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Storyteller Shadow's page

4,175 posts. Alias of Dennis Harry.


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Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - Tremere Table - Michael Santo, Lorenzo Cappelli, Ranerius Bernerius

Michael, you see that Michele approaches your table before he can arrived, the woman on the dais who seemed most against your presence here arrives first.

"Radek, know that when the Council of Five is called to order next month, I shall make every effort to name you Anathema, if not for your past crimes than for the gall you have displayed here in Siring without the permission of any of your Elders. I shall play along with his charade for now but your Long Night shall come to a short end quite soon. No doubt one of Narses underlings will make their way over here in short order then we can begin this inquest".

Radek responds, "Mistress Fanchon, how pleasant to see you again. Your candor is quite refreshing though quite foolish. If that is how you wish things to be between us then I shall strike back the only way I know how".

Fanchon takes a step back and raises her hands a slight smile upon her lips.

Radek shakes his head, "I know better than to challenge your prowess in Blood Magic. While I am proficient I am not likely to win a duel with you. Worry not, soon enough you will find out how I will exact my retribution".

Fanchon turns to Lorenzo and Ranerius, "Good evening Childer. I am Mistress Fanchin of Clan Tremere a pleasure to make your acquaintances". She does not even look at Michael Santo.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - Ventrue Table

Alyssa pulls Lord Jurgen close to her but within your earshot, "It seems you were right Jurgen. I should like you to arrange a meeting with this Lady Meridie after all.

Alessndro, which Clan shall we start with first? I know that you spent a few nights at Court over the past week, are there any you believe you would be comfortable speaking with by yourself? We must split our efforts yo canvas all of the Cainites present in the next few nights".

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Tzimisce Table

Selina begins to lean into you her fangs descending in her upper row of teeth.

Before she can close the gap another Cainte steps forward, "Selina, I fear I shall have to interrupt this intimate moment between you two. Prince Narses wishes to see the Mortal for himself".

Selina pauses and turns to look at the interrupting Cainite, "Yes of course Brexiano, no doubt the Prince wishes to taste this one himself first".

Thomas smiles at you Bagrat and extends his hand, "Shall we?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - Setite Table

"I shall tell you more of him later, in this place, thin air may have ears. Come we should support your friend Michael Santo, the sharks already circle him..."

As you look over you already see Lorenzo Cappelli, a Toreador Childe Raneris if you have the name right at the table and Mistress Fanchon approaches from the dais.

Sadir leads the short walk to the Tremere Table but turns to you, "You will lead this dance, I will be there as a presence only".

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Assamite Table

Cristiano seems distracted by the Lasombra table and does not engage in conversation.

Simon continues, Arabic"My mistake then. I have given my intent to challenge my clanmate for leadership of the Nosferatu among this august group though I believe it would restrict my wanderings. I fear that his rigidity would not accurately reflect the positions of Clan Nosferatu. Can either of you make introductions for me with Lord Bajazet?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - Dunstan and Cantor

Is there a specific Ventrue you wish to approach?

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - Salubri Table - Andrew and Vitaliano

Rafael arches his eyebrows, "Did you both know each other as Mortals prior to your recent Embrace?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court - Lasombra Table

Xing as you look at Andrew's table, you see that he has two Cainites that have approached him. One an established one of Can Toreador and the other the strange Dr you met in the alley only a few weeks ago. You could have sworn the man was mortal at that time...

You approach if you wish to.

Alejandro clasps you on the shoulder. "Do not stray far from this place, when I retrieve him I shall retrieve you and make proper introductions". He stand and approaches the Lasombra named Valdemar at the other side of the Table.

Some of the other Lasombra occasionally glance at you but none speak to you. It seems they are a bot wary of you.

The list of Lasombra is in the Campaign Info tab, if you wish to speak with nay of them it appears you will have to be the one to engage.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Onfroi the Bastard of Burgandy - the Dark Streets of Venice

Violetta smiles at you, Very well Onfroi. I shall request the presence of my Sire, what I have to report to him are for his ears only". With that she closes her eyes and concentrates.

