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The Green Faith

Strobus's page

15 posts (132 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 aliases.


Thanks for the handout Mythril DM. I am finishing up Sunny's character and will post on the new thread tomorrow .

Mythril DM wrote:
Sunny Beanstalk wrote:

Sunny the halfling sorceress and ex-governess. Profile posted and under construction. An email with her background is on the way.

I got the email I should have one back to you soon with some info on the town. Quick question, how long has Sonny been working as a teacher at the academy? A few months or a few years?

A few months I think....and still coming to terms with her power.

I'm still here. It was a busy weekend and its taking a while to get this character done. I have children...and it was a crazy Hallowe'en. You know how it goes. Now that I am back on the night shift I can get back into it! Sorry for the delay.

Lucendar wrote:
Strobus wrote:
And thanks for the reassuring words and kind welcome. (in contrast with Eli Wynnstock's cool welcome to Mundinus - that's making for some interesting roleplay!)
Strobus, can I get your e-mail again? Sent you a message and it got bounced back.

pinustrobus at gmail dot com

I am preparing the character and shoud have something by the end of the weekend. I would like to know more about the Turandok Academy though. I couldn't find much in the Player Guide.

MythrilDM wrote:
Interesting, are you thinking of making an Orc or a Half-Orc, or are you planing on making a sorcerer with a boodline (which one)or some combo of both?

I was thinking that the character would be the farthest thing from an orc. Certainly not a half-orc. An innocent young maiden - maybe a halfling girl - but when she expresses herself through her unusual and unexpected sorcerous, orcish bloodline....well...that would be the fun part.

I was also thinking of making her a rigid, old-fashioned governess - a decent and upright woman - who is disgraced and loses her job because she has started to frighten the children.

I found the Orc bloodline on the PFSRD site in the Sorcerer/Bloodlines section. It comes from the Orcs of Golarion maybe it doesn't fit your request for core material.

This is just one idea of mine. It may not work out if others wish to play an arcane character. But I'll throw her in the mix to see what you all think.

I haven't started to build this yet. I have this idea of a sweet young woman. She's a prim and proper governess for an old and respected family. She has impeccable manners, she loves to sing lullabies and is devoted to the young tykes in her charge. Sadly, she is compelled to a life of adventure and exile due to recent "changes" in her life. An embarassing arcane taint becomes manifest inside her:


Also very interested. I once read the player's guide for RotRL. That's about it. It would be all new to me. I have a great idea for a human sorceress which I would love to try.

And thanks for the reassuring words and kind welcome. (in contrast with Eli Wynnstock's cool welcome to Mundinus - that's making for some interesting roleplay!)

GNOLL DM wrote:
Who is Father Jezrel? The high priest of the Church of Sarenrae in Katapesh is Ismael Chaqra, the same who raised Quzman. If part of Mundinus' backstory, then he would have to be a priest in the Church, not the High Priest. If part of Brebork's peist was thenbackground, it would have to be a high priest in Solku. If Mundinus did mean Ismael....

Uh Oh. This is awkward. Sorry to mess up with the facts of the story. I read about Jezrel in Brebork's backstory. Now that you mention it I see it was the priest in Solku after all. @#%! How did I miss that? And how do we fix this gracefully...? Perhaps Jezrel was a senior priest in Katapesh during Mundinus' childhood, who was later appointed to the Solku position?

MythrilDragon wrote:
Don't fret Strobus, Eli will come around to Mundio soon.

Of course he has to do more to earn Eli's trust. An elaborate tea ceremony doesn't make the grade obviously. ...and he worked so hard on that tea.....sigh. lol

I made a set of retroactive changes. I lowered INT to from 14 to 12 to free up 3 points. I raised Dex from 11 to 12. I raised Wisdom from 10 to 12.

I get the feeling that things are going to get nasty for everyone if the Oracle gets hit or fails a Will save.

I adjusted all the stats. Removed all UMD ranks as well as a Rank in Alchemy. (-5 skill points)

Hope you are ok with that.


I will post in a couple of hours. I am just reading a little through the thread to ascertain what Mundio already knows about the Sand Stalkers before he makes his entry.

The PostMonster General wrote:
The Bracers of Armor and the breastplate don't stack. You could however have enchanted the breastplate to +1 for the same price and then they stack. So AC is 17 and 18 with light shield.

Can I fix that before I jump in? I forgot that they didn't stack.

Unless you disapprove of the last minute change...I have adjusted the profile to reflect Enchanted Agile Breastplate Armor +1 rather than bracers. Also - I changed my masterwork light steel shield to a masterwork heavy steel shield, which is stashed in the bag of holding - if that's ok. (Can I put a big shield in a bag of holding?). The heavy shield was already costed on my gear list yesterday...I just hadn't adjusted the stats fot it.

Heading to the thread now...

Mundinus Galen Avenzoar wrote:

I think this is how it works. Please correct me if I am wrong:

** spoiler omitted **

how i screwed it up:

It was all wrong.
ok. Alchemy is a little more complicated than i thought. I am going over the rules again.

Thanks for all the corrections, Lucendar..

The apothecary kit is an idea of mine, something I am putting together from items on the PFSRD site. 1000gp is the budget. A bit of a project. Perhaps a little too ambitious. I might just scrap it in favour of potions.

Note. It's all very rough right now. I thought I would keep my work saved on the board so you can see where I am going with the character. It takes time to spend 10,500gp. To be honest..I haven't calculated the costs yet. I am ballparking it first ....I'll keep you posted.

Re: HP and skills. I hadn't decided what to do with HP because I did not know how you wanted me to generate HP. Now I do.

4d8 ⇒ (3, 3, 6, 3) = 15

There we go. Back to work. Sorry it's taking so long.

The doctor is in!

Thank you, Lucendar and the Sand Stalkers for selecting Mundinus the physician. I like to think that his efficacy as a healer and champion for the living is even more potent than that of a Sarenrae priest - he will certainly think so of himself. (a doctor with a God complex - maybe?)

Originally I was going to make a half-orc cleric of Sarenrae - but then I started reading your adventure thread and got to know Brebork. His character concept inspired me to make this character. Why not then create a backstory in which Brebork himself was the inspiration for Mundinus?

I am eager to make any adjustments needed to fit Mundinus into the tale. He still needs equipment etc.....

Go to Mundinus Galenus for the profile, which is under contruction.

About myself. I am online when I work and I work shifts at a 24/7 workplace. So, even though I live in the GMT-5 time zone - my posts tend to be scattered through the 24 hour day. I generally post 1-4 times a day depending on where I am in my schedule.

pinusstrobus at gmail dot com is my address if you wish to send a private message.

Thanks again!

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