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Something simmiliar happend to my group, and the campaign took a decidly darker turn. They found a journal detailing the location of the source of the pearls and continued on as the modules allowed but with no safe haven and no place to resupply, as noone wanted to risk a misstep on the t-port back to the mainland. Pirates captured the vessles they sent the survivors back on, so they had double the reason to go to skuttlecove. Now my group is finishing up EoME and Lavinia is a sullen destitute(The Dawn Councel ruled that the Vanderborn holdings be liquidated to pay reperations to those who died on farshore) ex-noble who is just trying to stop The plans Vanthus was a part of to try to restore what is left of thier family name. Also it should make Igiwiliv's (sp?) post path plans easire.

I was more suprised at the "toll" of hot monkey love in WoD.

Hi I got the last adventur and it just hit me, is there any oppertunity besides possibly the mercanes for the players to get epic weapons to overcome Demogorgon's DR. I was wondering if I missed something. Thanks.

One of my new playersd wanted to play a binder, which was cool but I was wondering what the interaction between one channeling Tenebreous would be in the presence of Orcus. I know the answer is really what is cool for my camapign and the player but I would like some ide3as from other DM's and possibley higher ups. Again thanks for any input.

He'll have to be at least CR24 in order to be dumped in the hole to take the sucubus's place. And given Adamarchus's and Kyuss's(suggested) CR I'm guessing 27 is a good base to work from.

Actually in my game I made it affiliated with the Church of Farhlagin(sp?). The Striders created the church after thier fights with the cagewrights (either the ongoing stuff before, or strictley a new thing after the events of the Shackled city). Very popular with the refugees of the "day the demodond's raind from the sky". Of course I was inspired by the fact that the leader of my group for the SC was a dirvish and did seem to love to kill outsiders.

Same thing happened in my game, though they dropped Vanthus to 0hp exactley and he did the deed to drop him to -1. I'm just having Lavinia feel overwhelming guilt over the wanton death that she follows the note to the trog cave in order to fix her brother's mess. After the central plateau affair (they went up the tube after flooding the tunnels).I'm having Lavinia kidnapped and let it be known that she is being taken to Skuttlecove. I'm using a dead PC that is going to be raised by the Crimson Fleet, (she was secretley a foillower of Vecna trying to find out about the secret of the shadow pearls) She kept a bit of hair from Vanthus so they can bring him back and death knight him. Farshore is going to be a wash, and a haunted island though I don't see the plague spreading for the same reason the jungles arouns Sasserine aren't overwhemed by savage animals.

Munin wrote:

I'm preparing to run 'Bullywug Gambit', and a reference has struck my curiosity.

In Kraken's Cove, the Trophy Cave K8, there is a reference to a badly eroded nameplate of a ship. The only legible letters are "T...M...AUT".

I haven't found anything else on it, and I haven't seen anything in the later adventure.

What gives?

A reference to another adventure from dungeon TAMATAUT's Fate. It has nothing to do with the AP, just the shared universe. Great adventure BTW.

2 near TPK's. One in SWW with the first assult of the vine horrors. The swordsage was dominating combats before that so I really wanted to make the fight seem desperate. I sent about 12 of On the boat. It was nearly fatal to everyone but they used the elemental gem form TiNH to pull that one out.

The second is the fight with the bag-luras (sp?). The room through the mirror was tough, though they are burning through the CLW wands like they were kindeling.

webtroll wrote:
We made our way through to the the Hall of Silks, although the Krenshars did come down to check out the noise. Ripclaw nearly killed our Ranger/Privateer, and now both the ranger and our rogue are suffering from "The Sickness". They are holding up to rest (regain spells), and because we were at the end of our game time. I am thinking 3 or maybe 4 adventures. I am noticing that without fudging at 3rd level, this section of the AP is a meatgrinder. Our monk is reduced to little damage (1d6+2 for those unarmed, non -magical attacks), and the only magical weapons in the group are the ranger and the cleric.

My group speny thier gold from the first adventure all buying magic weapons, so the afflicted weren't as bad as they should have been. We cleared the caves in one session, I expect to spend some time for the group consisting of 2 people with profession (Sailor, 6 ranks between them) trying to get the Sea Wyvern out of the cove. I was told that it was the size of the boat from "Master and Commander", anyway I expect to spend another session finishing the adventure.

