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Abyssal Raptor

Stereofm's page

1,681 posts. Alias of Francois MICHEL.


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Sovereign Court


Just seen this thread. please recommend me pirate resources (or nautical, or undersea); I already have quite a few, but everything welcome.

Sovereign Court

Mana Chicken wrote:

So I have a DM that decided that if you try to slash at someone with heavy armor it wouldn't do any damage because in the real world it wouldn't. You have to stab at the person.

Normally that wouldn't matter but now he's saying if I try to cleave I do no damage against people with heavy armor because "realistically speaking" it wouldn't do anything.
Does this seem right to you guys?

I am all in favour of more realism, and more rules to limit magic, but there's such a thing as pushing it too far ...

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The problem with 15 minutes adventure day is bad adventure design, and powermunching players exploiting it.

Want to avoid that ?

Write the adventure with victory conditions for the villain which means the PCs need to act now, or lose.

It can be :
- Need to act now, or villain gains unlimited reinforcements
- Need to act now, or villain escapes
- Need to act now, or villain slays target, and everything else is pretty irrelevant

Would it be logical IRL for the party to rest and nothing happens after their 15 minutes ? No ? Then don't have it in game.

Also, if the party stays immobile to rest, then they become targets to be ambushed. Stay out also of the boring and predictable three encounters a day. Send as many encounters as needed to make them squeal ... if that is logical with the situation.

Sovereign Court

I remember absolutely hating the delve format.

It made things much more complicated for me, and sometimes it was really irritating. I had the impression of reading the same text several times over as different sections were referencing the same thing, but not in the same way, leading to confusion.

Plus, as I recall, it made certain monster actions mandatory, as "the goblin will always charge you".

Better is the foe of Good as they say.

Sovereign Court

Is a print version, or POD planned at some point ?

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.
The Raven Black wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

I once came very close to buying Deities and Demigods with the Melnibonean and Cthulhu stuff in it.

Apart from that, I'm not too upset.

I have it. I do not plan on selling it though ;-)

One of my acquaintances has all the original DnD Boxed sets, in French for those that were translated. I have only the first two boxes (Blue and Red). Every time I go to his place, I kneel and worship before the pile of boxes :-)

I haven't showed me my OD&D "white box" yet ? :)

I also have the Fiend Folio authographed by Gary himself.

Sovereign Court

James Jacobs wrote:


The part about it being an error that the elves got portrayed in the wrong way (in part due to a lack of my time and inexperience as a developer, and in part due to the author drawing too much on classic D&D/Tolkein elf lore).

The part where my last name is missing its "s" is not true though.

Somehow, I am somewhat sad to read this.

I understand that you want a gaming atmosphere as friendly as possible, everybody is welcome for Golarion, and I deeply respect this.

The part of me that is sad though, is that I have the feeling that all of you are self-censoring yourselves because of this, in fear that someone might get offended. I don't mind adult and edgy themes, done right.

Please keep up the good work, and dare show evil for what it is. A good villain for an AP, is a villain you want DEAD, DEAD, DEAD !!!

All the best.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Call the book, Blood of Tricksters.
Seems appropriate to me.

Sovereign Court

Sure I will. We're not starting immediately, though.

Sovereign Court

CaptainGemini wrote:

You can do the same with FATE, Savage Worlds, and a number of others.

We've got enough kitchen sink systems to fill the Tarrasque's kitchen sink. We really don't need Pathfinder to continue to be one.

True, except I don't want to learn another system if I have the choice.

Sovereign Court

leo1925 wrote:

I DMed the entire RotRL (i even used it as an example in this thread), can you give an example of things you didn't allow the players to roll knowledge for? (in spoilers tag)

I had a very similar approach.

I had to tell players : "NO, your character cannot start with knowledge of Thassilonian", and no, no one can teach it to you, as no one speaks it.


That was in hope of getting them motivated to talk to Brother Quink, or whatever his name. it did not work though, they kept ignoring him for the whole campaign.

I also applied huge limitations on rolls pertaining to ancient history, and geography of the old kingdoms, until they found the library. then I lifted it all.

Actually, that did not change much, but I felt it was better.

Sovereign Court

hiiamtom wrote:

As for running "serious" games, stick to systems that are specific to what you like. If you like 3.5; 5e is more balanced and tosses the trap options, and both Fantasy Craft and 4e make terrific super powered character games. If you like the options and system mastery there is GURPS or Fantasy Craft. If you like building strong characters there is RuneQuest or FATE which depend on your character's backstory and give good plot armor to the danger in the world. If you like "old school" games there are a ton of retroclones, and even Warhammer Fantasy plays like a much more dangerous and challenging 3.5.

TL;DR, I love playing Pathfinder in a specific set of circumstances with a healthy dose of house rules the table agrees to, but everyone should play more than one system and try to avoid using one system for literally everything.

Well, I part agree and part disagree with you.

A really bloated amount of material has been written for D&D / Pathfinder over the years, yes. And you can now have a custom made character that covers just about any possible concept.

