gaming with us does look a lot like that, sometimes.
Puns are only one of the many strange things that may happen during a session. ^.~

Liberty's Edge

Iirc, I included an email address with the rpol ad that you saw. You can send it to that.

... Actually, y'know what, I'll just repeat it here. sylverthorne {at} Remove spaces, brackets, so on and so forth. Completed sheets in whatever format can be sent there.

Liberty's Edge

I look forward to hearing more about this character you're building, Indv.

Fraust. Mumble ... actually, Andi can probably explain Mumble better than I can. Current tentative plan for session length is until nine or ten - or until we all fall over. ^.^

Liberty's Edge

In truth, Paizo was not the first to give Rangers spells - I think that's a holdout from before.
I'm actually inclined to agree with you that rangers don't need magic, but messing with 3rd party sources opens a can of worms that I'm just not comfortable with.

Sorry about that, man. Better luck with the next one.

Liberty's Edge

Yes, that would include the Quarterly. Iirc, there are magic-less ranger archetypes available, if that's the kind of thing you want to play.
While I'm not exactly a fan of the Trapper, the Skirmisher archetype from the APG sounds like the kind of thing you're talking about wanting to play.

Liberty's Edge

I am setting up a Pathfinder VoIP game, using Mumble and D20pro, starting in January.

If you're interested, feel free to take a look at the thread I posted:

Liberty's Edge

I've got an offer for a sword-and-board fighter extended. That person may or may not join the conversation over here, but the offer's been made.

Liberty's Edge

I'd try the Archivist archetype, honestly. The Arch-archetype isn't so much for the knowing stuff.

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

Thought as much. In truth, few MMORPGs really /are/ that kind of game - in order to do anything really epic, you have to have the group, and all the fun (and not so fun) that goes with that.

I can accept that. I was never good at some aspects of cohesive social structures (dealing with people who think it's funny to ruin other people's day, either directly, or by being passive-aggressive little *coughs* makes me very tired, for example), but I can accept that sometimes, you just have to... well. You know.
Which I guess means that I need to find me some social structure. I play good healers. Anyone need one of those? I usually come with a tank. He's even less good at being a social butterfly than I am.

Seriously though, I haven't given up on this being fun yet, and I'm poking around the linked post - what'd you call it? The Nihimonicon? - for ideas.

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

Lam wrote:

I suspect if you game alone, you will be a victim. If you adventure with a group, that collaborated PvE will reduce PvP choices. UNC and others will pick their targets. They will avoid targets which have combat capabilities. While characters with more merit badges will be more skilled, but that improvement will be flat and shallow.



The bolded section is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about when I mentioned my concerns, and the sentence that follows exactly the kind of thing I don't want to be forced into simply for the sake of being able to do stuff when my guild/friends/other like-minded people aren't around.

I am holding out for the Early Enrollment community setting the standards and keeping the gank-fest behaviour to a minimum in the belief that if it can happen anywhere, it can happen here - at least some of what I have been reading suggests there is a good chance of success.

Being wrote:
but I think we may redefine PvP. It just might work, what the devs are proposing, to make it meaningful, to make it matter not just for you and me but even for those who enjoy murdering game characters and find their personal expression in optimizing their play toward only that end.

Okay, I admit it, the possibilities of this do intrigue me. Curiousity apparently kills little goblins too...

Liberty's Edge

Alright! My third player has weighed in, and she's plotting a rogue.

I'm still in the market for one or two more players - lots of options left.

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

I am also concerned about the focus on PvP.

Basically, I'm a role player, not a PvPer. I play for fun, and 'fun' for me does not involve wondering if I'm going to log in only to get ganked and camped because someone thinks that's funny, or get ganked so someone can take a resource I was trying to gather, or... really, any one of a number of behaviours I have seen in other games; that kind of garbage is why I don't play on PvP-enabled servers.

I'm not what you would call a 'social' gamer - I like being able to talk to people, and help them out (and get help, if I need it), but I don't like feeling like I have to have a big group backing me up if I want to play the game by myself and just gather stuff, or wander around exploring (and beating on things, as needed).

My previous experiences with other MMOs suggests that MMO + PvP = epic gank fest, with the inexperienced or lone players getting the short end in all the ways I described above and a few others I left out, but I'm sure someone has experienced in the past. Right now, I'm getting the impression PFO is leaning heavily towards a place where that kind of thing happens, if not runs rampant, and that isn't really the kind of game I thought I was signing up for.

That having been said, some of what I have been seeing here does suggest that the community is not likely to go haywire and off-the-rails crazy just because PvP is involved, and that IS reassuring. But I am still concerned.

Liberty's Edge

And usually, not in the ways anyone expects.
It's not like I equate Class X with Role Z, after all. Wanna play a warrior priest, don't want to run a paladin? Sure. Cleric, Inquisitor ... hell, go nuts, play a Druid. Nature needs defenders too, right? >.>

Liberty's Edge

Oracles are hard. Figure out what you want and choose Revelations and Mysteries appropriately. At least, that's how I did it with mine.

Liberty's Edge

Excellent. Thanks for clarifying, Slap, Andi.

That leaves a multitude of options for Arms, Anvils and Hammers (no personal plumbing, please).

