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Abyssal Raptor

Stereofm's page

1,591 posts. Alias of Francois MICHEL.

Sovereign Court

There seems to be an interesting new Kickstarter going on, compatible with Pathfinder and such. I think you huys should have a look at it.

Sovereign Court

So I updated to the latest versions of Hero Lab itself, and PFRPG.
It seems all of my third party files are no longer taken into account, except the Midgard ones.

Anyone else experience this ? So annoying.

Sovereign Court

Dear Paizo,

I want to order the content of my shopping card, but somehow, an error message is displayed very briefly, and I am sent back to the checkout page with no clear explanation.

Help me please :)

Sovereign Court

So I have nothing to do with this project, but I figured a few of you might be interested : Black book Editions (the French Pathfinder translator) is having a kind-of crowdfunding for a new Pathfinder world.

Here it is :
Broken World

It looks promising, but is unlikely to be translated.

Sovereign Court

Hey, I know some of you may be burned out on KS, but I found this one intriguing enough, and it looks it may be short of funding so :


I like the concept of the adventure + the minis together.

Sovereign Court


Somehow, I ended with two copies of "Rogue Trader faith and coin" on two different orders.

I would only like one please.

Also, I'd like to report that I can't see these two orders in my order history for some reason, and this is unusual.


Sovereign Court


I think something went wrong : instead of the content of the order, I got three boxes of Skull and Shackles. I have looked at my order history to see if it's me or what, but I think some confusion happened.

Please can you check on your side too ? unfortunately, due to bad habit, I threw out the delivery paper, so i can't check this.

Sovereign Court

I know it's from Europe and price are in GBP, but still, look at these !


Really nice looking minis in a venitian setting plus some horror/Cthulhu

Sovereign Court


The problem with the ship asap option, is that none of the items will ship until all are in the warehouse, and that seems unlikely.

Besides I do not know which ones you have received, and which ones you are still awaiting.

Could you tell me what is in and not ?

I am especially interested in "Heroes of the Jade Oath" and the T shirts

Thanks for the help


Sovereign Court

Hi folks sorry : made an error when ordering.

Would you please change shipping so that it ships with my next subscription ?

Sorry about that, clicked too fast.

Sovereign Court


There seems to be an awful lot of minis in kickstarter projects, and producers appearing that I was not even aware of.

At the moment, I have backed the Reaper kickstarter, the midgard minis, and the Kingdom Death.

Are you aware of any others ?

Or other new mini publishers, while we are at it ?

Sovereign Court


Any chances this will be availablr again soon ?
I have just seen the film and this is a must-have (evan if I am only half-pleased about the film).


Sovereign Court

Hi friends,

It seems my may subscription shipment is still showing as "currently pending", and it's been like this for several days. Since I see you already authorized the June one, I find it strange.

Can you give ot a look ? I've already had shipments blocked because of one product in the past, and i'd hate to miss on my favourites modules.


Sovereign Court


For the last two days, every time I try to download anything, I get this message.

Does anybody know why ?

I am using IE with Windows 7

Liberty's Edge

Say, I am currently playing in a Serpent Skull campaign a female half-elf Inquisitor of St Milani, the goddess of freedom and revolution, and deliverance from tyrant .... and ... and ...

Well anyhow, in our group the "Half-Pack" there is this other player playing that CUTE Half-elf druid, who is also a nonconformist rebel.

Sounds like a good match right ?

Right, Except I am a woman of religion and principles. Nothing before marriage. So I decided on the fly that my sweetheart has to beat the nine trials of Milani, but I am short on ideas so far, and how to justify them (not much has been published on Milani).

So far, his first trial will be to bring me a blood red rose (or any equivalent flower of the proper hue since roses don't grow in the jungle). Likely our evil DM will make it some kind of plant monster ....

So What should be the eight others ?

(if Nine is too much, I'd settle for Six)

Sovereign Court


I am currently reading this AP, and I love the Sixfold Trial.

However, it strikes me that the roleplaying scene in the Feast is way too easy, IMO, as there are not enough NPCs and Red Herrings.

Has anybody developed more NPCs that I could steal ?

Thanks to all

Sovereign Court


Got some surprise today as I received my packages :
Instead of "Warhammer Fantasy : Paths of the Damned volume 1 - Ashes of Middenheim", I got "Book of the Damned 1 : princes of Darkness"

So I get where the problem comes from, but is there any way I could get my original book ? i am missing just this one, and I'll have the complete Warhammer campaign.

