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StrangePackage's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 471 posts (475 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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The "fluff" is the reason for the mechanics. Where do you suppose the Paladins derive their 4th level divine spells and swift action heals and combat oriented Charisma uses?

Want a Samurai? Play a Samurai. Want a Knight Templar? Play a Cavalier. Want a Jedi Knight? Play a Magus.

You want a mechanical advantage without the baggage? Homerule away. But don't call it a Paladin. You want great power without great responsibility. That's fine, but it isn't a Paladin.


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Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:

my issue with paladins, is the game shoehorns them into being lawful good, though mythology, anime, and most modern medias, have...

My own personal pet peeve.

Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — "No, you move."

Don't care what mythology, modern media, anime, or anyone else says. Don't care who else has questionable motives, or engages in questionable means. Don't care if the standard is too rigorous.

Don't let them bring you down. Hold yourself higher.


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Liches-Be-Crazy wrote:
'Kay. I've said enough in this thread. you've gone back to "Barbs are fine becuz Wizards" again. I'm not going to argue in circles.

Can you articulate why your counter argument amounts to more than "Barbs are OP becuz Fiter?"


Arachnofiend wrote:
Lormyr wrote:
On a completely separate topic, I continue to be astonished that Crane Wing took such a big hit and greater beast totem pouncing continues along it's merry way unmolested.

I think it has a lot to do with how late Greater Beast Totem comes? People are going to see Crane Wing Doing Things from essentially the beginning of the game, while GBT is almost a capstone for many campaigns especially in (sigh) PFS.

I'm pretty happy it isn't nerfed really. GBT doesn't need to be weaker, it needs to be used as a benchmark for other martial abilities. GBT is what all martial 10th level abilities should aspire to be as strong as.

Absolutely this. A thousand times this. Nerfing Crane Wing was the absolute wrong way to go. Crane Wing was nerfed because it was the only feat like that- there need to be more feats like that for Martials, not fewer.


By and large I think that the majority of the APG classes are not only thematically appropriate but also fill niches that couldn't be accomplished even by multiclassing (which, if you haven't noticed, tends to stink in Pathfinder). Except the Summoner. **** that guy.

The UC classes are pretty much just advanced archetypes, and when viewed in that light, they're also pretty cool.

The Magus- well, I never loved the Gish the way most do, but I can certainly see the appeal.

That being said I don't like any of the ACG classes. I don't see any of them as being thematically unique or compelling enough to justify the horrific mechanical bloat which they will entail. And as a GM, I'm dreading these classes.

Andoran **

Wow! How lucky are we, here in Asheville, to have not one but two other lodges willing to cart us up to Gencon?

Seriously, people, take advantage of the exceptional generosity and comradery offered by these other lodges, and represent the APL at Gencon!


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friluftshund wrote:
The Half-dead City wrote:

Sebti the Crocodile, rises to her

feet and looks over the crowd. Sebti seems surprisingly
young to hold such a distinguished position, but she has
a confident air of authority. After calling for silence, she
begins with an invocation to the Lady of Graves
Does anyone have a nice invocation that's thematically and location specific?

Praise be to you, Oh Opener of the Way!

Hail to you, Oh Mother of Souls!
I ask that You may Open the way for us through this life,
As you do for the blessed deceased.
That you would shield us from all Evil.
And Preserve us from the temptations of our lower selves.
Guardian of the blessed dead
Mistress of the Spire of Judgment
Queen of those who dwell in the Boneyard.
She Who is upon Her Throne,
May we go forth with the Divine blessing.

Andoran **

James Becker wrote:
StrangePackage wrote:
Quick request- if anyone has the Deep Forrest and Darklands flip mats, I need to borrow them for Sunday.
We will have all the flipmats we can muster to loan out.

Great. I'll bring mine for what I can.

PS- I think someone has my town flipmat. I want that back!:)

Andoran **

Quick request- if anyone has the Deep Forrest and Darklands flip mats, I need to borrow them for Sunday.

Andoran **

Alas, my parents in town this weekend will mean that I'm not going to be able to get any games on.

Still, what's going on THIS weekend?


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Whimsy Chris wrote:
According to Mr. Jacobs the North American analog is called Arcadia. I was wondering why, as Arcadia seems to me to be Greek.

