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Storyteller Shadow's page

3,812 posts. Alias of Dennis Harry.


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Hi Korak I will stick with my original idea for a crime and put that together tomorrow. Expert NPC Class.

As far as classes go, would you be willing to entertain the Artificer from Eberron as a Class once we evolve past the initial NPC classes?

Based on my crime and background I think it would fit pretty well.

Weird, now it posted just fine in gameplay thread, perhaps because I was in a moving car signal could not synch?

GM Phntm888 wrote:
Jarl Tehnos wrote:

Gotal's submission.

Jarl is a Soldier, formerly part of the Republic then part of the Imperial Army and Navy. What he saw during his service right after the Clone Wars made him uncomfortable. Given his release he has sought work as a mercenary away from the Core Worlds ever since.

How about Disgraced for the Background Mechanic.

** spoiler omitted **

Thanks DM. Will make adjustments tomorrow as I will be out all night tonight.

Auxavier Atredies wrote:

No worries DM, we all understand real life comes first.

@Farid, next thing you know we will be marching staggered ranger file through the woods....

Hmmmm, maybe we should ;-)

I will submit a character over the weekend. Thinking Paladin.

My Aurak Draconian Rogue Assassin submission.


Aurak Draconian – 3
Rogue – 2 (Favored Class) (1 Skill Point/1 Hit Point)
Assassin – 1

Strength – 14
Dexterity – 14 (+2 from Belt)
Constitution – 14
Intelligence – 16 (+2)
Wisdom – 16
Charisma – 15 (+2/+1 4th)

Hit Points = 59 (2d12+4/2d8+4/1d8+2/+1)

AC = 14 (+2 Dex & +2 Natural)

Initiative +8

Fortitude +5
Reflex +9
Will +6

BAB = +3

Claws (2) [Natural Weapon] - +5
Damage – 1d4 +2

Bite [Natural Weapon] - +5
Damage - 1d4 +2

Short Sword Attack (Keen) = + 5 (15-20 x2)
Damage – 1d6+2

Ranged – Ray - +5
Damage – 1d6 Force

CMB = +5
CMD = 17

Skills: (1st 6+3/2nd 0/3rd 6+3/4th 8+3/5th 8+3/6th 4+3/+1=48) (Class Ranks)

Acrobatics - + 7 (2)
Bluff - + 11 (6)
Climb - + 6 (1)
Craft (Woodworking) - + 7 (1)
Diplomacy - + 9 (4)
Disable Device - + 12 (6)
Disguise - + 8 (3)
Intimidate - + 6 (1)
Knowledge Dungeoneering – + 0
Knowledge Local - + 7 (1)
Linguistics - + 7 (1)
Perception - + 12 [13 Find Traps] (6)
Sense Motive - + 10 (4)
Sleight of Hand - + 9 (4)
Stealth - + 11 (6)
Swim - + 6 (1)
Use Magic Device - + 6 (1)

1 Heroic Surge (2x Day)
1 Improved Initiative
3 Arcane Strike
5 Draconian Breath Weapon – 30’ Cone – 1x Day – 3d8 Damage save Ref 15

30’ Movement

Focused Mind +2 Concentration
Reactionary +2 Initiative

Special Abilities:
Death Throe – 1d6 [Explosion 5’ Radius Ref Save DC 15]
Feat (1st)
Energy Ray (2x day – 1d6 Force Damage)
Sorcerer Abilities (2nd Level)
Disguise Self (1x day) – Perfectly resemble a humanoid including voice.
Inspired by Dragons – When following orders of a Dragon +1 Attack and Damage Bonus
Immune to Paralysis and Magical Sleep effects

Trapfinding – Disable Traps +1/2 Class level to Perception & Disable Device
Sneak Attack + 2d6
Rogue Talent – Fast Stealth
Death Attack
Poison Use

Bloodline – Draconic
Class Skill Perception
Eschew Materials
Bloodline Arcana – When casting spells with energy descriptor that matches draconic bloodline energy type, that spall deals +1 point of damage. Gold – Fire.

Concentration +6

Cantrips – Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Acid Splash

1st (Known) - Burning Hands (2d4+1) & True Strike
(Per Day) – 5

Darkvision 60’
Low Light Vision



Magical – Hat of Disguise (1,800), Handy Haversack (2,000), Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 (4,000), Keen Short Sword (2,000)

Mundane – Silk Rope (3x – 50’ each), Grappling Hook (3x), Masterwork Thieves Tools, Waterskin (x2), Artisan Outfit, Artisan’s Tools Masterwork, Hammer, Monk’s Outfit, Torches (50), Oil (1 pint flask), Flint & Steel, Soap


Concept & Bakground: Assassin – A’Streth has gained a reputation amongst the pink skins as an Artisan. He often employs his craft in places outside of Nerakan influence so that his travels are smoother when he needs to accomplish a mission for the Dragon Highlords. He claims to have a skin condition which requires a cowl from a monks hood when he travels and works (after all, one cannot use that Hat of Disguise reliably forever). He was literally hatched to kill things and exceeds at his job…

Description: A’streth is a Draconian that stands 7’ tall. He weighs 180 lbs. His body is covered with Golden scales. He has a short tail and spines on the back of his hands. His teeth and claws are razor sharp. He eyes bulge and are colored an eerie green. His body can small of a noxious Sulphur which is why on the road he bathes frequently to mask the smell. When possible, he will carry a burning torch so the pitch smell overrides his own or at least he can blame the smell (if noticed) on oddly scented oils he purchased from the east.

Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Debating the merits of multiclassing and doing Battle Herald. Will this campaign gain many levels? Will there be mass combat?
Depends on the whims of the DM
I should have asked the GM then!

We won't know till we get there, Rizzen plays it close to the vest. :-)

Cristiano Downtime:
The Father responds, "Had I but known that you housed such divinity within you I would have alerted Simon to the fact that I knew you already. God works in mysterious ways.

I know that your Father has at times strayed from the path the Lord set out for him. It seems that he walks again in the path of righteousness to have you as his son.

Tell me child, do you wish to receive communion?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Ranerius Bernerius

Francois grins wider, "Indeed, if we do not promote unity there are few others with the capability of doing so.

It is also vital that you retain your contacts with the mortal world. If we slip too far from whence we came the Beast within us all comes to the forefront. The Beast is the savage within us all who seeks to destroy and not to create. That urge must be fought with every fiber of your being. Should you feel it slipping away we must steel your mind against it.

For now though let us make our way to the Conclave. Destiny awaits us!"

You and Francois walk the streets. You discover that the tension in the city which people seemed to forget upon entering your Inn and Tavern return to them threefold here under the open sky.

Gangs armed for war mill about. You feel the overwhelming presence of your own Sire keeping such gangs at bay, he demands awe inspiring respect from them. You can feel that should he wish to, he could command the same respect from you but he has not turned his supernatural gifts upon you.

Finally after some travel by foot, he finds a Gondola to bring you t the place where this meeting will take place.

As you close upon a dilapidated looking building set apart from the rest of the city yet still located within it Francois points and grimaces, "It appears that one of our rivals is about to arrive as well".

You look to where he points and see a handsome young man, he cannot be older than 18. With him is another man, also good looking but not as striking as the one your Sire pointed out. The man's clothes are cut from the finer stock of the well to do in the city.

They are close, about 15' away from you, they appear to be speaking to one another and not looking in your direction, do you do or say anything to them?

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Players.Alessandro Khadaji, Lorenzo Cappelli, Andrew the Hardy, Michele Querini, Giovanni Dal’este, and Xing Shi

Non-Players. Lord Benne, Brian Stack, Alyssa Gilbert, Lord Bajazet, Sadir, and an Unnamed Muslim Cainite

FYI, I will continue this thread for at lest a few more days to allow a few other PC's to arrive and begin to interact.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Vitaliano da Riva

Niccolo scratches his head, "My Clan and your Clan can, I believe the Setites can as well. I thought he was mortal though so your guess is as good as mine. Shall I see if I can track him while you attend your party?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Sir Dunstan Füller

"Robin is a member of a faction known as the Furores. The sect's members have a reputation for being the outlaws of the Cainites. They exist on the fringes of vampire society, scratching out a meager existence like their mortal counterparts. The Furores are considered chaotic, disorganized and ignorant of even the base rules that govern all Cainites.

For some that is true, Robin is a different breed, he is organized and intelligent and just may gather a band of followers powerful enough to topple weaker Princes. Thus dragging on a War that has been raging for over a century between our kind.

Narses seeks to stop that war from continuing by bringing unity to all of the Clans and giving voice to both the young and the ancient.

That is why many have come, out of fear that their rivals will attain power through the process which can be unduly wielded against them.

The Ventrue are another breed altogether. To many Brujah they are the enemy. To others they are to be ignored. I try to judge each Cainite on their own merits and not predetermine how I will react to them based on Clan alone.

I agree, we should be working together.

The woman, Dark Selina despises me because I am a rival to her, an opponent in the way of what she wants, this lofty position.

Criatas the Elder, he hates me because I am aligned with the hated Ventrue, a sin in his eyes as they destroyed a society he and his Sire were architects of in the ancient world.

They see you as an extension of me and therefore the animosity they have for me extends to you. Both are very old, very powerful, and very dangerous.

Yes, I agree simplification would be nice but we will not find it here. I do not need political acumen from you, at least not yet. What I need from you is to be familiar with this city. That is what I believe is required to find favor with Narses. I may also need you to one day become a Cainite Knight. Politics are my strength but sometimes a strong hand and a heavy boot are needed to get a point across.

That is something you are familiar with yes?"".

"Know that you must drink the blood of mortal to continue your own existence. No doubt you have already understood that is our lot. If you feel your humanity slipping away and you hear a voice inside your head which leads you down dark paths, you must inform me that I may help you. In all ways, retaining our humanity is more important than gaining power, after all what is power if one lacks the rational mind to retain it? Once this Conclave ends, I shall teach you the best way to seek out sustenance as what we have now will not last indefinitely.

