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Svetlana AKA DM's page

15 posts. Alias of overfiend_87.


Carina Stigard wrote:
Carina is still trying to find Svetlana to put together a party.

Svetlana smiles as she appears excited to be discussing a set up for a party to celebrate the heroes conquest and the future kingdom. She believes many residents will be happy to celebrate this accomplishment.

Zorestar Lebeda wrote:

As Zorestar listens to the conversations, he takes great interest in the talk of a veiled woman. "Tell me, who is she? For what reason has she come this far into the Greenbelt? Could I be properly introduced?"

Svetlana shrugs simply.

"I've not seen her before, but she claims to have lived in these lands all her life, which I believe as there are more and more hunters appearing out of these lands." she pauses for a moment in thought "There was something though, she kept a hood up and I swear I saw it move slightly, but it could just be the wind. She said she was heading back south and would like to see if you had killed the stag lord yet, but that was a few days ago."

I forgot, did you guys want to re-investigate the dead unicorn or not? Plus you wanted to see if you could talk with the Boggard I believe you said.

Carina Stigard wrote:

To Svetlana: I am sorry to hear that. It was always fun to trade stories with those two over a few brews. Was there anything unusual about the women or the mercenaries? It seems quite strange that both their fathers would send mercenaries to gather them up at the same time.

"Not at all, the mercenaries were there to protect the women as they were "delicate noble flowers." she adds an air of sarcasm to the statement. "But honestly, that is why they were escorted. News up north has been getting stressed and we are so pleased to be away from all that drama."

Sir Bronwyn Raslov wrote:

Then, seemingly startled by a strange background silence, the knight turns to Svetlana:

Milady, if you won't mind me asking; where are Cambyl and Lukan? I had expected to see the fighter staring from the walls and the priest opening a cask of ale for our arrival. And our "redeemed" bandit Kressel, for that matter?

"I'm surprised you hadn't asked about them when you came back before or the time before that." she states as she looks to Sir Bronwyn. "Lukan's father had hired a diviner to find any members of his family and he found a wife for him, a noble lady. The tensions up north are rising so his father sent her down to bring him back to help strengthen the family. The same happened with Cambyl, a young woman came to bring him up north and fortify the family. There was a group of armed mercinaries escorting the pair down to collect their husbands, however the two women appears to often glare at each other. I think they are of seporate families." as she says this, she appears to be worried for them.

"Kressel I've not seen today, she wanted to go out hunting but has not returned yet." she states as Oleg appears with a smile.

Carina Stigard wrote:

I keep talking with Svetlana:

So, has there been anything interesting since we have been gone? Any news from the north? Other interesting visitors during our absence?

"Well, ever since yesterday we've been seeing more fey creatures showing up, some coming forward with gifts." she states showing a small wooden statue, which almost looks like Telias before she brings out others that seems to depict the rest of the group in heroic poses. "There are whispers that if you settle this land with the Kobolds many other races will view your kingdom as a safe heaven some believe. It depends if you decide to become a peaceful community or another Molthune, but I know you all well enough not to be like them."

It's general knowledge that Molthune is a territorial expansionist country with a military oligarchy commanding it. Their army is one feared for they not only have a overwhelming number of humans in it, but they take in all creatures as long as they are willing to obey their laws and enlist in their army. They've been known to have Hobgoblins, Centaurs, Lawful Lycanthropes and even a few nagas, all serving as highly specialized units. Those are the only monster units people know of, who knows what else Molthune has under it's sleeve. Most other places either tolerate monsters creatures, but treat them as lessers or they are plagued by them so a society that would accept them would be looked on as unique and a safe haven.

Carina Stigard wrote:

I have no problem taking a day to relax and wash up.

Hearing Svetlana's comment, Carina begins to laugh. When she has a chance, she talks with both Zorestar and Svetlana:

To Svetlana with a big grin:
Funniest thing I have ever seen, this noble wannabe adventurer thought that when we were putting dust on our faces to appear more road weary and to look like brigands, he though we were using dung. I almost choked trying to hold my tongue and avoid laughing out loud. Even better, he apparently does not realize that he has continued to stink of horse refuse ever since.