She opens them again and gestures to the Inn, "We should wait within our quarters, this city has become much more turbulent since we first arrived a few weeks ago".

Ranerius Bernerius:
Start with Lord Benne's Childe first. No doubt Lord Benne will ask his Childe about all who approached him. That will be your way into discussions with the Elder. In the meantime, I must go, I feel that Violetta summons me. Do not worry I shall return.

Dammit, sorry I am just beat. Will wake up first thing fresh and update.

Tomorrow night it shall be got backed up over here in RL tonight.

The Campaign Info tab is now updated for all Cainites in attendance. I included our newest player even though he is not there yet.
I will update the comprehensive master list over the course of the Holiday week.

Will update the thread again tomorrow night.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court

Brian is on the dais as the head of the Salubri but certainly the others seemed more friendly in disposition than did Brian.

Your Sire shakes his head and whispers heatedly, "You would think not but remember, the best way for our enemies to get to me is by helping that fool! You start with them, I'll start with the Tzimisce then we will regroup". Before you can answer he heads off towards Vykos his best fake winning smile spreading across his face.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court

Andrew the Hardy
Rafael bows, "I would be delighted to. Tell me will you be attending this Blood Feast that the Prince has requested our presence for?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Lasombra Table

"Very well Childe. Later this evening when the festivities cease I will be instructing the Fledgling on the finer arts of the Abyss. Join with us".

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Onfroi the Bastard of Burgandy - the Dark Streets of Venice

Violetta cocks her head considering your words, "Long have you been a loyal servant to the Clan of the Rose. When my mortal Grandfather was a babe you were drawing breath. Such loyalty begats loyalty back Onfroi. Do you wish to explore this idea further? I did not think such a thing would interest you".

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Lasombra Table

The speaker is your "Grandsire". "Yes, these Kiasyd are a strange lot. The blood of Fey runs strong through their veins.

Such blood retards the process creating a hybrid of the intended Clan and something less but more. A mixture of Fey and Cainite.

I have studied this one as it sought me out. It seeks the Shadows and so I have brought it into my favor. No doubt I shall find some way to make this one serve me and the interests of the Clan. My dear, would you like to learn more of this? I can involve you if you wish it".

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Onfroi the Bastard of Burgandy - the Dark Streets of Venice

Before he can answer Violetta appears from nowhere in the shadows of the building.

"Who are you to accost one of my Sires retinue?" she asks sternly.

The man turns to her with no fear in his eyes, "I am Petradon if you do not know that name Violetta then it is your own folly to challenge me. I would have this one for my own. A strengthening of the bonds between your kin and mine own. It is your Sire who I would see sit beside me, I believe we are of like mind on many things..."

Violetta bows respectfully to the entity before you, "My apologies. I did not recognize you in your... guise. I fear that before I can relinquish this one to you I must speak with Francois, Onfroi is not a mere chattle but a valued member of our retinue certainly you understand?"

He snorts, "Speak with him then and quickly. I shall be back later this evening to claim this one as mine. I can smell the age on him, he is wasted as a vassal".

With that he turns ad stalks back out into the night.

Violetta turns back to you, "What just happened Onfroi?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Assamite Table

Vandras shakes his head in dismay, "He met the final death some time ago. It was that very incident that led to Radek's alienation from his own Clan in the years just before the event that mortals refer to as the First Crusade. Radek retaliated against a Tremere that had slain my Childe, he did not destroy the Cainite but he destroyed a few of his pet Gargoyles".

As he finishes his sentence the grotesque Cainite of Clan Nosferatu who just announced himself approaches your Table, In Arabic"As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu. I would be remiss if I did not reach out to those with whom I share a homeland if not common ancestry in mortal and Cainite blood. I am Simon of Clan Nosferatu, this my Childe Cristiano the Wonder. You look familiar have we met?" he asks Vandras.