I am okay to keep the Princes of darkness book, I'll give it to a friend.

Thanks for your advice

Sovereign Court


Apparently this game has just been released on Steam, so I was wondering if anybody here has already tried it, and what are your opinions ?

I am not a fond of MMOs, but running around in a cape and screaming "I am BATMAN" looks good.

Anyone ?

Sovereign Court


So we at last concluded Skinsaw last sunday... despite every attempt of my players at slowing the game and not picking clues.



My main problems were : Okay, my players were in Magnimar, but were having trouble piecing together the Brothers clues.

None of them were good enough to decipher the journal of the judge quick enough, and they had shot the messengers accidentally without pause ... so they could not follow them to the lair of Little Miss TPK ...

But since they had made a point of being seen in town hoping the bad guys would get to them ...

And there was this "Scarecrow" guy ...

And I love Batman comics ...

I decided to have the Scarecrow pay them a friendly visit. Oh, and improve him a bit. Like special attack "Fear and hallucination gas special night".

So when they came home to Aldern's house after slaughtering the cultists ... They noticed that their door had been tampered with, and found suspicious bits of straw.

Then after three rounds inside (just the time to climb the stairs), I asked them to roll will saves (all failed) Vs confusion ... as they saw lots of small tombs appearing all around the battlemap ... and I started putting lots of Goblin minis on the map, emerging from the map... and they recognized the goblins from Thistletop they had butchered ...

Then the Bard player exclaimed ... "It's Thriller !!!" And we let out the MJ tune while duking it out against Scarecrow...

Of course, my players having their over-optimized, scary psychopath butchers characters, I had to cheat to keep the scarecrow alive so they could follow it this time ...

But Hey ! How awesome was that ?

(This post by request of my players)

Opinions ?

Sovereign Court

Hello friends,

It seems this order is stuck as "pending". I think it is due to the special order item inside.

Would you please :
Send me all pending items + the contents of my sidecart ? And report any backorder / problem items to a later order ?
Change the shipping to quickest available ? (I agree to the extra charge)
Bill me the whole thing and send it on its way urgently ?

I am asking this, because the acccursed holidays season is coming fast, and I am afraid the shipment might "vanish" if I wait more

Thanks a lot for your great help and prompt answer

Stereo / Francois

Sovereign Court

The Holiday season is coming fast, and thanks to to this, comes the muc dreaded online gifts period.

I don't how it works in the US, but this is how it does in Europe : the understaffed postal service hires loads of temp help to cope with the increased volume from Amazon ... and lotsa things "disappear". Not always, but my ratio is around 1/3 at this time of year, vs 0 the rest.

So, in order to cope with this, is there any way to have my late november to early january shipments be put on hold, just so that I avoid that risk ?

Thanks for your time.

Sovereign Court


I may have goofed while using the Ship asap option.

In short : would it be possible for you to ship me now whatever is ready to go ? I am afraid I have items holding the whole again, and I'd rather avoid that.

Thanks in advance for your good work

EDIT : also I don't mind free shipping, but that seems a bit weird...

Sovereign Court

Bump ?

Sovereign Court

It's one of the products that never made it back from China ?

What's the story ? just curious.

Sovereign Court


So it seems my evil nemesis, dastardly queen Ileosa, is once again blocking my shipment. Why did it have to go through Korvosa really ? :)

So in short, could you mail me this order, and put the queen mini in a separate one where she won't cause more trouble ?

Thanks a lot


Sovereign Court

So it seems most of my orders are being held by that pesky queen Ileosa.

Off with her ! Long live the revolution !

So would you please just ship me all the rest of my pendding items ? By Standard postal delivery so it stings less ?

Thanks a lot and please confirm

Sovereign Court

I just ordered it ... IT MUST BE MINE !

(it's just too silly for me to ignore it)

However, it is quite expensive. I really hope I won't be dissapointed when it arrives.

Sovereign Court

Apparently, it is true, and will be a part of Mutants and Masterminds.

I must admit, I'd pick one copy for sure, even though it's unlikely I'll ever have time to play.

News is from EN World.

Sovereign Court

Just to clarify : I'd have this happening in Magnimar, just after "The Skinsaw murders".

Sovereign Court


I have just noticed that somehow, I ordered two copies of "the Noble Wild", where i wanted just one. Can you please cancel the extra copy ?

