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Sunderstone's page

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Already done in a PbP Council of Thieves years ago here. *This pbp was better than alot of home games, I miss it and the players of the group.
My character, Meraxilar, is akin to Captain Boomerang I guess, calculating yet not entirely predictable. Caldazar is very close to Deadshot, Pollux is a mix of Harley Quinn and Enchantress (Unpredictable and Mystically weird). Tok is maybe close to Bronze Tiger or Katana. Scivian... maybe El Diablo as he was hesitant on entering any melee.

I'm drawing from more than one roster of Suicide Squad of course.

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To me "Old School" gaming is defined by a few points...

1) Mechanically simpler.
Basically, a less cluttered game system like the Basic/Expert/Advanced D&D of yore. Pen, paper, dice, and an imagination were all that was required.
Nothing much to bog you down like having to stop and map every room for miniature placement, tactical feats that depended on the physical placement and/or facing on these squares, etc.

2) Improvising on the fly.
If you ran into something not covered in the rules, you "winged it" for the most part based on existing rules from the books for similar situations.

3) Flavor.
This is a fairly large grey area to just about everyone.

For me it starts with a more "Savage" over "Magical" backdrop. This has nothing to do with martial over magical though i hate the term "Low Magic" setting, it's more a world where not every tavern keeper is a 6th level retired Warrior, or every sage is a former 9th level Wizard. There's a reason we have heroes, and they should be rare. That's how legends are made. For example, back in the FR days, my players would joke that if they failed Elminster or another godlike NPC wouldn't let things end badly for the Dales or wherever else we were at the time. Hell, why was a 6th level Warrior barkeep even bothering to hire us to begin with when he could easily solo the problem or call an old bandmate to help him?
We knew as players what the goals were and what we were there for, but there was a slight disconnect nonetheless.

Next is the feel of the backdrop. Classic tropes of old (semi-sacred cows). Evil power hungry Wizards, Evil cults with grand plans to restore an old god, Remote exploration/survival, be it in the icy northern mountains, underground or even a more exotic extraplanar locale.
Even in the usual uber "Dungeon Crawls", my group managed to turn the original Temple of Elemental Evil into an unbelievably role play heavy experience with great character personalities, moral dilemmas, etc.

Additionally... there's Art style. This is purely a personal preference but it helps for me.
It's a little hard to explain but artists like Erol Otus, Jeff Dee, and DeTerlizzi (not sure of the spelling) really brought things to life in their projects with original kind of art styles. Goodman Games bottled that same kind of lightning as well with artists like Chuck Whelon, Jason Edwards, Michael Erickson, and William McAusland for the feel of their specific line.

Artist like Wayne Reynolds (while great for the newer stuff) drawing warriors with Final Fantasy-esque swords just don't do it for me like the "old schoolers" do. I absolutely love the art in RotR, Carrion, Shackles, and Kingmaker for example, but they can never be considered "old school" in flavor for me, though they do bring their own particular "pathfindery" art style. Hope my choice of wording makes sense to some of you reading this :).

Lastly... The much talked about lethality of the old adventures like Tomb of Horrors, Castle Ravenloft, etc. Early Pathfinder AP volumes are no less lethal (read those AP obituaries, lol). Overall, I don't mind running them as long as players are warned in the beginning of the difficulty and agree play in it.
DMs as usual are the ones ultimately responsible for making or breaking of any game here (it's not just player lapses in judgement or bad decisions like the classic greedy Rogue "scouting" too far ahead on his own to palm valuables before the rest of the party gets there to liberate and divvy up loot).
People tend to forget we (us DMs) have SCREENS to roll behind. I use to keep a secret log of where and when characters actually would have died if not for my mercifully secret "fudged" die rolls behind the screen (like barely missing the PC or falsely lessening trap damage, etc) to keep them alive. But to keep on target, Lethality of said adventures is "kinda" (but far from limited to) old school.

Just my 2 coppers.

