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Stray Hal's page

154 posts. Alias of Bill Lumberg.




Rogue 1 | HP 11 | AC 16 FF 12 T14 | Saves +3/+5/+0 | Init + 7 | Percep +4





Special Abilities

Sneak Attack +1d6, Trapfinding





Strength 13
Dexterity 17
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Stray Hal


Hal was a street waif who joined a minor gang in Korvosa and made steady progress up the ranks. His superior groomed him to be a crew leader and entrusted him with overseeing a job to punish Gaedren Lamm because the latter had been infringing on the gang's territory. The crafty Lamm outmaneuvered and fooled him into attacking a team of guild thieves. Hal's crew suffered a bloody humiliating defeat and he was expelled from the gang as punishment. Hal's leader said that he was a "stray dog now" and the name has followed him ever since.

For SS: Reskin him as a wandering sailor who changed ships often. Take some ranks in Profession (sailor) and Survival. Consider Knifemaster and/or Scout archetypes.

Senses: Perception +4



AC 15 (16 with dodge)/Flat-footed 12/Touch 13

HP 11

Initiative +7 (Dex + Improved Initiative)

BAB +0
Melee/Grapple +1(STR bonus)
Missile +3 (DEX bonus)

Fort +3
Reflex +5
Will +0



Resilient: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves.



Improved Initiative



Class Skills
Acrobatics 1+3+3(DEX)=7
Appraise +3
Bluff 1+3+1(CHA)=5
Climb +3+2(STR)=5
Craft +3
Diplomacy 1+3+1(CHA)=5
Disable Device 1+3+3(DEX)=7
Disguise 1+3+1(CHA)=5
Escape Artist +3+3(DEX)=6
Intimidate +3+1(CHA)=4
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)+3
Knowledge (Local)+3
Linguistics +3
Perception 1+3=4
Perform +3+1(CHA)
Profession +3
Sense Motive 1+3=4
Sleight of Hand 1+3+3(DEX)=7
Stealth 1+3+3(DEX)=7
Swim +3+2(STR)+5
Use Magic Device +3

Non-Class skills
Ride +3(DEX)



Leather Armor 10gp 15Lb
Short Sword 10gp 2lb
2 Daggers 4gp 4lb
Caltrops 2gp 2lb
Rope 1gp 10lb
Grappling Hook 1gp 4lb
Pouchbelt 1gp .5lb
Backpack 2gp 2lb
Rations(1) 5sp 1lb
2 torches 2cp 2lb
Waterskin 1gp 4lb
Thieves Tools 30gp 1lb
Signal Whistle 8sp -
2 Candles 2cp -
2 pieces chalk 2cp -
1 Bell(stuffed)1gp -
Flint/Steel 1gp -
Sewing Needle 5sp -
Inkpen 1sp -
Pouch filled with sand or pepper for dirt trick maneuver

41.5 LBS: Light load

138 GP 6SP 6CP

Notes for me


2nd level rogue talent: Finesse Rogue or Two Weapon Fighting
3rd level feat: Great Fortitude or Dodge
4th level rogue talent:
5th level feat:
6th level rogue talent:
7th level feat:
8th level rogue talent: Improved 2 Weapon Fighting

Is Favored Terrain too situational? Does Surprise Attack require that targets have already acted?


is this convertible or even viable?
Iaijutsu Focus (Cha)

This skill allows you to channel your chi more effectively when making an attack. Whenever you are making an attack roll immediately after drawing a weapon and your target is flat-footed, you may make an Iaijutsu Focus check as a free action. The results of the roll determine the amount of additional damage done, as shown on the following table:

10-14: +1d6
15-19: +2d6
20-24: +3d6
25-29: +4d6
30-34: +5d6
35-39: +6d6
40-44: +7d6
45-49: +8d6
50+: +9d6

This bonus damage stacks with sneak attack, sudden strike, et cetera. Note that in an iaijutsu duel the character who loses initiative is flatfooted, and thus a valid target for sneak attack.

Action: Not applicable; Iaijutsu Focus checks are made at the beginning of a surprise round or as part of an attack, and are therefore not actions in and of themselves.

Retry: Against inanimate objects, yes. In a formal duel or combat situation, generally not, unless the requirements for using the skill
(sheathed weapon, flat-footed opponent) somehow come about again.

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