1- human cleric/warblade (kord)
2- human warblade/wizard
3- human druid going to Master of many forms
4- human favord soul/Sorcerer going mystic theurge
5- human the class that isn't warblade or crusader in book of 9 swoards
6- elf fighter/rogue

It'll be interesting to see how the party fares multiclassing this much

My players, when first searching for Vanthus(sp?) decided to take a trip down to the plantation where he was sent by his parents. As an off hand comment I had said he was sent to work on the Cauldren Vanderborn's plantation, as to distance him from Sasserine aand the embarrassment he caused. So I had to pull a trip down to Caludren and the plantation out of nowhere. It was cool though, my group doesn't do as much role playing as I would like, and this was an almost all roleplaying session.

Wrathchilde wrote:

One method could be to make a points system: E.g. assign a value of 1.000 "Faithpoints" that the ruler of Occipitus has to gather to raise the layer back to haven.

Give the player a few guidelines on how to gather these points, e.g.

+1 Getting an intelligent creatuer with a Good alignment to settle in Occipitus of its own volition
+10 building and consescrating a shrine to a Good deity in Occipitus
+50 building, consecrating and instating a priesthood in a temple to a Good deity in Occipitus
+100 Clearing Occipitus completely of Evil aligned creatures
+100 Getting sponsorship from a Good Aligned deity

Then let the players come up with ways of gaining points. You could spice it up with having various evil factions having influence on the layer - and e.g. having the heroes track down and kill Demons to sever their link to Occipitus.

This makes it relatively straightforward, and means that you only have to focus on this storyline if the heroes want to. You can of course instate some kind of "detoriation" of -1 point per tenday that the heroes do not increase the Faithpoints total.

Thanks guys I'l be developing this soon and your input is appreciated. Anyone else?

James Jacobs wrote:
Stormwalker wrote:
Just curious, if we are going back to the Abyss for this one is Occipitus(sp?) going to be a venue? I'd guess not but if so in what reguard I'm planning for my Epic SSAP players To return the plane to Celestia this summer and I'm wondering if I'm going to have to change things in the new AP? Thanks guys.
There are no plans at this point to return to Occipitus during Savage Tide.

I didn't think so, thanks.

Suggestions on how this should be done. My initial plan for it was a series of tests by various divine/fendish forces trying to corrupt/test the faith of the ruler (The Paladin of my group) and the others helping to accomplish the tasks. The only snag is The Paladin is not as intrested in the hevy Role Playing experience as this would allow. So there is my quandry, how to make a spiritual journey to clense a plane of it's corruption into something that people who like to bash heads will find entertaining. A way to comprimise? Thanks guys.

Just curious, if we are going back to the Abyss for this one is Occipitus(sp?) going to be a venue? I'd guess not but if so in what reguard I'm planning for my Epic SSAP players To return the plane to Celestia this summer and I'm wondering if I'm going to have to change things in the new AP? Thanks guys.

Hi all, one of my players, as a gift at the party gave Zeech the list of Ebon Triad members from the temple. Now what would Zeech do with that? It doesn't seem that he is actually involved with that Triad, but Lashonna is and how would that figure into the equation? BTW copies of the list have been given to the church of Wee Jass (in Greyhawk) and the mage guild (Arcane Order as the PC) so the lists are out there. I know the real answer is whatever is best for my game but I'd like some opinions. Thanks all.

MerricB wrote:

I've just finished play of EBK. It took us two 4-hour sessions.

Whispering Cairn took us 3. Three Faces of Evil took us 4.

Have other groups found the adventures took similar durations to complete? Longer? Shorter?


My group finished Blackwall Keep in 1 six hour session. It was freaky, and set us back a few weeks as we had to wait for the next adventure to come out. I ran side stuff but still as most of my group is rather inexperienced I had little to do for "background role playing".

6 + GN (me) In Rochester NY. I run it as a beginner game at my FLGS. Half are kids half are more experienced.

Thanks guys for everything. All suggestions have helped. My epic characters are dealing with the fallout from this while my AOW players make thier way back to Diamond Lake to deliver a package to an old mage. I like the idea of the city coming back half way untill they defeat Kyuss of course. Anyway thanks and if anyone else has anything helpful pleaselet me know.

What happens then? I mean I had the Geryhawk dissapear into the mists of Ravenloft (thanks to the guy who posted the idea.) after the 20,000 wights were released into the city. My players made it out (with the help of the now-epic Shackled City characters I ran through that campagin last year) and the free city is a barren spot on the river with thousands of refugees milling about. To those who know the World of Geryhawk better than me what would happen to the political situation in the area. Most of the big players in the city ( the mayor, the big guild members ect) magically got out of town when this all went down so I imagine they will try to start up a goverment center somewhere else. I'm looking for background flavor. ( and I know the best idea is whetever works best for my campaign but I'm fishing for ideas.) Mr. Mona you're a big Geryhawk guy any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Zaister wrote:
I'm amazed at how fast some people are at playing these adventures. I barely got issue 126 last week and people here are already through playing the complete adventure... :-)

That particular adventure was rather fast. My group finished it in one 7 hour session. Most take 3 to 4. Not a bad adventure, just very straightforward.

