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Storyteller Shadow's page

4,558 posts. Alias of Dennis Harry.


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Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

A Gondola - The Venetian Canals

Alessandro and Michele remain silent as Sadir begins.

"More than a century has passed since Talisman and I first met one another right here in the city of Venice. We met another here as well Vander, the Ventrue from the west and Angelo Giovanni, a resident of the city. At that time Prince Narses was hosting a gathering of Cainites the same as the mortal world was hosting a gathering of crusaders. Both they and we, were deciding upon which kingdoms to target first, the Outremer or Egypt.

After much bickering amongst ourselves, as always, the mortals decided for us. They would go by land to the east and sack the Outremer. On the way, the mortals were approached by the deposed Emperor of the Byzantines who requested that the crusaders aid him in regaining his throne in exchange for money and troops to drive the heretics from the holy land.

Constantinople became the target of the crusade meant for the kingdoms of Islam. I and Talisman had sires who had strode the ancient streets and dark halls of the Queen of Cities so our curiosity led us to see those places our sires had spoken of, of course we had other reasons to go there but they are not important to the story".

Pause for you to interject if you so wish.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Palazzo Abadessa Inn - Adria Darkling

Gabrin laughs, "Older and wiser was not a choice, I fear that is not one of the Barbarians along with me on my journey. You must choose one and one only. The older one will bring you more power now but the younger will allow you to rise in the ranks if your ambitions would see you through.

No, this food is because I believe everyone should have one last meal before they cross over to the other side. Time runs short, who will you choose?"

Footsteps can be heard creaking upstairs where the two men flanking Gabrin first went when they entered the building.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - The Feast - Vitaliano, Andrew, Xing, Giovanni, Dunstan, Ranerius, and Onfroi

Brian speaks, "The Lord works in mysterious way my Prince. If you are to lead us down a path of virtue and justice, it is the Lord's justice that you must seek not the bloody path of Caine as is written on your books of blasphemy!"

One of the Lasombra stalks forward towards Brian, "Enough of your insolence and tricks Unicorn, you will explain yourself at once! The Fledgling speaks true, this is no more than trickery!"

A voice from the back calls out, "Who are you to judge what is blasphemy and what is not Salubri!"

Lord Bajazet chimes in, "And which God is it that you must follow..."

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - The Feast - Vitaliano, Andrew, Xing, Giovanni, Dunstan, Ranerius, and Onfroi

While the Fledglings hold their nerve, a few of the Elders do not, heading for the exit or back up the stairs, in the bright light and confusion it is hard to tell who fled...

Make another Perception+Awareness check DC 6.

Despite Onfroi's protests the rest of the Cainites are cowed by the display and say nothing further.

Narses stands up, his red flaming robes are no more, in their place, the plain robes of a monk he dons.

Perception+Awareness DC 8

Crimson Sun wrote:
Don't worry about equipment or gold. Everyone is starting out as a slave.

Alright, am going to try to get to this tonight.

Esmarelda Valarie wrote:
So... Did this AP die? Because I'm going to be very sad if it did...

Esmarelda has asked me to come take a look at this thread to see if I can resurrect it.

My schedule has been tight lately so an everyday update is not realistic, do the players have an interest in continuing?

I will update tomorrow night, have to be up early for work tomorrow.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Greetings Inn - Bagrat Kamsarakan

"Correction, not within the Inn but within the home of the proprietor, Gunther.

Knowledge of the night world is certainly something I can provide you with. As it pertains to Venice at any rate. I go no farther afield unless I absolutely must".

Samnell wrote:
Caitlyn Weissman wrote:
Obviously ooc I know who Khisanth is, and I'm not sure Caitlyn would describe any dragon as being a sissy! Of course dragons are supposed to be a myth, nobody has seen one since the cataclysm...
After her run on Dragonlance, Kisanth did a turn as the star of Kissyfur. ...yes, that is a real show, yes I did watch it, and yes, I am very gay. But I also watched the Mr. T. cartoon. It was the Eighties; we all did things we regret what are you all looking at I'm not on trial here.

Not familiar with Kissyfur and I was a child of the 80's. :-)

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Greetings Inn - Bagrat Kamsarakan

You pause at the name wondering if it is an honorific or something else for Uthman al-Din was the grandson of Saladin.

The man responds, "I can give a description only but no name. Before I do so, what is it you seek, if we can bargain we shall bargain. If we cannot, then let us but forget one saw the other here this night".

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

The Mausoleum of the Giovanni - Lorenzo

Yeti simply bods in response.

