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Abyssal Raptor

Stereofm's page

1,718 posts. Alias of Francois MICHEL.


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Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oppara looks like a perfect setting for a boxed set full of Intrigue

Sovereign Court

Now that I have an upgraded computer I am replaying this, and generally having a good time. Not a perfect game, but some good ideas and atmosphere all along.

Sovereign Court

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'd buy it, of course

Sovereign Court

DominusMegadeus wrote:

"Courage Heart, the herald of Milani, is currently lobbying the Steward of the Skein to join her crusade against the final blades of Galt: to free the souls of all those trapped within those nefarious guillotines. Her argument is that the blades are preventing souls rightly ascending to Pharasma's Boneyard. So far, the Steward has made little reaction to her proposal."

There are also a few level 10+ Pharasmin Clerics in Osirion who should probably do something about all that. If there were stats for any prominent Gray Gardeners, I would tell you how impossibly easy it should be for the Pharasmins to float across the Inner Sea and stomp those cheese-eating surrender-monkeys.

Surrender monkeys was 20th century. Not revolutionary time.

Just sayin'

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

i want that book

Sovereign Court

Ah, some good news. I am interested in this one.

Sovereign Court

Have started the game, and I find it really leasant to play so far.

Sovereign Court

Just done that. Very interested in this one.

Sovereign Court

It's true that after investing a significant amount in 3.5 and PFRPG, I am less than thrilled at the idea of a new game.

Sovereign Court

link broken

Sovereign Court

Running your own games is better, but then comes the issue of telling your players that no you are banning this and that option, and your friends start complaining about unfair, unfair ...

And even if you announce a list in advance, there is a real possibility to forget a lot of things.

Sovereign Court

I got it just after my message.
Seems like a great book

Sovereign Court

Lucky you. but hopefully, I should not wait too long

Sovereign Court

Finlanderboy wrote:

Lower the stat buy.

This effectively makes it so much harder to build the crazier things. To maintain those awesome attacks they dump so many other skills. Now there wisdom and perception is negative.

So moments where things go his way, he will do awesome damage. When he is mind controlled with his 0 will save he is now a threat to his team.

I generally go with PFS rules for legality in my PF home games. The rules are already set and well made. I will allow anything outside of pfs with a quick reason as to why.


That is actually my way of thought too : this is a pretty efficient way to curb down the power, without limiting creative options in the choice of classes.

And ban all stat boosting items, too.

Sovereign Court

I'd like a political intrigue AP, without the kingdom-running, preferably

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

France alone is not strong enough to take on ISIS without the help of Russia and NATO, and the cooperation of neighboring countries, if only they stopped financing ISIS.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have a really shady role in all this.

Sovereign Court

Better than fallout 3 is already a good sign.
Thank you for the reply.

Sovereign Court

How is the scenario like ?
I can't start playing yet, I have not upgraded the computer yet.

Sovereign Court

I mostly used adventures, especially ones that are unconventional, but I really use everything I can. Hero Lab support is obviouly a huge plus when possible.

I find 3pp balance on par with Paizo products.

Sovereign Court

What he said.
Given the plethora of supplements available today, scenarii as written are cakewalk, and I do not enjoy baby-sitting.

Sovereign Court

It has ?
That is somewhat big news

Sovereign Court

BTW, thank you shadowchemosh for the work you are doing, as I have tested some of your creations.

Sovereign Court

ShadowChemosh wrote:
Stereofm wrote:

However, once again, ALL third party files that are not sold from the lonewolf webstore have disapeared.

So that means that all Frog God games, Adventure a week, community packages are poof ! Gone and are not recognized anymore.

This means a conflict was found between your addons and the current version of HL. This caused HL to go into safe mode and not load any addons.

I can confirm the Community Packs have no issues with v12.7 of Pathfinder. So this means one of the other addons you have is causing it. =(

The Pathfinder software keeps changing and the 3PP companies are not doing support/update to the files they released. In software development updates have to happen as the OS or tool is changed. In example look at all the changes LW has done to the HL .exe binary to make it be compatible with Windows 10. You don't yell at MS for the issue when HL .exe has problems in Win 10 so why complain to LW when a 3PP fails to keep its software up to date?

