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Storyteller Shadow's page

2,939 posts. Alias of Dennis Harry.


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I could take the feat as well to brew potions for situations where we are separated or combat is to fierce for me to reach someone...

Not yet...

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Michael Santo

You wait with bated breath seeking a return of the angry homicidal monk.

Still he does not return, either you have slain him or he retreated though either prospect seems to leave you with sour prospects at the moment.

You seem safe at this location, what do you do?

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Lorenzo Cappelli

Lord Benne shakes his head, "If not you, another would have started the debate. Listen and learn, they reveal much in their anger..."

As they drone on, you realize that coming down the steps and heading towards the door is Alessandro Khadaji who is covered in a large cowl, practically a monks' outfit which is not the same thing he came in with.

What do you do?

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Finn Garrety

"Excellent!" exclaims Vykos.

For a moment you see a silhouette of a man standing next to you and its as quickly it is gone.

Vykos turns to the others assembled, "Have your parts of the bargain been successful my friends?"

"He is fettered". states the well dressed man, "now you must keep him alive for some time so that my efforts have not gone to waste".

The Cloaked Figure nods in agreement.

Do you respond?

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Baldemar de Frisia

"My employer would agree that such a thing is important. Very well we shall give chase but you will owe me coin for this!"

The Captain begins bellowing orders, sails are raised, moorings untethered from the dock and oars put out where appropriate.

Soon, you and Sir Martin are in hot pursuit of the Giovanni ship.

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Michele Querini

Your first move down the alleyway is intended to put as much distance between you and her as possible. With a small glance backwards you see two of the three are already down. What sort of fight is this woman anyway!?

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Xing Shi

You manage to keep your composure in spite of the scent of fresh blood.

From behind you hear the retreating footsteps of your charge running down the alley away from the fight! Unfortunately, there is little you can do as the three assailants are on you!

ST Shadow ONLY:
Goon #1 Dagger attack 4d10 ⇒ (1, 1, 1, 5) = 8. Goon #2 Dagger attack 4d10 ⇒ (5, 6, 1, 4) = 16 Damage 3d10 ⇒ (6, 3, 2) = 11. Goon #3 Dagger attack 4d10 ⇒ (10, 2, 7, 4) = 23.

The first attacker stumble so badly on a wild swing that it takes him of balance tumbling into the third man.

The second scores a hit on your forearm.

You may Soak with Stamina+(Fortitue if you have it). DC 6.

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309


You gaze into the eyes of Aitana intermingling those looks with soft kisses. So enraptured with her beauty are you that when a sibilant male voice right behind you begins to speak, you nearly jump out of your boots!

"Aitana, who is this beautiful young specimen you have found? The other guests claim you have kept him to yourself selfishly all night long".

[ooc] You want to jump in here?

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Andrew the Hardy

As you knock, a young man you do not recognize opens the door.

Sitting in the middle of the room is Claudio de Mendini with him much to your surprise is one of the men that was with Sergei Volkov the night of the grave fight. His name escapes you at the moment.

What do you do?

Woo hoo on page 94 of re-reading the thread, only 10 more pages to go.

So maybe I will be effective this time around... :-)

Fine for me either way :-)

Ok for me, but then it is extremely difficult to offend me...

Snuck in? I slid between the sheets... :-)

I hope you warned him against such a horrible fate, being eaten by Trollocs, alive, is less painful!

Cool, love Gomez :-)

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Vitaliano da Riva

As you lay in bed, the powerful draught coursing through your veins your thoughts begin to wander...

Your Derangement is starting to flower, if you have not chosen one, this is the time to begin solidifying that choice.

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Baldemar de Frisia

As you and Sir Martin climb to the deck with ease Captain Menini appraises you, "Impressive climb in such bulk. Now, it seems you believe that my ship should be at your disposal. Know that I Captain for Khadaji Shipping, a chartered Venetian business with ties to the Ottoman's. If you see to commandeer my ship, there ill be ramifications Signore's. However, If I feel your cause is just, I will plead on your behalf should questions arise as to why I allowed my ship, not to be put into the bay for a few more days at least, was released from its hold. I await your explanation".

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Xing and Michele

The Initiative Rule has changed in V20 Dark Ages, we will keep these scores for now, just an FYI.

Xing's blade slashes a Bully Boy,

ST Shadow ONLY:
Stamina+Leather Armor 3d10 ⇒ (7, 2, 2) = 11 #2 has taken 1 Health Level of Damage.