Hold here for now unless you have more to discuss, Lord Benne will be home soon.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Palazzo Abadessa Inn - Adria Darkling

Mutton and fine red wine is brought to the table. Gabrin replaces the death card to his tarot deck and gestures for you to sit.

"How do you prefer your barbarians my dear? Young and idealistic or older and as tough and rigid as the mountains of the North?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - The Feast - Vitaliano, Andrew, Xing, Giovanni, Dunstan, Ranerius, and Onfroi

Before Narses can finish his sentence, the shadows in the room begin to vanish, replaced by white light!

The light begins to shine upon the Prince as if he was caught in several spotlights.

He raises his hands to shield his eyes from its brightness.

REPENT a thunderous voice echoes forth from everywhere and nowhere at once.

Everyone make Courage checks, while the light does not harm you, its brightness is enough to generate a check to remain within its presence! The DC is 4 and only 1 success is needed.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - The Feast - Vitaliano, Andrew, Xing, Giovanni, Dunstan, Ranerius, and Onfroi

Nods of approval fro the Elders in the room follow the pronouncement of the Prince.

Andrew ONLY Perception+Alertness DC 8:
You see Robin Leeland mouthing to you, I told you so...

The prayers of the Cainites cease and the room is left in total silence.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - The Feast - Vitaliano, Andrew, Xing, Giovanni, Dunstan, Ranerius, and Onfroi

The collective Cainites in the room are amazed that Andrew is still standing after the tirade he has thrown at the Prince and in his own Haven no less!

1d6 ⇒ 3

1d6 ⇒ 4

1d6 ⇒ 2

1d6 ⇒ 3

1d6 ⇒ 1

1d6 ⇒ 3

1d6 ⇒ 4

1d6 ⇒ 3

Violet Clocksworth wrote:
You are welcome to join up later if you decide to, Shadow. After you've had time roll something up? I invited you a long time ago so have a free pass. I hope you do!

Ok thank you! I may have time tonight.

Sorry just did not have time to create a submission this week, enjoy the game everyone!

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - The Feast - Vitaliano, Andrew, Xing, Giovanni, Dunstan, Ranerius, and Onfroi

Don't need to spend blood for the Auspex Onfroi.

Narses laughs as Andrew draws the sword. "Let the Lord himself strike me down Childe. You are no match for me. Drawn steel is a great offense in my home especially brandished at me much less in the heart of Elysium.

If he moves forward Onfroi of Clan Nosferati, you may fire upon him.

With no sword though there shall be no bloodshed".

Narses flicks his wrist and several tendrils of darkness issue forth from the shadows on the ceiling, they grasps at the sword seeking to pull it from Andrew's grasp. The sword begins to glow in a hot white light and the tendrils melt back into nothingness!

You see Alexander involuntarily flinch when the light shines.

Narses looks stunned as do all of the Cainites assembled.

Cristiano, Simon's Childe, approaches Andrew and places a hand on his shoulder, "Sheathe your sword, Narses is right, even with it, challenging the assemblage would spell your certain doom.. Pray instead". He takes a knee and his prayers join with those of Simona and Brian.

Does anyone else do anything?

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Palazzo Abadessa Inn - Adria Darkling

"You shall see Zerina and Boxer again, even be able to speak with them yourself. Now [b]SIT down and tell me what it is you wish to eat little snowflake".[/b]

ST Shadow ONLY:
Manipulation+Intimidation 8d10 ⇒ (3, 6, 1, 9, 5, 1, 4, 1) = 30

For a moment you feel compelled to sit but the feeling passes rather quickly. Gabrin's eyes narrow.

What do you do?

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Palazzo Abadessa Inn - Adria Darkling

Gabrin ignores your speech and reaches into his own pocket and produces a deck of his own he draws a card and places it face up on the table. The card is Death, "Death has many meanings my dear does it not? Endings and beginnings. This is the end of one life and the beginning of another for you.

All I require is your blood... I promise to give you more". he grins wickedly.

"Now, any special request for your final meal?"

Adria Darkling wrote:
Forgive my question, but when you guys say "DC7" you mean you must roll at least one of your dice a 7,8,9 or 10 in your pool to succeed, correct? I've read the WoD core book and totally get the dicepool mechanic, but "DC" doesn't appear:(

Correct! :-)

Each roll equal to or above that number is a success.

Over the weekend I should FINALLY be able to send you a PM regarding the finishing touches for your character, how are you enjoying gameplay thus far?

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

The Mausoleum of the Giovanni - Lorenzo

"We are an alternative, one which places our magic at their disposal. With Fanchon, the magic will ever be guarded and used to further the Tremere's own purposes. We are independent and not beholden to others, or at least we will not appear to be so. That is what we have to offer.