Arcadia is a term often used to describe a Utopian pastoral or natural state, which may be consistent with pre-colonial America (harmony with nature attributed to native cultures).

It was also the name that Giovanni da Verrazzano (for whom the NY bridge is named) gave to the coastline from Virginia to New York.

Andoran **

1 person marked this as a favorite.
John Lance wrote:

Well, according to Facebook, Tide of Twilight racked up another TPK last night. That is one nasty scenario. If I ever earn a re-play, I think I'll run that one again, only in the higher bracket :-)

Oh man, so many good memories. First PFS scenario, and the originator of the Hammer of Diplomacy and the cantrip "Detect Picnic Basket"



Andoran **

Hey guys! Are there games going on this weekend?

You bet your box of chocolates there are!

So if you can brave the snows (and really, after the past few days, who doesn't have cabin fever?) come on out and join us all for a rousing round of roleplay! (Great Abadar's Vault, I sound like Paul with all this stupid alliteration).


Murder on the Throaty Mermaid- What could be more romantic that a moonlit cruise with your sweetheart? How about a healthy dose of murder and mystery? This season 2 classic for levels 1-5 deftly blends investigations with combat. Help to uncover a killer and clear the society's name before a sensitive diplomatic engagement. The best part is, the murderer changes EVERY time!


The Perils of Pirate Pact- When you want to hunt treasures for your sweety, who better than professional treasure hunters? Delve the spider-infested (hint hint) Echo Woods of the lawless River Kingdom for buried pirate treasure in this Season 0 scenario for levels 1-7.

Among the Dead- Okay, so this one is a tale about death, revenge, and ghastly ghouls. Not terribly romantic, I admit. But, really, all those things sound fun don't they? Take up the task of tracking down the villain responsible for the iconic massacre at the Taldane Opera from season 0's Among the Living in this season 1 scenario for levels 1-7.

The Frostfur Captives- Nothing says "I love you" quite like a gaggle of unruly Goblin prisoners. You Pathfinders must bring these adorable little murder-machines back to civilization. What could possibly go wrong? A delightful season 3 scenario for levels 1-5.

Echoes of the Overwatched- Love is decidedly NOT in the air as the Pathfinders are dispatched to discover what eldritch horror from beyond the stars has murdered one of their own. But maybe brains are... delicious, delicious brains. This enjoyably lethal scenario from season 3 is for levels 1-5.

Okay, enough mushy stuff. You guys couldn't even get the Blakros Matrimony on here? Feh! But we also have evening games.

Quest for Perfection, Part 1: The Edge of Heaven- Come relive the past few days of snowy misery as your merry band of Pathfinders trek up an icy mountain to an ancient monastery in search of powerful relics! Getting there is none of the fun in this season 3 scenario for level 1-5, which kicks off a much-loved arc that spanned all of season 3.

Rise of the Goblin Guild- Magnimar, the city of monuments, plays hosts to this whodunnit, which has the Pathfinders tracking a random monster sighting deep into the tunnels under the city, and face to face with a burgeoning thieves guild. Season 4 scenario for levels 1-5.

Words of the Ancients- At long last, the Pathfinders have discovered the means to wake a sleeping Runelord... wait, why do we want to do that again? Oh, that's right- because if we don't get it first, the mad Cult of Larissa will! This season 4 scenario for levels 7-11 challenges veteran pathfinders in a most dangerous race to a prize that no one in their right mind should want to claim.

Glories of the Past, Part 1: In the Halls of Dwarven Lore- Deep within the Sky-Citadel of Janderhoff, the Pathfinders have been contracted to excavate a large ruin system. What they may find there will burn their names into the Pathfinder Chronicles forever, and set them off on a journey spanning wild Varisia and beyond! A season 4 scenario for levels 5-9.

As always, check our Warhorn Page for more information. Happy Gaming!

Andoran **

jo m anderson wrote:
hello all ive been tirelessly looking for a place close to wilkes county for a group and i want to get into pathfinder also the only time i have played was on roll20 (and during that session i hardly noticed time on a school night) what do i need to do in order to find a group round here

Hey Jo!

The first question is what do you mean by "'round here"? Because if you can make it to Asheville for our lodge days, then you should make a point to sign up and come on out!