Contact the makers of the addons and ask for fixes. Unless this is done the real issue will never get solved. =(

I'm with you, but I already tried to contact them, and this is so annoying.

I am due to start a Razor Coast campaign sometime next year. Should I just tell my players "sorry dudes your character sheeets are ******" every time there's a new update ?

The great point of hero lab is precisely that it is open to everything Paizo, and then more.

And I am already spending way too much time on RPG/software forums, so no I can't find some to go to Lonewolf's.

Well, sorry for the rant anyways.

Sovereign Court

That is great.

However, once again, ALL third party files that are not sold from the lonewolf webstore have disapeared.
So that means that all Frog God games, Adventure a week, community packages are poof ! Gone and are not recognized anymore.

This happens about every new update and is frankly growing irritating. If some more permanent solution could be found to avoid this, that would be great.

Sovereign Court

Pssst .... the original modules were 1st ed. But the line continued well into 2E.

Sovereign Court

As an example of oppressive proclamations, remember the origin of English most famous four letter word.

Use this one instead if necessary if you want to really anger citizens. :)

Sovereign Court

It seems mine got stuck again, posibly due to a preorder item.
Thank you for your help.

Sovereign Court

blackbloodtroll wrote:

I know the "wrong rules lawyers", who also purposefully build weak PCs, or, at least, seem to.


The showboat, scene-hogging drama major, can also be the your group's "wrong rules lawyer".

I played with one.


Sovereign Court

These are not mutually exclusive, but I think a lot of the problem comes from rules lawyers around the table insisting on arguing every little rule, and wasting everybody else roleplaying time.

Mostly, a behaviour issue.

Sovereign Court

Anonymous-ness (?) is a trait of cities. Especially modern ones.

Sovereign Court

I am not entirely convinced. I would say cities appeared also out of economics / demographics and convenience alliances against raiders, but I see your point has merit.

Sovereign Court

Orthos wrote:

Cities tend to lean that way, unless there's something big to push them toward chaos.

IRL and before 19th century organised planning, I would say exactly the opposite.If you compare city plans from before and after, the difference is striking.

Sovereign Court

Shut up and take my Money already !

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well I finished the game recently after 108 hours, and I did not play all the quests and possible events. it was just GREAT throughout.

I am now waiting for the extension to be available before I start another go.

Sovereign Court

Damn, I need to upgrade my RAM

Sovereign Court

Ah thanks, I knew of those ones already, and they are good, but they are simply not varied enough.

I found something like I wanted with heroforge minis, still not perfect though. And pricey, too.

Sovereign Court


I am looking for miniatures of people dressed in medieval/renaissance clothes (merchants, clergy, peasants, alchemists, nobles ...)

Basically I just played the witcher 3 game, and I am struck at how little minis are out there looking like the characters they developed.

Any references ?

Sovereign Court


Just seen this thread. please recommend me pirate resources (or nautical, or undersea); I already have quite a few, but everything welcome.

Sovereign Court

Mana Chicken wrote:

So I have a DM that decided that if you try to slash at someone with heavy armor it wouldn't do any damage because in the real world it wouldn't. You have to stab at the person.

Normally that wouldn't matter but now he's saying if I try to cleave I do no damage against people with heavy armor because "realistically speaking" it wouldn't do anything.
Does this seem right to you guys?

I am all in favour of more realism, and more rules to limit magic, but there's such a thing as pushing it too far ...

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The problem with 15 minutes adventure day is bad adventure design, and powermunching players exploiting it.

Want to avoid that ?

Write the adventure with victory conditions for the villain which means the PCs need to act now, or lose.

It can be :
- Need to act now, or villain gains unlimited reinforcements
- Need to act now, or villain escapes
- Need to act now, or villain slays target, and everything else is pretty irrelevant

Would it be logical IRL for the party to rest and nothing happens after their 15 minutes ? No ? Then don't have it in game.

Also, if the party stays immobile to rest, then they become targets to be ambushed. Stay out also of the boring and predictable three encounters a day. Send as many encounters as needed to make them squeal ... if that is logical with the situation.

Sovereign Court

I remember absolutely hating the delve format.