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As far as NPC party members go, I've always preferred the pre-made NPCs you meet along the way. It's one of the reasons I preferred Baldur's Gate over Icewind Dale.
For instance, I was pretty happy when I picked up the Drow Cleric in BG1 (Viconia?). I remember giving her my first +3 weapon, than I wake up the next morning and she was gone along with my most powerful weapon, apparently my party was too good aligned for her liking. I got shafted but that was an awesome moment and a great memory in my personal gaming history.

Same with games like Mass Effect, I love colorful NPCs. Mordin Solus was my favorite. ME would have been a lot less fun with my own premade characters with no personal backstories.

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could it be?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Still wanting to purchase the core. No pdf, No sale.

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Love SKR, He's a class act (even in WoW).
I wish him success no matter where he ends up.

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My favorite Greyhawk setting book was the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (which IIRC Erik Mona had a hand in).

Besides the awesome Nostalgia factor (and I loved the wacky naming conventions too), I preferred it over FR and the like because it felt like a lower magic setting. Grittier I guess.
TBH, I did most of my gaming in FR as of the grey box, but preferred Greyhawk overall even if my group liked the new FR hotness at the time.

At one point though, we all finally got sick of FR's RSEs changing core book meat but most of all it was things like the crazy powerful NPCs (not just the Elminster/Simbul types) that were too much. A level 1 starting group hanging out in a tavern run by a level 3-6 Barkeep kinda had us scratching our head as to why any particular quest giver didn't try hiring the barkeep or bouncer over us in the first place.

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Rynjin wrote:
With only 10 movies on a trip of that length I'm probably bringing a gun along too.

A good way to trigger your Persona anyway. :)

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bugleyman wrote:
Sunderstone wrote:
I want to like 5E but currently it's impossible if I cant read it. I've become a PDF only customer. PC, iPad, and to a lesser degree, my laptop.
According almost everyone at *redacted*, people like you don't exist. Either that or you must be lying. ;)

I read the threads there @ *redacted*world, I kinda laugh inside at the blatant fanboyism and I'm reminded again of why I stopped posting there long ago.

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I was going to run this AP awhile back. I decided to add a prelude using most of Souls for the Smuggler's Shiv starting with a shipwreck and ultimately being "rescued" by the Wormwood. I thought it was more interesting than just waking up on a ship press-ganged. Plus, I love this module anyway, JJ writes some awesome stuff.

Most of the following notes were how I scaled down the harder encounters to remain challenging for a party remaining at level 1.

Smuggler's Shiv Adjustments:
Prelude - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv.
a) This adventure will be run using the long experience point track and all encounters scaled down to level 1.
b) The adventure will begin with the shipwrecking of the Jenivere, and end with the Thrunefang cannibals.
c) Ieana/Yarzoth, the Tide Stone, the Azlanti Temple and it's story elements should be omitted.
d) The Castaways are optional. Any or all of them could be used as fodder, NPCs,etc.
e) The Red Mountain devil is optional, but should be a weaker creature (CR3). Choices include Cockatrice (bestiary, p48), Moss Troll (bestiary 3, p273), etc. The dryad named Aycenia can provide information on the Red Mountain Devil if the PCs help her.
f) Personal preference-wise, keep Ishirou of Bloodcove (give him the Profession:Woodcutter skill), and Sasha Nevah of Ilizmagorti (give her the Profession:Engineer skill). Both will be useful in fixing the lighthouse, as well as their survival skills and use as camp guards. Both NPCs should be scaled down to level 1, and at least one of them should always remain at the camp.

Plot Hook Adjustments-
*****Replace First Mate Alton Devers with one of the castaways (Preferably Sasha). This NPC may or may not survive.
The PCs board the Jenivere from various ports of call on its return voyage to Sargava, though their destination is Port Peril as per the Skull and Shackles Player's Guide.
The party wakes up one storm-tossed night to shouting from the main deck. When they investigate, they find the First Mate and the Captain fighting. The captain looks crazed but has the upper hand when the main mast swings around slamming into him and knocking him overboard. The first mate runs to the upper deck to try and steer the ship to safety while yelling at the PCs to secure the mast. It's too late though, the ship strikes the rocky reef off the northern coast of the Shiv. The first mate releases the damaged lifeboat as the currents carry them to shore further south.
Later the first mate will reveal that the captain was behaving erratically for the past few days. Through luck (and a Fortitude save) the first mate woke up and found the rest of the crew dead, apparently poisoned by the captain as the ship was led off course. He does not know where they are, as he does not know how long he was unconscious. They are effectively marooned regardless, even the lifeboat is too badly damaged to be seaworthy. Captain Kovack survives and will be encountered again on the island.