If you're asking about Wilkes County, then that's probably more slim pickings. You can check on the Paizo boards for people, or there's also a few websites out there with postings for games/gamers (like Pen and Paper Games). You may have better luck in Boone or Winston Salem for games.

Good luck!


-Change was needed, but the feat is now too weak and needs revision

Andoran **

Hey everyone! Thanks for a wonderful event. I had a great time running for you all, and it was really nice to see so many new faces. 5 full tables when half the lodge is out of town!? Awesomesauce.

Reporting is done, and if there are any problems in the reporting, feel free to let me know. Mark your calendars for February 1st, the next full Grand Lodge day, and we'll see you then!

Andoran **

Keep up the good work, Paul. I'm sure you'll have a bumper crop of Pathfinders in no time. We miss you like crazy here in Asheville!


Three roles in combat. See The Forge of Combat for more details

Out of combat, there are skills (including but not limited to trap finding and disarming), heals, utility casting, face time, and other various role-playings.

The roles out of combat are a lot less defined than in combat, and that hopefully serves to encourage RP.


Our GM gave us a 25 point buy. We still got stomped repeatedly.

Andoran **

Hey! That's my line!!!

But I am glad you asked. This week is going to be a quiet week, with the vast majority of the Asheville Lodge's most dedicated players and characters making a cameo at the most excellent South Carolina Area Roleplayers And Boardgamers annual convention, known as SCARAB! This event is always a blast, and Del Collins and company really pull out all the stops.

But hey, while the Venture Captain's away the Pathfinders will play- and here's what the Pathfinders will play:

FRIDAY, January 17th
5:30PM - 9:30PM
Shades of Ice Part III: Keep of the Hurlscarl King- A Season 2 scenario for level 1 thru 5,iIt's a mouthful of a title and heck of a fun game, following the Pathfinders through Irrisen and all the way to the Realm of the Mammoth Lord, in a race with the Shadow Lodge for a powerful artifact weapon to turn the tide in this shadow-conflict.

SATURDAY, January 18th
12:30-4:30 PM
The Hydra's Fang Incident - An oldie but goldie Season 0, for level 1 thru 5. After a rogue Chelish slave ship razes a few towns along the Andoran Coast, it's up to the Pathfinders to defuse a potential political powderkeg before it goes off and takes the Inner Sea with it!
The Dalsine Affair - A fun but lethal Season 2 scenario for level 1-7, which places the pathfinder in the middle of a web of age-old religious and political conflict at the heart of the Taldane Empire, in Oparra. There they'll work to untangle the implications of the Dalsine Family's attacks on Society allies.

5:30-9:30 PM
The Song of the Sea Witch- A season 3 scenario for levels 3-7, in which the Society must undo the work of a hapless researcher who inadvertently unleashed a demonic legion from ancient holy book.
The Confirmation- The Season 5 replacement for the Intro Steps, this Level 1 only scenario follows aspiring Pathfinders as they take their first steps into the great unknown.

As usual, you can sign up on Warhorn at the Asheville Pathfinder Lodge to reserve your seat at the table!

Happy Gaming, Pathfinders!

Andoran **

Hey Pathfinders! What's going on at the Lodge this week!?


The alignment system in pathfinder is basically the worst system imaginable, except for every other system that has been tried.

Andoran **

Hey guys! What's going on THIS week!?


James Thomsen 568 wrote:
I love this spreadsheet. Unfortunately is still has a bug in open office. On the travelers tab, cell T18 is not properly populating. It is beyond my skill to figure out. Is anyone working on this?

It's weird. I have the exact same problem on my laptops, but not at my work computer. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Andoran **

Thanks for everyone who showed up. It was a pretty good turnout for a holiday weekend. And welcome welcome to all the new folks who showed up. We look forward to having you at our tables again!


Rerednaw wrote:
Invulnerable Rager Build from the I AM Barbarian thread. A few minor tweaks to move Spell Sunder up to 6th if you really want to annoy the GM early.

This. Superstition + Witch Hunter + Spell Sunder, favored class bonus (human) to increase your superstition bonus. Buffs are for wimps. I made this build with a 25 point buy and my GM was practically throwing dice at me by the end of the campaign.