So that means that if you have a thematic adventure (SF, Pirates, Wild West ...) there IS something out there to run it. If everyone at the table agrees to avoid the kitchen sink approach and limit the options offered to stay true to the genre, than you CAN play about everything without having to learn another RPG system.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Crimeo wrote:

If you have some other response, by all means let me know. But just saying "No. I choose fire. Player autonomy" doesn't cut it. And other ideas will likely have whatever logical consequences they actually would have too.

Fire hurts things more reliably than, say, holy water in the real world. It stands within reason someone would try with fire, before trying anything else.

Also, you don't have that many options in the core rulebook, without digging up weird manuals.

Sovereign Court

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Pixie, the Leng Queen wrote:

"Well it worked on the small guys, lets see if it works on this big guy" is a completely reasonable move without requiring any further knowledge rolls.

Kinda like "Well I know that little red dragon shoots fire. If I had to put my money on it, the Big one probably shoots fire too" is completely reasonable. Now granted you would need a proper knowledge roll to also know that the Big guy is also a nasty spell caster and such, but using basic reasoning of a smaller guy and guessing its advanced or adult stages has similair abilities isnt unreasonable.... Especially if you hve already encountered said minor/younger versions

Agreed, but even without that, there is nothing wrong with throwing an alchemist fire on a troll even if you failed the roll. Trial and error.

If you have one available, and your normal attacks don't work as well as they should, why would you not try another method ?

And if someone finds this is meta gaming, then throw another kind of troll vulnerable to something else once in a while.

Sovereign Court

Question : has anyone used Fire as she bears ship rules ?
How did it work out ? aére they worth the extra effort ?

If so, have you used ship minis, and from what companies ?

Sovereign Court

2 people marked this as a favorite.
mathpro18 wrote:

Has anyone gone through a period of time where there interest in running games is near zero. Every time I start a campaign either here on the boards or in real life its like pulling teeth to get my self interested in running it. I find my self wanting to do anything else but sit at the gaming table during sessions. I'm starting up a new group and I'm hoping a change of players will help...

Any advice?

I am currently recovering from one myself. You have all my sympathies.

My best advice is tell the players that you need a long break from DMing, and ask them to DM you instead. Also, get some rest, and try other activities.Tell them, it's not them, it's you. And also, this is temporary.

It's been some six months since I stopped, and I am feeling infinitely better.

Sovereign Court

After reading the thread, there is a rule that I really don't like, and I have not seen it mentioned here : CORNERS !!! (And the rules for cover of concealment in general, but corners are the worse case IMO).

Corners give you basically +4 AC cover from all kind of attacks, and negate AOOs, and give you a +2 bonus to reflex saves.

This seems really unrealistic, but also it rewards idiot behaviour, like the mage putting itself in the front of the party, but in a corner, because he does not get AOOs.

This slows combat on both sides, as people do not always compute well the variations in AC.

And also, the corner cover punishes BOTH sides of the fight : it could make sense for some defenders to establish a bottleneck in a room at the end of a corridor, where they can block the mobility of the enemy, and stall them, and benefit from the fact they are more numerous than the attackers, but no, they are as handicapped as the attackers when they want to roll their attack.

I will grant that it makes sense to seek cover against missile weapons, but against melee attack, I do not think so, especially as the fights occur over an abstract grid with an already large size for the squares.

It also hardly seems heroic to win a fight by hiding in a corner, but then that's me. Sorry for the rant.

Sovereign Court

Anzyr wrote:

Uh, no the "rules are sacred" crowd is not privileging rolls over story. The two are mutually exclusive. A game (like mine) where the rules are sacred still has a story, it's just one that actually takes into account the rules. In fact, if your game doesn't take into account the abilities and rolls of the players in a consistent manner, you aren't playing a game, the GM is just telling you a story. And I came to play a game, not listen to a story.

Except the problem is often that playing the rules as sacred, there is no much challenge left, and it is often auto-win but wrapped in tedious rules-minutia, so you are not really playing a game, and with all the time you are spending on that, there is not much left room for the story part which is rushed.

A little compromise can go a long way to fix that (without the artificial DCs thing).

Sovereign Court

As a rule, no, though I could try that as a new angle.

Sovereign Court

Jewelfox wrote:

Moreover, the blurb on Kreed went on to talk about how when he's not committing casual acts of violence, he's actually not so bad and is randomly generous to people. Or something. YMMV, but I feel like this part was less of a commentary on IRL rape culture and the normalization of sexual violence, and more of a ham-handed attempt to introduce "moral ambiguity" into a game where "I kills it with my greataxe" is the default mode of interaction.

I think this was an attempt to show him as a deranged character : a lot of those scumbags know they are doing wrong, and cannot reconcile this with their mind, so they attempt to compensate their actions with their self glorified opinion of themselves by being ostensibly helpful now and then.

Sovereign Court

I wasn't too happy with 3.5 at the end, but mainly because they threw the sponge on trying to have any internal coherence to the system, as they were too busy preparing for the 4e transition.