Vandras shakes his head no.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Onfroi the Bastard of Burgandy - the Dark Streets of Venice

The man positively grins, "Ah the artiste Francois Villon is your Master? Oh most excellent, most excellent indeed. You and he get along well enough then?"

Alessandro Khadaji wrote:
Storyteller Shadow wrote:
Note that 2 successes is sufficient to open these spoilers.
Lovely, Alessandro's got nuthin'. Anyone ever mention your DCs or number of successes are a bit... high?

Appropriately so.

The first roll was a DC to hear one Vampire whispering at one table in a room full of Vampires speaking.
The second roll was to identify the use of a power few of you, except those who have had certain abilities explained to them, would have heard of at this stage of unlife.
Don't worry, neither roll was critical.
The critical thing is figuring out who you should go to first to lobby on behalf of Alyssa.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Onfroi the Bastard of Burgandy - the Dark Streets of Venice

She's are running late, you were supposed to meet Viletta at La Serenata Notturna an hour ago. Francois, your Master, had asked you to wait at the front door for her report and run it ti Court once she arrived. She has yet to arrive and you are getting quite nervous about the whole ordeal.

As the armed contingents roam to and fro the sense of danger within the city grows. You wonder if the Cainites see the powder keg that this city has become. Certainly you have seen it before humans that act i such a manner need very little to set them off to incite an escalation of violence. You only hope that you are not here to see it when it happens.

A figure walking down the street near to you is cursing and muttering to himself. A drunk or a madman you assume. He passes you and then sniffs the air. Turning back his eyes light up as he grin at you. "To who do you belong?" he asks pointedly.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court

Storyteller Shadow, there are a TON of NPC's here. What are THEY all doing?

They are all interacting with one another or leaving or spying on someone else, whatever they can do to get an edge.

If you wish to know what an NPC here is doing just ask. This week I will have some free time and I will update the Campaign Tab. Including the list of Vampire NPC's and also a separate list of Vampires ACTUALLY in attendance by Clan. With no wife and no baby home I might even do that tomorrow night though I have a bit of work to do on a new Cthulhu Campaign I am running here on the Boards so I may need to split time.

Worry not, once that is up and running it will not draw very much time away from this game.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court

Bagrat Kamsarakan
As you sit staring into space materializing before your eyes is an absolutely enchanting looking woman. She appears to be a predator in the flesh of a human but alluring all the same.

"What is your name mortal? I should like to taste the Blood of one of Narses kin..."

Dunstan and Cantor
If you wish to approach the Toreador you have a few options:
(1) Francois and his Childe are still seated at the Toreador Table. Ranerius is his Childe and he is currently engaged in speaking with Rafael's childe.
(2) Helene and her Childe have stood up and are approaching the Ventrue Table, specifically Lanzo.
(3) Rafael has approached the Salubri Table and the lone member of the Clan present there.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court

Giovanni Dal'este
Vandras grimacs, "I Embraced an Infidel. Very much like your Sire did with you. I assume that he has had permission to do so with you. I did not, I thought that the Clan would see the utility in having Westerners in the Clan. They disagreed and have been hunting me ever since. Well hunting is perhaps too strong a word, no one specifically sought me out. Those who I knew, such as you Sire, warned me from returning East and so did I wander here in the West for many centuries".

Yes specialty counts on that roll. I sent a text to Michael asking him to post ASAP.

Vitaliano da Riva
Your Sire turns to you, "Better that you did not suggest any solution for Durg Syn eh? Tell me Childe, know you any of these other Fledglings?"

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court

Michele Querini
Michele K'haytall nods, "Good things come to those with patience. Ah here comes your Sire now..." You turn and see Sadir approaching. When you turn back K'haytall is gone! Sadir looks to you, "He has escaped has he? I shall have words with him, his presence here is a danger to both of us".

Ranerius Bernerius
Bassanio takes your hand in return, "A rivalry between us should develop because of our actions not our relations. Besides, the Doge may be powerful in Venice but the Council wields a power of its own no? Power is never held in only one hand".

As Bassanio speaks his Sire steps away from the Table and towards the lone Salubri.

