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SuperUberGeek's page

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Yes it does, as long as all other conditions of an attack of oportunity are met.

Hey, never had a thread get necroed before. Nice new info, to bad the pbp campaign petered out.

As soon as my mythic 2 Alchemist 14 gains another mythic teir, he is going to buy take mythic brew potion and buy himself a scroll of wish. Then he is going to craft himself a potion of wish. And use Alchemical Alocation to give himself a plus 5 inherent bonus. Plus other crazy stuff.

Speaking of a preserving flask, has anyone else caught on to the fact that a preserving flask and a boro bead mean a once a day extract that can be used forever.

Please tell me this is a THAC0 joke.

Str to damage would not help me. I rolled 15 14 12 12 11 10. Kinda bad. With my build I do not use any stat for damage. I am relying on studied combat and deadly aim for damage. I have pumped all my stat increases into Int and used a belt to get the dex to 18. With empiricist archetype and a few choice traits, my skills through the roof. Infusion and combine extract and I make an ok Buffer. I have a paladin, a ranger, and a ninja to stand in front of me (the ninja and the paladin's mount are in am AC race, both have ACs in the high 30s).
Sickening Offensive also allows no save debuffing.

Studied combat would most certainly work. According the dev comments I found, firing a double barreled pistol is a single attack with two rolls. I would obviously like to be able to make hit worth 10d6 (13th level character) but I am not sure that it works that way. I am also not sure it does not.

Ranged study feat, half elf exotic weapon proficiency. I am just trying to figure out if the studied strike damage works with both barrels because it is one attack to fire both.


Ranged Study

You can use a limited form of studied combat and studied strike with a weapon of your choice.

Prerequisite(s): Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon, studied combat class feature.

Benefit: Choose one kind of ranged weapon. You gain the bonuses for studied combat with your chosen weapon and can use studied strike with your chosen weapon as long as the target of your studied strike is within 30 feet of you.

Normal: You gain the bonuses for studied combat and can use studied strike only with melee weapons.

Pretty much what the title says. I am building a level 13 investigator who uses a double barreled pistol. How does this work with studied strike?

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The Chain of Command is the chain I get and beat you with until you understand who is in ruttin command.

Either no one has anything better or I killed the thread.

Effects are duplicated, the casting is not.

Thank you.

I recently saw a mention of a feat that grants an animal companion on the forums, but I am not able to find it again. Can someone tell me the name of the feat and where it is from. Thank you

I find that I want to share the rather hilarious indecent that happened at my last gaming session.

Our party had infiltrated the fortress where we were retrieving the Horn of Macguffin. We had obtained the horn and destroyed the undead that tried to destroy us on as we turned to leave. On the way back out through to library we of course tried to do some additional looting.

We then located (thank you detect magic) some magical books. One of the party went up a ladder to get them and returned empty handed, having spotted a wraith guarding the books. My catfolk swashbuckler then went up to try and retrieve them (he has a climb speed).

My swash buckler went up and was attacked by the wraith. He was going the try to draw it back down but before he could, the wraith critted him and he was stunned for a round. (We use the Crit and Fumble Cards). My Cat fell.

The wraith followed and the rest of the party got involved. The Oracle had already decided to be helpful and just after I fell, the air elemental he had been summoning arrived and charged the wraith, turning into a whirlwind. The wraith ignored it and followed me down. The monk and fighter started to go to work on it and then the whirlwind followed it down. The whirlwind actual made it harder for us because of the miss chance. After getting a couple on those battering it and being quite well battered itself, the wraith moved off into the debris field of the whirlwind and we lost sight of it. Everyone spread out looking for it.

I stepped away and took a total defense. The wraith then swooped back out of the whirlwind and critted me again. Here is where it gets funny. This time, I was petrified for 1d4 hours. The wraith then flies away and after a minute or two the rest of the party can hear it pointing us out to the rest of the undead filling the place.

At this point, we are half an hour over our normal quitting time, I had to work early the next morning and I was obviously out of it for the night so I left.

After I had done so, I realized the my swashbuckler catfolk was neither alive nor dead and the actions of my party members would decide how he would end up.

I later got an email from the GM. My party bugged out, but if I wanted my character survived and was aided by someone else we had encounter. And became a half construct (from the race builder). So now he is permanently alive and not alive.

So, that is one way to help supplement the swashbuckler's week Fort save.

well it won't let anything you to the discussion I can tell you what happened in our home game. The DM rules based off of many of the arguments above, but after being glitter dusted our ninja was able to become invisible again. However because the glitter dust continue to glow he was pinpointed but still receive the concealment.

They have Dr/magic. It is overcome by any magic Weapon.

I am thinking Sauran Shamen, which has lots of options.

Has there been a clarification on if and animal Shamen can wild shape at 4th level (I think they can not) and how many times they can wild shape at 6th (and if they can wild shape into their animal extra times).

Don't forget darkness. He is the man in black.

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Domains: Stretch Pants, Ambiguous Sexuality, and Torture

Favored Weapon: Orbs

I will happily declare plants to be capable of feeling pain and thought as long as I can keep eating the animals.

