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Sucka Spice's page

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Useful for its Purpose

****( )

I found this Player's Guide to be useful for my group. However, I will note that we ran the original RotR arc 2-ish years ago, so the fact that the opening parts hint at what you're going to be facing was a bit of a moot point with us; they already knew what to expect and when.
Overall, I thought the traits were fitting, and I liked the paragraph entries on some the 'lesser known' sites and towns in Varisia. As for not including the town of Sandpoint itself, I used the map and entries in the actual AP; again, more as a refresher for my regular group.
As for the cover art, I see nothing wrong with it. You have women in real life who dress in more revealing clothing, and no one bats an eye. Also, it seems the woman in the center is garnering all the attention and causing people to jump to conclusions about girls in fantasy settings. I would like to call everyone's attention to the woman on the right of the cover.

All in all, it was a decent supplement to refresh my players' memories, and to provide a little extra info on the area for them to sow seeds for potential tangent side stories. What else do you really need from a rehashed/revamped adventure?

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