I should probably point out that we're all adults here, so far. You could accurately describe the humour as warped. ^.~
Puns are going to be the least of your worries.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Now recruiting for Mumble/D20Pro game, starting in January.

I am planning to run Rise of the Runelords (Anniversary Edition), on Sundays, starting around 3pm PST.

I need one or two players - three at the outside.

We have plenty of d20Pro guest licenses, so those of you who don't have one, no need to worry. The client is, iirc, a free download.
Mumble is a free DL, information will be provided when it's needed.
If you have Hero Labs, I take .por files. If not, I'll probably be pulling your sheet into HL to check the numbers.

I'm a roleplayer/story GM, not a ruleplayer - I've been known to defenestrate the book because coolness (of course, I'll do that for both sides, so be ye warned), and I've been known to be merciful. However, while I am not out to kill PCs, actions have consequences.

Actual Character Generation!

Assuming you're still reading this, and are interested, here's what you need to know to set up a character.

20 point buy.
Max gold for your class.

I'm using traits, and yes, you get two. One of them should be a campaign trait.
If you want, I am considering testing the background merits/flaws rules - feel free to muck about with that.

I do not allow:
3rd party sources, psionics.
No monks, samurai, ninjas or summoners - and no play-test classes.
No Fetchlings, monsterous races (goblins, kobolds) or races that require templates.

Beyond that, if you want to play something odd, run it past me, and I'll take a look. I would prefer that characters start in Sandpoint, but they do not need to be residents.

Do not forget to note what feats/traits effect what, and to assign Favoured Class bonuses.

If you happen to have played through part of this before (or GM'd it), you are still welcome, on the condition that you are able to cram foreknowledge of events/encounters/monsters into a padlocked box and bury that box in an unused corner of your mind.

What I already have:
A wizard (of some kind)
A divine caster - might be a cleric, might be a paladin.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We're playing Carrion Crown, and we've gotten about to the point where we need to talk to this high-muckety-muck vampire - but we don't know how to get to him. So, we hire a guide and go traipsing down to talk to this guy in the hopes of learning useful stuff about The Real Quest.

While we're on route, we get into a fight. My character (a tiefling witch - the group's healer) is hanging out in back with our guide, who happens to be a dhampyr. My character knows sod all about those. So, when he starts griping about wanting to help and not being able to because there was a narrow walk way and everybody was in the way, she tells him to fly over there - can't he do that?
In the course of answering that, he says; "No! I've got feet, like you do!"
Hooved tiefling looks down at hooves, looks up at him and says, totally deadpan: ... No, I don't.

There was a silence, and then the entire group cracked up.

Our guide later managed to get himself killed all the way dead, and, because he'd been helpful and stuff, she decides, with the party's blessings, to Reincarnate him.
Me, while rolling dice: So, let's see what we get on the Resurrection Roulette roll this time!

Liberty's Edge

Thanks for the clarification, Gary.
That IS pretty standard - it's hard to find a bridge deck anymore. :/

... I don't suppose that size (slightly narrower cards, iirc), would be in the cards for one of the stretch rewards?

Liberty's Edge

I'm looking forward to seeing them - and the extras *coughbackercoughcough*.
They don't say anything about the size, so I'm guessing we're looking at 'standard poker deck'-size cards?

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

Yet another for testing ... *looks for tag*

ETA: *squee!*

Liberty's Edge

I was looking at running a Witch, myself - but if the group's too heavy on spellcasters, I have a paladin flailing about I could offer instead. Or full - not that I'd heard that last time I spoke to the Squirrel.
ETA: ... actually, on looking at the list, the shakeout is that you'd need either a healer of some kind, or a rogue type. I have a Witch archetyped out as a healer.. I think I'll do that.

Liberty's Edge

Well, you already knew I was interested, Squirrel.

If you need a Mumble server up, running and known-solid, we might be able to volunteer ours.

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

*squee!* *boingbounce* *squee!*

... okay. Hadda get that out of the system. So, I'll answer to Thorne irl, though it's not my given name, and I've been doing this RPG thing since 2e. I got in a little late, but I know what THAC0 is. ;p

I've been playing since that and also dabbled in WW, BESM, GURPS and a couple other systems that broke my head so that I've forgotten what they are. I've played enough Battletech to be dangerous, but I'd rather do role playing than strategy any day of the week.
I'm an artist, but I have a lot of interests and hobbies, and they all seem to overlap into each other. Oops?

Finding out that Pathfinder was going into MMO territory? Heck yes, sign me up for that! And in fact, I did - I'm eagerly awaiting updates (and my copy of the book *squeee!*).

Liberty's Edge

andi598d wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
andi598d wrote:
Is there going to be a dress code?
Please be dressed.
No worries, I do not have the figure to cosplay either a nymph or a satyr. ;)

... I could dress him up as a satyr, actually. But I'd need a pair of furry pants and hoof-boots, and I don't know where I would get those on such short notice. :/

Liberty's Edge

Ooh. That's just so adorable it's almost wrong. I want one. ^.^

Liberty's Edge

... Goblins! *rubs hands together* My players will tremble in awe... and there will be blood. And fire. And chaos. It will be grand. *squee*

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