That being said, let us speak of the other Clans. Each Clan is different, in the same way fish have many of the same qualities but look and act differently. Each of the Clans had a progenitor. Ours was Brujah. Each Clan is named for that Progenitor.

Indeed there are 12 Clans besides the one to which you belong. There are also other offshoots of the Clans, Bloodlines if you will. Most are not numerous enough to acquire political power though some may be personally mighty. We have already discussed the Ventrue, the rest...

Assamites – Enemies of our enemies amongst the Lasombra and Ventrue. Our Clan respects them for the wisdom many of their members exhibit. Still, their craving for Vampiric blood has led to many of our members being betrayed by the Beast inside the Assamite.

Cappadocians – A Clan of graverobbers. They have no interest beyond death and no utility in any other facet. While we may wish to gain their support to attain a position of power in this political structure, we shall have little sue for them once that task is accomplished.

Followers of Set – A Clan with great knowledge accumulated over the years. Wasted on their beliefs that their own progenitor was a God. There is no God but God, they cannot see that. S they follow the pat of Nihilism, utilize them for what they know but do not follow them on their quest of annihilation.

Gangrel – Solitary. Powerful warriors. Often at odds with our own enemies. But unpredictable as the Beasts they imitate as they grow more and more ancient. They will support no structure that will last as they wish no part of unity. I would be surprised if one even shows up.

Lasombra – Besides the Ventrue we have no greater enemies amongst the Cainite world. Where Ventrue manipulate Kings the Lasombra have taken to manipulate Priests. A dangerous endeavor which I hope does not come back to effect us all. While Narses is a member of this Clan we must obey his rules which follow the six traditions as we discussed them, you remember them no? I will set them up in the next post, this one is long enough!

Malkavians – Excellent companions for traveling but not for the long term, crazy eventually rubs off on those around them. Though they are the third of the Clans that betrayed our great experiment their lunacy makes the deed forgivable.

Nosferatu – The Clan seems split between those pious to God and those who would break all of his commandments. They play at the spy game better than most, watch your tongue when you see them and when you do not see them but should!

Salubri – Advisors and allies to us. Though they will also advise our foes. There loyalty extends to personal relationships and no farther, do not assume all will help you simply because you have befriended one.

Toreador - The Clan has been a long time close ally of ours. Their interest in mortal culture makes them interesting conversationalists as well as a good source to seek out when sustenance is required.

Tremere – Sorcerers who have been accused of stealing the blood of many Clans to gather the power they now wield. I am not sure what to make of them as my experience is limited. Watch every drop of your blood around them, they may well crave it more than Assamites do.

Tzimisce – I have never met one personally. They have been described to me as having been cultivated from a strain of humanity which never had any. It should be interesting interacting with one for the first time under these conditions.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Vitaliano da Riva

If the man knows le Fanu his face does not betray it.

"Aye, you have a meeting to attend, I shall call a ferry for you. It comes hither".

As you turn around you do see a Gondola break away from the docks and head in your direction.

Niccolo turns back to bow to the man, "We thank you for that. How did you... He is gone?"

Sure enough as you turn around the figure is no longer there.

Do you seek the shadowy figure out or do you wait for the Gondola to arrive?

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Players.Alessandro Khadaji, Lorenzo Cappelli, Andrew the Hardy, Michele Querini, Giovanni Dal’este, and Xing Shi

Non-Players. Lord Benne, Brian Stack, Alyssa Gilbert, Lord Bajazet, Sadir, and an Unnamed Muslim Cainite

Bajazet answers Alyssa's question with a question, "Is that not why you are here? There is a level of self interest for all who attend this meeting is there not?"

Alyssa flutters her eyes, "For some, for others we are simply fulfilling out duty".

"Ah yes. We must all fulfill duties or do we? Death is lighter than a feather. Duty, heavier than a mountain. Are we not dead? None of us here still breathe? What duties do we owe to any save Allah?" asks the Muslim man who has yet to introduce himself.

"Well there is death and there is the final death. Lackeys must follow Lieges such is the way it has always been", replies Sadir.

Lord Benne nods, "Yes that is a statement that I can agree with Setite".

Brian shakes his head, "One should not follow a Liege if that Liege does not have God within his heart. I suppose that is true no matter what you may wish to call said God".

Alessandro, you simply do not know enough about the relationship between the two Clans to glean anything significant from the snippets of conversation you caught.

Keep in mind Gentlemen (I think you are all men if one of you is a woman, my apologies) that when this Century ends, you will be playing different characters.

Your current character will either Embrace your next character or if you feel like playing a different Clan, we can discuss that as well. I do like the idea of keeping each Clan represented though Cristiano is not exactly a Nos.

My point is that what you are now is not what you will be when we (eventually) get to modern times.

Ranerius Bernerius wrote:
Big Salubri fan, or not a fan at all of the Ravnos? or both? :)

I just wanted to go in a different direction with both Clans.

Saulot is different in this version that he is in the Canon version.

You will encounter Ravnos and they will be unlike any you have encountered before I think. The "gypsy" line has been wiped away by the Tremere, those left behind are... different.