Your Sire remains behind watching the room intently.

Go to the Childe of Lord Benne, the one named Lorenzo. The Cappadocians are powerful in this City and having them on our side early may be beneficial.

Andrew - Lord of Moray
The Cainite Toreador named Rafael de Corazon approaches you, "I appreciate your forwardness Childe. I think we may well see eye to eye on many things. No doubt I coud be a powerful ally to you and yours on this Inner Circle...

Perception+Alertness DC 9 - 7 for Xing:
You hear one of the Lasombra whisper, "Poor Simon, the blood of the Kiasyd has him fooled..."

Perception+Occult DC 7 - 5 if Auspex is a Clan Discipline:
That was no Spectre at all but a powerful Cainite using Mastery of the Auspex Discipline - Soul's Flight - to appear in this audience chamber.

Note that 2 successes is sufficient to open these spoilers.

Sorry for the delay folks, concerts and operas and kiddie movies oh my - have kept me quite busy these last few days.

Will update before I PTFO tonight.

Work is just ridiculous lately, will update he thread and introduce a post for our new PC on Saturday evening.

Andrew the Hardy, Lord of Moray wrote:
Story Teller Shadow ** spoiler omitted **

Thanks I will check it out.

Have a few busy days ahead, will try to update this tomorrow if not by Saturday, a concert Friday night will keep me away from the boards that entire night.

Who gets a vote anyway?

The following Cainites by Clan, will decide the fates of the seats still up for grabs:

Assamite - Lord Bajazet Al Nasir

Cappadocian - Lord Benne

Followers of Set - Sadir

Gangrel - Milov Petrankov

Lasombra - Prince Narses

Salubri - Brian Stack

Tremere - Mistress Fanchon

Tzimisce - Myca Vykos

The seats up for grabs with the contenders are:

Brujah - Criatas the Elder vs. Dark Selena vs. Lady Meridie de Chancie vs. Robin Leeland

Malkavian - Antoine le Fanu vs. Lutz von Hohenzollern

Nosferatu - Petradon vs. Simon

Toreador - Francois Villon vs. Helene la Jouste (Representing the Courts of Love) vs. Rafael de Corazon

Ventrue - Alexander of Paris vs. Alyssa Fitz Gilbert (Representing Mithras) vs. Lady Jadviga vs. Lonzo von Saschen (Representing Herdestadt)

Note that each of these Cainites gets a vote as well.

After the 7th Night a secret ballot will take place with the votes counted by Durga Syn the only Independent Cainite available to do so.

22 Total votes will be tallied for each Clan whoever gains the most votes wins pretty simple. The difficult part is getting someone to vote for you and then trusting that they actually will do so.

Quite possibly the Childer of these contenders may be able to persuade their Sires in one direction or another.

Any questions?


Dunstan has started the process.

Those of you who are Toreador, Brujah, Nosferatu (when the new Player comes on board) and Ventrue will need to gather as many votes as you can. If you cannot gain votes, you will need to them split those who do not support your Sires among their rivals.

That will be the main objective for the rest of this evening.

Let me know if this is not clear.

Also, Michael, Lorenzo, and Michele will have a private session with the Tremere Mistress Fanchon regarding the nature of Mr. Santo's Embrace.

There are obviously other plot points you all may want to follow and now that formal Court is over for the night you can begin to do so.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court

The form next to you solidifies into a large man. Clearly of Eastern descent. Tall, handsome and powerfully built but with a cruel face.. The specter approaches the middle of the room.

A translucent Spectre seems to rise from the Tzimisce Table where only the lowly mortal that Vykos brought with him sat before.

Vykos turns to Narses, "Prince Vladimir Rustovich Voivode of Voivodes it sees would speak Prince Narses".

The sneering figure looks upon Simon and indeed most of the room in disdain.