Now, let me teach you the rudiments of our basic powers, a stronger you is what we will requires to survive..."

You spend the rest of the night learning Disciplines and magical theory.

If you have nothing else to ask, you are done for the night! Call me over the weekend so we can discuss Discipline selection.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

The Mausoleum of the Giovanni - Lorenzo

"These scraps it seems have piqued your interest. Perhaps from your Sire we can learn more.

Do you believe that the Giovanni will return here or have they abandoned this place completely?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Greetings Inn - Bagrat Kamsarakan

"I was once Uthman al-Din nut now I am known as Moses. My interest is not sudden and I am afraid I cannot share the reason behind it. I can tell you that if you can in some way confirm whether a certain person is dwelling at this place, it will be worth your while..."

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Palazzo Abadessa Inn - Adria Darkling

"Yes there is food here for you Adria. My mother is Margali the Wanderer, I fear she may be among the dead of my people. That is why I have come to this place, to ascertain the truth of the matter before I report back to my people in the East. I know you because you are as an open book to me. You presence here is a boon, those men you saw me with, I promised them something that I did not have. Now that you are here, I have it, do you wish to know what that thing is?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

A Gondola - The Venetian Canals

Sadir, Alyssa, and Talisman lead you both to the docks at the end of Elysium. Sadir chooses the largest Gondola and steps on motnioing for you all to step on and sit.

The driver begins to push off from the dock. The mortals left behind speak in low murmurs but do not make eye contact with the assembled Cainites.

Once the Gondola pushes out to the canal and away from the Elysium Sadir raises his hand. Suddenly, the sounds of water lapping against the boat and the canals cease.

"There, some privacy for us. Tell me old friend, what the hell do you think you are doing?! Lord Kestral was watching us all leave together, if he guesses at your true identity you will be dragged before Narses in the blink of an eye!"

As Talisman starts to speak Alys interrupts, "Serpent, more than a century has passed since Vander has vanished. I would have an explanation from you!".

Talisman turns to her, "Careful Childe, speak with a more respectful tongue to my friend else I shall be forced to put you in your place..."

Sadir raises his hand again, "It is all right. She deserves to know the truth, that which we have kept from her and her brood for so much time. It seems the sins of the past cannot stay buried for long".

Alyssa glares at the Malkavian but says nothing in return.

"Shall we regale you with the tale or simply allow you to ask questions? Though I fear much of this story I do not know..." Talisman smiles.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - The Feast - Vitaliano, Andrew, Xing, Giovanni, Dunstan, Ranerius, and Onfroi

Narses stares at Brian and Andrew in turn, the fire in his eyes burns down as Ranerius makes his speech.

Narses laughs, "It is you who are mistaken my friend! If your God cares for teh salvation of our kind I say let him strike me down and fill me with his holy wrath here and now! If he does not, then it is you who shall sit here in MY Domain and hear the words of the true Book as they spill from my lips!"

Brian nods, "Agreed. My Childe kneel with me, we shall call upon the Lord's Miracles this day to heal the wounded dark soul of our Beloved Prince!"

Before Andrew can kneel, Simon walks to the two Salubri and takes a knee, with the sign of the cross he begins to pray...

Narses brood begins to hiss and jeer at the two Cainites as they begin. The rest of the Cainites in attendance watch shocked at the turn of events.

You may speak or observe the choice is yours as the voices of the Cainites combine to fill the Chamber with the Lord's prayer.

Make Perception+Awareness roll DC 7.

Xing Shi wrote:

Storyteller Shadow gave me thumbs up to post a recruitment post for my upcoming MiniSix Dark Sun game. Just looking for 2 more players +Dennis for this game. MiniSix is a very easy system to use and I created custom rules for Dark Sun Setting.

MiniSix Dark Sun

Let me know if your interested.

Damn poachers....

More updates tomorrow fading over here...

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - The Feast - Vitaliano, Andrew, Xing, Giovanni, Dunstan, Ranerius, and Onfroi

The sound of a bell ringing starts to become audible to all as Sadir, Michele, Alessandro, Alyssa and another Cainite most of you do not recognize exit the Elysium.


Alexander grins at your reaction but ignores it, "My prey comes to me willingly. I prefer my vintages..." He pauses, "We shall have to discuss this more later, it appears our Host returns".

Onfroi and Giovanni

Simon shakes his head about to disagree on some fine point Onfroi made when Giovanni introduces himself.