LMAO, see how the Salubri are a Clan and the Ravnos are not? Wonder where they went... :-)

Storyteller Shadow wrote:

As the Knights of Takhisis do not exist I would be unable to play a Knight character.

It looks like we have a Minotaur (class unknown but likely a warrior class), an Antipaladin (likely Human), and a Cavalier Hobgoblin. Martial classes are pretty well represented.

I think I would like to do a Draconian Rogue PrC Assassin. Dragons of Krynn breaks the Draconian races into class levels. I would take a few levels in Aurak (3), 2 Levels in Rogue, and 1 Level in Assassin to start. Then I would switch between Aurak Draconian as a class and the Assassin PrC.

Strength - 14
Dexterity - 12
Constitution - 14
Intelligence - 14
Wisdom - 16
Charisma - 12

With my 4th level stat addition I would probably place it in Dexterity. Not a great Prime score for a Rogue but with Sorcerer powers from my Race I would make up for that with spells.

Let me know if that is ok Rizzen.

Hey Rizzen, any thoughts on this?

Alessandro Khadaji wrote:
Alessandro overhear anything? 1 success.

See your spoiler above :-)

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Ranerius Bernerius

Francois smiles warmly, "We went over them once but one more time cannot hurt".

The Traditions

"I shall tell you the Traditions as I heard them from Prince Alexander as I was first welcomed into his city".

The First Tradition: The Covenant. Those closest to Caine must rule as we are possessed of the most power and wisdom. It is through us that the rest shall prosper. In exchange, those closest to Caine offer their protection to those who dwell within their Domain. My words of acceptance to you are a sacred bond between us their meaning shaped through the millennia to what was presented to you this night. To obey me is to uphold The Covenant between us both.

The Second Tradition: The Domain. This city is my City, I protect and nurture it by enforcing its laws, the laws laid down by Caine. Those who would seek refuge in my Domain will submit to my will. I shall dictate who shall feed and where they shall feed to ensure that our flock is not thinned and stays vibrant. You shall pay respect to me and to those who I allow to dwell within my Domain. Those who are not welcome are to be brought before me, such is the duty of all who dwell here.

The Third Tradition: Progeny. As the eldest in the Domain only I have the wisdom to understand whether the flock has grown sufficiently enough to sustain more of our Brothers and Sisters. Thus, you may not Sire another without my permission. To do so will bring the penalty of Final Death for you and said Childe.

The Fourth Tradition: The Accounting. Those who Sire take on a great burden. For the actions of the Childe reflect upon the Sire. Your successes are this success and your failures are his failures. Your Sire is to instruct you in the proper rules of etiquette. He is also the first to enforce the Traditions. You answer to him as you would answer to me for your sins are his to bear as well. Once he releases you, then shall your actions reflect upon you and you alone.

The Fifth Tradition: Destruction. As a Christian you understand well the laws of Moses, thou shalt not kill thine elder. Neither shall you spill the blood of another of our kind unless forced to do so to defend your own existence. Those who seek to harm you shall suffer my wrath. If a Cainite is to be destroyed, it shall fall upon me to decide and no others.

The Sixth Tradition: The Silence Of Blood. You shall never reveal your nature to those not of the Blood, by so doing, you renounce your claims to yours. At all times you must retain control of yourself in front of mortals with the exception of those for whom you have decided to take sustenance. Then only through death or deception shall you claim the sustenance you need. Many of our kind have mortal servants despite this restriction, it is up to your Sire to decide how and when you may take such servants under your guidance.

"Beyond those Traditions my Childe, Cainite politics are an ever shifting morass of pitfalls and quicksand. Human politics are little better. But these foes you cannot outlast and in many cases they have powers beyond that which you can imagine.

Build consensus, you are only as strong as your allies. That is the best advice I can give you. Short is the rule of a Prince with no friends no matter how great his power".

Thoughts as to the other 12 Clans that Francois shares with you.

Assamites – Killers of the highest caliber, if the opportunity presents itself, hire one to slay your enemy before he hires one to slay you.

Brujah – Powerful allies for war and debate. Their Elders are our allies their Childer a thorn in our side as their manners and opinions regarding the Kine leave something to be desired.

Cappadocians – This Clan is terrible in appearance their focus on the morbid and dreck of the world. Nosferatu at least have something worthwhile to say unlike these scholars of useless knowledge.

Followers of Set – Tempters of the Garden of Eden. Be wary of them when accepting their offers of pleasure, one must know when enough is enough.

Gangrel – A group of savages with no culture and no understanding of it.

Lasombra – Politically more astute then the Ventrue despite the Ventrue’s belief in the matter. Narses being the driving force behind this Camarilla is proof of that. It is HIS favor we must strive for the hardest as should we fail, we will wish to be in his best graces.

Malkavians – Listen to their ravings even if only to amuse yourself later on, though once in a while they have insights, the juice is not worth the squeeze on a more permanent basis.

Nosferatu – Information brokers who we need to cultivate.