The Armor slows down the blow but Xing has first blood in the encounter!

Xing make a Self-Control roll DC 5

Michele, your action.

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Michael Santo

You are able to see very little in the murky blood stained water. You hear nothing and see nothing. No body rises to the top of the water to your dismay.

What do you do?

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Lorenzo Cappelli

As you ask the question another guest rises from a nearby table and approaches, "The failures of the past are attributed to the greed of the few who were powerful enough to impose their wills on others. In Carthage, those few, despite the objections of some to the contrary", the man says looking at Lady Meridie "the Antediluvian Troile meddled with the forces of Darkness and had to be brought low. In mine own Rome, the treachery of many Elders, notably the Triumvirate, weakened the internal structure of the system causing the Camarilla to crumble. In Constantinople, the poison of the Triumvirate caught up with them and the fate to which they left the Eternal City, caught up with them in the end. This will be different as there will be o one Elder or group of Elders to seize power. The organization stretches across the civilized world and no one Elder or even group of Elders can challenge the collective might of all of the Children of Caine".

Lady Meridie seethes with anger

ST Shadow ONLY:
Self - Control 4d10 ⇒ (1, 3, 9, 8) = 21
her hands clenching so hard you see blood seep from her palms.

Another figure from another table interjects, "A pity your understanding of the civilized world practically ends at the Outremer Kestral".

Kestral turns to the figure, "You separate yourselves from us, Khadijah Saadeh. Not the other way around".

Saadeh retorts, "This organization will..." he pauses [/b] "No you will not bait me into this discourse this night Lord Kestral". [/b]

The Muslim Cainite turns and walks out, leaving his companion at the table, also a Muslim, behind alone stroking his beard.

What do you do? Also, make a Perception+Alertness check DC 6.

ST Shadow ONLY:
Sebastian/Beshter/Mi-kail/Gesu/Talisman Perception+Alertness DC 9 6d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 4, 5, 2, 4) = 22

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Andrew the Hardy

The Priest nods, "Come".

He leads you to the back of the Church and reveals the familiar stairs which lead down into the secret basement.

You hear voices echoing from the chamber.

Kevan turns to you, "Shall I head down first m'Lord?"

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Finn Garrety

Finn Garrety:
The assebled Vampires chuckle at your response. "I like this once, honest to a fault", quips the Cloaked Figure.

Vykos looks to Dragan, "Open it".

Dragan grows wicked talons and begins sawing at the head of the victim until the brain matter beneath the skull is revealed.

Vykos turns back to you, "Now young Obertus, feast on the corporeal representation of the accumulated knowledge and experiences of Bagrat Kamsarakan". He closes his eyes and begins to speak in speech which seems to make no sense.

At the same time, the Cainite known as Claudius begins to chant as well and you see dark energies swirl around the room as his commands become more insistent.

Dragan moves to the far side of the room, he appears to be apprehensive at what is taking the place. The Cloaked Figure does not move or react in any way, he is so still he could be a statue.

Make a Stamina (+Fortitude roll, if you have it,) DC 6. You have three rounds to achieve 6 successes. You may pump you Stamina each round by spending 1 Blood Point, which will of course, bring you down to 7 Blood assuming you pump all the way to 5. Failure means you threw the brains up...

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Alessandro Khadaji

Alyssa turns to you, "Wait here".

She returns a few tense moments later with one of the Vampires who passed you by in tow. "I will have need of your cloak..." she requests of the Cainite.

He smirks, "Troubles Ventrue? I shall lend it to you but first pray tell, what danger has you so aroused that you require the anonymity of a cloak to release you from this danger?"

"Pacifico, that is your name yes? Some games must be played discreetly and this is one. An unexpected visitor has arrived that I would prefer not recognize my pawn", she replies gesturing to you.

Pacifico grins further, "I would ask for a Boon but I know this favor is to small to require such an official recompense. Knowing that I aided you will be enough, if you d end up on the Council, forget this not..."

He hands the cloak to you Alessandro and steps out of the room.

"That should do it". she murmurs as she raises the cowl of the cloak over your head. "Come, let us go".

Make a Dex+Stealth check DC 4 to leave without making a scene and causing Talisman to notice.

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309


"Alive", she purrs in your ear softly.

As you gaze into her eyes make a Perception+Alertness DC 7 check.

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Baldemar de Frisia

Dexterity+Athletics DC 6 to climb the rope ladder in Armor.