Changes -
1) Sinister Omens... remove Ghosts in the Surf (except for Area G, The Brine Demon) and Strange Dreams. Adapt Wings in the Dark for the Moss Troll (Eyes in the Dark).
2) Predator Dens (area C)... C6 only has a single Shocker Lizard.
3) Shipwrecks (area D)... If haunted, these shipwrecks will have half the number of undead.
4) Creeper's Clearing (area H)... The PCs should encounter the Yellow Musk Zombies and the Yellow Musk Creeper separately.
5) The Treasure Pit (area K)... The PCs should only encounter one Lacedon Ghoul.
6) The Nightvoice (area R)... The PCs should encounter the Vegepygmies and the Vegepygmy Boss separately.
7) Thrunefang Camp (area V)... Remove one level of Barbarian from Klorak the Red. Additionally, there will be no pit in V2, as the Caves of the Mother and it's denizens are removed. Captain Kovack should be a prisoner somewhere in the camp, perhaps he is there next meal!
8) Trapped Shark (area Y4)... The Blue Shark is not trapped and wandered into the channels looking for food.
9) The Salty Strumpet (area Y6)... Remove the Spear Urchin and replace it with another Giant Crab which Ekubus considers dangerous, effectively separating him from his magic rope which has nothing more than sentimental value. Ekubus will attempt to enlist the aid of the PCs in retrieving his beloved rope.

Souls for the Smuggler's Shiv ends when the PCs repair the lighthouse, and eventually attract the attention of a passing ship called "The Wormwood ".

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GreyWolfLord wrote:

Hated Damien though. His origin always felt sort of contrived to me, and didn't really like his character.

Yes and No.

In a way it was a logical thing to happen considering the Batman/Talia thing. If they skipped Jason Todd and Tim Drake, we all might have liked Damian more. I personally never liked Jason Todd's character, even more so as Red Hood. I could also do without Tim Drake, and would have rather had Damien in those shoes. Maybe Spoiler (one of DC's better sidekick/supporting characters) could have been better as a friend to Damien than Tim. She could have softened him gradually, and/or Damien could have corrupted her at the same time. Lot of lost potential there.

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Multiplayer through the years (in order)
1) Unreal Tournament (we got to be the #1 clan in Domination @ for abit)

2) StarCraft- we played a lot of this on Battle.Net. One of our Terran players was nicknamed "the human torch" because he always was attacked early and all you saw was his burning buildings flying over to you to share mines/geysers.

3) WoW - Still playing on my 571 Disc.

Single Player Console - Too many to list but anything from Naughty Dog remains tops.

Single player PC - also too many but top 5 from early to late (though WoW is still tops overall) ...
1) MechWarrior 2 and Ghost Bear's Legacy expansion.
2) Quake 1 with expansions
3) KotOR
4) Dragon Age Origins and the Expansion (DA2 was horrible)
5) Mass Effect

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Sorry I haven't been around much Sean... Been busy GM'ing a new Horde guild on Thrall.
We've grown in no time to a robust level 25 guild, and it looks like we may have to plan for a 2nd flex squad soon too.

I miss the PF folks. :/

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Worth getting? Anyone vouch for the PC version?
I've been on the fence to due the naysayers about the limited PC graphic options and hard-capped framerate. I was going to wait for the Steam summer sale and hope they heavily discount it.

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This was possibly the greatest campaign I had ever run despite us TPKing a little before the halfway point. I ran this as it was running through Dungeon magazine. The way my group interacted with the NPCs of Cauldron was phenomenal.
It is a potential meat grinder though, be careful in Zenith Trajectory specifically, certain encounters there can possibly TPK your group.
Shackled City and Castle Whiterock (even though I didn't get a chance to run it) are my two favorite campaigns of that era.