Salubri – Holy warriors useful for battle and sometimes for wisdom never for politics.

Tremere – Their powers are varied and they are ladder climbers who need our assistance to guide them through Cainite society. Though sometimes their power can give them the upper hand if you are not careful.

Tzimisce – Do not let their beauty fool you, they are more hideous inside than the Nosferatu are on the outside.

Ventrue – While we may clash with them, they are the closest in sensibilities to us. They are the preferred King on the seat of power, a great target for your foes while you maneuver safely behind the throne.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Players. Alessandro Khadaji, Lorenzo Cappelli, Andrew the Hardy, Michele Querini, Giovanni Dal’este, and Xing Shi

Non-Players. Lord Benne, Brian Stack, Alyssa Gilbert, Lord Bajazet, Sadir, and an Unnamed Muslim Cainite

Sadir and Bajazet Return

Sadir addresses Lord Benne, "So you have braved the deserts of my people, did you find enlightenment?"

Alyssa responds before Lord Benne can, "You are of Clan Setite yes Sadir?"

Sadirs nods in assent, "Are you the only member of your Clan here, well besides your Fledgling".

Sadir shrugs, "The only one I am aware of at the present time yes".

Alyssa continues,"Then you trust in this vision of Narses or do you seek to expand your power base as there coils of your Elders hold your homeland in an impenetrable grip?"

Lord Benne does not respond to Sadir and instead listens intently to her line of questioning.

I will wait for a few of you to respond to prior comments or create new conversations before posting further in this scene.

Michele Querini:
Alessandro genuinely seems to care about Venice.
It is clear that this Brian does NOT like Sadir or the Muslim Cainites.

Andrew the Hardy:
You deduce that Brian is less than thrilled with the Muslims due to his history as a Crusader.
You further deduce that Brian recognizes Sadir as a Clan towards whom he has great animosity.
Finally, it is clear that Brian does not trust Xing for some reason.

You are unable to hear the conversation between Sadir and Bajazet. Your eyes do pick up movement across the lagoon of a few figures conversing close but not enveloped by the shadows.

You hear a portion but not all of their conversation in Arabic.
Bajazet, You.....towards my Clan. But.....
Sadir, There is......only if you....... but that is a choice that.....
Bajazet, Trust........Your own goals here.........
Sadir, We all have........why should I......
Bajazet, .....over your would be a fool.....
Sadir, ....we shall speak on these matters again......

They head back towards the group.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Michael Santo

Though mortally wounded and broken in mind, your body refuses to yield. You begin thrashing around and manage to latch onto your own Gondola.

At that moment another Gondola smacks into yours sending you back into the filthy waters of the lagoon.

Your body reflexively uses the last stores of vampiric vitae seeking to heal itself.

You feel your body rise from the water, light as air. Your eyes flutter open and you see you are being held by nothing! Even this amazing turn of events does little to assist in your concentration, so much blood lost...

Voices permeate your ears as if from a thousand miles away.

"Leave the body, the murderer has claimed another".

"He is beyond saving now".

"They are right Radek, there is nothing to be done".

"No there is one thing to be done..."

As the darkness begins to set in you are wrenched forth into the light. Coppery blood, a type less potent than Fahdi's fills your mouth. You swallow some and then more and more ever so greedily.

The wrist is pulled away from you and you slam into the water again, this time, you do not sink...

Make a Stamina roll DC 7 to regain your wits.
You have 8 Blood Points in your pool.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Vitaliano da Riva

You do not need to spend a Blood point to Dominate.
You do not expend the Willpower.

You attempt to force your way into the mortals mind but it seems as impenetrable as destitute poverty is to the serfs of the east.

The man nods to you, "Good evening to you, if you wish transportation I can arrange it for you. Tell me, who are you?"

Niccolo approaches from just out of earshot and addresses the figure, "Where is your Gondola?"

The man replies with a young robust voice, "I have no Gondola I fear though I can arrange for one as I have discussed with your friend".

He is still within the shadows and you can not get a good look at his face.

Giovanni Dal'este wrote:
I think ST said it was church but can't find the post now; ST, where does Gio know Michele from?

You know him as he is from an affluent family. He does not remember you because he is an insipid partier, or so he always appeared to be...

Yes Church you have seen him at before, parties you have also seen him in passing but never carried on a conversation with him.

Mine made sense to me, kind of makes me wish I had taken Bulls Strength for the day and maybe I need a second Protection from Elements!

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Vitaliano da Riva

As Niccolo curses lack of Gondola drivers something you have never heard uttered by anyone before, you notice a man in the shadows of a building staring across at the island that is your intended destination.

As your gaze falls on him he turns to you and stares right back.

What do you do?

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Michael Santo

As you close on the fare he lifts his cowl, it is Hans!

He steps onto your Gondola and bids you move forward. "Going my way Michael?" he chuckles.

You drive the Gondola forward in amazement as you pass beneath a bridge he bids you to stop.

"This seems as good a place as any to give you that which you deserve Michael.

I fear I have been quite busy these last few weeks and unable to see you.

I must leave tonight as the noose begins to close around my neck.

