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Stomphoof's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 360 posts (1,255 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 14 aliases.

Full Name

Clayton B




Uber Nerd




Dont wanna talk about it :P



Special Abilities

Snarking, High Mental Toughness




Not sure






See Class

Strength 11
Dexterity 9
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 11
Charisma 10

About Stomphoof

What can I say?

I started playing D&D back during 2nd Ed, with a few friends after class in High school. We used to make up all sorts of crap as we went along, having a very loose grasp on the rules at the time.

We tried a few other systems (tunnels and trolls most notably) where we had a blast playing bizarre characters.

Then we as a group moved to 3rd Ed, and I fell in love with D&D all over again. However, I really felt that spell casters got the shaft in 3rd Ed, so when 4th Ed came out I switched to that and started to DM seriously. Of course, my hectic schedule made actually PLANNING nigh impossible so I generally flew by the seat of my pants (this apparently worked out well).

In the end however I still wanted to play, and I found 4th Ed great for kick in the door dungeon crawling, but the system just didn't feel quite right for RPing.

I finally started eyeing Pathfinder. It seems that most of the things that made 3rd Ed fun stayed, and the stuff that made it boring changed. So I picked up the Core Rulebook and well here I am!

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