Svetlana lets out a laugh at this and then smiles towards the pair.

"I knew nobles knew little about our world, but I never would've thought one would cover himself in horse s#$* thinking that's what people did." she smiles over to Zorestar though. "I'm sure that tale will be left out when we re-tell the great victory."

Zorestar Lebeda wrote:
"Ahhhhh! Back to Oleg's! I find the comfort level here to be a relative maximum!"

Svetlana gives Zorestar an odd look and holds her nose for a moment.

"S-Sorry to ask but did you step into horse muck on the way here?" she asks not knowing what Zorestar did to his hair when trying to infiltrait the stag lord's fort.

Carina Stigard wrote:
Well, there is not much we can do about the politics up north. Actually, from what I have heard I think that some of the noble families may be responsible for more savagery and be more like monsters than what we are finding in the wilds to the south. As far as the south goes. We are culling the monsters as quickly as we safely can. With some luck, we will have a new fort after our next outing, courtesy of old Staggy and his minions.

Svetlana sighs a that last statement.

"That will be a relief. Once he's gone this land can be settled, we can have peace here and maybe traders won't be so scared of comeing down here trading with us." she smiles as she looks back to her husband who appears to be just lazing around in a hammock now. "He's been busy fixing this outpost up. He finally has everything fixed and ready."

Carina Stigard wrote:
Gwen of the Greenbelt AKA DM wrote:
The Hermit Ganit D'Artain wrote:
DM Aron Marczylo wrote:
"Certainly." Gwen smiles and gets up whilst Beaufort grins at seeing the two go. "I have warned him about this jungle, but ya know him. Stubbern as a old mule, though I remember you being like that. I don't think you've changed much though have you?" she says with a smirk.
"I've changed enough I suppose," Ganit replies as he considers the question. "Not as much as you have. You've grown up, I can see it in your eyes. You've got a sense of duty now; found something." Taking a step back he looks her over curiously. "Somethings happened, hasn't it? This business with you and your father and even this tuskgutter seems peculiar. Whats happened?" he asks sternly yet with empathy.

Gwen is a little taken aback from this but she sighs and gives a nod.

** spoiler omitted **

For some reason the picture of a hard b*&$% and the nice girl speech really do not seem to go together, lol. Makes me laugh.

Watching all the guys have their bonding moments, Carina walks over to Svetlana to get a drink and asks whether there is any other new news from the north, or elsewhere.

"I don't really know much more besides the tension with the noble houses. Some claim a war could break out at any moment." she sighs then and gives a half-hearted smile. "I'm not sure what's worse. The politics and greed up north or the savagry and monsters to the south."

The Hermit Ganit D'Artain wrote:

"Svetlana! How do you typically do your venison?" he asks as he drops the carcass at her feet.

Svetlana looks down a little shocked as Ganit drops the carcass at her feet, however she isn't too shocked and looks over it.

"Well I have prepared vennisin in the past, it'll take a little while to get the best bits out of such a fresh one." she manages to lift it up and places it on top of the cutting area where she prepares the meat normally, taking out a knife and cutting into it. "Do you want to keep the hide? I have been taught how to properly skin ever since I moved out here with Oleg." she says as she starts skinning anyway to get to the meat and choice peices. It appears as if she has been doing this for years as she is able to skin it so perfectly.

Carina Stigard wrote:

Laughing at Bron:

Your speech is improving. However, you do need to practice a bit more. You just referred to me as a male island and I do not even want to know what a cat is doing in your pants.

However, I believe that a dance would be enjoyable.

I take Bron's hand. As we head out onto the floor, I call over to Oleg. Perhaps you and your beautiful wife should join us for a dance.

Perform(dance): 1d20+4 <-- Unfortunately Carina is still thinking about all the magical things that she knows nothing about - rings and rods and wands and boots and spells and potions. In fact, her head is spinning so much that she trips over her feet three times on the first dance and then excuses herself, apologizing to Bron that she is not her usual cheerful self tonight.