You are the final loose end for me".

He grabs at you with incredible power bringing your neck to his mouth as he tears at it with his teeth!

"I would drink your blood but I fear that the blood of mortals no longer satisfies me. Goodbye Michael. Were that I could bring you across but you know too much and are of little use where I travel to next....

You feel your body hit the water with a splash as his image vanishes from sight.

Make a Stamina roll DC 6 to remain conscious as you begin to bleed out into the canals... Feel free to spend a point of Willpower if you believe you need to

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Players. Alessandro Khadaji, Lorenzo Cappelli, Andrew the Hardy, Michele Querini, Giovanni Dal’este, and Xing Shi

Non-Players. Lord Benne, Brian Stack, Alyssa Gilbert, Lord Bajazet, Sadir, and an Unnamed Muslim Cainite


Brian responds to Xing, "Erwin eh? I shall pay close attention when you address Narses himself my dear".

Xing Andrew addressed you again.


"Lord Benne, I do speak with the voice of the Seven. Please excuse me a moment. I should like to discuss with you further your experiences in visiting the sands of my homeland, assuming you braved the sun and sand journeyed there yourself of course", Sadir states.

Lord Benne nods to Sadir though his attention is focused on the new arrival Alyssa.

Bajazet nods to you Giovanni signaling that you should continue to interact with those in this group.

He and Bajazet step away out of earshot.

If you wield Auspex 1:
You may make a Perception+Alertness check DC 8 to hear what they are saying over the din of the conversations around you.

Michele, Giovanni seems to know who you are though you do not know him.


Brian turns to regard the Muslim and Giovanni, "You are a local no Giovanni? By what way have you come to know these two Heretics?"

The Muslim, whose name Giovanni actually knows, remains quiet allowing Giovanni to respond to the question though the words infidel in the Ottoman Turkish language do slip out.

Giovanni, Alessandro's last comment was directed towards you it seems.
Perception+Alertness roll DC 7.

Michele, Perception+Empathy DC 6.


Alyssa responds, "Yes, I am here on behalf of the Barony of Avalon. The only clear choice for leadership among the many luminaries of Clan Ventrue".

Lord Benne's eyes narrow, "The only choice? Lady Jadviga of the KIngdom of Bohemia represents Eastern Ventrue interests including those of the Arpads and Bulscu. Lonzo von Saschen is here on behalf of the Fiefs of the Black Cross. Both powerful Ventrue interests".

Alyssa retorts, "Were it that they spoke for Ignacio or Maltheas then perhaps I could agree with you. Hardestadt's sire is long dead, slain by his own Childe in Byzantium.

Mithras is a contemporary with no equals amongst our Clan. His siblings are either dust or torpid. Why should the legacy of the powerful rule as a echo when the voice of power resides for us to speak with directly?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Ranerius Bernerius

Violetta curtsies and smiles warmly at your greeting, if she harbors you any ill will, she does not show it. "Yes Signore Bernerius, this is a quite the lovely Inn. I fear you shall need to excuse me, I have matters of great importance to attend to this evening".

With that said she stalks down the hall, a woman on a mission. As she nears the end of the hallway her image fades leaving you to wonder if she was ever there at all.

Francois grins, "It is time Childe. I brought you across for a purpose. Do yourself and your lineage proud as we attend this Conclave. Our objective is to convince others that I and you are the right choice to lead our peers. Our adversaries share our blood but not our passion nor our wisdom. It is these qualities that we must endeavor to display this night.

Tell me, do you believe you are ready to allow these qualities I have seen in you shine forth?"

Francois is a Parisian Toreador. His Sire is a very powerful Toreador who was passing through and took a fancy to him. Despite his young age, less than a Century Embraced, he has become very powerful and very influential.

He is the third most powerful Cainite in Paris though and his likelihood of overcoming the two who stand above him is slim at the present moment.

One is the leader, or at lest he claims to be, of Clan Tremere, Goratrix, a Childe of the Founder of that Clan. The other is Geoffrey a Childe of an ancient Athenian Ventrue. Geoffrey is nearly 5 centuries old. Both allied with one another block any advances that Francois seeks to make. Geoffrey seems to be Prince but Goratrix makes many many decisions...

Instead, he has come here to gain power in an organization being proposed by Prince Narses of Venice, the Camarilla. If the organization works the way Narses claims, Francois (and through him you) will be the voice for the entire Clan.


Not to worry, I will not be able to re-start the Gameplay thread until at least Saturday. I need to read the first two threads (to see what you have all done thus far and to fit in our two new Heroes, I mean Villains) and read at least one or two chapters of the adventure before I get it moving.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Sir Dunstan Füller

"Ah a Crusader. I too was once on Crusade, a long time ago when I still breathed. Like most of them, mine ended badly".

He turns to Meridie, "I will ask for a seat at this table even if only to prove that one such as I would never be allowed a seat on the floor much less a chair".

Meridie sighs, "I am younger than you Leeland, it is not age but attitude that sets you apart from your peers".