"This collection of Vampires fools itself into thinking that it has control. Control can only be obtained by what one and their minions places their hands over. We will not submit our domains to your pitiful band. I may, I stress, may re consider if you bring the mortals to heel, to be the cattle they once were in the days of yore, when my Sires Sires Sire strode the earth. The herd must be culled and by so doing will we be true Masters of the Long Night. To do less will show the weakness of your organization, hide in the shadows and you shall not have my respect or my signature on any treaty, regardless of Vykos' sweet words...

The spectre fades out.

Make a Perception+Occult roll DC 7 to figure out what just happened. DC 5 if Auspex is a Clan Discipline for your character.

"Suddenly I am quite happy to be in the company of Vykos, that may be the first and the last time", Perankov quips.

"Indeed, a foolish creature", Rafael de Corazon chimes in.

"Madness", whispers someone at the Malkavian Table.

"Certainly an approach you would not endorse Prince?" asks Brian.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court

Simon grins his face even more hideous for it, "Gladly he will submit".

Mistress Fanchon shrugs, "I will do so if you wish me to Prince, despite what seems to be many decisions of your that I find quite disagreeable..."

Petradon snarls and vanishes before the sight of all within the room.

By voice and general misshapen appearance, this is the same Simon you met when still a mortal.

Old news to you, you heard the Nosferatu claim as much at Elysium some days ago.

Setite Table:
"Elaborate now? Oh I think not Childe, there will be plenty of time and soon do not doubt..."

Tremere Table:
"Training which will show you the true meaning of power".

Assamite Table:
"I know him but not well, we have not crossed each others paths in many long years. Perhaps we shall get to know each other better in the coming weeks, especially now that I am no longer on the run".

Gangrel (Cantor and Dunstan) Table:
Cantor offers his hand to you in return, "Agreed, we got of on the wrong foot, a misunderstanding and a minor one only. My Sire has asked me to speak with the Clans who still have vacant seats. I am happy to see that you have come to me first".

Toreador Table:
Bassanio smiles affably, "It seems that someone is eager to get a head start on these proceedings", he states as he points at the Brujah Childe approaching the sole member of Clan Gangrel at his Table, another young Lick.

Lord Benne nods at his Childe Lorenzo while stares at the Nosferatu in the middle of the room.

As the young Brujah makes his way to the Gangrel Table, many eyes follow his form. Not only from the Brujah but from the Tzimisce Table as well...

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court

Durga Syn and Vasatanesa are both taken aback by the pronouncement, Mistress Fanchon looks as if she would faint were she still alive.

Durga Syn stands, "Ah clever Prince, I shall do so and I shall do so, indeed I shall do so..."

The old Ravnos sits as all eyes turn towards her.

The doors to the Court are flung open at that moment and a Kindred, as hideous a wretch as you have ever seen slowly walks through the tables with a hooded figure next to him.

Brexiano curses at the intrusion seemingly caught unawares by the entrance of this being.

"Greetings Prince, despite my formal announcement of several nights ago I shall announce myself again. Simon of Clan Nosferatu, contender for the throne of the Lepers. With me is my new Childe, Cristiano Linitini. A Nosferatu, free of the curse of our blood..."

Simon yanks the robe and cowl from the figure and standing before you is a man, not terribly handsome but certainly not horribly disfigured either.

The Toreador all narrow their eyes at the Kindred and the table begins to murmur... "Could it be..." they all seem to whisper as one.

All characters make a Perception+Alertness roll DC 9 for Xing it is DC 7.

Petradon at the Nosferatu Table stands up, "Ridiculous, the Cainite is obviously not a Nosferatu!"

The Submissions have all had PM's sent to them. I will work in the new Player this week.

Tonight I will update the thread for the final speeches then you will all be free to interact with one another as formal Court will be over for the night.

This day got away from me a bit, will pick the new Player tomorrow and update the thread as well.

Who ever does not make it rest assured I will remember your submission if any are needed in the future.

Andrew the Hardy, Lord of Moray wrote:
I had nothing to add, but I was doing alot of thinking so I turned that into a post.

Thinking posts are always good posts, helps me know you are following along and helps you shape your own responses to future situations.