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Getting this despite how stupid I think I am for doing so. Square is on a downward spiral. They do need to remake DQVIII however.

Just saying :)

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I miss the 3.5 days but I'm tired of the splat books. Personally, I loved the Core books but would have preferred an APG type book once a year or two and the company focusing on campaign setting books (world building like the old FR series accessories) and adventures.

I think the shiny has worn off in my case with Pathfinder and Golarion, which is on reason for me giving up on the hobby, the other reasons being the game is too tactical now and I prefer a slightly lower magic setting.

I think Goodman and to a lesser extent, the old Necromancer had it right during the beginning of 3E/3.5. Aereth (Goodman) was a great example of a campaign setting done right with their adventures along with those of Necromancer capturing the magic of yore. Golarion just goes too far into too many flavors. I would prefer a multiple campaign setting option from a company over throwing it all into one setting.
I'm also more traditional by not wanting guns or romps into the real world or alternate realities in my games, though I do like the occasional planar jaunt.
Overall the tactical nature of the game is my biggest gripe. Stopping the game to set up a map with counters for every room really makes GMing it a chore. I prefer the older game flowfrfrom 2E and before.
I'm viewing 3E/3.5 in a slightly better light than PF atm but not by much.
YMMV as usual.

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All we need now is CotCT anniversary. :)

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Well, I did my PS4 preorder this morning when I took my daughter to work (@Gamestop no less). Also pre-ordered an extra controller.

Next pre-order will be "The Order".

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Going tomorrow to pre-order the PS4. :)

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Call me paranoid but I'm not happy about the built in cam. With a live Internet connection we've seen vido of hackers spy on folks via their Web cams, etc. It's not a game changer for me as webcams /kinect technology is here to stay, but I'll use the mundane "cover the cam with a rag or something technology..." just the same.
If you can turn it off, I'm sure hackers could flip it back on remotely, unless there's a physical camera bypass of sorts.
Again, call me paranoid, but I'd rather keep my family's privacy secured.

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Scott Betts wrote:

My favorite internet forum user: the kind who labels anyone who disagrees with him a troll.

My favorite internet forum user: the kind who labels anyone who disagrees with him a nerd rager.

Its Pot... Kettle and stuff. In your defense Mr. Betts, you have calmed down the last few pages.

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Techspot discussion and clarification of DDR3 vs GDDR5

The discussion goes on why it's much better than DDR3.

edit*fixed the link to start from the comparison in post #3

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Kthulhu wrote:
The WiiU GamePad has all the buttons/inputs of a regular controller (two analogue sticks, D-Pad, A, B, X, Y, R, L, RZ, LZ, +/Start, and -/Select). It just also has a touchscreen display. And gyroscopes, etc for motion control.

You mean the handheld TV. IMHO, it defeats the purpose of wanting to play games on my 46" tv. I also don't want a gamepad shaq-sized.

Good for kids though, "go watch your game on your controller and let me watch my cheesy sci-fi Saturday night flick". Yep, gimmicky.

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Scott Betts wrote:
Sunderstone wrote:

Microsoft apparently not happy and now censoring responses...

Microsoft Censorship

Disabling comments on your YouTube videos = censorship, now?

When they allowed it previously before the negative comments? umm... yeah.

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Microsoft apparently not happy and now censoring responses...

Microsoft Censorship

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I've tried to get into the better rated editions of the xbox exclusives, Halo IV an Reach as well as Gears of War, they never grabbed me. I usually buy both consoles regardless because my friends have both too but this time we are all sitting this one out xbox–wise. Two of them preferred the xbox solely for the controller. I personally prefer the Sony exclusives, and I use mine as my main bluray player for movies as well.

As far as your "angry Internet horde", if you talk to gamers offline I'm sure many of them wouldn't appreciate the used game policy. What you consider led by the nose mob mentality might just be a majority coming to similar conclusions about expensive purchases. There might be a lot of parents with multiple children who may not have the extra cash to buy multiple copies of games for each kid.