ST Shadow ONLY:
Sir Martin Dex+Ath 5d10 ⇒ (2, 3, 7, 8, 6) = 26

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 11, 1309

Vitaliano da Riva

Do you do anything at home or simply rest for the evening?

Wow, we are in 3 games together as well Red Horn and you play in the Vamp game, which I will be updating tonight despite my Campaign Tab document not being ready yet...

Hard to say, I think DM's like characters that add drama. Certainly until that happened we could have spent some more time here, forces us into a bad position, part of the excitement of adventure though as a Jedi, I crave not these things....

No worries Patrick, you should see the gaps between posts in my Vamp game when I am too busy to keep up. An excellent game can survive some RL issues :-)

Hope the issues are things getting better!

Donavaan Taar! Drunk you have better dice rolls than my best character does sober. Hah, I love the drunken Noble, I appreciate how you did not just wave away the drink and RP'ed that out, especially with the sharp shooting. I think the DM in that game should give you +1 bonuses when you are drunk and shooting :-)

Hey Grovo, I play Alathea from that same game.

I think a Rogue /Bard makes sense though I would say play whatever you like. I am always a fan of having 2 Clerics.

I have a few conversations planned for the evening, once I finish with warlord I will post them all at once to save time so we can get to the tourney

Great thanks! I will create my profile and finalize my background today. Will also look at other submissions to see if I find Amy links that make sense.

Don't worry, soon I will line up and stab a number of characters.... :-)

Yes I have been running games for 27 years and I am still astounded by the number of NPC'S I created for this thread.

So much for that.... I have read 80 of the 103 pages partially to refresh my recollection of some of the more particular plot points. I think I can finish off the reading in the next few days. Will try to update the thread regardless as the process for updating the Campaign Tab will also be a project. I have compiled a 10 page document of who's who which needs to be better organized before I post it.

This is almost as bad as Vamp, too many good things to choose and not enough XP to do it with!

I have to say, I really like this rules set especially for this setting feels more gritty than the Pathfinder/D&D rules.

GM Han Shot First wrote:
Someone should spend a minute in the Starship's book looking at shooting things from inside a ship ;)

I think that is the one book I do not have, that and the Rebellion Era handbook.

I believe that Rizzen will be back soon, keep on posting and I will keep on running until Rizzen takes over again.

Won't he be surprised to see we have almost won the Last Battle already? :-)

GM Han Shot First wrote:
Gotal I agree with Renlo's post. Thought Bomb is a border line power to say the least. I'm glad you decided to go a different direction.

I have no interest in Gotal going Dark Side! When I level I will take Blind from the Jedi training academy book as it provides a benefit to the entire group blinding enemies which grants all other creatures Concealment against that Target.

8d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 1, 3, 6, 6, 5, 2) = 34

I am half-way through the thread. Hoping to get a lot of work done tonight, as the spoilers start to disappear the task gets faster.

I will be done for sure by tomorrow night and updating the thread as well!

No, he is away for the Holiday weekend.

Hey Garran (aka Renlo). Thanks for the thumbs up :-)

Looking forward to playing in this one with you and I can certainly say the same for you, love the RP you have given to the Renlo character in SW.

Good evening folks. As I said, I am late to the party but I discussed my character with the DM and he has approved.

On wrinkle he asked me to discuss with the Players before I begin posting. My character is a cross between Robert Baratheon and Jamie Lannister.

I am an excellent Fighter but I can't keep either of my swords sheathed...

My backstory has me as a Household Knight for your family. In exchange for my services you would house and food myself and my unorthodox family.

My father sits on the small council but I am his third son so there was little upward mobility for me. He also disapproved of my two paramours (and counting) and my two bastards (and counting).

At this point I have been with the House for years so my libido would be pretty apparent for all to see. How would you all like to handle that particular flaw of mine?

Ser Weyand Wylde:

Male Age 27 (Adult)
Goal – Power (I seek to create my own House)
Motivation – Greed
Virtue – Courageous
Vice – Ambitious

Destiny Points 2

Abilities and Specialties
Agility 3
Animal Handing 2
Athletics 3
Awareness 4 [Empathy 1B]
Cunning 3
Deception 5 [Bluff 1B]
Endurance 4 [Stamina 1B]
Fighting 6 [Longblabes 2B]
Healing 1
Language 3
Knowledge 3
Marksmanship 2
Persuasion 3 [Seduce 2B]
Status 2 (3 – Household Knight)
Stealth 1
Survival 2
Thievery 1
Warfare 3
Will 4 [Courage 1B]

Blood of the First Men [Increase Health by 2 – Add +2 to all Endurance tests]
Lucky [Once per day re-roll single test, take the better of the two results]

Lascivious [During an Intrigue, my first Persuasion test must always use Seduce. Take -2 D on all Persuasion test to Charm]

Intrigue Defense - 10
Composure – 12
Initiative - ??

