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Trinia Sabor

"Suny"'s page

735 posts. Alias of Sunset.



About "Suny"


DM Sinvel's A Pound of Flesh in Freeport!


'Suny' (As she prefers to be called by her friends) is a cheery, happy soul. Having grown up about the ports and harbors of she has earned a living, up until now, by working on small fishing boats and trawlers or by providing impromptu entrainment at the small local taverns in the hamlets where the ships would put in for berth.

Now, slightly bored of the sea (And always cleaning the salt from her hair), she has headed inland to see what the world at large holds in store for her.

N'so, a description o' th' kin 'Back home'. Island Elves of which she wus a part of would seem to be more 'Native' like. Simple hunter, gather-ers who might supplement things with a bit of 'natural' crop farming and other horticulture'l endeavors.

Now, bein' Native don't mean bein' Stoopid. Frowns and waggles a warning finger at folks.

Since they're more like Seals then Fish, they'd be on goodly terms wi' th' Merfolks there abouts an' probably have good trade relations wi' 'em. As fer raiders an' such? Well, every community puts up with that sort o' folk in a fantasy setting, right (^.~) ?

Suny's (Elasandriel) kith and kin have been living on the edges of the sea from time immemorial. Whether it was exploring some new and pristine beach or scampering about the rigging of whatever sailing vessel was the fashion of the day. Being 'Of the sea and shore' are part of her nature.

Race: Island Elf(link)

Yes, basically just your 'Vanilla' Aquatic Elf as detailed in the 'Inner Sea World Guide' Page; 25 =)

Initiative: +4 Senses:Low Light X4,

AC: 17 (10Base,+3,+4Dex)
Touch: 14 (10Base,+4Dex)
Flat Footed: 13 (10Base,+3Armor)
HP: 21 Wounds,[b] -6 Current HP:[/b] 15

Stat Damage: -10 Con

Armor: Studded Leather;(+3AC,Max-Dex:+4,Armor-Check:-2,Spd:30)

Fort: +3, Ref: +10, Will: +3 (+4 Vs Enchantment) (Corsair's Luck +1 to any and all)

BAB +3

Melee: (Corsair's Luck add +1)
-Shrt Swd(Dominant)Att:+7,Dam:1d6(19-20/X2)(Confirm:18-20)
-Shrt Swd(Off hand)Att:+5,Dam:1D6(19-20/X2)(Confirm:18-20)
-Medium X-bow Att: +7,Dam:1D8(19-20/X2)(Confirm:18-20)

Range Increments 80 Ft Medium X-bow

0Ft-80Ft : +4Tohit.

CMB: +5
CMD: 21


Age: 'Mature'
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 83 Lb

Str: 14
Dex: 18 (+2 Racial)
Int: 13 (+2 Racial)
Wis: 09 (-2 Racial)
Con: 11
Cha: 18 (+1 4ThLvl)

Class: Noble:2/Corsair:2

Noble is from 'Freeport Companion', Page 21. Corsair is from the same book, Page 12.

Alignment: CG

Speed: 30ft Sw 30 ft (Amphibious)

Init: +4
Senses: Keen sense, Superior Low light vision(See X4 far as normal in dim light)



Trait1:Arcane Dabbler (Elf Racial Trait);Though your magical studies were decades ago, you still remember your favorite little trick.

Benefit: Choose a 0-level arcane spell. You may cast that spell once per day as a spell-like ability. Your caster level is equal to your highest class level in a spell-casting class; if you have no caster level, it functions at CL 1st. The spell-like ability’s save DC is Intelligence- or Charisma-based (chosen when you select this trait). Prestidigitation.

Trait2:Anatomist;You have studied the workings of anatomy, either as a student at university or as an apprentice mortician or necromancer.

Benefit: You know where to aim your blows to strike vital organs and you gain a +1 trait bonus on all rolls made to confirm critical hits.



1stLvlGeneral: Weapon Finesse,
1stLvlNoble: Inspire, Leadership, Material Aid.


3rdLvlNoble:Breeding(Novice[Diplomatic] Gain extra 3 languages(Except Secret ones),Organize+2.
3rdLevelGeneral:Two Weapon Fighting.

4thLvlCorsair: Corsair's Luck Character can ad half their class level as an Insight bonus to any attack roll, ability or skill check or saving throw (Must declare before said roll. Roll must be accepted)



Acrobatics(Dex;)C: +10 =(3R,+3Cl,+4Dex)
Climb(Str;)C: +6 =(2R,+3Cl,+1Str)
Diplomacy(Cha;N)C: +7=(+1R,+3Cl,+3Cha)
Disable Device(Int):
Disguise(Cha): +4=(+1R,+3Cha)
Escape Artist(Dex)C:
Handle Animal(Cha;):
Intimidate(Cha;N/C): +7=(+1R,+3Cl,+3Cha)
(All Knowledge Skill Are Class Skills,N):
Knowledge(Int)(engineering): +5=(+1R,+3Cl,+1Int)
Knowledge(Int)(geography)C: +5=(+1R,+3Cl,+1int)
Knowledge(Int)(local): +5 =(1R,+3Cl,+1Int)
Knowledge(Int)(nobility and royalty): +5=(+1R,+3Cl,+1int)
Knowledge(Int)(the planes):
Perception(Wis;N/C): +9 =(4R,+3Cl,+0Wis,+2Race))
Perform(Cha;N)Dance: +8=(+1R,+3Cl,+4Dex)
Profession(Wis;N/C)Sailor: +5 =(2R,+3Cl,+0Wis)
Sense Motive(Wis;N/C): +6 =(1R,+3Cl,+2Cha)
Sleight of Hand(Dex):
Speak Language: Common, Elven, 1)Aquan ,2), 3) ,
Stealth(Dex): +7 =(3R,+4Dex)
Swim(Str): +10(+1R,+8Innate,+1Str) *May take ten on skill checks*
Use Magic Device(Cha)r:

Languages: Common, Elven



Starting Gold: 160 Gp

*Sea Chest: 37 Gp(Master-worked Item, water-proof)
--Soap(X2): 1 Gp
--Candle(12): 1.2 Sp
--Fishing Line: 5 Sp
--Fish Hooks(24): 2.4 Sp
--Sealing Wax(10): 10 Gp
--Whet-Stone: 2 Cp
--Studded Leather armor: 25 Gp
--Bundle(50 Bolts): 5 Gp

Backpack 2 Gp
--Bedroll: 1 Sp
--Blanket(Winter): 5 Sp
--Candle(12): 1.2 Sp
--Flint&Steel: 1 Gp
--Signal Whistle: 5 Sp
--Water Skin(4): 4 Gp
--Sack(2): 2 Sp
--Belt Pouch(4): 4 Gp
--Short Sword(X2) 20 Gp
--Quiver 10 Bolts: 1 Gp
--Dagger(X2): 4 Gp

Second Hand/Cast off shirt: 0 Gp
Second Hand/Cast off Large Shirt(Worn as Skirt): 0 Gp

Total: 116.3 Gp Gp

Money left over: 33.7 Gp



Working tools:

Character creation guidelines: Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide (with approval), Ultimate Magic (with approval), 2 traits,

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