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Count Lucinean Galdana

Steel Cowboy's page

20 posts. Alias of Arknight.

About Steel Cowboy

Kirval Masamune Chekov was the son of a corporate bigwig and his Japanese (yakuza/ninja clan?) wife (formerly bodyguard) from the East Coast. He grew up in luxury, but was mostly bored, so he studied everything he could get his hand on. His passions started to drift into electronics and mechanics, stuff he could put his hands on and make do what he wanted. His interests also drifted to history where he gained a fascination for the American old west. His younger sister had a bit of a wild streak, so he was always trying to keep her out of trouble and keep her under their father's radar due to his temper. 'KC' attended the best engineering college and graduated with a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering in just 2 years.

During his first year of graduate school, he got word that his sister, Penelope, had run away and gone missing. Dropping everything, he went home. It appeared his father could care less, but his mother gave him some advice on where to start looking. For months, he followed every clue he could find and along the way realized he had a talent for puzzles, whether mysteries or computerized code, and developed a couple of contacts on both sides of the law as he provided technical assistance to various individuals. His passions led him to take on a new persona, Steel Cowboy, in order to completely separate himself from his family's influence. His investigations and research had led him to Seattle. He was in the city less than a week before fate smiled on him and he encountered an old friend who had seen his sister in the last place his parents would look - a strip club dancing under the name Violet.

Since then, KC and his sister have connected and KC understands why she did what she did. He still hasn't let their parents know what she's doing, but he has passed on word that he's sure she's ok. They get together often, to the point that KC is friends with several of the other dancers as well. His sister keeps him informed as to the folks that visit and any interesting goings-on that she hears. The family connection is strong, and KC is afraid of the day Penelope gets hurt by someone, because he knows that he'd do anything to provide some payback against the person.

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