"Yes Giovanni. This is Cristo Petradon my adversary for this political position. Petradon, Giovanni wished to meet with you to get your take on many things to be sure. Perhaps to save time and effort we can both give speeches on the 'morrow to illustrate our positions on..."

Before he can finish the bell ringing gets persistently louder.

This Simon you have never heard of before.


"It tolls for the return of the Prince", states Brian.


Francois shakes his head, "These Lasombra are unpredictable in their powers. I am glad we are not their enemies".


You gorge yourself on blood but pause when the rest of your Clanmates pause.

Make a Perception+Awareness check DC 7.


She raises her glass to yours, "Indeed", she retorts your sentiments.


The crimson mist begins to swirl around the room as it picks up momentum it gathers near the area where Narses throne once sat. At once it splashes onto the floor as if a wave receding from the beach.

Its absence reveals Narses once again in attendance and seated on his throne which seems to have arrived with him from whatever abyssal portal he entered the room from.

His attire is different now from earlier in the evening. His clothes are replaced with long flowing crimson robes. He stand up, "Welcome to the First Feast! Together shall we dine on the cattle whose purpose is to sustain us. Let this blood shared be a symbol of our shared unity even in the face of diversity shall we triumph when we act together in concert!"

The Lasombra and a few others, most notably the Elder Cainites, either cheer or clap in agreement.

He reaches into his deep robes and produces a book, "I shall read from the Book of Shining Blood.."

"BLASPHEMY!" roars Brian Stack. "Repent your evil ways Prince Narses, your words are an affront to the words of teh Lord! Come into the light and ye shall be saved, dwell in darkness and the darkness will dwell within us all poisoning our minds!!!"

Narses looks genuinely stunned by the outburst from the Salubri Elder. The Lasombra in the room all turn to Brian as one, a look of murder in their eyes. Well almost, Xing does not seem to react at all...

Does anyone react?

More updates Tuesday a 14 hour day tomorrow at work will keep me from posting all day.

Alessandro & Michele:
Lord Kestral is watching your gathered group rather closely!

Remember, it is Gottsdam who sent your Sire after Kratos NOT your Grandsire. Gottsdam is not here right now. That being said, I assume you do not say the above statement :-). Feel free to pst something amended.

I have always wanted to play the Gaslight version, count me interested. I will try to whip something up by Wednesday.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Palazzo Abadessa Inn - Adria Darkling

The Roma and his two northern friends walk the streets of the city. As they encounter armed patrols who challenge them the ferocity of the two northerners cows the security forces into literally fleeing the other way.

You know magic when you see it and these men possess it, it is a type of magic you have never encountered or heard of before but it is undeniable.

Finally you arrive at your destination, an Inn, not very well to do but better than your wagon outside of the city to be sure. A lone man guards the front door, he takes one look at the visitors and does not challenge them either. You enter the place and the inside is striking in appearance. There are no patrons! A handful of people sit behind the bar with a dull look in their eyes.

The Roma walks towards one of them ans speaks gesturing towards you, slowly the person responds heading into the back. He returns to your side and gestures to a table. The two men head upstairs leaving you two to speak among yourselves.

You sit and start to fee comfortable until something occurs to you, the man addressed you by name but you never introduced yourself to him...

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Greetings Inn - Bagrat Kamsarakan

"But he does hold sway in that place. Tell me, have you seen the mortal owner of the Inn? Any of his family members?" replies the stranger.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - The Feast - Michele, Vitaliano, Andrew, Xing, Giovanni, Alessandro, Dunstan, Ranerius, and Onfroi

Perception+Alertness DC 6 with 1 Success:
A bell is beginning to ring, the volume of the bell is growing slightly louder approximately every 15 seconds. Also, the shadows on he room are beginning to take a distinctive red taint.


Sadir's eyes go wide for a moment he then smiles at you, "Let s retrieve him then shall we?" He heads towards the Malkavian who, at the moment, is speaking with Alessandro and Alyssa of Clan Ventrue.


Alyssa speaks to the Malkavian in a hard cold tone, "Perhaps you should explain how you know my Childe when I do not know you at all..." Before he can answer.

Alessandro & Michele

Sadir and Michele arrive, "There you are Talisman is it? Come let us leave the Ventrue to their rare vintages".

Alyssa places a hand on Sadir's forearm, "You have dodge me long enough serpernt I will have answers!" she hisses.

Sadir frowns, "Very well then. Come with us, we've much to discuss".

Alyssa nods in agreement and holds Alessandro's hand firmly pulling him along. Sadir leads Talisman along with a gesture and gives a hand signal to Michele to follow.