It made things much more complicated for me, and sometimes it was really irritating. I had the impression of reading the same text several times over as different sections were referencing the same thing, but not in the same way, leading to confusion.

Plus, as I recall, it made certain monster actions mandatory, as "the goblin will always charge you".

Better is the foe of Good as they say.

Sovereign Court

Is a print version, or POD planned at some point ?

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.
The Raven Black wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

I once came very close to buying Deities and Demigods with the Melnibonean and Cthulhu stuff in it.

Apart from that, I'm not too upset.

I have it. I do not plan on selling it though ;-)

One of my acquaintances has all the original DnD Boxed sets, in French for those that were translated. I have only the first two boxes (Blue and Red). Every time I go to his place, I kneel and worship before the pile of boxes :-)

I haven't showed me my OD&D "white box" yet ? :)

I also have the Fiend Folio authographed by Gary himself.

Sovereign Court

James Jacobs wrote:


The part about it being an error that the elves got portrayed in the wrong way (in part due to a lack of my time and inexperience as a developer, and in part due to the author drawing too much on classic D&D/Tolkein elf lore).

The part where my last name is missing its "s" is not true though.

Somehow, I am somewhat sad to read this.

I understand that you want a gaming atmosphere as friendly as possible, everybody is welcome for Golarion, and I deeply respect this.

The part of me that is sad though, is that I have the feeling that all of you are self-censoring yourselves because of this, in fear that someone might get offended. I don't mind adult and edgy themes, done right.

Please keep up the good work, and dare show evil for what it is. A good villain for an AP, is a villain you want DEAD, DEAD, DEAD !!!

All the best.

Sovereign Court

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Call the book, Blood of Tricksters.
Seems appropriate to me.

Sovereign Court

Sure I will. We're not starting immediately, though.

Sovereign Court

CaptainGemini wrote:

You can do the same with FATE, Savage Worlds, and a number of others.

We've got enough kitchen sink systems to fill the Tarrasque's kitchen sink. We really don't need Pathfinder to continue to be one.

True, except I don't want to learn another system if I have the choice.

Sovereign Court

leo1925 wrote:

I DMed the entire RotRL (i even used it as an example in this thread), can you give an example of things you didn't allow the players to roll knowledge for? (in spoilers tag)

I had a very similar approach.

I had to tell players : "NO, your character cannot start with knowledge of Thassilonian", and no, no one can teach it to you, as no one speaks it.


That was in hope of getting them motivated to talk to Brother Quink, or whatever his name. it did not work though, they kept ignoring him for the whole campaign.

I also applied huge limitations on rolls pertaining to ancient history, and geography of the old kingdoms, until they found the library. then I lifted it all.

Actually, that did not change much, but I felt it was better.

Sovereign Court

hiiamtom wrote:

As for running "serious" games, stick to systems that are specific to what you like. If you like 3.5; 5e is more balanced and tosses the trap options, and both Fantasy Craft and 4e make terrific super powered character games. If you like the options and system mastery there is GURPS or Fantasy Craft. If you like building strong characters there is RuneQuest or FATE which depend on your character's backstory and give good plot armor to the danger in the world. If you like "old school" games there are a ton of retroclones, and even Warhammer Fantasy plays like a much more dangerous and challenging 3.5.

TL;DR, I love playing Pathfinder in a specific set of circumstances with a healthy dose of house rules the table agrees to, but everyone should play more than one system and try to avoid using one system for literally everything.

Well, I part agree and part disagree with you.

A really bloated amount of material has been written for D&D / Pathfinder over the years, yes. And you can now have a custom made character that covers just about any possible concept.

So that means that if you have a thematic adventure (SF, Pirates, Wild West ...) there IS something out there to run it. If everyone at the table agrees to avoid the kitchen sink approach and limit the options offered to stay true to the genre, than you CAN play about everything without having to learn another RPG system.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Crimeo wrote:

If you have some other response, by all means let me know. But just saying "No. I choose fire. Player autonomy" doesn't cut it. And other ideas will likely have whatever logical consequences they actually would have too.

Fire hurts things more reliably than, say, holy water in the real world. It stands within reason someone would try with fire, before trying anything else.

Also, you don't have that many options in the core rulebook, without digging up weird manuals.

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