There are a couple game systems out there that deal with ways in which a personality can be created and expressed.

White Wolf, for instance, used an interplay between Nature (what a character is at their core) and Demeanor (what a character projects to others) using archetypal roles (Architect, Judge, Visionary, Monster). So, for example, you could have someone who is a Nature Visionary, Demeanor Monster- they see a great new world and wish to bring it to bear, and care absolutely not at all for the suffering that this transformation will necessitate.

They can be used to give rough thumbnail sketches around which you can construct a more thorough personality.

Numenera, a new game system, allows for you to generate ideas based on a simple formula of (Character) is an (Adjective)(Noun) who (Verbs)- for instance, instead of being a fighter with power attack, furious focus, and iron will, you could describe your NPC as a strong-willed fighter who wields power with precision. From there you can extrapolate how he would interact with the world around him- probably stubborn, direct, and willing to use force though not indiscriminately.

Finally, remember adjectives. They can be your best friend.Say your party is in the town sanctuary, bartering with the priest for goods and services. Their interaction can vary wildly, depending on if the priest is A- Doddering B- Novice C- Alcoholic D- Lecherous E- Judgmental F- Tolerant, etc etc. Sometimes having a table of characteristics for which you roll randomly to determine a single adjective which separates this NPCs from all others like him can be a help.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Is it just me, or does Keen Recollection seem to be vestigial?

You're an INT class with 6 skill ranks/level plus an INT modifier of at least +2 (and more likely 3 or higher). All knowledge skills are class skills. How long after level 3 do you think it would take you to put 1 rank into all the knowledge skills anyway?

Andoran **

Glyir wrote:

Swashbuckler cheese will be incoming - luckily the play test is only until Dec. when they can hopefully fix it!

I'm torn on the Skald... I'd really like to like the class. Being able to make those around you rage sounds cool... except when you realize you're playing PFS and everyone at the table it a spell caster who wouldn't like to be angry and lose their spell casting ability!

Skald also feels like a class where you would have to be prepared with a set of 'buff-cards' to explain to all the other players what they're getting and how to quickly adjust their characters to the rage powers/etc they'd be gaining. At least with base bard it was a flat +hit/damage.

The bloodrager... now there's a combo that I think is better than the base barbarian class. You lose some rage powers... but Aberrant/Celestial and especially Arcane bloodlines are just OP and at very early levels.

Arcanist looks good on paper... but having to be prepared for your encounters with so few slots I think it works better in home games than in pfs.

Shaman has those nice crunchy bits without the really nasty witch curses. Definitely interesting but I think under powered compared to straight witch or oracle.

Slayer feels like a better fighter, ditto for investigator compared to rogue.... but not by much in either case

Warpriest/Hunter/Brawler are poorly thought out archetypes at the moment.. not better than straight cleric/druid/fighter respectively.

The Skald is just too similar to the Bard Archtype of the same name for me to give it much credit. Spell Kenning, while versatile, doesn't really blow my skirt up, and doesn't seem to mesh with the whole theme of rage and whatever. Changing saves while retaining the exact same weapon and armor proficiencies, HD, BAB progression, and getting fewer skills at the same time... What am I missing? Someone sell me on this.

Bloodrager is the next source of super-cheese. The number of Bloodrager 5-Dragon Disciple-7s we'll be seeing is going to be nauseating. And all of them Angel-Blooded Aasimar, I'm sure. "You see, my Gold-Dragon-Angel Father..." and I'll just stop listening.

Shaman is so unweildly that I'm going to need to study it at length before I can comment.

Slayer seems like a good boss-hunter, investigator WILL be the new rogue....

I don't know if, as a whole, this group of new classes is going to justify the book. It seems like an attempt to reduce multi-classing fatigue, which I can dig on. "I didn't want to multiclass Fighter and Cleric, so I made a Warpriest." or "I wanted a Ranger/Thief, so I made a slayer." But some of them are just not strong enough of a concept to justify their inclusion.

Andoran **

The Swashbuckler is going to be eminent cheese. I can already smell the Limburger from here.

Andoran **

Has everyone got a copy of the ACG? I'd be really fascinated to hear the opinions and maybe some sample builds here on this new information.