Health - 14
Combat Defense – 10
Armor Rating – 0
Longsword - Damage 4
Move - 4
Initiative - 3

Glory -

Experience -

Common Clothes.
Noble Clothes.

Wealth - 130 Stags

Appearance & Personality Weyland is tall dark and handsome. His hair and eyes are dark. He has a strong muscular build and a penetrating gaze. He dresses in fine but not extravagant clothing.

Weyland is courteous to smallfolk though he will not respect them if they appear to be disrespectful to him. He drinks and eats heartily but his true weakness is the opposite sex.

History Born in 97 Weyland was the third son of Lord Jasper Weyland destined to be a knight but never Lord of the House. As a young boy Weyland learned the fighting styles the traditional combat of Westeros and excelled at it, besting the House Weapons Master as a young teen. In fact, he won a few combat rounds against greater opponents as a squire in 111 AL’s gaining notice as a swordsman.

When his father Lord Jasper was selected as Master of Laws on the Small Council in 113 Weyland was left behind at Rain House. Weyland was frustrated with being left behind, he thought he should have come with his father to King’s Landing to make a name for himself, instead he was left to rot in the Stormlands.

Accolades went to young men his age and only slightly older. Bored at home with peace in the land, Weyland became involved with a common girl, Heidi, as his paramour. Their shared passions resulted in the birth of Weyland's bastard son Chris Storm. While his father refused to recognize the bastard Weyland put a great deal of energy into the child's well-being.

By 117, Weyland’s life of tranquility was energized by pirate raids in the Stormlands. Standing tall in the thickest of the fighting when the pirates were finally put to the sword, Weyland was inducted into the Knighthood for his bravery.

Despite his love for his paramour his father arranged for him to be wed to Ilya of House Estren, a comely young girl from a house aligned with the Lannisters. Weyland soon learned to love Ilya and she accepted Weylan's son though she did not adopt him. After two years of trying Ilya was finally ready to give Weyland the legitimate son who would push Chris out as the object of Weyland's affection. Unfortunately Ilya died during delivery and so did his newest son. Weyland was grief stricken and found comfort in the arms of Ilya's chambermaid, Gretchen. This union created yet another bastard for Weyland, Kritus Storm, another son.

House Estern was furious at Weyland's involvement with the chambermaiden but Weyland shrugged off their protests and decided to raise Kritus the same way he raised Chris, as if the child was legitimate. Lord Jasper was exasperated with Weyland's inability to control his libido and tried to convince Weyland to settle down again.
Weyland refused and in 119 petitioned House Naelaron to accept him as a swron sword of the House so that he could be out from under his father’s thumb. Weyland required the House to provide for both of his paramours and both of his bastards but with his fighting prowess to add to the House it was a worthwhile investment.

Though Heidi and Gretchen bear ill will towards each other Weyland refuses to see it and puts his love for his sons first allowing them to bicker as they will. Between the dullness of his duties and the bickering of his paramours, Weyland has sought out new conquests though they never seem to go much farther than a few weeks until he is on to the next one.

With the grief he receives from his father via ravens Weyland was surprised to see a raven with actual pertinent information, it seems a succession war is brewing in King’s Landing. Perhaps there is opportunity in this…

Background Event Noble son of House Wyland from whom he parted ways.

House Wylde
Located in the Stormlands

Seat Rain House (located along the southeastern shore of Shipbreaker Bay on Cape Wrath).

House Motto - Strategy in Arms

The lineage of House Weyland is long and storied in its production of excellent warriors. Any man with arms can swing a sword but knowing when to swing the sword is more important than how hard you can swing it. Fights are won with strength of mind not strength of muscle.

Coat of Arms - A blue green maelstrom on gold.

Renlo Tacksa wrote:
I'm not sure why they don't list it as Dark Side. The only time I saw it used was during the Darth Bane saga, by the Brotherhood of Darkness, in an attempt to destroy the Jedi. The power in the JATM is actually really weak compared to the power as seen in the book.

Ah, I thought that power looked familiar. Yep put it in that context I see your point. I will pick Surge next level, that was my 5th choice.

Ok Curt your back story was f&&+ing hilarious!!! :-)

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