He does not walk upstairs but instead heads for the exit.

Alessandro and Michele make Perception+Alertness rolls DC 6, this is a separate check from the spoiler above. If you wish to stay, you will have to object to your Sire's wishes to leave.

Andrew the Hardy

Brian nods sadly, "Indeed his intent is to do just that my Childe, to make those around him as he is. This night though, it all comes to and end".


"We can discuss your progress when we arrive in our proper accommodations my Childe. For now, let us observe the Feast. This is only the second one I have been to. The Prince of Paris destroyed the last Cainite and all of his Childer to host one as a breach of the Silence of Blood in his city. In fact if I am not mistaken, that Cainite followed the same order that Narses leads, the Cainite Heresy".


"We have many more nights of work to do my Childe, we can discuss your progress later. In fact, after my observations I will have some specific tasks for you to accomplish tomorrow night".


Petradon smiles, "Quite right Childe quite right".

Another hideously ugly Cainite approaches you and your Sire. "A dreadful thing this is Petradon. You should teach your Childe to resist such urges lest he fall too fast too quickly".

Petradon sneers but replies respectfully if begrudgingly, "My own counsel will I keep as I instruct my own Childe Elder".

The other Cainite nods to you Onfroi, "I am Simon of Clan Nosferatu. I am pleased to make your acquaintance..."


"But of course my mad friend. Feel free. I once had a fool. The shame of it was that one made so many enemies with his performances I had to send him away. Truly he destroyed the reputation of many of my foes in Court, I wonder what has happened to him since..."

The vintage, if different from any other, you have yet to discern when drinking.


"My dear, do not just stand there. Drink. You must learn to revel in your true Nature. You are the Apex predator, do not forget it".


"A shame that your time was cut so short else you could have ascertained... Wait, I see the two Nosferatu together now. Go, speak with them both, see which one, if either, is worthy of a vote".

He pauses, "Hurry, Narses will no doubt arrive any moment from his netherworld and distract the flock".

Sorry folks the end of the week got very heave at work. Updates are in process!!!

Update tomorrow! Still giving some thought to the next scene and I don't want to rush it!

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

The Mausoleum of the Giovanni - Lorenzo

Yeti nods his head as if in agreement with your assessment, "I think it is nonsense as well. As far as I know, no one knows anything else about it, perhaps Japheth or Lazarus of your Clan. My Sire believed that Alexia Theusa sought the Fragment out which is why she left Constantinople.

As I understand it, your progenitor was, much like Tremere, a Magus when he was still mortal. It begs the question though, if he wrote it while mortal why did he become one of our ilk and not simply transcend?

You obtained this information from Ambrogino's journals?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Greetings Inn - Bagrat Kamsarakan

The man nods, "Then you serve the one named Vykos then?" is his response.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Venetian Docks - Adria Darkling

The two men dressed in furs chuckle at your statement. The Roma smiles and kneels down to you,

ST Shadow ONLY:
Intelligence+Subterfuge 9d10 ⇒ (2, 7, 2, 6, 8, 5, 7, 3, 3) = 43

"Adria, you should well know that I have seen all of the tricks of the trade, we are cousins by blood, distant perhaps but cousins nonetheless. If you seek a warm meal and a cold drink come I shall provide both to you". He stands and extends his hand to you you presume to assist you in getting up. Zerina is not thrilled with the proximity of the man and hisses. He turns to her and stares in her eyes.

ST Shadow ONLY:
Manipulation+Intimidation 8d10 ⇒ (9, 2, 5, 7, 10, 2, 7, 8) = 50

Zerina cows a bit her ears fold back and she remains silent.

I took a second look at your character sheet, a few more items to complete, will send you a PM about it later in the week :-)

Will give another day for the others in the main group to post responses before moving on to the final scene at Court for the evening!

Going to hit our side session friends now though :-)

Kip84 wrote:
I'm thinking perhaps a professor of archaeology. Keen to get a look at the rare finds that were reported but never brought back from the first expedition.

Sounds like a solid concept. You can be from any college or from Miskatonic U.

The Tion Cluster Gambit - The Jedi Order

Tion Cluster Gambit - Sith Empire

Tion Cluster

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Venetian Docks - Adria Darkling

You wait i the dark seeking to end the life of that right bastard as he comes closer you realize it is not the Roma but a Roma, one of your own kin.

You sigh in relief but as they pass you position you accidentally prick your finger with the opener. All three heads turn towards you so quickly it is shocking.

The Roma speaks, "A delicate flower of my own people. Tell me youngling, who have you come here with?"

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