Andoran **

HEY GUYS! What's going on THIS weekend?!

Andoran **

How was this weekend?

Andoran **

Why yes! Yes it does.

Andoran **

HEY GUYS!!! What's going on THIS weekend in Asheville?


Those. Are. Awesome.

Andoran **


Public service announcement- Please remember that we have transitioned officially to Warhorn V2.0.

This is at

Please remember to register and sign up for games. Friday comes quick and then next week we're back on our regular schedule.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Fast learner is a trap. Don't do it.

Would you really trade a feat for what amounts to an additional skill rank/level?

Andoran **



I've always seen it as a mixture of the Byzantines and the French just pre-revolution.

Andoran **

Nah, you're going at it all wrong. You have to pretend you DON'T know each other, and have just created an incredibly synergistic party of boon-based characters randomly.

"You have an Ifrit?! I have an Ifrit. What are the odds?!"

Andoran **

lousy with boons. Sounds interesting.


We started about a month ago, and are nearing the end of the first book (according to the GM).

We are:

Aroven Devereaux- NG Human Wizard - A native of Heldren, Aroven's grandfather returned from his days as a mercenary with a strange, pale bride from frozen Irrisen. Aroven showed great magical aptitude from his earliest days, and has only recently returned to Heldren with his wife and young child from one of Oparra's preeminent Arcane institutions. Together they run a small shop where he functions as a scribe and a cartographer. He favors his grandmother a great deal, with shocking white hair and pale blue eyes.

Thorgrim Amadeo- CG Human Fighter (Viking)- Thorgrim owes both his name and his enormous size and hearty constitution to his maternal grandfather, Old Man Grim. Old Man Grim was an Ulfen Guard to a Taldan Arch Duke, who setteled in Heldren as a blacksmith after his term of service was over. Thorgrim is a mountain of a man, hardened by years working in his grandfather's forge, and has been trained from an early age by his grandfather in the fine Ulfen arts of Axe and Shield. Despite his size and furious demeanor, Thorgrim usually remains soft-spoken.

Jamaal al'Khair- NG Human Cleric of Sarenrae- Jamaal was adopted by Elder Natharen when it became clear that his father, a caravan drover and reformed scoundrel with whom Natharen had adventured in their youth, was not to return from a perilous trip to distant Irrisen. Under Natharen's tutelage, Jamaal turned his keen mind to theological pursuits, and in time found himself called to the Dawnflower. Jamaal takes great pains to keep his faith from the public eye, though his step-father knows and supports him in his endeavors. Jamaal is helpful, earnest, and always keen to mediate problems whenever they arise.

Nathaniel and Gwenievre Blanchette- CG Human Ranger and Rogue, respectively- The Blanchette twins settled in Heldren roughly twelve years ago with their entire family. As twins, the two are inseparable. They both have a pale skin that never seems to sunburn or tan and their eyes are as crystal blue. Their blonde hair is almost white. Both move with a lithe grace that few others can match. Having grown up in Heldren, they seem to be friends with everyone, even with their penchant for mischievousness. But as much as they are alike, they are just as different. Gwen often comes up with 'nefarious' schemes to carry out while the more reserved Nate has taken, only slightly, to the woods and has been apprenticed to a woodsman half an hour's walk from their parents' cottage.

The two may not be exactly human, as was revealed in later sessions when Gwen was knocked unconscious and reverted to her vulpine form.

I play Jamaal, and have started to chronicle the party's adventure. It's a pretty great group, and a lot of fun so far.


No love for Thunder and Fang?

Andoran **

There should be way more talking on this thread. What gives, guys!?


I'd go with Intimidating Prowess and Cornugon Smash to get the most out of your intimidation, and then Superstitious/Witch Hunter/Spell Sunder for rage powers, along with Reckless Abandon and Strength Surge.

I'd avoid the TWF route. I know it's probably "optimal" but IMO the investment versus the payoff isn't great.

Defender of the Society is a good trait since you aren't going to be getting heavy armor, and anything that gives you a bonus to intimidate should probably be your next bet.


They're wrong.

Andoran **


It's a big deal or something. You guys should talk about it a lot right now.

Andoran **

You guys did very well with that little fiasco. I think the double-healers helped a lot.

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