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Scott Betts wrote:
JonGarrett wrote:
It certainly suggests that the Xbox One is not popular with gamers with access to broadband know, it's sole target market (still can't see casual gamers being willing to go through the hassle for this thing).
But, as is always the case with a horde of angry internet nerds,

Seems par for the course with your replies too. Anyone who disagrees with your POV frequently becomes labeled this.

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Xbox is a no buy for the lending reasons above. If I'm "somewhat" interested in a game my buddy has and he brings it over for me to check out and I got a message to pay for just trying it, yeah, I'd be pissed.

I prefer the Sony exclusives (Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank for examples) to X-Box exclusives, which is why I'll buy the PS4. I have the PS3 and 360 here, the 360 never gets use. I just told my 19 year old gamer stepdaughter a couple of days ago she could have it to replace her aging one. I bought GoW 1-3, and Halo 4 and Halo Reach based on reviews. I couldn't stay with them, she can have them too. :)

Like Hama, I'm a PC gamer first and foremost, but I still prefer some games that are PC and console to stay on the console. Dead Space and Batman: Arkham are perfect examples of games I prefer on the console.

The only thing that seems better on the X-Box is XB Live. Seems more competitive, but for the shooters and such I'm still PC/Mouse and Keyboard, so Xbox live and PS Network don't mean crap to me. I'm pro co-op campaigns though. :)

As usual, YMMV.

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Maerimydra wrote:
Werthead wrote:

Stretch goals.

My favourite one is the one where Colin McComb will issue a video apology for D&D 2E's COMPLETE BOOK OF ELVES :)

Damn that book! I was GMing a D&D 2nd Ed. campaing back in the days and one of the players was playing an elven archer. He decimated all my carefully planned encounters in a matter of seconds.

I remember a player using the Bladesinger from that book being way too overpowered. I believe I banned it from my games afterwards.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I own a PS3 and X-Box 360. That said, the PS4 will be a day one purchase for me, which is normal for me.

The new X-Box.... no. I only bought an X-Box 360 for Gears and Halo, specifically Gears of War 1-3, Halo Reach, and Halo 4. I've started them here and there but never more than an hour or two. The games didn't grab my attention and any games that come out for both systems wind up as PS purchases due to my controller preference. Personally, the PS exclusives are more my taste anyway (like Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank).

I got a Wii on a whim one day, bought Zelda and Metroid Prime Trilogy (my Nintendo staples), hated the Nunchuk controller and let it collect dust for months before getting obliterated by Gamestop's crappy trade-in values. The Wii U doesn't interest me in the slightest. Nintendo's last great console was the Gamecube. The game support alone made the Cube an excellent investment, Resident Evil, Metroid Prime,Eternal Darkness, Beyond Good and Evil, etc.
Wii titles were weak in general with the exception of the Mario franchise, and the Wii U doesn't look to be any better.

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The 8th Dwarf wrote:

I would rather be kicked in the groin than have to sit in-front of 2&1/2 men or Big Bang Theory.

I could say something like "Maybe people who like Big Bang Theory have an unsophisticated sense of humour and are not smart enough for a more complex show."

1) I love both of the shows you mentioned, as does my other half.

2) That wouldn't offend me at all, it would be just another e-opinion from a random forum poster. Thicker skin = less stress.

Just my e-opinions, YMMV, etc.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Mags you may wanna dial it down Abit. There's better ways to get ones point across.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Can we smurf the tangent and get back on topic?

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R_Chance wrote:
pres man wrote:

Good thing that D&D didn't originally evolve from a miniatures wargame.
This. I started out in 1974, after playing chainmail medieval and fantasy miniatures for several years. It always amuses me when people think 3.x wedded D&D to miniatures / the battle mat. We always used miniatures. People who didn't (in the 1970s) were in the minority. We measured our inches in outdoor encounters and used cardstock halls / rooms / buildings etc. gridded out in one inch squares for dungeon / city. Come to think of it, we still do :)

I wouldn't say minority. I played/DM'ed for over 30 years too and my AD&D days rarely saw a battlemat. It was fairly optional. We occasionally broke out the minis for pivotal battles, even had mini painting sessions (Julie Guthrie mini days) every now and again, mostly to have a mini representation of our character at our seat for visual flavor.