He smirks, "You are a prisoner of the Traditions. I am not. I will go alone so as to not be seen with you. Mark my words my Lady, this is yet another prison set by the Elders to give the illusion of choice and freedom, neither of which they intend to grant".

With that he takes his leave and his men follow with him closing the door behind them.

Lady Meridie turns to you, "It seems we will need more time to leave, if we are seen arriving with him or even associating with him, we shall never achieve the goals I have laid out.

I know that this must all seem so overwhelming to you. We finally have a few minutes where I can listen while you speak instead of the other way around. Is there anything you need or wish to know before we set out for our shared destiny?"

Sir Dunstan:
Lady Meridie de Chancie is a French Aristocrat Embraced by Clan Brujah. Her Sire is named Guillaume, a powerful Brujah and Prince in the nascent Swiss Confederacy. She claims that he is an ancient though she is free of his influence.

Though a young Cainite, she was Embraced in the mid 13th Century, she has extensive contacts with Cainites who are more established than she. Her allies are counted amongst Toreador and Ventrue, unusual for the Brujah Clan, or so she claims.

Her purpose here is to become a member of a new organization being proposed by Prince Narses, the Camarilla. A similar organization or ruling council once existed in ancient Rome but its membership was limited to Cainites who were Roman Elders. Here membership extends to all Cainites and will be inclusive of all Clans.

Her purpose for Embracing you is that she needs a local person here on the ground to act as a liason should she need to step away form the city on other business. If she should be confirmed as a member of this "Inner Circle" you would be powerful and influential in a way few neonates have ever been before...

More to come tomorrow night.

One person teams is fine by me, Farid will take the last watch each night.

As the Knights of Takhisis do not exist I would be unable to play a Knight character.

It looks like we have a Minotaur (class unknown but likely a warrior class), an Antipaladin (likely Human), and a Cavalier Hobgoblin. Martial classes are pretty well represented.

I think I would like to do a Draconian Rogue PrC Assassin. Dragons of Krynn breaks the Draconian races into class levels. I would take a few levels in Aurak (3), 2 Levels in Rogue, and 1 Level in Assassin to start. Then I would switch between Aurak Draconian as a class and the Assassin PrC.

Strength - 14
Dexterity - 12
Constitution - 14
Intelligence - 14
Wisdom - 16
Charisma - 12

With my 4th level stat addition I would probably place it in Dexterity. Not a great Prime score for a Rogue but with Sorcerer powers from my Race I would make up for that with spells.

Let me know if that is ok Rizzen.

Good to go here. Take more time if you need it!

No Orca on Krynn but Goblins and Hobgoblins.

The Warlord wrote:

Storyteller Shadow I did reply already.

What are the Minotaur racial modifiers and abilities?

Yeah saw that in a Seminar all day will reply at home tonight.

Minotaur are in DL campaign setting will look those up when I get home as well.


messing with the heroes.

hmmmm...what'll be the draconian backstory, and what type of drac?

I guess it depends on where we start and the "objective" we are given. ;-) Also depends on CR ratings of the drac types.

Knight of the Thorns or are we messing with the heroes of the Lance. If so can I play a Draconian?

The Warlord wrote:
Storyteller Shadow, I see we meet again!

Yes I am all over the place around here these days!

Your first post for your other new game is now up :-)

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Sir Dunstan Füller

Despite your owning a small property here in Venice, Lady Meridie insists that you stay with her at the Hotel Danieli, the "stronghold" of Clan Brujah in Venice.

Visiting but never staying there are Criatas and Dark Selina both of who come to feed on the slack jawed vacant eyed mortals who seem to be staying here just for that purpose.

Neither speak to you nor to Meridie for that matter. Meridie does not explain to you the animosity but you can see it burn brightly in both of them, especially Selina who you believe would slay you should her control slip overmuch.

As you and she are about to head to the Conclave where she claims you will be her right hand should she be elected to some sort of Shadow Council, the door to the Inn slams open. Standing in the doorway is a man who is flanked by two others all three are dressed as rugged woodsman.

Meridie clicks her tongue in aggravation, "Do my eyes deceive me or are you here in the flesh Robin?"

"Your eyes deceive you not woman. I am here to witness this meeting with my own eyes. Called by Elders for Elders who claim to have all of our interests at heart. If that is the case, why were only a select few invited to attend?"

Robin and the two men enter the door closing behind them.

"What makes you think you will escape here alive Robin?"

"The entire city is Elysium Meridie", he scrutinizes you and then walks up to you Dunstan, "Well met, the name is Robin, Robin Leeland. You are?"

Sir Dunstan:
I will be sending to you tomorrow a bit more background related to Meridie's presence here and what knowledge she has given you regarding Clan Brujah and Vampiric existence in general. Tonight I just want to get you up and running. More on what exactly is happening at the Inn will be provided as well.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Ranerius Bernerius

You awaken in your own Inn, La Serenata Notturna, your lovely wife is of course maintaining the Inn due to your new, lifestyle.

Francois stays here along with his other Childe that he brought with him. Attuning your ears to a frequency that as a mortal you could not hear you pick up the sound of them bickering down the hall.