I will give you all a chance to react to Narses before I respond to your individual table actions.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court

Before Narses can finish his thought Bajazet speaks, "I move that this young Brujah should have a chance to win this prize for his Clan, will anyone second me?"

Narses turns to Bajazet glaring at him.

Lord Benne speaks out, "I second the motion, let it not be said by any whether here or across the world that a fair chance to make a difference was not available in this Conclave".

Leeland looks quite surprised, even more so than does Narses at Benne's statement.

OK, I have 3 full submissions for the 13th slot in the game. I will review them this week and make my final announcement on Saturday. Together we will have to craft some changes to proposed backgrounds due to the nature of the storyline.

Thank you all for your submissions!

I will update the thread itself tonight as well.

The new player will be slotted into the game no later than next week.

Talinthal Uth Mondor wrote:
Storyteller Shadow wrote:
Talinthal Uth Mondor wrote:

I am thinking of doing 1 or 2 levels in Fighter for the training he received as a knight even if he is not a member. Being a half-elf it might be very difficult for him to join the ranks but maybe he grew up partially in Solmania with Derek and Brian Donner while also spending time with the Qualanesti. Since he really isnt a formal knight and not liked by the elves he joined the Seekers (4 levels of cleric) to feel accepted and was stationed in Solace even though Hederick cannot stand him.

How does that work??

Maybe you hid your Elven heritage and got kicked out when they found out?
I dont really see him ashamed of his elven heritage. He doesnt flaunt it but he loves both of his parents and sees the potentiality of goodness in the races even if not accepted by them.

I did not mean he would be ashamed of it but that if he hid the heritage he could have joined the Knighthood whereas a half-elf would not, at least in pre-War of the Lance times it would not have seemed that he could have.

Dragonofashandflame wrote:
Storyteller Shadow wrote:
hey Dragon, how does pairing up sound? :-)

sounds like an awesome plan!

Thistletorp would probably be fascinated by a giant minotaur wizard and ask him incessant questions! He'd have befriend Jakun because he's so different.

My character is fascinated by the Kender having seen none in his Homeland. I will modify my story so I journey to Kendermore and mayne that is where I meet you. Follow you on your adventures (Tas had some interesting ones you could simply swipe for your background if you look up his Wiki page) for some time until you tell me you need to go back to Solace.

Knowing that Solace is near Wayreth, I agree to go there with you until I am summoned for my test.

Talinthal Uth Mondor wrote:

I am thinking of doing 1 or 2 levels in Fighter for the training he received as a knight even if he is not a member. Being a half-elf it might be very difficult for him to join the ranks but maybe he grew up partially in Solmania with Derek and Brian Donner while also spending time with the Qualanesti. Since he really isnt a formal knight and not liked by the elves he joined the Seekers (4 levels of cleric) to feel accepted and was stationed in Solace even though Hederick cannot stand him.

How does that work??

Maybe you hid your Elven heritage and got kicked out when they found out?

hey Dragon, how does pairing up sound? :-)

Aldegund “Trident of Lyssatra” wrote:
I have no idea why it refuses to accept my post, bu I rolled initiative 5, so I'm dead last lol

That happens to me on this thread in particular a lot for some reason, forces of Chaos perhaps messing with their servants :-)

I think Tal is happy to tough out a Cleric with no powers for a bit till we retrieve the disks.

I like the idea of the spilt with the NPC'S being played by the characters who are the mains in the opposite side quest.

I would like to play a Minotaur Wizard a charactee from Tal's Summer Flame campaign.

If you think that would not Samnell I will play a Human Knight. Would you use the 3.5 DL books or just Pathfinder material?

Thanks for looking into this, appreciate that as I run 4 campaigns on these boards plus a table top so I know it is a lot of work.

Onfroi wrote:
Here is my submission for the game please have a look, I havent used the age background if you do not allow it let me know

No Age Background allowed. Will take a look, currently I am awaiting two more potential submissions for the final slot.

Once I have them all I will review them side by side and make my decision.

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