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Belkar Bitterleaf

Steve Shippy aka Beerwolf's page

96 posts. Alias of Beerwolf.


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I'm prepping for Reign of Winter, but had a question. I've searched RAW and the boards for any bonus to the fortitude checks for winter exposure when a Character carries a torch. Did I miss it somewhere? If not, I've been thinking about giving any Character carrying a torch a +1 circumstance bonus to the check. Thoughts?

Congrats. You're still the best GM I've had the pleasure of sitting at a table playing under. It gives me something to strive for as a GM.

I'm in early Thursday and would be open to something.

I wouldn't mind a full water / underwater adventure.

I noticed when I purchased, but knew they'd fix it later. It's been awhile since I purchased, but haven't thought to see if the issue was fixed. Guess not, but they have over 6 months to remedy the situation. :)


I'd second that, along with the elemental races.

Good reader and Herolab are my main stays for the iPad. They work great for me. I haven't played with any of the combat apps yet.

PFRRG is a nice reference app I use while playing or DMing.

Enjoy the iPad.

I do agree with folks that most players forget the specific boons associated with certain towns or organizations. It would flow easier to change the boon to you receive a +2 bonus to Diplomacy for the next two scenarios this character plays in.

As for those special boons, I agree you should be able to assign them to any character, not just the one used for the scenario, otherwise players will just come with a specific class for the boon.

Airfare is now booked, nice sale by US Air and Alaska Airlines this week. All set, see folks there!

Unfortunately, they don't do early registration the night before.

Tickets bought and hotel booked. Seattle here I come!

Thanks for the updates and taking our play test feedback into account. Anxiously awaiting the updated material!

I would think the Priest class just becomes a buff / debuff expert. Really no need to add divine blasts.

I posted this down in a PFS thread, but didn't know if some folks were reviewing things there:

Has any thought been given to making a 1st, 4th, and 7th level versions of all the classes for the play test and let folks use them like an iconic? Which would allow folks to apply the scenario to a character AND produce feedback on the new classes?

It would help with the higher level play testing of these classes.

Has any thought been given to making a 1st, 4th, and 7th level versions of all the classes for the play test and let folks use them like an iconic? Which would allow folks to apply the scenario to a character AND produce feedback on the new classes?

It would help with the higher level play testing of these classes.

I for one support these concepts. Let's give them a chance, play test them out, and then give constructive feedback.

And yes, I was afraid of rules bloat. A GM can only learn and execute so many rules. There are those extraordinary GM's who can remember them all, but lots of us have full time jobs, families, etc. and can only assimilate so many rules to keep the game moving and exciting for our players. Otherwise, we're looking up rules in books, have debates during the game, etc.

The maximum dexterity bonus still applies to the armor.

With enough people talking about the 3.5 conversions, would it be quicker and the best interest have the masses submit the conversions. Most folks have already done it, and it would streamline a lot of the work for the paizo developers.

Just thinking off the cuff here.

Very interested in the mechanics of the classes.

I have to admit I'm excited to try some of the new classes in society play. Check your email folks.

Check your email folks. Just received it about an hour ago. They are urging those of us that play PFS Society to start using them. Additional Resources will be updated on 11/19.

Dot on an artificer variant please!!!!

I've enjoyed my TWF Tengu Ranger (multi-classing in Barbarian). He has the angry bird concept. The wings and beak racial feats make great flair. I went ranger so I didn't have to meet the TWF dexterity prerequisites and helped with the -2 con hit.

You could buy these:

They have a couple of foxes.

I would love to see some sort of an artificer class variant.

All good comments. But in the end, What Do You want to play as a character. If you go full defensive, will that bore you? Do you like going for high DPR, etc.

A build fully relies on the player liking the build style.

The more I read this the more I side with rotating non core races. For me personally, it's about the character concept and background. I have boons that I haven't created characters yet, because of wanting to finish my characters I have flushed out.

For the record, I play a Tengu, but it took awhile before creating him because of flushing out a concept.

If Paizo revisits the elves and dwarfs with their own companion books, you will see a spike in core races. Sometimes, I thinks it's the flavor of the day with folks.

But the bottom line is to have fun.

Jiggy ... 42 years of age I've been playing for almost 30 years.

Wish I was back there and could play. Looks like a nice turnout. Phoenix is finally cooling down. PFS out here is pretty good. Getting to slowly met the players.