Quantity is not a problem, as long as the quality follows. (And adventures)

Sovereign Court

thank you

Sovereign Court

Al-Qadim beats the other with no effort, while being blind folded, hands tied in the back, drugged, and disarmed.

Not much of a contest here

Sovereign Court

Aniuś the Talewise wrote:
@Stereofm My style of worldbuilding is way more on the Iron Age -- Early Middle Ages side of things but it might be at least somewhat up your alley.

Why not ? I am interested

Sovereign Court

Michael Riter wrote:

Well, since I am not going with a medieval/feudal setting, I'm sorry I can't help you there. ^^'

I can, however, say that I do have detailed relationships between the different social classes. The senatorial class, the patricians, plebeians, slaves, etc will all be detailed.

I love the Roman Empire too. It's just it's also been done with Arcanis

Sovereign Court


I am sorry, but I forgot to add the summer 15 code
Is it possible to add it for me please ?

Apologies for the trouble

Sovereign Court

Giuseppe Capriati wrote:
If the occasion arises, I strongly reccomend you to take a visit at Palazzo Davanzati in Florence, Italy: it was very ispirational for me and added a lot to my home campaigns in terms of description of building (especially bigger ones).

I am interested. I visited Florence, but not this building. Would you please detail a bit more what worked for you ?

Sovereign Court

I'd like to see a real medieval / feudal campaign setting, with all the cultural implications of the roles between emperor/king/noble/peasant/merchant/clergy adventurer done right, and being reflected in the adventures

That, and elves dragons ... too.

The closest one to fit the bill is Midgard, and even then it is not really focusing on that, being more renaissance.

I know there is another one whose name is escaping me, modeled closely after Europe, but I am looking for an original creation.

Sovereign Court

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I do. I have a huge collection of everything D&D / Pathfinder.
The best point is the huge library of adventures and monsters this gives me.

The drawbacks are the budget, and also the storage space. It takes a lot of place in my flat.

Sovereign Court


I am preparing for a Razor Coast campaign in the future, and I was reading Fire as she bears recently.

I remember seeing products for Ship minis, but I can't remember the name of the line. Anyone has recommendations ?

Also, I remember during the kickstarter there were ship models offered as an add-on. Are they any good, and is there any way to procure them ?

Also, if anyone has played the rules in FASB, I am interested.

Sovereign Court

The people, no doubt about that

Sovereign Court

it's really a problem.
Can't we ban the domain or something ?

Sovereign Court

It is more modern middle east than arabian nights to me, despite a few good parts.

Main drawback : WWAAAAYYYYY too much dungeon crawls, and some of them in parts that detriment to the story.

The City of Brass part in particluar should not have been that

Sovereign Court

Coz' "I Can't Stop rocking"

Sovereign Court

I like Elder Scrolls online, despiote pretty evident flaws, and that is the first time in a long time one works for me

Sovereign Court

Interesting, I forgot this

Sovereign Court

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Some people have a very, very, narrow view of how RPGs and PFRPG work, can work, could work, and are actively hostile to any ideas that other solutions exist.

They are campaigning very, very hard to make sure that everybody conforms to their own rigid molds.

Shame on them.

Sovereign Court

I really did not like Tomb Raider. Maybe it's me.

Sovereign Court


My case of dungeon deep minis seems to be stuck ? Is that normal, or could you please unlock them ?

Many thanks

Sovereign Court

Garrett Guillotte wrote:
Did RedBrick ever release their Earthdawn Pathfinder conversion in print? I remember there being plans for print books, but a lot of plans never went through at RB... the PDFs are still on DTRPG, anyway.

Yes they did. Own part of it.

Sovereign Court

Is it shipping already ?
Mine seems stuck

Sovereign Court

lemeres wrote:
kyrt-ryder wrote:
Are Wizards allowed to keep swords?

No, if they even think of picking up something as base as a melee weapon, they fall, lose all class features, and turn into commoners.

EDIT- oh, when I say fall, I mean physically fall due to fatigue, and they lose their class features because they bump their heads on the way down/

Which is all the best as the adequate commoner is soon out

Sovereign Court

I've had bad news lately.
So would you please cancel my subscriptions to pathfinder maps and pathfinder cards ?

Many thanks

Sovereign Court

I have the hardcover Pathfinder edition

Sovereign Court

Back then, I loved Shadow of the Beast on Amiga, as well as Elite on Amstrad

Sovereign Court

I think the blessed ring was already in malevolent and Benign, but thank you nonetheless, as it shows good taste in your monstering. :)

Sovereign Court

I'd agree withe the Indescribable, drop him somewhat in BAB, but give him access to the knowledge bonuses of the Inquisitor

Sovereign Court

I have it in print due to the Kickstarter, and I found it very, very interesting, but I do not have the previous versions.

Art is gorgeous.

Sovereign Court

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Maybe the dove is really a polymorphed angel of Shelyn ?

Those half-celestial have to come from somewhere, you know.

Sovereign Court

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This thread is blasphemous.Humans should thank their feline overlords for their continued life, and the mercy they show us.

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