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Stumpy M'Kall's page

4 posts. Alias of JohnF.


Shadow Lodge ***

It was exactly because the Decemvirate acted in this high-handed fashion, while claiming to be representing the wishes of all pathfinders, that I became a member of the Shadow Lodge. This is not the time to relax our standards - quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Shadow Lodge ***

"What ploy?" you ask? Why, this very encouragement for members of the Shadow Lodge to openly identify themselves as such, and perhaps to even let slip an unwise word in the company of those they believe to be their friends. I myself have never made any secret of my beliefs, or of where my loyalties lie. My record speaks for me - my weapons and skills have been used on several occasions in the name of the Pathfinder Society and the Decemvirate, and used well. But others are not so outspoken, even though they may share my misgivings. How many missions have been compromised because the Decemvirate chose poorly when selecting the agents for the quest? How many agents have been lost because they had inadequate support in the field? And yet nobody is ever brought to task, and asked to account for this profligate spending of lives.

Shadow Lodge ***

Are they really so stupid as to believe that we will continue to fall for these tricks? Nothing has really changed here - the Decemvirate continue to act in secret for their own good, and regard loyal Pathfinders as nothing more than disposable tools. Be ever vigilant.

Shadow Lodge ***

Will Johnson wrote:
Every member of the Shadow Lodge is also given a free rubber duckie and luffa from Grand Master Torch each year on the Night of the Pale.

Some people will believe anything, it seems ...

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