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Acadamae Student Korvosa

Sunny Beanstalk's page

2 posts. Alias of Strobus.

About Sunny Beanstalk


NAME Sunny Beanstalk
Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Magnimar region
Level: Sorceress 1
Hit Dice: 1d6 [Sorceress1]
Favoured Class: Sorceress
Age: 25
Size: Medium
Height: 3' 11"
Weight: 45

Racial Attributes: -
Small, Slow Speed, Fearless, Halfling Luck, Keen Senses, Sure-footed

Bloodline attributes: Orc Subtype, Darkvision 60', Light Sensitivity

A little halfling woman with striking, pale eyes and an attractive face. Her facial expressions tend towards exaggeration. She wears soft leather boots, a wide-brimmed sombrero and a voluminous woollen poncho as if to shield herself from the sun. She carries her effects in a worn leather backpack. A crossbow is slung over her shoulder. She carries a quarterstaff.


Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Erastil
Bloodline: Orc
She carries herself and speaks with the confidence of a person accustomed to having her way. She is very expressive and can be both alluring and terrifying at the same time. Her confidence is reassuring to her allies.


Sunny was born on the estate of a wealthy patrician family near Magnimar. She was raised among an extended throng of servants, butlers and ladies-in-waiting. She was a clever, bright and articulate little halfling girl. She was especially loved by the little children of the household. When she came of age she was assigned to the role of governess for the young nobility. Sunny loved tales of chivalry, magic and romance - particularly folk tales about the olden days and the times of the Runelords. She had a knack for telling good stories full of bold heroes, beautiful maidens and powerful magic. Most of the stories were wives' tales, - however her enthusiasm did not go unnoticed. The Loremaster recognized her teaching talent, and so hired her to assist in the library twice a week. Here she was exposed to magical devices and historical tomes. The Loremaster provided her with some proper classical training in arcane knowledge, history and heraldry - so as to improve the education of her own young charges. A career as a bard was something she aspired to.
Sunny was known for her wit and her exuberant depictions of ancient battles. As she learned more about local history, her depictions became more detailed and exciting at story time. In those days something disturbing began to happen in her life as well. Sunny was always known to be a little hotheaded at times - but she began to show signs of irritability and temper that were somewhat uncharacteristic and extreme. She started to suffer from strange dreams and her head was filled with violent and profane thoughts - ideas forbidden for someone in her station. These feeling were growing stronger day by day - it was all she could do but to bottle them up and bluff her way out of trouble if she said or did anything offensive. During her storytelling her emotions would sometimes get the better of her.
Her latest researches were about the Orcs of Belzken and the Crusading Armies. These histories inspired her to tell tales about those battles to the kids. She would get so worked up - she would even emulate the Orc Commanders as they yelled profanies and tortured their enemies. As she emulated them, she would pretend she was speaking Orcish - quite unaware of the fact that she was actually speaking fluent Orcish! Some of the children returned to their families in tears - they were so terrified! When parents inquired about it, she would bluff her way out of trouble - explaining that this was a necessary part of a proper education.

But her troubles became worse. A strange and terrible magical taint was steadily boiling up inside her. Bottled up rage began to torment her all the more. Life was getting confusing to the point of distress. To make matters worse she started to grow more pale. She became sensitive to light. It was a difficult time in her life. Fortunately the Loremaster - a perceptive bard - sensed something was wrong in the halfling and feared that an uncomfortable controversy was brewing which might affect his reputation. Still unaware of the extent to which the young halfling had changed - the Loremaster found a way to sweep the the troubles away. He arranged a post for her as an assistant with one of his rival colleagues at the distant Turandok Academy in Sandpoint



Point Buy: 00* + 02* + 05 + 05 + 01 +07 = 20

Abilities: St 08 Dx 14 Cn 14 iT 14 wS 11 cH 17

Capacity: 26 lbs. or less 27–53 lbs. 54–80 lbs.

Speed: 20' [+30base -10Halfling Slow Speed]

Initiative: +2 [+2Dx]

Perception: +2 [+0wS +0Rank +0Class +2 Halfling Keen Senses]
Darkvision 60,

Light Sensitivity: dazzled in areas of bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell.
When dazzzled, Sunny is unable to see well because of overstimulation of the eyes. A dazzled creature takes a –1 penalty on attack rolls and sight-based Perception checks.

Hit Points: 11 [+6Sorceress1 +2Cnx1 +3 Toughness]


Fortitude: +3 [+2Cn +0Sorcerer1 +1Halfling Luck]

Reflex: +3 [+2Dx +0Sorcerer1 +1Halfling Luck]

Will: +3 [+0wS +2Sorcerer1 +1Halfling Luck]; Fearless: +2 vs. fear


Successful Shirker: As the freakish taint emerged in Sunny, life became a lot more complicated. At first she hid it, afraid of what her masters would do to her if they found out. Concealing her identity became a daily struggle for her.