Oleg grumbles, but Svetlana puts her hands on her hips, giving him a look before grabbing his hand he reluctantly offers over and then they begin to dance too joining Sir Bronwyn and Carina, however the two of them appear to dance better then the pair, but not by much as they have never really done much in their time.

Telias Markan wrote:

Telias doesn't bother saying hello to the peackock before he retreats somewhere private and quiet.

About how long do we plan on staying? I've got a number of scrolls I need to make.

It's up to the group, but I assume if you wish to convey that to the group they will be happy to allow you to. Afterall, if the group waits 4 days (including this day) then Oleg's stock will be replenished from the merchants coming to visit and you'll be able to sell and buy more stuff too.

Svetlana is beaming, unable to stop smiling and then nudging Oleg who grunts and grabs a sack of gold coins and hangs it over to Carina. Inside is the agreed sum of 1,500 gp to be split between the group.

Kesten also hands the group a bag of gold delivered from up north from the lack of kobold attacks. The bag contains 1,200 gp to be split between the group.

Cambyl smiles to the group as he goes to get the ale.
"Great to see you all here. Come, drink and be merry!" Cambyl smiles to the group with a warm welcome.

Svetlana smiles being her cheery self and welcoming the group as they enter and serving up a hearty meal for the group.
"I'm so glad to see you all safe. You've all been gone for such a while we were begining to worry, weren't we Oleg?" as she asks this, Oleg merely gives a grunt as he appears to still be doing some minor repairs to the outpost, but it does look far better than it did to begin with.

Svetlana looks at that ring and she gasps, dropping the jug of ale she had in her hand as she instantly recognises it. For a moment you swear you can see a tear leave Cambyl's eye at the spilt ale.
"My ring!" as she screams this Oleg shouts and gets up too quickly, smacking his head into a nearby cupboard. "The kobolds had it?" It looks even more beautiful than when Oleg first gave it to me. she asks curiously as she looks at the ring, gazing into it.

Lukan moves over to Ganit, watching him have a smoke.
"I thought you would be glad to have me out of your hair?" he asks and moves over to him. "Or are you just afraid that I won't be there to hold your hand?" it's obvious Lukan is trying to apologise but can't think up anything to really say that.

Always feel uncomfortable roleplaying other player's characters.

Carina Stigard wrote:

I smile at the guards as we return to Olegs. Yep - bandit outpost number one has been . . . neutralized. The most dangerous thing was the mouth on that one. Pointing at Kressel.

RETCON - could we have stopped by and gotten some of Svetlana's favorite radishes on the return trip? If we went through that hex, I would like to grab some of them for her.

If we got the radishes, I find Svetlana:
Svetlana - while there was a lot of sun and riding and a fair amount of fighting. I did manage to grab some more of your favorite radishes so that you can make Oleg his favorite dish.

Also, how many horses did we recover? I would assume at least a dozen, we should be able to sell them, or leave them stabled here so that we always have fresh replacements.

Once back in the post, I head straight for a warm bath and some clean clothes.

Sure, I don't see why not. There were quite a few so easy enough to find more ripe radishes. Horses I would say 13. Heh, at this rate Oleg will be able to set up a designated stable for breeding horses with so many there.

"Thank you dear. Oleg will be please." she smiles as she appears to be working on the next meal of the day. "If you want you could stay for dinner before setting out or stay the night for supper too."

with you all on horse back your speed is at 50ft so according to the map here it takes 3 hours to cross planes, but any other terrain, such as the forest taks 5 hours so the travel took either 8 or 10 hours, depending on how'd you'd rule it but since it was two forest hexs I'd say 10. Eitherway, you have enough time to either leave or spend the night here.

"Oh, thank you for bringing these radishes. My Oleg loves these vegtables and I know they'll lift his spirits." she smiles as she kisses Oleg's cheek, who flushes red from embaressment. Svetlana pulls point a heavy-looking coin purse and handing it over to the group. "Three hundred and seventy five gold, just as promised. Again, thank you and I hope they weren't too much trouble to get a hold of. I thank you for the offer, but I shouldn't need many of these and we might be able to grow a patch like you suggested."

Note: The reward does not take anything away from Oleg's budget. Just so you know and none of you feel guilty about taking the reward. :)

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