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Steve Geddes's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Maps Subscriber. 8,122 posts (9,188 including aliases). 12 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 9 aliases.

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Disappointing set

**( )( )( )

I'm surprised the other reviewers have ranked this set so highly. To me, it feels like the line is getting tired. No doubt exacerbated by the inherent problems of working with licensees, I'm starting to experience a certain sense of deja vu when Erik posts that he's "working with Wizkids to iron out the problems - the next set is going to be awesome..." (or words to that effect).

The paintjobs continue to be sloppy, the number of sculpts has dropped significantly and there were a whole bunch of combat-useful figures omitted so that goats, crows, foxes and owls could be included. It's nice to have those, but not four or five of each at the expense of miniatures with far more utility. I can now plot out a nice farmyard scene but what's the point? The location of each animal is hardly going to be important.

I wouldnt recommend this set to anyone who wasnt an avid collector. I think it would make a poor first impression. Far better to just get a few of the single minis (several of them are quite good - it's the set overall which I found disappointing).

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Made the drive to work enjoyable

****( )

This was my first foray into the world of audio-dramas. I wasnt sure what to expect (the trailer didnt impress me to be honest) but I'm glad I bought it.

I thought the actors were great - the voices were clear, believable and distinctive. I also thought they were well cast - Valeros was the only one who sounded wrong to me at first, but I got used to his accent pretty quickly. At times the sound effects and/or music was a little loud - I had one or two moments of missing a line, especially during battles, but they were rare.

Sometimes the script bugged me, but on reflection the task was pretty challenging. There were one or two bits of dialogue where the characters are 'explaining' things they'd probably already know just so the audience can catch up. I found Ezren's narration of his notes to the Pathfinder Society a much better vehicle for that sort of thing really.

The script also walks a fine line in meeting the needs of those who know the AP and those who dont. As someone in the first category, I really enjoyed it however I could imagine it being hard to follow (perhaps?) if you didnt know something of the story first. There were also the odd bits of expository dialogue which I could have done without but which are no doubt necessary for those with no prior knowledge of Golarion.

The parts of the AP's plot which were included and the parts omitted were well chosen, I think. I would have preferred a longer, more thorough rendering of the story, but then again leaving the listener wanting more is probably far preferable than the alternative.

From some minimal research, it seems somewhat pricey for an audio-drama of this length, however I think the quality lives up to the price-tag. I'd certainly not be put off by the trailer - I dont think that was the best choice to represent the episode.

It was a good way to pass the time in traffic and I'll certainly be picking up a subscription as soon as it is available.

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I liked them

****( )

I've got a fair few cases of the previous sets and a consistent thing that's bugged me is the 'cartoony' look. On receiving this set, I was pleased to see a shift - I think the 'bad paintjobs' previous reviewers have referred to might have been a shift in artistic direction. I, for one, prefer the look (although it looks like I'm not going to see it repeated for a while). If I hold each mini up, I can see what is irking others - the way I use minis though, they're only looked at passingly and from a distance - the sharp contrast and brighter colours of previous sets has been a far bigger turn off for me than the darker figures in this set.

Where I was actually disappointed was in choice of figures. I'm long past going "Cool! Another goblin!" and now just think of all the things I'd rather have seen. I'm similarly puzzled by the inclusion of a monkey swarm in a "legends of Golarion" set. Maybe an AP set, but are they really an iconic, Golarion thing? (Or do they really feature so much in Pathfinder games that a mini was crying out to be made?) The green dragon was superior to both the previous black and blue incentives in my view, but I am kind of over seeing yet another dragon as the centrepiece. I find different color dragons easy enough to substitute - I would have far more preferred something more distinctive (and ideally more Golarion specific).

If you're put off by the new look, I think it's probably worth at least considering the large size figures. Overall, they still seem to be in the high contrast, brighter colours of previous sets.

I've continued to be impressed by the distribution of the figures and the fact I got a complete set, as per previous sets.

Based on this set a kobold and/or orc builder set is hopefully on the way, but please Wizkids/Paizo - ease off on the goblins for a while?

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Add Booster: $15.99

A good set for those with substantial collections

****( )

For me, the best thing about this set was that it filled a niche that has been sorely under-represented in available pre-painted miniatures, namely aquatic monsters.

I still find it annoying to have common humans and demihumans (since you get so many different sculpts of PCs/NPCs around the place, I really dont see the need for four or five of one specific figure). I'd rather all the humans were rare and that the monsters were more heavily represented in the common and uncommon rarities.

I had a complete set of minis with only minor deviations from 'expected' distributions (I had five copies of one common mini and two copies of another). None of them were broken in transit and they all came away undamaged from the packaging.

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Really strong 'new direction'


This is the first in a revamp to the modules line and has immediately become my favorite Paizo module to date.

The additional pages really allows them to provide extra sidetreks/subplots/background info. Some of the earlier modules sometimes seems a little incomplete or 'rough'. On my first read through, this feels like a nice, self contained little snippet of Golarion it seems I could easily expand but without feeling like it's incomplete or too sketchy.

The story is pretty traditional but with typical Paizo thoughtfulness behind it. The liberal use of side quests and tie-ins to the town mean one could run this at either the sandbox or railroad ends of the spectrum without much trouble.

I really like the tie-in to the quest cards (available as part of a separate product here. Not sure how that will play out at our table, but being a relatively time-deprived group who pay very little attention to the campaign between sessions, I'm really hoping this will provide the necessary prod to keep players on track and remembering what they're supposed to be doing.

The inclusion of the map is a welcome (and overdue) improvement. One side is the town (always useful to have, imo) and the other is a battlemat for likely one of the most memorable, 'key' encounters. I have a minor gripe, in that the town map has numbers but no key. Ideally, I'd have liked the map to just have labels (like 'town hall', 'manor', 'church', etcetera) or to have included a key for the numbered buildings. As it is, I'm not sure that they do much more than detract from the look of it. <- It's a very minor point though.

My only real objection to the module is that I feel it tries to do a little too much. Starting at 1st and potentially finishing at 7th (although admittedly that's going to require a particularly dedicated and methodical group) is a little too broad for my tastes. This is again a very minor gripe.

If you've steered away from the modules line before, I think this is well worth a look - both for the little morsel of Golarion lore it provides and to see the new approach they are taking.

I think it would make an excellent module for a keen Beginner Box DM as well. Technically it could go beyond the BB comfort zone, but you'll have a lot of gameplay under your belt by then - I'm sure you'd either be able to wing it or that you'll have moved onto the Core Rules by then.

I've not yet played it, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. It's going to be my new "introduction to Golarion" module for quite some time, I suspect.

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