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Stridar's page

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Eva raises an eyebrow at the history she was given, growing up on the streets with nothing but your wits was familiar to her, it seemed like she shared more in common with the group than she'd thought.

"Aye, I was from the Domes originally, but that was a good four score years ago. I left to see the world and never looked back, and if you've seen how badly the Empire treats their citizens in the city, you should see the lands when you're travelling the roads. I've watched it for many decades and perhaps its time I did something about it."

((Question, do the prisoners need Stealth checks as well? Or do I use someone else's mod for looking grungy and beat up?))

Eva consents to giving up her gear, all but the battered journal that she insists on being stuffed down her prisoner's garb. "Trust me, there are observations and notes in here to rise and topple ten Empires, this stays with me."

Eva looks up as she closes the journal shut, leaving the quill trapped in the middle as a bookmark. "You're welcome, seems like I was timely intervention with that wound of yours."

She gestures towards the meeting they weren't in with a curious look, one that she wore often, "So... I know all their business with the Empire, but what does a man of your skills have in that fight? It doesn't look like much gold comes from a venture such as this."

Eve consents to wait outside, she knew she was new and understood the need for secrecy in a coup. She returns to the table and pulls out a small journal, scribing the events of yesterday in a lore log, noting down the new resistance to the Empire she'd encountered without mentioning specific names.

Her interest is absorbed in writing in the new entry and re-reading what she had discovered about the Empire in the past until the rest return.

Eva woke up lazily as always, the life of a scholar was thankfully a lethargic one, books rarely ran away and she was content to not chase after them until after breakfast.

The question by Grunur was answered with surprising conviction, "I had a feeling you wouldn't return with me on the first day but rest assured I will convince you eventually. Your little quest seems interesting and if knowledge should benefit men, so should I help it on its way. I will stay and assist, unless you and your companions feel the need to force me away."

She then attacked her meal with impressive gusto for a woman her size, looking over at Elana, "Not in the best mood toda-"

The interruption from the door knock gave her pause as she felt for the small knife on her belt, she was officially with the rebels now and she would probably be treated as such by the officials.

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