Thanks a lot


Sovereign Court

Hiya friends ?

While I can access my shopping cart, the website does not let me go further and place my order. It slows, freezes, and kicks me back to the shopping cart screen.

Please help, I want to order my kobold Quarterly.

Tasty, tasty little kobold ....

Sovereign Court

Today's episode of "Commisioned" shows the resident DM "O" reading the Pathfinder rules rather than their usual D&D stuff.

Take a look at some of the older episodes to look at their usual style.

Sovereign Court


Would you be kind enough to ship it to me now whatever I have pending in this order and/or others and charge me extra as needed ?

best regards


Sovereign Court

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is any release date for this product, as I know the .pdf is now available from Green Ronin, and since I have an ongoing game, where the adventure could right fit, I was wondering if it was worth getting the .pdf on top of the print.

Depends on the timing.

Sovereign Court

Hello friends,

Can you please combine everything that is pending on my order history, and ship me the whole thing ?

Thanks for the help

Sovereign Court


Since the new PFRPG minis are taking forever to join the shop inventory, can you ship me the available ones and change the order delivery setting accordingly ?

Thanks a lot and keep up the good job

Sovereign Court

Is out, and it looks just as enjoyable as the original.

Besides it it free !

I really enjoyed the first one, so I think it will be just as good if not more.

Sovereign Court

Sorry to insist, but I see several items moving into "pending" status, and I am getting worried;

Can you make sure they are billed on the CURRENT card and not the old one ?

Sorry about that, but it was necessary.


Sovereign Court


I seem to have bad luck lately, as I have not received them yet.

I know that having packages "disappearing" around Christmas is a time-long tradition in the Post Office where I live, and I accept the risk, so this is not a complaint, but maybe, do you have any means to track the expeditions ?

Thanks for the great job anyways,

Sovereign Court

Well, it's no secret I am a big fan of GRR Martin, of the game of Thrones, the song of Ice and Fire novels, of GOO D20 version ... probably soon of Green Ronin's version ...

And I bought these minis from Dark Sword, both from their () online store and from Paizo ...

Now, for some unknown reason, their () online store keeps refusing my credit cards, even though they are genuine, and EVERY other online shop find no problems with them (especially Paizo's) ... Really frustrating ! And no, I am not THAT broke.

So any chance Paizo would order the next set of minis (the 1.5) so I could get the chance to make an honest payment and get my hands on them ?

Sovereign Court

Hello Cosmo,

I mentioned it in my previous thread, but just out of security, can you also ship me the pending items in these two orders ?

Let's not wait for july after all.

It's ok if this creates additional shipping.

thank you and best regards.

Sovereign Court


Since it's been a while, and I have all these products listed as pending ...

Would it be possible to pack these two orders together, cancel the backorder sinspawn, and ship them now ?

That would be good if it is possible.

For my two other orders, they should ship in July, which should be fine by me, unless you expect a shortage on the product.

Let me know what is possible

Best regards

Sovereign Court *

And it's not,like there are so many conventions here, ot that they are so good for the record.

So Home play ? What will it be like, when/how ?

Any clues welcome, i'd like to spread the pathfinder disease to counter the 4e invasion as much as I can.

Sovereign Court


As I see it may be delayed more than I thought, could you please change the delivery option to "ship as available" ?

I agree to any additional shipping charges resulting from this

I will wait a bit more for the others, but I might end up doing the same.

Thanks in advance, and best regards

Sovereign Court

Hello friends,

I feel this point is best.
Not just because it is tradition in D&D.

No, because, one of the goal of PFRPG is backward compatibility.

Remember of these posts about wizards being too powerful in years past ? Since the wizards player will still have access to his wonderful library of uber-destruction spells, PLUS the very nice IMHO new specialists rules ....

Let's not give them too much power shall we ?

That's only an opinion, of course.

Sovereign Court

Well I am through my first reading of the alpha release, and I am mostly very pleased with it.

I'll do my comments on other parts of it separately, but I liked the part about specialist wizards a lot.

However, since the basic idea is sound, why not do the same treatment for elemental wizards right away ?

Ever since 2e and Al-Qadim, I liked the idea of having Fire, Air, ... mages hanging around.

What do you think ?

Sovereign Court

I see it has not shipped yet. Are there items missing from the inventory ?

If so, is it possible to cancel them so the order can go ? Can you let me know what they are, so i avoid ordering them again ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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