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Mind Flayer

Stormhierta's page

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When we started on the path we find ourselves on, we were a small 3PP with an artbudget slightly smaller than 0$. Since then, we've gone on to release more books and Ultimate Psionics, which is a milestone for us. Yet, as a starting book, at 80$ in print, it's a hefty investment.

Because of this, we're releasing Psionics Unleashed Revised, which brings the premier core psionics rulebook a new, improved look, we add all the important errata, make sure 0-level powers are consistent and also add in the two new races from Ultimate Psionics to round it out.

Check out the cover at our website and tell us what are the most important errata to include in the Core Psionics Book? Maybe we missed something!

Psionics Unleashed Revised will be available in PDF, softcover, hardcover and in both black/white and full glorious color. And at a pricepoint that is easier to justify ;)

- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

We know that alot of you guys have been saving up to splurge on books for Thanksgiving, so we've lost our minds and decided to cut deeply into the costs for almost all of our books.

You can get Psionics Unleashed for as little as 3$! We're seeing inbetween 35-70% off on our books. Cheaper printed books! INSANITY!

Sales are ongoing at the following places:
Dreamscarred Store

Different stores might have different sales, so check them all out and get what you like!


- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

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Not unlike our Path of War project, Magic of Incarna takes a look at a familiar system from the old Dungeons & Dragons, Incarnum, and re-envisions it for Pathfinder. Drawing on primal magic, the veilweavers learn to shape and form their Essence into powerful veils, granting them sublime control and magical power.

Headed by the talented Michael Sayre, known as Ssalarn on many forums, we are extremely happy and proud to start the first Open Playtest of the Incarna rules.

Download the First Playtest Document

Note that the playtest document can (and most certainly will) be updated as playtesting progresses. We would love it if you guys took a look at the rules, gave it a once over and helped us create balanced and interesting choices and options for Pathfinder players all over.

Thanks in advance!

Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press


So, I've got a problem with the entire concept of the Shoanti going to war against Korvosa. Correct me if I am wrong, the Shoanti are situated in the Cinderlands, north of the river that goes through Kaer Maga. For players in the CotCT, going TO the Cinderlands requires passage through Kaer Maga. A perilious journey if anything.

So, looking at a map, the Shoanti are either going to follow the river to Kaer Maga, take their thousands of warriors and horses down through that city (somehow) and then journey from Kaer Maga to Korvosa, passing atleast two major rivers on their way. Or, they ride through the Mindspin Mountains, passing over a major river without any known bridges to do that, somehow with a mounted army, and descend on Korvosa through that way. This without anyone taking notice, or putting a stop to their military movement.

Even the slightest bit of realism tells me this is a hard thing to do, requiring meticulous planning, scouting, preparing the roads and first and foremost - logistics, something which the Shoanti do not seem to have. Ofcourse, anything can be solved with "magic" - but besides that, how do the Shoanti get an army to Korvosa, in a functioning manner?

Sidequestion: By all accounts, the Shoanti know or atleast suspect Kazavon is waking, how do they intend to get the sword from Scarwall before attacking Korvosa?

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We are proud to present a new line of products, called the Path of War, introducing martial classes and disciplines once popularized by the Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords.

The Path of War will take our dedication to balance and functionality that has graced Psionics Unleashed, Psionics Expanded and Ultimate Psionics and apply that to one of the most loved and controversial systems from the Dungeons & Dragons-era.

Chris Bennett has been brought in as Lead Designer for this ambitious project which will go into Alpha Playtesting as soon as possible. We believe in the spirit Paizo set fort when it playtested the Pathfinder Rules and we followed in their footsteps with everything we have produced since.

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas and hope that the Path of War will introduce you to new and interesting mechanics for your Pathfinder game. Naturally, there will be some new psionic material in these releases as we strive towards material that supports eachother.

Read more about it here at our forums

Andreas Rönnqvist
Co-owner Dreamscarred Press

(First of all, it was suggested that we post this here since people interested in a career in RPGs were bound to read this forum. However, if this is against some form of policy or rule, we apologize from the start and don't mind if you close this thread or move it)

Dreamscarred Press's 2011 Bestiary Contest!

Dreamscarred Press is proud to announce its first Bestiary Contest. The contest is designed to give new, unknown, and struggling game designers the opportunity to be published. Dreamscarred Press owners Jeremy Smith and Andreas Rönnqvist will judge the entries and oversee the competition.

As the name implies, the contest is for monsters to be released in a psionic bestiary to be published by Dreamscarred Press. The winner of the contest will receive a paid commission to work on that bestiary.

Complete rules are available at the Dreamscarred Press website.

I've seen Jason Buhlmann point out time and time again that he wants the Sorceror and Wizard to fill different niche's. My suggestion would be to take a que from the Wilder and it's Wild Surge ability. In effect, it lets the Wilder boost the "caster level" by 1-6 (depending on level) for free, but having a chance of suffering a loss of power and being dazed.

A Sorceror doesn't gain the same benefits from a Wild Surge as a Wilder does (psionics use power points to manifest powers, and the Wild Surge provides those as well), so my suggestion is to allow the Sorceror to cast spells and Surge them, gaining a +1 - +6 bonus to Caster Level on those spells, in exchange for having to make say a Fortitude save or be dazed.

Wild Surge rules: From

Ok, forums ate my post.

My suggestion is that Fighers get the ability to retrain any feat that specifies one specific weapon (Weapon Focus/Specialisation for example) by training with a new weapon for 8 hours. This makes the Fighter class more flexible, a little more powerful, a little more viable in the long run and gives more of a "master of fighting" feel.

I have a suggestion, somewhat lifted from the Warblade. Allow the Fighter, as a master of weapons and combat, to retrain any Feats that specify a weapon (Weapon Focus/Specialization) by training with another weapon for 8 hours.

This gives the Fighter versatility, makes them feel more useful (since a new weapon or a change of concept for the character is easily done) and flows pretty well with the game anyhow. It's a small ability, easy to inject that adds flavor and a little kick to the Fighter class.

Ok, this has always been one of my original beefs with 3.5 - at around level 3-4, tumbling and avoiding AoO's for spellcasting becomes a nuisance. Either remove it completely, or, even better - use that CMB for MORE stuff.

Make the DC for a Tumble check be 10+CMB, same thing for combat casting. Easy, fits well with the new "combat maneuvers" system and is REASONABLE!

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