+1 Stealth and +3 to bluff/diplomacy vs. the law

Classical Education: Sunny is a storyteller, who loves telling tales about the olden days.

+1 to Perform:Oratory; Knowledge:History is a Class Skill

Level 1: Toughness (she's a tough cookie); Eschew Materials

Skill Points Level 1: +5 [+2iT +2Sorceress +1 favoured class]

1 Points Intimidate: +7 [+3cH +1Rank +3Class]
1 Points Bluff: +7 [+3cH +1Rank +3Class]; Trait +3 to avoid the law
1 Points Use Magic Device +7 [+3cH +1Rank +3Class]
1 Points Know: History +6 [+2iT +1Rank +3Class]
1 Points Perform: Oratory +8 [+3cH +1Rank +3Class +1 Trait]

0 Points Stealth: +7 [+2Dx +4Small Size +1 shirker trait]
0 Points Acrobat +4 [+2Dx +2Sure Footed]
0 Points Climb +1 [-1St +2Sure Footed]

Bloodline Class Skill: Survival (no ranks yet)

No. of Languages 4 [+1Common +1Halfling +2iT]

Languages: Common, Orc, Varisian, Halfling


For some mysterious reason, the taint of savage orc blood flows through Sunny's veins. Orcish rage burns within the halfling lass. Her anger is never far from the surface, giving her strength and driving her to seek greater power. She is heir to the bestial power of a great orc matriarch of the past. She feels the rage in her blood, and must take care lest the urge to despoil and destroy consume her otherwise peaceful nature .

Bloodline Arcana: Sunny has the orc subtype, including darkvision 60 feet and light sensitivity.

Whenever she casts a spell that deals damage, that spell deals +1 point of damage per die rolled.

Touch of Rage (Sp): 6x per day; +1; touch; duration: 1 round
At 1st level, Sunny can touch a creature as a standard action, giving it a morale bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and Will saving throws equal to 1/2 her sorcerer level (minimum 1) for 1 round. She can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier.

Bonus Spells: burning hands (3rd), bull’s strength (5th), rage (7th), wall of fire (9th), cloudkill (11th), transformation (13th), delayed blast fireball (15th), iron body (17th), meteor swarm (19th).

Bonus Feats: Diehard, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Intimidating Prowess, Improved Overrun, Power Attack, Toughness, Widen Spell.


DC 13 [+10base +00vl +3cH]
Cast at will and unprepared.
Number of Cantrips Known: 4 [+4Sorceress1]
Known Cantrips: Ghost Sound, Prestigitation, Read Magic, Mage Hand

Unprepared up to allotted slots per day
DC 14 [+10base +1lvl +3cH]
Casting Slots per day: 3 [+2Sorceress1 +1cH:17]
Number of Level 1 Spells Known: 2 [+2Sorceress1]
Level 1 Spells known: Magic Missile, Mage Armour


BAB: +0 [+0Sorcerer1]

CMB: -2 [-1St +0BAB -1Small]

CMD: 10 [+10Base -1St +0BAB +1Dx -1Small]

Base Armour Class: 13 [+2Dx +1Small]

Touch AC: 13 [+2Dx +1Small]

Flatfooted AC: 11 [+1 Small]

Melee Attack (MA): +0 [+0BAB -1St +1Small]

Ranged Attack (RA): +3 [+0BAB +2Dx +1Small]

Dagger: +0 Melee [+0MA]
+3 Ranged [+3RA]

Damage: 1d4+0 /19-20 x2 [+xSt]
Damage Type, Pierce

Quarterstaff: +0 [+0MA ]
Damage: 1d4 [+0St]
Damage Type: Bludgeon

Unarmed: +0 [+0MA]
Damage: 1d3+0 x2 [+0St]
Bludgeon; non-lethal

Light Crossbow: +3 [+3RA]
Range: 80'
Damage: 1d6 x3
Damage Type: pierce




000.10.........Belt Pouch.............000.50

Money Pouch: 07.10 gp / Weight: 02.00

001.00........Traveler's outfit.......001.25
005.00........Scholar's Outfit........001.50
035.00........Light Crossbow..........004.00
000.00........Flint and steel.........000.00
005.00........Spell Components Pouch..002.00

On person: 48.00 gp / Weight 11.00 lbs

On person with money: xx.00 / 54.70 lbs = Light encumbrance
Slow and steady weight adjustment: -20.00 = encumbrance 34.7 lb.

005.00........Stationery & pen........000.00
001.00........Sealing Wax.............000.00
001.00........Vial of Ink.............000.00

Pack cost /weight: 15 gp / 6.75

Total 63 gp / 19.75 = light encumbrance

Capacity: 26 lbs. or less 27–53 lbs. 54–80 lbs.

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