Thanks. Will do before I use him next. Thanks for the quick responses.

So, I'm finally focused again on pathfinder and pfs society after a job change and a move. I dusted off my high level character, which was played last at Gencon 2012. Since that time, the following items have been banned:

bracer's of falcon's aim and quick runner's shirt.

I've searched the boards, but been unable to find out whether these were grandfathered in to the character, or what the process is for removing them from the character.

Any help would be great!

Good luck. Hope it's successful. The boards here are great if you have any more questions.

In our session yesterday, we had a character fall prone and then decided to take a full withdraw while in combat. Neither full withdraw or prone guidance stated whether it could occur. Has there been a ruling on it?

When attacking with two weapons (and having the two weapon fighting feat), is the secondary natural attack (say a tengu's bite) just made at minus five when full attacking?

The build also depends on the campaign setting.

Is there a reason he wants to do fighter / wizard? Did your player tire of melee or healing? Just trying to see his motivation into a caster. All good options posted, but just trying to see what is motivating your player so he can enjoy the campaign.

I'd say do what makes you happy, or makes Jeff more annoyed while GMing!

Most times our group played the scenarios, we pretty much took initiative to self muster and create a group. Maybe a few signs to folks in the mustering areas encouraging folks to self muster to speed things up before the sessions would help.

As for the special, I would plan for too many GMs for the special, so that when GMs don't show up, folks are prepared for the specific tier. I felt sorry for some of those GMs who were unprepared during the pressure filled special.

I was really happy with Gencon. My compliments to all involved.

Truly a memorable Gencon. I took some time off between slots to really enjoy exhibit hall this year, and enjoy time with new friends that I met through the con.

I'm still teasing Jeff about dying in rats part I.

I'll add my thoughts. I played in the 10-11 tier. It was a blast. We really had lots of fun running through it. I do wish we had more time to enjoy some of the parts, because all of us had a blast playing together. Besides my cousin and I, nobody knew each other, but boy we had fun.

I never made it to part II. There were rumors throughout the con that part II was a win or die scenario. The omen should have been the chronicle sheet from part I. As has been mentioned, any scenario really has to do with the DM quality, and the group quality. My paladin of Iomedae was truly ready to die impart II if I made it. The epic chance would have been worth it.

What I would have liked to have seen, we're back-up slots available for folks that didn't make it, since it sounds like people who qualified were no-shows.

Thanks for everyone who volunteered, played with me, and paizo for a great time!

PS: Kyle, thanks for allowing my Scotty's group to be your first kill at Gencon! And also so people understand, he's one of the best DMs I've had the chance to play with.

I had a blast. Tracy, thanks for putting this together.

Bobs told me you're a pushover and it will be a boring morning until we run rats part II with him.


And this isn't a strong enough statement to painlords post.

My wife and I were running new characters at the con, which took us out of the bidding. Otherwise, we could have bid using other characters. Also, we were trying to fit in all the other parts of the grand convocation. Needed more time!

Another option for boons, is what about tying some of them to PFS Scenarios purchased. So, if a person were to buy an entire season, it would unlock x boon. This is pushing the PFS Society locally, where those folks can't attend a con, for whatever reasons, but are playing PFS locally.


If we preorder, will it make it to us before Gencon? Otherwise, I'm entertaining just purchasing it there.


It was an unbelievable con. And my wife has now kept playing PFS Society. Just a shout out to those folks out there. She came away excited, and happy with how friendly everyone was.

Well done.

Chris, my wife and I were lucky enough to sit at your table during the banquet. You were overly friendly and easy to talk with!

My cousin and I just signed up for rats I & II. I couldn't resist since Bob might be runnning part II. He's almost managed to kill me twice, and then had to strip me of my paladin powers, but I'm always ready for a challenge!

And, of course, at least there will be beverages to be had since Bob's average scenario times Run 6-8 hours :)

In all fairness, Bob's one of the best GMs I've played with.

I thought the hotel was fine. There were grocery stores and local restaurants that folks could go to all the time. It just took a little planning.

My wife and I had a blast. It was fun getting to know the paizo staff and fellow gamers.

My only complaint would be to plan for bigger game rooms. Folks were stacked on top of each other, and I felt real sorry for all the GMs trying to shout over were another.

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