Exact squares were never needed to resolve much beyond the areas of AoE spells.

Also some of us didn't want to stop the story every room to erase and draw out every combat. Then there's us older folk who may lead busy lives and simply can't afford to waste whatever game time we have stopping and drawing/redrawing maps. The higher level rules and options already take significant prep time as well as time to run. I'd rather take time to resilve those rules and keep playing then stopping the game at every room's door to erase and draw something.

So yeah 3E/3.5/PF did marry miniatures this time around. D&D may have evolved from a tactical board game, but that must have been for a reason. If it didn't evolve from that I know my ad&d days would have ended very quickly.

Again, I'm not against using a battlemat with minis. I just prefer that as an OPTION for those that want it, just not married to the ruleset.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I wouldn't mind pathfinder 2.0 if it was Pathfinder-lite as in free of miniatures/square positioning/stop the game because we need a battle mat. Kinda going back to the "products of your imagination" mindset.
I don't mind using the occasional battlemat just for flavor/visuals on the important battles like against a Dragon or the BBEG at the end, etc.

The tactical board game part of the game stops me from running anything ATM. 3.5/PF rules with AD&D/2E style would be awesome. Requiring minis, battle mats, positioning, not so much.

This would keep our current modules/APs etc. still usable too.

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All APs are possible in 24 hours....... If you drive a DeLorean at 88 mph.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's the problem with Nintendo, poor game selection for the non-casual older gamer. I ditched my Wii for that very reason (mostly) as well as the outdated GC graphics, and my disappointment that the Metroid Prime Trilogy couldn't be played with a Wii classic controller.
The trade in, along with a few games bought me a 360 instead. My PS3 remains my favorite console though.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Xexyz wrote:

Also I will admit that I'm an elitist and feel that non-hardcore raiders/pvpers don't deserve epics. So the continual casual direction the game has gone in is a turnoff.

With respect, More changes like this would be welcomed if it got rid of other players with your mindset.

I've played WoW since release, been hardcore in a server first setting, ran a Hugh end guild, etc. Now, I just wand to raid with capable people, no more than two nights a week and continue laughing as we wipe on the learning curve attempts at new content. Players who share your view are what gets newer people disgusted as they try and get into a decent raid guild. Leetists, Log addicts, recount monkeys, etc. is what has been killing the raiding part of WoW. The leetists guilds are insular, and on some low to mid population servers this kills new forming guilds attempts to recruit a steady raid crew.

I laugh my butt off with some leetist DPS people, so there is entertainment value though. The second I see Recount spam on a boss, I let the DPS guy die when he stands in harmful stuff expecting me to just heal him through it. After we 4man it, I type the age old "Fire=Bad" or "Dead DPS = no DPS". If they blame my healing I answer with "sorry but I can't decurse stupidity, it isn't in my toolset yet."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Still hoping for the Mega-Dungeon AP one day.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kthulhu wrote:

Hell, I don't even like 4E...but I don't take it as personally as some of you here seem to. It's pretty ridiculous how much some of the people here vilify them and take any cheap shot they can to marginalize WotC.

If you think this is me, you are mistaken. 3E/3.5 was fantastic. Period. The new edition brought us other good things from Necromancer, Goodman, Green Ronin, etc. I even posted once or twice here or at ENworld that this was another golden age of RPGing. 4E screwed the pooch for reasons I don't really need to go into here. WotC has changed drastically then and most of the good developers (IMHO) are here, @Frog God, @ Goodman etc.

I'm still standing vigilant looking for something less tactical than 3E/PFRPG, the miniatures dependancy is my number one gripe with the game. The time needed to draw/update maps round by round etc. I don't mind the rare tactical battle for an end encounter or an important battle with a dragon, etc. it's just the game is designed around minis and each time I have to stop the game for mapping is extra work and I'd rather keep the game flowing.

If WotC re-releases PDFs of the older editions like AD&D along with their respective module lines, I'll scoop up all of them this time around around. I'll still play PF, but maybe I'll actually run a game again with AD&D or Basic/Expert. I'd like to see a PDF rollout map soon but I wont hold my breath.