"This is preposterous! I am a much more qualified candidate to fill the role and you know it!" Violetta pleads.

"Yes, as true as that is it does not matter. Ranerius will bring a great deal of prestige to our Clan based on his position as a the Master of this place, a place known to those of our Clan who appreciate the art of music.

Rafael Embraced a Banker, I have Embraced an Artiste to sit as my right hand in this organization. No doubt I will find a suitable place for you once I have secured my rightful place", states Francois patiently.

"You believe that a Fledgling will bring you victory where I will not?!" she retorts.

"Odd as it may seem I do. This will be the seat of power. Venetians will be favored over outsiders".

She says nothing further.

He continues, "Tonight is the first night, Ranerius will accompany me. You will continue to search for this killer. If we can apprehend this violator, we will assuredly have the favor of Narses which will go a long way".

She replies dutifully, "Yes Sire".

You are still in your bedroom, what do you do?

I will be sending to you tomorrow a bit more background related to Francois' presence here and what knowledge he has given you regarding Clan Toreador and Vampiric existence in general. Tonight I just want to get you up and running.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Alessandro Khadaji, Lorenzo Cappelli, Andrew the Hardy, Michele Querini, Giovanni Dal’este, and Xing Shi

Sadir turns to the newcomer, "Lord Bajazet, how have you found the fare I have provided to you?"

Bajazet waves the comment away dismissively, "Never mind that we must speak", he gestures for Sadir to follow him.

Wait here, Sadir mouths to you Michele.

Sadir begins to move towards him but has not left yet.


Brian all but ignores the Setite as he turns to the Muslims, "A good evening to you all", he states though the greeting is a bit cold.

Brian then turns to Xing, "Where is your Sire Fledgling? I am happy to see you have come to announce yourself in the proper way, this time".

Xing, Alessandro also addressed you directly in case you missed it.


Lord Benne smiles at Alessandro and Alyssa, his pale countenance makes him look even more like a corpse when he does so, "I am Lord Benne, as my Childe stated of Clan Cappadocian the representative for my Clan here in Venice. You are?"

"I am Alyssa Fitz Gilbert of Clan Ventrue, Alessandro is my Childe. I am familiar with your Clan Lord Benne, have you ever made the acquaintance of Lord Camden?"

Lord Benne nods, "Yes, Mithras' Seneschal. We see him quite infrequently these days ever since Mithras rose to power again. I take it you are here on his behalf and not your own?"

DekoTheBarbarian wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Oh, as a warning, if you get the thread up and running tomorrow, I don't know when I'll be able to post. Have a party I have to go to right after work, and I don't know when I'll be back.

While the thread may be up to post in Discussion, the game won;t get moving till the weekend. Need to read through some of the material first!

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309


Milov pulls you to the side to the edge of the island away from the eyes and ears of others.

"What went on between you and this man from the Inn you must place behind you. You were another person, that another time. If he is here, he is now one of us. That does not mean that you must trust him, in fact his behavior says he is not trustworthy, but you must approach him with fresh eyes.

As for Talisman, he claims that there is a loose end here in Venice that I must tie up from my own past. Based on information I have received from him, I do believe that he is correct. He will be here tonight and you will meet him. Be wary, he is a member of the Clan of Madmen and his gaze can confound and unnerve you.

You may help me by paying attention to what others say whilst I meet with this Talisman in private".

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Vitaliano da Riva

"We will be here all night handsome if you change your mind", one of the women replies.

The other replies, "Unless someone else comes for us first..."

Niccolo shrugs and keeps moving along with you, "What a surprise should they have come to bed with me eh Vitaliano!"

Soon enough you are in sight of the place where Niccolo claims that the meeting will take place. From this distance you can see groups milling about a dilapidated looking building which sits by itself on a small island in the city. Not in the heart of the city but close enough that you are surprised you never really noticed in before.

Niccolo looks as if he is about to dive in the water and swim as he turns to you, "I guess it would not be wise to go in soaking wet eh? Let's find a Gondola".

As you begin to make your way along the canals searching for a Gondola driver to take you across, make a Perception+Alertness check DC 7.

mellowgoth wrote:

I think single watches would be fine. Three a night, with two sleeping through?

RUthviren will take second watch.

Yes, ranger leading sounds good.

Normally I would agree but with this Botch happy group I figured two bites at the Perception check apple might be for the best!

DekoTheBarbarian wrote:
Oh, got his background made up. You want me to post it here or wait til you have a thread up and post it there?

Posting it here is fine. I have a few new players in my Vampire game that I need to introduce into the campaign tonight. After that if I am not too tired I will get the new thread up and running.

I would probably start Paladin 1-3, then Knight of the Crown 4-6, at 7th (our next level in game) I can make Knight of the Sword. Knight of the Rose looks like I could reach at 9th. This is per the Knightly Orders of Ansalon sourcebook.

Strength - 14
Dexterity - 12
Constitution - 14
Intelligence - 14
Wisdom - 16
Charisma - 12

Still not a bad set of rolls. Still going with the Knight of Solamnia concept.

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