I was just curious how you all are handeling the fallout for 3FOE. What would happen to Smenk's property, mines ect when he is outed. In my game it looks like the garrason is going to take him in (The paladin is an NPC at the moment.)
Would the Geryhawk goverment federalise the mines? Would they go up for auction? Would they close? (not likely for the devistating effect on the economy of thew town and the flow of ore to the free city.)
I know the answer for my game is whatever works best for me but I'd also like some input or examples of what y'all did.


Now that it is written about, Mr Mona, could you give us something untill the main overload comes out. Thank you.

airwalkrr wrote:
Other than Doomgrinder, I don't think there is any other information. Incidentally, in 2e Wee Jas didn't have Paladins since she didn't grant spells to anyone of good alignment. Nor have I ever seen an NPC in a module who was a LG worshipper of Wee Jas. Of course, this is your campaign, but I've never seen the Paladin dogma as working well with the Wee Jas dogma myself. IMC she doesn't have LG priests and all her clerics channel negative energy (spontaneously inflict, rebuke/command undead). I recognize that the 3rd edition rules are technically fluid enough to allow a Paladin or a positive energy channeller to worship Wee Jas, but it does remove a lot of flavor from the deity.

Actually that is part of the reason he was put in a little hole in the wall town like DL. There is a kind of retarded child approach to how they treat him. Good role playing stuff, and a reason to get the hell out of the town.

Hi, I'm running the path and have a Paladin of Wee Jas, and untill the Overload comes out could someone official explain how the cult is diffrernt then discribed in "Doomgrinder" if at all, mabey a little blurb like the ones given about the monestary and lodge on another thread. Thanks for your time.

I've been running the AP as an introduction yo DND thing at my FLGS. I plan to run the new one as the same thing, but my players want to continue with these characters. More looking for continuation of AP stuff than something compleately different, wondering what people did, if anything with Cauldren and the envrions around it. Thanks all.

Hia my running of the AP is coming to an end in the next month or so and I'm curious what people have done for post camapign games. My first ideas are for a 1/2 dragon horde invasion of the area (spawn of the Black Dragon in Zenith, which my players didn't kill.) and possibly a incursion from the Far Realm based on the Vanishing (I linked the two in my game). I know for me it depends alot on what my players do but input and stories are welcome.

My group, going into the third module, called themselvs "The Seekers." As they were always, it seems, being sent to find things (children, high preists, wands, errent dwarves...)

Half way through Lords of Oblivion My Group includes( we've had some reincatnates)

Ezra Schoen:Human Wizard 7/Loremaster5 one of the starting characters ans a unknowing shackelborn.

Jennica :Halfling(Formally human) Fighter6/Dervish7 currently managing the Lucky Monkey for Meerlithan. Also starting character.

Kai: hermaphrodite(sp?)1/2 elf (formally elf and 1/2orc)druid 12 actually came up with a decent story as to why. New palyer and will be a Master of Many Forms next level.

Nix: Raptorian fighter4/Rogue6 replacment character, the kid wanted to play a raptorian. Kids first game

Rage: Human Barbarian 8/exotic wpn Master3 Uses orc double axe . Another first time player

Whisper Human Cleric of Pelor 11 Replacment character when the group found itself without a cleric.

Human Scorcer 12 Another replament character for a guy who seems to go through alot

Human Cleric of St Cuthbert 10 Newest player, one guy wanted to leave and this guy jumped in.

With the following deaths witout bringing back:

Torm dwarf cleric of pelor: eaten by a T-Rex

Kar Elf Ranger: destroyed by Ike

Argagdal human paladin of Heronious/ Shining blade:Disntagrated by Vahalantru

Monk, that died to the Test of the smoking eye

Seifer Amsley human rogue

I am about half way through Zenith trajectory, and have had 4 deaths so far. One to the wizard in Flood season, and two to the Undead gnoll thing there also. I had one die to the cyrohydra in Zenith.

I've been running an all-comers game at my local gaming store and I found that in addition to the previous suggestions have them write a history for thier characters. Give bonus XP for it. It will cause them to be more invested in thier characters, and mabey want to role-play them more. It worked with the several players who never played the game before in my group.

There is a good summoner class in the Path of Magic in the legends and lairs series.

Zherog wrote:
I'm pretty sure there's one in the book "Relics and Rituals" by Sword and Sorcery games.