Oh, and the only work of fiction that I can think of off the top of my head that uses slings is The Wheel of Time. And there, it is mainly used for killing rabbits, not trollocs.

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With the exception of David, I can think of no great and well known users of the sling. This is probably part of it. In real life, the sling was used for hunting small game and as a military weapon by the Greeks, Romans, and Aztecs. Pathfinder seems be be set in a world that has advanced beyond the sling, with the bow and crossbow. Having played with one a bit, I would say that beyond twenty feet or so (the range at one might startle a rabbit or a bird) it would be difficult to hit a target. As such, it is best suited toward volley style shooting.

That being said, a halfling can get quite a bit of use out of the sling if they take the right feats. They would not get multi shot, but crossbows and guns also do not.

If the party has a cleric, then they can prepare a couple of inflict light wounds. Otherwise you are looking at potions and wands. That is not to bad since that is how most healing is carried out.

Figure s right I forgot about the moral bonus for undead. I am in an evil game where I might become a grave knight. The character is a synthasist and I am trying to determine the best one level dip to get heavy armor proficiency.

Hi I was wondering what happens when an undead barbarian rages. I understand that an undead barbarian would use charisma to determine rounds of rage per day. But would the rage moral bonus to Con turn into a bonus to charisma? Or would it simply not apply to anything.

I have a sort of off Topic question. The block buster guide lead me to your necromancy guide. In regards to the necromancy guide, how do you acquire the spell bucket without having a once a day cast only acquired through taking a lawful neutral or lawful good god? The guide seemed to be written for clerics.

Dotting. I can post every day. I will post again later today when I pull up one of my concepts.

A cleric with the community domain can remove fatigue a number of times a day.

Are you a natural weapon build, two handed build or some other build?

Sound like fun. Count me in. I do want to stop and hunt constantly.

Father Donnagin said wrote:

"I find that I do not truly believe the words you have spoken to me.

And also

"But do not let it be said we are without compassion.

This is while evil will always win, because good is dumb.

Although I am not normally a fan of potions, by using alchemical allocation, an alchemist can be prepared for any situation. I like to load up on non alchemist potions to increase my versatility. Summoners can cast stone skin as a third level spell. If you can get a hold of a potion of stone skin, alchemical allocation lets you get a wonderful amount of use out of it.

Regis said wrote:
As far as the bow, you'll have to be more specific. An enchantment to improve it's aim? That's something I can handle. What specifically are you looking for?"

No, nothing so fancy as that. Just a simple, well made composite longbow.

Home game, but dev rulings hold influence. I am building a character that will be a gun slinger, but already has gunsmith.

Hi can someone point me to the post where one of the staff said that a character starting with a crafting feat can come in with equipment made with the feat. Thank you, I have not been able to locate myself.

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They are treated as a one handd weapon and a light weapon when they are being used to as a double weapon or they can be used as a two handed weapon. This is mostly done when the wielder is only able to make one attack, such as after a move or a charge.

Edit Ninjaed. Took to long

No, unless you are also using spell combat. All spell strike does is allow the free touch attack to be replaced with a free weapon attack.

*turn undead thread

Interesting stuff

I promised the group pie, not you.

Yes I did. I said said you granted the full effects of concelment, ie 50% miss chance. And I think you mean moot. No one at our table is mute.

You were right.

And if you kill me you get no pie.

I had a situation come up recently in game. The party was fighting a custom undead of some sort in a room filled with smoke (it simulated the effects of an obscuring mist, concealment within five feet, total concealment beyond).

The undead stepped up next to me and used a breath weapon and hit me (and maybe someone else, but that is irrelevant). One of the breath weapon's effects was one round of blindness upon a failed save. I failed the save. I then tried to use a hex on the undead, but was told by the GM that I could not because I did not know where the undead was.

One of our twice weekly rules debates ensued (I usually point and laugh during these) during which we were all looking at how hexes work and targets spells (for reference) but we did not come up with anything terribly conclusive beyond live of sight stuff. We finally settled on the total concealment miss chance.

Is this correct. The GMs argument is that I did not know where he was. My argument is that I did have him pin pointed because I had seen him as he moved up and that the breath weapon was an attack, automatically pin pointing him. Please advise.

I had a gunslinger that operated under similar restraints. Our party was born in a village that was essentially a forced labor camp where weapons and magic were forbidden to the populace. Our GM did warn us however. My class ability gun was provided as loot found in the mine pretty quickly. After that, I was to paranoid to carry it most of the time, leaving it hidden until I made sure to pump my sleight of hand. Even after that, I used it sparingly because of the noise. When I did use it, I was quite effective.

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Well, if you just hold on to the neck of your giant, you can ascend without making a single check.

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Does dream speaker effect the slumber hex or does it only work for spells that cause a sleep effect?

Look at the dragoon fighter archetype. They get extra damage weapon training with all weapons of the spear group.

I live in part of an old farm house. My wife and I thought everything was good, just the power going on and off at time during the night. The next morning I went outside and a tree was down in the sideyard, rippped up by the roots, and one of the barns had its roof blown off.

I am eastern PA, which is almost the east coast. It is times like that we actually do not mind that New Jersey is blocking the beach.

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