All this doesnt change the fact that the current executives/developers @WotC don't leave me much to hope for with a new version of the game.

P.S. as Tacticslion stated, you do come across as Paizo-Hatey at times. Even if you are deep down, it's ok. Everyone has an opinion. I'm not exactly Paizo Defense Force material but I like how they handle the dungeony/dragony parts of the game so I may come across as "PDF" (Paizo Defense Force).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

<--- loves Varisia
<--- loves dungeon crawls
<--- loves the Indiana Croft angle.

<--- is kinda "Meh" on working for the Pathfinder Society. Looking forward to reading the AP some more.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The newer Battlestar Galactica (not the cheesy original series).
Babylon 5

In that order.

Firefly had fantastic characterization for a show that lasted 14 episodes and one movie (which did a fantastic job tying stuff up). All the characters were interesting and there was so much potential lost with the show's all too early demise. The cast also seemed to mesh incredibly well with eachother that at times it was hard to believe that they had not been together for at least a few seasons. I'm not a Joss Whedon fanboy by any stretch (I only liked the first few seasons of Buffy personally), but Firefly was epic for me.

Btw, I'm in yankee country too.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Arnwyn wrote:

No, I don't think anyone (except the most ardent, possibly slightly-delusional, 4e fan) believed 4e would last 10 years. Nor even 8 years. A number of us pretty much guessed its short life span from the get-go. In the end, it just wasn't that (comparatively) popular. As noted by ex-WotC staff on ENWorld, if it was we wouldn't be having this conversation . That's just the way it is, whether certain fans believe it or not.


Just curious but does anyone have a list of the current designers for D&D: Next? Bruce Cordell, Skip Williams, and Monte Cook were old favorites. I know Cordell is working on D&D Next but I'm not sure if Skip Williams has any involvement.
Also, having Mike Mearls as a lead designer (again?) for your fresh-start, new edition is a mistake IMHO. Especially if you are trying to undo 4E (in a sense) and regain some of the target audience you lost.

To get me to even look at it, Next would have to have faster prep (lighter rules), strong support for a single campaign setting, and most of all, HUGE adventure support. I know alot of people like homebrew, but I think alot of us older hats don't have the time we used to these days.
On the negative side, keeping Mearls at the helm, and if WotC/Hasbro is still operating with the belief that adventures don't sell enough, will probably be enough to keep me from being even remotely optimistic.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Realm of the Felknight Queen is my favorite Paizo stand alone module to date. A good balance of combat and role playing.

Other favorites.....
Carrion Hill (PF)
Witchwar Legacy (PF very high level).
Tomb of the Iron Medusa (PF old school ToH feeling).
Darkmoon Vale series (3.5 traditional goodness).
Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale (3.5 compact mix of Kingmaker and Keep in the Borderlands)
Crucible of Chaos only when mixed with River into Darkness as a jungle-based mini campaign (both 3.5).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe not Dead but...

The Micronauts
Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch
The New Warriors

Great Books in the day, would be nice to see relaunched.

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Jessica Alba at her hottest. Nuff Said!

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Don't you think this post is Abit on the nerd rage side? I vote you leave the guy alone, he's been bashed to death already.
He's a good writer, I'd buy his stuff again if he wrote for pathfinder.

The thread title itself is "over the dramatic top" to say the least. Don't buy his future stuff (if he does any) if you feel that strongly.

I did not preorder his Savage Coast, but even if I did, I would still buy his Paizo stuff. I just wouldn't preorder anywhere else but here at Paizo. I don't believe in preorder/kickstarter programs anyway.

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Ross Byers wrote:
I removed a post and several replies to it. I don't care what kind of veil it's behind: personal attacks are unacceptable.

The heavy handed moderation probably wouldn't have been needed in the first place here or in the Mass Effect thread if a closer look was taken to the poster in the center of it in both threads. Apologies in advance if you see this as a slight Ross but as a long time poster here myself, I'm a little surprised.

Edit* I'm not all that innocent for falling into it, but there seems to be a common antagonist.

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Read some reviews of Second Darkness. ;)

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