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Aspis Consortium Agent

Syarha Screething's page

60 posts. Alias of Tanis Newlun.

Full Name

Syarha Seething




3, Arcane Hero, CHA base, spontaneous casting,


HP 17/17 | AC 12 | T 12 | FF 10 | CMD 10 | F +3 | R +0 | W +5 | Init -1 | Per +2





Special Abilities

Green Widow: A changeling of green hag descent is naturally able to lure in potential mates and effectively trick them into pursuing her. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Bluff checks made against characters that might be sexually attracted to you.




Common, Elven, Dwarven

Strength 10
Dexterity 8
Constitution 11
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 18

About Syarha Screething

HP: 17/17

AC 12 = 10 + -1DEX + 1NA + 2 Spellcaster
Touch = 12
Flat-Footed = 10
Fort: 3
Ref: 0
Will: 5
AC Bonuses: +1 natural armor.
Spellcaster: +2 AC, also touch

Init. -1
darkvision (60 feet)

Fey Bloodline: Laughing Touch
0 level spells DC 13: Mage Hand, Resistance, Daze, Prestidigitation, and Ghost Sound
1st Level spells DC 14:Entangle, Shield, Protection from evil, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp.

Natural Attacks: Claw (1d4.) A changeling’s hands and fingernails tend to harden and become sharp as she reaches adolescence.
Magic Missile: 1d4 +2
Shocking Grasp: 1d6 +1
Railgun (pistol): -1 (2d8-1)
BAB = 1
CMB = 1
CMD = 10


Bluff: 11, 2 rank
Diplomancy: 12, 2 rank
Disable Device: 4, 2 rank
Disguise: 11, 2 rank
Handle Animal: 9, 2 rank
Intimidate: 10, 1 rank
Perform (Enticing Dance): 8, 1 rank
Sense Motive: 7, 2 rank
Spellcraft: 7, 2 rank
Survival: 7, 2 rank


Arcane Strike


Charming:You gain a +1 trait bonus when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on a character that is (or could be) sexually attracted to you, and a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of any language-dependent spell you cast on such characters or creatures.
Focused Mind:You gain a +2 trait bonus on concentration checks.

Physical Description:
Picture I drew of Syarha Screething
You see a somewhat short, beautiful, young looking female. Her skin has an earie white tone to it. Not only is she beautiful, but she gives you the feeling that you want to be around you, she just has that aura. She also has a very intelligent glint in her gray, and blue eyes. Her figure is perfect, and she is a very attractive person, one you wouldn't mind following where she told you. She is holding an almost ancient book, with letters inscribed in a lost language, can she actually read that? Under her bright white cloak, you can see hints to a gun holster. She has a small pouch at her waist, neetly stored there. She is just one of those girls, perfect.


Syarha was raised by her aunt. Her aunt was a religous person, which was almost extinct beliefs in those days. She was different. Her aunt had always been hard, and chaste, often reciting scriptures and having long sermons in their small hut just outside of town. The white house, as she and her aunt refered to it, was the new town. Everyone lived in it and never came out, except once, we'll get to that though.
Syarha used to ask when she was young, "Why can't we go in the white house?" and her aunt would reply "Because your a monster, a sin." It didn't make her feel good. Auntie often commented, "you look just like your mother, the whor" or other things. After angry fits, Syarha eventually asked, "Who was my father, and my mother, and why do you critisize them?" auntie never answered.
It seemed she had nothing to live for. Until Regh. Regh came, out of the white house. She didn't know Regh, ever, but he took something. Auntie referred to it as holy. She didn't care. She still has lashings from when Auntie inspected her, to find it was missing, or broken, more of.
Regh started the chain. She found how to sneek into a bar inside the white house. She got, as the men put it, laid, at least twice a week. She craved it, men did what she wanted them to. She couldn't control herself, bur she often killed er lovers. She earned many more scars on her backside from this behaviour.
One night, after an awful screeming between her and her aunt, she left. Took what she had, and left. Four hours later she was captured by the white guards. Stuck in a jail cell, nothing to live for, what was this? She felt an urge of power, and looked up to her captors. She whispered to the guard to come over. He put his hand on the gate, and that was enough, she somehow shocked the hell out of the iron bars. She then retrieved the keys, and escaped. She found little credits, but a gun to her liking.
After she left, she saw the ship, a large flying ship. The people on it talked of war, and travel. They also mention Konkourne multiple times, it being the planet she had grown up on. It was strange to think she never new anything about where she grew up.

But she decided nobody would win without her, so she signed herself up, and got on.

It took about one day, and they showed up at some school. She had never been schooled. They gave her a test. They told her she passed. It was monotonous life, but they were teaching her to lead small groups of people, and she did, well. Her favorite thing to learn of was the mind, and its mysteries, and how easily manipulated it was. So she thought she was best suited as a psychatris, and she got a job as one on the next ship to the hell knows where.

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